*As we return from the break, a man in a gaudy suit is pictured, headed down a hallway... he's got a mic in hand, and continues to glance back at the cameraman who is following him...*

Jones: Hi there, GCWA fans. This is Jones, your roaming reporter, at your service. My old friend Ace gave me this job, and told me to get with the members of the Heavyweight Title match later tonight, and that's just what I'm going to do. We're now standing in front of the locker room of Michael "The Man" Breaker. Hopefully, I can get a few words from him.

*Jones knocks on the door with his free hand, then straightens his plaid tie... he waits, then knocks again, and finally, the door opens...*

Jones: Hi, Mr. Breaker? I was hoping I caould get an interview? You see, everyone wants to know how you're going to handle yourself inside the ring, and who you're going to be, the Man or the God. Any response?

*You see Michael Breaker's face quickly, as he glares at Jones.... the reporter looks nervous and steps back... then the door slams shut... *

Jones: Ummm.... back to you guys.

*Jones, flustered, walks away from the doorway, as we return to the arena, and JR, Tenay, and Heenan...*

Heenan: What a bum. Still, I can't say I'd want to be interviewing that psycho either.

Tenay: Yeah, he'd kill you, Bobby. It's time for the next match, so let's go to the video tape.

*The picture becomes a shot of long-time Cruiserweight Champion Steven "The Star" Mysterio... he's on the turnbuckle, raising the belt... the image shifts to showing Napalm defeating Mysterio for the title, then vacating it that night, saying that anyone other than Mysterio can go for it... we're shown some of the tournament match parts, as Kevin O'Connor defeated Joshua Curtis, while J.Y. Kidd was cost the win over Phat Edie by the BOO... finally, Johnny Wonder's victory over Phat Edie to get himself into the match is pictured... we return to ringside...*

*"Ladies' Man" by Johnny Wonder begins to play over the loudspeakers, and he steps out to the crowds' approval...*

Penzer: The following bouts will be apart of a round-robin for the Cruiserweight Championship!! Introducing first... weighing in at 229 lbs and standing 6'2" tall... from Hollywood, California... one of the GCWA's newest wrestlers.... the Rookie Sensation, Johnny Wonder!!

*Wonder is in the ring by the time Penzer is finished, standing on one of the turnbuckles...*

Heenan: Alright, Alright! Its about time we got to some real action here tonight! A belt is on the line, but, how is a winner decided?

JR: C'mon, Brain, you've seen these before. It's a round-robin. The first man to score two victories wins the belt.

Heenan: What if all three men win a match?

JR: Then.... I'm not really sure about that one. Let's go back to Penzer.

Penzer: And his first opponent...

*"Enjoy Yourself" kicks over the PA and the crowd goes crazy as Phat Edie steps out from behind the curtain... he makes his way to the ring slowly, enjoying the reaction...*

Penzer: Weighing in at 229 lbs and standing tall at 6'2"... from Truth or Consequences, New Mexico... another new face to the GCWA.... Phat Edie!

Tenay: This is really going to be a showcase of our new talent here in the GCWA. Edie looks good, Wonder looks good, and the third man, O'Connor, looks damn good as well. I can't wait to see what these guys can do.

JR: It really is any man's belt to win here tonight, and that's the kind of excitement the GCWA brings to the world of wrestling. Let's get to the action. The bell rings as Edie slides in, quickly walking to the center of the ring, and starts talking to Wonder. Wonder doesn't seem to be enjoying what's being said, and both men are in each other's face now. Johnny seems to of had enough of it now, and he slaps Edie across the chest. The Phat One shakes it off and pushes Johnny back into the ropes, but Wonder uses the momentum to come back with a big elbow to the face, knocking Edie backwards.

Heenan: Oh, Edie should have been ready for that one, but Wonder hit him with it anyway. Now, Wonder looks to take advantage, sending Edie into the ropes. Edie comes back, and Wonder leaps, locking on a Hurricarana, spinning, and dropping Edie on the mat. He covers.... 1.... but Edie kicks out of it quickly. Both men get to their feet now, but Wonder kicks Edie in the stomach quickly, reeling him over. Now he grabs hold of his opponent's head and brings him down with a Spinning Neck Breaker. Wonder is really taking advantage here early.

Tenay: What a nice move from the rookie, in fact, aren't all three men going after this title rookies?

JR: They certainly are, Mike. Ace decided it was time for the younger talent to have a shot at some of our GCWA gold, and the younger guys make the Cruiserweight division much more exciting anyhow. Back in the ring, Wonder has Edie up again, hooking him up for a Suplex, and lifting him into the air. Edie starts to kick his feet, bringing the move back the other way. He lifts Wonder into the air now, turns, and drapes him over the top rope in a very uncomfortable position. Now he backs off him, charges, and leaps with a flying forearm, sending Wonder out of the ring and to the floor. Wonder hits hard, but starts getting up almost instantly.

Heenan: But look out! Edie is on the top turnbuckle now. Wonder spins just in time to catch two feet in the face from a Dropkick! Wonder sprawls backwards into the guardrail as Phat Edie moves in again, grabbing Wonder and tossing him towards the steps. Wonder crashes in, knees first, and flips over the steel! Edie takes a moment to celebrate with the crowd before moving in again on Johnny. Now he slides him into the ring, following in the high-way, up the buckles. He waits for Wonder to get to his feet again, and he leaps for a Splash, but Wonder dives out of the way and Edie drills the canvas hard!

Tenay: That was a sign of great ring presence by Wonder, who now gets to his feet with confidence. He moves on Edie again, bringing him back up, and sending him into the ropes. On the return, he lifts Edie into the air and hits a Spinebuster in the center of the ring. He leaps up off the mat now, climbing up the turnbuckles. This one could be over if Wonder can hit something big. He marks Edie, sizing up the distance, then leaps with a 450, but Edie is out of the way at the last second! Wonder hits the canvas hard on the missed move, as Edie slowly gets to his feet. He backs into the corner to catch his breath.

JR: That was a big mistake by Wonder, just when it looked as though he had this one lined up for an easy win. Wonder slowly gets to his feet, Edie keeping his eye on him from the corner. Wonder stands now, looking a little shaky, and turns towards Phat Edie, who charges in. Wonder tries to get out of the way, but Edie sees his chance and drills him with the Edie Kick! Wonder falls right to the mat and Edie covers..... 1...... 2...... 3!!! And we have our first winner of the round robin!

Penzer: The winner of the first Round Robin Match... Phat Edie!!

Tenay: That one has to be considered a major surprise, if not an upset, JR. After being dominated by Wonder just last week, Phat Edie restores himself in the eyes of the fans by cleaning beating the Rookie Sensation! That means that Phat Edie gets to rest, while Wonder faces O'Connor. Roll the tape.

*The flying dropkick, the missed 450, and the Edie Kick are showcased... Heenan takes particular pleasure in talking about the Edie Kick... *

Heenan: Its just too bad for Wonder, who seems quite hurt in there, that he has to fight another match right now!

Penzer: Ladies and Gentlemen... introducing the third member of this round robin championship.... weighing in at 230 lbs and standing 6'3"... from Los Angeles, California... he is one half of Point Break, the GCWA Tag Team Champions.... representing the Fatal III.... "The Dragon" Kevin O'Connor!

*"Blaze of Glory" by Bon Jovi plays and out steps O'Connor. The crowd goes insane, forcing him to smile humbly. He makes his way to the ring, keeping an eye on Phat Edie, who has taken a seat at ringside. He steps into the ring just as Wonder gets to his feet. The ref is talking to Wonder, who nods his head. The bell rings.*

Heenan: I almost feel sorry for Wonder. He has to go one on one with perhaps the hottest rookie in the GCWA right after taking a nice shot to the chin from Phat Edie. Wonder seems confident though as the two men lock up in the center of the ring. O'Connor takes the early advantage in the match, pushing Wonder off of him then moving in with a quick kick to the stomach. Now he throws a series of punches, showing off his martial arts background. Wonder looks helpless in there as he falls to the mat in pain.

JR: O'Connor backs off him, allowing him time to catch his breath. I think he wants a fair fight in there instead of a beating. He watches Wonder, who slowly gets to his feet, then moves in on him, but not to attack. He seems to be asking Wonder if he's ready, and I think Johnny took that as an insult. He pushes O'Connor square in the chest, and the Dragon just shakes his head. Wonder swings with a big right, but O'Connor ducks it, sending a jab right into Wonder's ribs. Wonder hunches over, and O'Connor grabs him, pulling him up and dropping him with a Face-Plant. Wonder hits the mat.

Heenan: I'm not even sure this match should go on. O'Connor should just pin him and get to the championship bout. He stands now, backing off the ropes, and coming down with a Leg-Drop over the back of Wonder's neck. He stands again, bringing Wonder with him this time. He sends Johnny into the ropes, lifts him into the air on the return, and falls with a Neck-Breaker on the descent. Johnny crashes to the floor, and O'Connor looks just about ready to end this match. This could be one of the shortest Cruiserweight matches in our history. He covers.... 1..... 2...... but somehow Johnny Wonder gets a shoulder up to stay alive!!

JR: But how much longer will he be alive in the match is the all important question. O'Connor brings Wonder up again, tossing him towards the corner. Wonder leaps up as he hits the buckles, forcing the charging Dragon underneath him, but Kevin grabs hold of his legs. He turns, and drops the mat, hitting a modified Low-Down! That has truly got to be the end of this match! He covers..... 1...... 2..... 3!!! And O'Connor has one a quick one against a hurt opponent. I'm not even sure we need to see a replay of that one.I can remember every move.

Penzer: The winner of the second round... having eliminated Johnny Wonder.... Kevin O'Connor!

*As Wonder rolls out of the ring, Phat Edie rolls in. He stands facing O'Connor. The ref is talking to the Dragon, who smiles and nods. The bell rings yet again.*

Tenay: Well, its time to find out which of these two men is going to become a champion. Both men took out Johnny Wonder rather easily, and now they have to square off against one another for the right to be called a champion. They lock up in the center of the ring, both men struggling against one another, but its Phat Edie who takes the advantage. He knees O'Connor in the stomach, then flips him over his leg for a takedown, keeping a hold on O'Connor's arm. Submission moves don't usually work in these sort of matches, and it isn't working now, as the Dragon starts to get to his feet. Edie sees this and adds on more leverage, but O'Connor hardly notices. He drops with a sweep of the legs, sending Phat Edie to the mat now. Quickly, both men get back up and come at each other again.

JR: They lock up again, this time with Kevin taking the momentum. He sends Edie into the ropes, but the Phat One ducks a clothesline on the return and springs off the other side. He comes back fast, forcing O'Connor to fall to the mat and allow Edie to hop over him. O'Connor gets back to his feet just as Edie comes off the other side with a leap, catching the Dragon by surprise and nailing him with a Splash to the canvas! Edie covers..... 1...... but the Dragon kicks out of it rather easily. Edie stands again, chopping O'Connor in the back of the neck as he pulls him up. He locks him up for a DDT now, but Kevin punches him in the side. Edie backs off and swings with an uppercut, but O'Connor side-steps it and charges in with a powerful clothesline! What a start to this match-up!

Heenan: Both men have been coming at the other with all they've got, only to counter each other left and right! O'Connor waits for Edie to stand again, sizing him up. Edie's up, unaware that O'Connor is charging him. He connects with a big spear, driving Edie back into the turnbuckles. Now O'Connor climbs up and starts punching... 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10! He hops off, and Edie falls forward onto the mat. O'Connor quickly hops onto the second turnbuckle, leaps, and connects on a Moonsault! He isn't done yet, however, as he stands again, climbs to the second buckle again, and hits another Moonsault! This one could be over...... 1....... 2........ but Edie finds a way to sneak a shoulder off the mat!

Tenay: Talk about a close one! O'Connor must of thought he had a sure win right there, but Edie wasn't having it just yet. The Dragon brings Edie back to his feet, lifting him and dropping him over his knee with a Backbreaker. Edie rolls off the knee to the mat again, and it seems like just a matter of time before O'Connor wraps this one up.

JR: Don't be so sure, Mike. These lightweights have a lot of heart and can take a lot of punishment.

Tenay: Sure they can, JR, but Phat Edie has been dominated in that ring since the bell rang. O'Connor brings him up again to his feet and sends him towards the corner, but Edie leaps and lands on the second turnbuckle, spinning and coming down with an impressive clothesline! O'Connor hits the mat hard, as does Edie, and neither man is moving too quickly!

Heenan: The ref's count is at seven, but O'Connor is starting to move in there. He pulls himself up on the ropes, as does Edie. Both men get to their feet now at opposite sides of the ring, but it's O'Connor who charges. He leaps in the air, and Edie falls, pulling the top rope down with him and sending Kevin on a further flight then he expected. O'Connor nails the mats on the outside of the ring, and Edie looks to take advantage of it. Edie is up on the top buckle again, looking to fly to the outside. He leaps as O'Connor gets to his feet, but O'Connor must of sensed he was coming in and is out the way! Edie falls, his jaw connecting with the guardrail, as O'Connor regains himself on the ramp.

JR: This match has just been filled with one rookie mistake after another, but that's something these guys have to get over. They both have ringrust, but they both have a lot of heart as well. O'Connor walks over to Edie now, standing him up. Edie tries to fight him, but he doesn't have much left, as O'Connor locks on a Belly-to-Back and connects outside the ring. Now he stands and rolls Edie into the ring, following quickly. He covers..... 1...... 2..... but once again Edie finds a way out of it! Unbelievable!

Tenay: These men are showing some great stamina in there, neither one wanting to give up their shot at the championship. O'Connor stands, pulling Edie up again, but Edie throws a low-blow! O'Connor backs off hurt as the ref screams at Edie. Edie pushes the ref out the way, determined to end this one. He moves in with the Edie Kick, but O'Connor blocks it, grabbing the leg and throwing Edie back! Edie hits the mat and rolls, back up to his feet. Edie charges in now, but O'Connor is ready for him, lifting the man into the air and dropping him face-first on the top buckle! Edie stumbles backwards, only to be grabbed by O'Connor, and brought down with a Spinning DDT!!

Heenan: Oh boy! What a move!

JR: O'Connor is looking to end this one now, heading up the buckles once more. He turns on his downed opponent, leaps, and hits the Dragon Bomb! We've got ourselves a new champion folks! The Dragon makes the cover..... 1..... 2..... 3!!!!!

Penzer: The winner.... and the NEW Cruiserweight Champion.... "The Dragon" Kevin O'Connor!!!

Tenay: Kevin O'Connor has won his second title in the GCWA in one month! This is the biggest rookie prospect we've had in the GCWA for a long time, and he just proved that to everyone!

*Many moves throughout the three matches are showcased... most of them circle around the final match, however, including the Moonsaults and the Dragon Bomb.... O'Connor is shown raising the title with a large smile on his face... *

JR: So O'Connor has brought another belt home to the Fatal III, defeating two other great wrestlers. What a night, and we aren't even near being done! Stay with us!

*The picture changes to the backstage area again, where Ragus and Rockwell are again shown... they're whispering beyond the camera mic's ability to hear... one points towards a locker room door, and they start to move in... the door is partially open, and you can see the masked Richter moving around inside... they start to move forward, then suddenly, Ragus is hit from behind! Rockwell spins, but gets nailed by a dropkick to the jaw, and he staggers backwards in shock... Ragus stands back up and turns, but there's no chance, as he's rammed back into the wall.... by the J.Y. Kidd!!! The battle continues, as Rockwell stands up and moves in, double-teamming the Kidd... the fight continues, as the locker room door opens... two "masked" wrestlers come out, look at the melee, then shake their heads, laughing, and walk off... we black out...*