*We return from the break to the announcing table, where Jones and Logan are watching the final removal of everything from the Steel Asylum match earlier. Jones turns towards the camera.*

Jones: It’s been an incredible night so far, as we’ve seen two matches that could very well compete for Match of the Month! That being said, the biggest one is yet to come, as twenty men will compete for the right to be the first GCWA Righteous Rumble champion!

Logan: Yeah, man, it’s going to be huge! I know the drawing took place earlier this week, so everyone knows when they’re going to be coming in. Some guys were ecstatic with their picks, while others, frankly, looked like they were ready to punch through a wall in their anger. But it’s all the luck of the draw! You can’t anticipate where you’re going to land!

Jones: We definitely have an unusual mixture this year of wrestlers, some small but agile, some huge and powerful, and then we have one other superstar, supposedly making his ‘debut’ here tonight.

Logan: You mean our escapee?

Jones: That’s right, Anthony. Ladies and gentlemen, let's take you back to earlier today when one of our Righteous Rumble combatants, who now appears to be a national hero, arrived at the arena.

*The scene changes to the parking lot in the afternoon. A large black SUV pulls up to the arena and Martin Ka'Berryon gets out. He runs over to the back-passenger door and opens it. A group of fans cheers loudly as The Big Canadian, covered from head to toe in Canadian flags, steps out of the truck. He waves to his fans, all of whom have Canadian flags. Martin gives them an odd look, as one doesn't normally see lots of Canadian flags in Little Rock. The Big Canadian walks up to the fans and poses for them.*

The Big Canadian: Hello fellow Canadians, eh!?

*The Canadians cheer even louder.*

The Big Canadian: Today, I will win this for CANADA and I will bring the World Heavyweight title to where it belongs: TORONTO!

*The fans begin chanting "Big Can-ad-i-an! Big Can-ad-i-an!"*

The Big Canadian: How did you all get tickets? I've heard this event has been sold out for a while and I was just announced this past Friday...

Fan: We don't have tickets! We're just going to wait outside the arena for you!

Fan 2: We love you!!!!


The Big Canadian: Who is Bifford? I'm clearly not him.

Fan: WE LOVE YOU!!!!


The Big Canadian: I am neither Bifford nor a criminal. I'm a NATIONAL HERO!

*The fans start screaming and cheering again.*

The Big Canadian: Martin, I'm leaving you here with these fans.. Make sure EACH AND EVERY ONE OF THESE FINE CANADIANS get some fabulous TICKETS to TONIGHT'S SHOW!

*The fans begin screaming cheers again.*

Martin Ka’Berryon: Dude.... that's going to be really freaking hard...

The Big Canadian: I don't care! Find them seats or sneak them in! Just make sure they're there to celebrate when I show the world how RIGHTEOUS I AM!

*The Big Canadian grabs one of their large Canadian Flags and throws it over his shoulders like a cape. He walks into the arena as the crowd continues going nuts. Martin looks very stressed out as the scene fades out... taking us back to ringside.*

Jones: As you can see, Martin somehow managed it, as we have a row of Canadian fans to our right over there, complete with a grape man sitting with them.

Logan: I don’t even want to know how he managed that, considering that we’ve been sold out for weeks, ever since this was announced!

Jones: Well, now those fans will get a chance to cheer for their hero, as will everyone else, because it’s time to Rumble!!

Logan: Yes!!!

Minos: It is now time for the main event of the evening. Tonight, twenty men will enter this ring in pursuit of a glorious victory, as they compete in the Righteous Rumble!!

*The buzzing in the crowd begins to grow. The first matches were great, but the fans know why they’re here: to see who can beat the odds and win it all.*

Minos: The rules of this match are as follows. A wrestler will come down to the ring every two minutes. The only way to be eliminated are if you are thrown over the top rope and have both feet touch the floor. Referees will be on every side of the ring to keep watch. The last man left inside the ring will be announced as the Righteous Rumble winner, and will become the #1 Contender to the GCWA Heavyweight Championship of the World!!*

*The crowd gives an enthusiastic “Woo!” to this announcement.*

Jones: This is our first Righteous Rumble in a very long time! In fact, the GCWA last closed its doors after an event like this!

Logan: Hopefully, that doesn’t happen this time, Jonesy, because this is going to be a damn good match! Anyone has a chance at winning, from rookies to veterans alike!

Jones: Did you manage to get yourself into it?

Logan: Did you?

Jones: Of course not!

Logan: Well, then, we’re good. Bring out the first entrants!

Minos: And now, introducing the wrestlers who will begin this contest… first, drawing #1, he has been having a great career resurgence since returning to the federation last month, standing 6’3” and weighing in at 255 lbs, from Chicago, Illinois, here is the GCWA Television Champion, Mr. Excellent!

*There are some cheers, but a good portion of boos as well, as “Youth of the Nation” by POD begins to play. Mr. Excellent slowly walks out of the back, obviously upset at having to be the first person in the Righteous Rumble. He also doesn’t have the Television Title with him, probably keeping it safe in back with his manager, Mick. Mr. Excellent walks down the aisle, threatening an attendant who gets too close to him before entering the ring.*

Jones: A big surprise to start out with, as one of the few champions involved in this match is the first man out!

Logan: That’s a rough one for Mr. Excellent, as his odds of winning here tonight have been severely damaged. I know he’s been quiet this week, possibly celebrating his championship victory last week. I wonder if he’s ready for this, going against 19 other men?

Jones: Well, he’s certainly in pretty good shape, which could give him the stamina needed to survive. But it’s not going to be easy.

Minos: And now, the wrestler who drew #2… he is a former GCWA World Tag-Team Champion and a former GCWA Television Champion, representing D & D here tonight, standing 6’0” and weighing in at 215 lbs, from New York City, New York, here is Harvey Danger!

*The crowd cheers, excited for a fan favorite such as Harvey. He comes out to “No Rain” by Blind Melon, smiling to the crowd, either not bothered by his draw or having resigned himself to it. Danger heads towards the ring, locking eyes with the wrestler staring back at him. Neither looks particularly pleased to see the other.*

Jones: What a wild draw! Harvey Danger, the former GCWA Television Champion, starts off the Righteous Rumble against the man who beat him for that gold, Mr. Excellent!

Logan: If I hadn’t been there myself, watching the live draw, I’d think that this one was set up by Ace! But sometimes, fate can just be funny that way!

Jones: Harvey spent the week camping out in his mother’s backyard, saddened about losing his title. This is his chance to get some revenge on the man who stole it from him!

*As Danger enters the ring, Mr. Excellent immediately comes over to meet him, swinging. Harvey’s ready, though, responding with his own shots, as the two men start slugging it out to the fans’ delight!*

*The Bell Rings.*

Jones: The Righteous Rumble is officially under way!!

Logan: And we’re starting it off with a bang! Gotta love it when feuds fall into place in the Rumble!

*Harvey takes control on Mr. Excellent, ending up on top and getting in a few good shots. He pulls Excellent off the ground and takes him to the corner, smacking him in the jaw with a series of forearms, stunning him. Danger then grabs Excellent by the head and uses his feet to ‘run’ up the turnbuckle, coming back off upside-down to flip back with a crushing faceplant maneuver on Excellent!! The Television Champion holds his head, his ears ringing from the blow, while Harvey gets up, clearly motivated. As Mr. Excellent starts to climb up, Danger is there, trying to put Excellent over the ropes! Excellent desperately fights, trying to hang on, as Danger struggles to get the larger wrestler out by himself.*

Jones: Danger’s in full control so far! He’s trying to get rid of Mr. Excellent quickly!

Logan: Hey, theoretically, if you can get rid of each man as they come down, you’ll win the match, Jonesy. Danger knows that he’s only got a minute or so to dispose of Excellent before another wrestler is placed in the equation. Quick eliminations can help him save energy!

Jones: Yeah, if Harvey wants any chance of surviving to the end of this one, he needs to get rid of some people.

*Mr. Excellent’s leg is in the air now, with another tied into the rope, as he tries to hang on. Harvey doesn’t give up, lifting him farther, but Excellent reaches behind him and jabs a thumb into Harvey’s right eye! Danger stumbles away, blinded, allowing Excellent to survive. The Television Champion moves over, quickly grabbing Danger and taking him down with a Russian leg sweep! Excellent then takes a second to recover, before getting himself back up. Harvey’s trying to climb to his feet, but Excellent is right there, latching onto Harvey and taking him over with a vertical suplex! Harvey’s stunned, as Excellent moves in, immediately going for the legs! He tries to twist Danger over, looking for the Execution, but Harvey strains against him, arching his back to make it more difficult. Danger then reaches out, grabbing for the ropes and managing to get a hold on the bottom one. Unfortunately, the Rumble doesn’t have the standard rules, as Excellent decides to apply the Execution anyway!!*

Jones: The Execution is applied!! Harvey’s clinging to those ropes, but it won’t do any good in this match!

Logan: Of course, neither will a submission!

Jones: True, but the more worn out Danger is, the more likely you can get him out!

Logan: Well, he’d better hurry, because the clock is ticking down!

*As Harvey struggles to get free, actually climbing up the ropes to relieve pressure, Mr. Excellent continues to work his opponent over, hanging on. Harvey’s face is a mask of agony, as he can’t manage to escape the hold. Meanwhile, two minutes have about passed, so the fans start counting down from 10. Mr. Excellent notices it, and, distracted, loses his grip, allowing Danger to pull himself free and fall to the ground, aching. Mr. Excellent walks away from Harvey, now looking towards a new target as the count ends, with “Eye of the Tiger” by Survivor beginning to play!!*

Minos: Here is participant #3, substituting for an injured Arryk Rage, Peter “The Janitor” Vaughn!

*The Janitor comes out, rolling up the sleeves of his janitorial uniform as he heads towards the ring. Mr. Excellent moves to meet him, leaving Harvey to try to recover.*

Jones: The Janitor! I didn’t know he’d be in this one tonight!

Logan: Hey, what would a GCWA Pay-Per-View be without the Janitor? He’s got a streak of them going, Jonesy!

Jones: Apparently, then, Rage wasn’t able to recover following the assault he took from the Caine Dynasty! Well, one man’s loss is another man’s opportunity. What can Vaughn do here tonight??

*Vaughn tries to come into the ring, but Mr. Excellent is there, trying to stomp on him. Vaughn retreats, confused, as if he thinks he should be allowed in with no trouble. He goes around the ring and tries again, but Mr. Excellent moves to block him once more. Vaughn looks frustrated, turning to one of the referees for help, but Referee Trixie just shrugs her shoulders, knowing that there’s nothing she can do. Mr. Excellent waves Vaughn on, wanting him to continue his attempts. Meanwhile, though, Harvey Danger is back up and moving towards him! He gets a surprised Excellent from behind, grabbing him by the trunks and tossing him forward!! Mr. Excellent grabs for the ropes, desperate, but Danger has all the leverage, allowing him to lift Excellent up and over!! Mr. Excellent lands on the apron, not quite all the way down, but Vaughn is there, grabbing at his ankle! Mr. Excellent responds by kicking Vaughn away, but before he can get back inside the ring, Excellent is met by a flying Danger, who dropkicks him off the apron and to the floor!!!!*

Minos: Mr. Excellent has been eliminated!

Jones: Incredible!! The Television Champion is the first one tossed from the Rumble!!

Logan: He lost focus, and you just can’t do that in a match like this! He decided to concentrate on going after Vaughn, and Harvey knew how to take perfect advantage of it to oust him!

Jones: So we’re down to Danger and the Janitor! The match people have desperately wanted to see!

Logan: Former tag-team partners, if only for one night, going at it!!

*With a furious Mr. Excellent leaving to a chorus of “Nah nah nah nah, hey hey hey, goodbye”, Vaughn moves towards the ring cautiously. Harvey steps back, making sure to give the Janitor some room to come in. The two men face off, with Vaughn offering a high five for getting rid of Mr. Excellent. Danger shrugs and returns the gesture, bringing a smile to Vaughn’s face. The two men circle each other, then lock up, with Danger immediately getting a headlock on the younger wrestler. Vaughn responds by pushing Danger towards the ropes, with Harvey then sent across the ring. As he returns, Vaughn leapfrogs over him, showing some athletic ability. Unfortunately, he’s so proud of himself for the leapfrog, he doesn’t turn around soon enough to meet Harvey’s return, as Danger flies in with a leaping clothesline, taking the man down!!*

Jones: Vaughn’s showing a little improvement, but he’s still awfully green in there.

Logan: He can’t try to compete with Danger move for move, because Harvey, for all the heat he causes for himself, is still a very skilled wrestler. He’s got a brawling background, which, really, is perfected suited for a match such as this.

*Danger pulls Vaughn over to the ropes, working him over with punches and kicks. The Janitor is totally on the defensive, just trying to protect himself from any further harm as the “lifetime Danger Champion” continues to land strikes. Danger makes a move to toss Vaughn out, but the Janitor is able to hang on, keeping himself in it! Meanwhile, the clock has started counting down again, with the fans continuing to count along once more. It hits “zero”, and “Crack A Bottle” by Eminem begins to play!*

Minos: Here is entrant #4, from Boston, Massachusetts, here is “The Retarded Beast” Bucky Johnson!

Jones: It’s the newcomer, a man we’ve never seen in action before!

Logan: Yeah, Bucky made some appearance this week, including stopping by Taco Bell for a great meal at their convenient low prices! *plug!*

Jones: Well, tonight, we get to see what he’s worth as he takes on the GCWA’s best!

Logan: So we’ve got Harvey Danger, Peter Vaughn, and Bucky Johnson in there? I’m sensing a sitcom!!

*Johnson makes his way down the aisle with ease, climbing up onto the apron and entering the ring. Danger’s ready for him, grabbing Vaughn’s arm on the opposite side and whipping him towards Bucky. But the newcomer reacts, catching Vaughn with a single-leg takedown into the ropes!! Vaughn drops to the side, grabbing at his windpipe, while Johnson gets back up and heads for Danger, who comes to meet him with an attempted clothesline, only to have Bucky duck under it. Danger, off-balance, turns around, with Bucky immediately pounding him with several lefts and rights, driving him back! Johnson then grabs Danger by the head, dropping him with a snapping DDT to the mat!! Danger rolls away, as Bucky gets up, smiling. His smile gets shaky, though, as Vaughn is back, driving an elbow into his back! Johnson goes into the ropes, with Vaughn following him, grabbing at a leg. But Johnson quickly throws him off, not letting the Janitor get any leverage on him.*

Jones: So far, the new guy hasn’t looked that bad, showing that he’s got potential.

Logan: Well, we knew he had to have some, or else the Accelerator wouldn’t have let him into this Rumble. Still, we’re only four guys in, so the odds are against any of these three going the distance.

Jones: Hey, I’ve seen guys win a match like this starting as #1, Anthony! So anything can happen!

*Vaughn and Johnson move to the side, still fighting it out, as the cameras focus on Harvey. He pulls himself up in the corner, then, seeing the two men fighting, starts to head over there. But after a few steps, he stops, thinking things over. He then moves back to the corner, resting his hurting legs by sitting on the ‘buckle. Vaughn rocks Johnson with a solid right, but Johnson comes right back with a shot of his own, the two young wrestlers dishing out their best. Vaughn tries another swing, but Johnson blocks it, taking Vaughn over to the mat with a hip toss! Vaughn struggles to get back up, with Johnson grabbing him, even as Harvey applauds their efforts, always loving a good show. This gains Johnson’s attention, who stares over at Danger. Harvey, seeing this, does a quick gulp from his perch, looking pensive. Johnson whips Vaughn towards Danger, with Harvey quickly jumping off the ‘buckle and doing a roll out of range. Johnson then comes after him, with Vaughn down after hitting hard.*

Logan: Harvey was trying to do the ‘smart’ move by resting, but another part of that strategy is to not call attention to yourself!

Jones: Yep, once Bucky saw him, his relaxation was done! Now it’s Bucky vs. Harvey again, with Vaughn pulling himself back up!

Logan: And now we’re counting down again! Who’s next?

*The countdown begins again, although neither Bucky nor Danger seem to notice, as they lock up in a quick test of strength. Vaughn’s pulling himself up on the ropes, already looking like he has no idea how he got himself into this. He uses the ropes for balance, trying to take a moment to breathe. The count completes, with “Kill The Headlights” by Rev Theory bringing the crowd to their feet, roaring!*

Minos: Here is entrant #5, currently one-half of the GCWA Tag-Team Champions of the World, Dangerous Dan!!

Logan: Ouch! Dangerous Dan, one of the potential favorites here tonight, gets an early draw!

Jones: Tough luck for him. You have to wonder how much sleep he’s been getting lately, as his newborn son, Elias, arrived this week. Tragically, the mother didn’t make it, leaving Dan the sole provider for the kid.

Logan: Nah, he’s got Crazy Chris and his mother to help him out. In fact, I think the little tyke’s currently at his grandmother’s house, probably rooting his dad onwards! Or maybe he just needs a diaper change.

*Dangerous Dan wastes no time as he comes out of the back, racing down the aisle and sliding into the ring. He’s immediately on the offensive, attacking a surprised Vaughn with several shots, then getting a discus clothesline that lays him out! On the other side, Bucky Johnson, who was in charge over Danger, turns and comes back, only to have Dan fly torwards him, landing a flying splash that takes him down!! Dan hops back to his feet and turns towards Harvey, lashing out with a kick to the midsection that Harvey’s able to block, catching his foot. But Dan turns it into an enziguri, smashing Harvey in the side of the head!! The Danger Champion falls to the ground, even as Dan gets back up, looking for someone else to go after, full of energy! The crowd is going wild, loving every minute of it. A stunned Vaughn starts to get up, but Dan’s rushing towards him, spearing Vaughn into the canvas!! Dan gets back up, letting out a powerful yell, before going back to work!*

Jones: Dangerous Dan is taking this match over!!

Logan: He said he was more motivated than ever before after the birth of his son. I’m thinking he meant it!

Jones: Can anything slow him down, or will he continue to dominate?

*With the crowd clearly behind him, Dangerous Dan hauls the aching Vaughn back to his feet. The Janitor tries to beg off, but Dan’s too fired up to care, grabbing Vaughn and tilting him over the ropes!! Vaughn struggles, grabbing for any handhold he can get, with Dan tenaciously twisting him over! Suddenly, though, Harvey Danger and Bucky Johnson wade in, both attacking Dan from either side!! Dan lets go of the Janitor and tries to counter, but the two men double-team him, with Harvey calling the shots. The two men kick Dan repeatedly in the stomach, forcing him to bend over, then both move in, locking onto Dan and lifting him with a double suplex!! Dangerous Dan rolls away, feeling it, as Harvey and Bucky head after him, intent on slowing the young superstar down! Meanwhile, the Janitor is laying on the canvas, possibly crying to himself after putting himself in a match where so many people can hit him.*

Jones: You never know what partnerships are going to be formed in a Rumble. Apparently, Harvey and Bucky have an understanding!

Logan: Yeah, although I doubt it’ll last long. It was more out of necessity, as Dangerous Dan was threatening to eliminate everyone left in the ring!

Jones: You can’t let anyone go wild the way he did, or else the match could get out of hand. Now they’ve got to find a way to keep Dan down!

*Dangerous Dan is pulling himself up already, landing a shot to Harvey’s chest that sends him staggering back. But as soon as Dan starts his rally, it’s over, as Bucky comes in, grabbing Dan’s arms from behind. He holds onto Dan as Danger comes back, punching away, wearing him out. On the other side, Vaughn is resting, his eyes closed. They open when he hears a countdown beginning, signaling another competitor on his way to the ring. The count finishes up, with “Wana” by the Black Horn hitting the airwaves!! The fans react, watching for the next wrestler’s entrance.*

Minos: Coming in as Entrant #6, from Toyokawa, Japan, here is Arachne!

Logan: Oh, man, one of the strangest wrestlers in the GCWA is on his way!

Jones: “In the beginning was the Arachne, and the Arachne was with Arachne, and the Arachne was Arachne.”

Logan: ….. what??

Jones: Sorry, just quoting the scripture Arachne released earlier this week. It’s trippy, I know, but once you read through it, it’s actually kind of… profound…

Logan: Holy crap, Jones has been brainwashed! Someone, get the dude some water!

Jones: What? No, no, I’m fine….. I’m fine….

*Vaughn is pulling himself up, looking towards the entryway with dread. However, no one has appeared as of yet. Meanwhile, Bucky and Harvey have moved Dangerous Dan to the ropes, with both of them grabbing hold of a leg, trying to lift him up! Dan is fighting, refusing to be eliminated this early, but he’s still going against the odds. Vaughn glances over at them, then looks back at the entrance, wondering what’s going on. Meanwhile, a camera catches movement coming from under the ring… as Arachne crawls out!! Arachne turns and slides through the bottom ropes, coming in behind Vaughn! The crowd reacts, causing the Janitor to realize that he’s in trouble. He can’t move fast enough, though, as Arachne charges in, jumping up and striking Vaughn in the back with a double fist!! Vaughn falls into the ropes, and Arachne’s immediately on him, using the ropes to choke him while simultaneously biting and clawing at him!! Vaughn is practically screaming for help, as the assault is on!!*

Jones: Arachne went right after one of his oldest rivals, the Janitor! These two had a feud going back in August, and apparently it’s been renewed!

Logan: It’s amazing what can happen in the course of a Rumble! Who thought we’d see these two going at it again, especially here tonight!

Jones: Some would say that Arachne’s too small to make a sizable impact tonight, but his ‘unique’ style might be well suited for this one!

Logan: Vaughn’s certainly a believer!

*With a feat of strength born from terror, Vaughn is able to throw Arachne on him, crawling away. Arachne follows, though, on all fours, jumping back on top of the Janitor and attacking him again! Meanwhile, on the other side, Dangerous Dan has managed to escape elimination, clinging to the ropes. Harvey, giving up on the attempt, instead, grabs Dan by the head and goes for the Danger DDT!!! But Dan shoves him off, saving himself from the finishing maneuver! Bucky, though, catches Dan with a running knee, knocking him back down. Harvey gets up, nodding to Bucky, who turns towards him… and levels Danger with a running clothesline!! Danger, stunned, stumbles back up, with Bucky grabbing him from behind and throwing him out of the ring!!! Bucky turns back to Dangerous Dan, looking to get rid of him too… missing the fact that Danger’s been able to skin the cat, pulling himself back up and into the ring!! Harvey attacks Bucky from behind, showing some real anger, as the fighting continues!*

Logan: Rule of thumb for a Rumble: make sure, if you throw someone out, they stay out! Bucky tried a quick move to get rid of Danger, but it’s backfired, and now he’s on the defensive!

Jones: This works in Dangerous Dan’s favor, as he finally gets a short breather. Vaughn looks like he needs one as well, as Arachne is just rubbing the Janitor’s face into the mat!!

Logan: The Janitor is going to need some help if he’s going to survive much longer!

*Arachne is leaning over Vaughn at the moment, almost growling at him. Vaughn’s eyes are fluttering, showing that he’s almost lost consciousness. Arachne helps him out in that regard, grabbing him by the head and bouncing him on the mat like a basketball! On the other side, Harvey is trying to eliminate Johnson, who’s fighting to stay alive, even as Dangerous Dan starts to work his way to his feet. At the same time, the count begins again, leading the fans to start leaning expectantly, wondering who the next participant is going to be! “Decode” by Paramour starts to play, causing a bunch of strange looks from the crowd in attendance.*

Logan: Who’s music is that?

Jones: That’s from the Twilight soundtrack, isn’t it? But who would… hey, wait a second!

*A man walks through the curtains, smiling towards the fans, with the females immediately screaming their heads off. Minos jumps in for the announcement.*

Minos: Entrant #7 is well-known for playing “Edward Cullen” in the extremely popular vampire series, Twlight… here is Robert Pattinson!!!

Jones: Holy crap!! Robert Pattison is in the Righteous Rumble!!

Logan: Damn, what’s he doing here??

Jones: Cross-promoting, I bet! Their new movie, Twilight: New Moon, is coming out soon, isn’t it?

Logan: Yeah, I suppose so… damn, I hate that series! It makes vampires look like love-struck wimps!

Jones: You need to read the books, man, they rock!

Logan: ….

*Pattinson waves to the fans as he slowly approaches the ring, making sure to visit with as many of them as possible. Most of the guys don’t seem too interested, but the women are going crazy for the dreamboat actor. In the ring, the wrestlers barely seem to notice that someone else is coming down. Dangerous Dan is back on his feet, going at it with Harvey Danger, while Bucky Johnson has moved off to the side, taking a moment to himself. Vaughn is down and not moving, apparently knocked silly. Arachne is the only one really watching the approaching star. Pattinson moves to the side, climbing up the steps instead of sliding in. He smiles to the fans, blows them a kiss, and then steps through the ropes, grinning like a kid at Christmas. Pattinson straightens up and looks around, apparently not sure what to do now. He turns… and Arachne moves in, spitting the Green Mist into his face!!!! Pattison collapses, blinded and screaming, as Arachne stands over him, absorbing a great dose of negativity from the women… and a few loud cheers from the guys.*

Jones: No!!!! Why would Arachne do that??

Logan: I don’t know, Jonesy, but that’s the first time I’m happy that Arachne’s in the ring! Yes!

*Pattinson is trying futilely to clear his eyes. Him getting spit in the face was not part of the deal between the GCWA and Summit Entertainment, but anything can happen in a wrestling match, as the Accelerator explained to them before agreeing to this. Arachne, enjoying himself, does a little dance in front of the blinded movie star, then waits. As Pattinson pulls himself to his feet, Arachne charges him, landing a shot that sends Pattison flipping to the outside and crashing hard to the floor!!! Pattinson is down, with GCWA attendants rushing to help him, while Arachne sits on the ropes, grinning. Behind him, Bucky Johnson has taken Vaughn up and into the corner, pounding away on him, while Dangerous Dan and Harvey Danger continue to fight across the way, with Dan trying to get Danger over the ropes. The main focus, though, is on Pattinson, who is being carried backstage.*

Minos: Robert Pattison has just been eliminated!

Jones: I can’t believe it! We’ll never get celebrities on GCWA television again!

Logan: Good! Serves him right for showing up here and acting like a wrestler! We’re a serious business, damnit, why do we need a bunch of supposed celebrities showing up, anyway?

Jones: Yeah, but… I mean… that was Edward Cullen!!!

Logan: So? I’m sure he’s already taped his footage for that new movie. By the time of the next one, he’ll be all healed up. So chill out, fanboy!

*With Pattinson gone, Arachne finally turns his attention back to the action, watching the two fights that are currently going on. In one corner, Danger manages to get in an elbow shot, causing Dangerous Dan to have to let him down. In the other, Bucky Johnson has the smaller Vaughn on his shoulders, trying to toss him out, with Vaughn desperately hanging onto anything his hands can reach. With all this going on, the count begins again, showing how the ring continues to fill up, at least with actual wrestlers. The speakers come on again, this time playing “New Divide” by Linkin Park!*

Minos: Our next competitor, coming in at #8, from Westerville, Ohio, here is Aaron Styles!

Logan: NOW we’ve got some beef coming in!

Jones: One of the biggest superstars in the Rumble, Styles, at 6’8”, is on his way to the ring! Can Styles, a young wrestler with tons of potential, surprise the world tonight by taking out his competition and surviving?

*Styles stomps at a brisk pace down the aisle, already locking eyes with the ever-dangerous Arachne. He reaches up and grabs the ropes, pulling himself up, with Arachne trying to block his injury with a couple of punches. Styles, though, takes the hits, then returns with a punch of his own, sending Arachne flipping backwards across the mat!! Styles steps over the ropes and enters, looking angry! Arachne gets back up and charges, showing no fear, but this might be one time where it could be warranted, as Styles sticks out his foot, snapping Arachne’s head back with a big boot!! Styles then reaches down and lifts, picking the stunned Arachne off the ground and lifting him into the air with one hand, before delivering a dramatic chokeslam that shakes the ring!! The fans are cheering for Styles, particularly the women, who want to see Arachne punished.*

Jones: Styles is making a huge impact so far, Anthony!

Logan: Hell, Arachne just made a huge impact, too! We’re lucky there’s not a hole in the middle of the ring now! What a chokeslam!

Jones: Styles is towering over all the competition currently in the ring! We might have a slaughter ahead of us!

*Styles continues his line of attack, putting a boot across Arachne’s throat and choking him on the canvas. Arachne can’t get free, gagging, his green tongue sticking partway out of his mouth. On the opposite side, Dangerous Dan once again has Harvey in trouble, with Harvey hanging almost 3/4ths out of the ring!! He’s upside-down, but still clinging to the ropes with both his hands and feet, making him hard to dislodge. In the near corner, Bucky Johnson is still going at it with Vaughn. The Janitor tries a comeback, landing a couple of weak chops to Johnson’s chest, but Johnson quickly retaliates with a European uppercut, then comes in, taking Vaughn down hard with a legsweep takedown! With Vaughn down, Bucky turns towards the corner, pulling himself up despite the definite risk of a top rope maneuver in a Rumble. It doesn’t stop Johnson, who immediately leaps into the air and flies down, landing a Frog Splash onto Vaughn!! It’s picture perfect, as Vaughn takes the hit straight in the middle! Johnson then gets back up, grabbing at Vaughn and dragging the beaten man upwards. Vaughn has no fight left, making it easy for Johnson to carry him to the ropes and dump him over, ending his night!!*

Minos: Peter “The Janitor” Vaughn has just been eliminated!

Jones: The Janitor’s gone! Bucky Johnson just got himself an elimination!

Logan: Hell of a frog splash there, too! Man, I think we may have found something here, Jonesy! This kid’s got some talent!

Jones: Yep, hopefully he’ll keep building on it. He’s still got a long way to go tonight, but that’s one less he has to worry about!

*Johnson dusts off his hands, making a show of it, then turns towards his next opponent. Unfortunately, this turns out to be Aaron Styles, who grabs Johnson and easily lifts the surprised wrestler into the air with a Gorilla Press!! Styles carries Johnson towards the ropes, threatening to throw him straight out of the ring!! Surprisingly, though, Arachne decides to make the save, throwing his body haphazardly into Styles’ legs, causing him to drop Johnson and fall to his knees! Arachne then tries a tactic that worked before, clawing at Styles’ face, but Styles answers with a firm grip around Arachne’s throat, choking him out! On the other side, Danger has managed to get back in through the ropes, continuing his battle with Dangerous Dan. As they fight, the clock begins to tick away, preparing us for our next wrestler. The crowd gets excited, but it quickly turns negative as “God In Extension” by Jack Daw hits!*

Minos: Coming in as Entrant #9, he is a former GCWA Heavyweight Champion of the World, from Norfolk, Virginia, here is “The Man Made Monster” Shane Donovan!

Jones: Our first former World Champion makes an appearance!

Logan: Not a bad draw for Donovan, but I’m sure he would have liked a slightly more impressive number than 9th.

Jones: Donovan was off on a treasure hunt this week, thanks to El Probador showing back up on his steps.

Logan: I saw that Donovan found a chest filled with rocks. I know people laughed at that, but hey, if that chest is old enough, I’m betting he can get a good deal taking it to a pawn shop!

* Donovan takes his time coming down the aisle, milking every second for what it’s worth. In the ring, Arachne is quickly running out of steam as Styles chokes him out. Meanwhile, Johnson, deciding to leave the big man alone and move to safer waters, heads over and attacks Dangerous Dan from behind, knocking him down. This frees Harvey, who crawls to the side, exhausted, since he’s been in there since the beginning. The smile on his face as he sees Donovan approaching is priceless. He moves to greet his ally, even holding the ropes sloppily open for him. Donovan steps in, with Harvey giving him a one-armed hug. Donovan shakes his head, and then tells Danger to focus, with the two men working to pick out a target. Nearby them, Styles has pulled up the dazed Arachne, locking him up and lifting him with the Styles Spike!!! Arachne is flat on his back, with Styles hauling him back up by the throat, then turns and lifts him in the air with one arm, before tossing Arachne out!! Arachne crashes to the outside, in a heap, as Styles turns… only to get attacked by D & D!!*

Minos: Arachne has been eliminated!

Jones: Arachne gets the receipt for attacking Robert Pattinson!

Logan: Man, Styles threw him like a lawn dart!!

Jones: Of course, eliminations don’t stop anything, as Styles is immediately back under attack, by one of the few tag-teams involved in this one! Can even one as big as Styles fight off a double-team??

*Donovan and Danger seem to be working well as a team, punching and kicking away at Styles. They grab his arms, preparing to send him across the ring, but Styles puts on the brakes, then yanks both men in towards him, grabbing BOTH by the throat!! The crowd roars, but before Styles can lift them, Danger & Donovan kick away, managing to get free. Donovan signals, and they both grab the bent-over Styles by the head, getting a double DDT!! Styles is down, with D & D continuing to work him over. Meanwhile, on the other side, Dangerous Dan was in trouble, but managed to escape, coming back into the ring. Johnson greets him with some shots, and then pulls Dan up, looking to toss him out. Dan reverses, though, managing to toss Johnson instead!! At the last second, Bucky grabs the ropes, managing to stop his plunge and slide back in. Dangerous Dan is right there waiting, taking Bucky down with a facebuster! Dan then takes a second to breathe, watching the fighting going on across from him.*

Jones: You can see the toll of this match starting to grow for some of these wrestlers.

Logan: I have to give Harvey Danger some respect, as he’s been in there since the beginning, yet is still in there fighting! Johnson and Dangerous Dan also both have several minutes invested. Unfortunately, we’re just now reaching the halfway point, so these guys have a long, LONG way to go!

*Donovan and Danger are keeping Styles on the mat, working him over with a combined submission hold to keep him from using his size to his advantage. Dangerous Dan slowly gets himself up, going back after Bucky, as the clock starts to tick down again, running through the numbers. The crowd looks anxiously, wondering who’s going to be coming down next. The buzzer sounds, and immediately “Peace Not Greed” by the Kottonmouth Kings begins to play! The crowd reacts with boos, although there are some definite cheers hidden in there as well, as the next wrestler comes out.*

Minos: Coming in at #10, he is a former GCWA World Heavyweight Champion, while also holding several other titles in his career, from St. Louis, Missouri, here is Dynamic Dynamite!!

Logan: Dynamic Dynamite?? He’s in the Rumble??

Jones: Oh my god, a legend is in this one! Incredible!

Logan: We haven’t heard from Dynamite in a while, not since he was working to make sure there was a lot of uneasiness in the locker rooms! I guess he’s decided to take his quest to the next level!

*The legendary wrestler walks down the aisle, grinning like the cat that ate the canary. He has no hesitation as he goes up onto the apron, then enters, immediately heading towards D & D. Danger and Donovan drop their submission holds on Styles and get up, watching the newcomer. Danger is ready to fight, so Donovan nods, and they race forward… well, Danger does, anyway, as Donovan hangs back. Dynamite is quick to react, grabbing Danger and throwing him in the air, catching him on his shoulders and spinning him around in an airplane spin, before dropping him with The Franchise!!!! Danger is down, as Donovan, picking his moment, comes in from behind, getting in some good swings on the veteran. He drives Dynamite back towards the corner, but Dynamite is able to turn it around, taking control and punching away!*

Jones: Dynamite’s releasing a lot of pent-up aggression, Anthony!!

Logan: I can’t believe I just saw The Franchise in 2009! Could this be the start of a major comeback??

Jones: If he wins this Rumble, you can count on it!

*On the other side of the ring, Dangerous Dan is stomping a mudhole into Bucky Johnson. He then pulls Johnson from the corner, lifting him up by his legs to start trying to get rid of him! Bucky struggles, not wanting his night to be over just yet. He clings to the ropes, wrapping his arms around them. As Dan gets him up higher, Bucky gets a foot free, kicking Dan in the chest to knock him away! Dan pulls himself back up, but Bucky hurries in against him with a running shoulderblock to knock him back down! Johnson then grabs Dangerous Dan to haul him to his feet, hanging onto Dan’s hair. He hustles to the side, launching Dan into the air and over the ropes!!! Dan, though, is able to readjust, landing with his feet on the apron!! Johnson, turning, sees him and immediately charges, trying to bodyblock him off. But Dan drops, hanging onto the top rope and, subsequently, lowering it, causing Johnson to fall, off-balance, over the ropes and to the outside, landing below!!! The crowd cheers as Dangerous Dan rolls back into the ring, looking for his next fight.*

Minos: Bucky Johnson has been eliminated!

Jones: And Bucky’s night comes to an end!

Logan: Well, it was a good debut for the man, as he made an impact on the Righteous Rumble! But in the end, an early draw just didn’t give him a chance to succeed.

Jones: It may be a loss, but fans have clued in that Bucky could very well be a future star in the business with his performance tonight! Hopefully, we’ll see him continue to grow as a wrestler!

*Dangerous Dan is catching his breath in one corner, resting and watching the others. Styles is back up now, albeit slowly, as he moves towards the still-downed Harvey Danger. Meanwhile, Donovan and Dynamite are still going at it, with both dirty wrestlers having the same plan at the same time, raking each other’s eyes! Both stumble away, trying to clear their vision, as the countdown begins again! Another wrestler is on his way! The fans react, watching, as the timer hits zero. “Tom Sawyer” by Rush hits the speakers, which is quickly followed by cheers.*

Minos: And now, coming in as Entrant #11, he is a former GCWA World Tag-Team Champion, representing the House of Pain, here is Warrick Hill!

Jones: It seems like every time the buzzer sounds, we get another big name!

Logan: Yep, Hill’s a definite contender, especially coming in during the second half of the Rumble. The question is, how far away is his partner, Derek Mobley? Will the two get to work together in this one?

Jones: Only if he can stay in there long enough!

*A cloud of smoke is around Warrick’s head as he comes out, showing that he may have been partaking upon his favorite ‘medication’ before making his appearance. He walks towards the ring, laughing for a second at something he sees in the crowd along the way. In-between the ropes, the fighting continues, with Styles holding Harvey Danger in the air, hanging him over the ropes! It’s been a familiar position for Danger in this one, but he’s still in it, locking an arm across the ropes and refusing to let go. Across the way, Dynamic Dynamite is in trouble, as Donovan has jumped on his back, hanging on with a sleeper hold! Dynamite stumbles, trying to get free, as he redirects himself towards the ropes, leaning backwards over them. Donovan now has a decision to make, as if he keeps the sleeper on and knocks Dynamite out, they both may very well fall out together! Donovan, opting for self-preservation, releases the hold and drops to the apron, then quickly gets back in the ring as Dynamite moves away, coughing.*

Jones: Is it just me, or do we have a lot of “D”’s in this match right now?

Logan: Yep, you’ve got Danger, Donovan, Dangerous Dan, and Dynamic Dynamite. All we’re missing is Derek and Draco and we’d have the complete set!

Jones: The fighting has been intense so far… wait, ummm, anyone seen Warrick? Did he ever enter the ring?

Logan: Hmmm… oh, there he is, Edds. I guess he wanted to have a conversation with Trixie first before entering.

Jones: Damnit, he’s high, isn’t he?

Logan: He’s just enjoying life, my man…

*On the outside of the ring, Warrick appears to be trying to flirt with referee Trixie, who responds by telling him that he needs to get into the ring before the next wrestler comes down, to officially be in the Rumble. Warrick waves it off, saying that he’s more interested in a different kind of rumble. Trixie, of course, walks away, with Warrick shaking his head, telling her she doesn’t know what she’s missing. Meanwhile, Dangerous Dan, having seen Warrick just hanging out, comes out of the ring under the bottom rope and walks up behind him, attacking!! Warrick gets thrown hard into the guardrail, then, on the rebound, takes a dropkick to the face, planting him on the outside mat!! Dan picks up the wounded wrestler and tosses him into the ring, following him. Meanwhile, Donovan has come to Harvey’s rescue, leaving Dynamite behind in order to attack Styles. The big wrestler fights back, throwing an elbow into Donovan’s side to knock him away. Danger desperately grabs Styles from behind, hanging on, with Styles shoving him away, causing Danger to nearly fall out! With Danger dangling and Styles trying to dislodge him, Donovan rushes in, grabbing for Styles’ legs and managing to flip him up and out!!! Styles lands feetfirst, but on the outside, with the referees stopping him from going back to get a piece of Danger and Donovan!*

Minos: Aaron Styles has just been eliminated!

Jones: A big contender is gone, thanks to the combined efforts of D & D!

Logan: Yeah, Styles fought his heart out there, but the numbers were just too much, as Donovan was able to toss him out. Nice match for the youngster, but the veterans are just too experienced, it seems.

Jones: We’ve still got 9 entrants to go, so this one’s still wide open!

*Danger is still struggling to get back in, with Donovan watching him for a second before coming over and grabbing his arm, pulling him up. Harvey steps through the ropes, on shaky knees, as Shane checks on him, asking it he’s alright. Danger nods, then points over towards Dynamic Dynamite, who is headed their direction. D & D move towards him, ready to renew the fight. Meanwhile, Dangerous Dan has Warrick in the ring, pounding away on him. Warrick takes a shot to the face, spinning himself around. He seems to be laughing, leaving viewers wondering, just how much did this guy have before the show? Warrick staggers, then turns back around, taking a wild swing at Dan, who easily ducks it. Dan then steps forward and picks Warrick up, delivering the Danger Zone!!!! Warrick is no longer laughing, as he’s out on the mat. Dan gets himself up and grabs Warrick, lifting him up and managing to drop him over the ropes and send him toppling to the floor, ending Warrick’s night! The crowd seems shocked, but Dangerous Dan doesn’t, as he goes back for more competition.*

Minos: Warrick Hill has just been eliminated!

Logan: Wow, I’m honestly surprised, man! Warrick just didn’t seem like himself tonight!

Jones: I think he just had the wrong kind of preparation, and it ended up costing him, with one of the men who took away the World Tag-Team Titles ending his night.

Logan: Man, the Danger Boiz are starting to be serious thorns in the side of the House of Pain, aren’t they?

*With D & D once again double-teaming Dynamic Dynamite, Dangerous Dan comes over to them, going after his rival, Shane Donovan. The two men start swinging punches at each other, riling the audience up, as Danger tries to continue on his own against Dynamite’s power advantage. The four men keep fighting, even as the countdown begins once more. As the buzzer sounds, “Soul Survivor” by Young Jeezy starts playing, earning some boos from the fans.*

Minos: Coming down the aisle, having drawn #12, from Ft. Worth, Texas, here is Grimm!

Jones: Another newcomer enters the fray!

Logan: Grimm looked pretty good in his debut on Friday Night Inferno, and now, proclaiming himself the Great One, Grimm is looking to make a major statement here tonight!

Jones: He’s got his work cut out for him, but this could be just what he needs to display his abilities in the ring!

*Grimm moves towards the ring, extremely confident. Meanwhile, inside the ring, Dangerous Dan has Donovan in the ropes, pounding away on him. He pulls Donovan up towards him, signaling once again for the Danger Zone! He sets, but no, Donovan breaks free, avoiding the devastating finishing maneuver. Instead, Donovan is able to get a shot to Dan’s Adam’s apple, causing Dan to move away, holding his throat. Unfortunately for Dan, that’s when Grimm comes into the ring, seeing his opportunity. He comes over to Dan and immediately starts attacking, kicking him in the stomach, and, showing his power, lifting Dan up and powerbombing him!!! Grimm continues his assault, while, on the other side, Danger’s in trouble, having been thrown into the ropes by Dynamic Dynamite. Donovan, pulling himself up, sees Dynamite’s back to him and immediately rushes that way, aiming a clothesline. But Dynamite takes a shot from Danger and stumbles away, out of range. Donovan, though, doesn’t stop, running in and clotheslining Danger over the ropes and to the floor!!!!*

Minos: Harvey Danger has just been eliminated!

Jones: An amazing run by Harvey ends, and it’s stopped by his very own tag-team partner!

Logan: I knew Donovan couldn’t resist something like that!

Jones: I don’t know, Anthony, I think it was just an accident.

Logan: No way, I saw Donovan’s face there. If he wanted to stop, he would have.

*Danger is pulling himself outside the ring, staring inside with a shocked grimace. Donovan, for his part, is looking bewildered, raising his arms and saying that he has no idea what happened. Donovan then turns away, a slight smile on his face as he goes back to work on Dynamite. Unfortunately, Dynamite is ready for him, catching Donovan and spinning him down with a spinebuster!! Dynamite goes to work on Donovan, while, on the other side, Dangerous Dan is fighting to stay in, from a stiff attack from Grimm. The newcomer has Dan up against the ropes, but Dan still has too much energy, hanging in there. Grimm decides on a different tactic, bringing Dan back down and pulling him towards the center, then flipping Dan over with a belly-to-back suplex that rattles the co-Tag-Team Champion. Grimm steps over Dan, applying a cobra clutch to hold him in place and continue wearing him down, as Dan struggles to get free.*

Jones: Grimm’s doing pretty well here so far!

Logan: Well, to be fair, Dangerous Dan has been in there for over 15 minutes now, making him the longest-running active wrestler in the match. Grimm, meanwhile, has, what, one minute?

Jones: True, but the luck of the draw is critical in a match like this. Dan’s got to find some new reserves, but the longer the match goes, the less he’ll have to draw on.

*The fans are chanting heavily for Dan, seeing as how he’s the only face in the match currently. Grimm, though, isn’t releasing his grip. On the other side, Donovan is being dragged up off the ground by Dynamic Dynamite, who moves him towards the ropes, using his size to heave him over the top rope!! Donovan manages to catch on the ropes and drop to the apron, rolling back in, while Dynamite heads over towards Grimm and Dan. Meanwhile, the count has been running, heading towards zero. When it hits, the fans turn towards the entryway, with the Canadian National Anthem beginning to play!!*

Minos: Introducing our 13th entrant, technically making his debut in the GCWA, from our northern neighbors, here is The Big Canadian!

Logan: Yes! The Big Canadian is in the GCWA!

Jones: You mean the Big Bifford, right?

Logan: Remember, man, the Big Bifford is an escapee from a prison along with Martin Ka’Berryon! He couldn’t be wrestling here tonight, could he?

Jones: Wait, I thought I heard that they weren’t even pursuing them. Why would he have to hide his face?

Logan: He’s Bifford. No other explanation should be necessary.

Jones: Well, anyhow, this past week, the “Big Canadian” arranged for a series of casino heists, both in the US and in Canada.

Logan: Alleged heists, Jonesy. There’s no proof that the Big Canadian had anything to do with them.

Jones: Sigh.

*The Big Canadian comes out on the ramp, posing for a second, the Canadian flag billowing over his shoulder (thanks to some strategically placed turbines). The crowd starts chanting, of course using Bifford’s name. He’s shaking his head the whole way down, disagreeing with them, but it’s no use. Back in the ring, Dynamic Dynamite has attacked Grimm, inadvertently freeing Dangerous Dan. The two wrestlers are fighting it out, while Donovan, ever the opportunist, comes over to grab Dan and bring him up to try and eliminate him. All four are fighting it out as Bifford reaches the ring, climbing in slowly. The big man steps through the ropes, managing to fit through, then looks around, as if choosing his first target. It’s no contest, as he heads over to Donovan, grabbing the smaller wrestler and tossing him aside. Dangerous Dan looks up as Bifford grabs him, dragging him up and immediately assaulting him with large ham-sized fists!! The fans don’t know what to think, and neither does Donovan, who simply backs away, glad to have a break.*

Logan: Uh oh, the Big Canadian’s got his hands on Dangerous Dan!

Jones: We still don’t know why Bifford hates Dan, do we?

Logan: Nope, not a clue, just that he supposedly hates Dangerous Dan more than anyone else in the GCWA!

Jones: Bifford can be strange sometimes.

Logan: Sometimes?

*Bifford has Dangerous Dan up in a bear hug now, working to crush the life from the smaller wrestler. Bifford’s also talking to him, although it’s hard to hear through the mask what he’s saying. Donovan’s over in the corner now, resting, knowing that he needs to use every advantage given to him. Grimm now has the advantage on Dynamic Dynamite, giving him multiple German suplexes and showing off his strength. Dynamite is stunned, which is exactly what Grimm wants, as he picks the man up and leans him over the ropes! Dynamite uses his bulk to hang on, keeping from going out, but Grimm continues to try, regardless. Across the ring, Dangerous Dan finally manages a series of headbutts, somehow managing to stun Bifford enough to get free. He drops to his knees, a hand grabbing at his injured spine. Bifford steps back, shaking off the strikes, then comes back, angrier than ever. He reaches down, but Dan does a roll, getting out of range. He half-slides half-falls out of the ring, underneath the bottom rope, in order to escape.*

Jones: Dangerous Dan’s on the outside!!

Logan: He went under, Jonesy, so he’s still legal. In fact, that’s a pretty smart move on his part. Sure, the Big Canadian could come after him, but I don’t see Bifford wasting the energy.

Jones: Actually, from the look of things, I think Bifford thinks he eliminated him. They have to go over the top, Bifford!

*The Big Canadian, aka Bifford, is striking a pose in the ring, happy to have Dangerous Dan laying outside, recuperating. Donovan, meanwhile, realizing that Bifford could come after him next, decides on a preemptive strike, running over and ramming a shoulder into Bifford’s knee, taking him down! On the other side, Grimm is still trying to get Dynamic Dynamite out, as the count appears on the big screen! The fans chant along as it goes down to “zero”, then start to cheer as “Sandstorm” by Darude starts up!*

Minos: Coming in as Entrant #14, he is a former GCWA Television and X Division Champion, from Washington DC, here is Robert “The Sensei” Santana!

Logan: Santana, another former champion, enters the Rumble!

Jones: From what I hear, Santana had a great week of vacationing with his wife before this match.

Logan: Glad that they’re patching things up between them. They make a pretty lovely couple, and, hell, they might be the only couple in the GCWA that lives relatively normal lives!

Jones: Other than their son getting killed by a mugger…

Logan: Touché.

*Santana walks out, heading down the aisle towards the ring. He’s dressed in his usual karate outfit, complete with a wristband with his son’s name on it. In the ring, The Big Canadian, aka Bifford, is struggling to stand, with Donovan taking every opening to go after his legs, trying to ruin any maneuverability that the big man has left. Dangerous Dan is still outside the ring, although he’s starting to pull himself up as if to return to the action. Dynamic Dynamite has regained control against Grimm, taking the wrestler over with a gutwrench suplex. Dynamite rests on the ropes, breathing heavily, as Santana slides into the ring next to him. Dynamite spins, surprised, but Santana’s on the attack with kicks and chops, driving the veteran backwards! Santana continues the assault with a spinning heel kick that snaps Dynamite’s head back and knocks him to the mat! The fans are cheering for Santana as he goes to pick Dynamite back up, knowing that he can’t win with the man on the mat.*

Jones: Santana knew who he was going for!

Logan: Hey, remember, at Capital Punishment back in June, Dynamic Dynamite was a surprise opponent for Santana, with the two ending it in a Double Countout! There are still some bad feelings between these two, and Santana’s using his opportunity to gain some revenge!

Jones: I love continuity!

*Dynamic Dynamite gets up with Santana’s help, as the Sensei takes him towards the ropes. On the other side, Bifford has Donovan in the corner, crushing him with his weight. Dangerous Dan is back in, though, joining in with a running splash into Bifford, doing his own damage!! Dan stays on him, doing some quick jabs, while Donovan desperately tries to push Bifford off of him, to avoid suffocation. The camera switches back to Dynamite, who lands a low blow on Santana, causing him to fall backwards. Dynamite takes a moment to compose himself, and then gets up, grabbing at the Sensei to pull him up. Suddenly, though, Grimm is back, scoring a heavy hit to the side of Dynamite’s head that has the veteran seeing stars! Santana, breaking free, hits his own kick to Dynamite’s jaw, causing Dynamite to fall against the ropes! Without a word between them, Grimm and Santana both move in, grabbing at Dynamite’s legs and lifting him up. Dynamite’s too out of it to be able to stop them, as they dump him over the ropes and sending him to the floor!!*

Minos: Dynamic Dynamite has been eliminated!

Jones: The first former World Champion falls!

Logan: Dynamite showed some rust in there, but he was still definitely competitive, and it took two men to get him out. Will we see him again in the GCWA?

Jones: We can always hope. For now, though, the fight continues!

*As soon as Dynamic Dynamite was gone, Grimm turned on Santana, trying to get him quickly eliminated as well. Santana desperately grasped the ropes, saving himself, and then came back in, attacking Grimm with a set of chops across the chest, leaving welts. Across the way, a strange pairing has emerged, as Shane Donovan & Dangerous Dan are working over Bifford in the corner, working together to hammer the much-larger man. They both step back, as Bifford tries to get up. The two men run forward, landing a double clothesline that knocks Bifford back in, even as we focus back on the entryway for our next competitor! As the buzzer sounds, “No 5” by Hollywood Undead hits, with the spotlight focused on the doorway!*

Minos: Entering the Righteous Rumble at #15, from Racine, Wisconsin, here is one of the youngest competitors in the match, Mikey Willis!

Jones: Willis gets to come into the Rumble in the final 6!

Logan: Yeah, but it takes more than luck to win this match. Willis hasn’t managed to find his original passion lately. The Rumble could be a way for him to turn it around, but the odds seem to be against him.

Jones: Yes, especially if he doesn’t show up!

*The cameras are focused on the entryway, but no one’s come through yet. The fans start to boo, assuming that Willis is a no-show, never what one wants to see in a Rumble match. All of the sudden, though, Willis appears, moving at full speed down the ramp… by rolling all the way to the bottom! He hits hard, stopping in a heap.*

Logan: What the hell? Did he trip??

Jones: I don’t think so, Anthony… I think it had something to do with the man following him down the ramp!!

Logan: What? Hey, that’s…. Marcus!!!

*The Verizon Arena is going crazy as Marcus Ka’Derrion, the former 2-time World Heavyweight Champion, heads towards the ring, nimbly jumping over the downed Willis!! Ka’Derrion charges into the ring, immediately going after Grimm, surprising the newcomer with a spinning neckbreaker!! Santana pulls himself up, but he’s not moving fast enough, as Ka’Derrion grabs hold and takes him over with a snap suplex, smashing the Sensei down!! Ka’Derrion gets up with a yell, pumped up, as he turns towards the other men in the ring. Dangerous Dan runs at him, trying to take him down, but Ka’Derrion responds with a spinning kick, sending Dan flying! Donovan tries next, but Ka’Derrion catches him with a back drop!!! Bifford’s still in the corner, so Ka’Derrion flies in with a splash, delivering hits to everyone!! He circles around the inside of the ring, with the fans chanting “Marcus” throughout the arena!!*

Jones: Marcus Ka’Derrion’s on the warpath!! He just laid out everybody!!

Logan: Holy crap!! But, wait, he’s not in the Rumble, is he??

Jones: The last I heard, Marcus had been put on inactive status by the Accelerator, until Marcus could prove that he was healthy enough to compete! I don’t believe that ban’s been lifted, Anthony!

Logan: So, in that case, Marcus is there illegally… which has to explain the security heading towards the ring!

*The fans start booing as a half-dozen security guards start rushing towards the ring, seeking to cut Marcus off. Ka’Derrion, seeing them coming, turns and starts to leave, taking one final moment to turns towards a recovering Donovan, giving him The Punisher!!!! Ka’Derrion then tips a finger towards the downed Donovan before heading out, leaving the ring and moving into the crowd!! Security tries to follow, but the fans get in the way, even as Ka’Derrion makes his escape!*

Logan: Man, Ka’Derrion did just a wave of destruction that messed up everyone in the Righteous Rumble!!

Jones: Incredible!! Still, the match goes on, which means the first guys to recover will be in the best positions!

*One security guard stays back, checking on Mikey Willis, who angrily shrugs him off. Willis stumbles down the aisle towards the ring, clearly not wanting to let this last opportunity get away from him. He grabs the ropes and painfully pulls himself in, struggling to stand. He turns towards the crowd where Ka’Derrion left, shouting out some curse words, then starts thumping his fist to his chest, yelling that he’s the future of wrestling. Unfortunately, Willis doesn’t realize that the Big Bifford has gotten back up and is standing behind him!! Willis, sensing something, turns around and tries to swing, but it’s easily blocked, with Bifford then kicking Willis and taking him down with the Biff End!!! Willis isn’t moving, at least, not on his own. Bifford, though, is able to lift the small wrestler up and drop him over the ropes, ending another wrestler’s night in the Rumble!!!*

Minos: Mikey Willis has just been eliminated!

Jones: Talk about an easy night for Mikey!

Logan: Yeah, definitely not what he was hoping for. I’m sure he’ll blame Ka’Derrion and say that he would have won it if not for him, but really, it was Mikey’s fault that it ended up this way.

Jones: So we’re back down to five wrestlers in the ring, with five more to come! In other words, we’re down to the final 10!

Logan: Halfway there, Jonesy!

*Bifford straightens his mask, making sure it’s still tight on his head to protect his ‘identity’. In the stands, you can see Martin Ka’Berryon, excitedly jumping around with a group of Canadian flag-wavers. Bifford sees them and gives them a salute, although Ka’Berryon’s excitement probably stems from his hero, Ka’Derrion, having been there a few moments before. Bifford goes back to work, going back towards Dangerous Dan, who is recovering. Donovan has crawled to the ropes and is trying to recover, despite a splitting headache. Santana’s back on his feet, attacking Grimm, who is trying to fight back. As the battles continue, the clock appears on the screen again, counting down! The fans count it down to zero, then watch as “Cocky” by Kid Rock begins to play! The hatred is immediately heard from the fans in attendance.*

Minos: Coming out as Entrant #16, he is a former GCWA World Heavyweight Champion and the leader of the Roman Empire, here is Lurrr!*

Jones: Uh oh! We’ve got trouble now!! Man, he’s getting a great entry!!

Logan: Yeah, yeah, I suppose so. Damnit.

Jones: This week, Lurrr got to appear on “Deal or No Deal”, playing for his favorite charity, which turned out to be himself.

Logan: No big surprise there. I just got myself a great laugh when Lurrr cashed in a little early, costing himself some bonus money. He should have listened to his lawyers!

*Lurrr is not in a good mood as he comes down the aisle, despite his late draw. He angrily bats away the hand of a fan who just wanted to touch him, only wanting to get to the ring and get down to business. Inside, Grimm is struggling against Santana, who has him in a dragon sleeper, keeping his grip tight around Grimm’s throat!! Donovan has moved outside the ring legally, taking a knee, still working on clearing his head. Dangerous Dan hasn’t been as lucky, as repeated shots to Bifford’s side do not succeed, with Bifford catching the leg and giving Dan a legwhip to the side!! Bifford turns to go after Dan, continuing his pursuit, but Lurrr’s now in the ring, immediately coming up behind Bifford and landing a double axehandle to the back of his neck!! Bifford drops to a knee, stunned, with Lurrr capitalizing by driving his forearm in again and again, looking to take the largest wrestler right out of this one!!*

Jones: Looks like Lurrr has had enough of the riffraff! He ignored the other wrestlers totally, instead going after the Big Canadian!

Logan: Lurrr’s been complaining for weeks about being forced to fight no-names and midcarders. Tonight, he’s got a chance against the biggest and best we have, and apparently he wants to make an early statement!

Jones: It’s not just about the victory for Lurrr, it’s about regaining respect!

*Lurrr goes to the turnbuckle, climbing only as far as the second rung, before coming off with a flying elbow to the skull, sending Bifford onto his back! Lurrr then starts moving around Bifford, stomping away! On the outside, Donovan is ignoring Head Referee Mark Bell, who is trying to get him to go back into the Rumble. Donovan seems to be enjoying the sight of Lurrr attacking Bifford with such ferocity. Dangerous Dan is sitting in the right corner, his arms on the ropes, breathing heavily as he tries to recuperate. Across the ring, Santana has Grimm up on the corner, trying to topple him that way. But Grimm is fighting back, managing to kick out and catch Santana in the chest, knocking him backwards. Santana comes right back up, though, trying again, but Grimm answers with a clubbing blow that knocks Santana off the ‘buckle to his back! Grimm immediately raises himself up and jumps, coming down with a flying leg drop!! However, Santana sits up, avoiding it, and Grimm takes the hit himself!! Grimm rolls in pain, as Santana starts getting back up.*

Logan: Grimm goes high-risk, and doesn’t get the reward!

Jones: He and Santana are having a spirited battle between them, almost ignoring the other wrestlers as they go at it!

Logan: Yep, definitely some heat growing between them. The Great One and the Sensei, fighting it out! Feel the drama!

*Santana pulls himself up, shaking his head to clear it. He moves back over to Grimm, nailing him with a dropping tomahawk shot to the back of the head. Grimm goes down to his hands and knees, trying to recover. Lurrr is working to pull Bifford up, perhaps to try eliminating him, although it’s going to be tough to get so much weight up by himself. Dangerous Dan is pulling himself up, looking over at Lurrr as if considering whether to help him or attack him. Donovan’s walking on the outside now, still taking a ‘breather’. Meanwhile, the countdown begins once more, with the fans chanting along. It hits zero, and “Tales of a Scorched Earth” by the Smashing Pumpkins hits the speakers!*

Minos: Now entering the arena as Entrant #17, he is a former GCWA World Heavyweight Champion and the former GCWA Head of Security, here is Titan 3!

Jones: A big gun enters the fray!

Logan: Oh, man, Titan 3, wrestling in his first major match since he was reinstated by the Accelerator!! This could be huge!

Jones: Wait a second, what is Titan 3 carrying with him? I saw something in his hand!

Logan: Hey, yeah, is that a nightstick in his wrist?

Jones: Well, there ARE no rules against weapons, right?

Logan: Aw, hell.

*Titan 3 stalks down to the ring, his weapon at the ready. Donovan, seeing him, made sure to move a little farther away, keeping himself safe. The rest aren’t as lucky, as Titan 3 climbs up into the ring. Santana, attempting to eliminate Grimm once more, doesn’t react in time, with Titan 3 coming up behind him and smashing him in the back of the skull!!! Santana topples over, while Titan 3 takes a swing at Grimm, smacking him in the shoulder and knocking him down! Titan 3 then turns, immediately heading across the ring towards Lurrr, who turns his way, already anticipating him. He spins, preparing for the Wake Up Call, but Bifford reaches out and grabs his foot, tripping him up!! Before Lurrr can right himself, Titan 3’s there, clubbing him upside the head and knocking him down! Bifford gets rewarded by taking a shot himself to the side, as the former GCWA Head of Security is going to town!!*

Jones: Man, Titan 3 is on a dangerous roll!!

Logan: He’s looking to do as much damage as humanly possible in there! The dude’s carrying a lot of anger inside!

*With everyone else in the ring down, Titan 3 turns his attention to Dangerous Dan, the longest participant in the contest so far. Dan is on his feet, taking up a defensive stance, the fatigue obvious in the way he’s standing. Titan 3 smirks, and then comes in, swinging the nightstick hard towards Dan’s head. But Dan blocks it, managing to knock it aside! Titan 3, surprised, looks over at where his nightstick landed, and then angrily comes at Dan, swinging at him. Dan ducks it, rolling to the side, even as Shane Donovan returns, springing over the ropes at the now-disarmed Titan 3 and taking him down with a blockbuster!! Titan 3 rolls in pain, but starts to get back up, dazed. Donovan and Dan sweep in from either side, cutting his legs out from under him, but in different directions!! Titan 3 crashes hard, grabbing at his injured legs. He’s cursing as he starts to get up, but now Lurrr’s back, having retrieved the nightstick!! He slams Titan 3 upside the head, stunning him! Lurrr then launches up, nailing Titan 3 with the Wake Up Call!!!! Titan 3 stumbles back to the ropes, the only things that keep him up. Unfortunately, this is a bad thing, as Dangerous Dan runs over, clotheslining him over!!!*

Minos: Titan 3 has just been eliminated!

Jones: Oh, man, what a shocker!! I thought Titan 3 would be in there a hell of a lot longer!

Logan: He made the mistake of trying to attack everyone, Jonesy, something that just puts a target on your back. It caused him to become the main threat, and they were quick to target him and take him down!

Jones: It was amazing to see Dangerous Dan and Shane Donovan work together. Man, if only…

Logan: Yeah, dude, that’s never happening, so don’t even mention a team-up.

Jones: You’re right, I know. But it was still cool. You’ve gotta love it when you get once-of-a-kind events like that!

*In the ring, the ‘teamwork’ is already over, as Donovan and Dangerous Dan are already going at it again. Lurrr has gone back over to Bifford, who has recovered enough to start returning some shots. Grimm is back up, trying to haul the hurting Santana over the top rope. Santana’s fighting for all he’s worth, even as the clock appears in the right-hand corner of the screen once again! The fans get riled up, knowing that there are only a few names left to make their appearance. The buzzer sounds, and “Highway To Hell” by AC/DC begins to play, earning some heavy boos from the audience.*

Minos: Now coming down as Entrant #18, he is a member of the Roman Empire coming to us from Midland, Texas, here is Rick Mathis!

Jones: Oh, man, Mathis is coming down, and Lurrr’s still in it!

Logan: The Roman Empire now has a tremendous edge in this one, as the only guys who can trust each other! Damn, they might run heavily over everyone in the ring!

Jones: Unless the others unite against him, which would be their only chance!

*Rick Mathis is almost strutting to the ring, his confidence at an all-time high. He’s gotten a great draw for a big man. As he approaches, the Big Bifford is crushing Lurrr into the turnbuckle, using his bulk to his advantage. He then pulls Lurrr to the ropes, leaning him over them in an attempt to dispose of the Roman Empire threat! Lurrr’s kicking hard, trying to stay in, as Mathis, seeing it, immediately hurries to enter, climbing in and running over to make the save! He starts driving shots into Bifford, moving the masked man backwards, unleashing his power and giving Lurrr a chance to rest. In another corner, Donovan has Dan up and mostly over the ropes, with Dan arching his back in an attempt to stay in! He manages to kick Donovan away, once again escaping certain elimination. Meanwhile, things are going better for Grimm, as Santana is still pretty dazed from the head shot he took earlier. Grimm makes it worse by picking Santana up and delivering the Grimm Reaper!! Santana’s down and hurting, with Grimm pulling the man up and sending him over the ropes and to the floor, ending his night!!*

Minos: Robert Santana has just been eliminated!

Jones: Santana’s night has been ended by the newcomer, as Grimm continues to have a great night!

Logan: Damn, I thought Santana was going to last longer, but that shot he took from Titan 3 just knocked the fight out of him, with Grimm doing the rest!

Jones: And now Grimm’s bragging from inside the ring, taunting the fallen Santana. Man, Santana’s going to remember that!

*Grimm sends a few more insults Santana’s way, telling him not to get in his way again, before turning back to the action. Nearby, Donovan has gotten Dangerous Dan on the ground, applying the Clincher!!! Dan is struggling against it, able to block part of it due to his recently-gained experience of the maneuver. He gets some help from Grimm, who comes in and stomps on the defenseless Donovan, breaking it up! Grimm hauls Donovan up and takes him to the ropes, throwing him over top!! Donovan clings to the ropes, though, skinning the cat and coming back in! Meanwhile, Grimm is back to Dangerous Dan, now trying to toss him as well! On the other side, Lurrr and Mathis have Bifford in the corner, each grabbing a leg in an attempt to eliminate him!! They’re lifting heavily, with Lurrr yelling at Mathis to do more, but even with Mathis’ strength, they aren’t getting him very high, due to his low center of gravity. Bifford starts kicking away, trying to get free, but Lurrr and Mathis are persistant.*

Jones: Lurrr and Mathis have got Bifford off the ground!! But do they have enough power to get him out??

Logan: They need some help, I think, but everyone else looks pretty busy currently.

Jones: We are getting down to the end now, so if they want to get rid of someone like Bifford, now’s the time to team up!!

*Bifford manages to reach out with one hand, getting into the eyes of Mathis to cut him out of the equation. Without Mathis’ strength added in, Lurrr slumps back to the mat, angry both at Bifford and at Mathis. But he has bigger things to worry about, as Bifford straightens up and swings, clocking him in the chest and sending him reeling! Meanwhile, Grimm almost had Dangerous Dan out, but the youngster managed to slide back in through the ropes, hanging in there. An angry Grimm tries to kick at him, but suddenly Donovan’s right behind him, grabbing Grimm by the trunks and sending him over the top rope!! But Grimm reverses himself in time, falling back into the ring and saving himself! Donovan, unperturbed, kicks away at him, while Dangerous Dan gets up to join in! As the fighting continues, so does the countdowns, as we once again reach zero! “Automatic” by American Pearl hits, and the fans react, booing away!*

Minos: Entering the Rumble at #19, coming to us from Detroit, Michigan, and representing the Caine Dynasty, here is Penance!

Logan: Man, Penance is coming out now??

Jones: Let me just officially make Penance my pick to win the Righteous Rumble, Anthony!

Logan: Penance certainly had an interesting week, heading over to Detroit where a number of deaths occurred during his stay. As far as I know, there’s no evidence to link him there, but the rumors persist, regardless!

Jones: I certainly wouldn’t want to be on Penance’s bad side, my friend!

*The massive Penance moves his way down the aisle, intent on doing some serious damage to the competition. In the ring, an elimination attempt on Grimm fails, as he manages to thumb Dangerous Dan in the eye, then raked Donovan, saving himself. The Big Canadian, aka Bifford, is down on his knees, having been nailed from behind by Mathis, who is trying to help Lurrr up. Penance reaches the ring and comes in, stepping over the ropes. He immediately clobbers a recovering Dangerous Dan from behind, taking him and bodily throwing him into the turnbuckle shoulder-first!! As Dan slumps there, Penance turns to a charging Donovan, catching him by the throat! Grimm comes from the side, but he’s caught by Penance’s other hand, with the big man lifting both with a humongous two-man chokeslam!! The ring shakes, as Penance turns towards the Roman Empire, with Mathis and Lurrr already coming in at him. Mathis swings and misses, running past Penance, who grabs Lurrr, but then ducks again, with a returning Mathis clobbering Lurrr instead!! Mathis, in shock, turns, but Penance picks him up, delivering a sidewalk slam!!! Penance stands up, a wave of destruction in his wake!!*

Jones: My word, look at him go!

Logan: Penance just destroyed the field in just a short time! Incredible!

Jones: He didn’t get everyone, though, Anthony!!

Logan: Oh, man, epic confrontation coming up!!!

*Penance is standing in the center of the ring, as the Big Canadian, aka Bifford, tightens his mask and walks forward towards him! Two of the largest men in the wrestling world stare each other down, with the fans coming to their feet, expecting an explosion. They’re not disappointed, as Bifford and Penance start slugging it out, to the roar of the crowd!! Penance takes the advantage, stunning Bifford with a left hand, then goes to the ropes and comes back with a shoulder block. But it’s the unstoppable force meeting the immovable object, as neither man moves! Penance immediately goes back to the ropes to try again, slamming a shoulder into Bifford, but neither man moves again! Bifford strikes a heroic pose, telling Penance to try it one more time, so he does, hitting the ropes and coming back, with Bifford trying for a clothesline! But Penance ducks under it, then comes back hard with a leap, putting all his weight into his shoulder, this time knocking Bifford backwards into the ropes!! Penance gets up and heads over, attempting to toss the heavyweight, as the crowd anxiously reacts!*

Logan: Penance is trying to eliminate Bifford on his own!!

Jones: Can even Penance be strong enough to do that? I mean, that’s over 400 lbs!!

*Penance does an amazing job on his own, getting Bifford’s feet off the mat. But it’s too much for one man, as Bifford is able to get in a couple of punches, freeing himself. Penance steps back, with Bifford coming in at him, the two big men still clashing. Meanwhile, Mathis is pulling himself up, as is Lurrr. The two men move away to regroup, with Lurrr bitter about the hit he took from Mathis, with Mathis apologizing. Dangerous Dan is struggling to get up, refusing to quit no matter how long it takes. Donovan is back up as well, although he’s in no hurry to re-engage just yet. For the final time, the timer appears, and the crowd starts to cheer in response, knowing without a doubt who the last man to enter is. Their cheers get louder upon confirmation, as “Tear Away” by Drowning Pool hits, signaling the entrance of the final participant!*

Minos: And now, entering as #20 in the Righteous Rumble, he is a former GCWA World Heavyweight Champion and a former GCWA World Tag-Team Champion, from Providence, Rhode Island, here is “The Thriller” Derek Mobley!

Jones: One more big gun added to the mix! Mobley is entry #20!!

Logan: Wow, what a lucky pick! So now we know that the winner of the Rumble is in the competition as of right now!

Jones: Yep, we’ve got eight competitors left! We’ve got three former World Champions in the mix! Will one of them get another shot at the top of the mountain, or will a new face step in there?

*Mobley takes his time heading towards the ring, giving some high fives along the way. He’s planning on picking and choosing his targets. In the ring, Lurrr and Mathis have gone back over as a team towards Penance, attacking him from behind, with Lurrr seeking to get some revenge on the younger wrestler. Bifford steps away, happy to see Penance in trouble, not so happy to see it was Lurrr that ‘helped’ him. Meanwhile, Dangerous Dan has once again gone after Donovan, with the two men fighting it out in the corner, each clawing at the other man’s throat! There’s some potent anger between these two wrestlers. Bifford, meanwhile, pushes himself up off the ropes and, spying Mobley entering, goes towards him, intent on stopping the fresh wrestler. But Mobley stops Bifford in his tracks with a rapid series of punches, driving him back! Mobley then leaps up with a dropkick that knocks Bifford into the ropes, causing them to lock around his arms, pinning him!!*

Jones: The Big Canadian is trapped!

Logan: I guess ropes are his super hero weakness, Jonesy!

Jones: The problem is, yes, he’s contained, but he can’t be eliminated this way, either!

Logan: Yeah, but I’m not sure Mobley’s thinking of trying to eliminate him on his own. He’s looking to wear him down!

*Mobley aims each shot, working Bifford over, as he can’t fight back, struggling to free himself. To the right of Mobley, Dangerous Dan is able to take Donovan down with a side suplex, the effort to do so costing Dan greatly. Both men are fighting to get back up, despite the pain, but it isn’t easy to do. On the other side, Lurrr and Mathis are trying to take Penance down a few notches, keeping the big man pinned in the corner and kicking away at him. Lurrr signals to Mathis to finish him off, so Mathis steps in, grabbing Penance by the arm and hauling him up. He works to get Penance up off his feet and over the ropes, but Penance fights back, getting his own shot to Mathis’ throat! With Mathis gagging, Penance grabs him by his ring straps and pulls, causing Mathis to lean precariously over the ropes!! Mathis is struggling, trying to hang on, with Penance looking to get rid of him. Meanwhile, though, Lurrr steps in towards the action. Instead of helping Mathis, though, Lurrr grabs Mathis’ leg and gives that extra oomph, sending Mathis to the outside!!! Lurrr then immediately grabs Penance and tries the same, with Penance now fighting for his own survival, while Mathis gets up on the outside, in complete shock!!*

Minos: Rick Mathis has just been eliminated!

Jones: What the hell?? Lurrr just helped Penance eliminate Rick Mathis!!!

Logan: Amazing!! I mean, Rumble allegiances are unpredictable, true, but Lurrr and Mathis have been together in the GCWA almost since day 1!

Jones: I guess Lurrr had enough of Mathis’ struggles, and decided that he might do better on his own!

*Mathis angrily tries to come back in, possibly to talk, maybe for something else, but the referees and security are quick to intervene. Lurrr, for his part, isn’t bothering to even look back, concentrating on assaulting Penance to make it easier to toss him out. Suddenly, though, Lurrr gets spun around and slugged by Derek Mobley!!! The fans erupt as Mobley lets loose on his former ally in the Roman Empire, apparently incensed by seeing the way he turned on Mathis!! The two men continue to brawl, as Penance moves away, more than happy to let them fight it out. He heads over towards Dangerous Dan once more, attacking the most fatigued wrestler. Grimm, meanwhile, approaches Donovan, who raises up his hands, trying to call a truce. Grimm, smirking, doesn’t bother acknowledging it, reaching for Donovan, who answers with a low blow!! Grimm falls to his side, hurting badly, as Donovan, shaking his head, steps over him, looking to apply the Clincher once again!!*

Jones: The Clincher reappears, and now Grimm is the recipient!!

Logan: It’s usually crazy to see a submission maneuver in a Rumble, but Donovan knows that he’s relatively protected laying on the mat, and he can really wear down his competition. Grimm’s in a lot of trouble!

*Grimm’s clawing at the canvas, in desperate straits, as Donovan keeps his favorite hold applied. Everyone else is too busy to notice or take advantage. Penance has Dangerous Dan in the air, apparently preparing to powerbomb the smaller wrestler to the outside! But Dan manages to readjust and drop behind Penance instead, then turn, scoring a crescent kick that knocks him back to the ‘buckle! Dan moves in, attacking, showing his fighting spirit. The Big Bifford, meanwhile, is just now getting free of the ropes, having taken a lot of abuse while he was tied up. He slumps to the ground, breathing heavily. Lurrr and Mobley are still fighting nearby, with Mobley turning and trying to throw Lurrr out! But Lurrr puts on the brakes, then knocks Mobley’s arm away from him, sending him off-balance into the ‘buckle! Mobley tries to use it to his advantage, charging back out, but Lurrr ducks the clothesline, with Mobley, unfortunately, running into Bifford’s legs, tripping him up! Before he can recover, Lurrr comes back, landing the Wake Up Call!!!! Mobley falls back into the ropes, and Lurrr gets back over to him and grabs his legs, sending Mobley over and out!!!*

Minos: Derek Mobley has just been eliminated!

Jones: Oh, man, you could feel the air go out of the arena here!

Logan: Yep, there were a lot of pro-Mobley fans cheering him on, but Lurrr was able to take him out!

Jones: And then there were six!

Logan: Dangerous Dan may just set a record here tonight, as he’s already been in for over 32 minutes, I believe!!

Jones: Donovan’s got to be around 24 minutes, and Grimm’s been damn impressive at 18 minutes! These final six have definitely proved that they’re the most deserving!

Logan: No doubt, the best of the best are in there right now!

*Dangerous Dan is up on Penance now in the corner, punching away at him as the fans nervously count along, knowing how risky this is. Penance nearly makes it a huge mistake, as he suddenly rears up, lifting Dan with him!! But instead of dropping him out, Penance steps forward and powerbombs him into the turf, finishing what he tried to do earlier!! Dangerous Dan rolls away, hurting badly, while Penance starts to get himself back up, showing his freshness. Nearby, Donovan has released the Clincher on Grimm, mainly because of him seeing Lurrr approaching. The two long-time rivals meet in the center of the ring, immediately going at it with a fury that catches everyone’s eye in the ring! They start pummeling each other, even as Grimm pulls himself painfully into a corner, aching badly. The Big Canadian looks spent as well, leaning on the ropes as he tries to pull himself up, not an easy feat.*

Jones: You can sense a great deal of hatred between Lurrr and Donovan here tonight!

Logan: Hell, these guys have hated each other since the opening days of the GCWA this year, when Donovan used handcuffs to cheat his way to a tournament victory over Lurrr! You can bet that these two are rooting for two things: winning the Rumble themselves, or at least making sure that their rival doesn’t win it!

Jones: Well, we’re getting down to the nitty gritty, which means that any of these six could pull it out!

*Donovan and Lurrr move to the side, still fighting it out. They hit the ground and roll, surprisingly going out of the ring to continue their brawl! Neither is eliminated, as they went under the ropes. With them out of the way, Penance moves towards the hurting Grimm, looking to take advantage of the man’s injuries. Bifford, likewise, targets Dangerous Dan once again, heading over to him and stomping away with his ample weight putting some serious shots in there. Grimm struggles to get free of Penance, trying to kick away at him, but Penance answers with a twist, picking Grimm up and delivering the Despair!!!! Grimm’s down, with Penance quickly lifting him up and sending him over the ropes, ending the newcomer’s night!!! Penance, grinning, turns back to the action, heading over to Dangerous Dan and Bifford and leaving Grimm behind.*

Minos: Grimm has just been eliminated!

Jones: The most promising newcomer to the GCWA in a while goes out after an impressive 20 minutes in there!

Logan: Yeah, he really gave it his all, and shouldn’t feel at all bad about his performance. In the end, it just wasn’t enough, as Penance’s lucky draw ended Grimm’s run.

Jones: Five men left!

*Donovan and Lurrr continue their brawl on the outside, with Lurrr taking charge by throwing Donovan hard into the guardrail, then attacking him with chops. Donovan’s looking pretty tired, now over 27 minutes in the Rumble. The referees are nearby, trying to get them to go back into the ring, but Lurrr isn’t hearing it, spinning and firing off a Wake Up Call into Referee Mitchell’s head!!! Mitchell’s down and out, with his fellow referees going to his aid, as Lurrr goes back to Donovan, who comes off the ‘rail with a boot, then goes to fighting, knocking Lurrr back! Meanwhile, in the ring, Penance has surprisingly helped out Dangerous Dan by attacking Bifford, the definitive sign of how anything can happen in a Rumble. Penance seems intent on getting rid of the biggest threat to his victory, punching away at the big man and trying to get him into the ropes to eliminate him! Dangerous Dan is pulling himself up, amazingly still moving even after 35 minutes in the fray. He heads towards the big men, preparing to get back in it.*

Jones: You can’t say enough about the stamina of Dangerous Dan! He came into this one as #5, Anthony, and yet he’s still in there with a chance to win!

Logan: You have to applaud him, but he’s got two disadvantages right now. One, he’s the smallest wrestler left in the match, with some of the guys towering over him. Two, he’s definitely got to be the most tired, having fought almost everyone who’s been in the Rumble!!

Jones: Yep, it’s down to strategy now for Dan. He’s got to pick his fights and hope that he chooses correctly!

*As Penance continues to struggle against Bifford, trying to get him out, Dangerous Dan moves in… and grabs Penance from behind, holding his arms!! Penance, in shock, is held for just long enough for Bifford to move in, belting him in the stomach and bending him over! Bifford continues to work over Penance as Dan holds him, apparently not realizing that he’s working with the wrestler he hates the most. On the outside, Donovan has Lurrr by the legs and steps back, managing to catapult Lurrr up and into the side of the turnbuckle post!! Lurrr falls off to the side, while Donovan works to pull himself up, checking out what’s going on inside the ring. Penance is fighting back, having yanked away from Dan, and lands a couple of good shots to Bifford, driving him back. Penance turns and hits Dan as well, knocking him down with a haymaker to the head, before turning back to Bifford and grabbing him around the throat with both hands!! Bifford’s face can’t be seen underneath the mask, but he’s definitely in trouble, as Penance is trying to choke him out! But now Donovan’s back, dropping behind Penance and delivering a hard upwards shot to the groin!!! Penance gasps, releasing the hold, and Bifford immediately grabs him and holds him towards the ropes! Penance fights, but now both Donovan and Dangerous Dan are there as well, each grabbing at his legs, and Penance can’t fight them all off!! The three men lift, managing to send Penance out!!!*

Minos: Penance has just been eliminated! Four men remaining!!

Logan: It took several men, but Penance’s night has been finished!

Jones: Damn, I really thought he had a chance! He was so dominant in there!

Logan: Yep, and it might have been his downfall, Jonesy. Apparently Dan and Donovan both considered him a major threat!

Jones: So we’ve got the Final Four!! Dangerous Dan, Shane Donovan, Lurrr, and the Big Canadian!! One of these men is getting a World Title shot!!

*Bifford looks pleased, but this soon changes to a grimace, as both Dangerous Dan and Shane Donovan attack him, seeing him as the next big threat! The two speedy wrestlers nail Bifford with a series of shots, then turn and run as a tandem to the ropes, before coming back with clotheslines that stagger him, but don’t get him out. Dan and Donovan nod and do it again, hitting the ropes and coming back with another strike and causes Bifford’s legs to lift off the ground!! Dan & Donovan run a third time, returning to try it once more, but Bifford suddenly comes forward with a desperation double clothesline that puts all three men on the mat!! As they all struggle to recover, a hand appears from outside the ring, as Lurrr reappears, pulling himself up! He has an angry expression on his face, sliding himself back into the action!*

Jones: The freshest man in the Rumble is making his return!

Logan: This could be Lurrr’s chance to dominate, as everyone else is knocked senseless! Can he pull it off??

*Lurrr gets himself up, staring at each downed wrestler. He focuses on the man who seems to be recovering the fastest: the Big Canadian, aka Bifford. Lurrr heads over there, kicking Bifford in the ribs multiple times, keeping him from getting up. Lurrr then steps over Bifford, applying a reverse chin lock submission to wear him down further! Meanwhile, Shane Donovan is working to pull himself up, wiping his mouth to find a little blood. He spits to his side, then gets up, noticing what’s going on. He comes over, booting Lurrr in the back to break up the maneuver! Lurrr drops the hold and gets himself up, but Donovan’s ready for him, grabbing Lurrr and taking him over with an armdrag takedown! Lurrr hops right back up, but Donovan nails him with a dropkick, sending him into the ropes! Donovan immediately darts in, trying to throw him out, as the crowd roars in approval!!*

Jones: Oh, man, Lurrr’s going out!!! He’s going, he’s going…

Logan: Nope, he got an eye rake in, saving himself! That was nearly a big moment for the fans here!!

*Donovan stumbles away, blinded, as Lurrr takes a second to pull himself back together. He clears his head and waits for Donovan to turn around, preparing to take his head off! But suddenly, Dangerous Dan is there, darting in from the side on an unsuspecting Lurrr and twisting him over with a leaping neckbreaker!! Lurrr does almost a complete 360 on his way to the ground, knocking him senseless!! Dan gets up and goes after Lurrr again, while Donovan, seeing them, starts to move in himself. Suddenly, though, Donovan is grabbed from behind, as the Big Canadian is back!! He lifts a shocked Donovan upwards onto his shoulder, is then tosses him to the side, with Donovan landing split-legged on the top rope!!! Donovan is hurting badly as Bifford comes over to him, throwing a shoulder into him and sending him over the ropes and to the apron!! Donovan somehow hangs on, though, trying to pull himself back up using the top rope. He gets to his feet on the apron, not realizing that while he’s doing this, Bifford has actually gone to the other side of the ropes and is returning, slamming all his bulk into Donovan and sending him flying off the apron and out of the contest!!!*

Minos: Shane Donovan has just been eliminated!!

Jones: Holy crap, Donovan is gone!! One of the favorites falls!

Logan: Bifford just got himself one step closer to Rumble greatness! We’re down to three!

Jones: Man, how are two guys ever going to eliminate Bifford??

*The Big Canadian, aka Bifford, leans on the ropes, breathing heavily, trying to get the air back into his lungs. On the outside, Donovan is pulling himself up, looking furious. He grabs a chair from the floor and picks it up, throwing it towards the ring, barely missing Bifford’s head! Donovan then moves to reenter, but security’s there to try and hold him back, with referee Rockwell explaining that his night is over. In the ring, Dangerous Dan pulls Lurrr up, landing a couple of good shots before pulling him close for an attempt at the Danger Zone! Oh, but Lurrr fights free, avoiding the finisher, and instead spins into a Wake Up Call, which Dan barely ducks under!! Dan comes back with a spinning heel kick himself, knocking Lurrr to the mat!! Dan shakes his head, beyond tired at this point, as he looks back… to see the Big Bifford coming in with the chair!! Dan can’t move in time, as Bifford smashes the chair into his head!!!! Dan collapses in a heap, as Bifford lifts the chair over his head like a triumphant warrior, hearing the roar of the crowd behind him!*

Jones: Damn, hasn’t Dangerous Dan been through enough already??? That chair shot was incredible!!

Logan: The chair’s got a dent the size of his forehead, that’s for sure!! Donovan may have thrown that chair in anger, but it worked perfectly for Bifford, who is now going after Lurrr!!

*Lurrr is struggling to get up as Bifford comes in, wielding the chair as a pro. He jabs at Lurrr with the side of it, getting it into Lurrr’s ribcage!! The Roman Empire member staggers away, falling to his knees at the pain in his side. Bifford takes a second to catch his own breath, his fatigue definitely reaching extreme levels. He raises the chair again, bringing it down on the downed Dangerous Dan’s back, causing him to shudder on the mat!! Bifford then turns back to Lurrr, getting the chair in the air again! But this time Lurrr counters with a low kick, causing Bifford to bend over, dropping the chair. Lurrr quickly capitalizes, grabbing Bifford’s head and dropping with a double-armed DDT onto the chair!!! Bifford’s down, kicking his legs, while Lurrr grabs at the ropes to pull himself up. All three men are looking bruised and battered at this point.*

Jones: Nobody’s moving really well in there now, as they’ve all taken some abuse! I really don’t know who’s going to have enough left to win out!

Logan: Still, we need two more eliminations, or else this one could go all night!!

*Lurrr grabs for the chair, positioning it over Bifford’s left leg, then kicking down on it, jamming it closed!!! Bifford yells, grabbing at his leg, as Lurrr kicks at it again, trying to permanently damage it!! Bifford crawls backwards towards the ropes, even as Lurrr frees the chair, bringing it up. He raises it, then hesitates, looking behind him, where a bleeding Dangerous Dan is once again bucking the odds and trying to stand! Lurrr comes at the young wrestler with the chair, taking a swing, but Dan half-ducks half-falls, avoiding the swing! Lurrr, off-balance, drops the chair, even as Dan grabs him from behind and sends him towards the ropes, leaning him over!! Lurrr’s legs are kicking frantically, as the crowd roars, wanting to see him go out. Dan struggles, trying to get him all the way out… then, all of the sudden, the Big Canadian is back, limping quickly over to grab Dan from behind and toss BOTH men over the ropes!!!! Lurrr falls to the apron, hanging on desperately, while Dan, with nowhere to go, falls over him to the outside, his feet touching the ground!!!*

Minos: Dangerous Dan has just been eliminated!!

Jones: Dangerous Dan’s intense long night is over!! He gave it his all, but there just wasn’t enough left in the tank to hang on!

Logan: He definitely set the longevity record for tonight! What was he, 41, 42 minutes??

Jones: You have to wonder what would have happened if he had gotten a later draw, Anthony!

Logan: So we’re down to the final two, although Bifford doesn’t seem to realize that!

Jones: Uh oh… turn around, Bifford!!

*In the ring, the Big Canadian, aka Bifford, has his hands raised in the air, celebrating. He seems to want to break into the Canadian National Anthem, but they’re not playing it yet, confusing him. Meanwhile, Lurrr is back under the ropes, moving over to the steel chair and picking it up. He yells something to Bifford, who confusingly turns, with Lurrr tossing him the chair! Bifford catches it, looking at it for a second, his eyes wide. Before he can get rid of it, though, Bifford takes a shot to the face through the chair, as Lurrr lands the Wake Up Call into it!!!! Bifford drops back into the ropes, his weight causing them to bend dangerously low! Lurrr rushes over to give him a final helping hand, causing Bifford’s own weight to work against him, sending him toppling to the outside!!!! As Bifford hits the ground, the bell rings, signaling the end of the contest!!!*

Minos: Here is your winner of the Righteous Rumble, and the new #1 Contender for the GCWA World Heavyweight Title, Lurrr!!

Logan: No, damnit!!!

Jones: Lurrr manages a huge victory, coming in at #16 and lasting the rest of the way!! It took some lucky breaks, but Lurrr’s now the man going after Draco, who beat him for the World Heavyweight Title at Adrenaline Rush!!

Logan: Damnit, well, I’ll give him his props, as he managed to do what 19 other guys couldn’t! What a match!

Jones: It’s one for the record books, Anthony! We’ve been out of time for a while, so we’ll see you guys on Friday!! Good night!!

*The Big Canadian has sat up outside the ring, looking like he can’t believe what happened. He argues with a referee, saying that he won, with referee Trixie having to break the news to him about Lurrr’s recovery. In the ring, Lurrr is celebrating on his own, ignoring the booing of the fans and the hatred of many in attendance. He doesn’t care. He knows he’s one step closer to returning to the top. The picture slowly fades out.*

Yes!!! A Rumble goes up!!!

*Meaningless celebration for 5 minutes before returning*

Alright, alright, I'll calm down. This one was just a freakin' monster, and I'm damn happy that I managed to complete it in time. I wasn't sure I was going to make it!

Great action, guys, you made my job even harder by several of you having some great rp'ing weeks. I gotta make sure and say that I struggled to decide on the order at the end of the last six wrestlers. I probably read the rp's of those guys a dozen times each, trying to decide. So way to go, all of you.

I'll work on doing the roster/rankings pages tonight, if I get a chance. I know I've been a little lazy on a couple of bios (which are created, I just haven't put together the roster pics for them), and since I can't do it at work anymore, I will do my best to get them done.

Once I finish breathing from this 62 page opus. *l*

Alright, the show has to go on, but since I'm beat, I'm planning a shorter card next week. Here's what I've come up with:

- Aaron Styles vs. Peter "The Janitor" Vaughn

- Crazy Chris vs. Mikey Willis

- Grimm vs. Bucky Johnson

- Mr. Excellent(c) vs. Robert "The Sensei" Santana, GCWA Television Title Match, IC Title Round Robin Tournament Match

Roleplaying will be from Sunday, November 15th until Thursday, November 19th, still 3 roleplays, 150-line limits (although wrestlers can make deals on the OOC Board to just roleplay twice, if need be, since it's a shortened window). Expect some dark matches, as I'm freakin' tired *l*. Good luck!