*As the screen fades to black, you inch in closer to your high-def widescreen television (the only way to REALLY watch the GCWA), anticipating great things. The first thing we see is a pleasant shot of different locations in the world, both from aerial views and from the ground. As we fly around, seeing these spectacular views, the voice of the GCWA begins to speak in his low pitch, echoing throughout your speakers.*

Voice: It is known as the calm before the storm. The peaceful setting tinged with uneasiness as your senses begin to tell you that something’s coming. Your nerves start to get on edge, while the hairs stand up on the back of your head. You feel it coming.

*Suddenly, it seems like there is commotion everywhere, as buildings begin to shake. Glass shatters, and people begin screaming and running for their lives. It almost looks like clips from the new movie, 2012, as the destruction seems to be totaling the city landscape. Cracks appear in the streets, shooting down the block, breaking up the asphalt and sending cars sliding into the abyss.*

Voice: It is the most destructive night in the GCWA, a night when anything and everything can happen. It is a night where you have to ask, who will survive?

*The cameras seem to focus on a specific street, watching as a group turns down, walking throughout the chaos. It features twenty men of different ages, body types, and facial characteristics, but all have one thing in common: they are looking to be victorious.*

Voice: Twenty men, all set on one goal, all willing to do whatever it takes to achieve that goal. Some are veterans who see this as potentially their last opportunity to reach out for the gold. Others are enthusiastic newcomers, wanting to make a statement and let the world know that they have arrived.

*We see shots of all of the various wrestlers known to be involved, with former World Champions in the front, men like Derek Mobley, Shane Donovan, and Lurrr. They’re moving in slow motion, their steps seemingly adding to the destruction of the city as they approach. Suddenly, all twenty men begin to run forward with a wild roar, heading into the devastation to begin their own wars.*

Voice: Of them, nineteen will fall, one after the other, forming a ladder for one man to climb, on his way towards the top of the GCWA! Who will be strong enough, agile enough, crafty enough to survive and make it to the end? Who will win… the Righteous Rumble!!

*The battle seemingly has already commenced, as we see clips of some of the biggest finishers in the world today, all converging in the center of the screen, where it seems like a nuclear explosion has ripped through downtown Little Rock. The cameras move with the flow of the explosion, focusing on the epicenter: the Verizon Arena!!*

*We’re suddenly live, as pyro and other explosions are taking place inside the arena, complete with a sold-out audience of screaming GCWA fans! The cameras fly along the crowd, taking in the massive amount of cheering spectators who have made their way to the 2009 edition of the GCWA Righteous Rumble! We see one person’s sign, stating “Draco’s soul will be LOST!!”, before we head down to ringside, where Edward Jones and Anthony “Lightning” Logan are in attendance.*

Jones: Hello, everyone, and welcome to a monumental event in GCWA history!! It’s the return of the Righteous Rumble!!

Logan: Man, it’s going to be a hell of a night, Jonesy! We’ve got twenty guys in the back, just desperate to get to war here tonight!

Jones: It’s definitely heated back in the locker room. I got the sense when I went through there that everyone’s feeling the pressure, trying to decide how their strategy for tonight’s match. Do you make allies? Do you go in and attack everyone? What do you do?

Logan: There’s a number of factors there, Jonesy. Size can be a critical element in a match like this, as could be the luck of the draw. Wrestlers who are better at knowing where they are at the ring at all times could be key. Honestly, there are just too many factors to really be able to predict what’s going to happen here tonight!

Jones: And, of course, the Rumble’s not all we’ve got! The GCWA X Division Title is going to be on the line, as Arryk Rage will cash in his rematch clause against the champion, Scott Caine, in a “Last Man Standing” Match!

Logan: That’s almost guaranteed to be violent, knowing the two men and how they feel about each other!

Jones: In our other ‘main event’ of the evening, we’ve got Draco defending the GCWA World Heavyweight Title for the first time against The Lost Soul, inside a Steel Asylum!

Logan: Another brutal bout that I’m betting we’re going to love! Both men are veterans of this sport, letting you know that they’re both going to give it their all to walk out with the greatest championship in the world. It’s going to be intense!

Jones: I’m personally looking forward to every contest tonight!

Logan: Me too, Jonesy. Every wrestling fan has to be loving the atmosphere here, and it’s almost time to set it off!!

Jones: Then let’s light the fuse! It’s time for our first contest of the evening!

*We go to the video, which starts off with clips of two smiling faces: Arryk Rage and Scott Caine. Arryk’s voice is heard, coming through loud and clear through the mics, saying that he was supporting Scott and would help him finally beat Lurrr. We see them from back before Capital Punishment, when Caine & Rage took on Warrick Hill & Lurrr of the Roman Empire. Lurrr’s X Division Title was on the line, and it would be Caine’s last opportunity to take him on. Match clips are shown, featuring Caine’s athletic abilities, while also focusing on Rage still trying to recover from injuries he suffered the week before from Lurrr. We get to the critical point, as Rage’s voice can once again be heard, assuring that he would support Caine. But what we see is different, as Rage tags himself in just as Caine was in control, his desperate urge to get the X Division Title taking over. Unfortunately, Rage’s condition ended up being his downfall, as Lurrr took out Rage and won the match. The fury on Caine’s face is shown as he looks down at the injured Arryk, and you can almost see something change within him.

The video shifts to more recent times, as we see Arryk Rage surprisingly making his return to the GCWA. Rage’s battle with Robert Santana at Adrenaline Rush is shown, with Rage winning his first GCWA championship, the X Division Title, the belt that he had coveted since he first appeared in the GCWA. We get clips of Scott Caine, angrily venting about the new champion, setting up a match between the two on Inferno. Thanks in great part to the interference of Caine’s NEW tag-team partner, Penance, Caine was able to win the Xtreme Rules match, landing the Sugar Caine on Rage and getting the pin to take away the championship, denying it from Rage! Arryk’s frustration soon showed over the next few weeks, as he would continuously ambush Caine when given the chance, as well as Penance, saying that Caine had no guts by having someone else interfere. Rage wanted a “Last Man Standing” Match, with Caine accepting, wanting revenge himself. The two ex-partners are shown, staring each other down, as the clips wrap up, taking us back to the Verizon Arena.*

Minos: The next match is going to be for the GCWA X Division Championship, and will be fought under Last Man Standing rules!

*The crowd gives a good-sized cheer, ready to kick off this show with a bang. Some of the fans show weapons that they were allowed to bring in, to possibly be used in the fight. Security, not surprisingly, is staying close to where these people are located.*

Minos: Introducing first, the challenger… he is a former GCWA X Division Champion, and will be coming here tonight in order to try and regain that championship. He is a legendary performer in this business, standing 5’10” and weighing 212 lbs, from Detroit, Michigan, here is Arryk Rage!

*The crowd pops for Rage, who comes out to “The Sound of Madness” by Shinedown. Rage has with him a baseball bat, a weapon he used well in his last bout with Caine. He swings it back and forth, as if pretending to be Alex Rodriguez, before he makes his way to the ring.*

Jones: Rage had some harsh words for Caine this past week during an interview with PWI Online. He talked about how Caine had not paid his dues. Do you think this is true, Anthony?

Logan: It’s tough to say. Some people measure “dues” differently. I mean, Caine’s had success in the GCWA, you can’t deny that. But Rage may not see less than a year in the business as really been enough. You can bet that Rage has paid his dues, that’s for sure.

Jones: It’s not going to be easy for Rage to win back his championship tonight, now that the ball is in Caine’s court. But Arryk’s a fighter, and I can’t imagine it will be easy to put him down for a 10 count.

Logan: Definitely not. In a hardcore match, I think he’s always got a shot at pulling out a victory.

Minos: His opponent is the self-proclaimed leader of the Caine Dynasty, and will be seeking to earn a successful first defense of his gold here tonight. Standing 6’3” and weighing 227 lbs, from Los Angeles, California, here is the GCWA X Division Champion, Scott Caine!

*”Automatic” by American Pearl hits the speakers, with the fans immediately booing the champion. The spotlights illuminate the curtain entryway, but so far, no one has appeared.*

Jones: Caine had an emotional reunion this week, or at least he thought he did, with a long-lost uncle.

Logan: Dude turned out to be an imposter. You have to watch out for guys like that. They find out you have money, and they try to use your fame against you by digging out details from your past.

Jones: You sound like you speak from personal experience.

Logan: I’ve had my own troubles there, that’s for sure. Haven’t you?

Jones: Ummm, nope, can’t say that I have.

Logan: Oh. Maybe you’re not just interesting enough.

Jones: Hey!

Logan: Hold that thought, Jonesy. Anyone seen Caine? We kind of need to get this match started!

*Arryk Rage is pacing in the ring, ready to begin, but there’s been no sign of the X Division Champion, causing some more boos from the audience here in Little Rock. Suddenly, on the big screen, Caine appears, standing in the back. He has the X Division Title on his shoulder, rubbing off some dirt. Eventually, he stares into the camera.*

Scott Caine: Hi, Arryk. Seems that you got your signals crossed. The champion is the one who decides where the fighting takes place. I’m waiting, Arryk.

*Caine gets up off the car he was resting on and steps away, showing that he’s in the arena parking lot. We switch back to the arena, where the fans are cheering as Arryk is already on his way up the aisle.*

Jones: Caine’s pulled a power play, saying that this one’s starting in the back!

Logan: Hey, it’s Last Man Standing, a match that doesn’t have any rules other than the first people who can’t get up loses! We might as well kick off the night in style!

*A cameraman follows Arryk into the back, staying behind him as he weaves his way through the unfamiliar arena. Arryk quickly figures out where he wants to go, though, moving down a hallway towards the entrance. He finally slips through a door, taking him to the outside parking garage. The place is only partially lit, making it hard for Rage to track down where the champion could be waiting for him.*

Logan: It’s now a game of hide and seek. Actually, maybe it’s closer to hide and ambush, because I’m willing to bet that Caine’s hiding behind one of these cars, waiting for his chance.

Jones: Arryk’s been put fully on the defensive because of this, but you know that he’s willing to do that in order to get a piece of the champ.

Logan: That bat isn’t just for show!

*Rage is swinging the bat in his right hand, trying to keep an eye out in every direction. He’s working to figure out what Caine might have planned. Suddenly, Rage spots something sitting on one of the cars. It looks like a facemask, designed long ago, representing the “Twiztid” look! Rage picks up the mask and examines it, for a second losing himself in what used to be. That apparently was exactly what Caine had planned, as, suddenly, the truck across the way turns on its headlights, blinding Rage! The truck revs its engine and flies forward, with Rage only just able to jump up onto its hood and roll, even as the truck smashes into the parked car!!! Both the car and the truck take damage, and so does Rage, as he falls off the side to the ground below! He starts to get up, but the truck’s passenger door swings violently open into Rage’s face, knocking him backwards. Scott Caine slides out, immediately going after his opponent, as the crowd can be heard, roaring with disapproval.*

Jones: Jesus! Caine tried to kill Rage! I mean, if that truck had hit him straight on…

Logan: There are a lot of issues between these two guys, going back to when they were tag-team partners, but I never expected anything that brutal to be attempted!

Jones: And that’s just how this match is beginning, Anthony! This one’s escalating to a dangerous level!!

*Caine makes sure to kick the bat away, sending it underneath a car, before going after Rage, picking him up off the ground. Rage tries to fight back, but he’s still unsteady from the truck attack and misses, allowing the X Division Champion to grab him and send the smaller wrestler flipping onto a hood, smashing the glass windshield with his legs!! Rage slides back off the hood, falling towards the ground headfirst! Caine, loving every minute of this, kicks away at his opponent, yelling about respect. He seems extremely fired up, continuing the damaging assault. Meanwhile, behind him, referee Adrian Rockwell can be seen hurrying into range. He stands nearby, breathing heavily from the run, knowing that he has to be here for this match to stand any chance of ending.*

Logan: About time Rockwell got there! Caine might need him to start counting soon!

Jones: Arryk Rage seriously needs to find a way to get himself up, but how do you recover from getting run over??

*Caine stands back, watching, as Arryk somehow starts to work his way back up, refusing to stay down for any length of time. Caine is getting more and more furious, looking for something else to use. He grabs Rage and tosses him partway into the open door of the truck, then slams the door, with Rage’s legs still hanging out!!! Rage lets out a yell, even as Caine forces the door back open. He waits for Arryk to slide a little further out, then slams it again, this time on Rage’s back!! Rage collapses out of the truck, falling to the ground, as Caine turns and motions to Rockwell, wanting him to start his count. Rockwell begins, counting away, but Rage is already moving, straining to get himself off the ground. He makes it up around 7, showing that he’s got a lot of fight yet. Caine, in disbelief, comes over and grabs Rage, taking him to the other side of the parking lot to aim him towards another car, no, reversal by Arryk, and Caine’s the one to go running straight into the front bumper, bending him painfully over the front!! Caine, aching, straightens himself back up, but it’s not in time, as Rage comes leaping in, grabbing Caine’s head from behind and bouncing him off the hood with a flying bulldog!!!*

Logan: Man!! Caine’s head just made a big dent in that person’s car!

Jones: I wonder who’s car that is. Do you think they’ll have coverage for this?

Logan: If they’re smart, they do!

*Caine stumbles to his feet, dazed, but not staying down for fear out of being counted out. He may have gotten up too quickly, though, as he looks completely off-balance, almost falling back down. Rage, meanwhile, has gotten himself up, limping slightly. He moves in, grabbing Caine by the head and taunting him for a second, before turning him towards the car and thrusting his head through the driver’s side window!!!! Glass flies everywhere, as Caine slumps, partially inside the automobile. Rage, a dark grin appearing on his face for the first time, pulls Caine back out, letting him slump to the ground. Caine now has numerous small cuts on his face, causing the blood to begin to flow. His eyes are rolled up in his head, even as Rage bounces him one more time off the hood of the car for good measure, letting Caine fall back to the floor on the rebound. Rage leans on the car, showing his own pain, while Rockwell begins a countout. He gets to 5, then Caine starts to sit up, refusing to stay down. He manages to get on his feet by the count of 8, forcing Rage to renew his assault.*

Jones: I wasn’t sure if Caine was going to be able to recover there. His face is a mess!

Logan: Yeah, Rage just gave him a slight rearranging of features!

Jones: If this were “V”, at least we’d know that Caine is human now.

Logan: Yep, great show, that “V”. *plug!*

*Rage takes a swing, punching Caine in the side, with Caine trying to move away. Caine starts awkwardly stumbling away, heading towards the exit of the parking garage, with Rage stopping for a second to the side, picking something up. It’s a trash can, stashed in the side of the garage for collection purposes! Caine gets to the door and looks back, his eyes widening as he sees the flying trash can coming at him, spilling debris!! Caine takes a shot to the back, groaning as he falls forward, outside of the arena. Rage comes determinedly after him, looking for more weapons to use at his disposal. They continue around the outside, cars honking loudly from the nearby street. Some fans who either are arriving late or rushed out here to try and catch the action are nearby, held back by security. They’re cheering wildly for Rage, who catches up to Caine, kicking him in the back of the leg to drop him to his knees! Rage follows that up with a knee to the head, causing Caine to flop forward, landing on his face on the concrete!!*

Jones: Man, Rage has made a huge comeback in this one! Caine’s looking pretty bad!

Logan: Look at that! I think he left a bloody facial imprint! Someone block that off for posterity! People can come and visit, and say “Here’s where Caine’s face met concrete!”

Jones: I doubt it’d become a tourist attraction, Anthony, but then, you never know!

*Caine is crawling away, trying to get himself back up, as Rage has moved to the side, pulling something from his pocket. It’s a garrote, which Rage wraps tightly around his fingers, pursuing Caine! He throws it around the X Division Champion’s head, preparing to choke him, but Caine immediately throws himself forward, taking Rage off-balance and to the ground! They roll into the grass, with Caine managing to get the thread off of his throat. He punches Rage a couple of times, somehow getting back in control. He then gets up, hanging onto Arryk as he drags him towards the center of the Verizon Center square, where flags are flapping from their poles above. In the middle of the grassy area, a portion of the ground has apparently been dug up in the shape of a grave!! Caine throws Rage to the side, then reaches over, grabbing a shovel that’s stationed there. He spins it in his hand, then smashes it across Rage’s back, breaking it and leaving splinters embedded!! Rage drops, with Caine on the warpath!*

Jones: Who the hell dug this??

Logan: Did Caine have this planned the whole time?? One of Arryk Rage’s worst moments was when Marcus Ka’Derrion buried him alive several months ago! Now Caine has found a way to bring it back to reality for the man!

Jones: Rage has always claimed not to fully remember what happened when he was known as “Twiztid”. But could this bring those emotions back to the surface??

Logan: Odds are, this gives Caine a strong psychological advantage, late in this match!!

*More fans are starting to gather around the oval-shaped center portion of the area, getting in their boos as Caine picks up a large clod of dirt that was dropped to the side. He manages to lift it over his head, then smash it down on his competitor, causing Rage to fall to the ground. Rockwell immediately moves in, wondering if that’s it. He counts away, getting to 5, 6, 7, with Rage finally stirring. He manages to get up just before 9, with the fans at his side cheering him on. Caine, though, isn’t amused. He comes back in, smashing Rage with a series of right hands, staggering him some more. Caine then brings Rage over towards the grave site! He yells at Arryk, telling him that he should be put out of his misery, then goes to lift, but Arryk blocks him! Caine tries again, but Rage comes back out with a shot to the stomach, bending Caine over. Rage then jumps up and gets a desperation hurricanrana, which sends BOTH men into the grave!!! The fans are cheering like mad, even as Rockwell moves around to get a good vantage point, in case he needs to count both men out!*

Jones: What a plunge!! Rage just sacrificed himself to take Caine down with him!!

Logan: Maybe not the smartest move in a Last Man Standing match, but then, Rage has always been about taking out his opponent, no matter the cost!

Jones: But can either man answer the count and get up, especially from within a grave??

Logan: Someone has to! Damnit, I hate double countouts, that better not happen here!!

*The fans are chanting Arryk’s name, willing him to come out of the grave, although, technically, all he has to do is get to his feet to stop the count. Rockwell is already up to 5 and continuing to climb, watching them closely. Suddenly, Arryk appears, apparently standing. He starts to pull himself out of the grave, although he’s having trouble getting a hold of the loose dirt. Now Caine’s up, ending Rockwell’s count, and he comes from behind, driving himself bodily into Rage’s back, crushing him against the side of the grave!! Both men fall backwards, out of sight for a second, with only Rockwell able to see them. A few seconds go by, then Caine reappears, starting to pull himself out. He looks crazed, with dirt and blood intermingling on his face. He’s most of the way out, when suddenly a hand appears, grabbing him by the foot! Caine’s eyes go wide as he frantically tries to hang on, but he’s got no leverage, as Rage drags him back in!! Rage drops backwards, taking Caine down hard into the grave, as the fight underneath the ground continues!!*

Logan: This grave is turning into a very violent place to be!

Jones: Both men have taken some hard falls in there, but somehow, they’re both continuing to fight!

Logan: I don’t know how much longer either man can last at this rate, though, Jonesy!

*Caine is down, having been given an inverted DDT from Arryk inside the grave. Arryk starts on his way out again, this time managing to get a grip to haul himself up. It’s a struggle, but Rage makes it, even as referee Rockwell leans over and starts counting out Caine. Rage hauls himself to his feet, just to make sure that the count isn’t for him. He looks pretty spent, but a smile is back on his face. He moves to the side, grabbing a second shovel that was placed there. Rage comes back in, scooping up a mound of dirt and throwing it into the grave! He continues to scoop and toss, despite the fact that this match has nothing to do with being buried alive! Rockwell, surprised, stops his count and moves over to Arryk, wanting him to stop, but Rage doesn’t seem to care. He’s going to bury Caine so that there’s no way he can answer the 10 count! Rage pushes Rockwell away, intent on his job and telling Rockwell just to concentrate on his count. He goes back to the dirt mound to get another scoop… and then gets nailed from behind, as Penance smashes a 2x4 into his back!!!! Rage falls to the ground, with Penance, looking seriously pissed, going after him!*

Logan: Son of a… I thought Penance was going to stay out of this, since he was busy with the Righteous Rumble!!

Jones: Well, apparently, Caine lied, Anthony, because Penance is here doing some damage and saving his boss from being entombed!

Logan: I admit, Rage was going a little far, but this still should be just between Rage and Caine, damnit!

*Penance isn’t showing any regard for slowing down, as he pulls Arryk up by the throat, yelling at him about how this is how it feels to get attacked from behind. Rage struggles to get himself free, but Penance’s grip is too tight, as the big man drags Rage over to a nearby tree and throws Rage bodily into it!! Branches crack from the impact, with Rage tumbling back out, stunned. Penance then reaches back down and grabs the already-hurting man, lifting him up and getting him into the air with a two-handed chokeslam!!! Rage is down, twisting and turning on the grass in severe distress. Meanwhile, Caine has managed to get himself up, shaking dirt out of his air as he climbs out of the grave. He looks around, seeing Penance, and walks over, turning Penance around angrily. Penance and Caine have a quick staredown, but soon a smile breaks across Caine’s face, as he nods to his partner! Penance nods back, and they combine to attack, stomping away on the #1 Contender!!*

Logan: So much for this not being planned!

Jones: Well, even if it wasn’t, Caine seems to have no problem using Penance to help him in this one!

Logan: Last time, Rage wasn’t able to beat both men. Can he survive now??

*With referee Rockwell helplessly watching, Penance hauls Rage to his feet, enjoying himself. He says something to Rage, who looks up at him, then spits in his face!! Penance shoves Rage away from him, wiping off his eyes with his arm. Rage tries to use this, coming in swinging at the big man, landing a couple of shots. But then Caine steps in from behind, grabbing Rage and dropping him with the Backstabber!! Rage is down, as Caine moves over to Penance, waving him back. He tells Rockwell to start up the count, leaning on Penance for a little support. Rockwell starts it up, having the count slowly climb upwards. He reaches 7, 8, 9… and Rage somehow manages to get up!!! The fans are cheering as Rage pushes to his feet, then almost drunkenly waves the two men on!! Penance is more than willing to oblige, coming in and exchanging punches with the veteran, who just doesn’t have any strength behind his shots. Penance then lifts Rage up and around, before taking him down with the Despair!!!!*

Jones: Man, how much more can Arryk take??

Logan: He’s getting destroyed right before us, Jonesy!! Damnit!

*Caine and Penance stand back again, as Rockwell starts up another 10 count, clearly wanting this to be over. Rage’s legs start to kick, though, as the count climbs. He somehow sits up, almost falling back down. With Caine and Penance looking on disbelievingly, Rage fights his way up, managing to get to his feet in time once again! He’s dirty, bloody, and altogether a mess, but Arryk Rage is not down yet! Penance, frustrated beyond belief, comes in again, grabbing for Rage’s neck in order to chokeslam him into the grave! But Rage kicks him low, sending Penance falling to the side in agony! Rage then steps forward… but then Caine runs in, swinging the shovel!!! The metal end cracks against Rage’s skull, popping off the end of the shovel!!!! Rage topples backwards, disappearing into the grave, as Caine drops to his knees, telling the referee to go through it one more time!! Rockwell quickly gets started, knowing that Rage might need medical attention now. We get a shot inside the grave, where Rage is now covered in blood. Rockwell’s count flies upwards, and although there’s a slight movement, Rage just can’t get up this time. Rockwell waves his hands, signaling the end of the match, as Minos does his job from within the arena.*

Minos: Here is your winner, and STILL GCWA X Division Champion, Scott Caine!

Logan: What a bloodbath! Someone get Rage out of there! Medics!

Jones: Scott Caine once again defeats Arryk Rage, continuing his run as the X Division Champion! Man, I think having no rules is agreeing with him, Anthony!

Logan: He couldn’t have done it without Penance, Jonesy, but I guess we have to give him props, as he really destroyed a veteran wrestler here tonight. Is this just the start of a dominating night for the Caine Dynasty?

*Penance helps Caine away from the grave, with Caine, still bleeding from several cuts, nonetheless smiling at a triumphant victory. Inside the grave, Rage is trying to sit up, a hand covering the severe laceration on the side of his head. Medics have already appeared to look at both men, with one even jumping into the hole to help out Rage. We leave the outside behind, going backstage, where President Ace is seen walking down a hallway. He turns a corner and is immediately confronted with the sight of Arachne sitting on top of a "unicorn" (white horse with a horn glued to its head). Arachne immediately jumps off the horse.*

Arachne: For many weeks you have ignored my war-cries, dearest President. Now, today, you walk about the hallway as though you have not done any injustice to me. Yet you have. Why haven't I had matches for weeks? Why wasn't I rewarded with a title match after my stunning defeat of Marcus the Ka'Derrion? Why have you ignored my challenges that you DUEL me TO THE DEATH!? Why am I in the Righteous Rumble instead of in The Lost Soul's place wrestling for the World Heavyweight World Championship of the World? It's because YOU FEAR ME! You and your retarded friend!

*Arachne points behind Ace to a stagehand who is moving equipment.*

Arachne: Sure he might look like just a random stagehand... but I know he's your best friend, your co-conspirator! Therefore HE MUST DIE!

*Arachne runs past Ace and jumps on the back of the stagehand, locking in a chokehold and choking him out. Arachne immediately jumps to his feet and runs back to Ace, who is just standing there watching the spectacle.*

Arachne: How did you like that President Ace? Did you enjoy seeing your retarded friend get beat up? I will do the same to you.

*Arachne begins jumping around in circles.*

Arachne: I am Arachne and I will be respected!

*Arachne's eyes bulge with anger.*


*Arachne reaches into a bag that is attached to the "unicorn" and pulls out two swords. He goes to hand one to Ace who punches Arachne in the face. Arachne falls to the ground, dropping both swords and Ace continues walking down the hallway as though nothing happened. We head back to ringside.*

Jones: Arachne’s feud with the Accelerator just isn’t going the way he would like, is it, Anthony?

Logan: Eh, it’s Arachne. What more can you say about him, y’know?

Jones: Well, tonight, Arachne could very well be our 2009 Righteous Rumble champion. What would you say then?

Logan: I’d say, when they tell you not to panic, that’s when you run!!

Jones: So Arachne winning would herald the end of the world?

Logan: You heard me.

Jones: Alright, well, let’s just keep going then, shall we? It’s time to decide our World Heavyweight Champion, in a feud that’s been under the surface for months, but only came to the forefront a few weeks ago!

*We switch to a video clip, going all the way back to the summertime, when Draco formed a team with Shane Donovan, uniting D & D. The team began battling against The Lost Soul and the Big Bifford, heading into Capital Punishment and a “Fatal Fourway” contest between the four. After an incredible battle, Draco was able to take down the Big Bifford with the Hellacious, only to have Bifford land on top of Donovan. While Draco went for the cover on Bifford, TLS covered Donovan, taking away the victory and winning the GCWA Intercontinental Heavyweight Title. The battles didn’t stop there, as Draco, The Lost Soul, and Bifford would meet again in a “Three Way #1 Contenders” Match for the World Title. This time, it was TLS who hit his finisher, taking out Bifford with the Souled Out. But Draco then knocked TLS away with the Lights Out and got the cover on Bifford, winning his title shot, which he would then use to take out Lurrr at Adrenaline Rush.*

*The video clips move to more current events, as we see the Accelerator, in way of apologizing to The Lost Soul for accusing him of the assault on Steve Wilson, giving TLS multiple contracts. On Draco’s show, the Complaint Department, TLS is seen signing himself up as the new Head of GCWA Security. But when Draco mockingly brought up how TLS didn’t want to face him, TLS answered by ALSO signing the World Title shot, setting up tonight’s match! The two would have multiple encounters over the next few weeks, with The Lost Soul’s new security powers coming into play. At one point, when a fan accosted Draco, TLS took him out, saying that he was there to protect the World Champion. TLS also got a tackle on Draco later on, supposedly saving him from getting hit by a flung bottle. Draco answered back the next week, coming down to watch TLS’ match with Penance. After the win, Draco and TLS ended up brawling, after an errant attack from Scott Caine caused Draco to believe TLS made him take the hit on purpose. The hatred has grown between the two fan favorites, leading up to tonight’s contest inside the Steel Asylum! The video finishes off, as we head down to Minos for the introductions.*

Minos: The next match is scheduled for one fall, and will be fought inside the Steel Asylum for the GCWA World Heavyweight Title!!!

*Minos has to wait for a moment, as the audience screams out, anticipating an incredible contest here tonight. Once they die down somewhat, he continues.*

Minos: Introducing first, the challenger. He has done almost everything in the GCWA, having reigns as one-half of the GCWA World Tag-Team Champions, the GCWA Intercontinental Heavyweight Champion, and the GCWA X Division Champion. Tonight, he’s looking to complete a Grand Slam, with his first-ever opportunity at the World Heavyweight Championship… standing 6’4” and weighing in at 235 lbs, from Parts Unknown, here is The Lost Soul!

*The place gives a solid roar, cheering, as The Lost Soul slowly walks out of the back to the “Friday the 13th” Theme. He heads down the aisle, all business, taking in all of the weapons that have been hung inside the steel cage.*

Jones: The Lost Soul had a dangerous operation earlier this week, in order to help save his friend, Harrison Todd. Word has it TLS actually gave up a piece of his liver for a life-saving operation!

Logan: I applaud TLS, man, for being such a good guy as to do that. But how the hell is he even wrestling here tonight with that? I mean, it takes months to recover, not days!!

Jones: While that’s true, apparently he’s got some sort of protective gear on around his side, which will help keep him safe.

Logan: Safe… in a match that has a steel cage, canes, chains, and other weapons? I don’t think “safe” qualifies here, Jonesy.

Minos: His opponent has been on an incredible run as of late, having won 10 matches in a row at this point. He has held numerous championships in the GCWA, continuing to build a hall of fame legacy. Representing D & D, standing 5’11” and weighing in at 204 lbs, from Whitesboro, New York, here is the GCWA Heavyweight Champion of the World, Draco!

*The place erupts from the opening guitar rift of “Indestructible” by Disturbed, leading out the World Heavyweight Champion. Draco moves with confidence, showing off the World Title before continuing on his journey down to the sealed-off squared circle. The Lost Soul is already inside, still studying the landscape. Draco takes a moment to hand off the belt, not wanting it to get damaged inside, then steps through the door of the cage. They start locking the Asylum behind him.*

Jones: Word has it that tragedy once again struck the Draco family, as his sister’s house mysteriously burned down. Thankfully, there was no loss of life.

Logan: Wow, first his brother is hospitalized and arrested, and now his sister loses everything she owns? Talk about some bad luck. If this keeps up, the old “GCWA World Title Curse” talk is going to start up again!

Jones: A curse? I don’t remember hearing about that…

Logan: Yeah, the guys in the locker room used to talk about it. Bad things always seemed to happen to family and friends of the World Champion.

Jones: I don’t know, Anthony. These events seem less random than purposeful. But who would be doing this?

Logan: Hell, I’m no detective. And if Draco knows, he’s not talking to reporters about it.

*The Bell Rings.*

Jones: Here we go! The biggest belt in the land is on the line!

Logan: Quick rundown of the rules here. As you can see, we have a dome on top of the steel cage, which will help to keep our wrestlers inside. Hanging from this dome are several weapons, which are not easy to reach. However, if the wrestlers can get up there, they can use it in any way they choose.

Jones: That’s right. I know there have been some Steel Asylum matches that have been all about escaping the cage. But in this one, escaping would not get you the victory. It’s all about pins and submissions.

Logan: This is going to be good!

*The door is locked, trapping the two men inside the ring, along with a nervous-looking Head Referee, Mark Bell. Sometimes it just doesn’t pay to be the man in charge. Bell nonetheless signals for the action to begin, with Draco and The Lost Soul confidently approaching each other. They talk for a second, both wishing the other good luck. It’s hard to tell if either man means it. A second later, though, The Lost Soul strikes with a right hand! Draco immediately responds with his own shot, and the battle is commenced! The fans are cheering as the two men begin to duke it out, with TLS taking control early, driving the World Champion back. He grabs Draco, whipping him towards the side of the cage, but Draco, shockingly agile, manages to jump up onto the cage instead, immediately starting to climb upwards towards the weapons above!! The Lost Soul reacts instantly, running over and jumping up to grab Draco’s foot, yanking him of the cage! The World Champion responds by turning and landing on TLS’ shoulders for a hurricanrana, but before he can move, TLS spins, slamming him into the steel!!*

Jones: Ouch!! The Lost Soul strikes first, as Draco takes a harsh shot into the side of the cage!

Logan: It’s clear that The Lost Soul is taking this seriously. After all, this is his chance for history! The guy has worn the Intercontinental, X Division, and World Tag-Team Titles. If he wins here tonight and gets the World Heavyweight Title, he’d be the first man of the new era to land the Grand Slam!

Jones: Well, Draco’s got reigns as the World Heavyweight Champion, the Intercontinental Heavyweight Champion, and the World Tag-Team Titles as well. So that should give him an additional motivation tonight to stop TLS from achieving that goal.

Logan: Gotta love it when there are other issues in a match besides a title, even the World Title!

*The Lost Soul has Draco up now, tossing him against the steel cage once more to stagger him. TLS then comes in, grabbing for Draco’s head. But Draco fires off an elbow, knocking the challenger away, then turns and jumps, aiming a kick at TLS’ head. The Lost Soul ducks under it, avoiding a headache. Draco, off-balance, is grabbed from behind by TLS and sent towards the cage, no, Draco runs up it, flipping over and landing behind him!! The Lost Soul spins around, but Draco’s already grabbing hold of him and twisting him over, landing a pendulum DDT!!! The Lost Soul is down, with Draco immediately going for the cover… 1… and TLS is quick to kick out, having a lot of energy left. Draco pulls him up, with TLS immediately shoving him off, clearing some space between them. Draco quickly regains his balance and comes back, with TLS trying a quick swing that sails over Draco’s ducked head. Draco runs past TLS, then jumps, landing a Pele kick that takes the challenger back down!*

Jones: So far, this one has been a mass of maneuvers and counter-maneuvers!

Logan: These guys have faced off in several different match types. They both have a pretty good feel of what their opponent is thinking, which can be a key in a bout like this.

Jones: Interestingly enough, they’ve fought when The Lost Soul was disguised as the Stranger, they’ve fought in various tag-team matches, they’ve been part of a Fatal Fourway, but they’ve never actually faced one-on-one before tonight!

*Draco is back on his feet, considering a dash for the weapons once again. But, seeing The Lost Soul already rising, the World Champion shelves that for now, instead heading back over to him. He lashes out with an easy boot for TLS to catch, then spins, going for an enziguri. TLS immediately ducks under it, but Draco was ready for that as well, managing to spring himself back around after the miss and kick TLS anyway! The Lost Soul stumbles back towards the cage, with Draco, back on his feet, coming over to him. He grabs for TLS’ leg, attempting a dragon screw legwhip! But The Lost Soul is able to kick him away, avoiding the blow. As Draco does a roll and starts to get back up, TLS comes in, landing a devastating clothesline that flips Draco head-over-heels!! Draco is down, hurting, but that isn’t enough for The Lost Soul, who quickly steps in, grabbing hold and applying a version of the STF submission!!! Draco’s struggling, but there are no ropes to head towards in this kind of match. Only pain.*

Jones: The first submission hold is seen, and it’s a damned good one!

Logan: Yep, The Lost Soul’s showing his technical knowledge here! A move like this will wear the champ down, and could even be a way to get the victory rather quickly!

*Head Referee Bell is doing his job, checking for a submission from the World Champion, but Draco is not saying it. He’s not saying much of anything, as he’s focused on trying to find a way to get free. He starts rocking back and forth, throwing off The Lost Soul’s balance in the hold, which allows Draco to get his leg free. This reduces a lot of the pressure, causing TLS to simply abandon the hold, knowing that he’s got to move on to another plan. He stands up, jumping into the air and dropping both knees onto Draco’s spine, crushing him!! Draco is in intense pain, even as The Lost Soul finally starts to turn his eyes towards the roof! The fans are going wild as TLS heads to the side of the cage, starting on his way up. He climbs quickly and easily, pulling himself up high enough where he can reach out towards a weapon hanging there: a metal chain! It’s the lowest-hanging, and, thus, the easiest to grab. The Lost Soul pulls it off, then drops back to the mat, his weapon at the ready!*

Logan: Here’s where this match gets serious!

Jones: That chain could break bone if used correctly, and if there’s someone who knows how to use it right, it’s The Lost Soul! Who knows how many hardcore matches he’s been in!

Logan: Draco needs to move, fast, or else this could be a short night for him!

*Draco is slowly getting himself up, as The Lost Soul moves in from behind him, throwing the chain around his throat!! Draco, choking, immediately tries to get his hands in-between the chain and his neck, while TLS tries to increase the pressure, twisting the chain from behind!! Draco’s in serious trouble, struggling against the chain, with Head Referee Bell staying nearby just in case. But the World Champion sees a way out and takes it, throwing himself forward and dropping his shoulder towards the mat! TLS, his own hands wrapped in the chain, is yanked forward, sending him crashing head-first into the cage wall!! He falls to the ground, covering his head, even as Draco works to remove the wrap around his neck. He pulls off the chain, gasping, while the camera moves around to focus on TLS… who is busted open!!*

Logan: We’ve got blood!!

Jones: Man, TLS took a serious header into the cage!! It’s not a big surprise that the hit he took busted him open!

Logan: Hell, it probably just opened an old scar. Who knows how much damage is really underneath the white make-up, after all!

*The Lost Soul is grabbing at the side of the cage, starting to get up, with the white and red on his face eerily merging together. Behind him, Draco is back up, a red welt with round circles showing on his throat. He is wrapping the steel chain around one fist, making his own hand a lethal weapon. As The Lost Soul reaches his feet, Draco comes in, swinging hard… into TLS’ protected side!! TLS winces and stumbles away, but the protection seems to work for now, keeping any serious damage from being done. But Draco’s not done, following TLS and repeatedly swinging into his side, with blow after blow!! The World Champion is merciless, a look of hatred crossing his face, showing that he may no longer be in complete control of his violent side! TLS falls to his knees, hurting, with Draco doing a quick spin, slamming the chained fist into the back of his head!! The Lost Soul falls forward to the mat, with Draco throwing the chain aside, then tiredly dropping for a cover, grabbing at the legs… 1… 2… no, The Lost Soul manages to kick out!*

Jones: Draco’s looking more and more violent out there, isn’t he, Anthony?

Logan: Hey, everyone’s got a beast inside of them, straining to be free. Draco’s is just a little closer to the surface than others.

Jones: Everyone has one? Including me?

Logan: Hmmm… you might be the exception, Jonesy.

*With The Lost Soul still down, but refusing to keep his shoulders on the mat, Draco heads for the wall, painfully making his way up towards the domed ceiling. He’s showing a little more maneuverability than TLS, getting himself to the top and reaching out towards a higher weapon: a long, metal staff! He pulls it down, and then moves back to the side, climbing down far enough to be able to land on his feet without injury. The Lost Soul has sat up, using the cage to pull himself to his feet. This works perfectly for Draco, who comes in and swings, taking TLS’ legs out from under him!! The Lost Soul lands on his back, as Draco does a spin with the staff in his hands. He comes in, swinging, with TLS rolling out of the way, avoiding multiple strikes! Draco, looking a little bit irritated, comes in as TLS grabs at the cage wall, jabbing with the staff. But TLS turns and grabs it, sending the staff into a hole in the cage, then yanks, pulling Draco in for a headbutt!! Draco falls back, while the staff slides out of the cage, leaving the field of play.*

Logan: This fight has been incredibly equal, as no man can maintain control for long! What a match!

Jones: I think a key factor we’ve failed to talk about, Anthony, is the finishing maneuvers. Draco prefers using the Hellacious off the top rope, but that would be difficult, if not impossible, to pull off using the cage wall!

Logan: Yep, and by the same token, The Lost Soul’s Soul Buster and Souled Out, two top rope maneuvers, also have a higher degree of difficulty now.

Jones: But then, that’s what the weapons are for, right? I mean, one of these has to be able to do a better job at knocking someone out!

Logan: Maybe, but the fans would still love to see a super off-the-cage move tonight!

*The Lost Soul has moved in on Draco, trapping him in a corner. The World Champion considers his options, then suddenly comes out of the corner, going for the Momentum Shift!! But The Lost Soul seemingly was expecting it, catching Draco in mid-kick and lifting him up, bodily throwing him backwards into the cage!! Draco hits hard, then stumbles forward, knocked senseless. He falls right into the grip of TLS, who lifts him into the air, then drives him down with a sitout scoop slam piledriver!! The Lost Soul immediately makes the cover, trying to hold his opponent down, as Head Referee Bell makes the count… 1… 2… and Draco manages to get a shoulder up! The crowd gasps, having bit on that being a potential ending to the match. TLS gets himself back up, dragging Draco along with him. He goes to lift him up again, but this time, Draco goes to the eye, getting a rake that blinds the contender!! Draco steps back, shaky, against the cage. His eyes gleam, though, at TLS’ position, bent over in pain. Draco runs in, jumping up and getting his foot on TLS’ back, then springs himself into the air… managing to jump up to the dome, grabbing hold!!*

Logan: Incredible agility from the World Champion!!

Jones: Yep, I don’t think TLS saw himself being used for leverage, but Draco’s on his way towards another weapon!

Logan: Looks like The Lost Soul realizes that, and wants in on the action!

*As Draco makes his way carefully towards where a hockey stick is hanging, The Lost Soul heads for the side of the cage, making his own ascent! The fans are cheering, but neither man seems to notice, intent on only achieving their goals. Draco grabs the hockey stick, which appears to have a non-regulation addition of barbed wire around the end, and heads for the edge, going back down. He reaches the floor and spins around, the hockey stick at the ready. The Lost Soul drops down across the ring from the World Champion, his back turned. Draco, never one to pass up a golden opportunity, hurries over, raising the stick to take a swing, not noticing the flash of light until it’s too late. TLS turns… swinging a burning, barbed wire 2x4 to block Draco’s strike!!! Both men stare at each other, their weapons between them, with Draco’s stick now on fire as well!*

Jones: Holy crap!! Dueling flaming weapons!!

Logan: Damn, someone tell the referee to head for the hills!! He’s wearing way too much flammable clothing for a match like this!!

*Head Referee Bell is definitely staying back out of the way, hiding in a corner of the cage, as the two men begin swinging, each trying to get a blow through his opponent’s defenses that might end the match! Sparks fly from heated metal as they connect, causing a massive roar from the viewing crowd, who follow that with a “Holy Shit” chant!! Draco dodges a TLS strike, then comes around, swinging his hockey stick hard, with TLS barely getting his 2x4 in the way in time. The stick meets the thicker piece of wood once again, and this time, the strain is too much (or maybe the fire has just eaten away too much). Either way, the stick breaks, falling to the ground!! Draco looks at the short piece left in his hand, then hefts it up, coming in desperately towards TLS. But The Lost Soul holds his ground, knocking away the piece of wood and swinging hard into Draco’s side with the flaming barbed-wire 2x4!!! The World Champion yells out, falling away from TLS to roll on the mat. The Lost Soul isn’t done, lifting up the 2x4 and slamming it across Draco’s back, knocking him to the ground!! TLS drops the weapon and goes for the cover, with Bell right there… 1… 2… no, somehow Draco manages to kick out!*

Logan: Draco got himself scorched!

Jones: That’s DEFINITELY going to leave a mark!!

Logan: Son of a bitch! I hope both of these wrestlers are able to come back from this match after it’s over!

*The Lost Soul gets himself up, wiping some of the blood from his face. He’s lost a good amount, making him a little unsteady, but Draco’s not much better, with a wound in his side thanks to the barbed wire. The heat may have cauterized it, it’s hard to tell. Draco’s trying to get up, crawling on his hands and knees away from TLS, who moves away, picking up the 2x4. The fire has gone out, but it’s still a hefty weapon. He brings it over towards Draco, preparing to bring it down again onto the World Champion. But Draco has reached where he was heading, picking up the forgotten steel chain! He turns and swings it, hard, clocking The Lost Soul in the side of the head!! It hits so hard, the chain flies away, as The Lost Soul drops the 2x4, then falls to his knees. He shakes his head, then starts to rise, but by now, Draco’s got the 2x4, bringing the barbed wire portion down onto TLS’ back!! The barbed wire rips through some of the protection, while the 2x4 does its own damage, as The Lost Soul shudders, feeling untold pain from his recent surgery.*

Jones: Jesus!! A shot like that could have opened his sutures! For all we know, The Lost Soul is now bleeding internally!!

Logan: His doctors said wrestling tonight could be suicidal. God, I hope they were wrong!! But get the ambulance ready to come to the ring, just in case!

*The Lost Soul is crawling away now, spitting towards the mat and leaving a couple of spots that are blood red. Draco has stepped away, the force of the shot he delivered having tired him out as well. Head Referee Bell moves in, asking if TLS needs the match stopped, but he answers by shoving Bell backwards, away from him. Draco, meanwhile, is staring upwards towards the hole in the center of the dome. He turns and starts climbing up the side of the cage, step by painful step, having apparently seen something he wants to go for. The Lost Soul, meanwhile, is using the cage wall on the other side to pull himself up. He coughs again, hurting badly, but when he sees where Draco is going, he turns and starts going up as well!! The two battered warriors continue their climbs, with the fans cheering away, knowing that the higher they get, the higher the risk!*

Jones: Wait, are both men trying to escape??

Logan: That won’t work, though! We need a pin or a submission!

Jones: It’s hard to tell what they’re thinking at this point, but there are still some pretty dangerous looking weapons hanging from up there, including that weed whacker to the right!

Logan: Oh, damn! I hope they leave that one alone! We’ve seen enough weed whackers in the GCWA, we don’t need to build a reputation!

*Draco reaches the domed portion first, climbing out over it like he was climbing the monkey bars. The Lost Soul, on the other side, does the same, although it’s clearly hurting badly to make the same moves. The World Champion heads for the center, where a mysterious bag is hanging. He grabs it, checking its contents, while The Lost Soul approaches him, intent on taking Draco down. He swings his body when he gets close enough, trying to lock his legs around Draco’s midsection!! But Draco reacts, turning and shoving the bag in TLS’ direction, then hitting the bottom of it, sending out a cloud of white dust!! The Lost Soul takes it full in the face, gasping and trying to shake it off, unable to use his hands. At the same time, Draco pulls himself a little closer, with his arms on the center circle. He kicks out into TLS’ stomach, once, twice, three times, using both boots! The Lost Soul feels every shot, finally losing his grip and falling all the way to the floor, landing on his back!!!!*

Logan: Going down!!!

Jones: Oh, man, what a fall!! The Lost Soul may not be able to recover from that one!!

Logan: What on earth was that substance that Draco used on him? An Ace special?

Jones: I think the label on the side of the back said something about chili powder, Anthony.

Logan: Holy crap! In the eyes??? That’s gotta burn!!

*Head Referee Bell comes over to check on The Lost Soul, although he knows that he can’t officially end it unless TLS quits or gets pinned. The Lost Soul has no intention on doing that, although he’s having a lot of trouble getting back up, coughing heavily and holding his side. Up above, Draco has pulled himself into the center hole, sitting there and just waiting. He is talking to himself, although we can’t pick up anything that he’s saying from this distance. It turns out that he might have been trying to talk himself out of something, but failed, as he repositions himself, watching as The Lost Soul struggles to his feet. As The Lost Soul looks up, Draco lets go, falling straight down on top of him!! Draco lands feet-first onto TLS, immediately spinning backwards from it, landing a unique version of the Hellacious!!!! Draco lands on top, grabbing TLS’ legs and hanging on despite the pain, as Head Referee Bell dives in to make the count… 1… 2… TLS tries but can’t quite kick out… 3!!!!*

Minos: Here is your winner, and STILL the GCWA Heavyweight Champion of the World, Draco!

Jones: What an incredible contest!! Draco pulls it out in the end, but just barely, as he was able to improvise with a great finisher!

Logan: The Lost Soul put up a tremendous fight despite coming into this one after recent surgery, and very nearly managed to leave the champion. But in the end, Draco pulled it out!

Jones: Man, what a battle! These Steel Asylum matches are just as violent as any other contest we could have!

Logan: Yeah, which means we need to get that cage raised and get some medical personnel in there for both guys, stat!

*Draco is on his back, breathing heavily, the World Title laying with his left arm. His shirt has a black burn mark in it, with some damage clearly evident underneath. Nearby, The Lost Soul is trying to sit up despite his injuries, intent on refusing any medical care despite his condition. The cage is already on its way up towards the ceiling, while help comes running down the aisle towards the ring. We cut backstage, leaving the two battle-weary warriors behind. In the interview area, Cynthia Hall is standing with a contender in the Righteous Rumble tonight, Shane Donovan.*

Cynthia Hall: I'm standing here with Shane Donovan, who was rather vocal about the Righteous Rumble this week. So Shane, you really do believe that you're the favorite going into this?

Shane Donovan: That's a silly question, every competitor in this match is going to feel like they're the favorite going into it. If you lack the self confidence to tell yourself that then you've already lost. The big difference between myself and everyone else though is the fact that I'm not lying to myself about my chances like they are.

Cynthia Hall: So you think you have an edge here. Does that have to do with the entry number you drew?

Shane Donovan: Nope.

*Shane taps his temple.*

Cynthia Hall: I see... Well, what number did you draw?

Shane Donovan: I can't tell you that Cynthia, The Accelerator would have my head for the spoilers.

Cynthia Hall: Well in that case, is there anything else you'd like to say?

Shane Donovan: Yes, have you noticed that I'm missing something?

*Cynthia looks at Shane before shaking her head.*

Shane Donovan: I'm missing a title! There's been a definitely lack of gold in my life, and while after I win the Rumble I'll get a shot at the GCWA World Heavyweight Championship I don't plan on waiting for my shot at that. Scott Caine, I watched your match with Arryk Rage, and bravo you retained. Not for long though. You see, we're heading into the holiday season and it's a time for giving, and you're going to be giving me that belt of yours. I don't care if it's this week or a match to fend off post-Turkey Day lethargy, I plan wearing that title around my waist before December rolls around. Now then, if you'll excuse me Cynthia, I have a match to prepare for.

*Shane walks away as Cynthia Hall watches him go. We cut away from her to do a quick commercial, extolling the recent releases to the GCWA DVD library. You know you want them!*

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