*The order screen slowly fades away, to be replaced by a blank screen. This lasts all of three seconds before an image can be seen, far in the distance. It slowly approaches the camera, which is zooming in, showing us what looks like an ordinary thermometer, filled with mercury. As we look at it, showing a rather low temperature, the voice of the GCWA pay-per-views is heard.*

Voice: For eight months now, the GCWA has delivered the most impressive action the world has ever seen.

*Shots begin to be seen in the background of the thermometer, showing us visions of moments from the past. We see Derek Mobley taking on Shane Donovan in the first World Title Tournament. We see the rise of Marcus Ka’Derrion, from the Intercontinental Title to the top of the federation. We see Lurrr’s continuing presence, including a shot of him and Mathis taking out Cynthia Hall. The Big Bifford, The Lost Soul, Tommy Crimson, the Danger Boiz, D & D, all are featured in the shots. The temperature on the thermometer begins to climb.*

Voice: Men have put their bodies on the line in extreme contests, risking it all for the fame and glory of being able to call themselves winners.

*Flaming Tables. Buried Alive matches. Xtreme Cage matches. Hell In A Cell. Those are just a few of the matches that are shown, briefly, with some of the most startling moments of the past year. The thermometer is past the midway point, continuing to climb.*

Voice: Tonight, once again, these brave men will face incredible obstacles on their way towards the path of success. It is time for them to shine or fall, succeed or fail, finding triumph or tragedy. And this time, it’s being held at the greatest arena in the world today, Madison Square Garden!

*In the background, a shot of Madison Square Garden from the air can be seen. The temperature continues to fly upwards, of its own accord.*

Voice: For months, all roads have led to this. A competition between worthy gladiators, each set on coming out tonight with the biggest championship in the land, each believing that he is more worthy.

*We see shots of Marcus Ka’Derrion and Lurrr, standing near each other. The fury between them is incredible, with images of flames beginning to lick between them. The thermometer starts to shake, as its reached its maximum capacity.*

Voice: When the temperature rises, the rage takes over. Time to prepare for a Heat Wave!

*The thermometer explodes, sending shards of glass hurtling towards the camera, almost as if it was in 3-D. When the glass disappears, we’re suddenly live in Madison Square Garden!! The place is jam packed, with standing-room-only crowds in attendance! They’re cheering wildly as a massive display of fireworks and pyro goes off, covering the stage area, where a massive set has been set up for the show. The cheers continue as we cut away from the stage, going towards the announcing position, where Edward Jones and Anthony Logan are waiting!*

Jones: Hello, everyone, and welcome to the biggest event of the year, Heat Wave !!

Logan: You said it, Jonesy! Nothing’s bigger than what goes down here tonight!

Jones: Definitely not! We’ve got four title matches, including the greatly-anticipated clash of Lurrr and the GCWA World Heavyweight Champion, Marcus Ka’Derrion!

Logan: Some have said that Lurrr’s experience is just too great for Marcus, while others think that Lurrr’s time has come and gone, and that now it’s Marcus’ turn to shine. We’ll decide that here tonight!

Jones: Don’t forget, though, that we’ve also got five other matches that are expected to be almost as thrilling, including matches for the Television, Intercontinental, and X Division Titles!

Logan: I haven’t forgotten, Eds. I can’t wait!

Jones: Neither can I, and since we have such a packed card… it’s time to get rolling!

*The footage opens with a shot of each of the four competitors in the match, in their own environments (which, for Arachne, seems to be a web). Shots are shown of the debuts of Arachne and Cisco Sheppard, showing their struggles to become successes in the GCWA. We also see shots of Robert Santana in various poses, and Peter Vaughn holding his mop up in the air. Video clips focus on the interaction between Vaughn and Arachne, with Arachne shown spitting the Green Mist into Vaughn’s face backstage, and Vaughn responding a week later by attacking the face-painted man. The video again shows the four men in action, then fades out.*

Minos: The next match is scheduled for one fall and will be a Fatal Fourway match! Coming to the ring first, he has become one of the most sought-after wrestlers on Google, standing 6’0” and weighing 200 lbs, from Toyokawa, Japan, here is Arachne!

*A small wave of support comes out of the crowd as Arachne comes out to “Wana” by the Black Horn. He has special facepaint on, making him look even more creepy. He glares at a nearby young fan, who cringes away from the strange wrestler. Satisfied, Arachne continues his journey to the ring.*

Logan: This dude was weird before, but now he seems to be going into even more sinister territory this week!

Jones: Yep, did you see him clinging to that web and munching on fake bugs? At least, I hope those were fake!

Logan: I tell you, while he hasn’t gotten a victory in the GCWA yet, he’s surely on the short list for Newcomer of the Month!

Jones: Seriously, that is a terrible sign for the GCWA.

Logan: Amen, brother.

Minos: Next to enter the arena, he made his debut a few weeks ago and has already faced some stiff competition in the company, standing 6’3” and weighing 215 lbs, from Des Moines, Iowa, here is Cisco Sheppard!

*Sheppard comes dancing out of the back, full of energy as he scans the crowd for any Cisco Sheppard signs. Unfortunately, they seem to be in short supply, but Cisco doesn’t let this bother him. He keeps moving to the beat of “Pokerface” by Lady Gaga as he goes towards where Arachne is already climbing the turnbuckles.*

Jones: Cisco had a pretty strange adventure this week, as he ended up with a Spanish clown!

Logan: Well, he wasn’t actually a clown, Jonesy. He was El Payaso.

Jones: Yes, which means “Clown” in Spanish, right?

Logan: Supposedly. I didn’t take Spanish in high school. I took French. Haven’t used it since.

Jones: Of course, we learned one more important bit of information about Cisco Sheppard: he doesn’t wash his hands after using the restroom.

Logan: Zut! Dégueulasse!

Minos: The third participant is making his fourth straight appearance at a GCWA pay-per-view, continuing his usual trend of being at the big events. Standing 5’6” and weighing 173 lbs, from Dallas, Texas, here is “The Janitor” Peter Vaughn!

*The audience gives a grateful cheer to the Janitor, who comes out in his usual uniform to “Eye of the Tiger” by Survivor. He has a mop with him, swinging it over his shoulder as he approaches the ring, ready to fight. His eyes never leave his rival, Arachne, although this causes him to trip a little on his way down.*

Jones: I heard Vaughn had a very hard time getting those spider monkeys back into their cage.

Logan: Yeah, it took several helpers to wrangle them up and put them back in. Poor Peter, he never seems to catch a break.

Jones: Well, at least he gets to go after his ‘arch-rival’ here tonight, although he can’t just forget about our other two participants.

Logan: True. Plus he needs to leave that mop on the outside. This isn’t a hardcore match, Peter!

Minos: Finally, coming out of the backstage area, he is a former GCWA Television Champion, looking for a way to jumpstart his climb back to the top, standing 6’3” and weighing 235 lbs, from Washington DC, here is Robert “The Sensei” Santana!

*”Sandstorm” by Darude plays, bringing out the Sensei to the cheering crowd. He waves to the audience, takes his usual bow, then continues on down the aisle. He has a large smile on his face, made larger by the heroic welcome he is getting.*

Jones: We almost lost Santana to the legal system this week, as he was found guilty of assault!

Logan: Yeah, luckily the judge supposedly got a call from the President of the United States. I guess that means Santana got himself a Presidential pardon!

Jones: Not quite, as he still has to perform community service. But he’s gotta feel damn lucky to be here tonight, as the all-around favorite in this match!

*The Bell Rings.*

*As soon as the bell sounds, Vaughn comes forward, challenging Arachne to meet him in the center of the ring. With no fear, Arachne comes forward, growling towards Vaughn. The two glare at each other, coming nose-to-nose. This is broken up by Cisco Sheppard, who sees the opportunity and comes in, nailing both men with a running clothesline!! Cisco laughs, patting himself on the back. Of course, he too forgot someone, as Robert Santana comes in behind him, hitting Cisco with a crescent kick to the back of the head!! Sheppard falls into the ropes, stunned, while Santana takes advantage of the recovering Vaughn, grabbing the Janitor and using him like a battering ram into Arachne! The two adversaries collide, falling out of the ring from the impact! Santana, meanwhile, is already back on the attack, going after Cisco with chops and open handed shots.*

Jones: A good start from Santana, who looks more focused than the other competitors in this match!

Logan: Cisco saw his chance to take down two men, but in this kind of match, you can never turn your back on anyone, as you’ll pay for it.

Jones: Still, it’s still early, as pinfalls can come out of nowhere in a match like this. Who knows who is going to win?

*In the ring, Santana has Sheppard in the corner, peppering his chest with a series of knife-edge chops that appear to be taking off the top layer of skin. It’s not pretty, as the crowd is even wincing from the shots. Outside the ring, Vaughn has gotten to his feet. He sees what’s happening in the ring, but seems even more interested by the recovering Arachne, who is looking the opposite direction. Vaughn comes in behind the face-painted wrestler, grabbing him by the head and dragging him over towards the steel steps. He raises Arachne’s head up, then bangs it downwards, causing a tremendous thud on the steps! However, after a second, Arachne comes right back up, his eyes widened in rage!! Vaughn, taken aback, grabs Arachne’s head and bangs it again, but again it has no effect, as the wrestler hisses towards the Janitor! He grabs Vaughn’s head and returns the favor, with Vaughn bouncing backwards from the steps in clear pain, the sadistic wrestler following him as he retreats.*

Jones: Rule #1 with someone like Arachne: the head, or more appropriately, the skull, is not the place to attack!

Logan: Man, he shrugged those off like he was getting a facial instead of tasting steel!

Jones: There’s a scary thought. Arachne getting a facial.

Logan: Book it, Ace! Think of the money!

*Arachne keeps up the attack on the outside on Vaughn, even while in the ring, referee Thomas Mitchell is watching the men inside the ropes. Santana still has control, as he brings Sheppard out of the corner, running with him to attempt a bulldog! But Sheppard pushes him off at the last second, sending Santana falling backwards to the mat (while moving forward), skidding forward! Sheppard, wincing at the pain covering his chest, moves after the Sensei, who is already trying to get up. Sheppard, though, answers by grabbing Santana and locking him up, snapping off a suplex. Cisco then goes for the cover, trying to take advantage of no other wrestlers being nearby… 1… and Santana kicks out, showing his resiliency. Sheppard, disappointed, moves aside as Santana tries to get back up, only to have Sheppard come right back in and roll him up! He hangs onto the trunks as Mitchell makes the count… 1… 2… Santana gets free!*

Logan: Cisco’s doing whatever he can to get away with this one, but so far, it hasn’t paid off.

Jones: Still, the way this is going, you’d think this match is just between two guys, instead of between all four. If Arachne and Vaughn want to have a chance of winning this one, they need to stop brawling on the outside and get involved in the pin attempts!

*Sheppard is now on top of Santana, applying a chinlock to wear him down. On the outside, we see Arachne still in control of the young Janitor, hammering him with a shot on the back that sends Vaughn stumbling forward. Arachne follows, jumping upwards with incredible agility and landing on Vaughn’s shoulders! Vaughn looks up, seeing the strange sight of Arachne being above him, even as Arachne bends over, biting!! Vaughn screams like a girl, even as he falls forward, unable to keep the additional weight in the air. They land on the mat, with Arachne staying on top, clawing and biting at the beleaguered wrestler! Inside the ring, Sheppard brings Santana up, taking a moment to make sure that Arachne and Vaughn are still out of his hair. He gets hold of Santana’s leg and snaps him over, this time going for a Perfect Plex! Mitchell makes the count… 1… 2… but Santana still refuses to stay down.*

Logan: That Arachne is a scary, scary dude.

Jones: That’s about all you can say about a guy like him. Meanwhile, Cisco’s still throwing everything he can at Santana, trying to put him away.

Logan: If Santana doesn’t recover soon, this really could be an upset in the making!

*Sheppard brings Santana back up, trying to figure out a way to put him down for the count. He twists Santana around, applying a sleeper hold, working to drain more energy out of him. Meanwhile, though, Arachne is standing over a cowering Vaughn, while also glaring at the fans nearby, who, of course, back away. Arachne then surprisingly turns, jumping up on the apron and scaling the turnbuckle like a cat! Well, ok, like a spider. He reaches the top easily, letting out a short yell that grabs the attention of Sheppard, who turns his way, with Santana still locked in the sleeper. Arachne flies through the air towards them, scissoring his body as he splashes into both men, taking them down!!! Arachne then goes for the first man near him, Sheppard, covering the man and looking at Mitchell, who reluctantly gets in close to make the count… 1… 2… but Sheppard kicks out!*

Logan: Amazing! The one guy who might be the biggest underdog in this one quite nearly pulled it off!

Jones: That would have sent tremors throughout the GCWA, Anthony. I mean, if Arachne starts winning, how far up the ladder can he go??

Logan: Well, apparently he can go pretty far, as he was talking about having a “Money In The Bank” contract that he’s going to use against the World Champion!

Jones: Er, Anthony, we don’t have a “Money In The Bank” contract here.

Logan: We don’t? Weird.

*Contract or no contract, Arachne’s now in charge, as heads towards the ropes, running inbetween the recovering Sheppard and Santana. He does a backstand into the ropes and springs back with a double elbow, knocking down both wrestlers! The fans cheer a little, actually starting to get behind the crazy little wrestler. He gets on top of Sheppard, clawing away at him as Cisco desperately tries to cover up. Santana, though, comes up from behind, grabbing hold of Arachne’s arms and trying to hold him in a full nelson, even as the face-painted wrestler fights frantically to get free, leaping up and down! Cisco, his war with Santana temporarily forgotten, gets up and starts firing away, trying to slow the man down. As they continue to fight, though, the forgotten Janitor climbs wearily up to the apron, then scales the turnbuckle! He gets to the top, and does a quick cross on his chest, praying for a safe landing. He then leaps off with a flip, smashing into all three wrestlers with his back, upside-down!!!! All four men crash to the mat, with the crowd cheering in approval of the wild maneuvers!*

Logan: Incredible!! The Janitor pulls out an aerial assault!

Jones: That about evens the field! Anyone can still come out and win this one!

*Vaughn is the first one up, although he appears to be a bit dazed from the landing. Nonetheless, Vaughn reaches down, grabbing at Cisco to pull him up. Wait, Cisco lashes out with a boot to the stomach, and then puts his leg over Vaughn’s head and drops, landing the C-Shep!!!! Vaughn is down and out, as Sheppard gets to his feet, already celebrating like he’s won the match. He turns back, going towards the downed Vaughn… but Arachne’s suddenly there, spraying the Green Mist!!! Sheppard yells out, grabbing at his now-covered face in agony!! Arachne adds in a dropkick, sending Sheppard rolling out of the ring! Arachne gets back up, roaring and spitting an additional shot of the Green Mist into the air, even as referee Mitchell backtracks out of range, wanting desperately not to experience that particular sensation again. As Arachne turns, though, Santana comes in, nailing Arachne with a running clothesline that sends him flipping out of the ring over the ropes!! Santana looks out at the two downed men, then turns back, even as Vaughn, back to his feet, charges him! No, Santana answers with another sharp kick that knocks Vaughn to his knees, then spins, landing the Sensei-Tion!!!! Vaughn is down once again, with Santana dropping for the cover… 1… 2… 3!!!!*

Minos: Here is your winner, Robert “The Sensei” Santana!!

Jones: Santana managed to get himself a PPV victory, taking down all of his competition!

Logan: It was a damn good win for the man who is starting to be proclaimed as “The Upset King”, getting him his tenth victory in the GCWA!

Jones: That’s a hell of a milestone that he definitely should be proud of, Anthony. As for the rest, they’ll have to continue their journey in order to find themselves wins in this tough environment.

*On the outside of the ring, Arachne is already back on his feet, as he moves spider-like up the aisleway, taking off. Cisco’s still down in a seated position, trying in vain to clear the green paint from his face. In the ring, Santana has climbed the turnbuckle, celebrating his win, while Mitchell checks on Vaughn. The Janitor is sitting up, but with a depressed look on his face. He shrugs off Mitchell, as he puts his head in his hands, apparently crying! Santana, seeing this, comes over to his one-time tag-team partner, shaking him and talking to the man. After a few seconds, Santana helps Vaughn up, and then raises his arm, pointing to the Janitor! The fans cheer in response, perking Vaughn up a little.*

Jones: A great display of sportsmanship from Santana, as he’s helping out the Janitor in his time of need!

Logan: You have to wonder, though, with all the defeats piling up, how much longer can the Janitor continue to appear in the GCWA?

Jones: Who knows, Anthony. You never know when he’s going to appear next!

*Vaughn makes sure to lift up Santana’s arm, celebrating the Sensei’s victory, as the audience cheers the respect shown between them. Santana then takes off, heading out of the ring, while Vaughn looks after him, smiling at his ‘friend’.*

Logan: So that’s one match down. What’s next?

Jones: Next up, well, we have a previously-recorded video from Amsterdam!

Logan: Oh, man, here we go again!

*Our screen fades into a shot of the well-recognized private investigator, Lamar Loper. He stands out front of a newly renovated townhome in a highly afluent Amsterdam area. Loper is staring down at a sheet of paper with an address scribbled down onto it…it is the same sheet of paper he received from the police station last time we visited Mr. Loper. Loper slowly looks up at the townhome and turns around, staring at us.*

Lamar Loper: Well, if my sources are correct, Derek Mobley and Warrick Hill should be in this townhome…the search has reached its climax…it’s crescendo, if you will…sorry, Ace.

*Loper heads towards the front door and knocks on it with a heavy hand. The awkward silence after knocking and waiting for an answer ensues…we start to hear a lock being undone, followed by a knob turning. Loper drops his sheet of paper, anxiously nervous as he awaits who’s on the other side. The door swings open and Loper reacts.*

Lamar Loper: I found you! Didn’t think I would, did ya?? Huh…

*Loper, alongside the rest of us, look in shock as the person on the other hand is a naked girl wrapped in clean, white sheets. She rubs her eyes with her hand, trying to adjust her pupils to the daylight. She speaks.*

Naked Girl: Who…who are you?

Lamar Loper: No, who the hell are you?

Naked Girl: My name is Natasha…who are you, again?

Lamar Loper: I’m world reknowned private investigator, Lamar Loper.

Natasha: World Reknowned? I’ve never heard of you.

Lamar Loper: You must not get out much…

Natasha: Actually, I’m a world traveler.

Lamar Loper: Anyways! I’m looking for Derek Mobley and Warrick Hill…I was told they could be found here…so, pray tell, what are you doing here instead?

Natasha: Do you want to come in? It’s too bright out here…too early in the day to be standing in the sun.

Lamar Loper: Uhhh…sure.

*Natasha opens the door, allowing Loper access into the plush townhome…Loper immediately detects the scent of marijuana…he smiles, knowing he must be in the right place. Natasha shuts the door and heads into the kitchen…as she does, she drops the sheet, walking towards the kitchen absolutely naked. Loper is shocked at her willingness to freely expose herself in front of him…not that he’s complaining, it is a gorgeous physique..he catches himself staring as Natasha opens the door to a refrigerator.*

Natasha: Want some?

Lamar Loper: Oh, you have no idea…

*Loper is suddenly smacked in the face with an ice cold bottle of water…it hits the wood flooring, bouncing around a few times…Loper shakes his head, coming to…he bends over, picks up the bottle of water and looks at the label.*

Natasha: You’re supposed to catch it.

Lamar Loper: Sorry, I was thinking…umm, yea…I was never really that athletically gifted or coordinated.

Natasha: I’m sorry to hear that.

*Natasha starts to spark up a bowl, as she does, she looks over at Loper.*

Natasha: You don’t mind, do you?

Lamar Loper: No, not at all…it’s your house, your rules.

Natasha: Okay, want some?

Lamar Loper: I’m not falling for that again, hehe.

*Natasha gives Loper a puzzled look…he just waves his hands around as if to say ‘nevermind’…he walks towards Natasha but finds it difficult to bring himself too close to her, seeing as she’s naked and all…Natasha takes a huge hit, sucks it down and then slowly releases…once she’s done, she speaks.*

Natasha: So, you’re looking for Warrick and Derek?

*Loper perks up.*

Lamar Loper: Yea, do they live here?

Natasha: They were crashing here…we were splitting rent three ways, it was great…cool guys.

Lamar Loper: Were? What happened…

Natasha: Long or short story?

Lamar Loper: Long…

*Lamar can’t help but to stare longily at Natasha’s naked body…she finally picks up on it.*

Natasha: Okay, well I’m going to keep it short then…things were strictly plutonic between us…until one night in a drunken, stoned haze I fooled around with Warrick…well, feelings grew, we became a couple, I caught him cheating on me a few days ago and kicked them out.

Lamar Loper: That bastard.

*Loper continues to stare at Natasha, she starts to feel creeped out.*

Natasha: Anyways, it is getting late and I have some work to do.

*Loper snaps out of it.*

Lamar Loper: Oh…okay…umm, any idea where they went?

Natasha: Nope, and I don’t care…good luck.

*Natasha has quickly ushered Loper towards the door and now finds herself pushing him out of it’s small opening. Loper staggers down the steps, trying to say goodbye…but the door is slammed on him. Loper shakes his head, with the image of Natasha burned into his memory…he then comes to a sobering realization.*

Lamar Loper: Shit! Derek and Warrick don’t live here any longer…now I have no idea where they are…my funding is all but dried up…all I can afford is a ticket home…I doubt Natasha would let me crash with her for a few days…damnit…I have failed.

*Loper lowers his head and walks towards the street in front of the townhome, he tries to hail a cab.*

Lamar Loper: Sorry, GCWA fans…I was unable to deliver the House of Pain…

*A cab pulls over for Loper, he hops in and they drive off, we fade out. After a second, we’re back at ringside, with an incredulous Anthony Logan.*

Logan: Hold on a second… after weeks of searching, after we get updates every Inferno on the pursuit, now Lamar Loper is just… giving up??

Jones: Apparently so, Anthony. He just hasn’t been able to catch up to the wild and crazy antics of Derek Mobley and Warrick Hill!

Logan: Damn, y’know, that sucks.

Jones: Well, anyway, we’ve got a lot more competition to take care of here tonight… wait, what? Well, ok… apparently we have another video to air…

Logan: What? Damnit, what about the Big Bifford/Shane Donovan match??

Jones: Actually, apparently this has to do with that match. In that, it’s not taking place.

Logan: Aw, hell. Why not?

Jones: Well, apparently, a deal was worked out, in that it became more of, well, a contest.

Logan: Huh?

Jones: Just watch the big screen, my man, and you’ll start to understand.

*The scene shifts to earlier today, where the sun is shining, the birds are singing, and...there's two grown men on mules? This can only mean one thing.*

Shane Donovan: I'm not doing this, I refuse!

*Sitting atop one of the mules is one-half of the GCWA Tag Team Champions in Shane Donovan, who looks incredibly upset at the turn of events that has befallen him. Seated on the other donkey is former X Division Champion The Big Bifford, who looks like he's enjoying himself.*

The Big Bifford: Quit being such a spoilsport.

Shane Donovan: Look, when I agreed to some contests instead of a match this was NOT what I had in mind.

*Shane glances over to the man standing in between the two, wearing a referee's shirt. He shakes his head at the man, the myth, the legend: Caligula.*

Caligula: Well I couldn't find an ice-skating rink that would allows us to do the normal mule-races, and The Accelerator wouldn't allow us to flood and then freeze the arena, so we had to come up with altered rules.

*Caligula pulls out two ropes and motions for both men to step down.*

Caligula: Originally we were thinking about doing a sack race...

The Big Bifford: And who doesn't love sack races?

Caligula: ...Except we couldn't get the mules into sacks. So, we're going to do a 3, err, 5-legged race.

Shane Donovan: Wait, so you mean to tell me that you plan on tying my leg to this mule and then I'm supposed to race fatty over there across a finish line?

*Caligula just nods as Shane shakes his head in total disbelief at the whole situation.*

Shane Donovan: There's just...no, I won't do it! I'm a former GCWA World Heavyweight Champion! I've accomplished things! I won't lower myself to doing something so incredibly silly and demeaning!

Caligula: So does that mean you forfeit this round?

*Shane just walks away, not even bothering to acknowledge what Caligula said.*

Caligula; Well then, the winner of the first of 3 rounds by forfeit: The Big Bifford!

*Biff pumps his fist in excitement as the scene cuts back to ringside.*

Logan: Hell, now THAT’S funny!

Jones: Yes, apparently a battle of 3 contests was waged earlier today by Shane Donovan and The Big Bifford. We’ll have the next round later on tonight!

Logan: My lord, the GCWA is a crazy, crazy place to work.

Jones: Hallelujah, and Amen.

*We cut to a shot of the backstage area, where the cameraman is entering the office of the President, or at least the office set up here in Madison Square Garden. Inside, the Accelerator is standing in front of his desk, leaning partially on it, as he considers the two men standing in front of him.*

The Accelerator: Let’s face it, guys. The news isn’t very promising.

*The camera pans to the right, showing that the two men in the office are the Danger Boiz, Crazy Chris & Dangerous Dan! Neither looks like they’re in the best shape tonight, but both are dressed to compete.*

The Accelerator: Crazy Chris, I know you’ve got a Television Title opportunity tonight that’s very important to you, but your shoulder is a mess thanks to you being shot this past week. The doctors don’t seem very pleased with the notion of you competing.

*Crazy Chris scowls behind the mask, even as he rotates his arm back and forth, showing his flexibility. The Accelerator ignores it, moving on to Dangerous Dan.*

The Accelerator: And you, Dangerous Dan, you’re even worse. The doctors tell me that if you go out there, wrestling with broken ribs, I’m looking at a potential lawsuit, not to mention a dead body inside my ring.

*Dangerous Dan lowers his head, containing himself from some of the vile comments he wants to say regarding his own health. The Accelerator looks back and forth between the two of them, and then sighs.*

The Accelerator: I know you guys aren’t listening to a word of this. There’s nothing that’s going to stop you from competing here tonight. I understand that. I’ve been there. I’m just asking you to consider the consequences of your actions.

*Crazy Chris and Dangerous Dan take a moment to look at each other, nod, then look back at the President, still not saying a word. Still, their silence speaks volumes.*

The Accelerator: Somehow, I think I’m going to regret this. But fine. Sign these waiver forms, then get yourselves ready. You especially, Chris, seeing as how you’re up next.

*The Danger Boiz move to sign the additional contracts protecting the GCWA from potential damages stemming from tonight’s actions, a safety measure for the company. The Accelerator smiles to himself, respecting the determined young wrestlers. Plus, of course, now he doesn’t have any complaints about cancelled matches. The picture slowly goes back to ringside.*

Logan: Damn. In a way, I was hoping Ace would talk those guys out of wrestling, especially Dangerous Dan.

Jones: Some guys just can’t be stopped, Anthony, no matter what happens to them.

Logan: Yeah, you say that, but if Dan takes one move too many, we could be seeing him be ‘stopped’ plenty fast.

Jones: Hopefully not, Anthony. Right now, it’s time to get our title chases underway!

*The video begins to roll, showing Dangerous Dan holding up the Television Championship for the record sixth time. He sets the standard of the division, even coming back to become the champion twice. We see clips from the Fatal Fourway match at Crescendo, when Dan defended the belt against Ace Aldridge, Robert Santana, and Scott Caine. Caine won out with dirty tactics, using an exposed turnbuckle to get the victory and the belt. Dangerous Dan’s attempt to reclaim the belt is shown, with Caine walking away and taking the countout loss, costing Dan his last chance to become a 3-time champion. Afterwards, we see Caine’s later defenses, usually won via trickery and deceit, as he continually crowed about going after Dangerous Dan’s record run with the title. The Accelerator is pictured, letting Caine know that his opponent at Heat Wave will be Dan’s brother, Crazy Chris, making his return and vowing to get the belt away from Caine. We also see footage of Chris announcing the new stipulation, where the belt will change hands via Countout and DQ. The footage fades out.*

Minos: The next match is scheduled for one fall, and will be for the GCWA Television Championship!! Special rules have been introduced for this match, as the title will change hands on a pinfall, a submission, a countout, or a disqualification!

*The fans seem pretty pleased about that stipulation, especially considering who the champion is currently.*

Minos: Coming to the ring first, the challenger. He has been a former GCWA Tag-Team Champion of the World along with his brother, Dangerous Dan, and now is seeking his first-ever singles gold, standing 6’0” and weighing 228 lbs, from Smithville, Tennessee, here is Crazy Chris!

*Crazy Chris comes out of the back to “Mental Health” by Zebrahead, with the fans cheering him on. He has a bandage on his injured arm, but is still moving pretty well as he comes down the ramp. He gives out a few high fives with his uninjured limb, enjoying being there at the biggest PPV of the year.*

Jones: I almost fainted when I saw that Crazy Chris had been shot this past week during an apparent bank robbery.

Logan: When I heard about it, all I could say was, we lost him again. I mean, Crazy Chris just got out of the freakin’ hospital, and now people are trying to put him right back in there!

Jones: Well, thankfully, he still made it here tonight to compete. We’ll see how he handles his wound, though, as it could make all the difference in the world with a match like this.

Minos: His opponent has risen to the top of his division through his own ‘unique’ ways, standing 6’3” and weighing 227 lbs, from Los Angeles, California, here is the GCWA Television Champion, Scott Caine!

*The crowd reaction is pretty heavy, as the fans boo and throw cups and bottles at the entryway before the champion has even appeared. After a few seconds, with “Hand Of Blood” by Bullet For My Valentine playing, Scott Caine appears, strutting out with his bodyguard, Penance, behind him. Penance towers over Caine as they make their way towards the squared circle.*

Logan: Caine slept with the wrong woman this past week, but then, haven’t we all done that? Excluding you, of course, Jonesy, I know you’ve only ever been with one woman.

Jones: And what’s wrong with being faithful?

Logan: Not a thing, Edds. *chuckling to himself*

Jones: It’s the cornerstone of a good marriage!

Logan *laughing harder*

Jones: I love my wife, and she loves me, and neither of us would even THINK of cheating on each other!

Logan: *laughing uncontrollably*

*The Bell Rings.*

*Referee Trixie lifts up the Television Title, showing it to the crowd before handing it off to the timekeeper’s table. Caine is sitting cockily in his corner, grinning over at the injured Chris. In response, the challenger comes out of his corner, flexing his arm and showing that he can easily move it, although it’s clearly painful. Caine, though, breaks into laughter at the sight. He says something to Penance, then steps forward, nodding to Chris and putting his own hand behind his back! Caine waves Chris on, apparently willing to keep the arm behind him. Chris, annoyed at the display, steps in, grabbing hold of Caine, who of course immediately brings his other arm back out and uses it to twist Chris around, getting an arm wringer on the injured limb! Chris yells in pain, dropping to one knee, as Caine, still smiling, continues to apply the pressure.*

Logan: It shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone that someone like Caine is going to focus on that injury.

Jones: Caine knows that he’s got a tough test here tonight, so any advantage has to be pursued. After all, his usual advantages of cheating and running away have been stripped from him, unless he wants to lose the championship.

Logan: Caine wants that Television Title record too badly to risk that, I think, although we’ll have to see how the match goes for him.

*With Trixie watching close by, Caine uses the arm wringer to bring Chris towards the ropes. Chris reaches out to grab them, using the opportunity to cause the hold to be broken. But Caine has other plans, hopping himself up and jumping over the top rope with the arm in tow, causing it to rebound painfully off the ropes!! Caine drops to the outside, landing safely and immediately strutting in front of the fans, who are certainly not pleased with the display. Chris is down in the ring, trying to make sure his arm stays attached to his body. Caine, gloating, rolls back into the ring, mindful of the count that could cost him the match. He immediately starts kicking at Chris, landing shot after shot right on the bandaged portion! Chris winces with each shot, as he tries to fight his way to his feet. He gets up, but Caine’s right there with a legsweep takedown, getting his opponent back on the mat. Caine then moves Chris over and applies more pressure to the arm, bending it awkwardly behind the masked man’s back!*

Jones: This is a completely different strategy from Caine here tonight, as he has forsaken all high-flying techniques in order to concentrate on grinding Crazy Chris down!

Logan: It’s been pretty damn effective so far. Man, maybe Ace really should have stepped in and removed Crazy Chris from this match. Sure, his brother’s in worse shape, but Chris is risking his own wrestling career here tonight as well!

Jones: If this keeps up, we may see Trixie have to throw in the towel for him, which, I think, would be exactly what Caine would love to see.

*On the outside, Penance is walking back and forth, apparently pleased with how things are going inside the ropes. Caine, meanwhile, has gotten back to his feet, as he drags Crazy Chris up as well. Caine moves towards the corner, putting Chris’ hurt arm behind his back once more. Caine then lifts the masked man up with a bodyslam, keeping his arm underneath him!! Chris groans in agony, shaking in pain on the canvas. Caine is loving it, as he goes towards the turnbuckle, climbing upwards. He points down at his opponent, as if saying, is this it? Before Caine can leap, though, Crazy Chris rolls away and starts to rise, showing his fighting spirit. The crowd cheers, while Caine, surprised, re-positions himself for a different tactic. He waits for Chris to get up, then jumps, flying in with a double axehandle… but Chris dodges to the right and kicks out, catching Caine in the bread-basket!! Caine does a flip, landing on his back, as Chris leans on the ropes, cradling his hurting arm.*

Jones: That was a sensational kick from Crazy Chris!

Logan: Yeah, with just that one move, he’s gotten himself back into this match! His arm may be in bad shape, but his legs are doing just fine, and now he needs to capitalize on that!

*Caine is already getting up, massaging his hurting stomach. He turns, but Crazy Chris is already coming in, lashing out with kicks to Caine’s legs and thighs, driving him back! Caine, limping from one of the shots, turns and swings wildly, but Chris ducks under it, then catches Caine, lifting him up and giving him an atomic drop!! Caine stumbles away, going to the ropes to hang on. But Chris isn’t through yet, running towards him and jumping with a high knee that sends Caine flipping to the outside!! Caine plummets downwards, but then stops before hitting the ground, thanks to Penance, who was in the perfect position to catch him! Penance carefully puts Caine down, asking if he’s alright. Caine nods, although he looks shaky. Penance then suddenly shoves Caine, sending him flying out of the way, as Crazy Chris appears, leaping over the ropes and coming down with a suicide plancha!!!! Penance takes the full impact, collapsing to the ground, with Chris landing on top of him!! The crowd is going wild, as Chris fights his way back to his feet!*

Jones: Penance and Crazy Chris collided! There was nothing else the big man could do other than to sacrifice himself!

Logan: Yeah, he managed to get Caine out of the way, but if he would have done anything offensive towards the attacking Chris, the Television Title could very well have been lost!

Jones: Well, Penance isn’t going to be doing anything else for right now, as he’s down and out! But the fight goes on!

*Caine moves away from Crazy Chris, stumbling, as the wild man follows him around the ring. Caine enters first, sliding in, with Crazy Chris immediately following, only to have Caine stomp on him as he enters. Chris, though, fights through it, managing to shove himself to his feet! Caine backs away, looking for an opening, as Chris comes after him, the fury obvious in the eyes showing through the mask. Caine brings his hands up, as if wanting to make a deal, but Chris is having none of it, knocking Caine back into the corner with a couple of kicks, then climbing up him! Chris uses his good arm to punch away, landing a couple of good shots on Caine’s chin, before putting his legs around him and dropping backwards, taking Caine over with a hurricanrana!! Caine hits hard, with Chris moving himself over to make the cover… 1… 2… Caine kicks out! Chris, sitting up in pain, looks over at Caine, who starts rolling, leaving the ring and falling to the outside!*

Jones: Crazy Chris is really taking control here! Caine’s got to find a way to get back into this!

Logan: He almost looks like he doesn’t want to even bother with it, Jonesy, but running away isn’t going to work this time!

*Caine paces on the outside, shaking his head. He looks up the aisleway, with some fans even chanting for him to just leave, but Caine flips them off, angry at the restrictions on him as the champion. He turns and goes back, sliding back into the ring, where Chris is there to meet him. Chris lands two quick kicks to the stomach, bending Caine over. Crazy Chris then puts his leg around Caine’s head for a fameasser! But Caine lifts up, blocking the maneuver by flipping Chris, who manages to land on his feet. It only lasts a second, though, as Caine follows it up with a charging clothesline, knocking the challenger down! Caine, breathing heavily, shakes his head, then grabs Chris by the injured arm, pulling him up that way. Caine then whips Chris towards the ropes. Chris rebounds, running towards Caine, who drops backwards, catching Chris in the midsection with a monkey flip and throwing him into the ropes!!! Crazy Chris dangles, upside-down, for a moment, before finally falling to the ground. Caine is immediately there for the cover, pulling Chris’ legs away from the safety of the ropes… 1… 2… and Crazy Chris kicks free.*

Jones: What a competitive match so far!

Logan: And it’s completely honest, with no cheating in sight! I’m loving it!

Jones: These two are threatening to steal the show here tonight!

*Caine slowly pulls himself up, looking exhausted, but also knowing that he has no other choice than to somehow put Crazy Chris away for the 3 count. He steps over the downed opponent, grabbing his arm and stepping on it with his foot, while pulling it back. Chris howls in pain from the maneuver, with Caine, smiling evilly, yanking harder on the arm. He’s almost trying to dislocate the shoulder from the socket! The fans are booing, even as Caine yells at Trixie to ‘get’ Chris to submit. Trixie checks, but Chris refuses, not giving up on the fight. He struggles, trying to shrug Caine off, but the champion throws him off-balance by suddenly releasing the hold! Chris drops to his side, even as Caine rears back and stomps straight on the bandage, once, twice, three times!! Chris rolls away, aching, and a small red dot can be seen, starting to grow larger on the surface of the bandage.*

Logan: Crazy Chris’ stitches have been opened!

Jones: That is definitely not a good thing! Caine’s going to use to that his advantage as well, you just know he will!

Logan: Man, have the medics on standby for Crazy Chris in the back! Win or lose, he’s going to be needing some attention!

*Caine, now in his element, waits behind Crazy Chris as he starts to get up. Caine clutches his hands open and shut, preparing for the assault. When Crazy Chris gets completely upright, Caine comes in, grabbing Chris’ back and trying to drop with the Backstabber!! However, Crazy Chris shoves him off, dodging the potentially match-ending maneuver! Caine steps back, just far enough that Crazy Chris is able to leap into the air and score a Pele kick!! Caine’s down, but so is Chris, with both men utterly spent at this point in this massive battle for the Television Championship! Referee Trixie watches both men, as she starts to count, keeping it slow as if to give them both a chance to rise. The fans are cheering, wanting their favorite to get back in it, and Crazy Chris slowly rises, starting to feel the rush. He heads towards the turnbuckle, clawing his way up it, somehow managing it despite having basically only one arm to do it.*

Jones: This could be it! Crazy Chris is going to go for the Crazy Man’s Suicide!!

Logan: No man’s ever been able to kick out of this maneuver!!

*Crazy Chris manages to balance himself on the top, waiting, as Scott Caine works his way to his feet. Caine is dazed as he turns around, with Crazy Chris leaping high into the air for the Crazy Man’s Suicide! However, at the last second, Caine takes air, too, managing to dropkick Crazy Chris out of the sky!!! Crazy Chris crashes hard to the mat, with Caine crawling quickly over for the cover… 1… 2… Crazy Chris barely kicks out in time!! Caine, though, has had enough. He drags Crazy Chris to his feet, then gets him in a double underhook, going for a piledriver! He lifts, no, Crazy Chris blocks it, keeping himself from going up. Caine tries again, wait, reversal, Chris gets Caine up in the air on his shoulders!! He spins down with Caine, landing the Crazy Bitch!!!! Caine is out, as Crazy Chris exhaustedly puts his arm across him, and Trixie makes the count… 1… 2… 3!!!!!!*

Minos: Here is your winner, and the NEW GCWA Television Champion, Crazy Chris!!!

Logan: He did it!! Crazy Chris beat the odds and did it!!

Jones: Scott Caine has fallen short of his quest to beat Dangerous Dan’s record, and it’s all thanks to Dan’s little brother! What an incredible match between these two!!

*Crazy Chris is almost too exhausted to stand, even with the help of Trixie, who hands him the Television Title. Chris smiles, then rolls tiredly out of the ring, taking the belt with him. He stumbles, grabbing at his still-bleeding shoulder, with a GCWA security guard coming over to check on him. The guard gives Chris a helping hand, taking him towards the back to get medical attention. In the ring, Scott Caine has woken up, realizing what has happened. Penance rolls into the ring to check on his man, who starts to throw a fit.*

Jones: Looks like Caine is having a tough time dealing with the loss.

Logan: Hey, he just had his grand plan shattered, so I get that. But he needs to suck it up and deal with it, because there’s always another chance around the corner.

*At the entryway, the security guard has gotten Crazy Chris up the ramp. Dangerous Dan comes out, to a roar of cheers from the crowd, coming to celebrate with his brother. Meanwhile, the security guard, his hat still tucked down, steps to the side, while pulling something out of his side pocket.*

Jones: Hold on, what’s that guard got in his hands?

Logan: Is that, yes, it is, it’s a mic! Wait, now security guards get to talk? Man, this is NOT allowed in my contract!!

*Dangerous Dan and Crazy Chris turn, startled, as the security guard begins to speak.*

Security Guard: Crazy Chris, I’d like to be the first to congratulate you, besides your brother here, on your successful winning of the GCWA Television Title!

*Crazy Chris nods to the man, although he’s still out of it. Dangerous Dan is now looking more closely at the security guard, trying to place him. It’s as if he DOES look familiar.*

Security Guard: It was a great victory. You should be proud. You also should be prepared, because a lot more challengers are going to come out of the woodworks to try to take that belt away from you.

*The guard points at the Television Title, with Crazy Chris instinctively pulling it a little bit closer to himself.*

Logan: Who does this guy think he is? Man, I bet Titan 3’s going to give him a beatdown after this interruption of the show!

Jones: Wait a second… if I could only see better under that hat…

Security Guard: And you know what? I’m one of them. Expect to be seeing me real soon, Crazy Chris, because the Dark Angel is going to be returning to the GCWA!

*The ‘guard’ pulls off the hat and throws it aside, revealing his face to the world, and causing a rush to run through the audience.*

Logan: The Dark Angel??

Jones: It’s Joshua Curtis!!! The last man to hold the GCWA World Cruiserweight Title!! Joshua Curtis is back in the GCWA!!

Logan: Holy *bleep*!

*The Danger Boiz step back in surprise at the man’s appearance, even as Joshua Curtis smiles at them. He throws aside his security guard outfit, revealing a “Dark Angel” special edition t-shirt underneath! Curtis then turns and departs, heading through the crowd, even as Dangerous Dan turns his concentration back to his hurting brother, helping him back through the entryway.*

Logan: What a shocker! We haven’t seen this guy in years, although I know he’s gone on to wrestle in other organizations! Joshua Curtis is going to be gunning for the GCWA Television Title!

Jones: Well, it couldn’t be the biggest Pay-Per-View of the year without some stunning surprises!!

*The camera zooms in, showing Curtis most of the way up into the stands. The fans are celebrating with him, happy to have him back. He gives a young man a high five on his way through the crowd, even as the picture starts to cut away for a commercial. You’ve seen the merchandise on TV, but isn’t it time for you to own one yourself? Buy now! Buy now! Ok, now!*

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