*We return from the break to the backstage area where The Lost Soul and Scott Caine can be seen staring beyond the camera with looks of utter disbelief on their faces. The camera pans out to reveal that they're looking at The Big Bifford, who is standing in between a man in a giant Fruit of the Loom grape costume (Martin Ka'Berryon) and a living, breathing seal sitting in a kiddie pool. Bifford looks at the two wrestlers in front of him.*

The Big Bifford: I've called you here because we have a big match tonight. I know I've beaten both of you in the past and that you're likely very bitter about that, but tonight we have to put all of that behind us and go out there and win. I mean, it's likely that both of you will be eliminated in the first 5 minutes leaving me to take on the three members of the Roman Empire alone, but our team will still be victorious because I'll pin all three of them.

*Both The Lost Soul and Scott Caine seem very pissed off at Bifford's arrogance. They don’t say a word, though, as Bifford continues to speak, not noticing their reactions.*

The Big Bifford: However, since you are my team mates I've brought you some trinkets as door prizes.. Lost Soul, I'll be honest I didn't give you all of your soul back when we had our match. Here's the rest of your soul, keep it close and don't lose it again.

*Bifford pulls out the Tupperware container full of toilet cleaning liquid that he carried all over Northern Canada on his seal hunting scheme earlier in the week. He hands it to The Lost Soul who shakes his head at the big man's idiocy.*

The Big Bifford: Scott Caine, I'd like you to meet Scott Cane.

*Bifford pulls a cane that he has named "Scott Cane" out from behind Martin Ka'Berryon and hands it to Scott. Scott takes the cane and looks like he's going to hit Bifford for a moment, then reconsiders and puts it down, knowing that he needs Bifford later on in the night.*

The Big Bifford: Now that that's out of the way... I'd like you to meet my new manager, Martin Ka'Berryon.

Scott Caine: Why is that dude wearing a giant grape cluster costume?

The Big Bifford: I'm not particularly sure, but I'm sure it was something that happened to him in his childhood. I'd also like to introduce to you my pet seal, Ludwig.

*The two wrestlers look at the seal and just seem confused as to why Bifford has called them into this bizarre meeting that involves a man in a giant grape costume and a seal. Bifford clears his throat, preparing himself.*

The Big Bifford: And now we'll get to the real business that is at hand...

*The Lost Soul sighs, just hoping Bifford will get this over with. Caine, meanwhile, leans forward, slightly interested.*

The Big Bifford: I want you guys to see this. Ludwig the Seal will eat cocoa puffs! It's freakin' hilarious!

*Bifford pulls out a box of cocoa puffs and pours them into the kiddie pool that Ludwig is sitting in. Ludwig immediately begins eating the cocoa puffs and Bifford giggles with glee.*

The Big Bifford: LOOK! He's eating them! Cocoa puffs are for people not for seals, you silly, silly, silly seal!

*The Lost Soul rolls his eyes and walks away, heading out the open door. Scott Caine picks up the cane and looks at Bifford again, obviously seriously considering hitting the big man. He however turns and walks away as well. The camera focuses on Bifford as he grins huge, watching the seal eat the cocoa puffs and Martin Ka'Berryon who is smirking at the scene too. Bifford looks up and sees that his tag team partners are gone and looks confused.*

The Big Bifford: It's funny because he's eating people-food...

*Bifford shrugs and continues to watch his pet seal with happiness. Martin, though, realizes the time, tapping Bifford on the shoulder and pointing out that their match is next. Bifford nods, still staring at the seal, as we head back to ringside, where Logan is unsuccessfully trying to hide his laughter once again.**

Logan: Bifford…. man, Bifford cracks my ass up!!

Jones: He certainly made an impression on his teammates. The question is, will the seal make it down to ringside?

Logan: Oh, I hope not. I wouldn’t put it past the Roman Empire to do something to that seal in order to distract Bifford.

Jones: Yes, and then we’d have animal rights activists picketing us. Heck, we’re probably already in danger of that since Bifford was feeding that seal Cocoa Puffs!

Logan: Man, that’s wild… I wouldn’t think the seal would like something like that.

Jones: Oh well, moving on, it’s time for our next match!

Minos: It is now time for our third and final qualifying match for Ultimate Survival! Introducing first, Team Bound By Hate! First, he is seeking revenge on the men he blames for betrayal and deceit, standing 6’3” and weighing 227 lbs, from Los Angeles, California, here is Scott Caine!

*”Automatic” by American Pearl flows into the arena, earning the cheers of the audience. The curtain moves aside, with Scott Caine walking out, putting an arm in the air. He walks down the ramp and heads towards the squared circle, a smile on his face.*

Jones: I don’t know if it was a terrible week or a wonderful week for Caine. On the one hand, his house was blown up! On the other, he got his brother, Samuel, back, when even the police had declared that they thought he was dead!

Logan: A found brother tops a lost house any day, Jonesy. And hey, if Caine wins here tonight, he’ll have plenty of money to buy another place to live!

Minos: Joining Caine, he is a former GCWA X Division Champion, joined by Martin Ka’Berryon, standing 6’4” and weighing 411 lbs, from Columbus, Ohio, here is the Big Bifford!

*The crowd cheers loudly for one of the favorite superstars in the GCWA, as “Gangsta’s Paradise” by Coolio hits the air. The Big Bifford and Ka’Berryon walk out of the back, one after the other. Bifford is talking with Ka’Berryon, pointing to something on his grape costume, while they approach the ring.*

Logan: I guess they made Bifford keep the seal in the back.

Jones: Well, at least the animal’s alive. I can’t believe that mayor was about to kill him!

Logan: Jonesy, it’s all the circle of life, man! That seal would have given plenty of food for the mayor’s village, as well as other uses.

Jones: But… he’s so cute!

Logan: *sigh*

Minos: Their final partner is a former ICWF World Heavyweight Champion. He’s also the only man competing tonight who has won an “Ultimate Survival” tournament in the past. Standing 6’4” and weighing 235 lbs, from parts unknown, here is The Lost Soul!

*The audience cheers loudly once more, this time with the Friday the 13th theme in the background. The Lost Soul walks out of the back with a slight hitch in his step. He’s clearly still hurting from the escapades he was involved in this past week, which ended up putting him in the hospital. The face-painted wrestler isn’t going to be stopped from competing, though, as he moves down the aisle.*

Jones: I hope The Lost Soul isn’t making a mistake competing here tonight. First off, he collapsed in the ring during his last match, which led to him getting suspended by the Accelerator for medical reasons. And now, when he’s finally been given a chance to compete again, he went out and got himself beaten up in Chinatown by 10 Chinese men with pipes!

Logan: It was fortunate that the FBI showed up when they did, saving The Lost Soul from being another statistic.

Jones: But is he going to be able to stand up to competition here tonight? The match hasn’t even started yet, and he looks like a train wreck!

Logan: Don’t ever ask The Lost Soul if he can fight, Jonesy. You might not like the answer.

Minos: And now, their opponents… coming out as a unit… they are the most hated stable in the wrestling world currently, thanks to their recent actions at GCWA events… now they seek to take away the ring for their own uses… with Rick Mathis, here are Warrick Hill, Derek “The Thriller” Mobley, and the GCWA X Division Champion, Lurrr… the Roman Empire!

*As “Cocky” by Kid Rock plays, the cheers turn to heavy boos, trash being thrown, and general mayhem, just the kind of atmosphere that Lurrr loves. The four men walk out onto the stage, each with their own confident smirks on their faces, knowing that whether the fans like it or not, they’re the favorites to go all the way. Lurrr leads the group down to the ring, enjoying the hatred being shown towards him in particular, the leader of the Empire.*

Logan: I just… I just hate these guys, man.

Jones: I know you do, Anthony. But you have to respect their wrestling abilities, as well as the fact that Mobley and Hill are competing tonight despite whatever happened to Dean.

Logan: Yeah, have we heard any more about that? Is Dean going to make it?

Jones: No word, Anthony, we’ll just have to keep praying that he pulls through.

Logan: Yeah, I guess so. I get why Warrick’s smiling, I mean, he’s ALWAYS smiling, but what about Derek? Doesn’t he look a little too happy, considering what happened to Dean?

Jones: Er, don’t forget, partner, he’s the one who put Dean in that hospital bed. I really don’t know how much of a connection those two still have.

Logan: True. Well, with all that said, let’s get the action going!

*The Bell Rings.*

*The Empire members all enter the ring, including Mathis, which quickly is noticed by the referee. He comes over to argue, pointing Mathis out of the ring. Mathis, shrugging, starts to leave, even as the lights begin to change colors, flashing green, red, yellow, and orange! “Know Your Enemy” by Green Day begins to play, causing everyone to look towards the entryway!*

Logan: What the hell? Whose theme song is that??

Jones: I don’t know, Anthony, I don’t recognize it! Everyone we know that’s wrestling is currently in the ring!

*The cameras focus on Lurrr and Mobley, who are leaning the direction of the ramp, trying to figure out what’s going on. Suddenly, the music begins to fade, as an image appears on the Titon Tron, showing a shadowed figure standing in the darkness. The voice of a child is then heard, echoing through the arena.*

Child: He's watched as heroes have fallen. As abuses of power have taken place. He stood back, waited, the perfect time. The time is soon. The forsaken will rise, and those who have abused their power will be judged, and taken care of rightfully. The battles that will rage, they will encompass the entire world that we know. Your day of reckoning slowly approaches. Are you prepared?

*The music starts back up, briefly, as the flashes of light change to the regular white ones. The figure on the screen turns and walks away, then the shot ends, going back to normal.*

Logan: Well, that was… something…

Jones: Man, I’ve got goosebumps! Who was that to, though? Bound By Hate or the Roman Empire?

Logan: Somehow I’m betting that “abuse of power” means the Empire, Jonesy, but I’ve been wrong before.

*Lurrr, Hill, and Mobley come together, jokingly discussing what just happened. Bifford tries to call his group over as well, but Caine has left the group, rushing at the Empire!! Caine smashes into Lurrr from behind, then starts swinging at everyone, shocking them with his ferocity! The Lost Soul is right behind Caine, attacking Hill, so Bifford, shrugging his shoulders at Ka’Berryon, joins in, and we’ve got a pier six brawl!! The referee, Mitchell, looks completely lost as the six men break into different fights: Caine vs. Lurrr, TLS vs. Hill, and Bifford vs. Mobley! It barely needs noting that the crowd is going insane right now.*

Logan: The bad feelings have really hit the surface, as we’re right back to where we left off on the last Friday Night Inferno!!

Jones: This is crazy! Yeah, I know they want to fight, but if they don’t get things under control shortly, I could see the referee disqualifying all of them!

Logan: Somehow I bet Crimson, Draco, and the Danger Boiz are pulling for that, Jonesy. Right now, though, I’m just enjoying a great battle!

*Referee Mitchell moves in, trying to split people up. Slowly, he starts getting control of the situation, threatening to throw people out. Ka’Berryon, talking from the outside, helps out, as Bifford steps away from crushing Mobley in a corner. On the other side, the ref breaks up Hill and TLS, with Hill immediately turning away to head to his corner, while TLS hangs on the ropes for a second, breathing, before doing the same. That leaves Caine and Lurrr, who are still going at it, with Caine actually having the X Division Champion on the mat, a complex-looking armbar submission hold in place! Lurrr, though, has already gotten to the ropes, causing referee Mitchell, when he finally notices it, to come over and call for the break. Caine releases at 4 9/10ths, almost holding it a hair too long. He gets up, kicking at the downed Lurrr, an intense look on his face.*

Jones: Caine has been wanting this for months, Anthony, going down a pretty dark path in order to reach this point.

Logan: Yeah, I remember when he was cheating to win, hitting Bifford with chairs, and basically losing it. But tonight, the fans have no problems with him losing control, because he’s fighting possibly the most hated man in the building right now!

Jones: You have to admit, though, the odds are against Caine in this one, Anthony. I mean, look at the rest of the team! Caine’s the only one with less than 5-10 years experience in the business!

Logan: Hey, he’s also the freshest, and the hungriest, Jonesy! It’s hard to take that away from him!

*Caine pulls Lurrr up, kneeing him in the gut, then going for a bulldog variation. He grabs Lurrr’s head and jumps forward, propelling himself into the air. However, Lurrr manages to throw the smaller wrestler off, falling against the ropes for relief while Caine hits the canvas butt-first. Caine doesn’t stay down long, but Lurrr is not sticking around, already going to the corner and tagging in Derek Mobley! Derek steps in, looking down at the man who tried to ally himself with him. Caine, already breathing hard from exertion, still looks ready to release another wave of violence. The two men come together, with Mobley saying something to belittle the young wrestler. That’s all it takes, as the punches start flying between them, causing the arena to explode once again!*

Jones: Jesus! This ring isn’t big enough to contain all the anger between these guys!

Logan: Caine is on a rampage, wanting each and every one of the Roman Empire to be taken out!

Jones: He can’t forget, though, that he has tag-team partners, Anthony, or else he’s going to quickly burn out!

*Mobley soon takes control, thanks in part to a thumb to the eye. He immediately sends Caine into the Empire’s corner, following him in and tagging in his House of Pain partner, Warrick Hill. The two men immediately join in on a stomp-fest on Caine, beating him down! Bifford and The Lost Soul look ready to come in if necessary, but Mitchell is keeping a close eye on everyone. Hill, now the legal man, pulls Caine out of the corner, immediately setting him up and lifting him for a piledriver! The move hits, spiking Caine’s head into the mat, with Hill then going for the cover, looking to score points for the Empire… 1… 2… Caine kicks out, showing some resiliency. Hill doesn’t let it bother him, smiling and pulling Caine back up. He tags Mobley again, with the House of Pain members clearly going to do the heavy lifting here tonight. They combine for a double Rock Bottom, no, Caine readjusts it and instead drops both men on their heads with a double DDT!!! The crowd cheers, chanting for Caine, as he rolls over onto his stomach, pushes himself up, and gets away from Mobley’s outstretched hands, managing to tag in The Lost Soul!*

Jones: Here comes TLS! The only man in the competition to have an Ultimate Survival ring!

Logan: Unless you count me or Ace, of course!

Jones: Stop bragging about things that happened years ago, Anthony, it’s 2009 for pete’s sake! The ICWF’s been closed for years!

Logan: Damn, hit a person where it hurts…

*TLS quickly attacks Mobley, even as Hill, a little disgruntled, is forced to leave the ring by the ref. The Lost Soul brings the Thriller to the corner, pounding Mobley’s head into the turnbuckle repeatedly, trying to draw some blood. The fans count to 10, 11, 12, 13, and the hits keep coming, until TLS finally lets go, as Mobley falls to his back, his bell rung one too many times. The dazed look in his eyes tells the tale. The Lost Soul isn’t done yet, though, as he pulls himself onto the ‘buckle, apparently already thinking to end things quickly with the Souled Out!! However, as he reaches the top, Rick Mathis is there on the apron, yelling at him! Referee Mitchell immediately comes over, ordering Mathis away, but TLS doesn’t seem to mind, changing his direction and landing a flying kick that causes a distracted Mathis to fall off the apron! The Lost Soul rights himself, rubbing his ribs in sudden pain, but then turns back to Mobley… who picks him up and nails TLS with a spinebuster!! The ref is there… 1… 2… no, TLS kicks out!*

Jones: Whew! I thought the Roman Empire was going to get away with a stolen win for our first elimination!

Logan: I have to ask, we KNOW that Rick Mathis is going to interfere, so why does Ace keep letting him be down here for matches?

Jones: Well, if he banned Mathis, he would have to have banned Ka’Berryon as well, and you know the Big Bifford wouldn’t go for that.

Logan: I hate to admit it, but you make a good point, Jonesy.

*Mobley drags The Lost Soul up, taking him towards the Empire corner, where he tags back in Hill. Lurrr, meanwhile, has a nice smile on his face, enjoying his group’s labors. Mobley and Hill, meanwhile, lift The Lost Soul into the air, planting him with a double suplex that causes him to verbally announce his agony, something you don’t hear that often from TLS. Hill, with a grin, drops on top of him, with Mitchell hitting the mat… 1… 2… The Lost Soul stays alive! Hill, shrugging, puts on a chinlock, looking to wear the man down some more. Meanwhile, in the BBH corner, Bifford is talking with Ka’Berryon, who hands something up to him… it’s the “Lost Soul” remains that he had with him! Apparently, Ka’Berryon brought it with him to ringside. Bifford raises the fluid into the air, as if trying to call on its power to bring TLS up. The crowd starts cheering, adding to the fire. Shockingly, it seems to be working, as all of the sudden, TLS is pushing up against the hold, even as Hill struggles to keep him down. He can’t stop him, though, as The Lost Soul raises up high enough to lift Hill into the air, dropping him backwards onto his head! Bifford’s jumping up and down (shaking the ring a little), as he keeps his prize up in the air.*

Jones: Ok, seriously, did that just work?

Logan: It’s hard to say if it was Bifford’s actions, the fans’ excitement, or just The Lost Soul’s natural tenacity. Whatever it was, TLS needs to make a tag, now!

*Despite TLS’ move, though, Hill is still the first one up, as The Lost Soul is showing his fatigue. Hill stumbles over, grabbing TLS on the way up, then tries to drop him with a backstabber, but The Lost Soul manages to pull himself forward, so that Hill’s the only one to hit! Before Hill can recover any more, TLS moves over to his corner, tagging in the Big Bifford!! The audience is on their feet as Bifford steps in against the smallest member of Team Roman Empire. Hill, seeing the big man coming in, gets to his feet quickly, running off the ropes and charging back in with a leaping attempt at a splash. It doesn’t work, as Bifford catches Hill in the air, then drops forward, sandwiching Hill between Bifford and the mat!!! It’s a devastating strike, with Mitchell going for the count… 1… 2… and Mobley runs in, stopping the count with a strategic shot to the spine, saving Hill’s night, at least for now.*

Logan: This could be a serious mismatch, Edds. It would take two Hill’s to make a Bifford!

Jones: While that’s true, Hill is still a veteran, Anthony, and he shouldn’t be underestimated. Bifford needs to stay on the attack to put him away and give Team Bound By Hate the advantage.

Logan: So Warrick’s a threat? I thought he was just the guy messing up the Empire’s trips because he wanted some drugs?

Jones: Ok, so Warrick hasn’t exactly gotten the star treatment since going to the Empire…

Logan: Star treatment? He went from a major tag-team threat to a bag boy, for pete’s sake! Honestly, I’m hoping he’ll show tonight why he deserves much more than that, Jonesy, even if he IS still partnered with Lurrr.

*The Big Bifford hauls Hill up, throwing him into the ropes, then knocking him down with a shoulder block when he comes back. Bifford then takes a few steps and drops a big boot, smashing it into Hill’s head! Bifford goes for another cover, watching this time for any approaches from the Empire… 1… 2… Hill kicks out. Bifford doesn’t stop to wonder about that, instead pulling Hill up from behind, no, Hill gets a low blow kick behind him!! The ref missed it, but Bifford certainly didn’t, sagging to his knees in agony. Hill, meanwhile, quickly moves to his corner, reaching out, and Lurrr is happy to tag in, wanting another piece of his most intense rival in the GCWA. Lurrr rushes forward before Bifford can stand, getting a running kick to his stomach! Bifford falls over, and Lurrr’s quickly on top of him, trying to hang onto one of his large legs while making the pin… 1… 2… Bifford shoots his arm up, stopping the count.*

Jones: Wow, we’re getting pretty far into this match, and still nobody has been eliminated!

Logan: You’re looking at some of the best wrestlers, past and present and future, in the world today! It takes a lot to stop any of these guys!

Jones: I understand, but I think the pay-per-view’s going to run pretty long if this keeps up. I mean, we still have the finals AND the Iron Man Match to get to!

Logan: Yep, and we’ll go as long as it takes to see who wins out! It’s a wrestling marathon, so sit back and enjoy the ride!!

*Lurrr struggles to bring the Big Bifford up, continuing to work better as a team as he brings Bifford over to Mobley. The two men land a few punches, keeping Bifford from fighting back, then Lurrr leaves, as Mobley strikes again and again, wounding the big man with repeated hits. Mobley follows this up with a neckbreaker, putting Bifford on the canvas long enough for a cover… 1… 2… no, Bifford kicks out again! Mobley, scratching his chin for a second, doesn’t stop working. He pulls at Bifford, while again tagging Lurrr back in. The two Empire mates each get a Bifford arm, shooting him towards the other side. What they don’t see is Caine, stretching out, tagging Bifford’s arm as he goes by! Mobley and Lurrr leap up, each landing a jumping forearm shot, putting Bifford on the mat. Lurrr raises his arms triumphantly, then starts to lean down for the pin, not knowing that Bifford’s not the legal man anymore. Instead, Caine is, quickly coming off the top turnbuckle and flying in with a Sugar Caine legdrop onto Lurrr’s exposed neck!!!!! The crowd goes insane as Caine grabs Lurrr and goes for the pin, right next to the recovering Bifford… 1…. 2….. NO! Mobley and Hill rush over, stopping the pin and attacking Caine! Bifford and TLS come right back over, and now the brawl’s back on!*

Jones: No! Caine was that close to pinning the X Division Champion!

Logan: That would have been a huge win, definitely the biggest of Caine’s career, but instead the fight goes on for all 6, and Mitchell’s lost control again!

*Bifford has a hold of Hill, lifting him up in the air with a bearhug, as TLS matches up once again with his old rival, Mobley, striking at him with chops and slaps. Meanwhile, Caine is back up, holding the back of his head from where he was kicked by Mobley. He sees Lurrr trying to get up, so he goes off the ropes… and get struck in the back of the head by Mathis!! Mathis drops back down, having down his job, as Caine stumbles forward, right towards Lurrr, who senses the man and reacts, snapping off the Wake Up Call!!! Caine crashes and burns, out cold, as the GCWA X Division Champion falls on top of him, barely able to even make the cover. Mitchell turns around, seeing what’s happening, and immediately slides in for the count… 1… 2… neither Bifford nor TLS can make it… 3!!!!*

Minos: Scott Caine has been eliminated!

Logan: Damnit, once again, Caine gets cheated!

Jones: The Roman Empire has struck first, gaining the advantage in this one! Caine put up a great fight against tremendous odds, but he just couldn’t stand up against the competition!

Logan: He couldn’t stand up against fricking Mathis, damnit! Fuck!

*Caine leaves the ring, holding the back of his head, dazed, as the battle continues in the ring. Lurrr goes over to Hill, who is still struggling against Bifford. The two men start to double-team him, while Mobley manages to launch The Lost Soul out of the ring, then turns to come help. Mobley didn’t see TLS land on the apron on his side, though, avoiding the worst of the damage and rolling back in. As Mobley reaches the other men, joining in on the shots on Bifford, TLS comes charging from behind, sacrificing himself with an all-out splash, hitting EVERYONE!! The pile falls forward, with Bifford landing on top of Hill’s legs, causing him to yell out from the impact! Mobley and TLS get back up, with The Lost Soul grabbing Mobley by the head and chucking him over the ropes, sending Mobley falling to the outside! Bifford, meanwhile, is back up, although his face has several red marks from the strikes he just took. He kicks at Hill, rolling him out of the ring and leaving it Bifford, TLS, and Lurrr!*

Jones: Uh oh, the leader of the Roman Empire is in trouble!

Logan: I don’t think he realizes that the numbers are suddenly against him now!

*Lurrr has moved to the right, grabbing at the ropes to pull himself up. He clears his head, then notices that Mathis has moved nearby, shouting at him. Lurrr turns around… and Bifford and The Lost Soul grab him, lifting him up with double choke, then slamming him down with force!! Lurrr writhes in agony on the mat, but it’s not over, as TLS quickly goes to the turnbuckle, even as Bifford drops a quick elbow for more damage. Mitchell, completely confused as to who’s the real man for Team BBH, backs off, while TLS, ignoring Mathis this time, takes flight, scoring the Souled Out!!! Bifford then goes off the ropes and comes back, dropping all of his weight onto Lurrr!! Mitchell goes down for the pin count, with TLS running forward and kicking at Mobley, then Hill, as they try to intervene… 1… 2… 3!!!!*

Minos: Lurrr has been eliminated!

Jones: We’re evened up! Actually, it might be even more than that, as the X Division Champ is gone! That’s a huge upset, but no man can stand against a Bifford/TLS assault like that!

Logan: I’m sure Lurrr will claim that he was cheated out of his chance to move on to the finals, due to the ref letting them double-team him, but you know what? I don’t give a damn! The Roman Empire got themselves a significant hit!

*The place is exploding as the X Division Champion has been defeated, rolling painfully out of the ring to where Mathis is waiting for him. Lurrr looks absolutely ticked off, although that could also be the intense pain coming from his ribcage. Through a lot of pressure, Mitchell manages to convince Bifford to take his place on the apron, working to make this an actual ‘match’ once more. Hill is in against The Lost Soul, with TLS taking command with a series of elbows. He then picks Hill up, putting him on his shoulder for a running maneuver towards the corner. Before it can land, though, Hill slips off his back, nimbly dropping to the ground. The Lost Soul turns, caught in the corner, and Hill runs in, landing a leaping elbow, followed by a bulldog out of the corner! Hill goes for the cover, using his feet on the lower ropes for leverage, as a clueless Mitchell makes the count… 1… 2… TLS kicks out.*

Jones: It’s still strange seeing Hill willing to use cheating tactics to win. I remember when the House of Pain were their own brand, winning matches just on skill and brains.

Logan: People change, Jonesy, it’s the nature of the game. Hill and Mobley both made their choices, and no matter what people think of what they’ve done, it’s still their choices to make.

Jones: Well, I still hope we get to see a House of Pain tag-team run again, if only for old time’s sake.

Logan: I guess we’ll see, Jonesy, although I’m not exactly excited about the idea of anyone from the Empire getting success.

*Hill has already brought TLS to his corner during the announcers’ talking, tagging in Mobley. The two continue to work well as a team, with Mobley holding up TLS while Hill goes off the ropes and comes back with a leaping clothesline, putting TLS on the mat! Mobley goes for the cover, but Bifford is already on his way in… 1… and kicks Mobley in the back, returning the favor from earlier and saving his partner. Mobley gets up, angrily looking at the big man, before taking TLS back to Hill and tagging him in again. Hill comes in as Mobley holds TLS’ arms behind him, enjoying the couple of free punches he gets in. With Mobley leaving to the apron, Hill stays on the attack, grabbing TLS’ head and banging it into his upraised knee, stunning him and leaving him against the ropes. Hill then runs to the other side and comes back, attempting the Joint!!! However, The Lost Soul sees him coming, moving just enough so that he manages to catch Hill in mid-air, keeping him off the ground! But the change is a little much for TLS, who stumbles backwards, with the two falling over the top rope to the floor!!!*

Jones: Oh my gosh!! What a fall!! I can’t see who got the worst of that!!

Logan: It looks like Hill landed on top, but that’s only because he hit the apron on the way down! Geez, that was nasty! Will either man be able to recover?

*Referee Mitchell starts his count, watching for any signs of movement on the outside. Slowly, Hill is getting up, although he may have done some serious damage to his shoulder, as he’s clutching it to his side. He reaches up, hearing the count, and grabs at the rope, starting to pull himself back in… but The Lost Soul grabs him, dragging him back! Hill turns, but TLS already has him, whipping Hill painfully into the guardrail! The Lost Soul, though clearly hurting himself, is trying to ignore the pain, wanting only to prove himself by beating the hell out of Warrick! He takes Hill over to the side, attempting to toss him into the post, but Hill blocks it, then sends TLS in instead, bopping his head against the steel! The Lost Soul hangs his head in pain, as Hill tries to straighten out the ache in his arm. He grabs TLS to shoot him into the nearby steel steps, but TLS reverses, and Hill hits instead, flipping upside down from the impact! The Lost Soul keeps after him, using the apron to keep himself upright, while the referee signals for the bell! It rings, as Mobley tries to argue his partner’s case.*

Minos: By ruling of the referee, both The Lost Soul and Warrick Hill have been counted out!

Logan: A countout? Damn, that’s not how I wanted to see it end for The Lost Soul tonight!

Jones: Yes, it looks like The Lost Soul and Hill eliminated each other from the competition!

Logan: I guess TLS decided it was time to be hardcore, giving in to his brawler tendencies and completely missing the count. Warrick tried, but couldn’t get back into the ring in time. So we’re down to two! Who’s going to the finals?

*Mobley leaves the referee behind, knowing that arguing is useless. Instead, he meets the Big Bifford, who has entered the ring to go at it. Mobley takes the early control, though, having taken less abuse tonight. He hammers Bifford with some stiff shots, then goes off the ropes and comes back, ramming his shoulder into Bifford’s side, making him teeter, but not fall down. Mobley sees promise, though, so he goes off the ropes and comes back again, slamming all his weight into Bifford, who staggers again, then drops to one knee. Mobley runs back one more time, coming back with an attempted knee to the head, but this time Bifford dodges, instead sweeping Mobley’s other leg out from under him, knocking Mobley to the mat! Bifford’s quick to flop on top of him, wanting Mitchell to start counting… 1… 2… Mobley kicks free, staying in it.*

Jones: This has to be considered a dream match-up to people watching at home. The Big Bifford and Derek Mobley have both done so much for our sport!

Logan: Yeah, it’s a dream, but I’m hoping the dream ends for Mobley! C’mon, Biff!

*The Big Bifford slowly gets himself up, grabbing Mobley to come up with him. Mobley tries to fight back, as he reaches for Bifford’s eyes, but this time Bifford’s ready, blocking the strike by stomping on Mobley’s foot! Mobley, in pain, can’t stop the big man as he grabs Mobley’s arms, giving him a Double Arm DDT!!! Mobley’s down, with his feet sticking out underneath the bottom rope, as the Big Bifford takes a deep breath, before pulling himself up. On the outside, Martin Ka’Berryon cheers him on, wanting him to finish Mobley off. Bifford looks out at the grape man, giving him a thumbs up, then pulls Mobley to his feet, setting him for the Biff End! He starts to lift him, but no, Mobley swings low, stunning Bifford once more with a low blow!!! Mitchell, who had been busy looking out towards the strange grape-wearing manager, completely missed it, as he looks back to see Bifford’s grimacing face!*

Logan: Man, Mitchell keeps missing everything tonight!!

Jones: Hey, wouldn’t you be distracted with a Fruit of the Looms spokesman bouncing around outside the ring?

Logan: Actually, no, I don’t think I would be, Jonesy.

Jones: Oh. Well, it would distract me!

*With the Big Bifford in serious need of an icepack, Mobley makes his move, wrapping his arm around the massive wrestler and managing to get him to fall back, landing a modified version of the Thriller!! Mobley, exhausted, still takes a moment to gloat, taunting Ka’Berryon. He then goes for the light cover, waving Mitchell over… 1… 2… and Bifford gets a shoulder up!! Mobley’s in shock, as the crowd ignites again, having thought the bout was over. Mobley can’t believe what happened, arguing with Mitchell, as the Big Bifford painfully rolls over to his stomach. Angrily, Mobley goes and grabs Bifford, dragging him upwards, but Bifford responds, slamming a fist into Mobley’s windpipe!! Mobley gasps and staggers away, hacking, while Bifford falls back to one knee. With Ka’Berryon cheering him on, Bifford slowly rises again, grabbing the hurting Mobley and lifting him into the air for the Biff End, no, Mobley fights his way free again, then runs to the ropes. Bifford swings at him, but Mobley ducks it, locks Bifford’s arm, and lands a SECOND Thriller!!!! This time Mobley falls immediately on Bifford, grabbing his legs and hanging onto whatever he can to ensure the pin… 1… 2… 3!!!!!*

Minos: The Big Bifford has been eliminated! Here is your survivor, Derek “The Thriller” Mobley!

Logan: Man!! I can’t believe it!!

Jones: The former World Champion survives, although it took two Thrillers to do it! What a fight by the Big Bifford!!

Logan: I thought he was coming back for the win right there at the end, but Mobley managed at the last-second to pull it out!

Jones: He may have won here, Anthony, but he won’t have the Roman Empire supporting him with it comes to the final match later on tonight!

*Mobley is down on his knees, having put a lot of himself into this bout. He’s still pretty happy to be moving on, though. He leaves the ring, even as the Big Bifford is being checked over by the ref. Martin Ka’Berryon is watching from outside (since he can’t really get into the ring with that suit of his). We leave them behind, going backstage, where Dangerous Dan and Crazy Chris can be seen, keeping themselves warmed up. There’s a knock at the door, and Dan goes to answer it. Cynthia Hall is there, a timid look on her face.*

Dangerous Dan: Cynthia! You’re a sight for sore eyes, c’mon in!

*Cynthia gladly steps through, where Crazy Chris is there, nodding to her.*

Crazy Chris: It’s damn good to see you back your feet, Cynthia. What brings you to our locker room?

Cynthia Hall: First, it’s good to see you guys, too. I… wasn’t sure about coming back, but the GCWA people worked out a good deal for me that I couldn’t pass up. I’ve been told all the wrestlers were notified?

Dangerous Dan: About the immediate suspension and/or firing if someone else puts their hands on you? Yes, we got the message, Cynthia.

Cynthia Hall: Good. I hope… well, no matter what I hope. I was given a message by the President that I was needing to give to you and get your reaction. It has to do with your match next week, Dan.

Dangerous Dan: My Television Title match? Don’t worry, Cynthia, I knew it was coming. I know I have to defend this belt each and every week. So who’s my opponent on Friday? Maybe Peter Vaughn?

*Dan and Chris both laugh, but Cynthia’s not in a joking mood. She turns to Crazy Chris.*

Cynthia Hall: No, Dan. It’s your brother. Crazy Chris.

Crazy Chris: What? You mean I have to…

Cynthia Hall: Yes, Chris. It’s a battle of the Danger Boiz. Ace seemed happy to have… thought of it. I’m sorry to bring you such news. Good luck later tonight, I hope one of you wins over the Empire.

*Cynthia turns and leaves the room, as Crazy Chris and Dangerous Dan turn to face each other, staring at their future opponent. We go back to the ringside area.*

Logan: Seriously? It’s going to be Dangerous Dan vs. Crazy Chris on Friday for the GCWA Television Championship? What is Ace thinking?

Jones: Well, one, I bet he’s thinking of ratings, since people have been wondering who was the best of the Danger Boiz. Two, the President did want to choose the next highest challenger, and I guess he decided that Crazy Chris earned a title shot.

Logan: I get the reasoning, but I gotta say, I’m still not in favor of it. We have enough strong tag-teams as it is without pitting them against each other.

Jones: Well, you’ll have the chance to complain to the President personally, if you want, as he’s coming out!

*”Leave You Far Behind” by Lunatic Calm comes over the speakers, while the Accelerator’s intro video plays, bringing the fans to their feet. The cameras focus on the entryway, where the dapper President walks out, wearing his custom-tailored suit. He smiles at the cheers he gets, while signaling for the music to cut off. He’ll do his speaking from the ramp instead of the ring.*

The Accelerator: Good evening, Houston!

*The cheap pop works, as the audience cheers loudly for the Accelerator. He waits for them to die down again.*

The Accelerator: I take it you guys are enjoying the event. Good to hear. I won’t take up much time, but I did want to come out here and make a few announcements, while giving the ‘survivor’ from the last match a chance to recuperate.

*The audience boos a little bit at this, and Ace laughs.*

The Accelerator: Yes, I know, who cares about a member of the Roman Empire, right? Like I said, this won’t take long. First things first, I got another call from the hospital and wanted to let you all know about Dean’s condition. It isn’t looking good, as they’ve opted to put him back into surgery. I’m asking everyone at home to say a prayer or two for the ICWF Hall of Famer, and one of my greatest adversaries. He doesn’t deserve to go out this way, and hopefully, he won’t.

*The crowd breaks into a spontaneous “Dean” chant, with Ace solemnly waiting for them to finish it up before continuing.*

The Accelerator: Alright, now onto happier news. I wanted to talk about next month, the beginning of the summer rush, June. It is when we will have our next GCWA pay-per-view, and it will be a barn burner, as it will be the return of GCWA Capital Punishment!

*The excitement reaches another level in the Toyota Center.*

The Accelerator: Capital Punishment is guaranteed to be a great event, especially since it will be held in the Alamo Dome in San Antonio, Texas! But you may ask, what’s going to make this event so special? Well, I’m going to tell you. The main event of Capital Punishment has to live up to the name of the PPV, so I’ve decided to set the stipulations for the match far in advance.

*Ace pauses, enjoying extending the tension, with the fans waiting anxiously for the announcement. A few are already chanting “Hold It Here!”, wanting the PPV to stay in Houston, but apparently that’s not going to happen.*

The Accelerator: You see, the winner of Ultimate Survival tonight will get a World Title shot set up for him, and that will take place at Capital Punishment. Whoever holds the World Title on that night will face the Ultimate Survival champion in the main event. To hold up to the brutality of the match, I could only think of one possibility: Hell. In A Cell.

*The crowd roars, loving the announcement. Ace is grinning, loving the early advertising for a June pay-per-view.*

The Accelerator: If you live in San Antonio, tickets are going on sale tomorrow! If you don’t live there, find a way to get your own tickets, because you don’t want to miss it! With that being said, you’ve heard enough of my voice, other than this: thanks for the warm welcome, Houston!

*The audience continues to cheer, chanting Ace’s name, as the President walks away to the back, having done what he wanted. The announcers quickly step back into their roles.*

Jones: Amazing! We’re going to San Antonio for a tremendous pay-per-view!

Logan: I can’t believe the main event is already being set up! And that’s just the tip of the iceberg! What other matches could be in store?

Jones: Well, before we get too excited, Anthony, we’ve still got two blockbuster matches to get through here tonight! Who will make it out as the Ultimate Survivor? And who will become the Iron Man of the GCWA? It’s coming up, next!

*The video feed cuts to a split-screen, showing Marcus Ka’Derrion preparing himself in his locker room, while Shane Donovan is walking down the hallway with a satisfied grin on his face. We slowly fade away to another quick commercial break, this one advertising Harvey D’s latest buys. Call now!*

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