*The PPV Ordering screen, showing that it costs $29.99 to buy the GCWA's August Pay-Per-View, a very good price for such a great show, fades away to a black screen... a slowing building classical theme starts to grow... we're shown a close-up of the eyes of a wrestler, it's impossible to tell who... sweat on the forehead of another is pictured... as the music grows in volume and speed, wrestlers smash into others, shown in mid-battle with their opponents... Garrett Jax comes off the turnbuckle with a Shooting Star Press... Johnny Wonder is pictured midway through the Wonder Land... Kevin O'Connor lands the Scorcher... Richter smashes a chair over another opponent... Napalm and Iceman fight each other with everything they have... Punisher locks an opponent in the Pain-Killer... finally, a triple-split-screen shows three men.... Michael Breaker, staring with intense eyes at the camera lens... John Steel, with his arms crossed and a large grin on his face... and Dynamic Dynamite, the Heavyweight Title gleaming from his shoulder... the music hits its peak, and the Crescendo begins... the audience explodes in the Delta Center in Salt Lake City, Utah, where fans from all over the nation have come to see one of the biggest PPV events of the year... many Utah Jazz shirts can be seen in the mix... we pan across to the announcers' table, where three men are waiting...*

Mike Tenay: Good evening, ladies and gentlemen, and welcome to the hottest event of August! It's time to finally hit the top of the Crescendo 2000!!! I'm the Professor, Mike Tenay, and with me on this great night are my two broadcast companions, Jim Ross and Bobby "The Brain" Heenan!

Jim Ross: It's a pleasure to be here with you guys, Mike. This is truly going to be an incredible night of action.

Bobby Heenan: Yeah, tonight's going to be great! Actually, it's already been a great one, because Ace chose me over Madden! I told that fat piece of blubber that I would be the one here at the PPV, but he didn't believe it, did he? Who's laughing now, huh, "Smoky"?

Tenay: Ok, enough of your gloating, Bobby. Congrats, you made it.

JR: Speaking of, Mike, it's good to have you back. There were some concerns that, after that crash you took during the Steel-Breaker match a week ago at Torrent, you wouldn't be able to make the pay-per-view. I'm glad to see that we were wrong about that.

Tenay: It's true, JR, I was badly shaken up, and needed a few stitches for the back of my head, when Breaker slammed Dynamic Dynamite onto the announcer's table. But the doctors said that I'm ok to announce, if I don't do anything too strenuous. I can guarantee to you guys that if anyone comes near the announce table this time, I'm going to be over that guardrail and with the fans in half a second!

Heenan: Now you're learning, Mike. It's not cowardice when it's self-preservation. Remember that.

Tenay: Let's talk about what's going to happen tonight. First off, we'll get to see the Spellmen brothers finally settle their years-long feud with each other in the middle of the ring. Derek Mobley and Eclipse, two of the growing powers in the GCWA, will fight for a title shot, their first. Garrett Jax will defend the Internet Championship against Adrian Rockwell. There's going to be a great clash of Hardcore talent for the title, which could really go anywhere in this arena.

JR: That's one I'm looking forward to, but there's so much more! We get the Cruiserweight Title Round Robin between Phat Edie, Johnny Wonder, and Kevin O'Connor which is sure to get everyone on their feet for the high-flying antics that will be displayed. Those Cruiserweights are prepared to do whatever it takes to win 2 matches and become the new Cruiserweight Champion! We'll get to see Napalm and Iceman face off, after a month of feuding, for the European Championship. These two truly hate each other, so their battle will surely be legendary. There's also preparation for the long-missing Outcast to defend his Intercontinental Championship against the undefeated marvel, Punisher. Both of those could be headliners, but what we've got in the main event transcends even those!

Heenan: That's right, JR! Three of the greatest superstars to come down the GCWA pike are going to be fighting for the right to be at the top of the federation! Michael Breaker, John Steel, and the reigning Heavyweight Champion, Dynamic Dynamite, will fight in a Triple Threat match! That is going to be apocolyptic war, that's guaranteed! Anyone could win that one! Personally, I think Steel is going to win out. He's got the political power of the Accelerator to help the Real Deal win it all.

JR: So does Dynamite, Bobby, and he's also still the champion. Dynamite will go to any length to retain his gold, and with the Vice-President, Shannon Shag-Nasty, behind him, he may be unbeatable.

Tenay: Don't forget the state of mind of Michael "The Man" Breaker. The former Heavyweight Champion is not the same man who lost the title to Dynamite. He is an unpredictable element of the main event match. Personally, I see Breaker walking away with the gold for the second time.

JR: So we all have different picks for the main event, huh? Not surprising. How about we head towards the first match? Run the video.

*The picture shifts to a shot of Gex Spellmen, in his first appearance into the GCWA... soon after, B.G. Spellmen appears, talking about the feud he and his brother have had since an incident with some Fruit Loops... the two battle to a Double-Countout at one of the cards.... each loses at least one match over the next few weeks because of the other's interference... we return to the Delta Center...*

Heenan: A family feud. Can you start with anything better?

Tenay: The Spellmens collide! Penzer, take us there!

Penzer: Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to Crescendo 2000!!! *cheers* Our first match tonight is scheduled for one fall... introducing first, standing 6 feet tall and weighing 235 lbs... from Memphis, Tennessee.... the Spell-Checker, B.G. Spellmen!!

*"Who Run It" by Triple 6 Mafia plays, and the fans boo as B.G. Spellmen walks out of the back... he heads for the ring, with a large, feral grin on his face...*

Heenan: These brothers have been fighting each other for the last few weeks, and I must say, it hasn't helped either one of them. Both have taken multiple losses because of the interference of their opposing sibling. You'd think that maybe they've have the common sense to team up, and then maybe they'd have some success. But these two guys aren't as smart as me, so they'd rather fight.

Tenay: Family ties aren't always strong enough, Bobby. B.G. and Gex have been feuding since they were kids. When you've been against each other that long, it's nearly impossible to change.

Penzer: His opponent.... standing 6'3" and weighing 235 lbs... also fighting out of Memphis, Tennessee... the Godfather of the GCWA.... Gex Spellmen!!

*The Godfather's Theme brings out Gex, who wastes no time, now that he knows where his target is.... he runs down the aisle and slides into the ring, where his brother meets him, stomping away to try and get the opening advantage... the ref waves his hands, and the bell resounds throughout the arena, starting the first match....*

JR: And so we begin another pay-per-view! These two have been waiting for weeks to get their hands on each other, and now, finally, it's legal. B.G. pulls Gex up after a few more footsteps on the man's back. But Gex shoves him back, then comes in, fists flying! B.G. reacts in kind, and we have a good old-fashioned brawl to start things off! The fans are cheering as the Spellmens collide with fists of fury, fighting as they probably have all their life. B.G. manages to take control, getting Gex backed into the ropes. He whips him towards the other side, then charges, getting a running lariat that floors Gex. B.G. then tries a hasty elbow drop, but Gex rolls out of the way. Both jump back to their feet and come back together in a double-wrap. They fall to the mat, rolling back and forth while using their hands, elbows, knees, and any other weapons they can bring to bear. What a slugfest!

Tenay: You can feel the hatred pouring out of the ring. These two aren't interested in what the fans think, or what the referee expects. They just want to injure their adversary. Gex pulls B.G. up and wraps his larger hands around his brother's throat, but B.G. is quick to counter with a low kick that sends Gex into the corner. B.G. immediately charges, trying to spear Gex into the turnbuckle, but Gex grabs him and lifts, spinning around and lending his own momentum to B.G's! The younger Spellmen hits the 'buckle and rebounds, holding his back. Gex makes it much worse with a Spinebuster, then tries the first cover of the night.... 1..... 2.... B.G. kicks out.

Heenan: That was a close one. I don't want any short matches tonight. Gex gets B.G. up and throws him into the ropes, then hammers him with a double-axehandle, knocking him back down. Hey, Mike, what does B.G. stand for, anyway? Does anyone know? I mean, is it also Gex?

Tenay: You've got me, Bobby. No reporter's been able to find that information, although I know that some have tried.

Heenan: Well, damn, Mike, if I knew that, I would have done the research and had it for you within a day. But no one called in the best reporters, did they?

Tenay: In other words, you'd try to pay off B.G. to find out, right, Weasal?

Heenan: Wow, Mike, we use the same techniques! Maybe I've been wrong about you all these years.

JR: C'mon, guys, let's stick with the action. Gex has B.G. in a sleeper hold, trying to take the rest of B.G.'s energy out of him, probably so that he can beat on him at his leisure. The ref is watching as B.G. struggles, trying to get free. He doesn't look interested in quitting this one. But Gex has him locked pretty tight, and it's not like the fans are getting behind B.G. in this one. Wait, B.G.'s suddenly driving backwards, as the ref dives out of the way. They smash into the turnbuckle, freeing B.G. as Gex feels the burn. B.G. spins and quickly gets a hip toss, throwing Gex out of the corner. B.G. shakes his head clear, then climbs to the second 'buckle, leaping off and splashing into Gex, as they drop to the mat. The ref is there.... 1..... 2..... Gex kicks out.

Tenay: These two are pretty evenly matched right now. This fight could go on for a long while before we finally get a winner decided.

*Ambulance sirens suddenly break loose throughout the arena, shocking the announcers into silence... B.G. stands, surprised, and looks back towards the backstage area... this gives Gex the chance to fling his boot up, catching B.G. low and dropping him to the canvas, as the fans react to two men coming out of the back, with a table inbetween them... they head for the ring, as Gex starts to stand...*

JR: Someone want to tell me what's going on here? Who are those guys??

Tenay: I recognize one of them, JR! He's a star from the East Coast! That's Handy Man, with his bodyguard, Jorge!!! He's one of the most extreme wrestlers I've ever seen!!

Heenan: Yeah, but what's he doing in the GCWA? Just visiting, or joining up?

Tenay: I don't know, Bobby, I'm as surprised as you are! They're setting up the table outside the ring, as Gex, ignoring them completely, pulls his brother up and bodyslams him. Gex doesn't seem to care about the possible threat outside the ring. He just wants to continue beating on his brother. But Handy Man is entering the ring now, with Jorge right behind him! Gex turns, finally acknowledging the threat, but now it's too late, as Handy hammers him to the ground! Jorge joins in, smashing down B.G. Spellmen before he can pull himself back together, then starts to drag him outside the ring, as Handy Man lifts Gex up and piledrives him into the canvas! He rolls Gex outside the ring, as B.G. is positioned on the table by Jorge. The bodyguard then goes back for the other Spellmen, as the ref, finally coming out of his stupor is signaling for the bell! Obviously, they're going to throw this one out.

Penzer: Ladies and Gentlemen, this match is being ruled a No-Contest!

JR: I don't think the fans care that much, guys. They're cheering louder now than they were throughout this entire match combined! Gex is now laying on top of B.G., who is trying to push him off to get out of harm's way, as Handy Man has climbed to the top turnbuckle! Oh, this could be huge! He looks at the crowd with a cruel smile, then flies off with the Handy Drop through both men, as well as the table!!!! We've got a huge pile of wreckage to deal with now!!! Jorge is quickly over there, helping Handy Man up, who looks unhurt from the shot. Neither of the Spellmens are moving, I think we're going to need to send the medics out here, pronto!

Heenan: What a cloud of destruction! Gex and B.G. are both out of it, probably with some serious injuries! We may have just seen the end of two careers! Handy Man and the big Cuban are on their way back out, to chants of "Xtreme"! What a way to start things off! I want to see this one, roll the footage!

*There's really only one thing to watch, but we see it from various angles.... Handy Man flies off the turnbuckle, landing both legs onto the prone Spellmens, smashing through the table... Heenan seems to be in heaven, and finally has to be stopped from watching it by Tenay and JR...*

Tenay: That's enough, Bobby. I know it's a pay-per-view, but you can only watch something that violent so many times. Well, the paramedics are out now. We weren't expecting to use them so early, but they're always prepared, because this is an uncertain business. As they work, let's go to the back, where a cameraman has reported in with something interesting.

*The image becomes filled with static, then the connection clears up... we're inside the Accelerator's office, where a heated argument is going on.... Steel is standing behind the Accelerator, reading a hard cover report on one of his opponents later that night... the President is at his desk like usual, looking very concerned, as Punisher paces in front of him... the Intercontinental Title is laying on the desktop, shining in the light... the Commissioner's whereabouts are unknown... Punisher looks towards the Accelerator, definitely angry...*

Punisher: Look, Prez, you promised me a match tonight! I didn't want to be handed the Intercontinental Title like you've done before with your other stooges! I wanted to earn the damn thing, by beating up that loser, Outcast!

The Accelerator: What do you want me to do, Punisher? I haven't been able to get in touch with any of the Thrillseekers for the last few weeks! The Dopeman's on sabbatical, Phenomena's in the hospital, Breaker's out of his mind, and Outcast has vanished! I tried hard to get him here, but even a President can't do everything.

Punisher: Damn it, this is so frustrating. Ok, I'll take the title. But I'm not leaving here without the fight that I was promised, got it?

The Accelerator: Don't you worry about a thing, Punisher, I've got everything well in hand. You'll have an opponent tonight, and you'll have your chance to show the world how much you deserve that belt. Ok?

Punisher: That's more like it. Just get it done.

*Punisher reaches over and grabs the belt off the desk, almost looking like he wants to throw it in the trash can... he storms out of the room, as Steel takes a step after him... Ace tells Steel not to get too concerned... he reaches over and dials an intercom number into the phone, calling one of the dressing rooms... as he starts to talk, we fade back to ringside...*

Tenay: Interesting events are happening in the back. I guess this means that Outcast has still not returned, which means the Intercontinental Title has been given to Punisher. The big man sure didn't seem happy about earning his first title since his return, guys.

Heenan: I don't get it, Mike. He gets a free pay raise, some gold around his waist, and gets to watch the pay-per-view for nothing! Besides, he's undefeated. No one's come close to taking him down. So why should he feel he hasn't earned the belt?

JR: You're not a wrestler, Heenan, so you wouldn't understand. It's time for the next match, let's go to Penzer.

Penzer: The next match is scheduled for one fall... the winner of this match will be given his first title shot.... coming to the ring now, at 275 pounds... he stands 6 feet 5 inches tall... the master of The Thrilla... A man who hopes to leave Salt Lake City as the #1 contender for a GCWA Title... ladies and Gentlemen, please welcome "The Thriller"! Derek Mobley!!

*"Thriller" by Michael Jackson comes over the speakers. Derek comes down to the ring wearing his usual wrestling attire, and a pair of sunglasses. Just before entering the ring, he hands his sunglasses to an attendant.*

Heenan: It's good to see Mobley here, ready to wrestle. People are saying that the Thriller has finally gotten himself straightened out since the collapse of his former federation. From what I've heard in the back, it was something to do with an old contract extension, and how they weren't going to pay him the money they owed him. That's what you get when you work somewhere that's not the GCWA, eh, guys?

JR: Uh-huh. Anyway, back to what matters. Derek Mobley was toted as a major star when he entered the GCWA at its reopening. But consecutive losses to Johnny Wonder and Kevin O'Connor hurt his reputation. He did get a Dark Win over Gex Spellmen, which is why he's in this match today. This is Mobley's chance to prove to the millions of fans that are watching that he can actually wrestle a live match, and come out victorious.

Penzer: And now Ladies and Gentlemen... coming to the ring... standing 6'5 and weighing in at 315 pounds... a man who also hopes to leave The Delta Center as the #1 Contender for a GCWA Title... representing the Bastards of Oblivion 2000.... here is... Eclipse!

*Eclipse walks out to "Time" by Pink Floyd. Though a little heavy for his height, Eclipse seems to be very enthusiastic about his third match here in the GCWA. As he enters the ring, he immediately begins to stare down Derek Mobley.*

Tenay: Eclipse has shown some strong wrestling ability since he came into the GCWA. But some in the back are worried that his connection to Shannon Shag-Nasty may actually be hurting his career.

Heenan: That's ridiculous. Being locked up with the BOO never hurts.

Tenay: Except for the fact that the President dislikes the Bastards. Eclipse looks like a great wrestler, but he also looks a little unseasoned. Yet he's been thrown against the Rookie Sensation Johnny Wonder, whom he managed to defeat, and the still-undefeated Punisher. He's definitely being tested.

*The bell rings...*

JR: Well boys, we've seen one "interesting" match this evening. Let's hope this one is up to its potential.

Heenan: They've each been in the wrestling business for a few years, but I don't think they're quite up to GCWA standards. I mean, come on! Let's have some fighting here! They're just standing nose-to-nose!

Tenay: It's a stare-down, Bobby. Who ever blinks first, loses! The two men don't seem intimidated by each other at all...

JR: Well, there you go! Eclipse just said something to Mobley, and Mobley decked him! Eclipse is sent reeling back a little bit, but comes back with a right hand of his own. And now Mobley counters with another punch! And Eclipse dishes out another right hand to the forehead of Mobley! We've got a slug-fest here, guys!

Heenan: Ah, but I love it! You can never go wrong with a good fight, as long as a few wrestling moves are thrown in as well. Both men are rapidly punching each other. They're just throwing wild punches! most seem to be making contact though. The fans seem to be getting into it, as neither man is giving any ground!

Tenay: We've got a stalemate going on here! Each time one gets hit, the other hits right back! I guess we just have to wait until one of them runs out of steam!

Heenan: This match is getting boring real fast. Wait, Eclipse seems to be slowing down a little bit. Mobley got in two counter-punches that time! Now Eclipse throws a right hand, but Mobley blocks! And nails a right hand of his own! And another! And another! Eclipse is reeling, and Mobley kicks him in the gut! Eclipse hurdles over in pain, and Mobley executes a Rolling DDT. Eclipse quickly gets back up, and goes off the ropes. Mobley is at his feet too, and catches Eclipse as he comes off the ropes, and nails a Tilt-o-Whirl Slam! What a display of strength by Derek Mobley! He makes a lateral press, 1.... 2..... a shoulder is raised. Mobley quickly gets up and brings Eclipse to his feet. He executes a Pulling Piledriver! Another pin, 1..... 2..... kick out! Wow, we've gone from a lot of fisticuffs to a combination of excellent moves!

Tenay: Mobley's definitely looking like he's got more endurance than Eclipse early on here. The big man wore himself down with the punching, I do believe. The Thriller lifts Eclipse once again, and sets him up for another Piledriver. But, no! He signals for a Powerbomb! Can he get the 300+ pound Eclipse up into the air?

JR: He's trying, Mike, but Eclipse is in no mood to get bombed! He's hanging on with all his strength, blocking it with his legs, then reverses it with a Back Toss! Eclipse looks like he's gotten a second wind! Mobley gets up, and Eclipse meets him with a big clothesline! Eclipse lifts Mobley from the mat, via a fistful of hair, and sends Mobley into the ropes. Mobley returns, but Eclipse hits a big Samoan Drop! Mike, Bobby, that's almost 600 pounds that came crashing down onto the canvas! Eclipse makes a pin.... 1.... 2..... Mobley kicked out!

Heenan: Man, I thought that was it right there! Eclipse seems to be thinking along the same lines, as he growls something to the referee. You shouldn't cross the BOO, ref, it's very bad for your health.

JR: Eclipse finally walks away from the ref, raising Mobley off the canvas. The BOO member executes a Hard Scoop Slam, causing Mobley to rebound off the mat! And now Eclipse drops his big leg across the throat of "The Thriller"! Eclipse lifts Mobley again, and begins to deliver rapid left and right hands! Mobley is reeling back, and Eclipse manages to knock him down with a big European Uppercut! Mobley is back-first on the mat, holding his throat. Eclipse drops an elbow onto Mobley's throat, adding to the damage. It appears that Mobley has had his neck injured by Eclipse! The big man has obviously chosen his target for the night!

Heenan: Personally, I might reccommend a leg, so that he can't stand up. But the neck is always a vulnerable area. Just ask Buff Bagwell. So this could very well work for the big man. Eclipse takes advantage of the Thriller laying on the mat by stomping a mudhole into the back of his neck! Eclipse then lifts Mobley, quickly scurries around behind him, and drives Mobley back-first into the canvas with a Pumphandle Drop! Here's another pin, 1..... 2...... kick out! Eclipse is very angry at this, ladies and gentlemen. He lifts Mobley from behind again, pumphandle style, and delivers a Pumphandle Slam! Eclipse should make a pin there, but instead, he lifts Mobley to his feet once again, and Irish Whips him into the ropes. He bends over in anticipation of delivering a Shoulder/Back Drop.... but Mobley kicks him in the face when he returns! Eclipse stands up, but is rattled by that shot, as Mobley goes back off the ropes. He comes back and nails a Flying Shoulder Block! Both men are down, Mike, and the referee begins his ten count!

Tenay: Did you see that maneuver, Jim? He almost looked like a cruiserweight there!

JR: Yeah, Mike, some of these newcomers can really fly if they need to. Derek Mobley may be a technician, but he's also well-trained in the art of survival. You do what you have to to win.

Tenay: Nice speech, Jim. Well, the referee is at 4, and both men are beginning to stir. Mobley is at his feet first. He helps Eclipse rise back up as well, but then delivers a form of the Michinoku Driver! What a display of strength by Derek Mobley! He makes a pin, and barely gets a 2 count. Mobley lifts Eclipse again, right into a Jackhammer! My goodness, what force did Mobley deliver that Jackhammer with? A lot! That's the answer to that one! Mobley is at his feet again, standing tall over Eclipse, and he signals for The Thrilla! He lifts Eclipse, and sends him into the ropes, and delivers a boot to the midsection. Eclipse drops to one knee, but doesn't go all the way down. Mobley helps him stand up straight, and Eclipse returns the favor by taking a big swing at him! Mobley ducks just in time, and comes back up, locking onto Eclipse's windpipe! There's no escape now! Mobley lifts, and delivers The Thrilla! That should be it, folks! Mobley makes a pin..... 1..... 2...... 3!!!! We have a winner!

Penzer: Ladies and Gentlemen... your winner, and #1 Contender for a GCWA Title of his choice... Derek "The Thriller" Mobley!!

JR: That was a pretty good match, guys, considering that only a title shot was on the line. Eclipse looked good early on, but in the end, the Thriller really came through, evening his record at 2-2. I wonder who Mobley is going to want to face for that title shot.

Heenan: Well, he can't face the Heavyweight Champion, so he'll probably consider all the belts, and decide just which one he can easily take away from the wrestler who currently holds it. He seems like a smart guy, after all.

Tenay: Either way, that choice isn't up to us, Bobby, it's up to the man celebrating in the ring, despite the fan reaction to him. We're going to take a quick break, but have no fear we'll be right back.

Heenan: Yeah, go make some popcorn or nachos or something. Just don't go away.

*As Mobley continues to celebrate, we flash to the backstage area, where Richter, with the mask tight over his face, is shown entering the building... the Hardcore Title is around his waist... the camera zooms out, showing that Lan Ragus and Adrian Rockwell are in the darkness, watching Richter's progress... they slink out and follow him... as they head down the hall after the masked champion, another shadow can be seen, following them.... we fade for a brief break...*