*As the PPV Ordering Screen disappears from sight, you brace yourself, knowing that it will not be easy to withstand the sheer awesomeness that is soon to be coming your way. The picture comes up, showing a scene of utter destruction. It looks to be some sort of battlefield, an area that has recently been turned from a pleasant valley into a blood-stained zone of death and dismemberment. A torn flag flutters in the breeze, with the dead man’s hand still holding it aloft. A deep voice, the man who usually begins these shows, speaks, letting his commanding presence be felt.*

Voice: Survival. For untold eons, there has not been a greater driving force in the universe. From the smallest insects to the greatness of mankind, there has always been one overwhelming instinct: to survive.

*The camera seems to survey the bloody battlefield, noting that there is still an intense fight continuing in the distance. Men are using swords and shields, battering against their foes in an attempt to end their existences on this plain. The battle could not be more intense.*

Voice: Tonight, we will witness an epic confrontation that has not been seen in quite some time. Eighteen brave souls will place themselves in harm’s way, in a quest for an almost-unattainable goal: the be the last man standing!

*As the gladiators swing their weapons, the strikes on their adversary’s shields reveal glimpse of various men: the Danger Boiz soaring as a tandem onto unsuspecting opponents; Mikey Willis spinning upside down with his standing shooting star press; Tommy Crimson, on fire, rotating through the air; Stranger Danger holding up the tag-team titles; and the Big Bifford, The Lost Soul, and Scott Caine brawling with Derek Mobley, Warrick Hill, and Lurrr. The visions end as the shield is stripped away, followed by the sword coming into view, drawing blood.*

Voice: Which man will make it to the end of the competition? Which will put aside the punishment of their bodies in order to be a touch better than their foes? Which will be the final, ultimate, survivor?

*The camera shows the final two men, swinging their swords against each other in one final strike. The swords shatter on impact, sending shards everywhere. For a brief moment, you see the faces of the two gladiators: Shane Donovan and Marcus Ka’Derrion! They glare at each other, intense, as the sparks fade away, taking the picture to darkness. After a few seconds, though, the light returns, with the intro of the Ultimate Survival Pay-Per-View!*

*The image on the screen explodes, leading us into the Toyota Center in Houston, Texas, where the fans of the Global Championship Wrestling Association are on their feet, screaming loudly! The pyro explodes all around the entryway, carefully controlled to be spectacular yet safe, as the GCWA theme music carries throughout the arena. Various fans are focused on throughout the crowd, carrying signs like “Danger Boiz Survive Anything!” and “Bound By Hate: The Night The Empire Fell!” The cameras zoom around the audience, getting different perspectives of their excited faces, before jumping away to the announce table and Jones & Logan!*

Jones: Hello, sports fans! You’ve chosen a great night to catch the GCWA, as we’re watching history in the making! Tonight’s the night we learn who will be the Ultimate Survivor!

Logan: Everyone involved in the Ultimate Survival matches have to outlast everyone else to earn that honor, which is NOT easy, believe me!

Jones: Fans around the world have their own favorites for tonight, including ourselves, the announcers. I, personally, think that we could see a surprise contender going all the way, including Harvey Danger or Dangerous Dan.

Logan: Hey, I’m going with the Big Bifford all the way, man! Nobody’s taking him down, not even those jerks in the Roman Empire!

Jones: To go along with the Ultimate Survival matches, we’ve also got a historic encounter between two of the three men who were recently focused on the May GCWA Global Warming magazine: the GCWA World Heavyweight Champion, Shane Donovan, and the #1 Contender, Marcus Ka’Derrion!

Logan: I may be looking forward to their match more than the Ultimate Survival contests, Jonesy, because they’re going to face their own test of survival: a 60-minute Iron Man Match!

Jones: Yes, for an hour, those two will fight tooth and nail, in a ferocious battle to the end! It’s going to be great!

Logan: Hell, we’ve got so much action tonight, Edds, we’d better get going now, so that it can all fit into the pay-per-view window!

Jones: Right you are, Anthony, so let’s throw it over to our ring announcer, Minos!

Minos: It is time to begin the quest for Ultimate Survival! The rules for Ultimate Survival are as follows: each team will feature three members of the GCWA’s vast roster. Elimination can occur via pinfall, submission, countout, or disqualification. Whoever is still standing once one team’s entire membership has been eliminated will move on to the final Ultimate Survival match!

*The cameras quickly focus on the cheering crowd, including focusing on a sign that says “The Lost Soul Survives No Matter The Fed!”. The person holding the sign, not surprising, has her face painted up in TLS’ style. We go back to Minos.*

Minos: Introducing first, coming down the aisle, representing Team Danger Boiz, he stands 6’3” and weighs 255 lbs, from Chicago, Illinois, here is Mr. Excellent!

*The crowd gives a warm response to Excellent as he comes through the curtains. “Youth of the Nation” by P.O.D. plays behind him on his way to the ring, giving a couple of fans at ringside a high five. Excellent then pulls himself up into the ring, enjoying the Pay-Per-View atmosphere.*

Jones: Mr. Excellent was surprisingly quiet this week, although I heard there was another issue with his son, which could explain his absence from the GCWA airwaves.

Logan: Hey, family comes first, that’s for sure. As long as he’s prepared to wrestle tonight, he can spend his weeks however he wants.

Minos: Coming down next, Mr. Excellent’s tag-team partners, they are former GCWA World Tag-Team Champions, at a combined weight of 448 lbs, from Smithville, Tennessee, here are Crazy Chris and the Team Captain, the GCWA Television Champion, Dangerous Dan… they are the Danger Boiz!

*The crowd gets even louder as “Hell Yeah!” by Zebrahead blasts into the arena. The Danger Boiz come out as a unit, with Dangerous Dan proudly wearing the Television Title that he has successfully defended over the last few weeks. The two men look at each other, smiling, then race down the aisle towards the ring, sliding in at the same time. They join Mr. Excellent in their corner, talking things over, as the music continues to play.*

Logan: The Danger Boiz have been thought of as one of the ‘dark horses’ tonight, especially Dangerous Dan, who has been on a strong roll in the federation as of late.

Jones: While that’s true, Anthony, health concerns are an issue for both Chris and Dan. Chris is still recovering from being shot a few weeks ago, while Dan was in a bad car accident this week, which nearly ended the life of their good friend, Riley.

Logan: Yeah, man, that GCWA Curse, it’s a bastard sometimes! But here’s hoping both men are in good shape for competing here tonight.

Minos: And now, introducing their opponents. First, he was a runner-up for the Rookie of the Month in April, and now is appearing at his first GCWA Pay-Per-View, standing 6’3” and weighing 235 lbs, from Washington D.C., here is Robert “The Sensei” Santana!

*”Boom Boom Pow” by the Black Eyed Peas plays, leading out Santana, who gets a nice reception from the fans considering who he is facing here tonight. Santana does his customary bow and pose on the ramp, then makes his way to the ring. The three members of Team Danger Boiz watches him closely when he enters, but all Santana does is give them a nod of respect before heading to his team’s corner.*

Jones: A lot of people have been talking about Santana’s potential impact tonight, as he has proven himself a capable competitor here in the GCWA.

Logan: Yeah, I liked that while others were doing their own business, Santana was out making the GCWA look good by running in a charity event for children. That’s classy, man. Maybe next time, if Santana invites me, I’ll come along for a run.

Jones: You guys have fun. I’m an announcer, not an athlete.

Logan: Ain’t that the truth.

Minos: Next, he is making his wrestling debut here tonight, after many months of staying in the back, standing 5’6” and weighing 173 lbs, from Dallas, Texas, here is Peter “The Janitor” Vaughn!

*In what is clearly a joke by the GCWA staff, “Eye of the Tiger” by Survivor begins to play. The fans are already laughing, even as the curtain slowly pulls aside, showing a worried-looking man in a red-and-white wrestling outfit. Peter Vaughn comes out as if walking to a public lynching, his head down and his mouth moving, possibly saying a prayer. The fans cheer him on, loving the underdog.*

Logan: I still can’t believe poor Pete was thrown into this. I wanted to get with him to give him some tips, but the guy was in hiding most of the week.

Jones: Well, most people have written Peter Vaughn off as a joke. But you know, stranger things have happened in the GCWA…

Logan: Right. If Vaughn manages to pin anyone in there, I’ll eat this announce table.

Jones: Yes! Something to root for!

Minos: Finally, making his way out of the back, he is the Team Leader of Team Blaze, standing 6’0” and weighing 215 lbs, from Racine, WI, here is “The Blaze” Mikey Willis!

*Willis and his buddy, Kenny, come out from the back to “No 5” by Hollywood Undead, with the crowd reacting with a nice wave of cheers for the guy. Willis stretches, then walks down the aisle, talking with Kenny the whole way about what’s going to happen. The wrestler gets into the ring, where Santana is working on bucking Vaughn up. Willis, though, ignores the two men, going to a neutral corner instead to stand on the ‘buckle, looking towards the crowd.*

Jones: While Willis was put in charge of this team of young wrestlers, he hasn’t seemed that interested in getting them to work together. In fact, at one point, Willis announced he wanted different partners!

Logan: That won’t build the team spirit very well, will it? At least Willis has one guy backing him up, his friend Kenny outside the ring. Of course, his other bud, Brutus, couldn’t make it tonight because of an assault from a masked man. Hopefully, he’ll be alright.

Jones: Well, Willis has other partners he’s supposed to be relying on, anyway. The question is, can they work together?

*The Bell Rings.*

*On the one side, Mr. Excellent stays in the ring, while the Danger Boiz go to the outside, the decision having been made before the bell. It isn’t as easy for Team Blaze, as Santana and Willis seem to be arguing about who should start. Willis waves dismissively to Santana, then points to himself, saying that he’s the team captain, so he gets to choose. Vaughn is working to be inconspicuous, not wanting to get into the ring if he can help it. Santana, shaking his head, moves into the ring, walking towards the man he faced last week in a singles match. Excellent and Santana quickly lock up, with Excellent getting on a headlock. However, Santana immediately responds, lifting Excellent into the air and catching the surprised opponent with an atomic drop variation, causing Excellent to walk away in pain towards a neutral corner. When Excellent turns back around, Santana is on the move, snapping off a high kick that knocks Excellent to the ground! Santana immediately goes for the cover… 1… 2… and Excellent kicks out.*

Jones: A strong start for Santana, who already has one victory over Mr. Excellent this month.

Logan: It’s amazing, really, how much experience these guys have wrestling against each other. Santana has faced both Dan and Excellent, and Willis has had multiple battles with Dan. Remarkably, though, Crazy Chris has never fought against any of them, making him the wild card in this bout.

Jones: Hey, don’t forget about the Janitor!

Logan: Oh… right… I suppose he’s technically a ‘wild card’ too, if he ever gets away from hiding on the apron.

*Santana continues on his solo assault on Excellent, placing him into a corner and chopping away on him. The fans oooh and aaah over some of the hits he dishes out, causing Excellent to feel every strike. Santana then whips Excellent out of the corner towards the other side, but Excellent manages to reverse it, shooting Santana in instead. Excellent follows, running after him, but Santana uses the ropes to shove himself upwards, floating above Excellent before twisting around, rolling Excellent up with a modified sunset flip! Referee Mitchell is right there to make the count… 1… 2… Excellent barely kicks out! Santana, thinking things over, starts to drag Excellent over to his corner, but Willis waves him off, telling him to keep wrestling. Vaughn, meanwhile, is looking at both men, unsure what he should be doing.*

Jones: It’s looking like Mikey Willis’ strategy is to stay out of the ring and let Santana do all the dirty work.

Logan: Well, while the fans won’t like it, it IS a good strategy for a match like this. If you’re not tagged in the ring, you can’t be eliminated, which means you last longer. Santana could be in for a long night, especially if Excellent can get free and manage a tag.

Jones: I don’t know, Anthony, Excellent’s mind doesn’t seem to be on business right now.

*Santana, looking a little bit annoyed at his tag-team partner for the night, nonetheless goes back on the attack, snapping out a side kick into Excellent’s stomach, bending him over. Santana then steps in, preparing for a side suplex, but Excellent reaches up, desperately raking the eyes to get free! Santana stumbles back, blinded, with the Danger Boiz immediately excited, reaching out for a tag. However, Excellent chooses not to tag out, instead going on the offensive, punching away on Santana! He drives Santana back to the corner, then goes up top, continuing throwing down punches as the crowd counts along. Before Excellent can reach 10, though, Santana shows some strength, lifting Excellent up just long enough to throw him backwards, sending him careening to the ground! Excellent lands badly, smacking his head on the canvas, as Santana takes a moment to clear his head.*

Jones: Critical mistake by Mr. Excellent, who should have taken the chance to tag out when he had it!

Logan: A lot of the guys competing here tonight are used to the singles brackets, Jonesy. It isn’t easy to tag out when things seem to be going your way. However, if you want to survive in a match like this, you have to adapt.

*Mr. Excellent rolls to his stomach, then starts to pull himself off, getting on his hands and knees. Unfortunately for the wrestler, he’s now in the perfect position for Santana, who charges forward and nails him with the Sensei-tion!! Excellent is down, not moving, as Santana takes a step away, regaining his balance after the vicious kick. He starts to go for the pin, but gets stopped when Willis, who is right next to him, suddenly slaps Santana on the back, tagging himself in! Santana looks on, amazed, as Willis quickly hurries into the ring, completely ignoring him. Instead, Willis goes over to the downed Excellent and performs the Standing Shooting Star Press, landing it perfectly!! Willis calls over the referee as he makes the cover, with Mitchell dutifully doing his job… 1… 2… 3!!!!*

Minos: Mr. Excellent has been eliminated!

Jones: It was a short night for Mr. Excellent, who just wasn’t really in it to win it today. Whatever’s bothering him, I hope he gets past it, because this certainly wasn’t one of his greatest performances.

Logan: I’m still wondering how Santana’s going to take Willis stealing his pinfall. That would seriously piss me off, if I was the one in there.

Jones: Well, Santana preaches about letting things go and not holding grudges, so we’ll see what he does now.

*Crazy Chris pulls himself into the ring, checking quickly on Excellent, who is already being helped out. Willis is smiling, looking happy that he struck the first blow for his team. On the other side, Santana has moved away from the corner, trying to find his calm place. Peter has turned away, finally starting to enjoy things as he looks at the cheering crowd. Crazy Chris straightens up from Excellent and turns to Willis, starting towards him. Willis, grinning at Crazy Chris, suddenly steps backwards, throwing out his hand and tagging in Peter!!! Vaughn, realizing that somebody tapped him on the back, slowly turns around, his eyes widening, as Willis moves to the other side of the turnbuckle, taking his position on the apron. Vaughn is shaking his head repeatedly, even as referee Mitchell tells him he has to come in or risk being thrown out, which could result in financial repercussions. Tentatively, Vaughn steps through the ropes, his hands already shaking out of fear.*

Logan: Time to see what the Janitor is made of!

Jones: Clearly, he was hoping that Willis and Santana would be in there a lot longer, instead of him. I guess Willis had other ideas.

*Crazy Chris, now with a confident smile on his own face, waves Vaughn forward, but Vaughn quickly shakes his head no. This dampens Chris’ smile slightly, as the masked man shrugs and comes after Vaughn instead. But Vaughn takes off, showing surprising speed as he slides out of the ring, with Crazy Chris in hot pursuit! Vaughn turns on the outside, raising both hands in a pleading gesture, apparently saying how much he likes Chris’ mask, but the flattery doesn’t seem to be working. The chase continues, with Vaughn going back into the ring. Crazy Chris slides in after him, but Vaughn stops and turns, delivering a stomp! Chris drops to his stomach, and Vaughn stomps him once more, before turning and looking to the crowd, who is cheering him! Vaughn, now looking a little less pale, stomps on Chris one more time, then looks for more support from the audience. As he does so, though, Crazy Chris pulls himself up, brushing off his arms as if the hits barely bothered him. Vaughn, still looking happy, turns back to his opponent… and gets nailed by a springboard version of the Crazy Man’s Suicide!!! Vaughn is completely out, as Crazy Chris makes the easy pin… 1… 2… 3!!!*

Minos: Peter Vaughn has been eliminated!

Jones: Well, Vaughn at least gave it a try, but he was horribly outmatched in this one.

Logan: Yeah, I guess I should be glad that he only took one hit, but it was a hell of a hit!

Jones: We’re down to two-on-two, the Danger Boiz vs. Santana & Willis! What will happen next?

*Santana comes into the ring, helping to get the semi-conscious Vaughn out of the ring. Vaughn, dazed, looks up at Santana, apparently asking if he won, but Santana just shakes his head with a smile, getting the rookie out of the ring. Santana stands back up and turns, looking at Crazy Chris, even as Willis, looking angry at Vaughn’s quick departure, is yelling instructions. Santana moves towards Chris, ready to go, but then snaps off a quick spinning heel kick! Crazy Chris, though, is able to anticipate it, ducking under the kick. He lashes out with one of his own, with Santana catching it before it can land. Crazy Chris immediately goes for an Eniziguiri, but Santana ducks that one as well. Crazy Chris falls to the canvas, with Santana coming in for a high heel stomp, but Chris does a quick somersault out of range, before getting up next to the ropes, as the crowd cheers the sequence.*

Jones: This is going to be a very nice battle of styles, Anthony. Both of these guys are very adept at using their feet .

Logan: Yeah, they might actually be pretty evenly matched. It’ll be telling who lands the first actual shots.

*Santana and Crazy Chris study each other, with Chris apparently gaining a little more respect for the martial artists expert. Santana suddenly does a quick pose, moving his arms back and forth in a karate style, before finishing in the Matrix pose, raising one hand and waving Chris towards him with a grin on his face. Crazy Chris, nodding, suddenly darts forward, throwing several punches and kicks, with Santana doing the same, each seemingly blocking the other’s shots. It’s a rapid exchange which is moving so fast, the fans can barely keep up with it. It all ends, though, when Santana suddenly drops to the ground in a crouch, avoiding a Crazy Chris swing. Santana spins, getting a leg sweep that catches Crazy Chris off-guard, taking him to the mat! Before Chris can get up, Santana’s right on top of him, placing him in an STF! Referee Mitchell, seeing that Chris is in a submission situation, moves in to check on the man, who is already saying he won’t give up. Santana tightens his grip, though, stretching on Chris’ neck. However, before the pain can get too bad, Dangerous Dan is suddenly in there, booting Santana in the side of the head to break up the submission!! Santana falls to the ground, stunned, while Willis, on the other side, shakes his head in disgust.*

Jones: That tag-team edge may come into play now, Anthony, as Dangerous Dan and Crazy Chris are used to looking out for each other.

Logan: Yeah, meanwhile, Willis doesn’t do squat when Dan comes in to double-team his partner. Willis’ contempt for his teammate isn’t helping them so far in this one.

Jones: Maybe he should have Kenny and Taz in there instead. Do you think it would have gone better?

Logan: Nope. That would have been TWO non-wrestlers instead of one, and I think that Willis would have fared pretty badly if that happened.

*Crazy Chris, his shoulder now hurting, immediately moves over to his brother, tagging him in. Dangerous Dan gets a cheer from the crowd as he makes his first appearance, quickly going after the recovering Santana. The martial artist tries to back away, but Dan kicks him in the chest, then drops him with a DDT. Dan then gets right back up, going towards the ropes and returning with a leaping senton splash on the downed Santana, before then making a pin attempt… 1… 2… Santana kicks out. Once again, Willis made no move to make the save, although he looks relieved that Santana is still in there. Dangerous Dan doesn’t slow down. He brings Santana back up and drags him to the corner, tagging in Crazy Chris. With Dan holding onto Santana’s arms, Chris climbs the turnbuckle and comes off with a perfectly aimed missile dropkick! Santana’s down, as Chris drops for the cover… 1… 2… Santana kicks out again, refusing to go down easy.*

Jones: The Danger Boiz, not surprisingly, are doing well together in this atmosphere.

Logan: Santana’s really in a great deal of trouble. If he doesn’t make a tag soon, he’s going to be out of this one.

*Crazy Chris brings Santana back up, immediately tagging in his brother again. The two men move in, sending Santana into the ropes, then scoring a double clothesline as he returns, sending Santana onto his back. Willis is pacing in the corner, looking more and more anxious. Dangerous Dan brings Santana back up, not satisfied with the beating the man has already taken. He moves behind Santana, picking him up and tossing him with a belly-to-back suplex. However, Santana readjusts himself, landing on his feet! Before Dangerous Dan can do anything, Santana spins into a kick, knocking Dangerous Dan down! Santana drops to a knee, shaking his head, then gets up and runs to the ropes, apparently planning to take Dan out with the Sensei-Tion! But before he can, he gets smacked on the back of the head, as Willis tags himself in! Santana, stunned, turns around, angry, but this leaves him open, with Dan coming up from behind and dropkicking him, sending Santana toppling forward. Willis, though, uses the distraction, springing himself into the ring and clotheslining Dan! He covers him up, grabbing at the legs… 1… 2… Dan kicks out.*

Jones: Mikey Willis nearly stole a pinfall on Dangerous Dan! That would have been considered an upset, I’m betting, considering that Dan holds a couple of victories over Willis in the past!

Logan: He may have used Santana right there, but hey, if it works, why complain?

Jones: You can say what you want, Anthony, but if your brother had slapped you like that for a tag, you would have been right in his face, too.

Logan: Probably so, Jonesy, I admit.

*Santana is now on the apron, resting himself after some of the shots he took. Willis pulls Dangerous Dan up, taking him over to the corner. He kicks at Dan, stomping him down to the bottom. Willis then uses the ropes to push himself into the air, then lands a dropkick variation straight into the corner. With confidence, Willis pulls Dan’s legs, getting him out of the corner, then makes another cover… 1… and Crazy Chris is right there, kicking Willis to break up the pin! Willis, angry, pushes off the ground. He goes off the ropes and comes back, dropping an running elbow onto the downed Dangerous one. Willis makes another cover, trying to keep him down… 1… and Chris is there AGAIN, making the save! He won’t let his brother be eliminated. Willis, meanwhile, pushes up, glaring over at Crazy Chris, then surprisingly turning to his own corner, shouting at Santana!*

Jones: I take it Willis seems to think that Santana needs to keep Crazy Chris off of him so that he can get a pin.

Logan: I didn’t see Willis doing anything like that for Santana, did you?

*Santana raises his hands, as if pointing that very idea out to Willis. He points to Dangerous Dan, telling Willis to either tag him in or get back to the action. Willis shakes his head, then turns away, looking over at Dan. Willis, though, then comes back, lashing out with a flipping dropkick that knocks Santana off the apron!! Santana crashes to the outside, landing hard, as the crowd immediately starts to turn some on Willis, booing his actions. Willis looks down at Santana, shaking his head. He then turns around, going back to Dan. But before Willis can get a hold on him, Dan suddenly rears up, catching Willis under the chin with an uppercut!! Willis staggers back, stunned, with Dan immediately taking advantage, locking onto Willis and taking him down with the Danger Zone!!! Knowing that Santana is still down on the outside, Dan quickly makes the cover… 1… 2… 3!!!*

Minos: Mikey Willis has been eliminated!

Jones: What a shocking turn of events! That Danger Zone can come out nowhere, can’t it?

Logan: Willis let Dangerous Dan recuperate just a little too long, and Dan made him pay! We’re down to the Danger Boiz vs. Santana! Who’s going to survive to the next round?

*Willis rolls out of the ring, his back aching from the hit he just took. He takes a couple of steps, cursing at Dangerous Dan. He then walks over to where Santana is starting to get up, cursing him as well! Willis clearly blames Santana for everything, spitting on him! Santana responds by jumping to his feet and rushing forward, tackling Willis and punching at him!! The two men fight, with referee Mitchell having no clue what he should do now. Dangerous Dan watches from within the ring, a surprised look on his face.*

Logan: Damn! I guess you CAN get under Robert Santana’s skin!

Jones: Hey, after all the stuff Willis did about the Robert Santana dance, and all the crap he’s said about Santana all this week, I’m surprised this didn’t happen before now!

*Security steps in, driving the two men apart, with Santana immediately trying to calm himself, resting his arms on the apron. Willis, still trying to get a piece of the man, though, pushes through the security, going back to the attack!! The two men continue to fight it out, but it appears Dangerous Dan has had enough. The TV Champion runs forward, surprising both men by leaping over the ropes with a corkscrew splash, taking out both wrestlers AND the security guards!! Dangerous Dan pulls himself out of the wreckage, dusting himself off. He grabs Santana by the head and sends him into the ring, before following himself. Santana tries to get up, still dazed, but Dan’s quick to put him back down, leaping up onto him and delivering a leg scissors takedown! Dan steps away, going back to his corner and tagging in Crazy Chris, who has been watching everything with a smile on his masked face. He comes in, giving Santana a taste of his boot with a running kick, knocking Santana to his back.*

Jones: The Danger Boiz are taking control, and I don’t think Santana’s going to be able to recover!

Logan: Man, Santana’s chances really got screwed by Willis, didn’t they?

Jones: I’m sure Willis will say Santana was the one who screwed up, Anthony.

Logan: Either way, the Danger Boiz get to take advantage!

*On the outside of the ring, Willis is being escorted away by security. Kenny is right beside him, agreeing with what Willis is saying, as they depart ringside. Meanwhile, Crazy Chris has Santana back on his feet, taking him over to the corner and tagging Dangerous Dan back in. Santana looks completely out of it. With Dan holding him just long enough, Crazy Chris is able to come off the turnbuckle, delivering the Crazy Man’s Suicide!!!! That’s not enough for Dan, though, as he pulls the barely conscious Santana up, making sure to land the Danger Zone on him as well!!!! There’s no fight left in Santana, made clear by Dangerous Dan covering him up for the pin… 1… 2… 3!!!*

Minos: Robert Santana has been eliminated! The winners of this match, going on to the final Ultimate Survival match, Crazy Chris and Dangerous Dan, the Danger Boiz!

Jones: And the Danger Boiz do it! They’re sending a strong team to the final match!

Logan: Good to see that at least one of the champions will be representing us in the finals! Now it’s up to Stranger Danger and Lurrr to win their own battles, to get a chance to pit themselves against the Danger Boiz!

Jones: Santana seemed to have a strong opportunity early on, but his team just couldn’t work together like Chris and Dan could. Too bad.

*The Danger Boiz are celebrating in the ring, both happy after the last couple of weeks that they’re able to stand where they are, victorious. They each take a turnbuckle, with Dangerous Dan lifting up the TV Title, enjoying the cheers of the crowd. We leave them behind as we’re taken backstage to the Roman Empire locker room. Inside, we see Lurrr, Warrick Hill, Derek Mobley and Rick Mathis going over their plans for the Ultimate Survival match later on in the show. Suddenly, there is a knock on their locker room door. Lurrr rolls his eyes.*

Lurrr: Damnit, we’re working in here…Mathis, get that…no, no…wait, have Julio get it instead, he needs to earn his pay.

*Mathis snaps his fingers and sends Lurrr’s new bitch boy, Julio, to the door. He opens it and we spot a somber looking Cynthia Hall standing there! The crowd cheers, as this is the first time Cynthia has been seen in the GCWA in a month. She slowly enters the room, her eyes focused on the wrestlers inside. Lurrr is the first to notice her. Seeing her demeanor, he refrains from jumping all over her. Derek and Warrick turn around to see her and they, too, are taken back by her less than cheerful body language. Cynthia studies Lurrr for a few seconds, staring at the man who badly injured her not that long ago. But then she turns, instead looking at Warrick and Derek.*

Cynthia Hall: Derek, Warrick…Ace would like to see you two in his office, right away…

*Warrick and Derek look at each other…and then follow Cynthia Hall out of the Roman Empire locker room. Julio shuts the door after they leave. Lurrr shrugs and continues talking to Mathis as we cut away from them. We head to another hallway in the building, where two suspicious looking men are moving towards a locker room door, apparently in stealth mode. Why are these men suspicious? Well, they are wearing brightly colored lucha libre masks. Yes, these men are the tag team known as Malvados. They are creeping along until they come to the locker room that belongs to Stranger Danger, the Tag Team Champions. Stopping on either side of the door the pair make motions of their plan to put the odds in the favor of Team Organized Chaos in the six man tag match. They knock on the door and are ready to pounce.*

Harvey Danger: Yes? Who is it?

*The Malvados speak quietly to each other in rapid Spanish. Since neither of them can speak English, they can’t really answer the question.*

Harvey Danger: Hello? Mom? Is that you?

*The two Malvado brothers converse really quick again, then one of them clears his throat, trying his best to speak a single English phrase that he memorized earlier.*

Hector Malvado: Si, we… ha-vay… cake… Danger…

*There is a scuffling noise behind the door and what sounds like a shrill school girl’s scream. The door swings open quickly and Harvey Danger is standing there with a smile on his face. The smile quickly fades when he sees that there is no cake. Yes, the cake is a lie. The Malvados don’t see the Stranger around anywhere so they decide to pounce on Harvey Danger. Harvey is caught off guard and can’t defend himself against both men.*

Voice: No, go for the head. More damage there.

*The Malvados turn around, expecting to see the mask wearing Stranger, but instead see their partner tonight, Draco, leaning on the door frame. He bites into an apple and walks into the locker room looking down at the scene. The Malvados get up not knowing what to make of Draco. Draco points to one of the Malvados brothers.*

Draco: Hector?

*The one Draco pointed to shook his head and pointed to his brother. Draco rolled his eyes as he bit into the apple again. He steps over Harvey Danger.*

Draco: Hey, Harvey.

*Everyone is confused as Draco grabs a sharpie off of the small coffee table in the room. He walks back over Harvey Danger with a nod.*

Draco: Good luck tonight.

Harvey Danger: …yeah…umm you too….?

*Draco takes the Sharpie and quickly marks both men with an “H” and a “V” on their hands, for their respective names. Neither Malvado seems very pleased to have had this happen. Victor steps forward to protest, but Draco stops him with a point.*

Draco: You competing tonight?

*The masked wrestler shakes his head and Draco hands his apple over to his brother. Everyone is still confused about what is going on. Draco then turns and slams a fist into the side of Victorr’s head. He stumbles and falls out of the locker room. Draco turns and points to Hector as he rises from Harvey Danger.*

Draco: Don’t think about it. I want a clean win tonight so I suggest you take that burrito brother of yours and get ready. We are up soon.

*Hector looks ready to fight, but sees that his brother is slow to getting up. Hector walks by Draco, shoving the apple back into his chest. The one Malvados brother helps the other Malvados brother. Draco grabs another bite of the apple as he bends down to Harvey, who still looks lost. Draco extends his hand to help Harvey up. Harvey looks at it for a moment, but decides to take it.*

Harvey Danger: I knew we were still friends. We--

Draco: I want a fair fight, Harvey. Simple as that.

*Harvey is standing on his feet with a giant smile on his face not apparently hearing what Draco had just said. Draco walks out of the locker room leaving Harvey to think about his new bestest best buddy. A second later, Harvey looks at the clock and gasps, realizing that his match is up next. Knowing that the Stranger is probably already waiting for him, Danger heads out, hurrying to the entry tunnel. We head back to ringside.*

Logan: That was rather unexpected. I would have pegged Draco as wanting to better his odds here tonight, not make things a fair fight!

Jones: He’s a guy that we haven’t quite figured out yet, Anthony. He has a major hatred of Marcus Ka’Derrion, due to a feud he had with Marcus’ father in another fed, which made the fans boo him. Yet is he really a heel, or is there something else going on here?

Logan: All I know is that I doubt that those marks will be enough to keep the Malvados from trying some sort of trickery. We’ll just have to see if the Stranger can answer it with his own tricks.

Jones: It’s going to be a wild match, so we might as well get it started!

Minos: It is now time for our second Ultimate Survival contest! Introducing first, coming down the aisle, he is a newcomer to the GCWA dubbed with plenty of potential for hardcore mayhem, standing 6’4” and weighing 236 lbs, from Salt Lake City, Utah, here is James Thrash!

*The crowd reacts in different ways to Thrash’s appearance, some cheering him, while others seem scared of him. He walks down to “Smash Your Enemies” by Hatebreed, approaching the ring with a lot of confidence for a man participating in his first GCWA Pay-Per-View.*

Jones: Thrash has become an enigma for the fans to figure out. What makes this guy tick?

Logan: We almost got to see what makes him tick, Jonesy, when he played Russian roulette with a loaded gun. Seriously, man, that wasn’t cool, I had a friend do that. I visit his tombstone every so often.

Jones: Well, the good news is that Thrash made it here today in one piece. But will he surprise a lot of people and make it to the finals?

Minos: Joining Thrash are his tag-team partners, they’ve now held the GCWA World Tag-Team Titles for over a month, weighing in at a combined weight of… over 215 lbs… they are Harvey Danger and the Stranger, Stranger Danger!

*”No Rain” by Blind Melon starts to play, signaling the entrance of the tag-team champions. The fans cheer as a masked man steps through the curtain, showing himself to be the Stranger. Or, at least, we think it’s him. It’s always hard to tell for sure. Following behind the Stranger is the other co-champion, Harvey, who is trying to look brave while standing behind a masked man. The duo makes their way towards the ring, dropping off their belts to the timekeeper’s table along the way.*

Jones: Stranger Danger is quickly turning into one of the most impressive tag-teams in the world, which is impressive, considering they only formed out of the blue last month.

Logan: I’ve been trying to figure out who that masked guy could really be. I mean, he never talks, he doesn’t give interviews, hell, I feel like I’m stretching the truth by calling him a “he”! For all I know, that’s a powerful woman with steroid-shrunk breasts!

Jones: Uh, Anthony, I’m pretty sure the Stranger is a male. I saw him in the restrooms before the show.

Logan: Well, ok, then, one mystery solved. But who is he, and why did he get paid to support Harvey Danger?

Minos: And now, their opponents… first, they have made a splash in recent weeks despite still learning the American culture, now managed by Paco, weighing in at a combined 400 lbs, from El Salvador, Central America, here are Hector and Victor, the Malvados!

*The two masked Malvados come out flanked by Paco, who looks pretty happy to be there. Of course, Paco may have already started to indulge this evening, which could explain the grin on his face. Hector and Victor move in tandem down the aisle, with Paco staying behind them. They stay outside the ring, though, looking in at Stranger Danger & Thrash.*

Logan: So, are you relieved that Paco has decided to become a manager, Jonesy?

Jones: Relieved? No, why would I be relieved?

Logan: Because as long as he’s a manager, he isn’t gunning for your position here at the announce table.

Jones: Oh, like that would ever happen.

Logan: Yeah, well, if the Malvados don’t succeed, they might get rid of Paco, and then Paco will be looking for work…

Jones: Hey, he can look on he wants, he won’t find an open position here. Of course, that doesn’t mean that I don’t wish the Malvados all the success in the world. Yay Mexico!!

Logan: They’re from Central America, you racist.

Jones: Oh… uh… go Central America?

Minos: Next, he is a former NLW Legacy Champion, having had a long and storied career in the business with much more planned, standing 5’11” and weighing 204 lbs, from Whitesboro, New York, here is “The Hellacious One” Draco!

*Draco immediately shoves the curtains aside and steps out, sighing as he appears on the stage. “Indestructible” by Disturbed is playing as he makes his way down the ramp. He looks over at the various fans, seemingly seeing something that the rest of us are not. But he keeps walking, shaking his head clear while approaching the ring.*

Logan: The rumor mill suggested that Draco may not be playing with quite as full a deck as the rest of us.

Jones: Now, Anthony, you can’t always believe rumors. Heck, if I believed everything that I was told, I’d probably be divorced!

Logan: … That being said, Draco supposedly had to see a psychiatrist to get a clean bill of health before he would be allowed to compete tonight.

Jones: Well, he must have gotten it, since he’s here to wrestle!

Minos: Finally, introducing the team leader, he is a former OCW United States Heavyweight Champion and the leader of Organized Chaos, standing 6’4” and weighing 221 lbs, from Detroit, Michigan, here is Tommy “The Fury” Crimson!

*”Head Up” by the Deftones leads the way for Crimson, who walks out onto the stage. Super Creep and sEizure join him, although Super Creep’s clearly not in the best of shape. He’s got a cast around his right hand and is limping, due to the cuts on his leg. The three men move as a unit for the ring, with Crimson, as always, taking the lead.*

Logan: I think Crimson wins the award for “Worst Week”, hands down. I mean, he used some gel on his, well, his private area which he turned out to be allergic to. He got placed in a mental hospital and had to get broken out by his allies, THEN got in a car accident! That’s what you call a rough patch!

Jones: Hey, you think Jobe Severity had anything to do with his bad luck?

Logan: Jobe’s not a voodoo priest or anything, Jonesy. He can’t curse people.

Jones: Yeah, well, it still seems like a strange coincidence to me, Crimson going through so much right after he got rid of his former ‘leader’.

*The Bell Rings.*

*The two teams talk over who’s going to start. Harvey seems to want to step in there, but the Stranger quickly pushes him back with one hand, basically proclaiming himself the starter (which Thrash doesn’t have a problem with). Meanwhile, Crimson asks Draco if he wants to start, but it looks like Draco wants the money he was promised first, as the roll of cash was revealed as a fake at the psychologist’s office. Crimson turns to the Malvados, but they don’t speak the language. Paco does, though, and he quickly orders Hector to get in the ring, while Victor stays outside with him. The Stranger and Hector Malvado come together, two men who have been engaged in a bitter tag-team feud, yet who may have never actually gone face-to-face before. It’s hard to tell. Hector immediately takes a free punch, smacking the Stranger in the side of the head, staggering him. Hector, happy with that effect, tries again, but this time the Stranger catches his arm, using a judo toss to throw Hector to the side! Hector, perturbed, gets up and comes at the masked man again, but the Stranger once again moves, sending Hector flipping head over heels to the canvas.*

Jones: The Stranger is pretty quick for his size!

Logan: About all we know about him, Jonesy, is that he is a master of Judo and an expert at hand-to-hand combat.

Jones: Yep, that and he liked the Watchmen movie.

Logan: Huh?

*While the Stranger awaits, refusing to tag in Harvey, Paco gives Hector a quick pep talk. Hector pushes himself up, nodding at what Paco has said, ready to give it another go. He comes in, charging, but the Stranger holds his ground, dropping his shoulder and flipping Hector over him! But Hector manages to land on his feet, then grabs the Stranger from behind, delivering a neckbreaker that bangs the Stranger painfully to the ground! With the Stranger down, Hector goes on the assault, coming down on him with multiple spinning elbow drops, weakening him. Hector then gets up and follows Paco’s instructions, moving on and tagging in Tommy Crimson! Crimson, glad to get his own shots in, boots the Stranger in the ribs, then pulls the co-tag-team champion up, bringing him back to their corner for some more abuse.*

Logan: You have to wonder if Tommy Crimson would like to get his hands on those tag-team titles with one of his allies.

Jones: I’m sure he wouldn’t mind it, Anthony, although Crimson’s eyes are more focused on the big prize right now. He feels that, as the leader of Organized Chaos, he should be getting World Title shots, something that has evaded him so far in his GCWA run.

Logan: Well, if he can win Ultimate Survival, the champion can’t ‘duck’ him anymore, that’s for sure.

*Crimson pounds on the Stranger in the corner, enjoying dishing out the punishment. The referee, Trixie, waves him back, starting a 5 count, so Crimson walks away, raising his arms and talking politely with the beautiful referee. While he’s doing that, though, Hector reaches in from the outside, wrapping the tag-team rope around the Stranger’s neck, choking him! Harvey Danger, incensed at what’s happening to his partner, tries to come in, but Trixie immediately steps in front of him, stopping him and ordering him back. For a second, Danger’s eyes glaze over, as he’s clearly happy to have Trixie talking to him. But he shakes it off, pointing off in the direction of his partner. Trixie finally turns, but Hector has already released the Stranger, allowing him to slump forward to the mat. Crimson, acting like nothing new happened, walks back in, putting his boot into the Stranger’s throat, continuing the choke. Trixie again does a warning count, so Crimson releases it, then tries to tag in Draco, who doesn’t seem interested in what Crimson’s offering. Annoyed, Crimson instead tags back in Hector, who goes back to work.*

Jones: We do seem to have some sore feelings between Crimson and Draco, but it remains to be seen what effect that has on this match.

Logan: Maybe the two can take a lesson from the last bout and try to work together. Fighting amongst themselves didn’t work out so well for Santana and Willis.

Jones: Despite everything, though Team Organized Chaos is definitely in control, as the Stranger is in serious need of making a tag to his partner.

*Paco has moved himself and Victor to the other side of the ring, following the action and shouting encouraging words in Spanish to Hector. The masked Malvado has brought the Stranger to the center of the ring, taking him down with a brainbuster! Hector drops on top of the man, with Trixie there to make the count… 1… 2… the Stranger kicks out, as Harvey Danger, who was halfway into the ring, breathes a sigh of relief. Trixie, meanwhile, gets up and goes to Harvey, telling him that he has to leave the ring, even as Hector pulls the Stranger back up, He laughs at the masked man, then reaches up, grabbing at the mask covering his head! But the Stranger reacts, saving his identity by punching Hector in the gut, then taking him to the mat with a footsweep take-down! Hector rolls in pain, as the Stranger pushes himself up, starting to move in on the masked man for the Stranger At The Door! But as Hector rolls to his left, Victor suddenly comes in from behind, spinning the Stranger around and giving him the No Mas!!!! Victor makes the cover while Hector leaves the ring, falling to the outside. Trixie, not realizing a switch has taken place, walks away from Harvey to make the count… 1… 2… 3!!!!*

Minos: The Stranger has been eliminated!

Logan: The Malvados just did their twin switch again, and the ref missed it, damnit!

Jones: Well, if Harvey would have stopped pestering her, she would have seen it coming, Anthony! I told that guy to leave her alone!

Logan: Team Stranger Danger is now down to 2 members, and they’re going to have to fight against the odds!

*Paco is up on the apron, applauding his man Victor, who is trying to act just like a tired Hector would. Victor comes over, nodding to Paco and speaking rapidly, possibly checking on how Hector is. Suddenly, though Draco is in the ring, smacking Victor on the back of the head! Victor stumbles forward, surprised, as Paco starts yelling at Draco, wanting to know what the hell he is doing. Draco, though, is pissed, having wanted this to be a clean match. Crimson steps through the ropes, too, coming in to try and be peace-maker, while Victor turns and tries to go after Draco.*

Logan: So much for them being Organized!

Jones: Draco said before the match that he didn’t want any trickery or cheating, but the Malvados probably thought he wouldn’t mind, since it got rid of the Stranger.

Logan: They were mistaken, because their team is suddenly falling apart!

*Draco doesn’t seem much more inclined to listen to Crimson, even as Harvey and Thrash protest to Trixie, trying to let her know what happened. Trixie shrugs, saying that there’s no proof and that she’s already made her decision. She looks to the ground, biting her lip, not wanting to have gotten the call wrong. Her dismayed face gets through to Danger, who angrily turns his attention to the men on the other side of the ring. He charges, completely out of character, letting out a yell that spins Victor around. Before Victor can do anything, though, Harvey smashes into him like a battering ram, knocking him into Paco!! Paco goes flying, but luckily lands right in the arms of an upright Hector, who takes the brunt of the impact. Meanwhile, Victor, completely off-balance, has no defense as Harvey yanks him down with the Danger DDT!!! Danger goes for the pinfall, with Draco and Crimson, still in the ring, move to break it up, only to have Thrash race over and dive into both men, sacrificing himself for the team! Trixie counts… 1… 2… 3!!!*

Minos: Hector Malvado has been eliminated!

Jones: Well, technically Victor got eliminated, but I guess in the record books it’s going to say Hector, isn’t it?

Logan: Harvey quickly gets revenge for his partner, and we are down to four men!

*On the outside, Paco is steamed, as while he didn’t take as bad a fall as he could have, he DID spill his tequila. A furious Paco gets Victor as he rolls out of the ring, talking to him, then Hector, as if ordering the two men to go back in there and dismantle Harvey Danger, Draco, and all of them. Danger is waiting, his rage having faded into a goofy smile since he realized that Trixie made the count for him. Just as the Malvados are about to run in, though, several security guards step in front, preventing them from approaching. We can tell they are security because of their GCWA Security t-shirts. What we can’t tell is who is who, as all of them are wearing Stranger masks!! Paco, a little thrown off, backs his men up the aisle, even as the masked security guards follow, making sure that they leave the arena without further interference.*

Jones: Why on earth are our security guards wearing those masks?

Logan: I don’t know, Jonesy, but it’s pretty bizarre. Still, at least we can continue our match after this, rather than having Harvey taken out by the #1 Contenders to their belts.

Jones: Yes, because the Malvados have both been escorted out of the arena. Neither man’s getting back in. So now we have a co-tag-team champion, a veteran, the GCWA Rookie of the Month, and a hardcore newcomer. What a pairing!

*Harvey stays in the ring, still trying to strike up a conversation with Trixie, while Crimson talks things out with Draco. Draco’s still pissed at the ‘team captain’, but he puts it aside, stepping through the ropes. This immediately stops Harvey from talking, as he’s already thinking about his ‘old friend’ Draco, and the birthday card that has been lost to time. Harvey comes forward, ready to go. He extends his hand, as if to shake, to put the past behind them. Draco looks at the hand like it’s a live grenade, then stares back at Harvey, who quickly lowers it. Harvey takes a step back, putting out a hand to Draco, then looks over at Trixie to say something. Draco, though, isn’t a follower of the “hand = stop” rule, as he comes forward, nailing Harvey with right hands! Harvey moves backwards, trying to cover up, but Draco doesn’t give him room, instead getting Harvey into the corner, then climbing the ‘buckles with remarkable speed, giving him the leverage to deliver a hurricanrana! Harvey is down, as Draco goes for the pin… 1… 2… Harvey kicks out.*

Jones: I’ve heard many names picked as the potential winners tonight, among them the Big Bifford, Derek Mobley, The Lost Soul, and Lurrr. However, in my opinion, a major name is being overlooked on that list.

Logan: Although I’d love to assume you’re talking about me, I’m going to go out on a limb and say you’re thinking of Draco.

Jones: Well, partially, Anthony. Draco is an amazing talent who just isn’t that well-known to the GCWA faithful yet. But he is definitely a dark horse in this competition. You also have to include another name, though, that of Tommy Crimson, a great veteran who is almost criminally overlooked when it comes to the older talent of our company.

Logan: I’ll grant you that one, Jonesy, but don’t count out Harvey or Thrash yet! Youth can definitely overcome experience in the right circumstances.

*Anthony’s support notwithstanding, Harvey Danger appears to be in trouble, as Draco brings the man up, placing Danger across his shoulders in a fireman’s carry. Danger, realizing he’s in trouble, struggles to get free, but it’s too late, as Draco spins Harvey downwards, catching him with the Inner Rage!! Danger flops on the mat, while Draco goes blank for a second, possibly caused by the violence he just handed out. He comes out of it, making the cover… 1… 2… and Thrash is in, breaking up the pin and saving Danger! Draco glares at Thrash, but pushes himself back up, bringing Danger with him. He drags the tag champ to Draco’s corner, placing him there before making the hard tag to Crimson. Crimson comes in, kicking away at Danger, keeping him in place. Draco watches, then steps through the ropes, while Crimson walks away, only to come running back in, splashing Danger in the corner with his knees! Crimson follows that up by picking Danger up and suplexing him out of the corner, smashing him into the mat and making the cover… 1… 2… and somehow Danger kicks out, staying alive in the competition.*

Jones: Danger is taking a lot of abuse, but he’s hanging in there!

Logan: Yeah, but that’s all he’s doing. If he can’t tag Thrash, his dreams of impressing Trixie by reaching the finals are going to be dashed.

*Thrash is pacing, yanking on his head in frustration as he wants to get back in there. In the ring, Danger looks like he’s hurting badly as Crimson brings him over to the corner, signaling for Draco to put his boot up. Draco, though, just ignores him, so Crimson slams Harvey’s head into the turnbuckle instead, then tags his ‘partner’, bringing Draco back into the ring. Draco comes in and lands a few more softening blows on Danger in the corner, then sets him up on the turnbuckle, preparing for something big. As Draco starts to go up, though, Harvey desperately lashes out, knocking Draco back down. Crimson tries to grab him from behind, but Harvey fights him off as well, shoving Crimson backwards to the floor! Draco, though, is coming back, as Harvey leaps… clear over him, doing a complete roll and frantically diving, making the tag to Thrash!!! Thrash immediately charges Draco, catching him and landing a spine-buster variation! Thrash gets back up, turning to face Crimson, who is already running at him. Thrash answers with a run of his own, spearing the team leader!!*

Jones: Hot tag! Hot tag!

Logan: James Thrash is going to show these two that he deserves to be there! This could be the momentum shift that Danger’s team needed!

Jones: He’s completely fresh, having been standing over there for a while. But can he keep it up against some great competitors?

*While a beat Danger lays on the apron, tired but slowly getting up, Thrash continues to stay in control, rushing over to clothesline Draco back to the ground. Thrash keeps running, going off the other side and clotheslining Crimson as well. He lets out a wild yell, in his element, with the crowd cheering behind him. Draco’s already getting back up, so Thrash goes back to him, kicking him in the stomach and lifting him for the GTS! Before he can land it, though, Crimson is there, back up and attacking. Thrash drops Draco back to the ground, with Crimson landing several punches on the man, earning the boos of the crowd. Trixie complains, wanting Crimson out of the ring, but Crimson pushes her aside and goes back to Thrash. But now Danger is in, running towards Crimson and tackling him straight out of the ring!*

Logan: Harvey nailed him! Geez!

Jones: Never put your hands on Trixie when you’re wrestling the Danger Man!

*Danger and Crimson are on the ground outside now, both looking like they could have done without that fall. In the ring, Thrash, recovered, goes back to Draco, who is in the corner. However, Draco was waiting for him, suddenly bringing his leg up and hitting the Momentum Shift!!! Thrash is down from the impact, knocked senseless. Draco shakes his head and goes over to the man, pulling Thrash up and immediately taking him to the corner, pushing him on top. Draco follows, setting him up, but Thrash starts struggling, punching Draco a little bit low. Fortunately for him, Trixie’s busy with the men outside the ring. Thrash yells to the crowd, then locks Draco up for the Thrashed! No, Draco fights his way free, scoring a big uppercut that nearly sends Thrash for a long fall, if his legs weren’t set. It’s all academic, though, as Draco twists around and comes off the turnbuckle with the Hellacious!!!! Draco makes the pin, Trixie makes the count… 1… 2… Crimson stops Harvey from interfering… 3!!!!*

Minos: James Thrash has been eliminated!

Jones: I thought Thrash had it all going his way, but the numbers were enough to throw him off his game, and Draco was able to capitalize.

Logan: The young rookie will have to wait for another day to make his way to the top. So now it’s Danger vs. two men, putting the odds badly against the co-tag-team champion. Let’s see what he’s got!

*Danger comes back into the ring, having pushed Crimson aside. Draco gets up, waiting for him, and the two start going at it, each throwing punches! But Danger’s focused now, his most dangerous mode (pardon the unintentional pun), so he takes control, driving Draco back with shots. He gets Draco to the ropes and sends him in the other direction, then catches him on the way back with a flying forearm, putting Draco on the mat! Danger tries the quick pin… 1… 2… Crimson’s in, hitting Danger in the back! Trixie argues with Crimson, but he’s still not listening to her. He pulls Danger up, throwing him into the corner and following with a charging clothesline, raising Danger’s legs into the air. Crimson then goes through the ropes and points to Draco, wanting the tag. Draco, looking annoyed, walks over, looks at Danger, then turns and slaps Crimson in the face, ‘tagging’ him! Crimson, pissed, steps through the ropes to face him, but Draco just walks away from him, stepping through the ropes on the other side of the ‘buckle. Crimson starts saying something to him, but then Danger, reaching out of the corner, grabs Crimson from behind, rolling him up!! 1…. 2…. Crimson barely kicks out!*

Jones: The strife nearly cost Crimson there!

Logan: Danger’s looking for any possibility of a pin at this point, as he’s already taken a lot of abuse. He desperately needs to eliminate someone pronto!

*Both men get up, with Danger blocking a Crimson punch, then landing one of his own, turning Crimson around. Harvey grabs Crimson by the head and pulls him backwards to the mat with a reverse x-factor, then goes for the pin again… 1… 2… Crimson gets free once more, refusing to stay down. Draco is watching the action, a calm look on his face. He probably doesn’t care which one gets eliminated, as long as he is still there at the end. Danger drags Crimson up, getting him in a headlock and going to a neutral corner, using his agility to run up the ‘buckle and come back with a tornado DDT! Crimson’s in a bad way, as Danger drops on top of him, waving to Trixie to ‘try again’… 1… 2… no, Crimson’s still up! Danger sits up, thinking, then snaps his fingers. He pulls Crimson up, holding him in place, and talks to Trixie, telling her to “watch this”. Trixie just shakes her head and tells him to keep wrestling, so Danger grabs Crimson and turns him for the Danger DDT! But Crimson spins out of it, then grabs a surprised Danger, dropping with the Fury!!!!! Draco watches with no reaction as Crimson makes the pin… 1… 2… 3!!!!*

Minos: Harvey Danger has been eliminated! Here are your survivors, Tommy Crimson and Draco!

Jones: And just like that, it’s over! Crimson and Draco are going to the finals!

Logan: Man, I thought Danger was going to put Crimson away there, but something must have happened at the last second, because he lost him.

Jones: Too bad for Danger, but great for Crimson and Draco, who now have a chance at immortality by being the first GCWA winners of the Ultimate Survival ring!

*Trixie, almost reluctantly, lifts up Crimson’s arm, then Draco’s. The two men stare at each other, neither fully trusting the other. They head out, with Crimson joining his allies in Organized Chaos, who watched the whole match from ringside, surprisingly without interfering (possibly because of Draco’s ultimatum before the match). We cut backstage, to the Presidential office. We see the President, the Accelerator, sitting behind the desk in his office. Ace turns away from the monitor, having enjoyed watching the last match. The door swings opens and we see Warrick Hill and Derek Mobley enter, curious to see what Ace needs them for. The President sees them both entering his office and motions for them to take a seat in front of his desk. He then looks up at Titan 3 and nods for the GCWA Head of Security to exit and shut the door behind him. Titan 3 nods and walks away, taking a moment to look towards Derek before departing. Warrick and Derek sense a tension in the air. Ace rubs his hand on his forehead, looking for the proper words. He then speaks.*

The Accelerator: Look, guys…I guess there’s no easy way to put this and I have debated whether or not to tell you before or after your match. So…right or wrong, I decided to do what I’d want done. I just received news, this morning, that they found two bodies in Dean’s house yesterday. One was the dead body of the nurse that’s been taking care of him. The other, well, it was Dean.

*The crowd can be heard reacting to the news, while the camera focuses on Warrick and Derek. Warrick looks blown away by the announcement, shaking his head in disbelief, while Derek looks away, with a contemplative look.*

Warrick Hill: Holy shit! That’s fucked up, Ace!

Derek Mobley: Yeah, I can’t believe that Dean is dead, Warrick.

*The Accelerator shakes his head, realizing that he’s helped create a false assumption.*

The Accelerator: Oh, Dean’s not dead.

*Derek glances up sharply at this announcement, even as Warrick looks slightly relieved.*

The Accelerator: He was found still hanging onto life and has been rushed to a hospital. That’s the only good news, though, as reports are that he’s in very bad shape. Honestly, it’s almost a question if when rather than if, although we can always hope that he pulls through.

*Derek shares another glance with Warrick, then looks back at the President.*

Derek Mobley: Do…do they know who did it?

The Accelerator: That’s the good news, I guess…they found the bastard; he took a loaded dose of cocaine and was dead in his apartment…apparently he died right after committing the crime. Looks pretty open and shut.

Derek Mobley: Well, that’s good, I guess.

*Derek looks over at Warrick and pats him on the shoulder, showing him some support.*

The Accelerator: Listen, you’re both booked tonight. But I’m going to give you the option, this one time...if you want the night off, you can have it.

*The long-time partners again share a glance. Warrick is the first to speak up.*

Warrick Hill: Shit…this is fucking surreal…personally, I don’t want the night off, boss…irregardless of what may have gone down between Dean and myself…he’d want me in that ring and well, that’s what I’m gonna do.

The Accelerator: Okay, Derek?

Derek Mobley: Yea, I’m gonna compete tonight…I’ve worked too hard to miss out on this opportunity…and, as Warrick said, it’s what Dean would’ve done.

The Accelerator: Very well…you guys better get ready for the match, then…good luck to both of you…and my prayers are with Dean.

*Derek and Warrick nod before leaving Ace’s office…as they leave, we see Titan 3 re-emerge into the office, shutting the door behind him. He glances again in the direction of the departing men, his suspicious mind running in overtime, as the picture fades out to a quick commercial break, advertising the GCWA video game! C’mon, you know you want to play it!*

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