*As we make our return to ringside, we see Edward Jones, still sitting alone at the broadcast table.*

Jones: Welcome back, guys. As you saw during the last match, my partner, Anthony Logan, decided that he needed to try to help The Lost Soul, with disastrous results. Unfortunately, it looks like he’s not coming back to the broadcast location, but I’ve been assured that a substitute will soon be coming out…

*All of the sudden, “Tales Of A Scorched Earth” by Smashing Pumpkins begins to play, bringing the crowd to its feet, cheering! The GCWA Head of Security, Titan 3, walks out, dressed in his usual street clothes for security’s sake. He walks down the aisle, full of confidence, heading for the broadcast table.*

Jones: And it looks like I’ve gotten my answer, as Titan 3 is here! T3, great to have you joining me for the final match!

*Titan 3 can be seen, nodding, as he picks up one of the headsets off of the table. He puts it on, adjusting it, before talking.*

Titan 3: Hell of a night so far.

Jones: That it has been. This pay-per-view is definitely living up to its billing!

Titan 3: I’ve definitely enjoyed the violence. So many hardcore type matches have kept my security force from having to do much, which means we’ve gotten to watch more of the destruction than usual.

Jones: Yes, but speaking of destruction… it’s now time for the final round of the series between Shane Donovan and the Big Bifford!

Titan 3: Ah, hell, I’m out here for this one?

Jones: Enjoy the unpredictability, Titan 3. And, uh, watch my back, ok?

*The video focuses on the ring, where a large buffet style table has been set up. It is covered with a thick white sheet, keeping us from seeing what is underneath. Two steel chairs are unfolded and positioned on either side of the table. Caligula is already waiting in the ring, as Minos moves to make the introductions.*

Minos: This next… match… is going to be the deciding factor in a series of contests that have taken place over the past few hours. Introducing first, he is a former GCWA X Division Champion, and earlier today won a… 5-legged contest? *ahem* Standing 6’4” and weighing 411 lbs, from Columbus, Ohio, here is The Big Bifford!

*The fans cheer as “Gangsta’s Paradise” by Coolio plays. The curtain swings aside to reveal The Big Bifford, as he storms his way towards the ring, ready to compete in the final contest. He manages to get over the ropes with no problems, entering the ring, although he looks a little concerned at the size of the chair.*

Titan 3: I still can’t believe that this guy is still wrestling. I thought he’d be dead now for sure.

Jones: He’s certainly an amazing athlete.

Titan 3: Amazing. Right.

Minos: And now, his opponent, he has held many belts in the GCWA, including a run as the GCWA Heavyweight Champion of the World, and is now a co-holder of the GCWA World Tag-Team Titles, standing 6’0” and weighing in at 236 lbs, from Norfolk, Virginia, here is “The Man Made Monster” Shane Donovan!

*The cheers are less enthused for Donovan, although he still has some fans in the audience as he comes out. He seems concerned about the buffet table set up in the ring, but he nonetheless enters, wanting to win this competition over Bifford.*

Titan 3: Now this guy’s a real wrestler. He can pull off some great moves in there. Too bad he’s also a complete slimeball.

Jones: I don’t know, Titan 3. He’s seemingly changed his spots over the last month or two, especially when going after the Roman Empire.

Titan 3: Once an asshole, always an asshole, Jonesy.

*The cameras focus on the squared circle, where Donovan twists the chair around and takes a seat. The Big Bifford follows, letting out a breath he had been holding when the chair does not collapse. Caligula is standing nearby, with a microphone in hand. A large object is tarped off behind him.*

Caligula: Alright ladies and gentlemen, we're to our third and final round of the great contest between these two men, and this is easily the most challenging contest of all...

*Caligula yanks off the tarp, revealing a rack with row after row of pies.*

Caligula: A pie-eating contest!

*The sound of Titan 3’s laughter joins in with the rest of the crowd in Madison Square Garden.*

Titan 3: A pie-eating contest? Oh, man, he’s fucked!

*Shane glares at the rack, standing up, before looking at Caligula and snatching the microphone out of his hands.*

Shane Donovan: What the hell is wrong with you? Look at Bifford! I can't win a pie-eating contest against that man! This is rigged!

*Caligula snatches the microphone back.*

Caligula: Does that mean you forfeit?

*Shane's face contorts with rage before he drops down and rolls out of the ring, the crowd booing that the contest is ending in the way that it is.*

Caligula: Well then, it looks like our winner tonight is The Big Bifford!

Jones: Damn. I was hoping to see Donovan give it a shot.

Titan 3: Works for me, my ring doesn’t get messed up… wait, aw hell, so much for that.*

*Caligula raises Bifford's arm in victory before he's shoved to the side by Shane Donovan, who has slid back into the ring with a steel chair in hand! Shane quickly cracks the steel across the top of Bifford's head, dropping the big man as the boos of the crowd get louder. Shane then shoves over the rack of pies onto the top of Bifford before stomping on the rack onto Bifford's fallen form.*

Jones: Shane is acting like a sore loser!

Titan 3: Well, at least I’m getting to see SOME violence!

*Shane raises the chair to use it again, but Caligula grabs it out of his hands, then drives it into Shane's gut. Shane drops to the mat and rolls back out of the ring and starts to make his way up the entrance ramp when Caligula throws the chair at him. A "Caligula!" chant breaks out as Caligula pulls the rack off of Bifford and helps him up.*

Jones: Man, we just got to see Caligula in action! Does that mean the night’s over?

Titan 3: Hell no! We’ve still got the World Title match!

Jones: Oh, right, right. But, wait, our ring is trashed! It’s going to take them a while to clean up that mess!

Titan 3: You’ve lost more brain cells than I thought, Jones. The next match starts in the back, and we don’t even need the ring!

Jones: You’re being a little harsh there, T3. Where’s the respect, considering how long we’ve known each other?

Titan 3: Respect is earned, Jones. You haven’t earned it yet.

Jones: Ouch. Ok, well, moving on… it’s main event time, so roll the disc!

*The picture begins with a shot of Marcus Ka’Derrion, holding the World Heavyweight Championship. We see footage of his running battles with the Roman Empire, starting with the challenge of then-RE member Derek Mobley. Thanks to Mobley’s help, Ka’Derrion fell for the first time to Lurrr in a non-title match. But Ka’Derrion fought back, defeating Mobley in a “Hell In A Cell” Match at Capital Punishment. Ka’Derrion’s wars with the Empire next focus on Tommy Crimson, with Lurrr making sure that Ka’Derrion lost the belt to Crimson. But Ka’Derrion’s resiliency once again showed through, fighting back and regaining the title at Crescendo 2009. At the same show, though, Lurrr made sure to be named the #1 Contender, using his lawyers to get what he wanted. The same lawyers worked it out to allow Lurrr to choose the match type, as he set up a “Three Stages of Hell” Match for tonight’s show. We see Lurrr and Mathis concentrating their attacks over the next few weeks on Ka’Derrion’s ribs, working to put him out of action before the show. Lurrr’s also shown temporarily stealing the World Title, only to use it as bait to lure Ka’Derrion into an ambush. Ka’Derrion’s comeback begins the week before the PPV, as he managed to trick Lurrr & Mathis into another attempted assault, with Mathis knocking himself out on a steel plate hidden under Ka’Derrion’s bandages. The last shot is of Ka’Derrion standing over a bloody Lurrr, showing that he’s not giving up without a fight. The picture fades, sending us to the backstage area.*

Titan 3: I’ve been waiting all night for this. I think Marcus has what it takes, but Lurrr’s going to give him a hell of a fight before it’s all over!

Jones: The first part of this “Three Stages of Hell” Match is going to be a “Boiler Room Brawl”! These two men are going to be locked inside this room, with the first man to escape earning the first victory!

Titan 3: It sounds simple to laymen, but it’s a lot more difficult than you would think.

*The shot shows the boiler room door from the outside, zooming in on it. After a second, we cut to a different image, this one showing inside the boiler room, which is a pretty large space in the basement of the arena. The cameras pick up Marcus Ka’Derrion, walking carefully into the room, as the live crowd can be heard, cheering for him. He’s already got a weapon, a 2x4 that he found inside the room. He looks around, checking all his sides, then starts heading towards the front of the room. From behind him, Lurrr steps out of the shadows, holding up a piece of PVC pipe! He cracks it across Ka’Derrion’s back, causing him to fall forwards with a yell, dropping the 2x4! Lurrr steps in, laying into Marcus, as the fight officially commences!*

Titan 3: In all my time in the wrestling business, I’d have to rank Lurrr in the Top 5 of the sneakiest sons-of-bitches around.

Jones: He’s the one who chose this as the starting match, so you can bet he’s going to make the most of it, even with Rick Mathis banned from his side!

Titan 3: Yeah, good of Ace to finally show some balls and step up.

*Ka’Derrion tries to stand up, pushing off the ground, but Lurrr won’t let him, aiming another shot into his side. Marcus rolls, groaning in pain, with his shirt coming up long enough for us to see the heavy taping placed under there. He’s wrapped up tight to protect his ribs, although the shots that Lurrr’s delivering can’t be good for him. Lurrr, though, suddenly drops the pipe, laughing to himself. He spits on Ka’Derrion’s back, disrespecting him, before walking away, heading casually towards the door! However, he doesn’t get far, as Ka’Derrion, rage building in him, shoves off the ground and recklessly charges forward, tackling Lurrr from behind and sending both men crashing into a nearby steel machine, sending them both rolling to the side in pain!! Lurrr can be seen clutching at his left arm, which is slightly smoking, showing how hot the machine is!*

Jones: Lurrr just got scorched!

Titan 3: That’s one of the dangers of a room like this. Why else do they make sure to keep people out of it? Anything and everything in there could be considered a weapon!

*Lurrr gets up, still holding his arm, but Ka’Derrion’s right there behind him, wrapping an arm around Lurrr’s throat and bending him backwards! Lurrr struggles to get free, reaching out desperately to his right, where a container of water has been carelessly left out. Lurrr throws it behind him, splashing Ka’Derrion in the face and causing him to stumble back. Lurrr takes a sniff from the bottle and winces; apparently, it’s not water, although it’s hard to tell what it actually is. Whatever it is, Ka’Derrion’s struggling to see through it, his eyes already turning red. He pulls himself to his feet, blinking rapidly, as Lurrr steps around the side of one of the machines, looking around. He finds what he is looking for, coming back around with a ladder! He throws it bodily at the World Champion, connecting perfectly with him and knocking him backwards!*

Jones: So far, Lurrr’s giving as good as he’s gotten!

Titan 3: He may be an asshole, but there’s no denying that he does know what to do in a fight.

*With Ka’Derrion trying to rise again, Lurrr comes around, grabbing him and throwing him hard into the side of another machine, sending him dropping hard to the ground. Lurrr then considers his surroundings, reaching down and picking up the ladder again. He sets it up, then starts to climb, going up high onto it! He waits, prepared to drop down on the rising Ka’Derrion. But Marcus suddenly responds, diving forward and hitting the ladder with his shoulder! It’s painful, but effective, as the ladder falls over, taking Lurrr with it!! The challenger disappears on the other side of the machine, landing with a loud crash, while Ka’Derrion continues to work on his vision, trying to clear it. He blinks, then looks around, as if suddenly realizing how quiet it’s gotten.*

Jones: Lurrr is completely out of sight!

Titan 3: Yeah, but that’s not good for Marcus. Lurrr could already be heading back towards the door. In this type of match, it’s not the abuse you take, it’s who gets out first. Marcus needs to remember that, and get his ass up off the ground!

*Ka’Derrion pulls himself up, as if having reached the same conclusion as Titan 3. He stumbles over towards the other side of the machine, taking a careful look. There’s a crushed table on the other side. But Lurrr’s no longer there. Ka’Derrion glances around, then starts to head over towards the door, trying to look in all directions at once. However, as he approaches a series of shelves that have been set up to hold tools, a hand reaches through, grabbing his wrist! Before a startled Ka’Derrion can react, handcuffs lock down on his hand, then connect to the shelf!!! After a second, Lurrr steps around the case, holding the back of his head, but laughing as well. Ka’Derrion strains against the handcuffs, but can’t get free. Lurrr, nodding to him mockingly, starts towards the door. However, he missed one crucial bit of information: the shelves are on wheels, to help with getting the tools around! Ka’Derrion grabs the edge of the shelves and shoves them forward, sending the shelves into Lurrr’s back, knocking him down!!*

Jones: Ka’Derrion may have been tricked, but he just turned that trick around on Lurrr!

Titan 3: He got lucky. He should have known where Lurrr was and taken him out before this happened. Sloppy, kid.

*With Lurrr on the ground, trying to roll away, Ka’Derrion stomps on him, trying to pull the shelf along with him. Unfortunately, it doesn’t roll very well, allowing Lurrr to get out of range. Ka’Derrion continues to follow him, getting close to the door. However, Lurrr suddenly shifts before heading towards the door, coming back and running into Ka’Derrion with his head lowered!! Both men go toppling back into the shelves, causing them to fall over!! They both lay in the debris, with Lurrr struggling out of it first. Ka’Derrion, seeing him, tries to grab his leg, but Lurrr pulls away from him. Now Ka’Derrion no longer has rolling ability, so he’s helpless as Lurrr moves away from him, heading out the door! We see the camera angle from the other side, where Lurrr exits, leaning against the wall for a second to catch his breath.*

Minos: The winner of the first stage, Lurrr!

Jones: Lurrr takes the first win, which means he only needs one more to become the World Heavyweight Champion!

Titan 3: Now the pressure’s double for Ka’Derrion. He’s got to suck it up, or else he’s already lost.

*Head referee Mark Bell has now appeared, moving into the boiler room, where Ka’Derrion is still trying to work himself free, bending back part of the shelf. Lurrr follows him, ready to get in some free shots on the handcuffed champion. However, Ka’Derrion manages to get himself free in time, dodging a swing from Lurrr’s pipe. Marcus answers with a clutched fist, punching Lurrr with the edge of the handcuffs! Lurrr moves backwards, leaving the room again, his lip apparently busted open from the shot! Ka’Derrion follows, keeping one hand near his ribcage, as he leaves the room to the hallway outside. He grabs Lurrr and launches him into the side of the wall, with a thud that echoes throughout the hallway! Lurrr falls to the ground, and Ka’Derrion quickly drops on top of him, grabbing the legs while referee Bell moves around them… 1… 2… Lurrr kicks out.*

Jones: It’s all about pinfalls or submissions now, as we’re into a “Falls Count Anywhere” Match!

Titan 3: If you thought the Boiler Room was dangerous, wait until they fight throughout the rest of the arena.

Jones: If Marcus can come back and pin Lurrr here, we move on to the Third Stage, a Last Man Standing match!

Titan 3: Lurrr can end it all now, though, by coming back and putting Ka’Derrion away.

*Ka’Derrion brings Lurrr back up, taking him towards the stairway, where they start heading upwards. Marcus makes sure to keep slamming Lurrr into the sides of the stairs, keeping him dazed as they continue up. Lurrr spits a stream of blood on the floor from his lip, which looks pretty bad. Marcus gets them up the stairway, throwing Lurrr forward. The challenger goes through the door and falls to the other side of the hallway, with people scrambling to get out of the way. There are a few screams from those who didn’t know this fight was coming their direction. Ka’Derrion comes through the doorway, reaching down for Lurrr again, but this time Lurrr answers with a low blow, sending Marcus, bowlegged, stumbling away. Lurrr pulls himself up, reaching onto the wall for a framed picture of Muhammad Ali, one of the many luminaries who have competed in Madison Square Garden. Lurrr brings the picture up and smashes it down onto Marcus, shattering it!!! Ka’Derrion is on the ground, with Lurrr dropping to try and put him away… 1… 2… Marcus kicks out!*

Jones: That was almost it!

Titan 3: Too bad, I liked that Ali picture. I hope it wasn’t signed or anything. But shit happens in fights like this.

*Lurrr brings Ka’Derrion back up, taking him over to a side hallway, where a few more people can be seen, cheering on the actions. One flashes his “Backstage Pass” to the camera, clearly having a great time. He’s forced to dodge, though, as Lurrr tosses Marcus past him into a locker room! Fortunately, this locker room is empty, showing the massiveness of Madison Square Garden. Lurrr goes in after the champion, grabbing him by the head and throwing him bodily into the mirror, which cracks but doesn’t break. Ka’Derrion drops to his knees, completely out of it. Lurrr, meanwhile, moves over to where clothes would normally hang, yanking off the pole there. He tests its weight in his hands, enjoying what he finds. He then turns and swings like a baseball player, trying to nail Ka’Derrion in the head! But Marcus ducks the shot, then comes forward, grabbing Lurrr by the head and dropping with a jawbreaker!! Lurrr falls backwards, dropping the pole, as Ka’Derrion collapses as well.*

Jones: If we even manage to get to a third stage, I don’t think it’s going to last that long! These guys are both starting to look spent!

Titan 3: I’m just happy we’re seeing a good match. I hope it continues.

*Ka’Derrion pulls himself up, coughing heavily for a second before regaining his composure. He grabs a recovering Lurrr and pulls him out of the locker room, taking him down the hall. Fans start to cheer, recognizing the curtain that they’re starting to head for. Ka’Derrion grabs Lurrr’s arm and whips him forward, sending him through the curtain. We switch to a shot from the arena, where Lurrr can be seen, sprawling forward in an effort to stop his momentum. He rolls, trying to get back up, as a battle-weary Ka’Derrion shoves the curtain aside and comes out. He moves towards Lurrr, grabbing him from behind and taking him down with a neckbreaker on the stage!! Lurrr is hurting badly at this point, as Ka’Derrion steps over him, grabbing his legs and twisting them around into his father’s submission hold!! Before he can get it locked on, though, Lurrr kicks free, managing to save himself the agony of the Pain Killer!*

Titan 3: Damn, I thought the kid had him for a second. He’s just too slow applying that move.

Jones: Y’know, you’re sounding more and more like you’ve been coaching Ka’Derrion, Titan 3.

Titan 3: No, but I SHOULD be. He could be so much better, but he’s always been a loner in those regards. Not much time for ‘friends’ in the business.

*Ka’Derrion gets himself back up from where Lurrr kicked him, coming back over to the challenger. Lurrr is already most of the way back up, but Ka’Derrion slams an elbow into the back of his neck, taking him back to his knees. Marcus then grabs Lurrr’s head and attempts to lift him, but Lurrr responds by wrapping around Marcus and getting a version of a spinebuster on him!! Ka’Derrion holds his head from where it bounced on the steel, even as Lurrr crawls onto him, making the cover… 1… 2… Ka’Derrion manages to kick out. Lurrr shakes his head and moves away, holding his side. He considers Marcus as he tries to rise, making sure his aim is right, then comes forward, going for the Wake Up Call!!! However, Ka’Derrion ducks under the kick, grabbing Lurrr’s leg and twisting him down instead into a roll-up!!! Lurrr struggles like mad, but Bell’s already there, making the count… 1… 2… 3!!!*

Minos: The winner of the second fall, Marcus Ka’Derrion!

Jones: We’re all tied up! The winner of the “Last Man Standing” Match now gets the World Title!

Titan 3: A sneaky move there by Ka’Derrion. I liked it. He looked like he’s been preparing that particular takedown for just such an occasion.

*Lurrr is back up now, furious at the turn of events. Ka’Derrion’s stumbling away from him, shaking his head to clear it. Lurrr comes after him, grabbing Marcus, who immediately spins into a sharp punch to the side of the head!! Lurrr drops backwards, stunned, even as Ka’Derrion himself almost falls. Neither man is looking particularly fresh at this point in time. Referee Bell circles both, knowing that he’ll need to count as soon as someone is down for the count. Ka’Derrion heads down the ramp, stumbling slightly on the incline. He reaches the bottom, even as Lurrr, recovering, starts to come after him. Ka’Derrion leans on the guardrail, where a fan sits, trying to hand him something. Ka’Derrion takes it, realizing that it’s a baton of some sort! He looks into the eyes of the cheerleader who handed it to him, strangely considering her, as if he thinks she might be someone else. But when she does nothing more than cheer, Ka’Derrion turns, swinging the baton into the side of the surprised Lurrr!*

Titan 3: You wouldn’t believe some of the items we had to confiscate earlier tonight from the fans. I guess that girl still managed to sneak that baton in. Note to self: find out who let her in, and fire them.

Jones: Weapons are a way of life in GCWA pay-per-views, Titan 3. You yourself should know that pretty well!

*Ka’Derrion smacks Lurrr again with the baton, sending him falling onto his side in pain. Marcus then does a quick twirling routine with his fingers, not exactly professional, but not bad, either. He tosses the baton away, and then pulls Lurrr up, sending him hard into the guardrail, causing it to buckle! Lurrr holds his back, coming away from the railing, with Marcus then grabbing his head and throwing him down onto the ramp edge!! Lurrr falls to his back, out of it, as Marcus signals to Bell to start his count! The referee complies, counting away, but only gets up to 5 before Lurrr manages to roll over, coughing and getting up. Ka’Derrion moves back in to get in some more abuse, pulling Lurrr up and again attempting to send him into the ramp. But Lurrr blocks it with a sharp elbow right to Ka’Derrion’s injured ribs, causing him to gasp from the hit. Lurrr then turns around and grabs Ka’Derrion’s arm, whipping him so hard into the ramp edge that Ka’Derrion actually does a flip onto the ramp!!!*

Jones: That was a devastating impact, made even more so because I think Ka’Derrion hit chest-first, the last thing he could possibly want!

Titan 3: Remind me, I need to buy some straws to take to the kid. I think he’s going to need them for the next few weeks.

*Ka’Derrion is coughing, in horrible pain, even as Lurrr starts to work his way around, coming up the ramp towards him. Lurrr looks at Bell, wondering why he’s not counting. After a second, Bell starts up, getting the count up to 6 before Ka’Derrion is able to struggle his way up. Lurrr, though, is now in full control. He steps around Ka’Derrion, pulling the World Champion back up onto the stage, then twisting around and dropping with him, putting his knees up into Ka’Derrion’s stomach!!! Marcus spasms on the ground, with untold damage done to his midsection! Lurrr pulls himself up, then looks back over at the referee, who again begins his count. 5, 6, 7… the count continues as Ka’Derrion suddenly rolls over, trying to rise. With the fans cheering, Ka’Derrion pulls himself painfully up, inch by inch, stopping Bell’s count…. only to have Lurrr come flying in, landing the Wake Up Call!!!!*

Jones: No!!! Oh, god, that’s it, this one’s over!!

Titan 3: He’s still got 10 seconds.

Jones: Ten seconds? He needs ten minutes to recover from that!

Titan 3: Nah, I think he blocked it. At least, some of it.

*Lurrr is now in a seated position, rubbing his aching arm, as he waves head referee Bell forward. Bell acknowledges it and walks in, starting the count over. 1, 2, 3, and Ka’Derrion’s not moving. Lurrr is smiling behind him, knowing that the World Title is right there for him to grab. As Bell reaches 4, 5, 6, though, Ka’Derrion stirs, rolling over to his side. Lurrr can’t believe it, watching as Ka’Derrion tries hard to get up, with the crowd cheering like mad behind him. The count is up to 9 when Marcus raises onto shaky legs, managing to maintain his balance enough for Bell to wave his hands, stopping the count!! Lurrr, cursing loudly, comes in, grabbing at Ka’Derrion, who doesn’t seem to know where he is. He’s still got his instincts, though, as he grabs the approaching Lurrr and twists him over with a slam, landing them both on the steel!!! Both men are now down, as the count resumes once more!*

Jones: Both men are down!! Will either be able to get up after this one?

Titan 3: We can’t end on a double countout… can we?

Jones: I hope not, T3. That’s such a cheap way to end a match.

*As referee Bell reaches 6, then 7, both men start to pull themselves up. Ka’Derrion is the first to his feet, stopping his part of the count. Lurrr almost falters, which would have cost him the match, but he manages to stay upright, staying alive. Referee Bell waves his hands, making sure everyone knows that the match is still going. Ka’Derrion, seeing the challenger near him, reacts with the last of his strength, booting Lurrr in the stomach, then grabbing him for the Punisher!! He attempts the lift, no, Lurrr manages to get free, spinning Ka’Derrion around! Marcus comes back to face Lurrr, but Lurrr’s already in motion, scoring the Wake Up Call for the second time!!!!! Ka’Derrion flies backwards from the hit, leaving the stage and falling backwards through a layer of tables that had been set up for the “Xtreme” Rules match earlier!!!!! The crash is terrible to hear, with a massive gasp and screams added in from the pro-Marcus crowd.*

Jones: Holy shit!! Marcus is dead!!

Titan 3: That was something you don’t see every day!

Jones: Seriously, he might be dead!! Did you see the way his head hit the ground??

*Lurrr is on his knees now, breathing heavily from exertion. Referee Bell, meanwhile, has trucked his way down the ramp and is beside the fallen Ka’Derrion, who isn’t budging a muscle in the debris field he ended up in. Referee Bell starts to count, quickly getting up to 5, 6, 7, 8. The champion isn’t getting up. Bell counts 9, looks up towards Lurrr, then, reluctantly, counts the final time, signaling the end of the match! Lurrr raises his arms in triumph, as the bell begins to sound.*

Minos: Here is your winner, and the NEW GCWA Heavyweight Champion of the World, Lurrr!!!

Titan: Fuck.

Jones: The reign of Marcus Ka’Derrion is over! Lurrr has earned himself his first GCWA World Championship!

Titan 3: Damnit. Life just got even worse here in the GCWA, now that Lurrr’s our champion.

Jones: I don’t think anyone saw this coming. Lurrr fought Marcus tooth and nail, and actually beat him without the aid of Rick Mathis!

Titan 3: The Roman Empire just gained some serious ground, and I, for one, don’t like it.

Jones: We’re low on time, so we’ve got to be heading out! Don’t miss Friday Night Inferno, because it’s a brand new era for the GCWA!!

*The cameras catch paramedics coming down to surround the downed former champion, who still isn’t moving. Rick Mathis has also come out, celebrating with Lurrr, who is feeling a lot less pain now that he’s got the World Title in his grasp. He raises it above him, to the heavy boos of the crowd, but this doesn’t bother him in the least. In fact, I think he enjoys it more. The picture fades out on one more shot of Marcus Ka’Derrion, as he still hasn’t opened his eyes.*

PPV Posted!! And thank god it is, as I've got to get to church for Sunday night mass! Whew! Here's the card for next week:

- Arachne vs. Warrick Hill

- "The Dark Angel" Joshua Curtis vs. Hector Malvado

- Scott Caine vs. Jobe Severity

- Crazy Chris(c) vs. Robert Santana, GCWA Television Title Match

- Lurrr's Victory Celebration

Roleplaying will be from Sunday, August 30th until Thursday, September 3rd, still 3 roleplays, 150-line limits (although wrestlers can make deals on the OOC Board to just roleplay twice, if need be, since it's a shortened window). Good luck!