*We return from the break to see a backstage event unfolding. Hill is on a stretcher, still obviously suffering, as the doctors work to clear off his face to see the wound. One of the doctors steps forward, talking with Mobley about getting Warrick to the hospital for stitches, as well as to have his legs checked out. Warrick, though, is already trying to push himself off the stretcher despite the pain, not wanting to go. He tells Mobley he’s ok, but the fact that he can barely stand works against that theory. Mobley talks with Warrick, trying to convince him that’s it’s ok to go, as the camera moves away from them, apparently interested in another event. Down the hall, you can see a man coming out of one of the locker rooms. He’s one of the GCWA ‘suits’ who make some of the big decisions in matches. He pockets something, then, seeing the cameraman, walks off quickly. The cameraman zooms in on the door, showing the Roman Empire logo on it. We cut back to the announcers.*

Jones: We’re back, having avoided what could have turned into a really serious situation.

Logan: The bloodstains on the mats kind of make me wonder what you would consider “serious”, Jonesy.

Jones: True, I know it was bad, but it could have been a lot worse if Severity could have gotten Hill on that cross. I guess we’ll see what other injuries he currently has.

Logan: I get the feeling Hill is starting to hate pay-per-views.

Jones: Yep. So, what was that about Bill coming out of the Roman Empire locker room? Why was he in there?

Logan: Yeah, seems pretty strange, considering what the Empire did to the last man who went in there. And did I see him putting some cash in his pocket?

Jones: That definitely worries me. With the Roman Empire, you never know what to expect.

Logan: Believe me, I know. If I was an active wrestler again, you can bet Lurrr would be getting a challenge from me.

Jones: Maybe so. Well, we know where Derek is, now it’s time to find out where Dangerous Dan is, since it’s time for his title match against Ka’Derrion!

Logan: Oh, yeah, I almost forgot.

Jones: Forgot? How could you forget?

Logan: Sorry, Jonesy, we got a little busy there for a minute.

Jones: Well, I certainly didn’t forget. I can’t wait to find out the father! Go, Minos, go!

Minos: Our next match is our first title match of the evening! It is scheduled for one fall with no time limit. Entering first, the challenger, he earned this opportunity by defeating Scott Caine, standing 5’11” and weighing 220 lbs, from Smithville, Tennessee, Dangerous Dan!

*Dan comes out to “Hell Yeah!” by Zebrahead, looking damn excited to be there. The crowd gives him a healthy ovation as he makes his way down to the ring. He climbs up outside on the turnbuckle, saluting the crowd, then jumps over the ropes and bounces his way into the ring, ready to go.*

Jones: Dangerous Dan’s apparently mostly recovered from the damage done to his eyes by Rick Mathis. It’s good to see he’s going to be able to give it his all here tonight.

Logan: Yeah, assuming he’s not worrying any more about that issue with the anonymous mother. Did they ever find out which one was the father?

Jones: I’m more interested in finding out the next guy’s father. Let’s hear that theme music, Minos!

Minos: His opponent is currently undefeated in the GCWA! He stands 6’1” and weighs 210 lbs, from Miami, Florida, he is the GCWA Intercontinental Heavyweight Champion, “His Legacy” Marcus Ka’Derrion!!

*The fans turn expectantly to the entryway, waiting for the music that will reveal the long-hidden secret of Ka’Derrion’s origins. Even Dangerous Dan seems intrigued, as he leans over the ropes, watching. Unfortunately, nothing is happening, as there’s no music coming on.*

Jones: Ok, c’mon, guys in the back, we want to know the father’s identity!

Logan: Yeah, I hate silence. Play us some tunes, dude!

*The place is completely quiet. People may not even be breathing, wanting to know. Suddenly, the curtain moves, and Marcus Ka’Derrion comes out! He doesn’t look rushed or distressed. He looks determined. The Intercontinental Champion walks down the aisle, completely focused on his objective. There is still no music playing.*

Jones: Hold on…. What the hell is going on??

Logan: Yeah, are we having equipment failure, or is this on purpose? Oh, crap, Jonesy, you don’t think that his father didn’t come out to music, do you?

Jones: I….. I don’t even know what to say now. Damnit, will the mystery never end??

*The Bell Rings.*

*Ka’Derrion hands over the Intercontinental Title to referee Mark Bell, not taking his eyes off of his opponent. Dangerous Dan starts moving himself around, stretching his neck, as he prepares for his first chance at a GCWA championship. The fans, though, are beginning to lose it, as a string of boos are starting to come down on Ka’Derrion. Both wrestlers stop for a second, as the place radiates with displeasure. There’s even a small “Fire Rasa” chant, which really has no meaning to anyone except the smarks.*

Logan: Uh oh. I hope these guys don’t riot on us!

Jones: ….

*The crowd finally starts to calm down, as Dangerous Dan moves to the ropes, signaling to them. He gives them a “no worries” grin and turns, where Marcus is still waiting, apparently not listening to the way the fans are reacting to him. The two wrestlers come together, locking up, with Marcus surprisingly spinning around Dan, getting an arm lock. Dan thinks about trying an elbow show, then instead turns himself around, managing to get behind Marcus with the same hold. Ka’Derrion immediately responds by running towards the corner, running up the turnbuckle pads and flipping over Dan! He lands and comes at Dan, trying to knock him down into the corner, but Dan’s already reacting, hopping up onto the ropes and springboarding up and over the champ, doing a complete flip and landing on his feet! Marcus runs out of the corner towards Dan, who drops to the ground in front of his foe. Instead of tripping, Marcus jumps over Dan, doing a somersault as he lands. Both men jump back to their feet and stare at each other, and suddenly the crowd’s back into this one!*

Logan: Wow! Did you catch all that, Jonesy? That was amazing!

Jones: ….

Logan: C’mon, man, stop sulking! We’ve got a great match here, even if we didn’t find out what we wanted!

Jones: …

Logan: Fine, whatever, dude. I’m going to keep enjoying this one!

*The two wrestlers come back together, trying to find a chink in the other wrestler’s armor. They lock up, with neither man moving at first as they struggle. They head towards a corner, with Dan trying to reverse it at the last second, but Marcus keeps him inside, pushing him against the pads. Referee Bell calls for the break, with Ka’Derrion immediately moving backwards, following the directions. His face has barely changed throughout the early goings in this one. Dan decides to take a risk, coming out of the corner quickly and grabbing Ka’Derrion’s arm, trying to whip him back towards the turnbuckle. Marcus reverses the momentum, sending Dan in instead. He comes in quickly, sending a couple of scintillating chops across Dan’s chest, earning a few yells from the crowd. Marcus then whips Dan to the other side, no, Dan reverses it this time, sending in Marcus. Dan runs after him, preparing for a splash, but Marcus uses his momentum to jump himself over the top ropes, landing on the apron. However, Dan reacts quicker than Marcus could have expected. He jumps up on the second turnbuckle, then leaps back, dropkicking Ka’Derrion off the apron! Ka’Derrion lands outside the ring, as the crowd cheers the action.*

Logan: I think it’s pretty clear that the fans have decided to get behind Dangerous Dan in this one, not because he’s the underdog, but because they’re still ticked that we didn’t get the big reveal we wanted.

Jones: ….

*Ka’Derrion starts to pull himself up on the outside, clinging to the apron. Dan, seeing him, goes off the opposite ropes, then comes running forward, going for a baseball slide. Marcus steps aside at the last second, though, and as a surprised Dan lands beside him, the champ hammers him with a couple of elbow shots, then whips Dan into the turnbuckle post!! Dan shudders, falling to the ground while grabbing at his hurting shoulder. Marcus shoves his hair out of his face before moving forward, pulling Dan up and sending him back into the ring. Ka’Derrion follows, keeping the count from getting too high. As Dan gets up, Ka’Derrion gets some momentum off the ropes and leaps up high, getting a flying clothesline! With Dan down, Marcus makes the cover, with referee Bell right there to make the call… 1… 2.. Dan kicks free. Marcus steps back, then locks onto Dan as he tries to stand, getting him in an abdominal stretch! The ref circles the action, as Dan tries to escape the submission hold.*

Logan: I have to say, I’ve never seen Marcus this focused. He’s usually got other things on his mind, but tonight he seems to have completely dedicated himself to defending his title.

Jones: ….

Logan: Keep on being quiet, Jonesy. I love talking to myself. Go me!

*Referee Bell checks on Dan’s condition, as Dan shakes his head, signaling that he’s not giving up. The ropes are close enough for Marcus to grab, which would give him more of an advantage, but it doesn’t look like the champ’s even considering something like that. He keeps yanking on the hold, trying to wear his speedy opponent out. After a few more seconds in the hold, Marcus lets it go, letting Dan fall to the ground. Marcus then moves to the ropes, springboarding off of them and stomping Dan across the back with both feet! Ka’Derrion makes the cover… 1… 2… Dan kicks out again. The champ goes back to work, continuing to focus on Dan’s back by lifting him up for a backbreaker. However, as he does so, Dan manages to fight free, landing behind Ka’Derrion and dropping with a neckbreaker!! Both men are down, as Bell circles above them, thinking about starting the count.*

Logan: Nice counter by Dangerous Dan there! He needs to capitalize on this right away, so that he can get that pinfall and the title!

Jones: ….

Logan: Ok, seriously, man, that’s starting to get annoying.

Jones …

*Both wrestlers fight their way up, with Ka’Derrion moving a little dazed-like towards Dan. He grabs for the competitor, but Dan was just waiting, shoving off Marcus and hitting a standing dropkick! Ka’Derrion goes down, then gets right back up, only to have the Dangerous One knock him down again! Marcus drags himself to the ropes, trying to shake off the two dropkicks, but Dan’s still on the offensive, running and swinging himself through the ropes with a 619! Ka’Derrion rolls back towards the center of the ring, as Dan finally takes a moment to breathe, having used up a lot of energy in that burst. He shakes off the cobwebs and goes to the turnbuckle, climbing up as Marcus gets himself back together. Marcus turns, but Dan’s already in mid-air, landing on Marcus’ shoulders and spinning him off with a dragonrana!!! Dan lands on top of the champion, as referee Bell dives in to make the count… 1… 2… NO!!! Marcus kicks out!*

Jones: Close one!

Logan: Yes, Dan nearly got… wait… you talked! Are you back with me??

Jones: ….

Logan: Damnit. C’mon, man, just call the match! You know Ace wants you to, right?

Jones.: ….ok. I’ll do it.

Logan: Praise Jeebus.

*Dangerous Dan pulls himself up, bringing the champion with him. He steps back and boots Ka’Derrion in the gut, bending him over, then starts to lock his arms for the start of the Danger Zone!! Ka’Derrion reverses out of it, though, yanking away from the hold and instead quickly locking up Dan for the snap cradle brainbuster! He starts to lift, but now Dan gets free, pulling Ka’Derrion’s hair and sending him into the mat with a facebuster!! Dan turns Ka’Derrion over to get his shoulders on the mat, then makes the cover… 1… 2… Ka’Derrion gets the arm up! The fans are really starting to get into this, although the majority of the fans are still clearly on Dangerous Dan’s side in this contest.*

Logan: This one’s coming down to the wire! Dan’s only a move or two away from becoming the new Intercontinental Champion!

Jones: Yes. He is. C’mon, Dan!

Logan: Nice job there, Jonesy, keep it up.

*With Ka’Derrion still down, Dan opts to go high-risk, high-reward. He heads up the turnbuckle, step by step, as the fans cheer behind him. As he gets to the top, Marcus slowly rises in the ring, shaking the ringing out of his ears. Ka’Derrion looks around the ring, trying to find his opponent. He turns the right way, so Dan gets airborne, looking for a huge splash! But Marcus reacts instantly, leaping up and dropkicking Dan on his way down!!! Dan lands in a heap, his intestines relocated inside his body from the shot. He rolls in pain, as Ka’Derrion pulls himself up. The champion steps over to his challenger, not wasting any time as he knows he’s got Dan vulnerable. With one quick, smooth motion, Ka’Derrion pulls Dan up, then locks him into position, dropping him with the Snap Cradle Brainbuster!! An exhausted Ka’Derrion makes the cover, as referee Bell drops to make the count… 1… 2… 3!!!*

Minos: Here is your winner, and STILL GCWA Intercontinental Heavyweight Champion, “His Legacy” Marcus Ka’Derrion!!

Jones: Damn.

Logan: C’mon, Jones, Marcus looked great out there. Dangerous Dan brought it all, nearly taking the champ down, but Marcus stays undefeated!

Jones: Whatever. I’ll tell you this: until I know his secret, I don’t want to hear another word about Marcus Ka’Derrion. Understand?

Logan: What if we never learn the secret? Are you going to plug your ears every time he has a match?

Jones: Maybe so, Anthony. Maybe so.

*Marcus gets the IC Title from the referee and immediately turns, leaving the ring. He heads towards the back, ignoring the upset feelings coming his way from the fans. In the ring, referee Bell helps up Dangerous Dan, who looks discouraged about what happened. He rubs the back of his head, trying to focus himself to head back to the Danger Boiz locker room. As he starts to step through the ropes, though, the big screen lights up, with a shot from an unsteady camera. In front of the camera stands Jason Payne, one-half of the GCWA World Tag-Team Champs! He is grinning from ear-to-ear.*

Jason Payne: “Oh Danny-boy, the Paynes, the Paynes are calling!” Hah hah hah hah!

*Jason continues laughing, and you can hear Lukas laughing a little as well (apparently he’s behind the camera). The shot pans to the right, showing the downed body of Crazy Chris!!! Chris’ mask is torn and blood can be seen coming from a cut. He’s unconscious, having apparently been thrown through a desk or a table of some sort! The Paynes continue laughing as the picture disappears from the big screen. Dan, now shocked into alertness, runs from the ring, heading to the back to check on his brother.*

Jones: Crazy Chris has been ambushed!

Logan: Looks like the Payne Killers might have wanted some revenge from that brawl last Friday! Either that, or…

Jones: Or what, Anthony?

Logan: Or they’re making sure Crazy Chris isn’t around later tonight to help protect Derek during the main event!

Jones: Well, I… oh, wait, we’ve got a breaking report from the back! Let’s head to our favorite female investigative reporter, Cynthia Hall!

*We cut to the backstage area, where Cynthia Hall, our own roaming reporter, is hurrying through the hallway, with the cameraman right behind her.*

Cynthia Hall: Ladies and gentlemen, this is… Cynthia Hall… a little out of breath, but… still… continuing on! We’ve gotten a report... that apparently… a former World Champion… was spotted going into… the President’s office! We’re on… our way there… now!

*The duo turn the corner and approach the President’s door. Cynthia, showing no hesitation, steps up and starts hammering on the door, trying to get in.*

Cynthia Hall: Mr. President! Mr. President, are you in there?? We really need to talk to you!

*After some time passes, the door finally opens, with the Accelerator coming out, looking a tad bit annoyed. He quickly closes the door behind him, not giving the cameraman much time to get any shots.*

The Accelerator: Yes, Cynthia? Is there a reason you’re pounding on my doorway? I’m married, you know…

Cynthia Hall: Ace, we received word that you were meeting with a potential contract signee here at Darkness Falls! Since you revealed the last big signee, the Big Bifford, at Warriors of the Ring III, I thought we should come and document this occasion too!

The Accelerator: So you thought I would just go and tell you??

Cynthia Hall: Well… yes!

The Accelerator: You think I’d ruin the surprise? That’s not good business, Cynthia.

Cynthia Hall: Well, Ace, I know you’re my boss, but you hired me to be the reporter who gets the scoops, and, well, that wrestler in there, whoever he or she is, is going to have to come out sometime!

The Accelerator: Yes, well, there’s a reason I had a second exit installed in my office, my dear.

Cynthia Hall: What??

*Cynthia darts around Ace, moving very quickly considering that she’s not an active wrestler. She opens the door, and sure enough, there’s no sign of anyone. The back doorway is slightly ajar. Cynthia groans, then turns back to Ace.*

Cynthia Hall: Oh, c’mon, Ace! Give me something! A tidbit, a hint, a quotation, anything!

The Accelerator: Where’s the fun in that? See you later, Cyn.

*Ace goes back inside his office, shutting the door behind him, as Cynthia watches him go, upset. She turns back to the camera and focuses herself.*

Cynthia Hall: Well, at the very least, we have confirmation that someone was in the President’s office just now. Who was it? And when will we find out? Back to you guys.

*Cynthia leans against the door, looking tired out. We cut back to the announce area.*

Jones: Oh, dear god, not another mystery!

Logan: Sorry, Jonesy, but you’re in the wrestling business. This kind of stuff comes with the territory.

Jones: So, wait, this might be a former world champion?

Logan: That’s the rumor. Truthfully, I don’t even know if that’s accurate, so I really don’t think we have much to guess on just yet. I’m sure Ace will reveal it when he’s ready.

Jones: Yeah. Maybe.

Logan: So do we know anything more about Crazy Chris’ condition?

Jones: I haven’t heard anything, Anthony, other than that it looks like two of Derek Mobley’s allies have been taken out already tonight. I hope Mobley and Dan watch their backs!

Logan: I hope so too! Well, we’ve got other matches to worry about, let’s get to them!

*The picture switches to another ‘review’ movie, as we’re shown some of the moments from the past, both recent and long ago. We see the Big Bifford holding the OCW World Heavyweight Title during its heyday many years before, with Tommy Crimson upset at not being given a title shot. We’re shown the Big Bifford’s return to wrestling as he signs with the GCWA at Warriors of the Ring III. Soon after, Bifford injured his arm, but still won his debut match. This led to Tommy Crimson assaulting Bifford in the backstage area, claiming that he’s now the rightful OCW World Champion! Bifford would not be seen for many weeks, although his presence was felt all around the arena. Crimson’s refrigerator would pay the price, as it was stolen from his home, then later returned in pieces. Bifford came out on the final Friday before the PPV, interfering in Crimson’s match with Warrick Hill and helping him lose. This leads us to today.*

Minos: The next match is scheduled for one fall, and will feature two men who have been adversaries for many years now! Introducing first, he is a former OCW United States and World Hardcore Champion, standing 6’4” and weighing 221 lbs, representing Organized Chaos, here is Tommy “The Fury” Crimson!

*Crimson comes out to “Head Up” by the Deftones, looking ready to fight. The fans aren’t quite on his side tonight, possibly because so many of the GCWA hardcore fans are excited about Bifford’s return. They also remember Crimson holding the bloody cross earlier in the night. Crimson enters the ring and poses quickly on the turnbuckle, earning a few cheers, before getting himself set up. It’s clear that he’s wearing his flame-retardant suit again, leaving the possibility of the Flaming Ball From Hell to appear here tonight.*

Jones: Crimson has had a hatred of Bifford going back a long, long time. Of course, he has recent events, too, to raise his anger, including Bifford’s interference in his match against Warrick Hill

Logan: All I can say is that whoever that woman is that he’s had with him, she makes me throw up a little in my mouth every time I see her. Or think about her. Ugh!

Jones: Indeed.

Minos: His opponent is one of the largest professional athletes in the world. He is a former OCW World Heavyweight Champion, and now is looking to get himself back into main-event contention, standing 6’4” and weighing 411 lbs, from Columbus, Ohio, he is the Big Bifford!

*The crowd roars as the Big Bifford walks out of the back, shaking the stage as he does so. Earl is right behind him, shaking his head while Bifford points out that the fans here in the GCWA Arena certainly know him. The two men go towards the ring as “Gangsta’s Paradise” by Coolio plays. Crimson is impatiently waiting for them to get down there and for the fight to start, but it’s taking Bifford a while, since he’s wearing high heels. Yep, you heard me.*

Logan: Earlier this week, Earl mentioned that not many people on the street knew who Bifford was. Well, I guess everyone in this building is in his demographic, because Bifford is definitely recognized!

Jones: If you’re a wrestling fan, there’s no way you can confuse Bifford with anyone else.

Logan: Course, if you look JUST from the right angle, I guess you can see a little bit of Chris Farley.

Jones: I still can’t believe he got those mayors to endorse getting rid of the Christmas Tree in New York City!

Logan: I still can’t believe he’s wearing those white women’s shoes. That’s just disturbing on many levels.

*The Bell Rings.*

Jones: And here we go!

Logan: Get ready for a very different type of wrestling match! The Big Bifford always takes a different strategy to go against, because very few can bodyslam a guy like him, much less land any hurricanranas or suplexes!

*Crimson stares in disbelief as Bifford moves around the ring, looking ready to go, despite the fact that he’s about to break his ankles trying to wrestle in high heels. Bifford smiles, showing a little leg to Crimson, as the crowd cheers. Crimson, though, growls and comes forward, running straight at Bifford, who tries to avoid him. But Bifford’s heels keep him from going quickly enough, as Crimson jumps forward, using both hands to slam against Bifford’s middle! Bifford sags back into the ropes, although Crimson rebounds almost as much. He doesn’t seem fazed, though, as he comes back, dropkicking Bifford and causing him to get tangled up in the ropes. Crimson doesn’t stop, moving in and punching away at Bifford as he tries to get free, with referee Thomas Mitchell stepping over to try and help untangle him.*

Logan: Not surprisingly, those high heels that Bifford had specially-made are turning into a handicap for the guy.

Jones: Well, he wanted to show up Crimson and embarrass him by pinning him in high heels. I guess he didn’t think about the consequences.

Logan: That’s what Earl’s there for. Of course, since Bifford doesn’t listen to Earl, well…

*The ref finally gets Crimson to back off, allowing him to get Bifford off the ropes. Bifford looks a little dazed as he tries to get to his feet. Crimson comes back in, anxious to get in some more free shots on the big man. He starts moving and jabbing, hitting Bifford with punch after punch. Crimson seems to be getting into how easy things are going, as he does the old “wind-up” punch, smacking Bifford across the face. Crimson then turns, doing a quick pose to the crowd. However, as he turns back, Bifford has managed to move within range, as he throws a massive haymaker, knocking Crimson to his knees! Bifford then stumbles forward, nearly losing his balance on the heels before he’s able to steady himself. He grabs Crimson and twists him into a double-underhook, then drops Crimson with a DDT! Bifford happily makes the cover, as referee Mitchell steps in… 1… Crimson kicks out before 2 can hit, showing he can’t just be beat by one maneuver, no matter what Bifford thought.*

Logan: The danger of facing Bifford is simple. Every time he attempts a pin, you risk being smothered.

Jones: Seriously, though, Anthony, it’s easy to overlook Bifford’s skills in the ring when you see how large he is in person, but he is an accomplished wrestler. Don’t forget, his OCW reign was a lot more than a fluke. He held that title for over three months!

Logan: Yeah, I know, Jonesy. It’s just that, seeing him there in high heels….

Jones: Yep.

*Bifford pulls Crimson up and immediately picks him up in the air, bodyslamming him. Bifford then steps gingerly towards the ropes, watching his step. He looks confidently out towards Earl, who can’t even look at him. Bifford leans on the ropes, acting as if he’s ‘rebounding’ off of them, then walks slowly back towards Crimson, trying to do a splash for the pin. As Bifford falls, though, Crimson rolls out of the way, dodging imminent disaster. Bifford starts to get back up, rubbing his hurting stomach, but Crimson gets to his feet and charges in, jumping up and putting all his weight onto Bifford’s back in one jump! Bifford flattens out on the mat, in pain, as Crimson climbs on behind him, ripping at the big man’s head with a chinlock. He twists Bifford’s head part-way around, as if trying to take it home as a souvenir.*

Jones: This is what Crimson needs to do to get the victory in this one. If he can keep Bifford down, he can land all sorts of offense on his hated rival.

Logan: Yep, I just hope he doesn’t start thinking mad thoughts about “Bifford’s Mom” again. Ugh.

Jones: Just threw up a little in your mouth again?

Logan: Yeah. Luckily I learned a lesson from the Roman Empire’s ‘visit’ here.

Jones: What’s that?

Logan: Yo, beer man! Over here!

*Bifford fights against the submission hold, trying to rise up with Crimson still on his back. He gets to his feet, as Crimson continues to tighten his grip around Bifford’s neck. It’s become more of a choke than a chinlock now, but the ref isn’t getting too involved. He watches as Bifford moves backwards, looking to squash Crimson into the corner! But Crimson gets his feet up, enabling him to position himself on the top turnbuckle, while Bifford’s spine took all the impact! Bifford steps forward, dropping to one knee when one of the heels goes out from under him. He struggles back to his feet and turns around, seeing Crimson already airborne! Crimson catches Bifford with a mighty flying splash, which knocks Bifford to the ground! Crimson makes the pin, with referee Mitchell right there to make the count… 1… 2… Bifford kicks out!*

Jones: Crimson’s speed is giving him a lot of advantages in there. He really rocked Bifford with that splash!

Logan: Yeah, but it looks like Bifford’s got some good news, too.

Jones: What’s that?

Logan: I think both heels broke off from his shoes when Bifford took that hit and fell backwards. That might finally even the playing field in this one.

*Pieces of the heels are laying in the center of the ring, remnants of a bad idea. Bifford, meanwhile, is still on the ground, as Crimson kicks him repeatedly, trying to keep him there. He moves to the ropes, running back to try and nail Bifford’s head like a soccer ball. Bifford, though, twists out of the way, causing Crimson to go off-balance towards the ropes. Crimson catches himself, then comes back, but Bifford is ready, grabbing in mid-step and spinning him around with a powerslam!! Bifford makes the cover, with referee Mitchell moving into position… 1…. 2… somehow Crimson kicks out! Bifford argues with the ref for a second, thinking the count was slow, then peels Crimson off the mat. He tosses him into the corner, then goes in after him, turning and slamming against Crimson multiple times with his huge backside! Crimson is barely hanging onto the ropes as he gets hit again and again.*

Jones: Bifford is literally crushing the life out of Crimson!

Logan: Y’know, I hate phrases like that, Jonesy. I mean, he’s not LITERALLY doing it, is he?

Jones: Well, no, I guess not, he’s just injuring him, but still…

Logan: “Literally”. What a terrible word for a wrestling announcer to use.

Jones: Ok, ok, chill out, Anthony. Let’s just get back to the match.

*Bifford brings Crimson out of the corner, then picks him up on his massive shoulders. He walks around the ring, apparently annoyed with the fact that his heels are gone. Earl, though, is yelling at him to take Crimson out, so Bifford shrugs, moving Crimson in the process, then drops backwards with a Samoan bomb, driving Crimson into the mat! Bifford rolls over slowly, making the cover, as the referee, who had been kicking the heel debris out of the ring, turns and comes back to make the count… 1…. 2… Crimson kicks out again! Bifford gets himself up, his eyes turning towards the turnbuckle. There’s a growing gleam in his eyes that has been seen before, sending a wave of excitement/anxiety through this pro-Bifford crowd. The big man starts to head to the ‘buckle, as Earl looks on with concern outside the ring.*

Jones: Oh, dear god, what is Bifford thinking?

Logan: Well, Jonesy, in the OCW, I believe Bifford had a favorite move that struck terror into the hearts of anyone who faced him. It was called the Big Splash!

Jones: Have our ringposts been reinforced???

*With deliberate steps, Bifford raises up to the top of the turnbuckle, balancing himself. It’s not easy, as even with the main parts of the heels gone, there are still edges that get caught on the padding. Bifford sets himself, looking at how far away Crimson seems to look to him. But Bifford doesn’t worry about it. He pistons his legs for distance and leaps off, a 400+ pound man headed towards Crimson’s downed body!!! The fans roar as he comes down, but Crimson, showing that he was partially playing possum, manages to get himself out of the way, as Bifford splashes himself into the mat!!*

Jones: The ring’s collapsing!!

Logan: No, it’s not, Jonesy. It had a minor ‘quake, but it’s ok now.

Jones: Whew!

*Crimson is up in the nearby corner, breathing heavily at the thought of what he just escaped. Bifford is trying to get up, but you can see that the move took a lot out of him. Crimson, grimacing from a knot in his side, stares at Bifford, waiting for him to reach a certain height. When he does, Crimson darts forward, leaping into the air and getting the Buzzkill kick!!! Bifford collapses to the mat, holding his head. Crimson’s not through, though, as he starts to pull Bifford up, looking for ultimate payback. Earl, very concerned, climbs up on the apron, as the ref immediately turns and tells him to get back down. Mitchell and Earn argue, as Crimson grabs Bifford around the throat, choking him with his arm!! He continues to choke as Earl, seeing what’s happening, tries to get the ref to turn around, but Mitchell’s not buying it. He just keeps telling Earl to get down, and Earl does so, but the ref stays there, admonishing him a little more. By now, Bifford is out on his feet, desperately trying to get some oxygen. As the ref turns around, Crimson releases the choke, but then grabs Bifford’s head and comes down with the Fury!!! The ref slides in as Crimson drops to make the pin… 1… 2… 3!!!!*

Minos: Here is your winner… Tommy Crimson!!

Jones: Wow, Crimson pulled it off!

Logan: Yeah, he just had to cheat to do it. C’mon, Mitchell, what’s the matter with you?

Jones: We’re having a rough night for our referee crew, aren’t we? Still, no matter what happened, Crimson still walks out of here with the “W”!

Logan: Tough loss for Bifford, as he came pretty close to getting the win. I think those heels were just too much of a disadvantage.

*As Crimson’s celebration continues, we go to the back, where Dangerous Dan is returning from the medical area. It’s probably starting to look like a MASH unit tonight. Dan gets on his portable iPhone, dialing up a number and getting it to ring. As he starts to listen for an answer, though, he’s suddenly struck in the back, sending him flailing forward! Dan goes down, out of sight of the camera, as Lukas Payne steps out of the shadows, a club in his hand! He goes past, disappearing from sight, as his brother, Jason, also steps out of the back room and heads that direction. although the sounds of violence begin to echo down the hallway. You can also hear a tinny voice coming from the phone, which is now laying on the floor.*

Derek Mobley: Hello? Dan? Dan? Where are you?

*The sounds continue as we fade out to our final commercial break.*

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