*The PPV ordering screen slowly fades away, as the show that you have paid good money for is now about to start. For a few seconds, everything is blacked out. Softly, a solemn rock tune starts playing through your speakers. As it plays, images start to display on the screen, from a shot of a flower opening its buds to a shot of a sun rising over a stunning desert landscape. A deep voice speaks, talking as the various images appear.*

Voice: Reincarnation. It is described as an embodiment in a new form, a second or new birth. It is the coming again of something that had seemingly been lost forever, now returning to be viewed again.

*Visions start shooting across the screen, showcasing some of the moments of the Global Championship Wrestling Association's past. Animal Thug lands the Accelerating Thug on Phoenix. Nightmare delivers the Nightfall to X-Dog. The Punisher forces Victor D'Amor to submit to the Painkiller. Titan 3 A-Bombs an unknown punk through a set of tables. All of these shots are seen as if looking through a telescope lens, pointed back into history.*

Voice: At the end of the millennium, the Global Championship Wrestling Association was one of the mightiest of organizations, carving its way into the pro wrestling history books. But due to many considerations, the proud organization was forced to close its doors, ending the legacy of the company... until now.

*The music gets louder and more triumphant, as images of recent events are shown. We see many of the new stars of the company, from Dangerous Dan to Mr. Excellent to Jobe Severity, flash across the screen. Scott Caine and Marcus Ka'Derrion are shown in different poses, Caine yelling at the camera, while Ka'Derrion is moving away from it. The next shots show some of the more experienced stars on the roster, including Lurrr, Chad Vargas, and Warrick Hill.*

Voice: After so many years, the GCWA is alive and whole again, with an amazing combination of youth and experience filtering through the roster. Tonight, you will get to see our youngest superstars give their very best to impress. You will watch the spotlight rise on some of our greatest wrestlers in history once again. You will see... the reincarnation.

*The images start to display the four most important wrestlers of the night: Annie Alvarez, Shane Donovan, Derek Mobley, and Arryk Rage. Each is displayed in their winning moments, from Alvarez crushing Axl Rhude to Shane Donovan sneaking out a countout victory over Lurrr.*

Voice: Tonight, four great competitors will enter the squared circle of the GCWA, intent on one goal and one goal only: the right to proclaim themselves the first new World Heavyweight Champion of the rebirth. It is a moment that will not come again, a time when they can make themselves legends in the eyes of the faithful. For these four wrestlers, tonight is a chance to be crowned the greatest in the sport.

*The final shots are all action, with moves from every which direction being performed. The music has hit its climax, reaching into each fan's heart and increasing their adrenaline.*

Voice: Words will become actions. Blood will be spilled. History will be made here... tonight. Welcome to Warriors of the Ring III!!

*The banner falls away, to be replaced by the screaming fans of the GCWA Arena! The roar from the sold-out crowd is intense, showing their love for the recently-reopened federation. Signs in the audience range from "$500 Reward For Arryk's Toothbrush" to "I Am Marcus Ka'Derrion's Father!" We flash over the cheering audience for a minute before finally settling in at the announce table, where Edward Jones and Anthony Logan are once again positioned and ready to go.*

Jones: Hello, everyone! Welcome to this historic event, the Warriors of the Ring III! Tonight, we have not one, not two, but THREE titles on the line for the first time in years!

Logan: It's an incredible scene here in Dallas, Edds. The fans are ravenous, having been deprived of the GCWA for so long. They can't wait to see who walks out of here GCWA World Champion!

Jones: Three men and one woman will be competing for that right later tonight. In our first semi-final match, Shane Donovan and Annie Alvarez face off, which pits our youngest contender against our only female gladiator.

Logan: She's the prettiest 'gladiator' I've ever seen, and I've been around!

Jones: In our other semi-finals, we've got veterans Derek Mobley and Arryk Rage going at it in a true match of the ages! The winners of these two matches will then meet in our main event, which has been declared by our President, the Accelerator, as a "No Disqualification Falls Count Anywhere" Match to make sure there is a winner!

Logan: And that's just the tip of the iceberg, Jonesy! We've got a #1 Contenders Match featuring two newcomers, an Intercontinental Title Fatal Four-Way Match, and an X Division Match where we don't even know all the participants, nor whether the belt will even be there for the winner!

Jones: According to the Accelerator, if Arryk doesn't deliver the belt, he won't be competing in the tournament.

Logan: True, but from what I've heard, that belt isn't in Ace's hands yet! Do you think the X Division belt could be more important to Arryk than the World Title?

Jones: Gold is always hard to give up, Anthony. I guess we'll see what happens here tonight! Wait, we're receiving word that cameras have picked up our President in the back. Let's go there, live!

*The shot switches away from the announce table and goes to the backstage area, where the camera is zoomed in on the Accelerator walking down the hallway. He's speaking rapid Spanish as he moves down the hallway.*

The Accelerator: Va a ser grandioso, mi amigo, no me aguanto por ver tu pelea. Me tengo que ir.

*Ace hangs up the phone as he gets to his office, where a large man can be seen, waiting. We can't quite see him, but he definitely is taking up a portion of the picture. Ace smiles at him as he reaches for his office door.*

The Accelerator: Oh, good, you both made it. Well, c'mon in, and let's get those final papers signed so that you can compete here. Mr. Bifford.

*Ace heads on inside, as the cameraman zooms out, showing the huge figure standing near the door. The Big Bifford, all 400 pounds of him, shrugs his shoulders at his manager, Earl the Popcorn Salesman. The two head through the doorway (with Bifford squeezing his way in) as we cut back to the GCWA arena.*

Jones: Whoa! Did you see who I thought I just saw?

Logan: The Big Bifford!! The former OCW World Heavyweight Champion!! He's signed with the GCWA? That's enormous news, er, pun unintended.

Jones: What a bombshell to start the night! The Big Bifford is here! Incredible! What other surprises are around the corner?

Logan: Wait a second, Jonesy... what do we know about the mystery man that Ace placed in the X Division Title match?

Jones: Well, that he's Ace's friend and that he's a former... world... champion....

Logan: Could it be possible? Is BIFFORD the ringer tonight?? If so, Lurrr and El Phantasmo are in for a very different wrestling match! Very few people can move the Big Bifford!

Jones: Well, Anthony, I don't know if I'd call Bifford Ace's friend. They knew each other in OCW, but didn't Cynthia Hall get Ace to admit earlier this week that the newcomer was from the GCWA or the ICWF's history?

Logan: He didn't really agree or disagree, Jonesy, he just went with it. I'd say Bifford's the best candidate we've had so far!

Jones: The mystery will be revealed later tonight, but for now, we've got to get to the action! Let's go to our ring announcer, the terrifying Minos, for our first bout.

Minos: Men, women, and children, it is my distinct honor and privilege to welcome you to the first and greatest event of the Global Championship Wrestling Association, Warriors of the Ring III! Our first match is a unique one, in which two men who have never wrestled in the federation before have been given an opportunity to earn the right to fight the World Heavyweight Champion at a later date! Our first wrestler is a man who has been a champion wherever he has gone. He possesses a resume that most would slaughter for the chance to have it. Tonight, he brings his talent and finesse here, to see if he can achieve glory with the GCWA. Standing 6'4" and weighing in at 240 pounds, from Nashville, Tennessee, he is "The Confederate Icon" Chad Vargas!

*Vargas comes out proudly as "Cowboy" by Kid Rock plays over the loudspeakers. Fans of his from other federations cheer, although a lot of the crowd still doesn't seem to know who he is. Vargas struts down to the ring, lightly stepping through the ropes.*

Jones: I can't wait to see this guy in action! We've heard so much about him!

Logan: Well, really, most of what we've heard came from his personal website.

Jones: Oh, I'm sure he didn't make any of that up.

Logan: Doesn't seem likely, does it? We'll see what he brings to the table in the ring, won't we?

Minos: His opponent is a man with a tragic past, a person who once tried to save souls who now seeks to injure them inside the squared circle. While once accused of a horrible crime, he is now a free man physically but a scarred man mentally. Standing 6'4" and weighing 223 pounds, from Beaver Creek, West Virginia, he is Jobe Severity!

*"Day That Never Comes" by Metallica plays as Jobe Severity walks out of the back, carrying his King James bible. The bible appears to have a piece of rusty barbed wire wrapped around it. As he walks down the aisle, some cheer him, while others boo. Obviously, some still believe that he was a child molester who managed a way to finagle his way out of the system.*

Jones: There has been a lot of controversy surrounding Jobe Severity's inclusion in a #1 Contenders Match this week, Anthony.

Logan: Yeah, everywhere from blogs to wrestling magazines, I've seen people questioning why a guy who's more well-known for his personal life than as a wrestler is getting an opportunity like this.

Jones: It is an odd item, seeing that the Accelerator, for some reason, granted Severity this chance when he signed him to a GCWA contract. Some have speculated that it has something to do with Tommy Crimson having trained him.

Logan: Whatever the reason, I bet Jobe sold some buys for this pay-per-view, both for people that want to see him redeemed and people who want to see him punished.

*The bell rings.*

*As the bell sounds, Jobe Severity moves, charging in at Vargas, who was still busy soaking up the cheers from the crowd. A startled Vargas tries to turn and defend himself, but he doesn't get halfway around before Severity crashes into him, smashing him into the turnbuckle! Severity pummels Vargas in the corner, striking again and again, as Vargas slowly gets knocked further down. As Vargas falls lower, Severity switches from punches to stomps, beating Vargas down hard in the corner. Finally, Severity stops the punishment, but only in order to bring Vargas back up to his feet. Jobe snaps Vargas by the head to the mat, then kicks Vargas straight in the back, adding to his misery. Vargas, in pain, starts to get up, but Severity is right behind him, locking on a sleeper to drain more energy from the veteran.*

Jones: What a surprising start to this one! Vargas didn't look ready at all, while Severity is fighting like he's an all-star!

Logan: It's gotta be the Crimson boots, Jonesy.

*Vargas struggles against the hold, eventually managing to reach out and grab the ropes, saving himself early on. This doesn't seem to bother Severity. He resets himself and grabs the gasping Vargas from behind, delivering a German suplex! Jobe doesn't let go, though; he brings Chad back up, only to drop him again with a second German! Two more follow before Severity finally lets up, leaving Vargas barely conscious on the mat from all the impacts. Severity gets himself vertical and looks down at Vargas, almost with pity. He shakes his head, then brings Vargas back up, looking him in the eyes. A second later, Severity grabs Chad by the head while positioning himself under Vargas' chin, dropping with a jawbreaker! Vargas snaps hard to the mat, out of it, as Severity slowly gets back up.*

Logan: Nice jawbreaker!

Jones: I believe Jobe calls it the "Blasphemy", which is his usual set-up before ending a match like this!

Logan: Already?

Jones: Yes, already!

*After a quick sign of the cross to his fallen foe, Jobe Severity moves in, getting a grip on Vargas' legs and twisting into them, applying the King James Version submission hold!! Vargas lights up with pain, yelling out, as the referee moves in to check on his condition. Vargas scrambles, scraping at the canvas for purchase, but Severity has it firmly locked in. He's not letting go, nor is he letting Vargas get any closer to the ropes. The ref asks again and again, but Vargas keeps shaking his head, as he desperately searches for a way out. Finally, though, the pain is too much, as Vargas has to worry about living to fight another day. He reaches out one last time, then starts tapping, while putting his head down, as the ref signals for the bell!*

Minos: Here is your winner, the new #1 Contender for the GCWA World Heavyweight Championship, Jobe Severity!

*After a few words from the referee, Severity finally releases the submission hold, letting the devastated Vargas flop to the mat. Severity accepts the ref's lifting of his hand, officially making him the victor in the first match of the GCWA Pay-Per-View.*

Jones: Can you say... unexpected?

Logan: Seriously, who would have seen a veteran like Chad Vargas to get so dominated by a newcomer like Jobe Severity? The ones who bet against Vargas tonight have to be celebrating their great paydays.

Jones: Well, I think, if Vargas had been paying attention with the bell rang, we might have had a different outcome to this match. He simply never got himself into the game, and thus Severity took him out rather quickly.

Logan: I wonder where this puts Vargas' contract? That was a serious loss he just took. Ace can't be happy.

Jones: It depends, Anthony. I mean, at least Jobe came off as dominating, which should make it interesting when he gets that title shot against the champ, whomever he or she may be.

Logan: Alright, let's go to the back, where Cynthia Hall is signalling for us! Cynthia?

*The scene cuts away from the announceres and opens up on the parking lot of the GCWA arena. Cynthia Hall is seen standing there, mic in hand. *

Cynthia Hall: Hello everyone! As you may recall, I brought you Marcus Ka’Derrion’s first interview last week at Inferno. Well today, I am here, waiting for him to arrive at the arena. I was told that he should be here shortly. In case you haven’t been watching GCWA TV this past week, we found out a little more about this mysterious rookie. It turns out that wrestling is really not his thing, but yet he is here, why? Well I intend to ask him just that and also ask him who his father is. We found out that his father was indeed a great wrestler, and someone who wrestled in GCWA! Not only that, but apparently he was very successful here, winning awards and titles. We saw that his father wanted him to be the next Titan 3, Blade or X-Dog, just to name a few. Was he father one of these men? Or was he someone completely different? I tried doing a little research, and I could not find any of these men, or many others having Marcus’ last name. Could that be his mother’s name then? I just don’t know right now. President Accelerator would not give me the time of day, but hopefully Marcus would care to elaborate more on whom he’s father is. Oh! I think this is him arriving!

*A black Lincoln continental pulls up to the entrance and the passenger doors swing open. From the left side steps up the masked big man we saw last week with Marcus while on the right side steps out the much smaller guy. After them, Marcus Ka’Derrion steps out and upon seeing who is waiting for him, gives a deep sigh. As they head for the arena, Marcus tries to get past Cynthia but he is stopped by both men, each putting a hand on each of his shoulders. Marcus looks at Cynthia, fakes a smile, and speaks.*

Marcus Ka’Derrion: Hello Ms. Hall, lovely to see you.

Cynthia Hall: Likewise Marcus. I was wondering if you had a moment to answer a few questions?

Marcus Ka’Derrion: Yes, yes, of course. I have plenty of time. Not like I have a big match to get ready for or anything. Sure Ms. Hall, ask away.

Cynthia Hall: Um, OK. First of all, could you tell us who your father is?

Marcus Ka’Derrion: No.

Cynthia Hall: Why?

Marcus Ka’Derrion: Because you don’t need to know.

Cynthia Hall: But the fans want to know! I’m sure many probably knew your father!

Marcus Ka’Derrion: I’m sure they did…

Cynthia Hall: Well?

Marcus Ka’Derrion: No.

Cynthia Hall: What’s the big deal?

Marcus Ka’Derrion: To you it may not be a big deal, but to me, it is. That’s the end of it. Look, if you are just out here to ask me about my father, then you are wasting your time.

Cynthia Hall: Fine, fine. I had two more questions for you…

Marcus Ka’Derrion: Really? That’s it? Just two?

Cynthia Hall: No, I had dozens, but since you killed the leading question, all I got left to ask you is first, how come you didn’t name your finisher?


Cynthia Hall: Well, yes.

Marcus Ka’Derrion: Lady, I don’t have time to be naming things alright? I have had more info crammed into my head in the last six months than I have in my entire life. My body has been pushed to the limit, what wrestlers do in years, I have done in months. I am mad sore… I’m a little tired, I’M A LITTLE WIRED! The last thing on my mind is a stupid name for a wrestling move that I don’t even know I can deliver yet.

Cynthia Hall: You haven’t delivered your finisher yet?

Marcus Ka’Derrion: I haven’t had a single solitary match Cynthia, what do you think?

Cynthia Hall: Alright, well, uh, I guess my last question then it’s kind of pointless to ask but I’m going to ask it anyway. How come you don’t have a nick name?

Marcus Ka’Derrion: Yeah, that was pointless. Same reason I don’t have a finisher name... Look, I’m a rookie, just call me that alright? I have to go.

Cynthia Hall: Oh, OK. Well, thanks for your time Marcus.

*Marcus walks away being followed by the two men in suits. He opens the door and then stops. He turns around and comes back to Cynthia.*

Marcus Ka’Derrion: Actually… Why don’t you call me “His Legacy” Marcus Ka’Derrion. Yeah, I like how that sounds…

Cynthia Hall: “His Legacy???” Why??

Marcus Ka’Derrion: Because this is all about him Ms. Hall. Not me.

*Marcus heads inside the arena, leaving Cynthia there, more confused than before and pondering Marcus’ new nick name. She shrugs at the cameraman.*

Cynthia Hall: Back to you guys.

*We head back to the GCWA Arena, where Logan and Jones are once again front and center in the shot.*

Jones: That comment about "his legacy" will surely be adding even more fuel to the controversy of who his father is.

Logan: I'm calling it right now, Jonesy. His father has to be Adrian Rockwell!

Jones: Wait, wasn't Adrian black?

Logan: Well.... yeah... but it's still technically possible...

Jones: But unlikely.

Logan: I'll grant you that, it's unlikely, but possible.

Jones: Let's get to our next match!

*The shot changes over to a review, showing the banner picture of Lurr, El Phantasmo, and the mystery man's shadow. We go back to the very first Friday Night Inferno, where Lurrr was taking on Shane Donovan in the GCWA World Title Tournament. At one point, with the referee down, Lurrr decided to go for a steel chair. However, El Phantasmo appeared out of nowhere to block the shot, taking away the chair and helping Donovan to handcuff a distracted Lurrr, making him lose via countout. A furious Lurrr formed the Roman Empire with his friend, Rick Mathis, and let loose their power, destroying an announce table on the next Inferno. In 'retaliation', the Accelerator made a match for the PPV for the X Division Title between Lurrr and El Phantasmo... then surprisingly announced that Lurrr would also be fighting a former World Champion and a friend of Ace's. That leads us here today.*

Minos: The next conflict pits three men against each other for a title that none of them hold. It is a belt that was cruelly stolen before it could even be debuted. But tonight, it will return, looking for the first man to possess it! This match will be for the GCWA X Division Title!

*The crowd cheers, anxious to know who the third man is. A few signs are shown, stating “I am Ace’s friend!”*

Minos: Our first participant is a legend in this sport of kings. He has done it all in the world of professional wrestling, except for his dream of wearing gold inside the halls of the GCWA. He has felt cheated, robbed, his chances at being a World Champion temporarily dashed. Yet tonight, he has a chance to make another first: to be the first GCWA X Division Champion. Standing 6’5” and weighing in at 235 lbs, the OCW Hall of Famer, representing the Roman Empire, here is Lurrr!!

*As the pyro goes off and “Cocky” by Kid Rock plays, Lurrr walks out of the back, soaking in the hatred of the crowd. Behind him walks his new manager, Rick Mathis, towering behind his friend. Lurrr stops to mock a few fans before going into the ring, with Rick staying on the outside.*

Logan: I hope the ref is able to keep an eye out for that Mathis dude. I could easily see the Roman Empire cheating to win this one.

Jones: As long as they don’t come over here, they can do whatever they want.

Logan: Oh, suck it up, Jonesy. You’re protected, after all.

Jones: That’s what you said last time, and look what happened!

Logan: Yeah, they trashed our tables, big deal. Better get used to it, Jonesy, it’ll probably happen a lot.

Jones: *sigh*

Minos: Next up is one of the most mysterious wrestlers in the organization. He has shunned interviews and prevented any attempts at learning his real name. Instead, he wrestles under a white mask, concealing him from the world. Making his GCWA in-ring debut, standing 6’4” and weighing 245 lbs, here is El Phantasmo!!

*A Hispanic mariachi band appears in the entryway, playing a festive Mexican tune. As they play, El Phantasmo walks out of the back, proudly walking down the ramp towards the ring. The fans are giving some cheers, mainly because they can’t cheer for Lurrr, so they have to cheer for his opponent.*

Jones: It’ll be great to finally see this masked man in action. As far as I know, no one’s been able to uncover any information about him.

Logan: Oh, don’t worry, man, I’m sure we’ll get to see what he’s really made of soon enough!

Jones: Of course, that leads to the final wrestler, the one that everyone’s been waiting to hear from! Who is Ace’s mysterious third opponent for this match?

Minos: And now… the third and final opponent….

*Suddenly, “Victim of Reality” by Pennywise hits the loudspeakers. The crowd, shocked, starts to explode as the lights flash and the pyro goes off. The camera zooms in on the curtain covering ringside, as Arryk Rage steps through, walking through the smoke of the explosions!*

Jones: You’ve gotta be kidding me!!

Logan: Arryk Rage is the third man?? No, no way, that makes no sense! When did he and Ace become friends??

*As he reaches the ramp, Arryk stops in place. He looks around at the fans, some of whom are cheering and raising up their “Arryk toothbrushes”, which are being sold at the GCWA gift stands on the President’s orders. Arryk ignores the fans and lifts up the X Division Title, which was sitting in his hand. He looks up at it, transfixed for a second, before bringing his other hand, holding a mic, up to his mouth.*

Arryk Rage: I was told that I had to bring this belt back. I guess Ace and T3 had enough of the games. So, our wonderful president decided that if I don't return this belt, I lose my shot at the World Title. I guess it’s all fun and games, until some overweight security guard gets winded from chasing after me. Then people start to get offended.

*Arryk’s annoyed tone turns a little of the crowd against him, but others seem to be behind him. A small “Keep The Belt” chant comes from the side, although Arryk, again, doesn’t respond. He’s too busy looking at the gold in his hand.*

Arryk Rage: So Ace, here’s the filthy belt. But don’t worry. I’ll have a new one soon sneough.*

*Arryk throws the belt down, hard, on the ramp. The new title slides most of the way down, tumbling at times, due to the force. The mic follows soon after, as Arryk heads backstage, turning his back on the crowd.*

Logan: Ok, so Arryk isn’t the mystery man, he’s just the guy returning the belt.

Jones: I was wondering if Ace already had the gold or not. I guess the deadline was before the X Division Title match, so Arryk’s now cleared to wrestle Derek Mobley later tonight in the semi-finals of the tournament.

Logan: Wait, so then, who’s #3? Is he or she still back there, waiting?

*Minos, who waited impatiently through Arryk Rage’s time, now brings the mic back up to his mouth.*

Minos: As I was about to say, our third opponent...

*Before Minos can get another word out, he’s interrupted again, this time by the tune “Leave You Far Behind” by Lunatic Calm! The audience roars as the President of the GCWA, the Accelerator, comes out from behind the curtains! He’s dressed rather differently than usual, wearing a t-shirt and sweat pants, as he walks onto the stage.*

Jones: Oh my god! Is Ace himself the third man?? Is he coming out of retirement to fight Lurrr??

Logan: Well, at least that makes more sense. Ace IS a former World Champion, and who is more Ace’s friend than himself?

*Rick Mathis is shown at ringside, looking somewhat astonished. El Phantasmo has moved to a neutral corner, fiddling with his mask, while Lurrr leans on the ropes towards the Accelerator, an angry look on his face. Ace, meanwhile, brings out his own mic, bringing it to his lips.*

The Accelerator: It’s ok, Minos. I can handle the announcing duties from here.

*Looking a little thrown off for the first time in his GCWA career, the monster Minos steps over the ropes, leaving the ring and going to his usual seat near ringside. Lurrr hasn’t taken his eyes off of the President, and you have to wonder what’s going through his mind.*

The Accelerator: Ladies and gentlemen… it is my pleasure to introduce you to my competitor in the match tonight. As I told Lurrr on the last show, this man is an old friend of mine. He’s a great wrestler, tremendous inside those ropes. He’s done it all in the wrestling business, including holding the ICWF World Heavyweight Championship!

*The fans cheer the mention of the prestigious title, one that is still remembered fondly by wrestling fans today.*

Jones: Ace definitely held that title; it’s one of the cornerstones of his career! My god, Anthony, Ace is going to wrestle tonight!

Logan: I’m not so sure about that, Jonesy. I think Ace is building up to someone else….

*The camera shot switches to show us Rick Mathis, who is still glaring in the direction of the President. We see El Phantasmo in the background, who apparently is still working on his mask. It almost looks like he’s loosening it while getting ready for the match. Lurrr, meanwhile, is pacing back and forth along the ropes, staring daggers at the Accelerator, who is soaking up every moment he can get of the attention.*

The Accelerator: Yes, that’s right, he’s a former ICWF World Champion. He’s also a former ICWF Hardcore Champion, a former ICWF Intercontinental Champion, a former ICWF Universal Champion, and a former 4-time IEW World Heavyweight Champion!

*Lurrr, impatient, swings his arms, wanting the guy to be introduced. By now, El Phantasmo has come up behind him, standing straight up.*

The Accelerator: Ladies and gentlemen, and Lurrr, let me introduce you to one of the biggest signings in GCWA History, coming to us from New Legends of Wrestling, he is The Lost Soul!!!

*The lights dim and flicker, as the Friday the 13th theme music begins to play. The crowd comes unglued, letting out their pent-up excitement at the announcement that the fan favorite is now in the Global Championship Wrestling Association. Lurrr, shocked, is watching the entryway, as if he doesn’t know what to expect now. He glances once or twice at the ceiling, making sure TLS isn’t descending upon him.*

Jones: The Lost Soul??? Here??? He’s never been to the GCWA before!!

Logan: I guess Ace was able to convince him to sign, Edds.

Jones: But where is he? I don’t see him anywhere.

Logan: I think I might…

*As Lurrr continues to check various points of entry, he notices Rick Mathis, standing, stunned, facing him. Mathis starts pointing frantically behind Lurrr, causing the veteran to turn and look. Standing behind him, holding the mask of El Phantasmo in his hand, complete with his infamously painted face, is the Lost Soul!!! TLS smiles and comes forward, landing punch after punch on the speechless Lurrr, sending him into the corner, as the crowd explodes!!*

Jones: Holy *bleep*!! El Phantasmo is really the Lost Soul!!!

*The bell rings.*

Logan: And the fight is on for the X Division Title!

Jones: You…. you knew about this, didn’t you, Anthony?

Logan: Who, me? Nah, had no idea, man.

Jones: I’m not sure I believe you, Anthony! I mean, you wrestled in the ICWF with the Lost Soul, didn’t you? You got the ICWF World Title after he did! You must have recognized him, despite the mask!

Logan: You never know, Edds, you never know. Let’s just watch ourselves a great match for some gold!

*In the ring, the Lost Soul climbs up the turnbuckle and drops the punches down on Lurrr, to the count of the crowd. He finishes at 10 and gets off, with Lurrr woozily coming out of the corner. This allows TLS to grab him, lifting Lurrr off the ground and bodyslamming him! Lurrr arches his back, his nerves on fire, as TLS stretches his arms out, as if he’s still warming up. He starts putting the boots to Lurrr, causing the veteran to roll to the side, trying to protect himself. From the outside, Rick Mathis reaches out, grabbing Lurrr’s leg and pulling him to the outside! The ref admonishes the duo, but with a belt hanging in the balance, doesn’t worry about the DQ just yet. With the referee hovering above them, Rick talks with Lurrr, trying to get him refocused. However, unbeknownst to both men, the Lost Soul has gone through the ropes on another side. He comes stealthily from behind, plowing into both men with a bodyblock that sends Lurrr and Mathis sprawling! With one motion, TLS grabs Lurrr up and shoves him back in the ring, following quickly himself.*

Logan: So far, this one’s been all the Lost Soul!

Jones: Well, not to defend Lurrr, but it’s clear that he’s been completely thrown off by the deception here. Heck, I’m still trying to wrap my head around it!

Logan: What’s so confusing? Lurrr is wrestling the man he’s always been scheduled to wrestle. He just didn’t know it was TLS under the mask, that’s all.

Jones: That’s all? The last I heard about the Lost Soul was that he defeated Drake Munday on the last NLW Uprising card, but then up and quit! So why is he here? Is he done with NLW?

Logan: I guess that would be a question for NLW fans. We have GCWA fans who want to hear about a match that’s going on right now.

Jones: Oh. Right. Back to the action!

*Both men are now back inside the ring, with an angry Mathis standing on the outside. For a second, Mathis acted like he wanted to go in as well, but the ref was there, warning him that a DQ at this stage would probably give the belt to the Lost Soul, something that Mathis doesn’t want to do. The Lost Soul has picked Lurrr up off the canvas, setting him up for a vertical suplex. He lifts Lurrr off the ground, snapping him over to the mat, then makes a quick cover… 1… Lurrr kicks out, with plenty of fight left. The Lost Soul stands himself up, while dragging Lurrr to his unsteady feet. It’s impossible to tell the Lost Souls true facial expressions, due to his face paint. He grabs Lurrr’s arm, twisting it around, then attempts to use it like a rubber band, pulling Lurrr in for a short clothesline. However, Lurrr’s instincts kick in, as he ducks his head under the extended arm, while wrapping his other arm around TLS’ shoulders, getting a modified legsweep to the mat! TLS shakes his head free of the cobwebs, then starts to get back up again, but Lurrr’s now got the advantage, letting loose his anger with a series of shots to the back of the Lost Soul’s head!*

Logan: Playtime’s over. Lurrr’s finally got his head back on straight.

Jones: The Lost Soul’s trickery paid off for a while, but you had to know the veteran would find a way to get back into this one.

*With Mathis encouraging him from outside the ring, Lurrr continues to release some steam. He pulls the Lost Soul over to the ropes, laying TLS’ throat across the bottom one and putting a knee into his back, choking him! The referee rightfully starts the count, threatening to throw this one out, but Lurrr is too smart for that. He releases the choke hold at 4, backs away as the ref talks to him, but then steps in again, reapplying the knee! The ref begins his count anew, as Lurrr finishes the choke, letting go and stepping away. As he backs up, raising his arms in the air, Rick Mathis comes over, intent on doing more damage. Unfortunately for Rick, the ref turns and sees him, making sure he stays away as well.*

Logan: Nice catch there, ref, don’t let them use the oldest tricks in the wrestling book!

Jones: It doesn’t happen very often, but sometimes the refs do manage to maintain order in matches like this, with a guy on the outside willing to do some damage.

*With a gloating look at the referee, Lurrr brings the Lost Soul to his feet. TLS is still working to get enough air in his lungs to function, but Lurrr’s not going to give him that opportunity. He uses one arm to grab TLS’ leg, while using his other to lift the smaller wrestler up. With one smooth motion, Lurrr gives TLS a kneebreaker, then a second one, showing his strength. The Lost Soul limps away in agony, only stopping from going down by grabbing hold of the referee. The startled ref actually steps away from TLS, as Lurrr comes in, moving past the man in stripes. As he does so, though, the Lost Soul suddenly throws an elbow behind him, connecting with Lurrr’s nose! The veteran grabs at his injured face, as the Lost Soul completes his turnaround and gets hold of Lurrr, delivering a swinging neckbreaker! Both wrestlers stay down for a minute after the impact, with the Lost Soul still favoring his hurting leg as he starts to rise.*

Logan: You know, it wouldn’t surprise me if this match went all night long, Jonesy. It’s going to take a lot for one of these men to win.

Jones: We’ll see, Anthony, but hopefully it doesn’t go on for too much longer. We’ve only got so many hours budgeted for the PPV time, and I’d hate to see our viewers miss the final matches!

Logan: Nah, Ace will just pay extra if needed. Don’t worry about it, that guy’s loaded.

Jones: I heard a rumor that Ace is actually low on funds currently, and that if the GCWA doesn’t succeed quickly, we’ll all be out of a job.

Logan: Then I guess it’s a good thing we’re succeeding, with a sold-out crowd and a ton of PPV buys! Thanks, GCWA fans, we love ya!!

*In the ring, the Lost Soul lifts Lurrr up, only to immediately drop him with an inverted DDT! The Lost Soul then moves to the turnbuckle, getting an immediate reaction from the feisty crowd. He climbs to the top, positioning himself for a high-risk maneuver, possibly the Souled Out! But Rick Mathis climbs up on the apron, as if moving towards TLS! The ref quickly intercedes, blocking Mathis’ approach, but the action distracts the Lost Soul, causing him to hesitate as he yells something at Mathis. Meanwhile, Lurrr pulls himself up and heads in, hitting TLS and stopping him from moving. Lurrr climbs up next to the Lost Soul and sets in place, lifting him off the ‘buckle with a Superplex!! Both men hit hard, laying on the mat, as the ref circles around them. With Mathis shouting encouragement, Lurrr rolls over, putting an arm across the Lost Soul…. 1…. 2…. TLS gets the shoulder up!*

Jones: I thought that just might be it!

Logan: Mathis is sure proving to be a major asset for Lurrr, isn’t he? That distraction probably saved the match for the Roman Empire.

*Lurrr struggles up, kicking the Lost Soul as he does so to make sure his competitor stays down. He heads to the nearby turnbuckle, climbing up to the second ‘buckle. He leaps off, landing a flying elbow on the downed TLS! After shaking out his arm to get the circulation going again after the impact, Lurrr pulls himself over the Lost Soul, making the pinfall.. 1… 2… no, TLS still isn’t staying down! Lurrr smacks the canvas in frustration, as Mathis is pacing back and forth outside, running his hands through his long hair. Lurrr rises up, grabbing the Lost Soul with one hand to help him towards the ropes. He pops a forearm shot into TLS, then whips him off the ropes, setting himself in position for the Wake Up Call!! But as TLS comes back, he slides, not only dodging the super kick attempt but also taking out Lurrr’s grounded leg!! Lurrr spins to the mat, grabbing at his knee, as the Lost Soul uses the ropes to pull himself vertical.*

Logan: The Lost Soul dodged that beautifully! You can tell he was prepared for Lurrr to try that maneuver!

Jones: Yes, there’s no doubt that TLS has somewhat of an advantage, as he knew who he was facing coming into this one. Lurrr’s learning on the fly!

*With Lurrr slowly standing up, the Lost Soul steps in, clocking him with a punch to the chin. Lurrr staggers back, into the ropes, so the Lost Soul follows, landing several chops across the chest of his foe. Lurrr’s chest now has some serious welts cutting across it, showing the violence taking place in this one. The Lost Soul takes a moment to bend his aching leg, getting it a little more stable, then sets himself and grabs Lurrr’s arms, flipping Lurrr over to the mat! Lurrr rolls away, as if trying to escape any more punishment, as the Lost Soul positions himself for a charge. But as the Lost Soul starts to go, his leg is suddenly grabbed from the outside by Mathis!! The ref doesn’t see it, as he’s looking at Lurrr’s struggles to get up. The Lost Soul kicks Mathis away, turning towards him as Mathis tries to reach him through the ropes. TLS is too quick, punching Mathis back to the outside. He turns back around to head towards Lurrr….. WAKE-UP CALL!!!! The Lost Soul never saw it coming, as Lurrr used the referee for leverage to launch the kick!! Lurrr falls on top of TLS, grabbing both legs to make sure, as the ref reluctantly drops to the mat and starts his count…. 1…. 2…. 3!!!!!!*

Minos: Your winner, and the NEW GCWA X Division Champion, Lurrr!!!!

*The crowd can’t believe it, booing their heads off, as Lurrr rolls towards the ropes, a huge smile on his face as the ref hands him the belt. Mathis reaches out and pulls Lurrr through the ropes, giving him a shoulder to lean on, as the two start to celebrate. Mathis happily lifts Lurrr’s arm up, giving the champion his props. In the ring, the Lost Soul has already gotten to his stomach, staring out with dazed but angry eyes at the departing Lurrr.*

Jones: Just like that, this one is over! All it took was a quick distraction from Mathis to allow Lurrr, the veteran, to steal this one!

Logan: Too bad, man, I was hoping the Lost Soul could pull that one off.

Jones: He couldn’t manage to defeat the 2-on-1 odds, Anthony. That’s all there is to it.

*As the Roman Empire heads up the aisle with the X Division Title in their hands, we switch to a backstage lounge area, where Arryk Rage can be seen, watching it on the big screen. He tosses his drink into the garbage and angrily leaves the room, only to bump into the Head of Security, Titan 3! The two stare each other down, neither blinking, until Titan 3 speaks up.*

Titan 3: Looks like your match is up next, Rage. Better get to it.

*Titan 3 grins as Arryk seemingly bites his tongue rather than say anything that might cost him his title shot. Instead, Arryk heads down the hallway towards the ring ramp, as we cut to a quick break for GCWA commercial products. Care to buy a vintage Accelerator tie-dyed t-shirt?*

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