*We return from the commercial break with a shot of the same hallway. The medics are checking on Dangerous Dan’s condition, as Derek Mobley comes running up. He shakes his head, hits his fist against the wall, then walks away. It’s unclear exactly where he’s headed. We return to the announce table.*

Logan: So Dangerous Dan is hurt. Crazy Chris’ condition is still unknown. Warrick Hill was needing stitches. It looks to me that Derek is now completely on his own.

Jones: I will admit, this is looking more and more like a deliberate plan from Twiztid and his allies. I don’t know who’s going to be able to come to Derek’s aid now, should he need it.

Logan: The main event’s getting darker and darker by the minute!

Jones: Yes, but we’re not there yet. We’ve still got one more match to go, and it’s an amazing one!

*We start off with a video, detailing how this feud got underway. Lurrr is shown, upset after his loss in the World Title Tournament due to Shane Donovan’s cheating way. This leads to the formation of the Roman Empire, with Lurrr and Rick Mathis terrorizing the GCWA in many ways. At Warriors of the Ring III, the Accelerator set up a match between Lurrr, El Phantasmo, and supposedly a third wrestler. It turned out to be a trick, as El Phantasmo unmasked as The Lost Soul! However, despite the surprise, Lurrr was able to get the win at the PPV, due in large part to Mathis’ interference in the match. Over the past month, the Roman Empire has done whatever they could to take out TLS, including announcing during one of his matches and attacking him afterwards. Yet The Lost Soul was given the power by Ace to make a match tonight, leading to the signing of the “BLC” Match. We cut away from the video to go to Minos, waiting in the ring.*

Minos: Our next match will be a first in the annals of the GCWA. It will be a battle over the GCWA X Division Title! And it will be fought instead this steel structure! Lower the cage!

*The fans are excited at the prospects of the next match, as the steel cage lowers into place around the ring. The four boxes are already suspended around the top of the cage. None look like they can be reached without a ladder or some other implement. Each box is numbered “1” through “4”. Two ladders now stand on either side of the ring, inside the cage. You can only wonder how many more lurk underneath.*

Minos: Inside one of the boxes you see before you lies the GCWA X Division Title! Inside another of these boxes is the key that will enable a wrestler to escape this vile structure! And inside the other two boxes: Pain. Punishment. Possible defeat. Luck may very well decide which of these brave warriors walks out of here tonight with the championship around their waist. The rules are simple: retrieve the key, retrieve the title, and be the first one to exit the structure. Other than that, anything goes!

*A raucous cheer radiates throughout the building at the thought of the chaos coming up shortly.*

Minos: Introducing first, the challenger. He is the man who developed this match you see before you today, in the hopes of pulling the X Division Title out of the grasp of his sworn foe. He stands 6’4” and weighs in at 235 lbs, from parts unknown, here is The Lost Soul!!

*The audience is firmly behind the Lost Soul, as they give him a massive ovation as he walks in from the entryway. The Friday the 13th theme plays behind him. The Lost Soul looks ready for war, as he moves quickly down the aisle. He moves through the cage door, already studying the boxes that hang above him.*

Jones: The Lost Soul hasn’t had the greatest run in the GCWA since he came here, a fact that many, including Lurrr, have noticed.

Logan: Well, first off, Lurrr’s cheated him out of a couple of wins, both by having Mathis interfere in their first match and by placing TLS in a no-win situation against three men.

Jones: It could also be said that Lurrr & Mathis being present at ringside during TLS’ match against Scott Caine may have been a factor in TLS’ loss last week.

Logan: Don’t remind me…

Minos: His opponent is a man hated the world over for his actions and his free speech. He has done it all in the wrestling business, and continues to add on to his Hall of Fame credentials. Standing 6’5” and weighing 235 lbs, representing the Roman Empire, he is the current reigning GCWA X Division Champion, Lurrr!

*As “Cocky” by Kid Rock plays, Lurrr and Rick Mathis come out of the back. Lurrr reaches down around his waist, as if searching for the title that’s already locked in one of the boxes. He and Mathis make their way down the aisle, ignoring the fierce crowd reaction pointed their way. The two men stop outside the cage, looking in at the Lost Soul, as they talk strategy.*

Jones: I know the cage is meant to keep Mathis from interfering, but I still think there’s a chance he’ll get involved.

Logan: We’ll just see about that.

Jones: What? Er, Anthony, you know that to keep our announcing positions, we had to sign that “non-interference” contract.

Logan: Yeah, yeah, whatever. All I have to say is that Lurrr’s lucky he’ll be inside that cage. And if Mathis gets too close, I might just have to ‘defend’ myself.

*The Bell Rings.*

*As the bell sounds, the GCWA Security guards stationed around the cage motion to Lurrr to step inside. Mathis looks ready to join him, but security quickly moves around him, ordering him back. Lurrr says something mockingly to his partner, then steps through the cage into the ring. As he does so, though, the Lost Soul immediately charges, tackling Lurrr to the mat!! The Lost Soul and Lurrr start brawling, throwing punches at each other wherever possible, as the referee quickly moves in to lock the cage door! Mathis looks a little perturbed outside the ring as he paces back and forth. Inside the cage, the Lost Soul takes control, pulling Lurrr up and dragging him through the ropes to the cage outside. He slams Lurrr’s face into the steel, then starts rubbing his face into it, trying to open him up!*

Jones: We knew this one would get violent quickly, and it’s sure not disappointing!

Logan: Take him out, Soul! Make him bleed!

Jones: Anthony, c’mon, man!

Logan: What, you expect me to be unbiased? Bite me, Jonesy, I’m rooting for TLS!

*The Lost Soul pulls Lurrr away from the cage, then whips him back into it, causing him to rebound painfully off the cage wall. With Lurrr down to one knee, the Lost Soul walks to the side and grabs one of the two standing ladders, locking it closed. He brings it back around as Lurrr pulls himself back up. TLS charges in, aiming to behead his hated foe, but Lurrr dodges just in time, causing TLS to hit the steel cage behind Lurrr instead! The Lost Soul drops the ladder, feeling the vibrations through both arms. He turns as Lurrr gets up, grabbing him and giving him a Russian legsweep into the cage! Mathis cheers from the outside, drinking what looks like a beer, as Lurrr gets himself back to his feet, going for the ladder.*

Jones: It’s surprising that both men are interested in the ladders so early in this one. I mean, you can’t even make the climb towards the boxes without disabling your opponent first.

Logan: True, Edds, but if you get the ladder and use it to knock out your foe, then you’re already prepared to make the climb right away, rather than by wasting valuable seconds going to get it.

*The Lost Soul pulls himself up, grabbing at the cage for support. Mathis, sensing an opportunity, starts to come over to grab TLS’ arm, but he’s too late, as The Lost Soul moves away from the cage side. He reenters the ring, where Lurrr is already setting up one of the ladders underneath Box #2. Lurrr sees him coming and reaches into his trunks, preparing something. As the Lost Soul grabs at him, Lurrr turns, throwing some powder into TLS’ eyes!! TLS, blinded, steps back, bringing both hands to his face. As he does so, Lurrr jumps forward, knocking TLS over the ropes and to the outside! The Lost Soul lands next to the cage, rattling it, as Lurrr cockily goes back to what he was doing. He climbs up the ladder and, with no sign of hesitation, cracks open Box #2. He reaches inside… and brings out the key to the cage!*

Jones: A lucky break for Lurrr, as he’s already got half of what he needs to win this one and retain his title!

Logan: Was it luck, Jonesy? Or does the fact that he went right to Box #2 have anything to do with that guy we saw coming out of his dressing room earlier?

Jones: That’s right! We never did figure out what was happening there! So you think Lurrr might have bribed a guy in order to know which boxes to go for?

Logan: What do you think? Lurrr will do anything to hold onto that title! Son of a bitch!

*Lurrr puts the key, which is held by a long string, around his neck, while coming down the ladder. Mathis looks extremely pleased outside the cage, although he’d clearly rather be doing more if he could. The Lost Soul, still blinking away tears, has pulled himself up outside the ring. Lurrr sees him and decides to do some more damage, stepping over the ropes and jumping down on him with a double axehandle! With the Lost Soul in trouble, Lurrr reaches down and yanks him up, throwing him hard against the steel. He pounds TLS’ head into the cage wall a few times, then barks out a couple of orders to Mathis, who has moved to that side. Mathis reaches through, securing TLS’ arms, as Lurrr goes back into the ring!*

Logan: Oh, c’mon! This is supposed to be one-on-one, damnit!

Jones: You had to know that Mathis will do whatever possible to make sure his ‘boss’ wins, Anthony.

Logan: Damn Ace, buying the cheaper cages. We needed the ones that don’t have as large holes, so that Mathis couldn’t do something like this!

*Mathis continues his grip on the dazed TLS, keeping him from interfering as Lurrr carefully moves the ladder over to his next target, Box #4. Lurrr has a huge smile on his face, enjoying the fact that the crowd is booing him so heavily. He positions the ladder, then slowly climbs up, acting like it’s a horrible strain, although it’s clear he’s acting. He looks back at Mathis, laughing at the fact that the Roman Empire has taken such a great-sounding match and turned it into a farce. He reaches out, grabbing hold of the swaying box. After a brief moment of ‘bowing’ to the fans, Lurrr cracks open Box #4…. and it EXPLODES!!! Lurrr flies backwards off of the ladder, smashing hard into the center of the ring, as debris rains down around him!!*

Jones: WOW!!! What an explosion!!

Logan: Geez, that was so bad, I even almost feel a little sorry for Lurrr. Nah, that’s gone.

Jones: So what does that mean? Was Lurrr’s information incorrect?

Logan: I don’t know, Jonesy, but it wouldn’t surprise me to learn that the Accelerator switched around the numbers on the boxes after they were set up. He can be a sneaky bastard like that, especially if he thought that Lurrr might have been able to bribe a member of his staff.

*Mathis looks completely shocked at what happened. He stares into the ring, where Lurrr is lying in a heap, holding his face with both hands. Unfortunately for Mathis, the shock causes him to loosen his grip on the Lost Soul, who breaks free, then turns and grabs Mathis through the cage, slamming his head against the steel! The Lost Soul adds another, then 3, 4, 5, 6 shots, busting Mathis open! Mathis slumps down to his knees, and the Lost Soul gives him one more bang into the cage before letting go, sending Mathis sprawling to the ground outside, immobilized. The Lost Soul turns and moves into the ring, where Lurrr has rolled to his hands and knees, trying to focus. The Lost Soul doesn’t let him, grabbing Lurrr and pulling him up, before giving him a gutwrench suplex across the ring! The Lost Soul then moves towards the now-down ladder, picking it up.*

Jones: The Lost Soul now has a real chance of winning this one, but he’s got to find the X Division Title! He’s got a 50/50 chance of it!

Logan: Yeah, but I don’t think he’s looking to use that option just yet, Jonesy. That look on his face says he wants a little more payback!

*A weary Lurrr uses the corner ropes to get himself back on his feet. He throws his head back, getting his long hair out of his eyes, which allows him to see The Lost Soul coming at him! TLS launches the ladder from his grasp, smashing it into Lurrr’s chest at full speed!! Lurrr drops to his knees, wrapping his arms around himself in agony from the shot. The Lost Soul isn’t done, though, as he runs forward, kneeing Lurrr in the head! The X Division champion tumbles out of the ring, out of commission for the moment, as the Lost Soul goes back to the ladder. He considers both boxes left above, neither of which seem to be within easy reach. A chant goes up from the crowd, with some saying “#1” while others are saying “#3”. A few smart-asses are saying “Take the deal!”. The Lost Soul makes up his mind, picking up the ladder and closing it. He aims, then launches the ladder up towards Box #3! The ladder makes contact, and immediately the box sparks with electricity, sending showers of sparks floating downwards as the ladder falls outside the ring!*

Jones: I guess that decides which box is the correct one!

Logan: Incredibly smart move there by the Lost Soul. No rule says you have to be close when testing a box!

Jones: Still, Box #1 is in a pretty lousy position, almost directly in one of the corners. I’m not sure a ladder will reach it over there! How’s TLS supposed to get the gold?

*Lurrr can be seen now, trying to get himself back up outside the ring. He has a large welt on his chest, probably from where the ladder nailed him. A few cuts are already bleeding down his pecs. In the ring, the Lost Soul sets up the ladder, near where the final box awaits. He climbs up, but every fan can see that he’s not going to be able to grab the box from where he is. Lurrr starts to come into the ring, seeing that he’s got an opportunity to take TLS out of this match. As TLS reaches out, Lurrr moves forward, almost falling against the ladder in order to tip it over!! The ladder crashes to the ground… as TLS hangs from the ceiling, having grabbed hold of the roof! He brings his legs up, out of Lurrr’s reach, then starts to climb along the cage, heading towards the box! Lurrr angrily stumbles away, going for the ladder, as the Lost Soul reaches the box and kicks it open, allowing him to get the X Division Title!!*

Jones: He’s done it! He’s got the gold!

Logan: Yeah, but there’s one thing you’re forgetting Jonesy, and it’s a doozy.

Jones: Huh?

Logan: The Lost Soul can’t escape without the key, and unfortunately, that key’s still around Lurrr’s neck!

Jones: Oh, that’s right! So this one’s really still anyone’s to win!

Logan: That’s right, it’s winner take all now!

*The Lost Soul holds onto the title as he continues climbing, going to the side of the cage. Lurrr picks up the ladder, bringing it back over towards him, trying to throw it straight into TLS’ back! But The Lost Soul, sensing the impact coming, lets go of the cage, dropping nimbly to the outside, as the ladder strikes above him and bounces off to the side. The Lost Soul moves towards the doorway of the cage, which is, of course, still locked, a fact that has occurred to Lurrr. He takes off the key and mockingly dangles it, catching The Lost Soul’s attention. TLS raises the belt in response, taking it and securing it around his waist!! Lurrr, furious, drops the key and slides out of the ring, going after his foe. But as he does so, the Lost Soul meets him, with the two men expending the last of their energies in a furious fist-fight that has the crowd on its feet!*

Jones: Where are these two possibly getting the energy??

Logan: Rage can give you a lot of fuel, Jonesy, and these two truly hate each other!

*Lurrr, by now, seems to have control, as he drags The Lost Soul back into the ring. He sets him, thinking about the Wake-Up Call, but he still looks angrily at ‘his’ title around TLS’ waist, so he moves in, pulling it off. He drops it, though, as The Lost Soul attacks, driving a bladed hand into his throat! Lurrr stumbles back, into the turnbuckle, and TLS follows, grabbing Lurrr, setting him up, then coming off with the Soul Buster!!! The crowd is going bananas as the aching TLS slowly rises back up, clutching at his back. In a lousy twist of fate, TLS landed on the X Division Title, injuring himself as well as Lurrr. He’s still the one moving, though, as he snatches up the title, then grabs the key off of the mat. He painfully crawls towards the door, as Lurrr, semi-conscious, rolls over, trying to grab TLS’ leg and failing.*

Jones: I think he’s going to do it! I think The Lost Soul is going to win!

Logan: Move, man, move! Get your ass out the door!

*With everything he needs in hand, The Lost Soul rolls/falls off the apron, then makes his way painfully towards the door. Lurrr is struggling to follow, but he’s still feeling the effects of the Soul Buster. The Lost Soul uses the key, fighting with the lock. It doesn’t seem to turn at first, but after a little more effort, TLS gets the clicking sound he wanted. He opens the door, then, relieved, starts to step out… and the door crashes back into him, sending him flying back inside!! Rick Mathis, back on his feet, yanks the door open after having kicked it into TLS’ face, keeping him from leaving! Mathis enters the ring, grabbing TLS by the neck and lifting him up, before bodily throwing him into the cage, causing it to give a massive shake!*

Logan: No, No, this is wrong!!! Mathis can’t get involved!!

Jones: No, he just couldn’t get into the cage, Anthony, at least until The Lost Soul opened it!!

Logan: DAMNIT!!!

*With the Lost Soul down, Mathis staggers over to the ring, helping to pull Lurrr through. Mathis basically carries Lurrr under one arm, dragging him towards the open doorway. Mathis has the X Title in his other hand. As they approach the doorway, though, Mathis suddenly drops both of his cargos, as TLS is there, giving him a low blow from behind!!! Mathis collapses in pain, as The Lost Soul beats on him from behind, grabbing his head and sending him reeling backwards into the cage! But as The Lost Soul turns back, looking for his main foe, Lurrr suddenly scrambles, grabbing the X Title and heaving himself forward, out the door!!!*

Minos: Here is your winner, and STILL the GCWA X Division Champion, Lurrr!!!

Logan: …. You lucky S.O.B.

Jones: Lurrr escapes by the skin of his teeth in this one! If it hadn’t been for Mathis sacrificing himself there at the end, Lurrr would have lost that title!

Logan: He deserved to lose it, Edds…

*Lurrr lays on his knees, outside the cage. He’s raising the X Division Title high in the air, celebrating his ‘clean’ victory over the Lost Soul. As he pulls himself up, though, he realizes that something is happening behind him. He turns, ready to swing the title, but he hesitates a fraction of a second too long, as he sees Mathis coming towards him! Mathis collides with Lurrr, knocking both men down, as an infuriated Lost Soul comes after them! TLS grabs the X Division Title from Lurrr’s hand, then smashes Lurrr across the face when he tries to stand!!! Lurrr plummets to the ground, unconscious. TLS delivers a title shot to Mathis for good measure, then, after a second’s contemplation, throws the belt down on top of them, before departing.*

Logan: Lurrr and Mathis are out! Clear some more room in the medical wing!

Jones: The Lost Soul may have lost this match, but he’s leaving with some dignity!

*As Lurrr and Mathis are checked on by medics, we go to a side-shot, showing Derek Mobley watching the action. He’s holding what looks to be a business card, possibly one that the Roman Empire had given him. He crumples it up, throwing it aside, although it’s hard to tell if he’s doing it because he didn’t want to call them in the first place, or if it’s because he know the Empire won’t be able to help him tonight, either. He walks away from the camera, looking in the nearby mirror as he leaves, considering himself. We cut back to ringside.*

Jones: It has been a wild night, hasn’t it?

Logan: I’ll say. Not a particularly great one, either. I mean, Lurrr’s still the X Division Champion, Organized Chaos is winning matches while taking out their rivals, Derek Mobley is all alone in the main event, this night’s turning into a disaster!

Jones: There’s a reason it’s called “Darkness Falls”, Anthony. We’ll have to see, though, how the night ends. Can Derek Mobley retain despite the odds? We shall soon see.

*The final video runs, showcasing the feud that’s led us here to the main event. We see Arryk Rage, sporting a Spongebob Squarepants toothbrush, as he plays the joker for the fans throughout the first month of the GCWA’s rebirth. We also see him dejected after losing both the stolen X Division Title and his match with Derek Mobley in the tournament for the World Title. Rage disappeared for a few weeks, only showing up in segments that seemed to place him in a mental ward. Derek Mobley, meanwhile, had to defend the title against Jobe Severity, in a match that Mobley barely came out as the champ for. After that match, Mobley was assaulted by someone using the Punisher mannerisms and moveset. But it turned out to be not the Punisher, but Arryk Rage, now in his “Twiztid” persona. Twiztid and Mobley became the focal points for a huge GCWA-wide feud, pitting Twiztid, the Payne Killers, & Organized Chaos against the House of Pain & the Danger Boiz. With the contract signing complete (and done in blood, in Twiztid’s case), it is time for our main event.*

Minos: It is now time for our main event of the evening! Are you ready? You should be! For tonight is a very special main event, a one-of-a-kind battle that could only be seen in the GCWA. Tonight, we shall witness Twiztid’s House of Terror!

*Some of the crowd boos, but many are still excited by the prospects of this new match, since very little information is known about it.*

Minos: The rules for this match are as follows. A cage wall has been left up beside the ring, while the rest of the cage was removed. This leaves a wall that is covered by weapons chosen especially by Twiztid. These weapons can only be used by Twiztid. If Derek Mobley uses any of these weapons against his opponent, he will be disqualified. Instead, Derek’s weapons will be provided by you, the fans. As mentioned in local broadcasts, you were told to bring whatever you wished to be used in tonight’s battle! While Twiztid is not allowed to use any fan’s weapons, Mobley can use any he sees fit.*

*The audience near ringside cheers loudly, hoisting up a wild array of weaponry that can be used.*

Minos: And now, introducing our challenger, he is a former ICWF & OCW World Lightweight Champion, and now appears to be the leader of a powerful organization, standing 5’10” and weighing 212 lbs, from Detroit, Michigan, he is Twiztid!!

*As “I Am Hated” by Slipknot plays, the fans start booing uncontrollably, still deeply upset on Twiztid’s actions as of late. Twiztid walks out of the back, looking around at the audience with his dark eyes. He is followed out by the Payne Killers, who look pleased to be there, wearing their GCWA World Tag-Team Titles. The three men walk down to the ring, with Twiztid already considering which weapon he first wants to start out with.*

Logan: What are the Payne Killers doing here? Seriously, are they just going to be blatant about this?

Jones: Unfortunately, Anthony, almost anything goes in this one, so the Payne Killers can be down here without risk of disqualification. This is clearly why the Danger Boiz were taken out!

Logan: As well as Warrick. Damnit, Derek’s facing at least 3-to-1 odds, and it might get worse before the night is through!

Minos: His opponent continues to be the face of the new GCWA. He has become an idol to millions around the country, and now seeks to continue his chosen path. Standing 6’3” and weighing 235 lbs, from Providence, Rhode Island, his is your GCWA Heavyweight Champion of the World!! Derek “The Thriller” Mobley!!

*The crowd hits a new high as “Shipping Up To Boston” by the Dropkick Murphys hits the speakers. Derek Mobley, complete with the World Title around his waist, walks out of the back, looking towards the ring and the men that are waiting for him. There is no smile on his face tonight. He is deadly serious, barely controlling his anger. He starts down the aisle, as the fans chant his name.*

Jones: Mobley’s had a pretty bad week, and it only looks to be getting worse here tonight.

Logan: Yeah, I can’t believe they thought our World Champion was a peeping tom.

Jones: And why make such a big thing out of it? The guy was only looking, after all.

Logan: *looks strangely at Jones*

Jones: What? A guy can’t have an opinion about something like that?

*The Bell Rings.*

*Twiztid has selected a Singapore cane from his collection along the wall, and is swinging it back and forth. The Payne Killers are un-armed, but they still looking ready to fight. On the outside, Mobley has taken a metal pipe from a fan at ringside, complete with strings attached to it. Mobley takes a deep breath, preparing for war. As he starts to head into the ring, though, “Leave You Far Behind” by Lunatic Calm hits, stopping everyone in their tracks!*

Jones: Hey, it’s the President!

Logan: Wonder why he’s out here? It’s not like him to interrupt a main event, especially at a pay-per-view.

*All of the wrestlers watch as the President, the Accelerator, walks out of the back, mic in hand.*

The Accelerator: Hello there, ladies, gentlemen, boyos. I’m just here for a second, so don’t worry, you’re getting your main event. I just needed to complete some business. Excuse me, Jason? Lukas? I can’t tell you guys apart that well, honestly, so bear with me. I wanted to let you guys know two things. One, you two may have gotten away with not wrestling on my pay-per-view this month, but those belts of yours aren’t just for decoration. This next Friday, you will be defending the World Tag-Team Titles… against the Danger Boiz!

*The crowd is happy to hear that. Jason & Lukas clearly aren’t. The President continues, ignoring the audience reaction.*

The Accelerator: Secondly, you guys were seen attacking two of my employees earlier tonight. That’s been happening a little too much lately for my own personal satisfaction. So, since neither of you had any matches tonight, and you’re not on the card, then get the hell out of my ring! You’re banned from the arena, and if I see you lay one hand on Derek Mobley tonight, you two will vacate the Tag-Team Titles and immediately be fired! Believe it!

*The Accelerator drops the mic and gives a short wave towards his ‘old pal’ Twiztid, before walking away through the entrance. The Payne Killers are beside themselves, yelling to the back, as Mobley looks at least slightly relieved. Twiztid turns to his two allies and immediately orders them away, confident that he doesn’t need them. The Payne Killers still hesitate, then eventually leave the ring. As they head for the exit, Derek surprisingly moves over towards them, standing in their way. They glare at Derek, who waits with a straight face, more than willing to take a hit if it means the Payne Killers are out of the GCWA. Jason looks tempted, but Lukas controls him, as they pass by Derek and head out of the arena.*

Logan: Now there’s a twist for you! The Payne Killers can’t get involved! That means Mobley’s odds just improved greatly!

Jones: Yes, but what about Organized Chaos? Are they banned too?

Logan: Ummm… well, I guess we’ll see if they get involved on Twiztid’s behalf or not. Crap.

*Twiztid still has his weapon in hand, waiting, as Mobley slowly walks up the stairs and gets on the apron. He steps through the ropes, raising his pipe, as Twiztid suddenly starts moving, coming in with his cane! He swings, with Mobley blocking the shot with the pipe! Twiztid swings again and again from above, with Mobley blocking it every time. A fourth swing shatters the cane, sending pieces falling everywhere, as Twiztid steps back, surprised. Mobley, grinning, brings up the still-intact metal pipe and comes in, taking a mighty swing at Twiztid’s head! Twiztid barely ducks it, diving away as Mobley swings again, trying to connect with his agile foe. Twiztid runs for the cage wall, looking for another weapon, but Mobley throws the pipe at him, causing it to hit Twiztid in the back! Twiztid falls to his knees, stung, as Mobley comes in after him.*

Logan: The champ’s in control! Metal always beats wood, gotta remember that, Twiztid!

Jones: Now Mobley’s got his chance to put Twiztid out of this one early. Of course, he’s got him near that cage wall… wait, is the cage wall legal? I mean, if Mobley uses it, will he be disqualified?

Logan: That’s a good question, Jonesy. I’ve got one for you: if Mobley’s disqualified, does he lose the World Title??

Jones: We need to have someone check that contract that Mobley signed. I wouldn’t be surprised, though, if that one’s hidden in some fine print somewhere in there. That’s why I never sign anything without my lawyer there to look it over!

Logan: Your lawyers?

Jones: Yeah, Cheatham & Fleesum. They’re a great law firm, Anthony, you’d love ‘em.

*Although they’re fighting near the cage, Mobley hasn’t bothered to make use of it, possibly because he’s worried about the same ‘clauses’ that the announcers are. He smashes Twiztid’s head into the nearby turnbuckle instead, rocking him as the fans count along to 10. With Twiztid dazed and confused, Mobley grabs him from behind and delivers a great looking belly-to-back suplex, bouncing the back of Twiztid’s head off of the canvas. Mobley stands back up, looking to the outside. He waves to a fan, who tosses him something. When he turns around, you see what he has in his hand: an electric taser!! He grins as he raises it in the air, getting the fans’ approval. He then steps forward, jabbing it into Twiztid’s side as the challenger tries to stand. Twiztid, though, pulls away from the taser end, then turns, grabbing a surprised Derek and taking him down with a legsweep! Twiztid then gets on top, punching away, as the useless taser lays to the side.*

Jones: Wait, what happened there? Twiztid’s immune to electricity?

Logan: Oh, c’mon, Jonesy! It’s clear what happened! That fan who tossed that one to Derek, he must be a Twiztid fan! He threw Derek a taser without any charge, allowing Twiztid to get right back into this one!

Jones: Oooo, that’s dirty!

Logan: That’s the problem with trusting the fans in a match like this. While probably 99% are on Derek’s side, there are a few scattered around to believe in the darkness like Twiztid does.

*With Derek rolling away, trying to regroup, Twiztid goes back to his wall, looking over his selection. He reaches up with a grin, getting what looks to be a baseball bat wrapped in barbed wire! He walks towards Derek as the champion pulls himself up, getting him from behind and gouging his forehead with the wire!!! Derek yells out in pain as his forehead gets a few more scars added to it! Derek starts bleeding from the cuts as he pulls away, trying to escape the torture. Twiztid, though, is having too much fun, as he takes the bat and runs it across Derek’s back, ripping through his shirt and adding several more cuts!! Twiztid looks at the bloody bat with fascination, as Derek stumbles to the side, wiping the blood out of his eyes.*

Logan: Man, no matter who wins this one, neither wrestler may be the same after this carnage!

Jones: Mobley’s face surely won’t be, if Twiztid has anything to say about it!

*Twiztid steps away, getting himself another weapon from his wall. This one looks like it’s a modified cheese-grater that will definitely do a lot of damage when used. He walks over to Mobley, who is leaning on the ropes. Suddenly, an object flies into frame, as a chair gets tossed Mobley’s way!! Mobley grabs it, shocked at how close it came to hitting him. But it’s come from a perfect angle, as Mobley’s able to spin and smash the chair into Twiztid’s head, taking him completely by surprise! Twiztid drops the cheese grater and falls to the ground, as Mobley moves over him, trying to get the victory… the referee, Mark Bell, drops down to make the cover… 1… 2… Twiztid kicks out!*

Jones: That chair shot was almost Twiztid’s undoing! I’m surprised he kicked out!

Logan: It was truly an incredible hit from Derek, but it looks like it’s going to take a little more to put this one away. So does that mean that a fan brought a chair here? Or did he or she just throw the chair they were sitting in?

Jones: Either way, as long as it didn’t come from Twiztid’s wall, I think it’s legal!

*Mobley brings Twiztid up, then immediately takes him to the ropes, tossing him over to the outside! Twiztid manages to catch the apron going down, which helps his fall be less painful, but it still wasn’t an easy landing. Mobley follows him out, looking to the nearby fans for their support. One girls hands him a drink, which Mobley thinks about drinking himself. However, possibly remembering the taser incident earlier, he instead throws it into Twiztid’s face, taking out some of the face paint! As Twiztid tries to clear his vision, Mobley grabs a vase of some sort from another fan, cracking it over Twiztid’s head! Twiztid falls, now bleeding as well, as Mobley gives that fan a high five and a thanks for the weapon. Another fan hands something over, and Mobley raises it up to hit Twiztid with it. He then realizes that it’s a round bologna! Mobley shrugs, then hits Twiztid with it anyway, continuing the abuse.*

Logan: It never ceases to amaze me what fans will bring for weapons these days.

Jones: Yes, including themselves! See that one guy there, with that sign? “My son wants to be a weapon”, indeed.

Logan: That’s just wrong.

*On the outside, the punishment continues, as Mobley has gotten a necklace from one of the fans and is busy choking Twiztid with it, trying to put him completely out. The two struggle along the apron, with Twiztid grabbing at the ropes for purchase. He pushes off the apron with his legs, sending both men toppling backwards into the guardrail! It’s a bad hit for Mobley, who slumps over in pain, holding the back of his head. Twiztid, gasping, removes the wire necklace and throws it aside, then pulls himself up. Both Mobley and Twiztid appear to be bleeding a lot, which is slowing each man down a little. Twiztid picks Mobley up and rams him headfirst into the apron, then rolls him back into the ring. Twiztid follows, taking a second to set something up on one side of the cage. He pulls off a blanket to reveal a complete portion of barbed wire strung out across the wall of this side of the cage! Twiztid, grinning, grabs Mobley and whips him in that direction, and Mobley goes back-first into it!!!*

Jones: Jesus!! Mobley’s caught in the barbed wire! His back is shredded!

Logan: I don’t know how much longer Mobley can go on! Hey, wait a second, what is Twiztid grabbing…. Oh no…. surely even he wouldn’t do that!

*As the referee works to try and free Derek from the barbed wire, Twiztid reaches up on the cage wall and pulls off what looks like…. a weedwhacker!! He turns it on, causing the tube inside to start spinning at a rapid pace. With a sinister grin, Twiztid moves in, intent on putting the weedwhacker into Derek’s side! The ref is pleading with him not to do it, but there’s really nothing legally that Mark Bell can do. Since it was on Twiztid’s wall, it’s legal. Twiztid swings it in… and Derek barely catches it with the one arm he had freed, stopping it from getting him! Twiztid tries to force it forward, as Derek desperately strains against it, avoiding certain bodily harm! He manages to shove Twiztid off-balance, sending him to the side, then, after taking a breath, yanks himself free!!! The fans groan at what that must have cost him, as Derek stumbles off, yelling out in agony.*

Logan: As bad as that must feel, it would have been 10 times worse if Twiztid had connected!

Jones: Definitely! Twiztid’s playing for keeps tonight! Now more than ever we know that the man known as Arryk Rage is gone.

*Twiztid is trying to get the weedwhacker started again, but when it hit the cage when Twiztid was off-balance, it seemed to damage something. He tosses it away, annoyed, then grabs something else from the cage, as Mobley gets the steel chair from earlier off the ground to use as a weapon. He goes towards Twiztid, but Twiztid turns, spraying some sort of hairspray into Mobley’s eyes!! Mobley drops the chair, blinded, which allows Twiztid to jump up and give him a hurricanrana, taking him to the mat! Twiztid makes the pin… 1… 2… Mobley kicks out, keeping his title for now. Twiztid, angry, grabs what could be brass knuckles off the cage wall and gets them ready on his fist. As Mobley tries to get up, still having trouble seeing, Twiztid clocks him under the jaw, knocking him backwards into the corner, where he takes a seat. Twiztid steps back, aiming, before running forward and landing the Star Struck in the corner!!! Mobley looks barely conscious, as Twiztid grabs his arms, yanking him out to the middle of the ring.*

Logan: Looks like Mobley needs a miracle here. Twiztid’s seconds away from winning away his World Title!

Jones: Yes, I think Twiztid’s match is really helping him here. He’s always been an expert with weaponry.

Logan: He’s also a well-versed high-flyer, which is where I think he’s going next!

*Twiztid climbs up the turnbuckle next to the cage wall, using the wall to steady himself. He looks down with delight at the downed Mobley, preparing his final maneuver. But Twiztid seems to decide that it’s not enough. He goes higher, grabbing hold of the cage wall and climbing up it! With inhuman balance, Twiztid gets to the top of the wall, ready to fly. The fans gasp as he leaps off, going for a shooting star press!!! But at the last moment, Mobley pulls over the chair near him, causing Twiztid to land on it instead!!! The impact stuns Mobley as well, leaving him hurting, but Twiztid took the full brunt, and is laying next to him.*

Jones: My god, Twiztid might be dead!!!

Logan: That was incredible!!! Mobley’s instincts saved him yet again!!!

*Wearily, Mobley starts to get up, leaving a blood trail behind him. Neither man has much blood left, guessing by how much is stained into the canvas. Luckily, this is our last match. Mobley leans on the ropes, trying to figure out his next move, when a fan comes running over, having jumped the guardrail! The security guards move in, but not before the fan hands what looks like a picture frame to Mobley! Derek looks at it, and we can now see that it’s not a picture, it’s a mirror!! Mobley turns to where Twiztid is working to get up. He shows Twiztid the mirror, allowing Twiztid to see where the paint has worn off his face. A second later, Mobley swings the mirror, shattering it across Twiztid’s head!!! Twiztid, still standing, looks completely out of it, bleeding from several different cuts. Mobley then steps in, grabbing him and delivering the Thriller!!! He makes the pin, with the ref, trying to avoid being cut himself by the glass shards everywhere, moving in… 1…. 2… 3!!!!!*

Minos: Here is your winner, and STILL GCWA World Heavyweight Champion, Derek “The Thriller” Mobley!!!!

Jones: He did it! Mobley did it!

Logan: Damn close one there, and I’m betting that Mobley will be joining Twiztid and Hill and the rest at the hospital tonight, but he’s still got the gold! Wait a second, who… that was Severity that just ran past us!!

Jones: Huh? What’s… oh no!

*As the announcers noticed, Jobe Severity has come to ringside. He slides in, running towards Mobley, who just noticed that he’s not done yet. Mobley tries to swing, but Severity’s much faster, grabbing Mobley by the head and delivering the Blasphemy!!! Mobley hits the ground, shuddering, as Severity looks towards the bloodied Twiztid, with a look that could be pity, or could be something else. Twiztid slowly gets up, figuring out what has happened. He glares down at Mobley, as Severity pulls the champion to his feet. Twiztid goes to the corner, hurting with every step. Severity follows, handing the champ to him, and allowing Twiztid to come off the ‘buckle with the Fallen Star!!! Mobley’s not moving now, as Twiztid and Severity stand over him.*

Jones: There’s nobody left to help Derek! It looks like, despite how things went, these guys are going to make sure that Derek can’t defend the championship again!

Logan: There must be someone in the back! Anyone? Damnit, where’s security??

*With a look of happiness, Severity waves to something at the back, and suddenly, the cross from earlier tonight starts to lower from the ceiling. However, something has changed about it. Before, it was right-side-up. Now, it’s upside-down. The effect of this is that the “W” on the cross has become an “M”. It is now dedicated to Derek Mobley.*

Jones: Are they going to crucify him upside-down??

Logan: This is insane!

*As Severity and Twiztid pull Mobley up off the ground, preparing for an evil deed, the lights go out completely. The fans cheer knowing something big is about to happen… Or is this one of Twiztid’s many tricks? The big screen comes on revealing that familiar pulsating silver skull. The fans recognizing the scam begin to boo. *

Logan: Not this crap again.

Jones: How stupid do The Payne Brothers or Twiztid think I look? Wait, don’t answer that.

*Smoke begins to fill the entrance way and then a single white spotlight hits the entrance way, right where a hole has appeared on the ramp right under the big screen. We then see a figure being elevated to the top of the entrance. The figure is kneeling down and holding a large, shiny object in his hand.*

Logan: Dude, is that, a sword?

Jones: Oh My God, Logan, it’s Conan The Barbarian!!!

Logan: Huh?

*The figure stands up, leaving the big sword stuck on the metal floor. He is looking right at the individuals in the ring. *

Logan: Wait a damn minute. I know that sword. That’s, no, it’s that GWO’s Gauntlet sword?

Jones: What?

Logan: It’s a sword awarded to the winner of GWO’s gauntlet. But, nah, couldn’t be.

Jones: WHO?

* “I CAME TO….. BRING THE PAIN!!!!!” blows loudly over the arena and we see some fans jumped back after hearing the loud roar of those words… Then, “Bring the Pain” By Method Man begins to play. Some of the fans cheer, some boo and some are still stunned or waiting to see if this is again Twiztid’s shenanigans. *

Logan: Jones, I think it’s him… I really think it’s Punisher this time!!

Jones: Nah, it’s not him… Just look at him…

Logan: Exactly look at him! Long wavy black hair… Dressed all in black, black boos… and that leather jacket… Only one man wears that kind of leather jacket Jones…

Jones: But we can’t see his face, I bet you is just another impostor hired by The Payne Brothers, since they’re banned!

Logan: Why would they do that, Jonesy? They have Mobley right where they want him already! I’m telling you, it’s him!

*The figure rushes to the ring, the spotlight following him. Jobe and Twiztid are ready for him as they have tossed Mobley to the side. The figure slides under the bottom rope and both Twiztid and Jobe begin to stomp him down. *

Logan: Would Twiztid and Jobe look that puzzled Jones? Would they be beating up their hired gun!?

Jones: Uh, no I guess not… but I’m still not buying it.

*They pick him up and double whip him to the ropes, the figure bounces off and ducks the double clothesline attempt by both men and then puts on the breaks. All three men turn to face each other and the figure nails Twiztid with an European uppercut that sends him stumbling towards the corner. Jobe grabs him from behind and turns them around but only to get grabbed and nailed with a jaw breaker! Jobe stumbles backwards onto the ropes, bounces back, right unto the figure who kicks him on the mid section. Jobe doubles over and then the figure hooks him between his legs, lifts him up into a crucifix position, then drops him hard with a sit-down power-bomb!*

Jones: Pain-bomb! Pain-bomb!! Logan! It is him! It’s the real Punisher!!!!

Logan: He’s really back Jonesy! I told ya!!

*Punisher tosses Jobe to the outside but Twiztid, not caring who he is jumps on him from behind nailing him with forearm shots to the back of the head. Twiztid then turns him around and whips him towards the ropes, Punisher bounces off and Twiztid jumps onto his shoulders and goes for a hurricanrana but Punisher holds on to his legs as Twiztid falls back and then wraps him up into an elevated sharpshooter! Twiztid tries to break free but Punisher sits on his lower back now, applying the PainKiller perfectly! *

Jones: Now that’s how you apply the PainKiller Logan!!

Logan: The big Pun is back and for once, someone comes to the rescue of HOP as opposed to coming in to join in the attack!

*The crowd is going completely wild now as they see Twiztid struggle to break free from the hold. The toll from his match with Mobley and from the pain of the hold finally get the better of him and his body goes limp. Punisher realizing this finally releases the hold. He stands over Twiztid, looking down at him as the crowd begins chanting: “Bring the Pain! Bring the Pain! Bring the Pain!” Punisher picks up the limp body of Twiztid and throws him to the outside. He then turns his attention to the down Mobley, who is actually trying to get to his feet. Punisher walks over to him and the crowd goes silent. *

Jones: Uh oh… Don’t tell me he’s going to go after Mobley too!?

Logan: Well Punisher always worked alone Jonesy… Maybe he didn’t come to make the save, he came to clean house..

*Punisher moves in on Mobley and then offers his hand! Mobley looks up, puzzled, or shocked even at who he is seeing. After a few seconds though, he grabs Punisher’s hands and gets helped to his feet! The crowd goes wild again. Punisher makes sure Mobley can stand on his two feet and then raises Mobley’s arm for the crowd to cheer him on. As he does, the lights come back on fully and we can now see Punisher’s face… *

Jones: Wait a damn minute!! That’s not Punisher!!!

Logan: It’s… it’s… it’s Marcus Ka’Derrion!!!!!!

*Mobley staggers away from Marcus, still looking at him as if he’s seen a ghost. The blood is running freely down Mobley’s face, showing that he must be still out of it. Marcus watches him, then reaches down and picks up the World Title from the ground. He hands it to Mobley, who takes it into his arms while still staring at Marcus.*

Jones: Wait…. He came down to Punisher’s music…. HE CAME DOWN TO PUNISHER’S MUSIC!!!

Logan: So, that means… Marcus is Punisher’s son??

Jones: My god!! My god!!! The mystery is over!! Blake Ka’Derrion was the Punisher!! And he came out to make the save for Mobley!!

Logan: What a shocking ending to this one!! We’ll have to get this straightened out next week, folks! We’re out of time!! Good night!!

*The credits roll on the bottom of the screen, as the fans start chanting Punisher’s name. Marcus doesn’t pay attention to them. He stares off down the ramp, where Severity is helping Twiztid head towards the back. Twiztid stares back, malevolence in his glare. Mobley, still looking completely lost, leans on the ropes and looks at his World Title, glad to still have it after such a war. The picture slowly fades out.*

Hope you enjoyed this one! It was a hell of a long write, let me tell you, and I'm almost shocked I'm getting it up on time! Whew! That being said, we have a few matches scheduled for this Friday, so listen up!

Caid Austin vs. Cowboy Tom Hookum

The Lost Soul vs. Amazing Lee

Mr. Excellent vs. Mikey Willis

The Payne Killers(c) vs. The Danger Boiz, GCWA World Tag-Team Titles Match

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