*We return from the break to the ringside area, where Jones and Logan are waiting, ready to get things going.*

Jones: After three qualifying matches, we have five men moving on here to the final match!

Logan: And from what I hear, the Accelerator’s made it even more interesting, changing up the rules!

Jones: Yes, instead of everyone being in the ring at the same time, it’s going to be wrestled in “Gauntlet” style, starting with two men and building from there! The luck of the draw now plays a key role in who’s going to be the winner!

Logan: I hear it’s also a concession to Mobley, who just finished wrestling only a short time ago.

Jones: You really think Ace did something nice for Mobley?

Logan: I could see it happen. Ace seemed pretty upset about his rival, Dean. It could have influenced him here tonight.

Jones: Ok, I’ll admit, that’s a possibility. Of course, Derek could very well have drawn #1, which means the odds would be badly against him!

Logan: Yep, I guess we should go find out who exactly IS #1, then! Take it, Minos!

Minos: The next match will determine this year’s Ultimate Survivor! The rules are as follows: two participants will begin in the ring. Every five minutes, the next random wrestler will join the match. Eliminations can come at any time. The competition will continue until there is a victor!

*Minos clears his throat, clearly enjoying being able to announce a match of such magnitude. The crowd is quiet, a thick atmosphere of anticipation filling the GCWA Arena. Everyone wants to know who the first participants are going to be.*

Minos: Now, starting off the match… he is the leader of Organized Chaos… standing 6’4” and weighing 221 lbs, from Detroit, Michigan, here is Tommy Crimson!

*”Head Up” by the Deftones plays, as Tommy Crimson makes his way down the aisle. He does not look pleased to be the first competitor chosen for the match. As per Ace’s earlier orders, neither Super Creep nor sEizure are allowed at ringside, leaving Crimson to battle on his own. He enters the ring and takes up a position in the corner, preparing himself.*

Jones: Crimson gets the bad luck of the draw, forcing him to have to fight through all four other men in order to become the Ultimate Survivor.

Logan: He did pretty well earlier tonight, managing to eliminate Harvey Danger with the Fury. We’ll have to see what he has left in the tank, though.

Jones: Do you think he’ll work with Draco when the Hellacious One comes out?

Logan: Anything’s possible. I know Draco wants to go as far as he can in this match. Working with Crimson, at least for a while, might pay off. But what if Draco’s the next one called?

Jones: That’s one I’m interested in seeing!

Minos: And now, his opponent, randomly chosen… he is a former GCWA Tag-Team Champion, standing 6’0” and weighing 228 lbs, from Smithville, Tennessee, here is Crazy Chris!

*”Mental Health” by Zebrahead plays to bring in one of the two faces left in the match, earning the cheers of the packed crowd. Crazy Chris comes out with his usual flair, pointing to the crowd, then rushing down the aisle to slide into the ring.*

Logan: Crazy Chris has the honor on his record of eliminating “The Janitor” earlier tonight, as well as joining Dangerous Dan in taking down Santana and Willis. I’m sure the tag-team partners were hoping to get a close draw together, but Chris going early is not going to help him.

Jones: Hey, for all we know Dangerous Dan will be #3, which will allow the Danger Boiz to take out each foe as they come down, Anthony.

Logan: Here’s hoping, because I’d love to see one of them wearing that prestigious ring on their fingers.

*The Bell Rings.*

*As soon as referee Mitchell signals, Crazy Chris is moving, immediately charging at Crimson, trying to take him by surprise. The veteran is ready, though, side-stepping Chris and shoving him as he goes by. Chris, off-balance, stumbles into the corner, but quickly turns around, having stopped himself from hitting the pads by grabbing the ropes. As Crimson grabs at him from behind, trying to get a belly-to-back suplex out of the mix, Chris uses the ropes, kicking off of them to get him up and over Crimson, landing behind him. Crimson’s now the one in trouble, as Chris takes him over with a bridge suplex, trying for the quick pin! Referee Mitchell is right there… 1… 2… Crimson and Chris both get their shoulders up, ending the count.*

Logan: Crazy Chris is trying to set a quick pace to this one, which may not be the best move. Who knows how much energy each of these wrestlers have left?

Jones: Some of them have taken more abuse than others, Anthony. If Chris can eliminate Crimson quickly, he’ll have a little time to rest before the next competitor comes down.

Logan: But it could also leave Chris exhausted when a relatively fresh guy comes down later on. Still, I guess it’s classic risk-vs-reward, and Crazy Chris has never shied away from risking it all!

*Both wrestlers are back up, with Crazy Chris shooting a foot into Crimson’s chest, then spinning with an enziguiri kick, knocking Crimson down. Crazy Chris then hurries himself over to the turnbuckle, climbing up with a couple of bounces. He turns, with the crowd firmly behind him, eyeing the man still down in the ring. Crazy Chris takes flight, going for a spinning splash, but Crimson’s knees come up, giving Chris a rude welcoming when he hits! Crazy Chris rolls to his side, in a lot of pain, as Crimson drags himself to his feet. Crimson angrily moves over Chris, pulling the smaller man up. He lifts Chris onto his shoulders with a fireman’s carry, then lands a powerful death valley driver, expertly executed! Crimson doesn’t waste any time, looking to eliminate Chris right away by pinning him… 1… 2… Chris kicks out, keeping his hopes of winning it all alive.*

Jones: Crimson’s now got the younger wrestler on the defensive. Can he put him away?

Logan: Not before another wrestler arrives, Jonesy. The clock is down to 10 seconds!

*The fans look to the aisleway as the buzzer sounds, indicating that the time is up. After a second or two passes, “Indestructible” by Disturbed begins to play. Draco comes out of the back, that thoughtful expression back on his face. He walks towards the ring, wasting none of his energy.*

Jones: Things look bad for Crazy Chris! Tommy Crimson’s partner from earlier tonight, Draco, might just work with him to take out the Danger Boi!

Logan: We’ll see, Jonesy. They weren’t exactly working well as a team earlier, although that didn’t stop Draco from eliminating James Thrash.

*Crimson looks happy to see Draco coming. He pulls Crazy Chris up, shoving him into a corner, while Draco steps through the ropes. Crimson goes over to him, putting out his hand as a sign of friendship. Draco, looking at the hand, gives it a slap, apparently signifying their unity. Crimson then moves back to Crazy Chris, ready to take the masked man out. Unfortunately for him, Draco has other ideas, grabbing Crimson from behind, spinning him around, and punching away at him! With Crimson stunned, Draco then punches him in the gut to bend him over, then drops him with a fameasser! With his opponent in a compromising position, Draco rolls him over, and then makes the pin, with referee Mitchell in position… 1… 2… Crimson gets an arm up! Draco, annoyed, starts to get up, then suddenly dives to his right, out of the way, as Crazy Chris comes flying in, giving Crimson a double stomp to his chest!! Crazy Chris lands to the side, then turns back to Draco. Before Draco can move, Chris charges in, spinning all the way around Draco before grabbing his head and getting a DDT!*

Logan: Crazy Chris is on fire!

Jones: When you think of the Danger Boiz, usually the first person who comes to mind is the GCWA Television Champion, Dangerous Dan. But when you see Crazy Chris in action, you have to wonder when he’s going to get his own championship to defend!

*After taking Draco down, Crazy Chris heads to the side, doing a flip and dropping his legs across Crimson’s neck! Chris then goes for the cover, trying to take Crimson out… 1… 2… Crimson again kicks out, showing he’s still got something left. Crazy Chris pulls Crimson up, then hangs onto him while he heads towards a recovering Draco, leaping up and putting his legs around Draco’s head, while hanging onto Crimson’s upper body with his other! He is attempting a double takedown, but Draco and Crimson stop that, instead lifting Chris in the air and launching him outside the ring!! Crazy Chris takes a hard fall from high up, disappearing from view! Draco looks that direction, apparently at least a little pleased. However, as he turns back, Crimson is there, picking Draco up long enough to faceplant him backwards, over Crimson’s head! The leader of Organized Chaos heads over to where Draco landed, making another pin attempt… 1… 2… but Draco kicks out, keeping everyone in the match.!*

Logan: So far, despite the fact that all of these men have been in a war, we’re getting a great match with no eliminations!

Jones: Somehow, I don’t think that’s going to last much longer, especially since our fourth participant is on their way!

*As the buzzer sounds, the crowd turns towards the entryway, as does Crimson, who wants to know who’s next. “Cocky” by Kid Rock hits the speakers, the theme of the Roman Empire, which brings out Derek “The Thriller” Mobley! The audience boos the former World Champion heavily as he stops on the ramp, looking towards the ring. He taunts a couple of fans, then continues his walk, although he is moving like some of the Big Bifford hits on him just a short while ago are still lingering.*

Jones: Derek managed to survive a tough test earlier tonight, eliminating the Big Bifford to reach this point. But can he survive the talent in the ring, with one more to come?

Logan: Man, bad luck for the Danger Boiz, as this means that they were completely split up by the random drawing! Still, if Crazy Chris can hold on another five minutes, the Danger Boiz still might work together again tonight.

*Crimson, ignoring Mobley for now, pulls up Draco, taking him to the ropes and choking him on them, even as referee Mitchell starts up a five count. Since disqualifications are still in effect, Crimson releases the hold at four, but then reapplies it, getting another four seconds of choking in. Mobley, meanwhile, has taken his time coming down, but now he’s at ringside. He walks around the outside, noticing that Crazy Chris is still trying to recover from the horrendous fall he took earlier. Mobley, with a smirk, comes over to him, grabbing Chris by the mask. He pulls him up and lifts the smaller wrestler onto his shoulder, planning to use him like a battering ram into the turnbuckle post. However, Chris manages to get free at the last second, causing Mobley to hit the post instead, stumbling around it to the other side. As Mobley tries to recover, Chris races forward, grabbing the post and spinning around it with a modified 619, smashing Mobley in the face! Mobley topples over, as Crazy Chris takes a moment to strengthen himself.*

Jones: Who would have thought that we’d have Crazy Chris going toe-to-toe with Derek Mobley??

Logan: Hey, Ultimate Survival always brings out the surprise match-ups, Jonesy! Even with all the veteran talent involved, we could still see a first-year man win out here tonight! Doubt nothing, expect everything, that’s my motto!

*Mobley, completely thrown off, scrambles away from Crazy Chris, managing to roll back into the ring, with Chris in pursuit. Meanwhile, Crimson’s attempted backbreaker has been reversed into a front-face takedown by Draco, who is now pummeling his former ally with hits. Crazy Chris and Mobley are fighting in the opposite corner, with Mobley blocking a Chris punch, then firing back with a few of his own. He grabs Chris and launches him into the corner, then follows, but Chris uses the ropes to get his feet up, knocking Mobley back. Chris then charges forward, but Mobley grabs him in mid-charge, throwing him overhead with both arms. Chris soars across the ring… right towards Draco, who responds with a devastating Momentum Shift!!!! Crazy Chris hits the mat, bent backwards over his legs from the impact! Draco, knowing that Chris is down for the count, drops for the pin… 1… 2… 3!!!!*

Minos: Crazy Chris has been eliminated! Four men left!

Jones: Jesus! Crazy Chris is lucky his head is still attached to his shoulders after that strike!

Logan: Yeah, that was incredible! Bad luck for Crazy Chris, as we are only a minute or so away from our last competitor coming down!

Jones: He put on a great showing, but his night’s over! We’re down to four!

*Draco gets up from the pin, glad of the result, but that smile gets wiped from his face as Derek Mobley rushes in, clotheslining him! Mobley spins Draco 180 degrees, sending him crashing to the mat next to Crazy Chris. It’s Mobley’s turn to be happy, but as he turns, in comes Crimson, leaping forward and spearing Mobley, taking him down as well! Crimson rolls to the side, breathing heavily, as the timer finishes running down. The crowd is on its feet, knowing who’s coming next. “Hell Yeah!” by Zebrahead begins playing, with Dangerous Dan rushing out of the back, intent on taking advantage of everyone being down in the ring! He flies in, sliding under the ropes. Crimson tries to get up to handle him, but Dan’s too fresh, getting a backflip kick that knocks Crimson to his side! Dangerous Dan then uses Mobley’s back as leverage, shoving off of it and flying into Draco with Poetry In Motion, flooring the Hellacious One! Mobley tries to get back up to counter him, but Dan grabs Mobley’s head with one hand and spikes him back to the turf, then lets out a yell to the crowd, showing how pumped up he is!*

Logan: Dangerous Dan is going wild!

Jones: He’s the freshest guy, and he’s also got the passion of avenging his brother energizing him! Look out world, Dangerous Dan is a contender!

*With Draco and Mobley still down, Dangerous Dan heads over to Crimson, who is trying to get back up. Dangerous Dan lands a leaping dropkick, though, sending Crimson stumbling back into the corner! Dan follows him, climbing up and landing a couple of punches, keeping the man in place. Dangerous Dan raises both hands, pointing to the crowd, then climbs onto the top turnbuckle in order to go for a frankensteiner maneuver! However, before he can land it, Draco’s up, diving over to hit the ropes! With his balance upset, Dangerous Dan falls, bouncing off the ropes before landing on the mat with a painful thud! The Television Champion struggles to get back to his feet, but now Mobley’s back up, stomping away on Dangerous Dan. Draco joins in, as does Crimson, with all three men working to take out the freshest opponent!*

Logan: Man, we’re witnessing a mugging!

Jones: Dangerous Dan has no friends left in the match, which makes this almost like a Handicap bout! He went after everyone, so now everyone is going after him!

*With the Television Champion severely beaten down, Mobley stops the carnage, holding out his hands to the two other men. He signals to them that they should work together to get rid of Dangerous Dan, so that they can all focus on winning without worrying about him. The other two seem to agree, with Mobley reaching down and pulling Dangerous Dan up. He slaps the young wrestler across the face, disrespecting him, telling him that he’s playing with the big boys now. After a couple more shots, Mobley holds Dan’s arms and turns him, signaling for Draco to come in. Draco, though, shakes his head, wanting Mobley to let him go, so that he can finish him. Mobley, annoyed, yells for him to come in, so Draco does… and Dangerous Dan pulls away, causing Draco to smash into Mobley, clotheslining him out of the ring! It’s unclear if that’s what Draco had planned or not, as he doesn’t seem particularly bothered by it. He turns back, but Dangerous Dan leaps up, grabbing Draco’s head and snapping him back down, causing him to land on Dan’s knees!! Draco flops to the side, as Dan pulls himself back up… only to get nailed by the Buzz Kill from Crimson!!!! The fans deflate as Crimson makes the pin… 1… 2… 3!!!*

Minos: Dangerous Dan has been eliminated! Three men remaining!

Jones: A great fight from Dangerous Dan, but having three men all gunning for him proved to be too much!

Logan: Damn. So that means that either Crimson, Draco, or Mobley is going to win this one? That’s terrible! Who wrote this?

Jones: Nobody wrote this, Anthony, this is real life! Sometimes the villain gets the girl, or, in this case, the gold ring.

Logan: Well, I guess we’ll see who the fans decide they want to see win out of these guys.

*As Dangerous Dan is helped from the ring, Crimson, still moving slowly, goes over to Draco, continuing their battle. Meanwhile, Mobley has rolled outside the ring, taking a knee on the ground outside, recuperating. He doesn’t seem to care about coming back in, as long as the referee doesn’t notice him. Mitchell has his hands full, though, as Crimson lifts Draco up and powerslams him, making another cover… 1…. 2… no, Draco kicks out! Crimson pulls both men back up, taking a quick look around as if realizing that someone is missing. He doesn’t see Mobley, though, who is kneeling, now, staying out of sight and shushing the crowd that’s trying to alert the ref. Crimson, meanwhile, sends Draco to the ropes, then tries a clothesline, but Draco goes underneath, then springs off the second rope, coming back and catching Crimson’s head, landing the Light’s Out!! Draco, though, is too fatigued to immediately go for the pin, laying on his side.*

Jones: Draco is really putting up a great fight in there, as is Crimson!

Logan: Yeah, but Mobley’s hiding like a little bitch! Ref, get his ass back in there!

Jones: I don’t think there is anything Thomas Mitchell can do, Anthony. Derek’s taking the ‘smart’ strategy right now, letting his opponents do all the fighting.

Logan: The old Mobley never would have done this, damnit…

* Draco slowly pulls himself up, looking towards Crimson, who is barely moving. Draco drops for a cover… 1… 2… but Crimson still has a little fight left, getting a shoulder up. Draco responds by grabbing at Crimson’s hair, taking the man over to the turnbuckle. He chops Crimson a couple of times, then raises him up, placing him on the ‘buckle facing the crowd. Draco goes up to join him, but Crimson starts fighting free, knocking Draco back into the ring. Draco does a roll, though, and immediately is back, leaping up and smacking Crimson in the back of the head before he can free himself from the ‘buckle! Draco then clutches at Crimson’s head with his legs and comes off, dropping with the Hellacious!!! Crimson lands on his head, with Draco holding him for the pin… 1… 2… no, Mobley’s in, breaking it up!! He grabs Draco and tosses him away, sending him through the middle ropes! Mobley then pulls the badly-wounded Crimson up, wasting no time before nailing him with the Thriller!! It’s all but a certainty as Mobley makes his own cover… 1… 2… 3!!!!*

Minos: Tommy Crimson has been eliminated! Two men left!

Logan: Draco takes down Crimson, but Mobley steals the pin!

Jones: Either way, Crimson’s gone after a great fight, lasting longer than all but two men. We’ve got our winner right in front of us, Anthony! Either Draco or Derek is walking out with the gold ring!

Logan: Either the former World Champion or the Rookie of the Month is taking it! Wooo!

*Mobley pulls himself up, patting himself on the back for being the one to pin Crimson. He moves himself around, looking over to where he put Draco. The only problem is, Draco’s airborne, already having sprung off the ropes on his way in to nail Mobley with a corkscrew flying forearm!!! Mobley crashes hard to the mat, with a weakened Draco able to crawl over to him to make the pin… 1… 2…. Mobley kicks out at the last second! Draco, disappointed, pulls himself up and goes to the corner, slowly making the climb. Mobley, meanwhile, struggles to rise, scratching at the mat with his nails to get up. Draco waits for the perfect moment, then leaps off catching Mobley’s head as Draco flips over him, planting the Roman Empire member with The Beginning Of The End!!! Draco slowly rolls over, covering Mobley with his arms, as referee Mitchell obediently makes the count… 1… 2… and Derek raises his arm, pulling his shoulder from the canvas!*

Logan: Man, I thought Draco had him there!

Jones: Mobley is a very hard man to beat, Anthony. Remember, he was not pinned when he lost the World Title. It takes a lot to keep him down for the count!

Logan: Well, then, Draco better hit him with some more, because you know he’s dying to walk out of here the Ultimate Survivor!

*Draco has moved to the side of the ring, using the ropes to get himself up. Both of these men have been through hell to reach this point, and it’s showing on both of their faces. Draco walks painfully over to his downed opponent, grabbing Mobley’s hand to haul him up. He Irish whips Mobley to the corner, sending him crashing into the pads. Draco walks after him, preparing to put Mobley into position for the Hellacious! But Mobley suddenly reaches up, using both hands to rip at Draco’s eyes, blinding him! Mobley then reaches down and lifts up the smaller man in his arms, before coming out of the corner with a running powerbomb!!! It’s a huge impact that nearly takes out referee Mitchell, who had to dive to the side to avoid a collision. Mobley makes the pin, with a recovering Mitchell coming back to make his count… 1… 2… and somehow Draco kicks out! Mobley, his face full of anguish, lies backwards, running his hands across his hair in exhausted frustration.*

Logan: Another great move by Mobley, but Draco won’t stay down!

Jones: You can tell neither man wants to be listed as the runner-up, Anthony.

Logan: Hell no, they don’t! Winning is everything in this sport, Jonesy! While it’s a great testament to how good these guys are that they’ve out-lasted 16 other men, it’s not going to mean anything if they don’t walk out the winner!

*Mobley finally recovers enough to pull himself up, grabbing Draco off the mat. He pulls Draco up onto his shoulders in a fireman’s carry, looking for a way to put the smaller wrestler out of his way. He lifts, flipping Draco over, but Draco pushes off of Mobley’s shoulders, allowing him to flip all the way around and land on his feet, then lash out with the Momentum Shift!! Mobley topples over, knocked senseless, as an off-balance Draco stumbles over to the ropes. He grabs hold, then continues along them, heading for the turnbuckle! He starts climbing, nearly slipping from fatigue before completing his ascent. In the ring, Mobley is up on his hands and knees, then rising to his feet, barely keeping his balance as he stands. He turns, as Draco leaps off the turnbuckle, flying towards him… but Derek catches him as he drops with a huge punch that knocks Draco to his back! Mobley shakes his wrist, hiding it from Mitchell, as he apparently slips something off, putting it in his trunks! Mitchell, clueless, waits as Mobley pulls a weak Draco up, then plunges him back down with the Thriller!!!! Draco is unconscious from the impact, allowing Mobley to fall on top of him, desperately clutching at his legs… 1… 2… 3!!!!*

Minos: Draco has been eliminated, meaning that your 2009 Ultimate Survivor is… Derek “The Thriller” Mobley!

Jones: Derek Mobley has done it!! He’s the #1 Contender again, winning the Ultimate Survival series!!

Logan: Yeah, but did he have something in his hand there at the end to do it?? I thought I saw something…

Jones: I think you’re imagining things, Anthony. Draco came very close to taking this one, which probably gave the ‘experts’ in Las Vegas fits. But in the end, it was the steady veteran who is walking out with the victory, earning that coveted ring and earning the main event match at Capital Punishment!

Logan: Oh, great, and here come his ‘friends’ to celebrate with him.

*Rick Mathis, Warrick Hill, and Lurrr pile into the ring, with Warrick giving Derek a big hug, congratulating him on the victory. Mathis pats him on the arm, saying that the Roman Empire has restored him, while Lurrr stands in the background, nodding his head, but looking slightly concerned at his new man’s success. Mobley, oblivious, is hanging onto Warrick, even as the crowd throws anything they can find into the ring, clearly upset that the ‘traitor’ has triumphed. We leave the scene to go backstage, where Cynthia Hall is standing next to a very unlikely interviewee: Peter “The Janitor” Vaughn! Vaughn gets a small cheer from the crowd as he looks to the camera, an ice pack drooped over both shoulders.*

Cynthia Hall: I’m here with Peter Vaughn, who wrestled in his very first match earlier tonight. How are you feeling, Peter?

Peter Vaughn: I can’t feel my pelvis.

Cynthia Hall: I’m… sorry to hear that, Peter. But it must have been a rush, to finally be in the ring with some of the men that you’ve worked with for months now in the new GCWA.

Peter Vaughn: A rush? Oh, it was a rush. I think I rushed myself at least twice during the match!

Cynthia Hall: In that case, thanks for showering before this interview.

Peter Vaughn: You are welcome. I always try to be respectful to the ladies. So, ummm, do I look more macho now?

Cynthia Hall: I’m sure to some women you’ve become more desirable, having been in the ring.

Peter Vaughn: Maybe some good will come out of this, then. I’m just glad it’s over…

*Suddenly Vaughn is tossed down hard to the floor. The interviewer, Cynthia, smartly runs away. A man enters the picture wearing a black t-shirt and black jeans, with his long hair obscuring him. He's yelling insults and obscenities at Vaughn. He repeatedly stomps The Janitor. The unknown man picks Vaughn up and throws him into the wall. He gets on top of The Janitor and starts punching him until he gets bored. He picks the Janitor and gives him a hard DDT onto the floor. He sets Vaughn up and gives him a vicious curb stomp! The Janitor gets up on all fours, and you can see him bleeding profusely, some of it dropping onto the floor. The unknown man points it out.*


**The unknown individual kicks Vaughn in the stomach, flipping him over. He applies the Liontamer to Vaughn. Vaughn screams out in agony and possibly regrets ever being in the wrestling ring. Vaughn's assailant figures he's had enough, so he lets Vaughn go, but not without giving him one last hard stomp on his back for good measure. He turns toward the camera.*

???: You don't know who I am, but you won't stop talking about me soon enough. I am Seth Eldritch, and I am an affliction upon GCWA! You wonder, "Why would I want to assault the poor janitor who hasn't done anything wrong?" This idiot was wasting valuable time and space on a supposedly professional pay per view event! It's an insult to anyone intelligent that anyone should be asked to see a janitor get his ass beat, but that would require me to admit that anyone purchasing this is intelligent, which is clearly not the case!

*The crowd roars its disapproval at Eldritch by booing lustily.*

Seth Eldritch: Do you think I care what you think? I'm not here to win friends, I'm here to cripple anyone who gets in my way and take what I desire the most. A taste of success. Championship gold. Money, fame, and ladies. I could come out here and make claims about how superior I am, but who's going to listen to some unproven hothead? I'll wait until I unleash hell upon the stars of GCWA! It's a shame I arrived too late, though. I could have spared you the agony of seeing an hourly-wage earning employee make a mockery out of the sport of professional wrestling! It's a shame I couldn't be in Ultimate Survival, and win my shot at the GCWA World Heavyweight Championship!

*He turns around and sees Vaughn trying to get up, he kicks him in the back of the head. The crowd continues to boo.*

Seth Eldritch: I'll be there sooner than you think, and you go on ahead and cheer losers like Marcus Ka'Derrion who is trying to wrest the title away from an absentee Shane Donovan. Go ahead and cheer over the prime, washed up, has-beens like Big Bifford and The Lost Soul! I don't need your support! I...only need gold.

*Eldritch walks away, leaving Vaughn bleeding, trying to pick himself up. The camera focuses on the man, who is trying to speak.*

Peter Vaughn: I hate…. Ace…. So much…. Right now….

*Vaughn collapses back to the ground, as medics appear, checking on him. We leave him behind to go to ringside.*

Logan: Damn! This just wasn’t Pete’s day!

Jones: So apparently we’ve got a newcomer with a lot of fire, don’t we? This Seth Eldritch did a major job working over “The Janitor”, making a statement to the rest of the locker room.

Logan: What, that he can beat up a guy who was thrown into a wrestling match? Message received. Good for him. Hopefully we’ll get to see him in a real test very soon.

Jones: It’s time for our main event, and it’s going to be epic! Roll the tape!

*A video montage begins to play, showing Shane Donovan blinding the Ice Man, then pinning him to become the GCWA World Heavyweight Champion. Donovan is shown, gloating, the next night, when it’s revealed to him that Marcus Ka’Derrion is going to be the new #1 Contender. We see shots of Ka’Derrion talking with Ace about the announcement, then switch to the contract signing, as Ka’Derrion hesitates signing, only doing it after a quick walk away from the ring. Donovan responds by ambushing Ka’Derrion with a title shot to the head. The President, though, announces afterwards that, because of the assault, Ka’Derrion now gets the choice of what type of match they are going to have. We see footage of Donovan adding a little pressure by being the referee during the Ka’Derrion/Willis match, teasing ending Ka’Derrion’s winning streak. Ka’Derrion responds by attacking Donovan twice during the night, considering a “TLC” match and an “Ambulance” match, among others. But after a talk with Titan 3, the IC Champ makes up his mind, announcing an Iron Man match! Clips of both men training for such a match are shown, as the clip slowly ends, taking us back to Minos, who is standing, ready for introductions, inside the ropes.*

Minos: It is now time for our main event of the evening! This match will be a “60-Minute Iron Man” Match for the GCWA Heavyweight Championship Of The World!!

*The audience cheers loudly, always loving it when Minos makes that announcement. You can feel an energy in the air from the crowd, as they want to see a change here tonight.*

Minos: Introducing first, the challenger. Since coming onto the scene, he has faced no foe he could not vanquish. He has taken on every challenge and succeeded triumphantly. He stands 6’1” and weighs 210 lbs. He is the undisputed, undefeated, Intercontinental Heavyweight Champion, “His Legacy” Marcus Ka’Derrion!

*As “No More Sorrow” by Linkin Park begins to play, the crowd goes bananas, cheering loudly for their favorite in the bout. Marcus Ka’Derrion walks out of the back holding his title up high, showing more confidence than expected. He heads for the ring, making sure not to rush down the stage as he goes.*

Jones: It’s been a long, hard road for Marcus Ka’Derrion, but he’s finally reached the point where he can surpass his father’s legacy. The man is already undefeated, but to win a World Title on top of that? You know his dad has to be proud, wherever he is.

Logan: I’m just glad his mother is still in one piece after that weird adventure he had this week in Aruba.

Jones: What happened to his mother? It sounded to me like she had a wonderful vacation for Mother’s Day.

Logan: Well, yeah, that’s what SHE remembers… wait, you didn’t see… about Lucy?

Jones: Lucy? You mean Marcus’ one-time girlfriend?

Logan: Yeah, aka the DEVIL!

Jones: …. Are you high, Anthony?

Logan: No, but I wish I was. Man, I hope me remembering that doesn’t mean my soul’s in jeopardy, too.

Jones: What?

Logan: NEVER MIND! Just get on with the show!

Minos: And now, making his way to the ring… He has become the self-proclaimed face of his generation, having broken through last month at Blood On The Battlefield. Standing 6’0” and weighing 236 lbs, from Norfolk, Virginia, he is the undisputed GCWA Heavyweight Champion of the World, “The Man Made Monster” Shane Donovan!

*The crowd had started booing almost as soon as Minos started, nearly drowning out his introduction. Shane Donovan walks out to “God In Extension” by Jack Daw, the crowd reaction not bothering him in the slightest. Stepping out behind the champion is his old ‘friend’, Destiny Daniels, who seems to enjoy being underneath the lights again. Donovan shines the gold belt around his waist with one hand, admiring its glow in the lights, before heading towards the squared circle.*

Jones: While Marcus spent the weekend with his mother, Donovan spent a week with his women. Of course, that led to one of them beating the hell out of the other!

Logan: Wooohoo, cat fight!

Jones: The fact of the matter, Anthony, is that the lady with Shane right now, Destiny, brutally beat down a girl whose sole crime was not giving Shane another chance after she caught the World Champion dancing with another woman!

Logan: Hey, that was all a misunderstanding, Jonesy. Sara should have given him the opportunity to explain, at least.

Jones: So do you think that’s going to happen now, after Destiny decked her and went to jail because of it?

Logan: The odds are pretty strongly against it.

*The Bell Rings.*

Logan: Start the timer!

Jones: Yes, the clock is now going! Over the next hour, these two competitors must try to get as many pinfalls and submissions over their opponents as they can. The one with the most at the end will be the champion!

Logan: I wonder if 60 minutes is long enough to get pins from these guys? I mean, Marcus has NEVER been pinned, and Donovan’s one of the best young talents in the world. This could be a very close match.

Jones: I’m just glad we have two referees at ringside. We’ve got Mark Bell in the ring, but we’ve also got Thomas Mitchell on the outside, watching for any trouble in case he is needed. No ref-bump pins tonight!

*Donovan looks extremely confident, as he prepares himself in his corner. Ka’Derrion looks ready to go right now, waving for Donovan to meet him in the center of the ring, but Donovan mocks a yawn instead, then steps out of the ring when Ka’Derrion approaches him, milking the clock. The referee, Mark Bell, keeps Ka’Derrion back, since Donovan is in the ropes. The fans boo, wanting to see some action, but clearly the World Champion is not in any hurry to waste his energy. Referee Bell warns Donovan, wanting them to engage, so Donovan finally steps back in, grinning at the frustration already on the young Ka’Derrion’s face. Donovan waves him on like a child, wanting to get things going now, but Marcus suddenly clears his face and turns away, as if to leave himself! Donovan, confused, looks at the referee, but Marcus is still turning, twisting back around and charging at the champion, spearing him and causing the crowd to go wild!*

Logan: Marcus just turned Donovan’s tactics around to bite him in the ass!

Jones: There’s no doubt that Ka’Derrion is fired up about this match! He’s got a lot riding on this match, including his undefeated streak. Donovan may have a game plan, but Ka’Derrion looks like he just wants to fight!

*Referee Bell shoots a warning at Ka’Derrion, who was using his fists to swing heavily at Donovan. Marcus relents, pulling Donovan up instead. Donovan immediately responds with an eye rake, blinding the IC Champ. Donovan takes a second to breathe, ignoring his own reprimand from the ref. He waves Bell out of his face, mentioning this he’s the World Champion and to stop bothering him, then steps forward, grabbing Marcus to go for a northern lights suplex. But Ka’Derrion immediately responds, spinning out of the hold and locking onto Donovan’s head for a neckbreaker! Donovan shoves him off, saving himself the drop to the canvas, but Ka’Derrion races to the ropes and returns, leaping high and splashing Donovan to the mat! Ka’Derrion grabs at the legs as referee Bell drops for the count… 1… 2… and Donovan kicks out, keeping from the first fall of the match.*

Jones: Ka’Derrion nearly took the lead right there, using his impressive skills to keep the World Champion off-balance!

Logan: I gotta admit, I’m seeing a little ring rust in there. Donovan was so proud about winning the World Title, he took the last few weeks off, basking in the glow of the belt. That may be putting him in a bad way here tonight, especially since he has to go a full 60-minutes!

Jones: Well, Donovan hasn’t been wrestling much on television, but I’m sure he’s kept training. Don’t write off the champ too early, Anthony, because this is going to be a long fight.

*Ka’Derrion has brought Donovan up to his feet during the announcers’ discussion, twisting Donovan around into an abdominal stretch. He contorts Donovan’s midsection, causing the champion to grunt in pain. The World Champion is quick to shake his head no, though, as referee Bell checks on his condition. Donovan struggles against the hold, trying to get his arm free, as Marcus works to keep the pressure on, knowing that he’s draining some of Shane’s stamina. After a few more moments in the hold, though, Marcus releases it, causing an off-balance Donovan to fall to the ground, hurting. Ka’Derrion moves in behind Shane, apparently having released one submission hold in order to go for another! He steps over the World Champion, grabbing his arms and placing him into a camel clutch! Donovan’s eyes go wide as more damage is dished out, with referee Bell staying close by.*

Jones: Is it possible that Donovan greatly underestimated his opponent here tonight? All he could talk about in his interviews was that Marcus had not beaten anyone worth noting, compared to his own record.

Logan: Well, Donovan better start changing his opinion quickly, I think, because Marcus Ka’Derrion is dominating this one early!

Jones: I didn’t see this coming at all, I have to admit!

*Destiny Daniels is up on the apron now, yelling at both Marcus and Shane. Referee Bell ignores her, as the other referee on the outside, Mitchell, starts ordering her down, threatening to get a DQ issued. Destiny, angry, comes down and starts arguing bitterly with Mitchell, with the referee clearly nervous about taking a beating. In the ring, Donovan still refuses to get up, dragging himself towards the nearby ropes. Ka’Derrion lets Shane struggle, keeping the hold on tight. With one last push, Donovan reaches the ropes, forcing the referee to call for the break. Ka’Derrion does it with no complaints, as there is still a lot of match left to go. As soon as he does, Destiny is back up on the apron, cursing Marcus out! Ka’Derrion looks towards her, a little surprised by the language that is heading his way, but he shrugs it off, trying to ignore it. He goes back to where Donovan is struggling to get to his feet, grabbing him from behind… and Donovan turns and swings, using the brass knuckles now on his fingers in an uppercut, snapping Ka’Derrion backwards!!! Referee Bell, who was right there in plain sight, immediately waves his hands, signaling that there has been a fall!*

Minos: Shane Donovan has been disqualified! Marcus Ka’Derrion leads 1-0!

Logan: Whoa! Donovan gets DQ’ed!

Jones: Why did he do that? Donovan just threw away a fall!

Logan: Yeah, but look at Ka’Derrion! He might be out cold! And we’re just getting started in this one! Donovan’s game plan just became clear!

*Donovan, no longer needing the brass knuckles, casually tosses them to referee Bell, who disposes of them out of the ring. With the required 10 seconds between falls now passed, Donovan walks over to the still-down Ka’Derrion, taking a moment to stretch out the kinks in his back from the camel clutch he was in. Ka’Derrion isn’t moving, with some blood having appeared on his bottom lip, which is cut open. The World Champion leans over, dragging the hurting Ka’Derrion up, then immediately takes him back down with a DDT, stunning him some more. Donovan makes a cocky pin, with the referee right there… 1…. 2… and somehow Ka’Derrion raises his shoulder! Donovan, more angry than surprised, pulls Ka’Derrion up again, immediately locking him into a specific position, stepping over his arms. He leaps up with a styles clash variation, smashing Marcus into the mat with no protection whatsoever!! Ka’Derrion’s lip seems to be bleeding even more now as Donovan rolls him over and makes the cover… 1… 2… 3!!!!!*

Minos: With that fall, we are now tied 1-1. Ten minutes into the match!

Jones: We’re tied up again, after Donovan gets the first-ever pin on Marcus Ka’Derrion!

Logan: Yeah, but he had to cheat to do it, damnit! Ka’Derrion would have still been in control if Shane hadn’t used those brass knuckles!

Jones: Unfortunately, Anthony, it still counts, putting Marcus in a major disadvantage. I believe that move is being called the Static Fade, another weapon in Shane Donovan’s arsenal!

Logan: Well, sad to say, it worked.

*Donovan is standing, gloating to Destiny about what he’s done, as well as what’s to come next. Ka’Derrion has barely moved, still pretty much out of it from the last hit he took. Referee Bell signals that ten seconds have gone by, so Donovan cockily walks forward. He immediately grabs Ka’Derrion, twisting him around so that Shane can get his legs wrapped around him, locking on the Clincher!! The World Champion cranks back on the submission hold, even as he smiles, knowing that Ka’Derrion is not conscious enough to struggle free. Referee Bell steps in, watching the action carefully. He grabs Marcus’ arm and raises it once, twice, and then a third time. All three times the arm falls back to the mat, although there was a slight flutter on the last one. It isn’t enough, as referee Bell, with no other choice, makes the signal for another fall.*

Minos: Due to the referee’s decision via submission, Shane Donovan now leads 2-1!

Jones: Marcus is falling further and further behind, Anthony.

Logan: Yeah, man, I’m starting to wonder if he’s even got a chance now. Shane Donovan may be a son of a bitch, but he’s a SMART son of a bitch! He can probably rack up several more falls and be able to claim a dominating victory over the previously-unbeaten Ka’Derrion, at this rate.,p> Jones: So you think this was Donovan’s game plan all along, then?

Logan: I almost guarantee it. Why else would Donovan have those brass knuckles? Let’s face it, man, the World Champion has tricked the system here tonight, using a loophole to take control. The fat lady might be singing any time now.

*The crowd is extremely upset, throwing trash towards the ring, which the referees are quick to get rid of. Donovan has gone to a neutral corner, waiting out the 10 seconds, while apparently enjoying the negative reaction. While referee Bell signals for the fighting to begin again, Donovan instead leans down, talking with Destiny about what’s happened. Destiny has a pretty big smile on her face, although she clearly wants Shane to do a little more damage to Ka’Derrion, who had the audacity to think he was in her man’s league. She turns away, mouthing off to the fans, while Donovan laughs it off. He turns back, going over to the downed Ka’Derrion, who still isn’t getting up. Shane drags Ka’Derrion to the middle of the ring, considers him, then puts his boot across Marcus’ chest, making a show-boating pin attempt. Referee Bell, forced to take it seriously, goes down to make the count… 1… 2… and Ka’Derrion raises his arm, shocking the champion!*

Jones: And that’s one more, wait, did Ka’Derrion just kick out?

Logan: Wow, I guess he DOES still have some fight left in him! I thought we were just going to see pinfalls from Donovan from here on out!

Jones: We still might, Anthony. Marcus kicked out from a weak pin, but that doesn’t mean he’s right back into this one. Heart can only get you so far when you’ve taken as much abuse as he has.

*Donovan is in complete disbelief, thinking that he had beaten all the fight out of the younger challenger. He looks over at Destiny, who is not impressed. She gestures for Shane to pulverize him some more, with Donovan nodding to himself. He grabs at Ka’Derrion’s arm, slowly bringing the IC Champion to his feet. Marcus can barely stand, so Donovan brings him to the corner, hammering Marcus’ head into the ‘buckle. Donovan, regaining his cocky attitude, lifts Ka’Derrion onto the turnbuckle, then follows him up, preparing for a super back suplex. However, as Donovan comes off, Ka’Derrion grabs at the ropes next to the top ‘buckle, hanging on! Donovan, already in motion, can’t stop himself, falling backwards and crashing to the mat! He rolls, holding the back of his head, while Ka’Derrion slumps on the turnbuckle, spitting blood out of his mouth.*

Logan: This could be Marcus Ka’Derrion’s only chance!

Jones: He’s got a chance to recover here, but he can’t take too long, because Donovan is already starting to get himself back up!

*Ka’Derrion, blinking his eyes clear, watches as the World Champion rises up, rubbing his head. Donovan looks more annoyed than hurt. He comes back over, planning to try again, but Ka’Derrion lifts a boot, kicking him away! Donovan walks a few steps back, then turns around, but Marcus is already airborne, getting a flying clothesline!! Donovan’s down, with the crowd cheering wildly (and Destiny obviously upset). Ka’Derrion tiredly puts an arm across Donovan, with referee Bell right there to count it… 1… 2… Donovan kicks out. Ka’Derrion doesn’t worry about it, as he drags himself to his feet, still trying to completely clear his head from the abuse he has taken. There is a trail of blood coming from his split lip, giving him a very eerie look. As Donovan struggles back to his feet, Ka’Derrion steps in behind him, locking on a full nelson, then bringing Donovan to the ground with a full nelson suplex!! Ka’Derrion again tries a cover, this time getting more of his body weight across the champion…. 1… 2… and Donovan kicks out again.*

Jones: Ka’Derrion’s trying to get going in this one again, but he’s still down a fall right now.

Logan: Yeah, but if he can keep on the attack, he’s still got a chance to take that belt away from Shane. He’s just gotta keep working at it!

*Marcus is now sitting on the mat. Anyone who’s been in a tough fight knows that your ability to think can start to get cloudy the longer it takes. Ka’Derrion reaches for the ropes, pulling himself up. He starts towards Donovan again, but stops when he realizes that hands are wrapped around his ankle! Destiny, from the outside, has latched on and is refusing to let go, despite the referee warnings. Ka’Derrion manages to kick her away, but he was distracted too long, as Donovan comes leaping in, catching Marcus by surprise with a flying forearm!! Both men are down, trying to recover, even as referee Bell finishes telling Destiny that if he catches her interfering again, he has no fear in adding another DQ to Donovan’s count. Donovan is the first one up. He moves over to Ka’Derrion, opting to immediately go for a pinfall… 1… 2… and Ka’Derrion doesn’t stay down, keeping the count where it is, even as Minos makes another official announcement.*

Minos: Twenty minutes in, forty minutes to go!

Logan: This is the point where your muscles start to ache worse and worse as the fight goes on. Most matches nowadays last maybe 10-20 minutes. No matter what these two did to train, their bodies aren’t going to be used to this.

Jones: It’s going to become a battle of will soon. Who will have the stamina to go the extra mile and come out the winner?

*Donovan, wiping the sweat out of his eyes, slowly brings Ka’Derrion up. He knows he’s in the lead, so he has no problem stretching things out. He grabs the ailing challenger and sends him into the ropes, then goes for a side slam of some sort. But Ka’Derrion uses Shane’s arm as a stable post, swinging up it and getting his feet around Donovan’s head, taking him back down with a hurricanrana!! Donovan hits hard, as Ka’Derrion scrambles over despite the pin to make the cover… 1… 2… no, Donovan kicks out! Marcus slaps at the mat, wanting that last strike from the ref, but Bell confirms that Donovan was not pinned. Ka’Derrion brings both men back up, immediately picking up Donovan and bodyslamming him. Ka’Derrion then stumbles to the corner, shaking his head clear before making the climb. He takes a couple of steps and comes off, landing a flying elbow from the second turnbuckle! Donovan’s legs shake, even as Ka’Derrion recovers. He goes to make another pin attempt, with referee Bell obediently making the count… 1… 2… the champion will not stay down!*

Logan: C’mon, Marcus, you still have plenty of time, don’t get frustrated!

Jones: Shane Donovan is taking a lot of abuse, but he is still keeping his shoulders off the mat. Right now, he’s got all the advantages.

Logan: Yeah, well, those advantages are going bye bye if he doesn’t get back in control!

*Ka’Derrion is slowly rising, as the crowd starts up a “Marcus” chant. A few dissenters who like the bad guys are calling Shane’s name, but Marcus is clearly the winner in that department. Ka’Derrion is barely listening, though, as he’s thinking through his next move. He reaches down, bringing the World Champion upwards in preparation for another maneuver, but Donovan doesn’t let it get that far, throwing a stiff punch into Marcus’ Adams apple!! Marcus, choking, lets go, stumbling against the ropes as he tries to massage his throat and release the sudden tension on it. Donovan, after a moment’s rest, comes in, grabbing Marcus’ arm and kneeing him in the gut. He goes to whip Marcus across the ring, but Ka’Derrion reverses it, sending the World Champion instead. Donovan, though, is able to stop himself on the opposite ropes, hanging on to stop his momentum. But Ka’Derrion is already running forward himself, getting a Cactus clothesline sending both men to the outside floor!!!*

Jones: What a plunge!! I don’t think either guy landed very safely there!

Logan: Countouts still count, right?

Jones: That’s right, Anthony! If someone’s counted out, that’s just added to the total!

Logan: Then that means that both men are at risk!

*Referee Bell, from inside the ring, starts his 10 count, even as both wrestlers try to recover from the fall they just took. Ka’Derrion is the first man up, as he looks around for his opponent. Donovan, meanwhile, has been helped up by Destiny, who turns, blocking Marcus from getting to him! Marcus hesitates, possibly comparing Destiny to the ‘woman’ he hit, Lucy, as the crowd cheers for him to go ahead and do it! But Ka’Derrion opts to shove Destiny out of the way instead. Unfortunately, this gives Donovan access, as he goes back to Ka’Derrion’s eyes, blinding him! Marcus stumbles away, trying to clear his vision, while Donovan says something to Destiny. He moves in front of her, going to grab Ka’Derrion, who shoves off the side of the apron and comes back with a superkick! Oh, but Donovan ducks out of the way…. and Destiny takes a shot straight underneath the chin!!!! Destiny collapses to the ground, while Ka’Derrion looks down at her, in shock with what he just did.*

Jones: Jesus! Man on woman violence! The President is not going to be pleased!

Logan: Hey, Destiny got too close to the action, Edds. It happens sometimes. What Marcus needs to do is forget about her and get back to the fight, because both men are nearing getting counted out!

*Ka’Derrion looks down at Destiny, but as he does so, Donovan comes back in, hammering Ka’Derrion from the side with a shoulder block into the apron!! Ka’Derrion falls to his knees, his hands still on the apron, as Donovan rolls into the ring, then comes back out, having stopped the count temporarily. He glances at Destiny, but it’s hard to read how he feels about her taking that hit for him. Referee Mitchell is in the process of calling for the medics to come down to check on her. Donovan, meanwhile, goes back to concentrating on Ka’Derrion, taking him and sending him into the side of the ringpost, causing Ka’Derrion, grimacing, to fall back to the hard mats outside the ring. Ka’Derrion starts crawling away, going around the ring edge, with Donovan following him, looking to take him out for the rest of the bout. He snags Ka’Derrion’s hair to get him upright, but Marcus reacts with an elbow to the gut, knocking Donovan off. Ka’Derrion then grabs the World Champion and whips him violently into the guardrail, causing a massive cracking sound as the champ’s back meets the steel!*

Logan: We’re getting hardcore, baybee!

Jones: It seems that way, but hardcore rules don’t apply, Anthony! The referee is almost to 10, which means both men will be counted out!

Logan: Yeah, but it looks like that fact hasn’t slipped Marcus’ mind, Jonesy.

*With the count getting closer and closer to 10, Ka’Derrion pulls Donovan off of the railing, rolling him bodily back into the ring. Ka’Derrion follows, stopping the count. He takes a moment to look to the outside, where Destiny is being tended to by the medics. Marcus angrily shakes his head, then looks down at Donovan, who is trying to get up. Marcus snaps a kick off, slamming it into Donovan’s ribs and causing him to roll over onto his back, groaning. Marcus again looks to the outside, then decides to head out, stepping through the ropes and going to the floor. But it’s not to check on Destiny. Instead, Marcus comes around, reaching in to grab Donovan’s legs and pull him towards the turnbuckle, wrapping his legs around it! Marcus gives a yank, slamming Donovan’s lower body into the post, causing a lot of the male audience to groan in suppressed sympathy. Ka’Derrion’s not through yet, though, as he grabs Donovan’s legs and wraps his own around him, applying a figure four leglock on the post!!! Donovan is yelling in pain now, feeling like his leg is about to be broken, as referee Bell tries to get Marcus to break the hold, beginning his 5 count. But Ka’Derrion isn’t listening, as he’s releasing all his fury, working to possibly end Donovan’s career!! The ref has no choice, signaling to Minos, as Mitchell comes over to help, trying to pry Marcus’ legs away from the World Champion’s.*

Minos: Marcus Ka’Derrion has been disqualified! Shane Donovan leads 3-1, we are under 30 minutes left!

Jones: Oh my gosh! That was just what Marcus did NOT need, Anthony!

Logan: Yeah, we’re halfway through and Ka’Derrion is down two falls! The fans are not happy, but what was Mark Bell supposed to do? Everyone’s got to follow the rules, y’know!

Jones: Still, this did a lot of damage to the World Champion. Do you think this will work in the same way that the brass knuckles did?

Logan: We can only hope so, Jonesy! Ka’Derrion needs to get focused, quick!

*Ka’Derrion has released the hold, finally listening to the referee on the outside. He looks a little shocked by what he just did, having lost it for a minute. In the ring, Donovan is crawling away, his legs obviously is pretty bad shape. He is looking for a place where he can recuperate. Ka’Derrion, shaking his head clear once more, reaches up and gets himself back into the ring, stopping any possibility of a countout that would put him even further behind. Donovan is now hanging onto the ropes on the side, either trying to get up or trying to get out of the ring. Marcus decides neither will work, as he reaches down, grabbing Donovan’s legs and pulling him off the ropes, sending him up, then back down to the mat! Donovan, stunned, cannot fight back, as Ka’Derrion starts dropping his knee onto the World Champion’s leg, working to do as much damage as possible!*

Logan: Somehow I don’t think Shane Donovan is going out dancing after this show!

Jones: Neither man will do much more than collapse when this match is complete, as they are inflicting some serious damage tonight!

Logan: Yeah, you’d think these guys had been feuding all their lives, instead of over the last month! The two young superstars of the GCWA are giving it all they’ve got for us here tonight! It’s a once-in-a-lifetime match: the first bout of Donovan/Ka’Derrion! I bet they’re talking about this one years from now!

Jones: It has to finish first, Anthony, and the way things go here in the GCWA, I’m taking nothing for granted!

*Marcus continues the assult on the World Champion’s legs, grabbing one and lifting Donovan off the ground, before slamming his knee back into the mat! Donovan tries to kick Marcus away, but Ka’Derrion has too tight a grip, refusing to go away. Shane then grabs at the ropes, almost begging the referee outside the ring to call for the break. Mitchell has no control over that, though, and before Bell can do anything other than start a count, the IC Champion drags Donovan off the ropes to the center, with the World Champion struggling to get free without success. Ka’Derrion lifts up both of Donovan’s legs, causing Shane to raise his hands, pleading for Marcus not to go through with it! He yells “No! No!” while shaking his hands at the challenger, but Ka’Derrion is barely listening. Instead, Ka’Derrion twists Donovan around, applying the PainKiller!!!*

Jones: Donovan’s in a world of hurt, Anthony!!!

Logan: Yep, that’s the move that won the Punisher hundreds of matches, and the way Donovan’s legs already were, he’s got to be in agony!! Can even the World Champion survive this move?

*Referee Bell hovers around the wounded champion, as Donovan groans in agony. His legs, which were already not in the best shape, are being pulverized in Ka’Derrion’s merciless submission hold. Shane grabs his hair, his eyes clenched tightly from the pain. He is in the dead center of the ring, with no hope of getting to the ropes. Ka’Derrion, showing his teeth despite his bloody lips (or possibly because of them), puts all his weight into the submission hold, as if trying to take Donovan’s legs home with him as a souvenir of the fight. Donovan lets out another yell, putting his head on the mat. Finally, with no other recourse if he wants to continue the match, Donovan starts tapping, nodding his head frantically to the referee in order to get the hold to be released! Referee Bell tells Ka’Derrion and signals to the outside, making it official!*

Minos: Shane Donovan has submitted, bringing this match to 3-2! Under twenty-three minutes remaining!

Logan: Shane Donovan just had no choice there. In fact, he may have held on a little too long in a match like this!

Jones: His legs have to be in terrible shape now, after successive submission holds applied by Ka’Derrion! Still, he just has to hang in there and keep the lead he has. Marcus is the one playing catch-up!

Logan: But can the man hang in when he can’t even stand up?

*Ka’Derrion slumps to his side, having released the hold. Donovan is grabbing at his leg, still feeling the intense pain. He seems to be trying to massage some feeling back into his calfs, which might be cramping due to what they just went through. Ka’Derrion moves wearily over to the ropes, dropping to a knee. He is trying to get his own strength back, his hands shaking slightly from adrenaline withdrawal. He is still in fighting mode, though, as he comes over to Donovan, dropping a leg across the World Champ’s exposed throat and trying a pinfall… 1…. 2…. Donovan manages to kick out at the last second! Marcus blinks tiredly at referee Bell, who shows how close the pin attempt was. With an annoyed grunt, Ka’Derrion pushes himself back up, reconsidering his attack. He decides to go back to what worked, grabbing at Donovan’s aching legs again! Donovan arches his back, desperate to keep from getting put in the PainKiller again. As Marcus tries to turn him over, Shane gets a leg free, shoving Ka’Derrion from behind and sending the Intercontinental Champion through the ropes and out of the ring!!*

Jones: Geez, Ka’Derrion just took a hard fall!

Logan: That was an amazing stroke of luck for Shane, as not only does he get to rest, he might even get a countout win because of it!

Jones: Marcus has ten seconds, give or take, to recover from that fall and get back into the ring!

*With Shane egging referee Bell on, the ref starts the count, working his way upwards. The crowd is trying to inspire Marcus, yelling for him to get up. Donovan, meanwhile, sits up, trying to shake blood back into his legs. He waves to the ref to count faster, but referee Bell is keeping it smooth and steady. He reaches seven, then eight, when Marcus’ hand suddenly appears, grasping at the apron! Donovan, frantic, yells for referee Bell to finish, his eyes focusing on the outside. Bell counts to 9, as Marcus’ head pops up, still dizzy from the landing he took. Before Bell can finish his final count, Ka’Derrion slides his body forward, breaking the count and keeping from falling further behind! Donovan, meanwhile, is moving to the ropes, using them to help himself up. He can barely put weight on his left leg. He starts to head towards Ka’Derrion, then glances backwards at the clock, knowing that he’s in the lead.*

Minos: We are now under 20 minutes! Less than 20 minutes remaining!

Jones: It has been 40 intense minutes of action to get us to this point, with both men barely able to stand!

Logan: That’s why they call it an Iron Man match, Jonesy! Only the toughest survive! It looks like Donovan’s putting his brain to work again, allowing Marcus to come to him instead of going on the attack.

Jones: Marcus is still a fall behind, so if something doesn’t change in the next 19 minutes or so, he’s not getting that belt!

*As Ka’Derrion struggles to his feet, Donovan steps out of the ring, lowering himself to the apron and dropping to the floor. He limps around the ring, using the chance to stretch his legs back into place. Referee Bell starts to do the count, while Ka’Derrion pulls himself together, realizing that Donovan is out of range. The clock is ticking, so Marcus rolls out of the ring in pursuit, going after the World Champion. Donovan, seeing him coming, quickly rolls himself into the ring. As Ka’Derrion follows, Donovan drops on him with a double axehandle, stunning the man. Donovan adds in a couple more punches, working to keep Marcus down on the mat. He slides around Ka’Derrion’s head, appling a crossface submission hold, working the ground game!*

Logan: Man, Donovan is doing exactly what he needs to do at this time. He’s grounding Ka’Derrion and running out the clock at the very same time!

Jones: I don’t think he has the hold quite in the best position, but it’s still enough to provide more stress on the frame of the Intercontinental Champion. Ka’Derrion needs to find a way out of this, and quickly.

*Referee Bell watches closely while Donovan yanks back on Ka’Derrion’s neck, hoping for a surprise submission. But Marcus isn’t giving up, as he refuses to submit to the hold. Referee Bell, meanwhile, has noticed that the outside referee, Mitchell, is calling to him. Mitchell points out Ka’Derrion’s feet, which have moved around to stick partially under the ropes! Referee Bell takes note and calls for the break, announcing to the World Champion that he’s risking a DQ by continuing the hold. Knowing what this would mean, Donovan releases the hold, even as he angrily curses at Bell. He struggles up, holding onto Ka’Derrion’s arm to pull him partially up as well. Marcus stops halfway up, though, getting Donovan’s head and dropping with a jawbreaker, sending both men reeling!! Donovan staggers over to the ropes, a hand clenched over his mouth, while Ka’Derrion, on the other side, tries to get himself up. They both have the same idea at the same time, rushing forward and getting a double clothesline that sends both to the canvas!!*

Jones: A huge collision just wiped out both wrestlers! Will either be able to beat the count-out?

Logan: Well, if both are counted out, Donovan still stays in the lead. But if Ka’Derrion gets up in time, he could tie it up!

Jones: The exhaustion is extremely visible. After such a long amount of time, I don’t know if either man has it in them to continue!

*Mark Bell stands over both men, starting his count, as the fans try to cheer Marcus back to his feet. The count, though, continues, with both men stirring on the canvas. The first one to move, surprisingly, is Donovan, who rolls to his stomach, holding his hands over his head. Ka’Derrion, dazed, tries to sit up, but falls to his back again, looking like he has no idea where he is. Bell reaches 7, getting closer and closer to a double count-out. But Donovan reacts, doing a push-up off the mat, while Ka’Derrion moves to his side, looking for something to grab to aid him on his way. The crowd starts to chant “Bring The Pain, Bring The Pain”, echoing throughout the arena, with Ka’Derrion reacting by shoving himself upwards. Both men move on opposite sides of the ring, with the ropes coming in handy. Just before Bell finishes his count, both men are up, earning a small cheer from the audience (mainly for Ka’Derrion). Bell signals for them to go at it, almost like the start of the match, with the two adversaries staring each other down, knowing that it’s the final stretch of the contest.*

Logan: So where do we sit, man, I’m losing track.

Jones: Donovan is still ahead by one fall, which means that Marcus has to go on the offensive, because we’re rapidly getting down to the final 10 minutes.

Logan: That may seem like a ton of time left on the clock, but when you’re this tired, that clock is seemingly moving at warp speed when you’re behind.

*Ka’Derrion staggers over to Donovan, looking to lock up, but Donovan kicks out while balancing on the ropes, bending Marcus over. Shane then grabs Marcus under the arms and drops, sending the IC champ face-first into the mat! Ka’Derrion is down, with Donovan rolling him over to make the pin... 1… 2… and referee Mitchell is there, noting that Donovan tried to put his feet on the ropes for added leverage!! Bell, who was an inch away from counting three, waves it off, as a pissed-off Donovan angrily sits on his knees, glaring at the referee outside the ring. Donovan pulls himself up, obviously still with pain in his legs. He slowly pulls Ka’Derrion up, twisting him around into an Unprettier! Ka’Derrion can’t fight free, as he’s sent to the canvas once again. Donovan tries another cover… 1… 2… Marcus kicks out again! Donovan sits up, glancing over at the Titon Tron, which shows that the clock is now down to 3 digits.*

Minos: We have less than 10 minutes left! Less than 10 minutes!

Jones: Donovan is trying hard to extend his lead, but it hasn’t paid off yet.

Logan: It makes you wonder what either of these guys are running on now, 50 minutes into this match.

Jones: Think they ate their Wheaties?

*Donovan slowly gets himself up, aching all over. He grabs Ka’Derrion by the hair and half-drags/half-carries him to the corner. Ka’Derrion tries to fight free, but a couple of punches ends that struggle. Donovan lifts Marcus onto the turnbuckle, signaling that he wants to end things for keeps now. He climbs up with the man, preparing for the Falling Star!! Before Donovan can get in position, though, Ka’Derrion lashes out, hitting Donovan’s already-hurting leg! Donovan falls off the ‘buckle, dropping to the ground in pain, as Ka’Derrion hangs on. With Donovan laying in front of him, Ka’Derrion jumps off, giving Shane no chance to move before Ka’Derrion lands a double-stomp on his chest!!! Ka’Derrion bounces off, landing to the side, then comes back from the pin, but Donovan, while in a great deal of pain, rolls to his right, falling out of the ring before Ka’Derrion can grab him! Marcus looks to the right at the dwindling clock, and then follows Shane out under the ropes.*

Logan: Hey, did Marcus just land Donovan’s Phoenix Stomp??

Jones: Well, Marcus is a student of the game, Anthony. He isn’t afraid to try new moves. Unfortunately for him, Donovan was able to get out of pinning range, keeping him still in the lead.

Logan: Damn, that clock is moving! Hurry up, Marcus!

*On the outside, Ka’Derrion slowly drags Donovan up, who is trying to stay where he is. But Ka’Derrion bounces his head off the apron, then rolls him in, following him with a quick pin attempt… 1… 2… Donovan kicks out. Marcus immediately pulls both men up, trying to summon the energy for a quick assault. He lands a few punches, trying to make sure that Donovan is out of it, although the punches clearly don’t have the force they did at the beginning of the match. Nonetheless, Marcus is looking to put Donovan away, locking him up for the Punisher!! But before he can finish the lift, Donovan manages to squirm loose, scoring another uppercut on Marcus’ already-black-and-blue jaw! Ka’Derrion falls backwards, with Donovan, coughing, hovering over him. With a sadistic grin, Donovan flips off the crowd, earning more hatred, if that is even possible. He then grabs at Ka’Derrion’s legs, pulling him around for the PainKiller!!!*

Logan: Now Donovan’s the one stealing moves!!

Jones: He’s trying to add embarrassment to victory, beating Ka’Derrion with his father’s own submission hold!

*Donovan holds the legs, trying to intensify the pressure, although his legs are obviously making it hard to do. The referee checks on Marcus, who is already readjusting himself, trying to reduce the pressure. Suddenly, Ka’Derrion reaches back, tripping up Donovan and allowing Marcus to reverse the move!!!! Now Donovan’s the one in the clutches of the PainKiller once again, feeling more agony!! But Donovan was already right next to the ropes, as he quickly grabs hold, forcing the break! Ka’Derrion releases the hold, thinking that he’s managed to tie things up, but referee Bell shakes his head, as the clock is still running, now approaching 5 minutes left! Ka’Derrion looks back at Donovan, noticing his hands on the ropes for the first time, then steps forward, knowing that he has to move quick if he wants to win. He yanks Donovan up, no, Donovan kicks free with a shot to the gut, then positions Ka’Derrion for the Breakdown!! He goes to lift, no, Donovan’s back can’t take it, so he drops Ka’Derrion back down… and Marcus rolls him up, holding him on the mat!!! 1… 2… 3!!!!!*

Minos: With that pin, we are tied 3-3 with 2:30 left! Two and a half minutes left!

Logan: Wow! Just like that, we’re tied! It’s amazing what works when you’re completely exhausted!

Jones: So throw out the last 57 minutes, all that matters is what happens here at the end!

*Donovan is back up, looking shocked. He argues with Bell, saying that his shoulder got up, but Bell disagrees. As they argue, Marcus, recovering, grabs Donovan from behind again, getting a victory roll!!! Bell drops to count… 1… 2… and this time Donovan manages to kick out, saving his title! Both men jump up, with Donovan grabbing Marcus before he can dodge, getting a Russian legsweep! Donovan immediately goes for the cover, his eyes already over towards the clock… 1… 2… Marcus raises his shoulder! Donovan angrily tries again, grabbing at the trunks for added leverage… 1… 2… no, Marcus won’t stay down! Donovan struggles back up to his feet, breathing heavily, as Ka’Derrion rolls to his stomach, slowly pulling himself up. Donovan steps back, aiming himself, then runs in for a shining wizard kick, only to have Marcus dodge, then get up, catching Donovan with a backbreaker variation!! Ka’Derrion goes for his own cover… 1… 2… No, Donovan gets out!*

Minos: One minute left! One minute left!

Jones: This is going to decide it! In the next minute, we’ll either have a successful title defense or a new champion!

Logan: Or a tie, Jonesy, which means sudden death! This fight could still continue for a while if that happens!

*Marcus, mindful of the time, drags Donovan up, smacking him in the gut and setting him up for the Pain Bomb! He lifts, no, Donovan is free, knee to the gut, and he’s going for the Vertebreaker! But no, Donovan can’t keep Marcus in position, as Ka’Derrion lifts Donovan up, throwing him overhead with a back-press! Donovan struggles to the ropes, as we reach less than 30 seconds! Ka’Derrion comes in, but Donovan is ready, scoring an elbow shot to Ka’Derrion’s chest. With Ka’Derrion staggering back, sucking in air, Donovan grabs the ropes and springs off, going for a springboard moonsault off the ropes!! However, at the last second, Ka’Derrion readjusts, getting under Donovan and catching him!! He attempts a running powerslam, but Donovan kicks free, landing on the mat and grabbing Ka’Derrion from behind, but Marcus twists through the attempt, locking onto Donovan and taking him down with the Punisher!!!!! As the clock ticks down its final seconds, Marcus slides over, making the cover…. 1…. 2…. 3!!!!!!!*

Jones: The clock is out!!! He did it!!! Marcus did it!!!!

Logan: Unbelievable!!!

Minos: Here is your winner, on a count of 4-3, the NEW Heavyweight Champion of the World, Marcus “His Legacy” Ka’Derrion!!!

*The place seems to reverberate dangerously from the massive cheer that goes up from the audience, as Ka’Derrion falls to his knees, yelling out in both joy and exhaustion. Referee Bell comes over to him, raising up Ka’Derrion’s arm, as referee Mitchell goes to get the World Heavyweight Championship and the Intercontinental Championship.*

Jones: After an epic come-from-behind victory, Marcus Ka’Derrion has reached the same plateau as his father, becoming the second Ka’Derrion to win the GCWA World Heavyweight Championship!

Logan: Man, what a night! Even I’m tired!

Jones: Thanks again for tuning in, and don’t forget to watch this Friday for Friday Night Inferno, back in the GCWA Arena in Dallas! Good night, everybody!

*Shane Donovan has rolled out of the ring, holding his head and staring back in at Marcus, who is holding both belts. Ka’Derrion is grinning from ear to ear (a strange sight for one with a busted lip), as the confetti comes down from the ceiling. The crowd is still cheering wildly, loving the new champion. The picture changes, cutting to the backstage area, where one more man is applauding the victory. It is Derek “The Thriller” Mobley. He has a dark smile on his face as he claps. The picture slowly fades out.*

Hopefully, you all are sitting there in awe, after such a freakin' long pay-per-view! I ended up with a count over 70 pages, which is one of the longest efforts I think I've ever had to make for a show. I think it came out pretty well, but what I do know, it's 3 in the morning!

Suffice to say, everyone who roleplayed for the show did a tremendous job, earning my respect. The GCWA now has the greatest roster of wrestlers I think I've ever seen, and I mean that. I can only wonder at how much better we can get!

Here's the card for this next Friday:

- "The Professional" Joey Truxell vs. Kevin Kage

- Seth Eldritch vs. Robert "The Sensei" Santana

- James Thrash vs. Mr. Excellent

- Dangerous Dan(c) vs. Crazy Chris, GCWA Television Title Match

- Marcus Ka'Derrion's Victory Celebration (if he chooses to have one)

Roleplaying will be from Sunday, May 17th until Thursday, May 21st, still 3 roleplays, 150-line limits (although wrestlers can make deals on the OOC Board to just roleplay twice, if need be, since it's a shortened window). Good luck!