*We return from commercials to head backstage in the locker room area. A door is seen opening, as the cameraman moves to see. It turns out to be the Big Bifford coming out of a dressing room. He looks around, but the cameraman ducks to the side, out of sight. As Bifford heads down the hall, the cameraman moves in, getting a shot of the star on the door: Annie Alvarez. The cameraman knocks on the door, showing some initiative, but there's no answer, as Annie isn't in the room presently. We go back to the arena area.*

Jones: Why would the Big Bifford be in Annie Alvarez's dressing room?

Logan: Well, Bifford always did have a way with ladies, if you believe the rumors.

Jones: He's been all over the place tonight, hasn't he? But at least now we know he wasn't the "mystery man" in the X Division Title fight.

Logan: Yeah, I still can't believe Lurrr won like that. Not a great start for the title, in my opinion.

Jones: Well, we ARE expecting a great start for the Intercontinental Title match-up, where four of our most promising talents are going to be going at it later tonight. I had the opportunity earlier to sit down with one of those competitors, Mr. Excellent. Roll that tape!

*The camera opens to show Jones sitting in one seat, while, across from him, is Mr. Excellent.*

Jones: Hello to the great fans of the GCWA. I'm here with one of the youngest and newest members of the GCWA. I'm here for his first official interview with us. He is, of course, Mr.Excellent.

Mr. Excellent: Thanks Jones! Let me first say thanks to the President and all the fans to letting me be a part of this great organization. It's been a dream come true.

Jones: Speaking of the fans, what was your reaction to being booed on Friday Night Inferno?

Mr. Excellent: Honestly I wasn't happy. I know sometime I seem egotistical and brash but I'm out there working hard to get a W and entertain the fans. After all they pay my bills and without them I'd be nothing.

Jones: I'm sure they don't like your attitude or you saying and doing whatever it takes to win. They would rather see a hard earned honest victory.

Mr. Excellent: I know that Jones. But what some fans don't realize is that this is me trying to earn a living and trying to support a family. The winner and champ makes the most money and gets the most respect.

Jones: So what do you have to say about upcoming match tonight against Scott Caine, Dangerous Dan and Marcus Ka'Derrion for the IC belt?

Mr. Excellent: I'm very excited to have this opportunity, especially after losing my only match. I hope it means the higher ups see a lot of talent and potential in me. I'm gonna keep working until I can prove to everybody that I am the best. Hopefully later on tonight will be the first step towards that goal.

Jones: Talking about tonight. There have been some rumors about you and Dangerous Dan forming an alliance. Anything to say about that?

Mr. Excellent: Yea I guess I can give the fans what they want. Dangerous Dan and I both agree a team would not only benefit us tonight but also down the road. As for tonight I would hope we can work together and eliminate Caine and Marcus and then go at it and give each other our all but in an honest competitive manner.

Jones: And down the road?

Mr. Excellent: Look. In this business there is always someone out to get you so its good to have someone watch your back and Dan and I both trust each other and see the positives of having each other will have. It will save us some stress of constantly looking over our shoulders.

Jones: So tonight have you decided to change your ways and try to win straight up and following the rules?

Mr. Excellent: Actually Jones after doing some soul searching, seeing my family and joining a team with Dan I have decided to go back to how I was before I got here. And that is to win by using all the technical and submission moves I have been training for my whole life. And if that's not good enough I'll just have to get back to Chicago and train even harder and longer.

Jones: Ok fans that is it with Mr. Excellent. Thanks again for talking with us and good luck tonight.

Mr. Excellent: Thank you Jones! One last thing I have an offer to Annie Alvarez. I'm sure she could use someone watching her back being the only female wrestler. With her we'll be the most dominant stable in wrestling history.

*With that announcement, Mr. Excellent walks out of the room as the camera goes back to Jones.*

Jones: WOW! Did you hear that folks? Mr. Excellent is trying to put together a stable. He might be young but he is smart. He seems to know what it will take for all of them to be successful. We'll have more on this as we hear more folks.

*The tape finishes up, as we return to ringside.*

Logan: Nice interview, Jonesy, but why were you acting like it was live?

Jones: I always do that. You never know when it will come in handy.

Logan: Ok... so Mr. Excellent seems pretty confident about tonight, but then, you could say that about all four IC Title competitors. That match just might steal the show. However, it's going to have to compete with our next match, the first of the semi-finals of the GCWA World Title Tournament!

*We go to a quick review of recent happenings in the GCWA, showcasing the announced signings late last year of Hall of Fame veterans Derek "The Thriller" Mobley and "The Dark Star" Arryk Rage to the roster. Some of their previous accomplishments are shown, going over what they've done in the past. On the first Friday Night Inferno, Mobley is shown winning a good contest over Dangerous Dan (although he was assaulted by Lukas Payne afterward). A week later, despite all the confusion over Rage having stole the GCWA X Division Title, Rage was able to trick security long enough for him to manage a victory over Mr. Excellent, getting here to the semi-finals. We go back to ringside, where Minos is ready to re-assume his duties.*

Minos: The next match is the first bout to decide who will be in our main event of the evening! The winner here earns a chance to achieve greatness, an opportunity to be the first new GCWA World Heavyweight Champion! Let the warsongs begin! First, we have a competitor who has worn gold in this company before. However, he has never managed to reach the heights that he has in other organizations. Tonight, he looks to right that mistake, earning his first GCWA World Heavyweight Title. Standing 6’3” and weighing 235 pounds, he is The Thriller, Derek Mobley!

*Mobley walks out to the tune of “Shipping Up To Boston” by the Dropkick Murphys, with his partner, Warrick Hill, right behind him. Hill’s eyes are a little glassy, as if he’s been celebrating Mobley’s potential victories already. Since he doesn’t have a match tonight, he’s decided to stay with Mobley to watch him compete. The duo goes towards the ring, with the fans cheering for them. As they’re walking, though, the music suddenly stops. Warrick stops as well, confused, since he was using the beat to walk to.*

Jones: Wait, what happened? Equipment malfunctions at pay-per-views are not allowed! This is live, people!

*The music starts up again, but it’s playing a different song: “Bring The Pain” by Method Man. Hill and Mobley both look around, trying to figure out why the music is different, as a small cheer builds in the crowd. The music fades away, to be replaced by the Dropkick Murphys once again. Mobley has a suspicious look on his face, but Hill pushes him towards the ring, trying to get him back on track.*

Jones: What was that about? “Bring the Pain”? Is this another move by the Payne Killers to get under the House of Pain’s skin?

Logan: I don’t know, Jonesy, I mean, that wasn’t their music. Y’know, both Jason and Lukas Payne said they had nothing to do with the damage caused to the House of Pain’s locker room last week.

Jones: What would you expect them to say? “Yes, we did it, and we’ll pay up for the damages”?

Logan: I guess. I hope Derek and Warrick keep their eyes open, though. Something’s definitely going on.

Jones: Well, whatever it is, Mobley has more important things to concentrate on right now. Let’s go back to Minos for our second introduction.

Minos: His opponent has made a name for himself in many different organizations over the passing years. Recently, though, he’s been more known in the GCWA as the man who dared steal away the X Division Title, only relinquishing his hold on it mere minutes ago. Now, without the distraction of threats levied against him by the President and the Head of Security, he is ready to try to gain another belt to replace his lost one. Standing 5’10” and weighing in at 212 pounds, from Detroit, Michigan, he is “The Dark Star” Arryk Rage!

*Much of the crowd is still behind Arryk, cheering as “Victim of Reality” by Pennywise hits the speakers and blasts out to the crowd. A serious Arryk Rage walks out of the back, shoving the curtains aside. Without even waiting for his pyro to finish off, Rage jogs down the ramp and moves quickly towards the ring.*

Jones: We’ve seen a different side of Arryk Rage this week, Anthony.

Logan: His confidence did look a little shaken, a strange reaction considering that he defeated Mr. Excellent to reach this point. I think Draven might have been able to get through to him, though, since he looks ready for a battle here tonight.

Jones: Let’s hope so.

*The bell rings.*

Logan: Time to decide who’s moving on!

Jones: This has to be considered a dream match in many wrestling fans’ eyes. You have two definite Hall of Fame wrestlers who have done it all in the sport, going at it for a chance to add one more piece of gold to their collection.

Logan: Yeah, man, it’s great to see these guys go at it and show that older doesn’t necessarily mean washed-up!

Jones: You mean like some other wrestlers we know?

Logan: Hey, I’m not washed-up! I just wanted to try out commentating, is all.

Jones: I wasn’t talking about you, Anthony, I was talking about your brother.

Logan: Oh. Yeah, he IS washed-up, isn’t he? Heh heh heh…

*Mobley and Rage move around each other at first, both deadly serious about this one. They lock up, with Derek’s greater size and strength allowing him to slowly push Rage back into the corner. The referee, Mark Bell, calls for the break, and Mobley does so cleanly, moving backwards. Rage looks annoyed, but he quickly comes out and locks up with Mobley again, trying to twist him around. But Derek has too much of an advantage, managing to put Rage in the opposite corner. Once again, the ref starts counting towards a break, and Derek releases it. But as he steps back, Derek gets smacked across the face by the open hand of Arryk! Derek shakes his head quickly, then looks back at Rage and smacks him back! Arryk takes a few steps, walking it off. He looks back at Derek, and suddenly the gloves are off, as both men start punching each other rapidly as the crowd goes wild!!*

Logan: Mutual respect or not, these guys are ready to brawl!

Jones: There’s too much on the line for niceties, Anthony. Only one wrestler leaves tonight as the World Champion.

*The fight causes both men to head into the ropes, with Arryk able to turn himself to the dominant position. He grabs Mobley’s arm and whips him to the ropes, but Derek reverses it. As Arryk comes back, Mobley goes for a shoulder block, only to have Arryk slide out of the way, right past Mobley’s legs. As Derek turns around, Rage gives him a forearm to the chin, stunning him enough for Arryk to again send him into the ropes. Mobley bounces off the ropes, as Arryk lowers his head for a back drop. But Derek’s able to hang onto the ropes, slowing his momentum. He steps in, kicking Arryk as he’s bent over, snapping his head back up! Mobley adds on a few more chops to the chest, then steps back, before charging in with a clothesline attempt. But Rage ducks it, then turns and steps towards the Thriller, nailing him with a superkick!! Derek hits the mat in pain and rolls under the ropes, taking a breather, as Arryk rubs at the mark now starting to appear on his chest from the chops he took.*

Logan: Great back and forth action!

Jones: So far, neither man has been able to take control of this match, showing that both deserve to be here tonight.

*As the ref shouts out the beginning of the count, Mobley takes a few steps to get his bearings fully back. Arryk watches him, moving forward as if to take a flying leap, but Derek’s watching him closely. He moves to the side, out of range, then uses the ring steps to get back on the apron. As he starts to enter through the ropes, Rage comes forward, ignoring the warning from the ref, and starts dropping short elbows onto Mobley’s unprotected neck! Mobley finally manages to get through the ropes, as the ref admonishes Rage. Arryk doesn’t even acknowledge the ref’s warnings. He drags Mobley’s head down into a headlock and punches away, trying to wear out his opponent. After a few more shots, Arryk pulls Mobley back to the ropes and starts running his face across the top one, grating his face! The ref does a quick count of 4 before Arryk lets go, making sure he doesn’t lose his opportunity via disqualification.*

Logan: The dude’s intense tonight, isn’t he?

Jones: Well, with Arryk having already ‘lost’ the X Division Title tonight, he’s certainly in a different frame of mind than we’ve seen him lately.

Logan: Yeah, man, no Spongebob Squarepants tonight. It’s all about the World Title, and it looks like Arryk’s willing to do whatever it takes to reach that goal.

*With Derek still in tow, Rage heads over to the turnbuckle. He starts to aim Mobley’s head into the ‘buckle, but Mobley blocks it by grabbing hold of both sides around the turnbuckle. Arryk tries again, but Derek won’ t budge. Instead, Derek elbows Arryk in the side, then grabs HIS head and starts pounding him into the top pad! The crowd chants along to a count of 10, leaving Arryk dazed and confused. Mobley doesn’t stop there. He twists Arryk around into position, wrapping his large arms around Arryk’s middle. In one fluid move, Derek pulls Arryk over with a belly-to-belly suplex, releasing at the last moment to give Arryk some distance as well as impact. Arryk rolls on the canvas, hurting, so Derek pushes over and drops down on him, making the cover for a 1 count.*

Logan: Derek’s using that size advantage for all it’s worth, and it’s paying off right now.

Jones: Arryk is a great athlete, no question, but a 5-inch difference will give any wrestler the high ground.

Logan: What the Dark Star needs to do is keep away from the power maneuvers and get himself airborne. He has to use his own main advantage: agility and speed.

Jones: That’s two advantages.

Logan: Whatever.

*Both wrestlers get to their feet, with Arryk immediately trying to retake the advantage by swinging wildly at the Thriller. Derek ducks it, though, and with Arryk off-balance, Derek lifts Arryk off the ground and delivers an atomic drop. Arryk winces and walks on the balls of his feet for a second. As he turns back around, Mobley’s right there, picking the Dark Star up off the ground and dropping him with a backbreaker across Mobley’s knee! Arryk falls to the mat, as Derek makes another pin attempt… 1… 2…. Arryk kicks out. Mobley doesn’t seem surprised; he just decided to give it the old college try. He pulls Arryk back up and places his head underneath his arm, preparing for a DDT maneuver. But as Derek takes a second to signal it to the crowd, Arryk starts pushing forward, sending both men into the ropes. Mobley pushes him off, trying to regain his balance, but this just allows Arryk room to score a dropkick, sending Mobley toppling out of the ring!*

Jones: Ouch, that was a painful fall from the Thriller. But it looks like he’s still able to start pulling himself up.

Logan: Yeah, but he’s in a bad position right now, and here comes Arryk!

*As Mobley straightens up on the outside, using the ring apron as support, Arryk rebounds off the opposite side of ropes and rushes back, getting a baseball slide into Mobley’s front that sends him back into the guardrail! Arryk lands safely on the outside mat and moves in quickly, punching away at the stunned challenger. The ref starts his count inside the ropes, trying to encourage both men to reenter the ring. Rage takes notice of the count, bringing Mobley over to the ring apron and slamming his head across it! As Mobley winces in pain, Arryk rolls him back into the ring, then pulls himself up on the apron. Instead of just entering the ring, though, Rage leaps over the ropes with a senton splash, landing on Mobley! Arryk quickly makes the cover…. 1… 2… Mobley grabs the nearby ropes, stopping the count.*

Jones: Impressive moves from Arryk Rage so far in this contest.

Logan: Do you think Draven taught him that one?

Jones: I’m sure Arryk would tell us he learned it on his own, but it’s clear that Draven’s influence follows Arryk everywhere he goes. The only question now is, will it follow him to the top?

*Arryk gets up to his feet, looking a little upset that his senton didn’t work. He grabs Mobley by one arm and one leg and drags him over to the corner, stomping on him a couple of times to intensify the damage. Arryk moves towards the corner, lifting himself up to the top, as the crowd lets out a cheer. Some fans can be seen in the background, waving around toothbrushes, but Arryk ignores them completely. Instead, he bounces off the top rope and flies down onto Mobley with a split-legged moonsault! Arryk grabs a leg and hangs on as the ref starts his count…. 1… 2… Mobley barely manages to get a shoulder up. Arryk complains bitterly to the referee, wanting a quicker count, but Mark Bell just shakes his head no. Frustrated, Arryk kicks out at Mobley, nailing him in the side a few times, before reaching down to pull the larger wrestler up. Arryk steps back, positioning himself for another superkick. He lashes out…. But Mobley dodges, grabbing his leg and lifting upwards to throw Rage backwards to the mat! Mobley also hangs onto the leg, holding it in the air. He reaches down, grabbing the other leg, almost making Arryk upside-down. Derek falls back, which catapults Arryk up into the air, sending him into the turnbuckle!! Rage slumps, dangling in the corner, as Mobley, exhausted, takes a moment to breathe after the desperate maneuver.*

Jones: It’s amazing how quick the tide can turn in a match like this.

Logan: It looked like Arryk was in complete control, but you can never count a veteran like Mobley out. Instincts alone have won him matches in the past.

Jones: Of course, this one’s still anyone’s to lose… or win…

*Rage starts to move, getting his feet on the middle ropes as he attempts to get down from the turnbuckle. But Mobley has already pulled himself together. He comes up behind Arryk, grabbing his arms and lifting him into the air over Mobley’s back! With one smooth motion, Mobley heaves Rage across the ring with a Razor’s Edge! Rage hits awkwardly, favoring his neck, as Mobley crosses over and throws himself on his foe for the pin attempt… 1… 2… Arryk gets a shoulder up at the last second! Mobley sits up, his hands on his legs, breathing heavily, as he looks down with a mixture of respect and frustration. He slowly gets up, signaling for the end with one motion that the crowd knows very well. As Arryk pushes off the mat, off-balance, Derek positions his arm and grabs Rage for the Thriller! Arryk reacts instinctively, slamming several elbows into Mobley’s head to get free. He grabs Mobley’s head and runs, giving him a bulldog into the mat! After a few seconds of both men being down, Arryk stands up. He looks wearily at the Thriller, who still hasn’t gotten up off the mat. Rage senses his best chance, as he heads for the turnbuckle.*

Logan: I think he’s got him set up for the Sin Star Press!

Jones: But does Arryk have enough left to land that move?

*One grasp after another, Arryk pulls himself to the top of the turnbuckle. He looks down at Mobley, who surprisingly is still down, rubbing his head. The crowd is pumped up, although it’s hard to tell how many want to see the Sin Star Press succeed and how many are hoping Mobley will move aside. Just as Rage prepares himself to jump, though, Mobley is suddenly on his feet, having been playing possum! He comes up the turnbuckle, meeting Arryk up there, with the two exchanging a flurry of punches! However, Arryk is able to use the high ground to his advantage, as he fights Mobley off, kneeing him in the head repeatedly! Mobley tries to hang on, but it’s too much, causing him to fall backwards to the mat! Rage balances himself, then leaps off, taking to the sky! He flips around perfectly, like an acrobat, landing right on Mobley!! Unfortunately, Mobley was waiting with his knees up!!! Rage collapses like an accordion, holding his midsection in excruciating pain.*

Jones: Arryk’s in a lot of trouble now! That miss was devastating!

Logan: I don’t know how much better off Derek is after that impact, either. That always hurts your knees! Really, as a wrestler, it’s a last-ditch resort when you just can’t move out of the way.

*As Mobley stands up, Rage, gasping, rises as well. Derek is right there to meet him, landing a few punches. He sends Arryk into the ropes, then gives him an Irish whip to the other side. As Arryk comes back, Mobley goes for a clothesline attempt, trying to cut Arryk down. But Rage ducks it, running to the other side. Using his momentum, Arryk leaps up on the middle rope, using it as a springboard. He bounces high in the air, spinning around as he does so, trying to surprise Derek with an arial assault. He extends full out for an attempted flying splash. However, Mobley reacts instantly, reaching up and catching Arryk on the way down. He doesn’t hang onto him long, spinning Rage around and planting him with the Thriller!!! Arryk is out, as Mobley makes the cover… 1… 2… 3!!!!!*

Minos: Here is your winner, moving on to the finals of the GCWA World Heavyweight Title Tournament, Derek “The Thriller” Mobley!!

Jones: What a match! These guys gave everything they had. It turned out that, tonight, Mobley had a little more to give.

Logan: Maybe, Jonesy, but is he going to be running on empty later on tonight, when he has to fight either Annie Alvarez or Shane Donovan?

Jones: Well, at least he got to have his match first, which will give him a little more recuperation time. I’m sure he’ll be watching that match very intently, to see who he should start mentally preparing for.

Logan: Hey, looks like we're going to the back again! Busy back there tonight...

*The camera shot switches to backstage, where Cynthia Hall is once again on the move, trying to prove her greatness as an interviewer to the higher-ups.*

Cynthia Hall: I've just received word that Scott Caine has arrived at the building! Since we've already heard from Marcus Ka'Derrion and Mr. Excellent, I want to talk to him as well.

*Cynthia and the cameraman go down the hall. They reach Scott Caine and Ricky. Ricky's here to support his friend in his title shot.*

Cynthia Hall: Scott, glad you're here.

Scott Caine: Thanks. I'm happy tonight is finally here.

Cynthia Hall: You've been flying everywhere in order to prepare for your match tonight. Do you think you've gotten what you needed to be successful?

Scott Caine: Yes I do. I know much more about my opponents now. Everything I've learned will help me beat them in that ring, so that I can wear the IC title.

Cynthia Hall: You look like the favorite to win this match. Do you feel that's right?

Scott Caine: I would not call myself the favorite. My ego isn't as large as Mr Excellent. I hope I do well tonight, but it will take a lot to win the title.

Cynthia Hall: Who is your biggest threat?

Scott Caine: If Mr Excellent and Dangerous Dan are together, they make up the biggest threat. I hope Marcus knows that we need to work together at first ourselves to stay in this match and still have a chance to win the title.

Cynthia Hall: Thanks for the interview, Scott. I can't wait to see it.

Scott Caine: Thanks.

*Scott Caine and Ricky go to their locker room, as Cynthia Hall turns back to the cameras.*

Cynthia Hall: It looks like Caine is ready for action tonight. Back to you, guys!

*The shot returns to the announcing area, where Logan is nodding his head in respect.*

Logan: Ok, so that's three worthy competitors for tonight's IC Title match. Anyone heard from Dangerous Dan?

Jones: If Dan wants to speak, I'm sure we'll hear from him, Anthony. But some wrestlers just want to focus before a big bout.

Logan: Oh yeah, that's true. I never liked speaking much with the reporters when I was wrestling. Unless they were female. And pretty.

Jones: Ok, and with that walk down memory lane, let's get back to the action, with our next semi-final match!

*Once again, we look back at the recent weeks of GCWA action, including the signing of young up-and-comer Shane Donovan and the acquisition of the GCWA's first major female competitor, Annie Alvarez. Donovan's dirty tactics in his GCWA World Title Tournament victory over Lurrr are shown, as he handcuffs Lurrr to a guardrail and wins via countout. Alvarez, in contrast, is shown beating down a disrespectful Axl Rhude, utterly dominating the now-departed talent to get to this point. We go down to ringside, with Minos waiting to speak.*

Minos: This will be our second and last match in the semi-finals of the GCWA World Title Tournament. The winner will go on to challenge Derek Mobley in the main event of our glorious battles tonight! First, we have a person who is looking to break the gender barrier in the wrestling world. She is a fierce competitor who has no problems showcasing her talents against the male competitors of the federation. After dominating the former GCWA wrestler, Axl Rhude, she is here to make her mark on wrestling history! Standing 5’5” and weighing in at 125 pounds, from Hollywood, California, here is Annie Alvarez!

*Annie comes out with a smile to “Cuz I Can” by Pink, and the feminine members of our youthful audience give a loud cheer. She does a few high-fives on her way down the ramp and into the ring.*

Jones: Annie’s been remarkably quiet this past week, don’t you think, Anthony?

Logan: All I know is that outfit she’s wearing is worth its weight in gold!

Jones: Somehow I don’t think it weighs very much, Anthony, seeing as how there’s not that much to it.

Logan: Ok, so it’s worth MORE than its weight in gold!

Minos: Her opponent recently managed to make his way into the semi-finals due to his usage of hand restraints outside of the squared circle. He is a youthful warrior with a bright future, although he has earned the distain of many fans here in the arena. Standing 6’0” and weighing in at 236 pounds, from Norfolk, Virginia, here is Shane Donovan!

*The crowd is sending out its hatred even before “God In Extension” by Jack Daw starts to play. Shane Donovan comes out through the curtain and storms his way down the ramp, clearly ready to fight. Annie waits patiently for him in the ring, not leaving her neutral corner, as Shane slides in.*

Jones: From what I hear, Shane had to spend this past week searching for a briefcase he was supposed to pick up.

Logan: Yeah, man, you’ve got to watch out when you get into debt with a woman. Stuff like that just happens.

*The bell rings.*

Jones: Here we go! Who will advance to the finals?

Logan: Some may look at this one and say that Annie doesn’t stand a chance, but she’s already dominated one man who overlooked her. Shane better keep focused if he wants to move on!

*Shane nonchalantly turns away, looking towards the crowd with disdain. He says something to a fan at ringside, as Annie, incredulous, sets her feet and moves in. She grabs for Shane’s head, but Shane suddenly spins off, instead nailing Annie in the face with his elbow!! Annie falls to the mat, hard, holding her mouth, as Shane smiles evilly down on her. He is looking supremely confident.*

Jones: What a hit! Shane’s obviously not going to play ‘nice’ tonight!

Logan: That just shows you how deceitful Donovan can be. He suckered Annie into that, knowing that she would probably react to him feigning indifference. It’s a sound strategy, but I don’t have to like it.

*Shane mocks Annie for a second, asking her if she wants to cry now. He reaches down and pulls her up by her hair, contemptuously throwing her to the side, where she lands near the ropes. Annie grabs for some support and gets herself up as Shane struts towards her. She has her head down, putting her hair across her face. But that doesn’t blind her, as she strikes out, booting Donovan in the stomach! Donovan gasps, sucking wind, as a now-pissed-off Annie throws her hair back and steps forward, striking with several chops to Donovan’s chest. She goes off the ropes and comes back, with Shane attempting a punch. Annie goes right underneath it, rebounding off the ropes and spearing Donovan to the mat!! She gets on top, punching away, as a bewildered Donovan gets his arms up, trying to block as many shots as he can.*

Logan: Woooo, that’s my kind of lady!

Jones: Annie has taken control of this one. She’s showing that she belongs to be here in the GCWA.

*Finally, Shane manages to push Annie off of him, rolling to his stomach. Alvarez moves off, taking position, as Shane cautiously gets to his feet. The two begin to circle each other, with Donovan treating his opponent a little bit more like a true challenge. The two go to lock up, but Alvarez instead adjusts herself quickly around Donovan, leaping up around one arm and putting her feet around the other. Shane falls backwards, into a pinning predicament! At the last second, with legs flailing, Donovan gets free, rolling aside, as Annie gets to her feet. She comes in quick, landing a picture-perfect dropkick that sends Donovan back to the canvas. Donovan’s immediately back to his feet, but so is Annie, scoring another dropkick! She then steps in on Shane, who isn’t so quick to rise up, locking on a version of the STF! Donovan, still looking shocked, struggles against the hold, trying to reach the ropes, as the referee hovers nearby.*

Logan: Oh, man, could it be over this quickly?

Jones: No, Shane’s still got a lot of fight left in him. It won’t take much for him to reach the ropes.

*Alvarez continues putting on the pressure, but Donovan is fighting free. He reaches out with his longer feet, stretching, and manages to get one underneath the ropes. The ref takes a second to see it, but once he does, he calls for the break, forcing Annie off of her opponent. Annie doesn’t seem to mind that much. She backs off, waiting for Shane to struggle up, then steps in, smacking him across the face with a roundhouse kick! Shane topples to the mat face-first, as Annie looks around, figuring out her options. She heads to the nearest turnbuckle, opting for the high-risk district. As she gets to the top, Donovan struggles to his feet, looking dazed. Alvarez positions herself for balance, then leaps off going for a leaping Annierana! But Donovan catches her in mid-air, twisting her around into a modified spinebuster!!! Annie flops on the mat, hurting badly, as Donovan slides away, pushing himself up to one knee. An angry expression flashes across his face as he looks at his hurting opponent.*

Jones: What an adjustment there by Shane Donovan!

Logan: That’s a game-changer, no doubt. Annie’s in deep trouble now.

*Shane slowly rises, staring with barely-contained fury at Annie Alvarez. He steps in, smashing her in the ribs repeatedly with the toe of his boot! Annie yells out in pain, as she gets kicked into the ropes. The ref tries to step in for the break, but Shane pushes him aside, nearly causing a DQ. He pulls Annie up by the roots, but doesn’t waste time taunting her this time. Instead, he sets her in a pumphandle position and twists her around into a sit-down powerbomb, otherwise known as the Breakdown!! With Annie now positioned flat on the mat, Donovan goes towards the ropes, determinedly climbing up the ‘buckle. He gets to the top and almost instantly is in mid-air, delivering the Phoenix Stomp to the center of Annie’s back!! Annie spasms in agony, clutching at her back, as Donovan watches with a small smile on his face. He comes in, twisting her over and grabbing her legs for the pinfall attempt… 1… 2… no, Annie kicks out!*

Jones: Wow, I thought that could have been it right there! That Phoenix Stomp is just devastating!

Logan: Yeah, man, but my Annie is a lot tougher than people give her credit for.

Jones: Uhhh… your Annie?

Logan: Well, I mean, in my dreams, y’know?

Jones: Sure, Anthony, sure.

*Shane quickly continues his assault after the pinfall attempt, grabbing Annie on the mat and putting her into a crossface submission hold! Annie struggles, with Shane making sure to keep pressure on her aching back. You’d think he’s enjoying being on top of her or something. The ref stays close, asking Annie if she wants to give it up, but she quickly answers with a resounding No!, refusing to submit. In response, Shane releases the hold, taking the opportunity to paint-brush the back of Annie’s head. He lifts Annie up off the canvas and snaps her over with a northern lights suplex, continuing the abuse to her back. He pushes over her and covers… 1… 2… Annie kicks out.*

Jones: Annie’s not giving up on her dream yet!

Logan: Not just her dream, Jonesy. There are a lot of girls out there in the audience hoping and praying that the GCWA has its first female World Champion.

Jones: Hopefully, no matter the conclusion to this match, Annie will have made them proud.

*Shane’s got a very demented look in his eyes now, as he looks down at Alvarez, who’s starting to crawl away, looking for a way up. He grabs her by the hair again, tugging her to the corner and bouncing her head off the pads a few times, softening her up some more. Shane picks her up bodily and puts the smaller opponent onto the turnbuckle pads. Annie tries to fight free, but Donovan shrugs off her feeble attempts at hitting him, taking her down with the Falling Star Hurricanrana!! Annie is down and not moving, as Donovan gets back to his feet. He comes over and makes the pin… 1… 2… no, Donovan raised her head up! The ref looks surprised, as Donovan grins to the booing crowd. He shrugs and puts Annie back on the canvas… 1… 2…. He does it again! The crowd lets Donovan have it, but he’s unconcerned.*

Jones: I don’t get it, why’s he not putting her away? This is for a shot at the World Title!

Logan: Man, Donovan’s pissed about Annie’s attacks earlier in this match. I think he wants to make an example of her. She’s in deep trouble!

*Annie’s arms flail weakly as Donovan slowly pulls the woman to her feet by her head. He looks her dead in the eye, saying something that isn’t caught by the camera’s mic. He gives her a disgusted look, then grabs her and flips her over for a Vertebreaker!! Alvarez’s head pounds into the mat, and she’s now barely moving. Once again, the ref moves in, expecting at least an attempted pinfall, but Donovan just stands over her, waving his hands down at her, as if to say, why’s she even here? The crowd is booing like mad now, wanting something to be done. Annie painfully rolls over, getting to her stomach. She acts like she’s going to rise up, but Shane steps in, cracking her across the face with a big boot!! Annie flops to the ground, not moving. A close-up shows that her nose is now bleeding, leaving a stain on the mat.*

Jones: My god, someone get him to stop it! The lady’s out cold, for pity’s sake! Pin her, Shane, pin her!

Logan: I tell you what, maybe it’s time I… hey, wait, there’s Derek!

*The fans around the entryway start to cheer loudly, as Derek Mobley comes running out from the back! He heads down towards the ring, with Shane glancing over, trying to figure out what’s going on. He sees Mobley coming towards the ring with a determined look on his face. Donovan quickly turns to the referee and points Mobley out, ordering him to do something. The ref turns to the ropes as Mobley reaches the apron, waving his arms at the Thriller. Security is already following Mobley down, helping to keep him from getting involved, as Donovan laughs in the ring. With the referee distracted by the spectacle outside, Donovan reaches into his trunks, pulling out the handcuffs!! Alvarez is just now trying to get her bearings, spitting some blood onto the mat. As she starts to rise, Donovan moves in, using the handcuffs around his fingers to smash Alvarez hard to the side of the head!! Alvarez is dead weight, sprawled out on the mat, as Donovan hides the ‘cuffs and yells to the distracted ref to get over there. The ref turns, sees the pin FINALLY being made, and hurries over. It seems he counts a little quicker, if only to make this pinfall count to end the violence…. 1.. 2.. 3!!!*

Mino: The winner, moving on to the finals of the GCWA World Title Tournament, Shane Donovan!

*As the referee goes to raise Shane’s hand, he shoves him away, then goes back to Annie. He rolls her bloody body over, pulling out the cuffs again! However, before he can handcuff Annie’s hands together, Derek Mobley finally gets through the security (who are staring into the ring as if they might need to intervene) and slides into the ring at full-speed! Donovan, seeing him enter, quickly turns and goes out the other side, not willing to risk injury before the big final match. He’s smiling as he heads up the ramp, with trash being thrown from both sides in his general direction. In the ring, Mobley is checking on the badly-injured Annie Alvarez, who is now sporting a crimson mask. It is a disturbing sight. Medics come down the ramp with a stretcher, ready to do their job. Anthony Logan has also left the announce table and is in the ring, helping Derek immobilize the female wrestler’s head.*

Jones: This…. ladies and gentlemen, I’m not sure what to say here. Hopefully, Annie Alvarez will be ok, and we’ll see her again at some point in the GCWA…. Hopefully…

*Alvarez is carefully placed on the back board, her face having been wiped off by the medics. They’re attending to her bloody wounds, patching them up, as Anthony and Derek stand nearby, both anxious and frustrated. Another man, Mr. Excellent, suddenly appears, entering the ring as well to see if he can help, reminding us of his earlier question to Annie about a stable. He looks genuinely shocked to see her like this. We switch to crowd shots to get away from the horrifying image. A girl is shown in the audience, tears running down her face. Another is being comforted by her father, crying into his t-shirt, as he looks on with a sad expression. As Annie is brought out of the ring, we slowly cut to the back, where Warrick Hill is shown, watching things on a television in his locker room. A layer of thin smoke is hovering in the room, but for once, Warrick doesn’t look that happy. He picks up a piece of paper, which apparently has Annie Alvarez’s picture on it, then looks back at the screen, a distraught look on his face.*

Warrick Hill: Damn. That’s no way to treat a hot chick!

*He shakes his head and goes back to watching Annie get brought up the ramp. Behind him, the door to the locker room can be heard, slamming open. Warrick turns, surprised, dropping the picture. But Warrick doesn’t move fast enough, taking a baseball bat shot to the side!! Warrick barely blocked it with his arm, but it stuns him enough for a chair to come crashing down on his head!!! Warrick collapses backwards, to the floor, as Jason and Lukas Payne stand over him!! Warrick’s already started to bleed from a cut above his eyebrow. Jason throws the chair down and kneels, leaning in towards Warrick’s now-bloody face.*

Jason Payne: Warrick Hill. You piece of trash. You wanna run your mouth to us? You wanna sit your stoned ass out there, and talk about challenging us to a tag team title match? Punk, you better watch out what you wish for, cause it may just come true.

Lukas Payne: In case you and your retirement home partner don’t realize the answer, yes, we accept the challenge. You mess around, you lay around, punk.

*Jason puts his foot on Warrick’s chest, holding him in place, as Lukas pulls back, giving him a few more kicks. The duo walks out of the locker room, laughing, as Warrick lays unconscious on the floor. We're left with this image as we take a quick GCWA commercial break.*

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