*We return to a shot from backstage, where Warrick Hill is being placed on a stretcher. The medics are very busy tonight. Derek Mobley is in the background, furiously pacing back and forth. A security guard tries to calm him down, telling him to relax, but Derek's too wired up. He pushes the guard against the wall, almost as if he was going to hit him. The security guard squeaks out a quick "Please!", and Derek, regaining his senses, lets him go and stalks down the hall, forming his hands into fists. We then return to the main announce area.*

Jones: My god, we’ve got wrestlers dropping right and left!

Logan: Derek's having to watch it all, too. This isn't good for his focus later tonight in the main event!

Jones: I can’t believe the Payne Killers took advantage of such a moment to get their revenge on Warrick! I know, he attacked Jason a few weeks ago, but this was still uncalled for at the pay-per-view.

Logan: I wonder…

Jones: What?

Logan: Doesn’t the timing of this seem strange, Jonesy? The Payne Killers took out Derek’s best ally, only a short time before he’ll be fighting in a No Disqualification Falls Count Anywhere Match against Shane Donovan? I mean, they just assured that Derek will be alone out there!

Jones: I doubt the Payne Killers are working with Donovan, Anthony. Donovan’s not the type to work with others.

Logan: Well, whether they are or aren’t, the Payne Killers certainly did Donovan a favor here tonight.

Jones: Well, despite everything that has happened, we still have two matches to go tonight, so we might as well get to them! Let's go to the video tape!

*A quick retrospective rolls, showcasing the talents of Scott Caine, Dangerous Dan, Marcus Ka'Derrion, and Mr. Excellent. Caine, Dan, and Excellent are each shown in mid-air, performing brilliant maneuvers. Ka'Derrion, however, is simply shown with his two 'guards' around him, walking through the GCWA hallways. We cut away from the video to go to Minos, once again in his spot inside the ropes.*

Minos: The next match brings together four of the brightest new talents in the Global Championship Wrestling Association to battle for a championship that has not seen the light of day in many, many years. It was last worn by three GCWA Hall of Famers, the Punisher, Steven Mysterio and X-Dog, showing how this belt can lead to so much better opportunities. Tonight, one of these four men will grab their opportunity and walk away with their first championship: this will be a Fatal-Fourway Elimination Match for the GCWA Intercontinental Heavyweight Title!

*A general applause passes through the crowd at the history of the belt that has just been brought out by security. The Intercontinental Title looks the same as it used to, having been brought back to the company with X-Dog’s cooperation (after a healthy cash settlement). It is enclosed in a glass case, waiting to be worn again into combat.*

Minos: Our first competitor has already become a fan favorite here in the GCWA Arena, thanks to his triumphant destruction of the warrior from the Philippines, Makorpal. He brings his excitement and tenacity now to his first pay-per-view event, intent on earning himself a championship. Standing 6’3” and weighing in at 227 pounds, he is “Sugar” Scott Caine!

*”Automatic” by American Pearl plays out the loudspeakers, as Caine walks out from the back. He looks excited to be there, letting out a yell as the fireworks go off behind him. His excitement is contagious, as many female fans are jumping up and down along the aisleway.*

Jones: Caine, the only man in this match with a victory so far in the GCWA, has been busy as of late, travelling across the United States in his quest to better prepare himself for this match.

Logan: Yeah, and I admire his enthusiasm, but, seriously, he went from California to Tennessee to Illinois to Florida, and then here to Dallas, Texas? That’s a lot of jet lag!

Jones: It doesn’t seem to be affecting him right now, Anthony. The adrenaline is pumping.

Logan: Why didn’t he go to Illinois first? Tennessee’s not even that far from Miami!

Jones: Ok, Anthony, ok.

Logan: Sorry, man, it just bugged me. Caine should have a talk with his travel agent, is all.

Minos: Now, the second warrior in this contest comes to the ring. He nearly shocked the wrestling world two weeks ago in his fight against Derek Mobley, almost winning a major upset in his very first match. Now he looks to challenge these other rookies to make his way to the top of the Intercontinental division. Standing 5’11” and weighing 220 pounds, he is known as Dangerous Dan!

*Dangerous Dan comes out to “Gives You Hell” by the All American Rejects, as the crowd this time gives him a warm response, much differently than they reacted last time. The hand signals go up, as the young man marches down the aisleway.*

Logan: Maybe it’s just me, but Dangerous Dan looks a lot more confident than he did last time we saw him here.

Jones: He’s been working a lot with his brother, Crazy Chris. By the way, I heard a rumor that Chris has turned in an application to sign on here at the GCWA as well.

Logan: It wouldn’t surprise me to see him here. If he’s as good as Dangerous Dan, we could have a pair of growing stars on our hands, as well as another tag-team for our expanding tag division.

Our third competitor is a man of mystery, a wrestler who is only now stepping into the squared circle for his first taste of action. His past is murky, with only speculation regarding who his famous father could be. Tonight could be the start of a tremendous career, but it’s still unknown if that’s what this man truly wants. Standing 6’1” and weighing 210 pounds, from Miami, Florida, he is “His Legacy” Marcus Ka’Derrion!

*The crowd seems split on Marcus, as some boo and some cheer as “Whatever” by Godsmack plays. For a second, there’s no sign of anyone, but finally, the curtain moves and Marcus walks out. He looks almost reluctant, but then he pulls himself together with a deep breath and heads straight for the ring.*

Jones: Now THIS guy’s got the wrestling blogs going into overdrive. Everyone wants to know who his father is!

Logan: Well, we know his father’s a former GCWA champion of some sort, so that should narrow it down.

Jones: I can tell you this, to everyone who’s been speculating that it’s the Accelerator’s son… 1) Ace’s kids aren’t interested in the business; 2) They’re well-known; and 3) Ace has never held a title in the GCWA. He runs the place, he doesn’t compete for the gold.

Logan: So do you think it’s Animal Thug? Or how about Blade? If I squint hard enough, I can almost see a resemblance there.

Jones: Truthfully, Anthony, there have been so many champions to come through the GCWA’s history, it’s impossible to narrow it down without any more information. And right now, Marcus isn’t sharing.

Minos: Our final participant in this Fatal Four-Way Elimination Match is a man with a purpose in life. He is here to provide sustenance and financial support to his family, a noble goal indeed. Although he came up just barely short against Arryk Rage last week, he is set to once again try for more glory and honor in the GCWA! Standing 6’3” and weighing 255 pounds, from Chicago, Illinois, here is Mr. Excellent!

*The fans react, looking towards the entryway, but a different song plays, “Lose Yourself” by Eminem. The crowd is confused, but only for a second, as Mr. Excellent steps through the curtain, prepared to fight! He focuses on the ring in front of him, as the fans send a few cheers his way. A few fans of Rage’s still boo, but it seems that Mr. Excellent’s story has won over a lot of the audience in attendance.*

Jones: Mr. Excellent let it all out this week, as he revealed that the reason he’s in the GCWA is to provide for his wife and his son, Little Rob. I’m sure it’s been enough to get the fans cheering for him here tonight, at least on some level.

Logan: Yeah, but his wife? Man, what a bitch!


Logan: Like I said before, Edds, I call it the way I see it! The dude’s out supporting them with this job, and believe me, the GCWA pays well. And yet she still leapt all over him for losing to Arryk Rage last week. She better be careful. There are always groupies on the prowl for guys like Mr. Excellent.

Jones: I’d just like to send an apology to Mrs. Excellent. Anthony’s views and comments are not expressly the views of the GCWA as a whole.

Logan: Ace is telling you over the headset to say that, isn’t he?

Jones: Yep.

Logan: Figures.

*The bell rings.*

Jones: It’s elimination time! Only one of these four men will be standing at the end of this one, with the gold in hand!

Logan: I always loved elimination matches, Jonesy. If you played it right, you could make the other guys do the hard fighting for you, then swoop in at the end and take them out to win. I wonder what these guys will use for strategies?

*Inside the ropes, the four men are each stationed in a separate corner. The ref has backed to the side, letting them stare across at each other. The first guys to move are Dangerous Dan and Mr. Excellent, moving towards each other. They talk for a second, then shake hands, officially sealing a partnership for tonight. The two allies turn towards Scott Caine and Marcus Ka’Derrion, with Caine stepping forward, bouncing from foot to foot. He starts to move towards Dangerous Dan, as if challenging him. But, without warning, Marcus comes up behind Caine and gives him a forearm to the back of the neck, knocking him down! Caine falls forward to the mat, stunned, as Dan and Excellent immediately take advantage, jumping forward and stomping on the downed wrestler! Caine covers up his head, trying to protect himself from the onslaught, as the two men kick away at him!*

Jones: Wait, does this mean that Marcus is also part of the alliance between Dan and Excellent?

Logan: I don’t think so, Jonesy. Marcus isn’t joining in on the beatdown, he’s just staying back watching. I think all we saw there is a strategic maneuver to throw the favorite to win this one, Caine, to the wolves!

Jones: It sure looks like Caine’s got his work cut out for him if he wants to get back into this match!

*Dangerous Dan and Mr. Excellent bring Caine off the mat, continuing to double-team him. In the corner, Marcus stands patiently, intent on the action. Dan & Excellent, meanwhile, are working as a good team. They lift Caine up, planting him with a double suplex! Dan’s quick to attempt a pinfall, but Caine kicks out quickly. It’s too early in the match. They bring Caine back up, with Dan calling out what to do. Mr. Excellent agrees, as the two men whip Caine into the ropes. As he comes back, the two men join hands, going for a double clothesline. Caine goes underneath the attempt, though, and comes running back with a flying tackle, taking both men down! All three men are down for a second, which is when Marcus makes his move. He steps in, looking down at Caine, but then chooses another target, attacking Mr. Excellent on the mat with some lengthy punches. Caine doesn’t spend time concentrating on their brawl, as he and Dangerous Dan start to go at it on the other side.*

Logan: This is more like it! I was starting to wonder if Marcus was going to participate at all!

Jones: He’s supposed to be a very smart man, Anthony. And, as you said earlier, it’s better to pick your spots in a match like this, and conserve your energy when possible.

*On the one side, Ka’Derrion holds Mr. Excellent in a chinlock on the mat, keeping with the fundamentals of wearing down an opponent. On the other side, Caine has backed Dangerous Dan into a corner with a series of chops. He holds the top rope with his left hand, giving him the leverage to start getting mid-level kicks across Dan’s front, rocking him with each shot. Ka’Derrion, meanwhile, struggles to keep the larger wrestler down, as Mr. Excellent fights to get to his feet. As they rise up, Excellent shoves Marcus into the ropes, forcing the break. Excellent continues the momentum by sending Marcus to the other side. As Marcus returns, Mr. Excellent is waiting, getting a drop-toe-hold that sends Marcus face-first to the mat. Mr. Excellent stands back up, letting a smile slip onto his face, as he moves to grab Marcus. That smile is short-lived, as Caine is suddenly jogging over, grabbing Mr. Excellent from behind and delivering a Backcracker maneuver!!*

Jones: Ouch! That one shook Mr. Excellent’s spine!

Logan: That’s the biggest problem a wrestler has in a match like this. Just because you’ve got the upper hand on one man doesn’t mean that you can take your eyes off of the others. Scott Caine saw an opportunity and took it.

*With Mr. Excellent down and in pain, Marcus starts to move in, possibly looking to lock on a submission maneuver. But Caine hasn’t forgotten what happened earlier. He kicks out at Marcus, with the surprised wrestler catching his foot in mid-air. It’s all a ruse, though, as Caine lands an Enziguiri, kicking Ka’Derrion in the side of his head! Caine gets back up, letting out a yell to the excited audience. As he turns around, though, Dangerous Dan is there, clotheslining Caine over the top rope!! Caine disappears from sight, as Dan moves over to Mr. Excellent. For a second, it looks like Dan wants to go after Excellent, but instead, he helps him up, pointing to Marcus. The two men nod in agreement and move in. Marcus sees them coming and starts to back up, going against the ropes, but there’s nowhere to go. He swings at Dan, connecting with him, but then Excellent is there, putting a knee into his guts. Excellent adds in a few more shots, keeping Marcus contained, as Dan heads to the turnbuckle, climbing up to the second one and leaping off with a double axehandle to Marcus’ head. Marcus topples to the mat, with Excellent dropping down on top of him… 1… 2… Marcus kicks out.*

Jones: Strength in numbers is going to be a major factor in this match.

Logan: Yep, so far the teaming up of Dangerous Dan and Mr. Excellent is working out great for them.

*Caine starts to climb back in, grabbing at the ropes to pull himself up onto the apron, but Dan immediately runs towards him, knocking Caine off with a lowered shoulder. Caine falls to the outside, landing badly, as Dan turns back to his ally, Mr. Excellent, who has Ka’Derrion up. He drops Marcus with a Russian leg sweep, then goes after his legs, applying a Boston crab! Marcus struggles against the hold, reaching out behind him as if to use a reversal, but Dangerous Dan comes up from the other side, grabbing Marcus’ outstretched hand and applying a twisting arm bar! Both men wrench the respective body parts, with the ref staying close in case Marcus can’t take any more pain.*

Logan: Welcome to the major league, Junior!

Jones: It’s amazing how well Dan and Excellent are working together thus far. I thought by now one would have turned on the other.

Logan: They promised to wait until the other two were gone, to make their odds better, Jonesy. Apparently they’re both true to their word… for now.

*The ref leans in, asking Marcus if he wants to submit, but Marcus doesn’t respond. His eyes are shut, either in concentration or due to fatigue. The duo continues the pressure, with Mr. Excellent sitting down in the sharpshooter, adding to the pain. However, both men have seemingly forgotten a crucial part of this fatal fourway. Caine reminds them of it, using the top rope to springboard into the ring and catch Mr. Excellent from behind, bulldogging him into the canvas! Dan releases his hold and turns, swinging at Caine, but Caine blocks the shot, then delivers one of his own. He smacks Dan back into the ropes, then delivers a perfect dropkick which sends Dan out of the ring! Before Caine can rise back up, though, Mr. Excellent is there, giving him a boot to the stomach and positioning him for a powerbomb! As Mr. Excellent goes to lift him up, though, Marcus suddenly rises back up, hammering Mr. Excellent in the back of the head with both fists! Excellent drops Caine, stunned. Marcus steps in, grabbing Excellent in a full nelson and lifts him up, turning it into a full nelson bomb!! Caine, seeing Excellent down, rushes to the turnbuckle and jumps onto it with one spring. He flies off into mid-air, delivering the Sugar Caine legdrop!!! Excellent is out, as Caine makes the pin…. 1… 2… Dan gets intercepted by Marcus… 3!!!*

Minos: Mr. Excellent has been eliminated!

Jones: What a move by Caine! And that ends the teamwork abilities of Excellent and Dangerous Dan!

Logan: I’m not sure Caine and Ka’Derrion even meant to work together there, but it certainly paid off. We’re down to three!

*As a frustrated Mr. Excellent is forced to leave the ring, Marcus has the upper hand on Dangerous Dan, lifting him up and landing a double underhook suplex! Marcus moves as if to make the cover, but he then gets plowed into by a charging Caine, which sends Marcus toppling to the outside! Caine turns back to Dan and does a standing moonsault, crashing onto Dan’s chest for another cover… 1… 2… no, Dan kicks out. Caine pulls himself and his opponent back up, content to keep trying to pound him down. He whips Dan into the ropes, but Dan reverses it, sending Caine instead. Dan then starts running towards the left, off a different set of ropes. As Caine comes back, Dan meets him in the middle with a corkscrew forearm, taking Caine down! Dan then makes the cover…. 1…. 2…. Caine’s still alive, raising his arm.*

Jones: Exciting action here, Anthony! These two are certainly some of the best acrobatic wrestlers we have in the GCWA!

Logan: Where’s Marcus gone to? Is he hurt outside, or is he just letting them fight?

Jones: I can’t see him from here. We’ll have to get a cameraman over there.

*One of the cameramen apparently hear the request, as they move around the ring apron, showing Marcus just now getting up on the outside. He looks angry, as he slaps the apron in frustration, cursing. It’s unclear if he’s cursing his opponents, himself, or his father, but something’s got his ire up. Back in the ring, Dangerous Dan has it all working against Caine. He grabs Caine’s head and goes off the turnbuckle, landing a spinning DDT! Another pinfall attempt, though, leads to another 2 count, as Caine just won’t stay down. Dangerous Dan stands up slowly, but turns when he hears the approaching footsteps of the returning Marcus, who swings wildly, out of control. Dan manages to use Ka’Derrion’s momentum against him, though, flipping him with a variation of a hip toss. This allows Caine to recover, though, grabbing Dan’s trunks and pulling him backwards into a roll-up attempt! 1…. 2….. Dan barely kicks out!*

Logan: Amazingly close! The ref’s hand actually hit the canvas, but he waved it off, that’s how close it was!

Jones: Dangerous Dan’s still in it, but you know Crazy Chris nearly had a heart attack!

*Both men struggle quickly to their feet, trying to get an advantage over their opponent. Neither make it, as Marcus is there, delivering a running clothesline that rocks both men! Ka’Derrion then picks up Dangerous Dan, lifting him up onto his shoulders with a fireman’s carry. Whatever move he’s planning, though, Dan fights to block it, elbowing Marcus’ head while squirming free of the hold. Marcus, off-balance, turns around, then takes a boot to his unprotected breadbasket from Scott Caine! Marcus drops Dan feet-first to the mat, bending over to avoid any more hits, but Scott quickly uses that, placing his leg across Marcus’ head and dropping him to the mat with a Fameasser!! Caine gets back to his feet, as if to head to the turnbuckle again, but Dangerous Dan blocks him, giving him a kick to the gut and setting Caine up for the Danger Zone! Caine can’t get free, as Dan lifts him up onto his shoulder and drops, breaking Caine’s back! Dan is quick to make the pinfall…. 1…. 2…. 3!!!!!*

Minos: Scott Caine has been eliminated!

Jones: Shocking! Scott Caine is out of this one, leaving Dangerous Dan and Marcus Ka’Derrion as our final two participants.

Logan: One of these guys gets gold, and the other has spent a really long match full of punishment and agony for nothing!

*Dangerous Dan is quick to try to capitalize on Caine’s last maneuver, trying to get a quick pin on the still downed Marcus…. 1…. 2…. Marcus raises his arm, refusing to give up. Dan angrily grabs Ka’Derrion by the hair, bringing him up long enough for Dan to bodyslam him back down. Dan then goes to the turnbuckle, climbing up to the cheers of the crowd. He stands, facing his downed opponent, and leaps off, spinning through the air with a 450 splash! Ka’Derrion can’t move in time, so he takes the full force of the blow! The impact, though, sends Dan rolling in pain, holding his middle. He finally takes a deep breath and reaches over, getting Ka’Derrion’s shoulders on the mat…. 1…. 2…. Ka’Derrion kicks out again!*

Logan: Amazing fight out of this youngster! You would think someone who hasn’t been in the business long wouldn’t be able to take this kind of abuse.

Jones: Still, Anthony, every man has his breaking point. This match has gone on for a long time, and both men are spent, but Dangerous Dan’s getting closer and closer to a title victory here.

*Dangerous Dan, breathing deeply, slowly gets up to his feet. He looks down at Marcus, who looks completely dazed. Dan waits as Marcus gets to a kneeling position, then steps in, getting on the double underhook start of the Danger Zone! Before he can begin to attempt to lift Marcus into position, though, Ka’Derrion raises himself up, causing Dan to be flipped upside-down behind Marcus! However, Dan uses this to his advantage, letting go of his grasp and winding down Marcus’ legs, pulling him down for a roll-up attempt! 1…. 2…. Marcus escapes by the skin of his teeth. Both jump up, running on one final burst of adrenaline, as Dan lashes out at Marcus. But Ka’Derrion blocks the punch and lands one of his own, then steps in, locking on the start of his snap cradle brainbuster! He lifts Dan up, but accidentally loses his grip on the leg, giving Dan a chance to break free! Dan uses the opportunity, yanking Marcus over with a quick Hennig plex, having both land their shoulders on the mat! 1….. 2….. BOTH men raise a shoulder!*

Logan: Close one! I don’t want this one ending undecided!

Jones: Marcus almost ended it with his finisher, but his inexperience seemed to get to him there.

Logan: Or, after so many minutes of a grueling match and so much offense thrown against him, he slipped. It happens to the best of us, Jonesy. The kid will learn.

*The ref issues a short count to get both men moving towards getting up. Dangerous Dan manages it first, holding his aching back. As Ka’Derrion reaches up, grabbing hold of the ropes for support, Dan is there, grabbing Marcus’ head for a DDT! He snaps it down…. But Marcus stays up, still using the ropes for leverage! Dan, unbalanced, bounces his own head off the mat with whiplash, stunning him. He struggles up to his knees, but Marcus is ready, grabbing him and lifting him up. With one smooth motion, Marcus drops Dangerous Dan to the mat with the Snap Cradle Brainbuster, knocking him cold!!! The ref waits, as Marcus recovers enough to place one arm weakly across the unconscious Dan…. 1…. 2…. 3!!!!!*

Minos: Your winner, and NEW GCWA Intercontinental Heavyweight Champion, “His Legacy” Marcus Ka’Derrion!!

*The ref leans out of the ring, asking for security to hand him the title, as Marcus collapses into the corner, taking a seat. Dangerous Dan rolls onto his stomach, holding his head, knowing how close he came to the victory.*

Logan: The rookie did it! In his first match, Marcus Ka’Derrion is a champion!

Jones: I wonder how his father feels about that!

Logan: That depends on whether or not his father’s still alive, Jonesy. We don’t really know.

Jones: Well, whether he’s watching from his big screen back home or from front row seats from heaven, his father has to be proud of his son’s accomplishment tonight.

*The ref gives the belt to Marcus, who looks completely stunned. He looks at the gold, slowly placing it on his shoulder. The ref helps Marcus up, then goes to lift his arm in victory, but Marcus pulls away, still more focused on the gold resting on his shoulder. It’s impossible to tell what he’s thinking, or how many different emotions are flowing through his soul at this very moment. He turns and leaves the ring, keeping the gold securely on his shoulder, as we cut away to the backstage area, where we're currently located in the Accelerator's office.*

The Accelerator: Another great match, wouldn't you say, Titan 3?

*The camera zooms out slightly, showing the Head of GCWA Security, Titan 3, standing near the President, the Accelerator. Ace is nodding, looking quite happy for once, as Titan 3 has a look of calm about him.*

Titan 3: It's been a good night, Ace. Lots of blood, sweat, and victory. My kind of night.

The Accelerator: Yes, well, I just wanted to remind you about the main event. Remember, we HAVE to have a winner tonight! Have you talked to our referees about the special arrangements?

Titan 3: I mentioned it to the both of them. They didn't sound too thrilled, but it's a precaution we have to take.

The Accelerator: Good, good. Also be sure to remind your security forces that this match might go anywhere, so they need to be prepared to protect the fans if necessary. Keep the fans back, but don't get in the way of the wrestlers, understand?

*Titan 3 nods, a hard look in his eyes. He's never been one to take orders well, but he's still willing to let Ace say his peace. Ace smiles and leans back in his leather chair, stringing his fingers together.*

The Accelerator: This is going to be good. Go get set up, Titan 3. I'll see you later.

*Titan 3 nods and walks off, slamming the door open with one hand, as the Accelerator continues to watch the screen, showing the arena. We go to the same shot, where Logan and Jones are waiting.*

Jones: Ace certainly looks happy, doesn't he?

Logan: Hey, think of all the money he's raked in tonight! The GCWA is a success, praise the lord!

Jones: Yes, but I wonder what the 'special arrangements' are?

Logan: We'll find out soon enough! It's time for the main event!

*Another review video plays, this one featuring shots that you probably should already know. It goes over Derek Mobley beating Arryk Rage and Shane Donovan's despicable beatdown of Annie Alvarez earlier tonight, leading to the confrontation that almost everyone in the arena is desperately waiting for. Minos, in particular, seems more excited than usual.*

Minos: It is now time for the main event of the evening! Do not leave your seats for refreshments! Do not choose this time to use the restroom facilities! Hold your bladders and prepare for battle unlike which you have ever seen! This will be a bloody battle, as there are no rules other than to pin your opponent or make them submit! This is a No Disqualification, Falls Count Anywhere Match for the vacated GCWA World Heavyweight Championship!!

*The crowd roars in response, as a special group of security guards, hand-picked by Titan 3 himself, make their way out with the GCWA World Heavyweight Title.*

Jones: That's what it's all about! Whenever someone signs onto the roster of the Global Championship Wrestling Association, their dream has to be to get that piece of gold around their waist!

Logan: It doesn't get any bigger, Jonesy! Tonight, we get our first champion! I can't wait!

Minos: Our first competitor in this match has made himself well-known to our audience here in the GCWA Arena. He has used any tactics necessary to take himself to the finals of the tournament, including brutally injuring another warrior earlier tonight. Now, he's one step away from holding the World Championship, a belt that all strive for. Standing 6 feet tall and weighing 236 pounds, from Norfolk, Virginia, he is Shane Donovan!

*As "God In Extension" by Jack Daw plays, the crowd unifies, booing heavily at the sight of the man who put out Annie Alvarez. Shane Donovan walks out proudly, coming down the aisle. He's still got some of Alvarez's blood stained into his wristbands, wearing it as a badge of honor.*

Jones: We've already got word from the hospital that Alvarez has been stabilized and is getting medical treatment for her injuries. However, there is the threat of a serious concussion, among many other injuries. We may have just seen the last match of Alvarez's wrestling career.

Logan: That's terrible, Jonesy. And you know Shane's probably happy about it. The worst thing now, though, is that everything he's done behind the backs of the referees is now actually legal! He doesn't even need to hide those handcuffs!

Minos: His opponent is a future pro wrestling Hall of Famer, a man with a great legacy in the sport. He's held gold with the GCWA before, but now seeks a belt that always escaped him in the past. He also seeks retribution from the man facing him here tonight. Standing 6'3" and weighing 235 pounds, he is Derek "The Thriller" Mobley!

*"Shipping Up To Boston" by the Dropkick Murphys begins to play, and the crowd goes bananas, screaming at the top of their lungs. Mobley walks out of the back, an intense look on his face. He's also holding what looks like a steel baseball bat in one hand. He points it towards the ring as he walks, quickly picking up speed as he comes down the ramp.*

Logan: Oh man, Mobley's got a lot of hate in those eyes! I haven't seen him like this in a long time!

Jones: It isn't going to take long to get this action going!

*The bell rings.*

*As Mobley charges into the ring, baseball bat in hand, a surprised Donovan just as quickly slides out the other side. He points up at Mobley, telling him to drop the bat, but Mobley is infuriated. He swings the bat over the ropes, with Donovan ducking backwards. The referee, Mark Bell, also says something, but Mobley's not listening. He steps back in the ring, waving Donovan forward as if calling for the pitcher to send him a fastball. Donovan moves back and forth on the outside, not stupid enough to try entering when Mobley is armed.*

Logan: Hey, someone get Donovan into the ring! It's time to get going!

Jones: It's no countout, Anthony, remember? Donovan's no fool. He doesn't want to start off with a disadvantage!

*Donovan continues to point inside the ring, trying to get the bat taken care of. Mobley just shoots him a middle finger, then drops the bat and suddenly runs towards him, sliding under the ropes to land right next to Donovan! Shane reacts, punching at Mobley, and the two start going at it, firing punches at one another! The crowd erupts at the sudden onslaught, as the fighting is wild! Mobley takes control, landing a few more shots on Donovan before grabbing his arm and whipping him fiercely into the barricade! Donovan slams backfirst into it, wincing, then gets hit again, as Mobley races forward, hitting Donovan hard enough to cause the barricade to fall! Both men tumble into the crowd, as the fans, once happy to view the action, are now part of it! GCWA Security is right there, though, moving around them to keep the crowd back from the fighting.*

Jones: I knew this would be intense, but this is already out of control!

Logan: Mobley's got a lot of fury in him right now, Jonesy. This is a good a way to get rid of it as any!

*The two begin fighting up the stairs around the crowd, with Donovan finally gaining some control after raking Derek's eyes. Shane pulls Mobley up the stairs, grabbing a box of candy from one spectator and throwing it into Mobley's face, sending Skittles flying everywhere. He then grabs Mobley and sets him, lifting up and landing a suplex onto the stairs!! Mobley bends his back in pain, as Donovan goes to make the first pin attempt... but it only gets a one count from Bell, who's following the action closely. Donovan pulls Mobley up and brings him to the top of the stairs, where they start heading down an entryway back to the snack bar area. Donovan runs Mobley's head against the wall as they go down the tunnel, scraping him up, as the cameraman dutifully follows.*

Jones: Remember when Minos warned the crowd not to go for refreshments? Well, this is one of the reasons why!

Logan: I hope they keep the damage to a minimum back there! I was planning on getting some snacks after this match!

*The cameras pursue the action, as Donovan goes to whip Mobley into a snack area. The men behind the counters run for it, even as Mobley reverses the toss, sending Shane over the divider instead! Mobley follows, grabbing Shane's head and banging him off the table, stunning him. Derek hops over, only to get a desperation shot to his side by a steel pan, held by Donovan! Shane follows up with a couple more shots, keeping Mobley on the defensive. He moves in, grabbing Derek's head and attempting to push his face towards a vat of grease, set up to high temperatures for the making of corn dogs!! Mobley struggles, his face already getting a little singed by droplets of grease that are popping out. He elbows Shane repeatedly, getting free, then grabs Shane and launches him into a nearby doorway, splintering it in two! Donovan lays inside, hurting, as Mobley goes back on the attack.*

Logan: Man, thank goodness Derek blocked that grease attempt! I know everything goes in this one, but I don't want to see any permanent scarring in this one!

Jones: As we've said before, Shane Donovan is a man who will do anything to win this one! Anything!

*As the massive brawling continues, the two men start to head back into the arena, where the cheering fans are waiting for their return. They're now located on top of another stairway, with Donovan back in charge thanks to a series of punches. He kicks Mobley hard in the head, then grabs him and goes to flip him over with a gutwrench suplex. Mobley blocks the move, though, and instead knees Donovan low, very low!! Donovan steps back, his face turning a bad shade of red from the low blow, as Mobley takes a second to get his wind back. He comes forward, grabbing the hurting Donovan's hand, and attempts to whip him over the protective barrier to where a section of crowd is quickly running out of the way! Donovan barely manages to stop the plunge, trying to reverse the whip, but Mobley reverses it again, sending Donovan in the opposite direction.... straight into referee Mark Bell, who goes flying back down the entryway, rolling down the tunnel!!*

Jones: My god, Bell is down and out!! We've lost our referee!

Logan: How's this match going to end now? Someone give a shout-out to Thomas!

*Heedless of what just happened, Mobley grabs the still-down Donovan and kicks him in the gut, before literally throwing him down the stairs! Donovan tumbles, finally managing to stop himself by landing against a couple of seats. He slowly gets up, holding his arm at an awkward angle, as Derek heads down the stairs after him. Both men are bleeding from different points now, showing how savage this brawl has been. As Mobley closes in, Donovan turns away, leaning over a chair. He comes back, throwing a drink in Mobley's face!! Mobley, stunned, tries to clear his vision, but he doesn't have time to recover, as Donovan comes towards him, shooting Mobley down the rest of the stairs into the barricade at the bottom! As Mobley struggles to get up, the crowd around him cheering him on, Donovan comes down, sensing an opportunity. He trips Mobley up, sending his chin bouncing off the metal guardrail, then begins to push him from behind, using the guardrail to choke Mobley out!*

Jones: This doesn't look good for Derek Mobley!

Logan: Yeah, no matter how great you are, you aren't going to function well without oxygen!

*As Donovan continues the choke, enjoying the fact that no one can count him out, referee Thomas Mitchell appears, heading to the action. He waits nearby, powerless, as Donovan, seeing him, confidently releases the hold. Mobley falls to the ground, gasping, and Donovan's quick to make a cover, arrogantly waving Mitchell over. The count is made... 1... 2... Mobley gets a shoulder up! Donovan angrily argues with Mitchell, wanting to know why the count was 'so slow', but Mitchell just shrugs and tells him to get back to work. Donovan glares at him, but leans over and pulls Mobley up, whipping him over the guardrail to the ringside area. Mobley's hurting badly as Donovan comes closer, kicking him repeatedly in the ribs before trying to pick him up. He sends Mobley flipping over the stairs, with Mobley's knees painfully colliding with the steel.*

Logan: Shane Donovan is really taking over this one. I guess it's not too surprising that his smashmouth style would allow him to be strong in a match with no rules.

Jones: Honestly, Mobley may have burned himself out early, using up too much energy through anger. You have to think that this wasn't his gameplan coming into this one.

Logan: Yeah, but I bet even now, Mobley's got a thought in the back of his mind about the conditions of Warrick and Annie. He has to rechannel that to get him back into this one.

*With Mobley nearly out of commission, Donovan tries another pinfall on the outside mats. The ref, Thomas, scrambles in to make the count... 1... 2.... Mobley's out again, raising the shoulder just enough to save himself. Donovan shakes his head at the ref, once again blaming him, then sends Mobley back into the ring, where he stays down, just trying to recover his wits. Donovan, meanwhile, reaches under the ring, bringing out a table! The fans get a little excited, although they don't care for the man setting it up. Donovan, doesn't care, though, as he positions the table outside the ring. Inside, Mobley's struggling to get up, now on his hands and knees. Donovan sees it, and suddenly has that same evil gleam in his eye that he had earlier. He goes inside the ring and moves to the opposite corner, picking up the baseball bat that Derek brought to the ring!*

Logan: Bad intentions, dude!

Jones: He could kill Mobley with that! My god, can't somebody stop him?

Logan: Talk to Ace, Jonesy, he's the only one who can intervene with these kind of rules. And you know Ace, he wouldn't stop this match unless there's a catastrophe of some kind.

Jones: Well, then, tell him to get ready!

*In the ring, Donovan prepares to swing, gleefully watching Mobley get to his feet. He comes in, swinging hard, but Mobley drops out of the way.... causing referee Thomas Mitchell to get nailed instead!!! It's a horrible hit, with Mitchell going down immediately, not moving!! Donovan looks down at him, shocked for a second, then he smiles. In a way, he's happy it occurred. Donovan turns back, preparing for another attempt, but Mobley is suddenly up, wrapping up Donovan and landing the Thriller!!!! The crowd roars, as Donovan is completely out of it, having been nailed by the finisher. Mobley, rubbing blood from off his lips, rolls over, making the cover... but there's nobody left to make the count! Mobley lays there, not quite comprehending why nothing's happening in his dazed state.*

Jones: 1, 2, 3! This one should be over!

Logan: Nothing's over until the ref says it's over! Man, I wish Ace would have hired more refs!

Jones: Wait, that music...

*"Tales of a Scorched Earth" by the Smashing Pumpkins begins to play, and the fans who weren't already standing (a group in the minority) jump to their feet. In the entryway, pushing aside the curtains, is Titan 3!! He's heading towards the ring at a good pace, but he's not in his wrestling gear, nor his security outfit. He's dressed as a referee, complete with a sleeveless striped shirt!*

Logan: Titan 3's the new ref? Hey, that's what Ace meant by setting things up! He was prepared for something like this!

Jones: And Titan 3's not likely to be knocked out like our other guys! This one's just gotten more interesting!

*Titan 3 slides into the ring, where Derek is still trying to make the pin. He drops, slapping the mat hard... 1... 2... Donovan kicks out, getting his arm up! Titan 3 raises up two fingers, letting the crowd know that the match is still going, as a semi-frustrated Mobley tries to get himself up. He lifts Donovan painfully to his feet, hitting with a series of punches to the jaw that keep knocking Donovan to his knees, before rising back up. Mobley then grabs Donovan's arm and smacks him down with a short-arm clothesline, before trying another pinfall... 1... 2... Donovan kicks out again! Titan 3 shrugs to Mobley, showing that he's not pulling for either man. His counts are pretty precise for a guy not trained to be a referee. Mobley again slowly gets himself up, as Donovan is on his stomach, barely moving. Mobley leans down... and takes a handcuff shot to the face!! Mobley is stunned, holding his jaw, as Donovan looks up, murder in his eyes! He scores another shot with the handcuffs wrapped around his fingers, and Mobley is down and out!*

Jones: Those damn handcuffs! What are they made of, to deliver that much punishment??

Logan: There's nothing Titan 3 can do, Jonesy. It's perfectly legal!

*Titan 3 doesn't look happy at the use of handcuffs, but he still waits, as Donovan staggers over to the downed Mobley and fights to roll him over. Donovan makes the cover, waving at Titan 3, and the ref is there to make the count... 1... 2... Mobley grabs the ropes! Titan 3 alertly stops the count, even as Donovan starts to celebrate, pumping his hands into the air. But Titan 3's quick to shove his hand down, flashing the two fingers into Donovan's face! Donovan can't believe it, arguing with Titan 3, as Mobley reaches out for the ropes again, this time to help get himself up. Donovan sees the movement out of the corner of his eye. He steps in, grabbing Mobley's outstretched arm, and snaps the handcuff onto it! A second 'snap' connects Mobley to the ropes, keeping him from getting free!*

Logan: Mobley's been im-Mobley-ized!

Jones: Unbelievably, things have just gotten worse for the fan favorite in this one! He's handcuffed to the top rope, with no way to get free!

Logan: But how can Donovan pin him now? Even as big as Derek is, his arm won't let him reach the mat from there.

Jones: I suspect Donovan will just beat on him now until he's not moving, then release him and pin him. This is terrible!

Logan: It's hardcore, man, hardcore!

*Mobley, finally on his feet, yanks on the handcuffs, trying to get himself free. Donovan is watching nearby, a devious look on his face. He comes in, avoiding Mobley's attempt to protect himself, and starts punching away, getting in some good shots to Mobley's kidneys and other internal organs. A few more boots to the midsection send Mobley sliding down the ropes, devestated. Donovan aims a calculated shot, smashing Mobley in the nose, which almost immediately starts bleeding! As Mobley hangs there, barely able to move, Donovan walks away, going to grab the baseball bat again! He laughs as Titan 3 tries to wave him away, wanting the keys to the handcuffs. Donovan instead charges forward, preparing for a massive swing that will finally knock Mobley unconscious, perhaps for a very long time to come! As he comes in, though, Mobley reacts, ducking his shoulder and picking Donovan up off the ground! Donovan has no time to react, as Mobley tosses him over his shoulder, sending Shane straight through the table on the outside!!! Mobley slumps, hanging onto the ropes, as the crowd lets loose once more, cheering on the action and sending out a "GCWA" chant!*

Jones: What a tremendous maneuver by Mobley!! Shane isn't moving on the outside! This one could be over!

Logan: Yeah, but Mobley's still cuffed! Without the keys, he still can't get free to make the pin!

*As Derek pulls himself back up, trying to figure out a way to free himself, Titan 3 is signaling one of the security guards who are standing around the World Title case. He yells for something, and the guard responds, reaching underneath the blanket covering the rolling table that the case is on, and pulling out some bolt cutters!! He tosses them to Titan 3, who quickly turns and frees Mobley from the ropes with a couple of quick cuts. Mobley looks at his released arm, then looks back with surprise at Titan 3, who gives him a quick nod before walking away and dropping the bolt cutters back outside the ring.*

Logan: Smart move by Titan 3, having those bolt cutters close by!

Jones: Clearly he had every aspect of how this match might go worked out in his mind, Anthony. Now if Derek can just make the pin!

*Mobley rolls to the outside, coughing and snorting out blood from his possibly broken nose. He reaches the remains of the table, where Donovan is still in the center of the destruction. After Mobley pulls a few pieces of table away, he leans over Donovan, making the pin, with Titan 3 nearby to make the count... 1... 2... no, Donovan's still alive!! Mobley can't believe it, holding the back of his head, as Titan 3 shows the crowd how close his count was. Mobley achingly raises up, using the apron for support, as he tries to figure out something else to use on Donovan to finish him off. He stumbles to the side, shoving a guy out of the way to get the steel chair from him! Mobley positions himself, spitting blood out of his mouth, as he watches Donovan try to get up. Titan 3 stays out of range, but close enough to make the count if needed. As Donovan finally stands, Mobley runs in, taking a mighty swing, but Donovan dodges to the right, causing Mobley to hit the apron instead! Mobley bellows in pain, shaking his hands from the vibration. He turns around, but Donovan's already grabbing him, landing the Vertebreaker!! After a few seconds of trying to get his senses, Donovan makes a pin attempt... 1... 2... NO!!! It's still not over!!*

Jones: Jesus! I thought that was it!! How is Mobley continuing to kick out?

Logan: No matter what we think about either of these guys, the fight they put up here tonight will be legendary!

*Donovan, looking like he's feeling the blood loss, still has enough left to spit at Titan 3, still blaming the refs for the non-pins. Fortunately, for both men, the spit misses, going into the ring. Titan 3 doesn't take notice, as he knows this fight needs to stay clean. Angrily, Donovan moves to his right, grabbing at the nearby outside padding around the ring. He pulls it away, exposing the concrete underneath. Donovan's still working with mainly only one arm, as his left arm is swollen and in pretty bad shape, probably from the landing through the table. He grabs at Mobley, slamming his head on the apron to stun him again, then, for some reason, decides to shove Mobley up, rolling him onto the apron. As Mobley clutches at the ropes for support, Donovan painfully follows him up, intent on inflicting some major damage.*

Jones: What's Shane doing, Anthony? I don't get this!

Logan: I hope I'm wrong, Jonesy, but I think he wants to give the Vertebreaker to Mobley onto the concrete from a good height!

Jones: No! He can't! A landing like that, on the back of your neck, that... that could end his career!

*As Titan 3 watches from the side, doing nothing to jeopardize the match, Donovan sets Mobley up, trying to get him into position for a plunge off the narrow apron. He can't quite get it, though, as Mobley starts fighting back! Mobley breaks free, using the ropes for leverage, and punches Donovan across the face! Donovan punches back, as the two weary warriors exchange their last remaining ammunition, punching away at each other! Finally, though, with the crowd cheering his name, Mobley gets pumped up, landing shot after shot on the stunned Donovan, who nearly topples from the apron. But Mobley stops him from falling, instead pulling him close. He lets out an echoing yell that freezes the blood of many of the close fans, before leaping off the apron and delivering the Thriller onto the exposed concrete!!!! With Mobley on top of Donovan, and neither man moving, Titan 3 shakes off his shock at the brutality of the maneuver and steps in, making the count... 1... 2... 3!!!!!!!*

Minos: Here is your winner, and the NEW GCWA World Heavyweight Champion, Derek "The Thriller" Mobley!!!!

*As Derek's music blasts over the loudspeakers, Titan 3 helps Mobley up, giving him a strong arm of support. Mobley still seems to be unsure, looking around, as the crowd is chanting his name. With Titan 3's help, Mobley gets back into the ring, standing on his own, although his legs seem wobbly. Donovan, meanwhile, is not moving, and hasn't budged since the plunge. The medics are already out, checking on him, continuing their busy night. Inside the ring, Titan 3 gets the World Title handed to him, contemplating his old possession for a minute. He turns to Mobley, handing him the belt, then grabbing his arm, lifting it high in the air! Another roar comes from the crowd, as Mobley starts to celebrate, a few tears appearing in his eyes as he gathers in the title close to him.*

Jones: What an unbelievable moment! What a tremendous match!

Logan: What a night this has been!

Jones: Derek "The Thriller" Mobley, after so many years since his last attempt, has finally done it! He's the Heavyweight Champion of the World!

Logan: It took everything he had and then some, but Derek managed to get the job done here tonight! Incredible!

Jones: I hope Shane Donovan turns out alright. That was a devestating finish to this one!

Logan: Hey, maybe they'll put him in the bed between Warrick and Annie. Wouldn't that be something?

Jones: Suffice to say, it's been a historic night, wrestling fans! We'll see you at the next Inferno! Goodnight!

*The celebration continues in the ring, as confetti and streamers fall from the ceiling, and fireworks go off in the upper levels of the arena. Mobley, despite the pain, climbs up on one turnbuckle after another, lifting the belt high in the air for the frantic fans of the GCWA. His celebration will continue long after this pay-per-view fades out, ending this incredible night.*

Hope you enjoyed the show! Now here's the announcement concerning Friday Night Inferno next week:

The Big Bifford vs. Chad Vargas

Mr. Excellent vs. Makorpal

Dangerous Dan vs. Scott Caine, #1 Contenders Match for the IC Title

Unsanctioned Match: The Lost Soul vs. Rick Mathis

Roleplaying will be from Monday, January 26th until Thursday, January 29th, still 3 roleplays, 150-line limits (although wrestlers can make deals on the OOC Board to just roleplay twice, if need be, since it's a shortened window). Good luck!