*The camera view goes backstage where we see a door with the Roman Empire logo stamped across it. The door opens up as we see Rick Mathis come through it where Lurrr is getting his boots on getting ready for his World Title match tonight against the current champion Marcus Ka’Derrion.*

Lurrr: What’s going on big man???

Rick Mathis: Nothing, how you feeling?? You ready for tonight?? You have a chance to finish the last step in a process that started seven months ago when you created the Roman Empire. The GCWA World Title is already half-way wrapped around your waist.

Lurrr: I have never felt better, this is the reason I came back to professional wrestling. I told all the asshole fans that I was going to do this and I have proven them wrong once again. After tonight the reign of the Roman Empire will live on. Once I finish this last step I am going to give one of those ladies out there a night to remember, in fact I am going to pick the lady whose husband looks like the most pathetic wannabe in the crowd!!!

*Suddenly there is a loud knock on the door.*

Rick Mathis: Who the hell is that???

*Mathis answers the door and a GCWA intern, all 5’7 of him, hands Mathis a note addressed to Lurrr. Mathis rips it out of his hands and shoves him out of the locker room.*

Mathis: Note for you buddy…..

*Lurrr opens it up and his face immediately turns pale.*

Mathis: What’s wrong Lurrr, who is it from…..

*Mathis grabs the note from Lurrr and it shows Lurrr’s face on a shooting range target.*

Lurrr: Man I don’t know what I am going to do tonight; my life has been threatened by the men no one would dare mess with. But I am a legend in this business, I can’t just lie down, that’s what Shane Donovan would do, not me!!!

Mathis: Look I know we talked about this earlier today, you don’t worry about it, I promise that I have your back and you just focus on winning the World Title. Everything else will take care of itself and we can deal with this other bullshit next week.

*Lurrr still with a look of confusion and doubt leaves the locker room, with Mathis staring at the note that was assumingly from the Lombardo entourage. The picture leaves them behind, heading back to ringside.*

Jones: So it appears that Lurrr’s life is being threatened by the mob!

Logan: It couldn’t happen to a nicer guy, Jonesy.

Jones: That’s kind of callous, Anthony.

Logan: What, you want me to worry about the guy who once brutally beat me down right here at the announce table? I don’t think so.

Jones: Well, how about concern for our main event, then? Apparently these guys are trying to make Lurrr take a dive!

Logan: Damn, yeah, I’d hate to see that. The fans paid for a great main event, and they deserve to see a great main event!

Jones: Hopefully Lurrr will make the right decision, although, frankly, considering it’s Lurrr, well, we’ll just have to pray. Anyhow, it’s time now for another portion of the Big Bifford / Shane Donovan saga!

Logan: Alright! Let’s see the second event!!

*The video screen comes on, showing Caliguila’s face.*

Caligula: Ready for the second round?

*The scene cuts to earlier in the day, where the three men are now in a park, where a make-shift ring has been set up. A variety of people have gathering to watch, some for amusement and others out of confusion.*

Shane Donovan: Why the ring? There's not supposed to be a wrestling match between us.

Caligula: Oh no, you're not wrestling each other.

Shane Donovan: Then what...?

Caligula: A bear.

Shane Donovan: A bear?!

Caligula: A bear.

The Big Bifford: The man didn't stutter.

Shane Donovan: Why me?

Caligula: Now it's anything goes, fastest man to beat the bear wins.

Shane Donovan: So where is it?

Caligula: Where's what?

Shane Donovan: The bear?

*Both Caligula and The Big Bifford exchange looks before pointing into the ring. Shane looks in the ring confused.*

The Big Bifford: Don't you see it?

Shane Donovan: ...

Caligula: Alright Biff, you won the last round so you get to start this one.

*With that The Big Bifford climbs into the ring, and Caligula hits his stop watch to start the count. Immediately Bifford goes to the mat, craning his own arms back and yelling out in pain. Then, he manages to power his way back up, making an irish whip motion and the sticking out his arm for a clothesline. He then does a leaping splash onto the ground. Caligula counts the pin and hits the stopwatch.*

Caligula: 33 seconds, very good. Your turn Shane.

*Shane shakes his head, grabbing a nearby chair and swinging it at the air. He then drops down and Caligula counts the pin.*

Caligula: 6 seconds, the winner of this round is Shane Donovan!

*Bifford doesn't look the least bit amused as the scene cuts back to ringside.*

Logan: We’re all tied up! *laughing hard*

Jones: This is definitely going down as one of the strangest ‘matches’ the GCWA has ever seen.

Logan: Yeah, and from what I hear, we’re finishing it LIVE later on tonight!

Jones: Really? Why do I suddenly feel nervous?

Logan: Don’t worry, I’ll be here to protect you. But first, we’ve got an Intercontinental Title match to decide! We need a new champion!

*The video begins again, this time focusing on Lurrr being declared the #1 Contender to the World Heavyweight Championship. Due to this, on an episode of Friday Night Inferno, after a successful defense, Lurrr shockingly vacated the Intercontinental Title, declaring it beneath him. With the belt now available, we see footage of the Accelerator announcing the line-up of the match to Draco, in that it will be Draco vs. Dangerous Dan vs. Harvey Danger, as well as Dynamic Dynamite being the referee. The next clips are of Danger, including his losing of the Tag-Team Titles to Draco & Donovan (D & D), and then Draco’s subsequent movement to get Danger in as the third member of D & D! The friendship, though, will apparently be tested. We also see some clips of this past week, with Dangerous Dan being taped at the hospital, his ribs getting taped up. We leave this behind to head to the ring, where Minos is waiting.*

Minos: The next match is scheduled for one fall, and will be for the vacated Intercontinental Heavyweight Title! Introducing first, tonight’s special referee for this match. He has been to the top of the GCWA, holding the GCWA Heavyweight Championship of the World, and now works behind the scenes with a Legends contract, here is the referee, Dynamic Dynamite!

*”Peace Not Greed” by the Kottonmouth Kings begins to play, as Dynamic Dynamite walks out of the back, wearing a cut-off referee shirt. He laughs to himself at the negative reaction, as he’ll always be a heel in the eyes of the GCWA faithful. Dynamite walks down the aisle, heading for the ring. However, before he gets there, he turns, instead coming around to the announcers’ table! Logan and Jones are seen, looking confused, as Dynamite moves to the empty seat next to them, grabbing a headset.*

Dynamic Dynamite: Anthony, Edward, been a good show so far?

Jones: Dynamite? Uh, not that I have a problem with you being here, but, well, don’t you have a match to referee?

Logan: Yeah, man, you aren’t going to have time to just sit here and hang out!

Dynamic Dynamite: The match? Oh, did I go and forget to make my decision public? My mistake, it just… slipped my mind.

Logan: Your decision?

*Dynamite casually points towards the ring, with Jones and Logan looking over. Above the ring, something can be seen, descending. The spotlights shine on it, showing it to be the vacated Intercontinental Champiuonship!! The fans, figuring out what’s going on, begin to cheer.*

Jones: Wait… the belt’s up there… is this… a ladder match??

Logan: You sly son of a bitch…

Dynamic Dynamite: What? I figured that this show needed a little more, if it’s going to be called the biggest show of the year. So I used the power given to me as the referee and made a small change.

Logan: You don’t fool me, Dynamite. You changed this so that you don’t have to do anything as a referee, yet still get paid for being one!

Dynamic Dynamite: Nothing wrong with a little personal incentive. Anyhow, you won’t be complaining once these guys put their bodies on the line for your enjoyment.

*With the belt in place, Minos gets back into position to continue the introductions, taking in the new development with hardly a blink.*

Minos: Coming down the aisle first, he is a former 2-time GCWA Television Champion and has held the GCWA World Tag-Team Titles with his brother, standing 5’11” and weighing 220 lbs, from Smithville, Tennessee, here is Dangerous Dan!

*Kill The Headlights” by Rev Theory plays, bringing on the cheers as the fan favorite makes his way out. Dan raises one hand towards the fans as a salute, but he’s moving slowly, keeping his arm wrapped around his stomach. He still seems fired up enough to get to the ring, immediately staring upwards towards the belt hanging above him.*

Jones: Earlier this week, Dangerous Dan took a horrible beating from two thugs who apparently didn’t want him competing tonight. His doctor did not want him competing in this match, especially with two broken ribs, but Dangerous Dan refused to be kept away.

Dynamic Dynamite: I talked to him earlier tonight. He was very courageous in his passion to compete for the Intercontinental Title. I have to applaud his vast courage.

Logan: Wait… did Dangerous Dan’s rib injuries inspire this match change, by any chance?

Dynamic Dynamite: Me? Do this just to add more misery to the young man’s career? No, I had nothing to do with Dangerous Dan wrestling tonight. He’s made this decision all on his own.

Minos: Next, coming through the entryway, he has held the GCWA World Tag-Team Titles numerous times with multiple partners. Tonight, however, he competes for his first singles championship. Standing 6’0” and weighing 215 lbs, from New York City, New York, here is a member of D & D, Harvey Danger!

*The pop comes good and loud for Danger, who pushes the curtain aside and makes his way out. A pyro blast goes off next to him, blinding him for a second, but he quickly recovers and continues his approach, sizing up Dangerous Dan along the way.*

Jones: It was a quiet week for Harvey Danger, who apparently went into seclusion to prepare for this match.

Logan: He probably was off running some sort of errand for his mother Marie. I hope he was able to prepare for this match.

Dynamic Dynamite: I am more interested in his ability to work with Draco as a unit in this match. After all, I spoke to Danger earlier, expressing my concerns about how his ‘ally’ will be working with him in this one.

Logan: You sure do like creating controversy, don’t you, man?

Dynamic Dynamite: I just lent the poor young man a kind ear to express himself with. Whatever he took from our conversation is completely up to him.

Minos: Finally, our third participant is a current champion, holding one half of the GCWA World Tag-Team Titles with Shane Donovan and, apparently, Harvey Danger, standing 5’11” and weighing 204 lbs, from Whitesboro, New York, here is “The Hellacious One” Draco!

*Draco comes out to “Indestructible” by Disturbed, the GCWA World Tag-Team Title clearly wrapped around his stomach. He seems cool and confident, although there’s a glint of uncertainty behind his eyes as he walks down the ramp.*

Jones: Unofficial sources have been quoted that Draco had some sort of emotional turmoil this past week, while in the company of his friend, Hope.

Logan: Did you happen to expand upon that as well, Dynamite, with that silver tongue of yours?

Dynamic Dynamite: Draco doesn’t need to hear from a man such as myself. He has plenty of experience to draw on for a match like this.

Logan: Yeah, assuming he doesn’t decide to trust Harvey Danger at the wrong moment.

Dynamic Dynamite: That would be his mistake, then, wouldn’t it?

*The Bell Rings.*

*Draco and Danger have a quick discussion in the corner, apparently over the new change in format for the match. Danger seems a little nervous, pointing out the height, although Draco shakes his head, disagreeing. Meanwhile, Dangerous Dan has slid out of the ring, and is currently looking underneath the ring for something. He pulls out a steel chair, feeling the weight in his hand to make sure it feels balanced. Dan then rolls back into the ring, raising up the weapon to the cheers of the crowd! Draco, seeing it, points it out to Harvey, who brings up his arms in a defensive position, shaking his head towards Dan, who bangs the weapon on the ground, ready to strike! As Harvey keeps talking, trying to get the weapon out of Dan’s hands, Draco suddenly shoves him from behind, telling Danger to attack! Danger stumbles forward, straight into Dan, who crashes down on him with the chair, knocking Danger down!! Meanwhile, Draco slides out of the ring, looking for a weapon of his own.*

Logan: Danger goes down after a harsh hit from Dan!

Dynamic Dynamite: That’s a more intelligent maneuver than I expected from young Dangerous Dan. He’s immediately adapting to the match I set up, and using what’s available. Impressive.

Jones: It’s also a good way to compensate for those badly injured ribs, evening the playing field!

*Dangerous Dan lands another shot on Harvey, doing some more damage and keeping him down. Harvey’s now flat on the mat, his hands over his head, with a small yell heard that almost sounds like “Draco! Help!” On the outside, Draco has already found himself his own weapon, bringing out a piece of pipe! He swings it like a martial artist around him before entering the ring, smiling as he does a quick “Matrix” pose, telling Dan to come on! Dangerous Dan responds, though, by stepping forward and throwing the chair at Draco, who is forced to bat it out of the air with his left arm! Off-balance, Draco can’t stop Dan from diving at him, spearing Draco and taking him down to the mat! Dan gets on top, throwing punches, even as Draco tries to recover, covering up. The fans are loving it, cheering on the biggest underdog in the match.*

Dynamic Dynamite: Ruthless aggression. I am liking this young man more and more.

Logan: Dan’s certainly not letting himself be held back by his injuries, although you have to wonder the toll of every move he does.

Jones: Exactly. One false move could spell hospitalization and even possibly death for Dan! No title is worth that!

Dynamic Dynamite: Apparently, in Dangerous Dan’s mind, you are mistaken, Edward.

*Dangerous Dan slowly pulls up Draco, keeping himself from stretching out his mid-section too much. He gets Draco into the corner, then reaches down, grabbing the chair off the ground. As he raises it, though, Dan senses someone approaching him and spins, once again nailing Danger with a chair shot, this time to the side!! Danger collapses, his own ribs now in jeopardy! Dan turns again, trying to keep the momentum up with a quick swing, but Draco’s already diving out of the way, causing Dan to smash the chair on the ‘buckle! Dan shakes his arms, the vibration running through them. Meanwhile, Draco manages to grab the pipe he dropped earlier, turning and taking a swing right into Dan’s back!! The Danger Boiz member falls to his knees, grimacing, from the blow. Draco, though, isn’t content with that. He brings the pipe down across Dan’s throat, lifting him upwards with it jamming into his chin. Draco then falls backwards, landing a Russian leg sweep with the assist of the pipe, doing more damage!*

Logan: Draco’s quickly getting back into this one!

Jones: He’s the veteran by a long ways in this match, and that experience could definitely help him win out as the match continues.

Dynamic Dynamite: Draco needs to harness his energy and focus on those ribs. If he does more damage, he can incapacitate Dangerous Dan, making his climb up the ladder that much easier.

Jones: But that could seriously injure Dangerous Dan, and maybe put him out of wrestling!

Dynamic Dynamite: Your point?

*Draco’s gone outside the ring by this point, managing to pull out a good-sized ladder from underneath the apron. He slides it into the ring, then follows, going towards Dangerous Dan, who is trying to get up. Draco, against Dynamite’s opinion, doesn’t go for the ribs, instead taking Dan by the head and dragging him over to the ladder. By this point, a weary Harvey Danger is back on his feet, even though he’s leaning on the ropes. Draco calls him over, with Danger reluctantly making his way over there. Draco points something out, with Danger nodding in response. They both kick Dan, bending him over enough for them to lock him up and lift, giving him a double suplex onto the ladder!! Dangerous Dan rolls off of it, in serious pain, even as Draco goes to get the ladder off of him and set up. He positions it underneath the title, even as Harvey comes over to him, rubbing his sore head and apparently asking about the belt.*

Logan: Here’s one of the key moments of this match! Will Danger and Draco work together to get the belt, or will they turn on each other in pursuit of the championship?

Dynamic Dynamite: I advised Danger on what he needs to do at this point. We will see if he follows my advice or not.

*Draco and Danger talk for another moment, while, behind then, Dangerous Dan is slowly working his way up. He is struggling to stand, and possibly struggling to breathe, but he’s not giving up. Draco, spotting him, immediately moves past Danger, going back over to the man and landing a kick before Dan can react, causing the former TV Champion to crumple to the ground again. Draco brings Dan into the corner, setting him up, even as Danger, noticing that he’s been left alone, takes a longing look up the ladder that has been set up before him! The crowd starts to cheer, chanting his name, with Harvey looking over his shoulder at Draco, who is too occupied with Dangerous Dan to notice. Danger then turns, hesitantly putting one foot on the bottom rung, then the next, making his way up!*

Logan: Danger’s making his attempt at the championship!

Dynamic Dynamite: Always good to see a man taking his own destiny into his hand, regardless of the consequences of his actions.

Jones: Harvey needs to pick up the pace, though, if he doesn’t want Draco or Dan to stop him!

*Draco lands a couple more punches in the corner on Dangerous Dan, then begins to lift him up, setting him onto the turnbuckle for a maneuver. He might possibly be trying to set up Dangerous Dan for the Hellacious! Meanwhile, Harvey is more than halfway up the ladder now, heading towards the gold! Draco, bracing against Dan on the ‘buckle, takes a look behind him. The shock is evident on his face as he sees what’s happening. He starts to turn around, but suddenly Dangerous Dan shoves him, sending Draco toppling off the ‘buckle and over the top rope, falling to the apron!! Dan then rights himself on the ‘buckle and takes in his target, leaping off the top turnbuckle and flying forwards with a missile dropkick, connecting with the ladder!! The impact causes the ladder to topple, sending a screaming Harvey Danger falling into the ropes, then out of the ring, crashing outside!!!*

Logan: Damn! Harvey just got ejected!

Dynamic Dynamite: You see? If this was a regular match, I would probably have to end it right there due to the injuries incurred. But, since it’s a ladder match, my hands are tied, and the action continues.

Jones: You’re enjoying this way too much, Dynamite.

Dynamic Dynamite: I appreciate the intricate maneuvers of a contest like this, and I see nothing wrong with that.

*A camera catches Harvey Danger laying outside the ring, not moving. Back in the ring, Dangerous Dan is struggling to get up, holding his side. He reaches over, grabbing the ladder from where it fell, attempting to straighten it back up. As Dan does so, however, he fails to see Draco back up on the apron, sizing him up! Draco leaps up, springboarding off the top rope and flying into the ring, setting his feet right on top of Dan!! Dan drops to his knees, stunned, even as Draco continues the maneuver, landing on the ladder and starting to climb up! He heads up, rung after rung, with a wave of attention coming from the audience. The tag-team champion reaches out, within inches of the gold, when Dangerous Dan manages to reach up, grabbing at his legs! Dan yanks, managing to pull Draco off of the ladder and back to the mat, landing on his stomach, as the fight continues.*

Logan: That was damn close by Draco, who nearly pulled off an astonishing feat to get that belt!

Jones: Yep, a few more seconds and we would have someone holding two belts in the GCWA! But Dangerous Dan managed to react in time to keep this one going!

Dynamic Dynamite: But the longer this match goes, the more damage Dangerous Dan is doing to his already-injured ribs. He believes the championship is worth the risk.

Logan: Let me ask you this, if you were in Dangerous Dan’s position, what would you be doing?

Dynamic Dynamite: Myself? I would be at home or in the hospital, making sure that my career continues, as that would be the most important thing for me. Titles come and go, but your health does not. But then, who am I to disparage Dangerous Dan?

*Near the ladder, Dan and Draco are grappling, with Dan landing a punch, rattling Draco for a second. Dan then grabs Draco’s head, launching it into the side of the ladder! The ladder teeters, but doesn’t fall. Draco does, dropping backwards, stunned. Dangerous Dan coughs for a second, wiping a hand across his mouth. It comes off bloody, showing that the damage is getting worse. Dan ignores it, however, as he reaches down, bringing Draco back up. He sets the man in place, and then braces himself, attempting to lift him into the Danger Zone!! The fans cheer, but after a second, Dan drops Draco back down, his ribs in no condition to pull off the maneuver. Draco immediately takes advantage, shoving himself away from Dan, then snapping off the Momentum Shift!!!! Dan tries to dodge it, but still takes part of the hit, falling onto his back. Draco staggers to the ropes, regaining his balance. After a second, he turns and heads for the ladder again, doggedly pursuing the gold.*

Logan: That move could do it! All Draco needs is enough time to get up that ladder!

Dynamic Dynamite: He certainly has the advantage now, although the match is not over yet.

*With the crowd getting fired up, Draco starts his climb, heaving himself up the rungs one by one. He’s making good progress, although it’s slow going, which is a testament to what these wrestlers have been through during the course of this contest. On the outside, Harvey Danger is shown, apparently still down and out from the terrible plunge he took earlier in the contest. Dangerous Dan, meanwhile, is trying to get up, rubbing at his jaw. He uses the ropes, rising up, then starts to look around for Draco. He spots him on the ladder, more than halfway now, so Dan starts to move in his direction. However, before he can move two steps, arms reach through the ropes, grabbing his legs! With a yell, Dan falls, getting dragged out of the ring!*

Jones: What the heck? What’s going on here??

Logan: Wait a second… those two guys who just grabbed Dan, they’re wearing masks…. Hey, those are the Malvados!!!

Dynamic Dynamite: The Malvados? Well, this has potential…

Jones: What are the Malvados doing back here in the GCWA, and why are they going after Dangerous Dan??

Dynamic Dynamite: I couldn’t hazard a guess, but it does not matter. There are no rules, so sadly, there is nothing I can do to change this unfortunate series of events.

*Draco, reaching the upper tier of the ladder, looks back, as if expecting to see pursuit. His eyes take in the Malvados, Hector and Victor, as they double-team Dangerous Dan on the outside. The crowd is going crazy, booing heavily the return of the masked men, who don’t seem to care about the reaction. Draco hesitates, considering his options, but he quickly decides there’s only one course available to him. He continues his climb. On the outside, Dangerous Dan tries to fight back, but he’s too hurt to be able to handle two men at this point. He gets some help, though, as his brother, Crazy Chris, comes running out of the back!! Chris races down to get involved, attacking Hector, as the fighting continues. All this is immaterial, however, as Draco reaches out, disconnecting the Intercontinental Championship from the hook and bringing it down! The bell rings, signaling the conclusion of the contest.*

Minos: Here is your winner, and the NEW GCWA Intercontinental Heavyweight Champion, Draco!!

Logan: Thanks in part to the involvement of the Malvados, Draco is the new champ!

Dynamic Dynamite: You say that, Anthony, but you know there’s no guarantee that Dangerous Dan, in his condition, would have been able to stop Draco’s assent. In any case, he’s the worthy champion, and my job here is completed. Gentlemen.

*Dynamic Dynamite removes the headset and stands up, leaving the announce table. Logan can be seen, shaking his head at the deceitful ways of the legendary GCWA superstar. Inside the ring, Draco has come back down the ladder, moving towards the ropes as he climbs out. The fighting has moved up the aisle towards the ramp, as the Malvados have managed to regain control, due to the various injuries of the Danger Boiz. Draco has other concerns, checking on Harvey Danger, who is just now starting to come around. He helps Danger up, apparently having no ill will after the match. It’s hard to tell how Harvey feels, as he’s still dazed and confused. Security, meanwhile, has interceded at the entryway, breaking up the fighting between the two tag-teams. The Danger Boiz are still standing, but just barely, as they’ve definitely taken their lumps this week. The Malvados leave the scene ahead of the security, apparently having made their point.*

Logan: So now we’ve got “The Dark Angel” Joshua Curtis AND the Malvados having made their return! This has been a great night, Jonesy!

Jones: And it can only get better, with two more great title matches on the horizon!

Logan: Oh, yeah, I can’t wait!

Jones: But first, I’ve been told we have another video clip to play…

Logan: Another one? Wait, from Loper?

Jones: That’s right, Anthony. Hit it!

*Our screen fades into a shot of Lamar Loper boarding an Amsterdam flight back to the United States…he has his ticket checked and is walking towards the plane with his head down…a fellow traveler spots his depressing stature.*

Passenger: I feel your pain, bro…I hate leaving Amsterdam as well.

Lamar Loper: It’s not that…

*Loper looks over and spots a very hippiesh looking guy and realizes that any sort of explanation would be an effort in futility.*

Lamar Loper: Yea, it blows.

Passenger: Right on…

*Loper shakes his head as he boards the plane…he quickly finds his assigned seat and notices that he’s stuck in the middle of a three seat aisle. He groas loudly, as nobody likes to be in the middle of two strangers. Cursing his luck, Loper places his carry on in the above compartment…he takes a seat and tries to find solace in those extremely boring airplane shopping magazines. With his head buried in the magazine, two individuals make their way towards his aisle…Loper can sense their presence and tries to shrink into his seat, allowing one access to the window seat. Both men sit down on Loper’s left and right side…Loper puts the magazine up and glaces at the man sitting next to the window…his jaw drops in shock as he recognizes it to be Derek Mobley…Mobley stares at Lamar as Lamar is acting like someone with a speech impediment, unable to get his words out without stuttering.*

Derek Mobley: You okay?

Lamar Loper: I uh…wow…uhhmmm…

Derek Mobley: Dude, it’s alright, I’ll get you an autograph after the flight, or, if you want, I can sign that magazine for ya, you seemed to really be into it when we sat down.

Lamar Loper: No, it’s not that…it’s just

Voice: Dude!

*The person on Loper’s left jerks around to talk to Mobley and ends up elbowing Loper in the face, Loper grabs his chin in pain…we recognize the other passenger as Warrick Hill. Warrick quickly takes note of the fact he nearly shattered Loper’s chin and speaks.*

Warrick Hill: My bad, bro…but that is a freakishly huge chin, you need to watch where you put that thing…anyways, Derek…that flight attendant is smoking, you think I might be able to join the Mile High club for the third time?

Derek Mobley: I’m still pissed off that you got us booted from Natasha’s…she was a great girl.

Warrick Hill: Yea, but the sex got old…can you believe she wouldn’t…

Flight Attendant: Excuse me, gentlemen, may I take your in flight order?

Warrick Hill: I want one of those tiny bottles of Vodka.

Lamar Loper: Ginger Ale, please.

Derek Mobley: I’ll have one last European Heineken.

Flight Attendant: This is a US flight, these Heinekens weren’t brewed in Europe.

Derek Mobley: Shit…okay, a Budweiser please.

Flight Attendant: Okay, thank you.

*The Flight Attendant walks off.*

Warrick Hill: Dude, she was so into me…It’s practically a done deal.

Derek Mobley: Just don’t get caught, that’s all I care about.

Lamar Loper: Guys!

Warrick Hill: Did you just yell at me? I will fuck you up, little man.

Lamar Loper: No, sorry…didn’t mean to yell…listen…I’ve been looking for you guys, I was hired by an anonymous group to search for the missing members of House of Pain.

Derek Mobley: Really? Why is that?

Lamar Loper: Seems as though you guys have a lot of fans who are worried about your well being.

Warrick Hill: Sweet…

Lamar Loper: Anyways…I thought I had failed…but now I’ve found you...this is so awesome.

Warrick Hill: Yea, great work little guy.

*Warrick rolls his eyes.*

Derek Mobley: Well, we’re fine…just heading back to the states, with a little less change in our pockets than before.

Lamar Loper: So…any idea what you guys are going to do next?

*Derek looks over at Warrick…Warrick stands up as the Flight Attendant has his bottle of vodka in her hand, Warrick tosses his arm around her and whispers something in her ear as the plane is now in mid air.*

Warrick Hill: Right now or after we land…

*Warrick smiles…Derek laughs as Warrick heads down the aisle with the Flight Attendant behind him.*

Derek Mobley: Warrick Hill will never change.

Lamar Loper: What about my Ginger Ale…

*The screen fades out, as we go back to a live shot of Madison Square Garden. The fans can be heard, laughing and chattering in excitement. This hits another level with “Miseria Cantare” by AFI begins to play! We see movement at the entry way, and suddenly Derek Mobley and Warrick Hill appear from behind the curtains!!*

Jones: Oh my god, they’re here!! The House of Pain are here!!

Logan: Whoa!

*Derek and Warrick make their way to the ring, smiling and slapping hands with the excited fans. Warrick slides in under the bottom rope as Derek climbs the steps and enters through the middle rope. Derek asks for a mic and gets it…the crowd chants ‘HOP!’ for a few minutes before quieting down…Derek speaks.*

Derek Mobley: Boy, it’s great to be back in the GCWA!! Now, before the next great match takes place here at the Pay Per View extravaganza known as Heat Wave…I’ve just got a few things to say.

*The fans chant Derek’s name as he continues to speak. However, you can also hear some boos in the midst, as some fans apparently haven’t forgotten what was happening with the HOP before they left.*

Derek Mobley: First and foremost…we are the House of Pain…when we left the GCWA, we left the Roman Empire as well…now, we wish Lurrr all the best and everything, but it’s time for the House of Pain to accomplish what it set out to do at GCWA’s reopening all those months ago. Second…I know we did some things a few months ago not very ‘HOPish’ but we’ve had some times to clear our minds…take things into consideration and I can safely say the House of Pain you all love and remember oh-so fondly is back…

*Warrick takes the mic from Derek’s hand…the fans sense a bit of tension, until Warrick smiles, easing their worries that the two might still be at some kind of odds.*

Warrick Hill: Damn straight, Mobley…and, last but not least…before we go off and get wasted…we want to make one thing clear…we have our sights set on the GCWA Tag Team Titles…it was our first goal when we joined initially and a goal we are determined to accomplish. So, Double Penetration…

*Derek whispers into Warrick’s ear.*

Warrick Hill: Oh, my bad, Donovan and Draco…enjoy those straps while you can, because the House of Pain wants what you’ve got and we always get what we want…now, I’m going to get wasted!

*The crowd cheers wildly as Warrick drops the mic…he, along with Derek, exit the ring to a loud ovation.*

Jones: Incredible!! Just another great addition to tonight’s already historic card!

Logan: Damn straight, and it’s great to have two tremendous superstars back in action! Of course… I still question their motives…

Jones: What do you mean, Anthony?

Logan: Oh, c’mon, Jonesy. These guys were main members of the Roman Empire, after all. And now, on the night when Lurrr is getting his World Title opportunity, a once in a lifetime moment, Derek & Warrick show back up?

Jones: Well, they say they’re no longer affiliated with the Empire.

Logan: Yeah. They say that. But do they mean that?

Jones: Well, I suppose we’ll see later tonight, if they get involved in the main event. For now, we’ve still got one more match to take place before we even reach that one! Roll the clips!

*The shot changes to the video footage, where we see a shot of The Lost Soul wearing the GCWA X Division Championship. We also see footage of his friend and partner, Steve Wilson, talking about how they were going to take the GCWA by storm. Unfortunately, that did not take place, as Steve Wilson was laid out mysteriously on an Inferno. The Lost Soul took it upon himself to search for suspects, finding a boatload full in the GCWA locker room. However, one name continued to come up in his searches: Tommy Crimson. We see video from the night in question, showing an angry Crimson shoving down a cameraman, not far from the scene of the crime. The Lost Soul is shown, trying to get a hair sample, with no success, as Organized Chaos interceded. That indirectly led to tonight’s match, giving TLS the opportunity for DNA samples, while also giving Crimson a title opportunity. The footage fades out.*

Minos: The next match is scheduled for one fall, and will be for the GCWA X Division Championship!! Introducing first, the challenger. He is a former GCWA World Heavyweight Champion who has had incredible highs and lows in the organization, representing Organized Chaos, standing 6’4” and weighing 221 lbs, from Detroit, Michigan, here is “The Fury” Tommy Crimson!

*”Head Up” by the Deftones plays, as Tommy Crimson walks out of the back. While there are a few random cheers, the majority of the audience isn’t exactly brimming with excitement at seeing the leader of Organized Chaos. Crimson comes forward, walking down the aisle with complete confidence in himself.*

Logan: I wasn’t sure Crimson was going to make it here this week, after so much happening to him. From what I hear, his bus broke down, they rode a train, and they finished getting here in a horse and buggy!

Jones: You’d think these guys get paid well enough to take a plane, especially during that period that Crimson was the World Champion.

Logan: Well, it didn’t work out that way, but we got to have some great entertainment along the way, didn’t we?

Jones: Like the transvestite? Entertainment like that, I can do without.

Logan: *sigh* Jonesy, sometimes you’re a real wet blanket.

Minos: And now his opponent, he has had a great run of success in the GCWA, including a run with the GCWA Intercontinental Championship, standing 6’4” and weighing 235 lbs, from parts unknown, here is the GCWA X Division Champion, The Lost Soul!

*The crowd roars, excited at the coming of TLS. The mysterious man appears out from behind the curtains, the X Division Title on his shoulder, with the “Friday the 13th” theme playing behind him. He walks slowly down the ramp, preparing for war in his quest towards the truth.*

Jones: The Lost Soul, interestingly enough, had his own run-ins with transvestites this past week.

Logan: Yeah, weird how that worked out. Of course, while Crimson was running away from the one he met, The Lost Soul was spending time with several inside a jail cell.

Jones: Creepy.

Logan: Hey, he was just there trying to track down a serial killer of transvestites who cut off their hands and hid the bodies.

Jones: Like I said… creepy…

*The Bell Rings.*

Logan: Oh, shit.

Jones: What? What’s up, Anthony?

Logan: I just noticed the referee for this match. How in the hell….

Jones: Huh? Oh… Thomas Mitchell? But, wasn’t he…

Logan: Yeah, he was the controversial ref when Crimson won the World Title!

Jones: Well… to be fair to the President, Anthony, this match is “Xtreme Rules”, which means that the ref doesn’t really have to do much other than count the pinfalls.

Logan: I suppose… but damn, I’m still suspicious.

*Crimson is standing in the ring, waiting, but The Lost Soul still has not entered. Instead, TLS continues to walk around the ring, staring in towards his foe on this evening. Crimson, impatient, demands that the X Division Champion step in. Referee Thomas Mitchell seems to be the same way, leaning on the ropes and asking for the match to begin. But The Lost Soul slowly shakes his head. As the crowd watches, cheering, the champion removes the X Division Title, placing it to the side on the timekeeper’s table. Crimson nods mockingly at the decision, than again sets himself, wanting the fight to begin. Instead, The Lost Soul seems to smile at the Organized Chaos member, and then starts to walk away!*

Jones: What the… is The Lost Soul giving up the title???

Logan: No, I don’t think so, Jonesy. TLS doesn’t do moves like that. I think this is more like one of his mind games than anything.

Jones: Well, it’s working on me, because now I’m confused!

*Crimson, dumbfounded, watches as The Lost Soul reaches the start of the aisleway, before turning around and glancing back at the two men in the ring. Crimson turns and argues with the referee, who correctly points out that, in an “Xtreme Rules” match, there is no countouts or disqualifications. Crimson tugs on his hair, thinking things over, as The Lost Soul waits patiently for him in the aisle! The fans start a “Coward Crimson” chant, which seems to bother Crimson even more, as he vehemently denies being a coward. With a frustrated rumble, Crimson turns and goes through the ropes, stepping out of the ring! He moves around to the aisleway and starts towards TLS, coming up towards him and immediately throwing the first punch, which is quickly answered by the champion! Soon enough, we have a brawl, as the crowd roars in response to the ferocity between the two men!*

Logan: Here we go, fighting time at last!

Jones: I guess The Lost Soul didn’t want to start the match in the ring.

Logan: Nope, my man TLS is all about going hardcore! This is going to be great!

*The Lost Soul soon takes control of the flow of the match by blocking a Crimson punch and landing several of his own in succession. With Crimson dazed, The Lost Soul reaches to his side, pulling off one of the advertising boards placed on the guardrail next to the fans. He swings from the hip, sending a shot straight into Crimson’s chest with devastating force, hard enough to break the sign! Crimson stumbles away from the blow, trying to recover, but The Lost Soul is in complete pursuit. He reaches down and grabs a camera wire from the side, pulling it out of its hidden position, and comes after Crimson, wrapping it around his throat! Crimson struggles against it, trying to work a hand in-between, but he’s still getting choked out by the champion! Referee Mitchell is staying nearby, just in case, although it’s clear he wants nothing to do with the hardcore aspect of this match. Crimson drops to a knee, gasping for air, as The Lost Soul stands over him, emotionless.*

Jones: I’d definitely say that The Lost Soul is in his element right now.

Logan: He sure is. I can’t possibly count how many hardcore matches I’ve seen him in over the years.

Jones: At the same time, though, I know Crimson has been in a lot of these style matches himself, which means we shouldn’t rule him out just yet.

Logan: Nah, Crimson’s an old hand at these too. But right now, TLS has got all the momentum.

*With Crimson in trouble, The Lost Soul finally releases the choke around his throat, letting the cable fall to the floor. He pulls Crimson back up, dragging him up the aisle, towards where the set has been constructed. On one side, there are a series of tables stacked one on top of the other, and on the other, there appears to be a stack of electrical equipment. The Lost Soul heads that direction, whipping Crimson towards a speaker, no, Crimson reverses and TLS is the one who crashes into the equipment!! Crimson drops to one knee, rubbing his throat where the cable cut into him, as The Lost Soul struggles to get up from the speaker he knocked over. Crimson sees him and stands back up, stumbling over to grab the champion. Crimson boots The Lost Soul in the stomach, and then locks him up, lifting The Lost Soul up and delivering a piledriver on the speaker!!! There’s a blast of feedback and a short flare of electricity, but Crimson doesn’t worry about either, as he twists The Lost Soul over and makes the cover… 1… 2… The Lost Soul kicks out!*

Jones: This one’s turning brutal in a hurry!

Logan: What would you expect from two gladiators, Jonesy? They’re going to use anything and everything in order to win this match!

Jones: I thought it was just about Crimson possibly being the one to assault Steve Wilson??

Logan: I think we’ve moved beyond that, Jonesy. Now it’s about survival!

*Crimson is moving away from The Lost Soul now, heading to the side, where other weapons are waiting for him. He selects a trash can that was sitting on the side, half-full with garbage from the fans. As TLS gets up, Crimson comes in, dumping the trash on him, much to the disgust of the fans at ringside. Crimson, not caring, laughs at having ‘trashed’ the champion. However, his laughter comes at the wrong time, as The Lost Soul suddenly comes back up, grabbing what looks like a left-over drink of soda (mostly ice now) and throws it in Crimson’s face!! Crimson staggers back, blinded, trying to clear his vision. The Lost Soul, meanwhile, pulls himself painfully up and grabs the trash can that Crimson left behind, lifting it over his head and jamming it over the challenger!! Only Crimson’s legs are visible as he tries to move away, lost in the darkness. The Lost Soul, meanwhile, reaches into the stands and gets a chair from an excited fan, turning back and whaling on the side of the trash can with multiple shots!!!*

Jones: Wow! That’s gotta hurt!

Logan: Crimson, the bell tolls for thee!

*Crimson falls to his side, finally managing to extract himself from the trash can. He crawls away, hurting, as The Lost Soul stalks him, chair still in hand. As Crimson starts to go up the rampway, trying to escape, TLS moves in behind him and raises up the chair, unleashing a devastating shot to Crimson’s back!! Crimson flattens out, not moving after being sandwiched between the chair and the ramp! The Lost Soul manages to roll him over, then makes the cover, with referee Mitchell hurrying into position… 1…. 2…. No! Crimson kicks out! The Lost Soul, sighing to himself, pulls Crimson back up and heads further up the ramp, taking him closer to the Heat Wave set-up of stands and displays. He tosses Crimson into one of the steel posts holding up the displays, with Crimson leaning against it, looking exhausted. The Lost Soul backs away, but then suddenly spins and rushes back, charging at Crimson who falls out of the way to the side, causing TLS to smash straight into the post!! The displays above the post tumble down, crashing onto both men, as the crowd explodes!*

Logan: Jesus!! Thank god those displays aren’t that heavy, or else we might have a burial right here in New York City!

Jones: Both men took some shots there, but I think The Lost Soul got the worst of it!

Logan: Still, it’s “Xtreme Rules”, so no matter what condition they’re in, someone needs to pin the other or get him to submit for this to be over. The match goes on!

*Crimson is the first one to move, pushing a cardboard cut-out of Lurrr off of him as he starts to get up. He notices the display’s face, and then takes a moment to stomp on it, breaking the head off. Crimson then staggers away, pulling other displays away to reveal the hurting champion. The challenger doesn’t waste any time, dropping down for a cover and waiting for Mitchell to force himself into position…. 1… 2… No! The Lost Soul manages to get his shoulder off the metal! Crimson can’t believe it, as he thought it was over. He picks up another display, this one, ironically, with The Lost Soul pictured on it, and slams the lookalike down on the real person, twice, three times. He then leaves it on top of the champion and makes the cover again, trying to hold it down… 1… 2… but TLS will not give up, managing to knock it off of him. Crimson slowly gets back up, completely frustrated. He argues with the referee, who backs away quickly, staying away from Crimson’s violent temper.*

Logan: Crimson’s really got the advantage here, but he’s got to hold his emotions in check!

Jones: If he can’t maintain control of himself, he’s bound to leave an opening that a veteran will definitely exploit!

Logan: Crimson’s emotions have always been both a strong point and a weakness for him. They can empower him, but they can also cause carelessness and mistakes.

*An angry Crimson drags The Lost Soul up off the stage, cursing the wrestler as he does so. The Lost Soul’s facial makeup has faded badly now, showing the extremes this match has gone to. Crimson looks around, trying to decide, and finally makes up his mind, taking TLS towards the edge of the stage. He sets The Lost Soul up, locking him into position for an attempt at a powerbomb off the edge!! He lifts, no, TLS blocks it, then lifts up, flipping Crimson over him, and The Fury flies 10 feet to the ground below!!! The crowd explodes, knowing that this match is about over, as The Lost Soul regains himself and manages to stand up. He turns back, looking down on the fallen Crimson, as referee Mitchell moves down the ramp, expecting TLS to follow for the pinfall. TLS, though, instead moves closer to the edge, still looking down.*

Jones: Crimson just took a horrible fall, why isn’t The Lost Soul rushing to pin him?

Logan: Because I think TLS wants to make a bigger statement, Jonesy, especially if Crimson is the one who assaulted Wilson!

*The crowd starts cheering louder, realizing The Lost Soul’s intentions as he prepares himself for a leap, possibly planning to go for the Souled Out! On the floor below, referee Mitchell tries to wave him off, moving into the way temporarily. Crimson’s still not moving, due to the massive impact he took. The Lost Soul contemplates Mitchell’s position, but it doesn’t seem to bother him, as he takes a step and prepares to leap…. only to get attacked from behind by Israel Callahan!! The young wrestler punches away at TLS, as the crowd boos heavily.*

Jones: Damnit! This match was looking so good, too!

Logan: I know I shouldn’t be surprised, but shit! Damn Organized Chaos couldn’t leave this match alone!

*Israel tries to drive The Lost Soul back, as if to punch him off the ledge, but suddenly TLS responds, blocking the punch and knocking Israel back with a shot! TLS then grabs Israel around the waist and lifts, giving him a side suplex onto the steel!! Israel writhes in pain, while TLS gets back up. However, now Capps is out, jumping on The Lost Soul’s back!!! The smaller guy hangs on for a second, but The Lost Soul responds by flipping Capps over him, banging Capps on the metal as well! The Lost Soul spins, ready for more, even as Jobe Severity enters the fray, tackling the champion and bringing him down!! The Lost Soul fights back, swinging, managing to turn and get on top of Jobe, but now Israel’s back, wrapping his arms around TLS’ throat! Meanwhile, Crimson is back up, although just barely, as he turns and starts limping his way around to go up the ramp!*

Jones: The Lost Soul is completely outnumbered here!

Logan: Yeah, but he hasn’t stopped fighting yet! Damnit, I can’t stand for this!

Jones: Anthony, wait! You’re not supposed to….

*Jones’ complaint falls on deaf ears, as Anthony Logan drops his mic and starts heading up the aisleway! On the stage, The Lost Soul is now being held by both Israel and Jobe, while a fatigued Crimson still gets in his free shots. Capps, seeing the approaching former wrestler, yells a warning, with Crimson turning around only to get clobbered by a clothesline!! Logan then goes after Jobe, matching him punch for punch, while Israel is stopped from interfering by TLS, who brings him to the ground! The fighting is furious, with Capps getting involved by picking up cardboard cut-outs and smashing them on Logan!*

Jones: My word, this is absolute chaos! And the match isn’t over yet, it’s still technically going!!

*Logan seems to be getting the better of Jobe with a series of shots, driving him backwards towards the entryway. Anthony follows, continuing to attack, not realizing that Crimson has gotten back up! The Organized Chaos leader gets behind Logan, delivering a wicked low blow that brings Logan to his knees!!! Crimson then follows it up by grabbing Logan by the head and dropping backwards, landing the Fury!!!!! Meanwhile, The Lost Soul has the younger Israel up, taking him down on the stage with the Soul Buster!!!! Both Logan and Israel are effectively eliminated, as The Lost Soul turns his attention to Crimson and Severity, who nod to each other before rushing the man! The fists fly, with TLS trying to fight off both men, to the cheers of the standing audience!*

Jones: Man, poor Anthony!! I don’t think he’s getting up for a while! Ace, if you’re listening, I think I need another broadcast partner… again…

*The Lost Soul manages to stagger Crimson, who has already taken a lot of abuse, causing him to fall to his side. But Severity’s much fresher than either man, and he proves it, catching The Lost Soul around the neck and delivering a Rock Bottom on the stage!!! The Lost Soul arches his back, his mouth open in a silent scream from the destruction delivered to his spine. Severity reaches down and pulls TLS up, bracing him once again and going for the Blasphemy!!! But The Lost Soul blocks it, then lifts, picking up Severity instead and giving him a reverse atomic drop!! Severity stumbles away, but TLS doesn’t let him get far, diving forward with a clothesline from behind that lays the man out!*

Jones: Holy crap, it’s not over!! The Lost Soul is still in this, against all odds!! Unbelievable!!

*The Lost Soul hauls himself back up, barely able to move, yet continuing the fight. He turns back to Crimson, who has already risen back up. Crimson comes in with a swing, but TLS blocks it, then starts firing shot after shot at the man, driving him back towards the edge of the stage!! With Crimson flailing his arms, trying to keep from falling, The Lost Soul rears back for one more shot… and Severity desperately reaches out from the ground, grabbing The Lost Soul’s foot!! TLS kicks him off, but the distraction is just long enough for Crimson to right himself and grab his foe, taking him off the stage with a belly-to-back suplex!!!!!! The fans are chanting “Holy Shit!!” after that landing!! Neither wrestler is moving, but Crimson landed on top, so referee Mitchell quickly rushes over and makes the count… 1.. 2.. 3!!!!!*

Minos: Here is your winner, and the NEW GCWA X Division Champion, Tommy Crimson!!

Jones: My dear god, what a match!!! But Crimson, with the help of a bunch of other people, managed to steal away the X Division Title!! And here I am, talking to myself, because my partner went and got himself injured! Crap!

*Severity staggers down the ramp, helping his son, Israel, come along as well. They get to Crimson, who is barely moving, trying to lift him up. An attendant runs up with the X Division Title, with Mitchell handing it to Crimson, who actually drops it due to fatigue. Severity manages to pick it up, putting it on Crimson’s shoulder, with the group moving back towards the entryway. Meanwhile, The Lost Soul slowly sits up, leaving a bloody spot on the concrete behind him as he does so. Anthony Logan is still out on the rampway, as medics come out to tend to him. One tries to look at Crimson, but Severity shoos him away, saying that he’ll tend to Crimson. They move off, through the curtain, while another medic goes to TLS. However, The Lost Soul isn’t having it, knocking the medic backwards! The Lost Soul then pulls himself up, looking at his hand, which apparently has pieces of Crimson’s hair in it, as well as possibly Severity’s! The Lost Soul closes his fist, then starts to walk off, heading to the side unsteadily.*

Jones: That was simply incredible, but we’ve still got our main event to go! Stay with us!

*Medics are seen pulling Anthony Logan up, who collapses again almost instantly. He might have a concussion from the shot he took. The Lost Soul has already disappeared into the darkness, his condition unknown. The shot cuts away to a backstage view, where we see Lurrr heading towards the boiler room, with Rick Mathis following behind him. Mathis’ fists are taped up and ready for war. However, as they come around the corner, the Accelerator is standing there!*

The Accelerator: So, Lurrr, ready for your one chance at winning MY title?

Lurrr: This isn’t the time, Ace. I’ve got other things to worry about, so get out of my way.

The Accelerator: Oh, I will, I will, I just have one thing to say: the big man stays behind.

*Lurrr glances back at Mathis, who looks like he’s ready to just knock the President right out of the way. Lurrr puts out a hand, calming him, then turns back.*

Lurrr: Ok, Ace, what’s your fucking problem now? Mathis here has a contract that says he can accompany me to matches!

The Accelerator: Oh, yeah, he can, except for when I decide he doesn’t. And, right now? After what I just saw with Organized Chaos? I’m deciding it. I won’t have another match end because of interference, so Mathis is banned from the World Title contest. If he gets involved in any way, you can kiss your job here at GCWA goodbye. And you know what? I would enjoy doing that.

*Mathis curses under his breath, but Lurrr waves him off. He goes nose-to-nose with the President.*

Lurrr: Everyone keeps thinking that they can control my life. Well, fuck that! I have proven over and over again that I can beat Marcus on my own, and tonight, I’m doing it again. And then, when I have your precious title under my control, you’re going to realize that the Roman Empire rules the GCWA, and will ALWAYS rule it!

*Lurrr pushes past the President, fired up for battle, while the Accelerator watches him go. Ace then looks back at Rick Mathis, who is still glaring at him.*

The Accelerator: Gotta problem? The complaint box is down the hall.

*The Accelerator walks away from Mathis, who punches the wall in frustration, then heads off himself. We fade out to another fun commercial break, this one touting all of the great GCWA pay-per-views that are now available on DVD. There really are some good ones there, you should check them out!*

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