*We return to the backstage area... Rockwell has left the area, apparently, while Ragus and the Kidd, former partners, are still fighting... both look like they're hurting... down the hall, one Richter, the one wearing the Hardcore Title, is still there, now sparring with Joshua Curtis!!! The two men are going ballistic on each other, trying to get the advantage... the other "Richter" is no longer around, having left for other business.... the fighting continues, as we go to the broadcast table...*

Tenay: As you can see, the Hardcore Title match appears to have started in the back, although no referee is close by to do anything about it. It looks like Ragus and the Kidd were really going at it, guys! Apparently another formation of Rage is Reality has broken asunder!

Heenan: Yeah, and talk about bad timing! J.Y. Kidd is laying into Ragus, and thus really hurting his chances at taking the Hardcore Title, a belt he's wanted for months, away from Richter. I think it's Richter's, anyway. Did you notice that Joshua Curtis was wearing one as well?

JR: Yeah. I wonder which title is the real one? Curtis has been proclaiming himself the true champion just he won over the "Mask", thanks to BOO interference. But Richter was never pinned. It's been very confusing. Unfortunately, we can't stay to watch the fight, but we'll continue to give reports as the evening goes on, especially if Nightmare ever shows up. We really don't know Nightmare's true condition, although a doctor has sworn that he's in no shape for a Hardcore match at this time. That doesn't mean that 'Mare won't show up sooner or later, however.

Tenay: On that note, let's go back to our 'roaming' reporter, Jones, who has told us he's ready to try again. Hope he has better luck this time. Jones?

*We're shown Jones (and his hideous suit) once again, as he stands in front of another locker room door... he's trying to smile, but failing...*

Jones: Yes, ummm, I'm here in front of the Presidential Stable locker room, where John Steel is said to be currently residing. Let's see if I can get his attention.

*Jones slams his fist on the door, then winces and shakes his hand in pain... a few seconds later, the door opens, and the Iceman, mask in place, stares at Jones, who takes a nervous gulp...*

Jones: Ummmm.... hi. Is Mr. Steel in?

*You hear a laugh from behind the mask, then the door slams shut.... Jones, dejected, turns and starts to walk away, but then the door opens again, and John Steel steps out, looking around... he sees Jones, and his eyes widen...*

Steel: Jones?? What the hell are you doing here?

Jones: Well, I was wondering if I can get some...

Steel: What kind of suit is that? My God, this is the year 2000, now, Jones. Jeez.

Jones: *looking embarrassed* Umm, yeah, anyway, what about your match tonight. It...

Steel: Did Ace hire you? Why are you here? Give me answers, Jones.

Jones: Ummm, yeah, that's it. So tell me, John, how does it feel knowing you have...

Steel: Seriously, Jones, what's with the suit. I mean, you have to have SOME fashion sense. My grandma dresses better than you do, son.

Jones: Okay, I'm sorry. Sheesh. Is it that important to you?

Steel: Jones, was that a tone to me? I hope it wasn't. I don't want to have to hurt you. I like you, Jones. You know that.

Jones: I'm sure you do. But, the world would like to know...

Steel: The world doesn't need to know anything, Jones. The people out there don't need to know a damn thing. It's already known that I'll walk into that ring as the challenger, but walk out as the new GCWA Champion. It's that simple. And when I win that belt, you'll see why I'm the greatest wrestler to ever step foot in a GCWA arena. Got that?

*Steel gives a wink into the camera, and then walks past him, heading down the hallway towards the entryway... Jones watches, then gets shoved aside by the Iceman and Punisher... Punisher's still scowling, while Ice seems to find something humorous about the situation.... they both march off, as Jones pulls himself up and looks after him... he looks like he wants to shout something, but before he can start, Ice looks back, and Jones shuts up... he turns towards the camera...*

Jones: Uhh, there you have it, guys. Another on-the-spot interview by yours truly, putting my life on the line to get the stories that the fans want to hear. Back to you.

*Jones rubs his chest where Ice pushed him, coughing... he walks away, head lowered, cursing under his breath, as we return to the announce position...*

Heenan: Wow, another great interview, huh, guys?

Tenay: Jones is trying, Bobby. I don't think he's being assertive enough. He needs to get in their face and earn their respect.

JR: What he needs is a good tailor. Has Ace not paid him yet or something?

Heenan: Damn straight, JR. You wear something like that, you don't deserve any respect from the wrestlers. He's lucky no one has taken him out yet, just to kill a fashion victim!

Tenay: Ok, so his fashion sense is less than average. So what? He'll learn, or Ace will give him the boot. It's about time for the Internet Title match, which should really be a great fight! Let's go to...

*"Bring the Pain" by Method Man starts playing over the speakers, bringing with it a wave of negativity from the fans... Tenay, remarkably, shuts his mouth... Punisher steps out first, with the Intercontinental Title wrapped firmly around his waist... following right behind is the Iceman, with the European Title, and John "The Real Deal" Steel... the group moves down the aisle and enters the ring, with Punisher easily relieving David Penzer of his microphone... *

Heenan: Alright, everyone, be quiet. The big man is about to speak!

Punisher: The more noise you people make, the longer this is going to take. I can wait.

*The boos crest for a second, loud as ever, then slowly fade away... Punisher stands in the center of the ring, as Steel and Ice watch the audience... *

Punisher: That's better. As you can see, I've been given the Intercontinental Title, supposedly the second-highest title in the GCWA. Where is my opposition? Cowering at home, under a heavy layer of blankets, maybe? Where are you, Outcast? Did your few remaining braincells actually manage a coherent thought, telling you that, if you don't disappear, then you'd lose to me? You're a coward, Outcast. The fans know it, and we know it. I've got a message from the Accelerator. Stay at home. You're worth more there.

*The fans boo loudly again, and Punisher again waits... a fan's sign is focused on, which reads "The Thrill is gone, but it shall return!!"... we go back to the Intercontinental Champion...*

Punisher: Now, I've told people in the back, and I've even said it to some of you fans. I don't want to be a paper champion. I want to beat someone's brains out and make them cry for their mother, to show that this belt is rightfully mine. So I'm putting out a challenge to anyone in the back. Anyone who wants a shot at this gold, who thinks for one reason or another that they can take me, they can come out here right now. No contract. No cash bonus for the winner. Just one-on-one with the title on the line. Who's got the guts? Who wants to feel the pain?

*For a moment, all is quiet, as the fans wait to see who answers the call.... Punisher stares at the back, focused and ready for anything.... Steel and Ice glance at each other with a knowing stare... suddenly, the speakers come alive.... "Money" by Pink Floyd is playing... a noticeable twich appears on Punisher's face as he looks, unbelievingly, towards the back... the first one out is a well-known female athlete, her muscles evident, as well as a few other things... following her is a tall man wearing a business suit... both have evil grins on their faces... *

Tenay: Wait a second.... that's "The Black Widow" Eva Barnes, and Victor "The Sniper" D'Amor!!! I didn't even know this man was back in professional wrestling, JR, Bobby!

Heenan: Yeah, we haven't seen the Sniper since he helped out Steel and the Accelerator at Warriors of the Ring 2000! Wow, this is a major surprise, Mike! Victor D'Amor is a former Intercontinental Champion, after all! And the history between D'Amor and Punisher goes back a few months, at least! This could seriously be the best match of the night!!

JR: Punisher looks like he's getting over his shock, as D'Amor and Barnes close in. He's actually smiling now, remembering how their last match ended up. I'm sure Punisher would like nothing better than to rip off the head of the Silencer. He's waving him off, wanting him to enter the ring. But wait, what are Steel and the Commissioner doing? Steel steps to the right, frantically pointing in the other direction! Punisher sees him, turns.... and gets nailed by a Kryonic Kick from the Iceman!!!

Tenay: What the hell?? Punisher's head snapped like a broken pencil, as he falls backwards, right into Steel's waiting arms, and there's the Real Deal DDT!!!! We have a tremendous betrayal going on here, guys and girls!! Where's Paco when you need him??

Heenan: This is insane!

JR: Definitely, Bobby!

Heenan: There's no reason to want that drunk out here, Mike!

JR: What? Damn it, Bobby, we've got a major event happening here! D'Amor's in the ring now, with Barnes getting the ropes for him. He stomps on Punisher a few times, not letting him get up, as Steel and Iceman watch from the ropes. D'Amor yanks him up, locking him, and he's lifting him for the Silencer!! Punisher, despite the hits he's taken, is struggling, throwing off D'Amor's balance, but it's just not enough, as D'Amor drops, smashing him down!!!! Punisher just might be out of it!!

Tenay: Steel and Iceman are applauding, so there's absolutely no doubt now that this was a planned assault. The main question is, why?? Punisher is undefeated, and a great fighter! Why do you turn on him??

Heenan: Maybe because he kept smarting off to the President, Mike! You can't demand stuff from Ace and expect him to accept it calmly! You piss off Ace, and you get "punished"!!

JR: Steel steps over Punisher and reaches out a hand towards D'Amor, but the Sniper shakes his head. He, he's leaving the ring! Steel looks a little shocked, watching as D'Amor and Barnes head back up the aisle. D'Amor turns and rubs his fingers together, the sign for money. I don't really get what's going on here, but D'Amor's leaving... as Napalm runs down to the ring!!!!! He just darted past the two departing wrestlers, flying down the aisle into the ring, and goes straight after the Iceman, who had his back turned!! The two are now brawling, as Napalm, with the upper hand, takes Ice down with a Belly-to-Back Suplex! He gets up... and Steel catches him with a right hand! Now it's a double-team on Nape, who's trying to fight back against the heavy forces aligned against him!

Tenay: And look, JR, Punisher, after all that he took, is getting up! He's definitely not feeling good, but he's still conscious, which is enough to help Napalm! He spins Steel around, and slashes him across his throat with an open hand, dropping the Real Deal backwards! Steel immediately rolls out of the ring, holding his neck, as Punisher leans on the ropes, watching painfully. Iceman likewise beats a retreat, and the two Presidential Stablemates head down the aisle, not looking back.

Heenan: I guess Steel and Ice didn't want to waste any more energy destroying these two guys, when they both have big matches coming up.

JR: That's one way to look at it, I suppose, Brain. Napalm checks on Punisher, who looks pretty winded indeed. These two had a brutal battle just last week, with Punisher coming out on top. It's surprising to see them side by side now. Punisher looks at Napalm, grabs his hand, gives it a brisk shake, and then leaves the ring, the Intercontinental Title still in his hand. Napalm watches him go, then follows, as the fans give them, or at least Nape, a round of applause. Some of them are still booing Punisher, but that's to be expected. Well, this is what you would call a major turn of events, wouldn't you, Mike?

Tenay: Yes sir. The balance of power has definitely shifted. Punisher is most likely no longer a part of the Presidential Stable. Victor D'Amor is back, but it's unknown whether he's with the President, or just did this as a one-night job. Napalm and Punisher seem to have some sort of link between them now. A lot just happened, and we have a lot more to go, so let's roll that tape!

*The next video clip rolls, showing Garrett Jax and the Dopeman nose-to-nose... the Internet Title three-way match is displayed, with Shag-Nasty seeming to ally with Jax to defeat Dopeman with his Shooting Star Press... Jax became the 2-time Internet Champion... the Fatal III symbol appears, and shows Jax, O'Connor, and Nightmare talking it out.... when Nightmare is attacked by the BOO, most notably Adrian Rockwell, during the Hardcore match, Jax and O'Connor come out to help, with Jax, apparently personally offended, going after Rockwell... the two fight a few times more, then the match is signed... fade...*

JR: So Garrett Jax, the Internet Champ, is giving newcomer, and bodyguard, Adrian Rockwell his shot. This could be a good one, although I really don't think Rockwell deserves the shot. I mean, he's only had one match, for pete's sake!

Heenan: Yeah, but in that one match, JR, he defeated Nightmare, a former 2-time Heavyweight Champion! Isn't that good enough for you?

JR: Nope, because he wouldn't have won if the BOO hadn't aided him.

Heenan: Excuses, excuses. The man won. What more do you need? So Shag-Nasty pulled some strings, who cares, all that matters is that we get another title match out of it! Penzer?

Penzer: The next match is scheduled for one fall... on the line, the GCWA Internet Championship!!! Coming to the ring now... one of the newest additions to the GCWA.... standing at 6 feet 7 inches, and weighing in at 272 pounds.... representing the Bastards of Oblivion 2000.... the maker of the Stonecutter.... he hopes to leave Salt Lake as the GCWA Internet Champion... Adrian Rockwell!!!

*Rockwell comes out to The BOO Theme. He looks very sure of himself defeating Jax tonight. Perhaps a little too sure... as he enters the ring, the camera focuses on his face, and he's wearing a very big smile.*

JR: This man really has come out of nowhere to get this title shot. He signed on as Shannon Shag-Nasty's bodyguard, but that didn't last long, as he's now going for his first title reign in the GCWA. Rockwell's facing a very dangerous opponent, however, and better watch himself. This time he's not going to have any Bastards to help him.

Heenan: Eh, he doesn't need any. Look at the size, and the power! Rockwell has some massive muscles, something Jax has never had. This should be a cakewalk for the big man.

Penzer: Ladies and Gentlemen, his opponent! Coming to the ring... standing 5'10 and weighing 210 pounds... one of the greatest wrestlers in GCWA history! The master of the Last Resort.... we've known him as Blade for several years, but now we know him as the GCWA Internet Champion.... Ladies and Gentlemen.... the Assassin... Garrett Jax!!!

*The crowd explodes, and a Fatal III chant starts up... Jax comes to the ring with "The Last Resort" by Papa Roach blaring in the background... he charges down the aisle, and slides in quickly under the bottom rope! You can tell he's waited the entire week to get his hands on Rockwell... the bell rings...*

Tenay: And Jax starts this match off in a big way! He gets into the ring and attacks Rockwell from behind! Rockwell is reeling on the ropes, and Jax delivers rapid right hands! Rockwell recovers, though, kicking Jax in the gut. He then nails a spinning Jawbreaker to send the champion to the canvas! Rockwell immediately gets up for a breather, because Jax really got in some good right hand shots! Jax gets up, holding his jaw, and Rockwell comes off the ropes after him.

Heenan: Rockwell's looking like he's been wanting this one as well. This is his chance to laugh at the people who said he didn't deserve this shot, like you guys, for example.

Tenay: I never said he didn't deserve it, I just thought that others might have deserved it more. Rockwell comes in, diving at Jax, who is resting on the turnbuckle! Jax ducks and Rockwell dives right through the top and middle turnbuckle and hits the pole shoulder first! He climbs out, and Jax immediately shoves him into the turnbuckles. Rockwell falls to the mat, clutching his chest. Jax lifts him, and executes the Sure Shot! Rockwell must've felt that one! He isn't moving! You know, JR, this is a plain example of a rookie taking on a veteran! I don't think that Rockwell has it in him to become the Internet Champion against such a tough opponent.

JR: I don't know, Mike, I've heard a lot of good things about him, but I haven't seen much of him. Anyway, Blade, er, I mean, Garrett Jax has climbed to the top rope, and is just sitting there. Rockwell isn't moving at all, wait, now he's just starting to get up. Oh, no! Not anymore! Jax just launched the Timebomb, Moonsaulting from the top rope! What force! What impact!! Rockwell must be out of it now! Jax goes for the pin, 1..... 2..... Jax lifted Rockwell! What is he doing?? He could've just had the victory there over Adrian Rockwell! Why would Blade, um, Jax do something like that? It's taking a little getting used to his new identity.

Heenan: I don't know, chum, but he's just signaled for The Last Resort! And there it is! That modified STF of his! Wait a minute! What's going on here? All the lights in the Delta Center have just gone out! Someone turn on the lights! I'm afraid of the dark!

JR: You're afraid of a lot of things, Heenan! What in the hell is going on?

*With the lights off, you can hear that there's a bit of a struggle going on in the ring. Suddenly, a loud thump is heard. It sounds almost like a steel chair repeatedly bouncing off someone's forehead! After a few scuffles are heard coming from the ring, the sound stops. A moment later, the lights come back on... and Adrian Rockwell is lying with his arm draped over the chest of Garrett Jax!*

Heenan: What the hell happened?? The referee is slumped in the corner, but is a little dazed. He looks like he took a little bit of a beating. But Jax and Rockwell are totally out of it! The referee slowly gets to all fours, and climbs over to the two men, who are out cold. Would you look at that? Garrett Jax's head is split open, and Adrian Rockwell's uniform is almost torn entirely off of his body! The referee makes a count, trying to remain conscious! 1.... 2.... 3!!! We have a new champion!!!!!

Penzer: Ladies and Gentlemen, your winner.... and NEW Internet Champion.... Adrian Rockwell!!

Tenay: This is incredible! Someone attacked while the lights were out, taking out Jax and making Rockwell the new champion!! But Rockwell was obviously attacked, too, so it couldn't have been the BOO! What on earth happened when the lights were out??

*Suddenly, "Dopeman" by Less Than Jake blares from over the speakers! The fans know what this means! The Dopeman! He appears from underneath the ring, with a steel chair in one hand, and the Internet title in the other! He's laughing hysterically, as he begins to walk up the ramp towards the Titan-Tron, and to the back. He's at the top of the ramp, when he spins around, and throws the chair in the general direction of the ring, still laughing hysterically.*

JR: The Dopeman is back in the GCWA, and apparently is the one who attacked the wrestlers in the ring!!

Heenan: Nice job stating the obvious, JR! Apparently the feud between Jax and the Dopeman is still red-hot! But where's he going with the Internet Championship?? That's Rockwell's, not his!

Tenay: Apparently he's reclaiming it, Bobby! And Jax and Rockwell don't seem to be in any shape to stop him! Jax isn't moving, while Rockwell is just now trying to get to his feet.

*All of a sudden, X-Dog's theme comes over the speakers! The former Heavyweight Champion comes out from the back and attacks Dopeman, who was completely unprepared for the assault!

JR: Another reappearance!!! X-Dog, the former 2-time Heavyweight Champion, is attacking the Dopeman!! He Scoop Slams him on the ramp, then lifts him back up for a Snap Suplex!! The Dopeman rolls down the ramp, hurting badly, as X-Dog goes and picks up the Internet Championship, looking at it.

Heenan: I thought X-Dog was injured, Mike! What's he doing here?

Tenay: Apparently he's healed faster than expected, Bobby! Maybe he's out here to help his former partner, Jax! The Dopeman is down, holding the back of his head, as X-Dog walks backstage, carrying the Internet Strap. He comes back out, holding the belt in one hand while he carries a... is that a gasoline can? What on earth?!?! X-Dog is drenching the Internet Title in gasoline!!! Don't tell me he's going to....

JR: I think he is, Mike! He's got some matches now! C'mon, X-Dog, that's a very expensive, very nice piece of gold you're messing with!! Don't do it!!

Heenan: He's lit it, he's lit it!!!! The Internet Title is now ablaze!!! I don't think I've ever seen anything like this happen at a PPV!! The Internet Championship is being destroyed before our eyes!!! Adrian Rockwell is on his way up the aisle, with a very shocked look on his face! He was supposed to be the Internet Champion, but that's not a wearable belt now!!! Course, the gold won't burn, but it'll melt!!

Tenay: This is completely insane!!! We've got to take a break and straighten this out!

*X-Dog leaves through the back, with his music playing once again... he has a dark look in his eyes... Rockwell stops at the foot of the ramp, just looking at the Internet Title... he calls to the back, asking for extinguishers... the Dopeman pulls himself up, wiping some blood out of his eyes with a small grin... he moves towards the back, possibly after X-Dog... in the ring, Garrett Jax is hanging on the ropes, completely astonished as the replay rolls, showing X-Dog engulf the title, HIS title, in flames... we fade out...*