*As the PPV ordering screen fades away, it’s replaced by an almost completely-black screen. We start seeing images and videos from times gone by. A family sits down ready to eat at a picnic. An apple pie cools down on a windowsill. Kids playing baseball, trying to hit a home run like their heroes. A deep voice, the same one from last month’s pay-per-view, comes over your speakers, over-shadowing these iconic images.*

Voice: It has become the way of the world to live during the sunlight hours. Life begins inside the light. Plants grow. Humans mature. The earth thrives.

*As the narrator talks, we see other shots. A sunflower quickly growing out of the ground, due to rapid camera shots. A row of women, sunbathing in their comfortable chairs. The glow of the sun across a national park.*

Voice: But there are those in this world who are different from the rest. There are those… that live in darkness.

*As soon as the narrator says the word “darkness”, we see a brief flash of one man: Twiztid. He is looking at the camera, that evil glint in his eyes.*

Voice: For these men, pain is a way of life. Punishment is the way to happiness. Darkness is the only sanctuary. And evil deeds are as common as breathing.

*The shots begin to intertwine. Shots of the Payne Killers attacking the House of Pain, Derek Mobley and Warrick Hill. The involvement of Jobe Severity & the Organized Chaos stable. The revealing of Twiztid behind the “Punisher” masked man attack.*

Voice: These are the men that we fear. But they are also the men that good individuals will fight against, to preserve the light.

*Derek Mobley, Warrick Hill, and the Danger Boiz, Crazy Chris & Dangerous Dan, are shown standing in unity, looking towards the camera. They all look ready to jump through the screens and fight as a unit.*

Voice: For sometimes, it takes the strength of many to overcome the darkness… when it falls upon us…

*The pictures all fade away, covered in pitch blackness. A second later, the screen lights up, as we’re ready to begin!*/font>

*The banner disappears, to be replaced by the excited fans inside the GCWA Arena! Signs are shown, ranging from “Bifford’s Got My Wife’s Shoes!” to “If Ka’Derrion doesn’t reveal, we riot!”. Many fans appear to be wearing the new “House of Pain/Danger Boiz Union” t-shirts that were made especially for this event. We go to the announce table, where our usual guys are standing by.*

Jones: Hello, GCWA fans! You’ve reached the hottest ticket in town, GCWA Darkness Falls!! Tonight, we could very well see three new champions crowned! We’ve got 6 amazing matches, all of which could steal the show! I’m Edward Jones, and I’d like to welcome back my broadcast colleague, Anthony “Lightning” Logan!

Logan: Good to be back, Jonesy, although I will admit to still being a little sore. Still, I wouldn’t miss this one for the world.

Jones: Glad you’re here, Anthony. Too bad, though. I had fun working with the Accelerator. He’s actually a pretty good announcer.

Logan: You just liked him here because you could kiss up to him in person, instead of over Facebook. Anyhow, we’ve got a hell of a night tonight!

Jones: We’ve got grudge matches that have gone on for years! We’ve got rising stars looking for that big break! We’ve got two matches that have never even taken place in a GCWA ring before! It’s going to be a hell of a night!

Logan: Of course, the match most people are talking about is the man formerly known as Arryk Rage, the diabolical Twiztid, challenging our World Heavyweight Champion, Derek “The Thriller” Mobley. It’s a match pitting two legends of our sport against each other, and it’s guaranteed to be a violent one, as they will be fighting in a “Twiztid’s House of Terror” Match!

Jones: I still am not sure what that match will consist of, other than that the fans tonight were asked to bring weapons along with them! How scary is that?

Logan: It’ll be a wild one! Of course, our secondary match of the night could eclipse that one, as the Lost Soul is getting his rematch against the X Division Champion, Lurrr, in a “Boxes, Ladders, & Cage” Match! Honestly, after these two matches, I just hope everyone comes out in one piece!

Jones: We also have our Intercontinental Heavyweight Title on the line, as “His Legacy” Marcus Ka’Derrion will be putting the belt up against the #1 Contender, Dangerous Dan. This is almost sure to be a great match, but it’s being eclipsed by the rumors of who Marcus’ dad, Blake Ka’Derrion, really was. Marcus has said that he will come out to his father’s music here tonight!

Logan: I can’t wait to find out, Jonesy. I mean, I’ve got my own little “possibilities” list going from stuff Marcus has mentioned, but it would be nice to confirm which one is the right one.

Jones: In addition to those three matches, we’ve also got three other bouts that could conceivably headline on any other night! That’s how great our card is! We’ve got the #1 Contenders Gauntlet Match, pitting seven of our younger fighters against each other for a title shot in the future. We’ve got Warrick Hill taking on Jobe Severity, which will be an epic clash between the House of Pain and Organized Chaos. And we’ve got Tommy Crimson continuing his rivalry from OCW with the Big Bifford! What a line-up!

Logan: Yep, tell the Internet to prepare itself, because the blogs are going to go into overdrive shortly!

Jones: With that being said, let’s get to our first match! It’s all yours, Minos!

*The creepy giant, Minos, has already entered the ring. He looks around at the crowd, as they are already starting up some competing chants. Scott Caine, Crazy Chris, and Mr. Excellent are all heard coming from the fans. Minos ignores the chanting and gets down to business. He starts his call, as the referee, Mark Bell, stands behind him. *

Minos: Our first match of the evening is the #1 Contenders “Gauntlet” Match!

*The fans cheer, obviously already warmed up for a great night of wrestling excitement!*

Minos: The man who survives this match will be granted a title shot against any of the champions here in the GCWA! To win, he will need testicular fortitude, long-lasting endurance, or maybe just a lot of good luck. A random drawing took place earlier this evening to decide the entry of each competitor. Introducing first, standing 5’11” and weighing 212 lbs, coming to us from Key West, Florida, he is reportedly a mult-time World Heavyweight Champion in other organizations, here is Kevin Conner!

*The fans cheer as “Not Listening” by Papa Roach blasts over the speakers. After a few seconds, though, the music stops, as no one has appeared.*

Jones: Wait, are we having problems already?

Logan: Seems a little early for technical difficulties, but I guess I’d rather it happened here than later in the night.

*The music hits again, and finally Kevin Conner walks out through the curtain. However, he’s wearing street clothes and sunglasses, rather than wrestling gear.*

Jones: Is that how he’s going to wrestle? Strange. He doesn’t look too happy to be here, does he?

Logan: From what I’ve heard, since Conner arrived, he’s been complaining about everything, from the size of his locker room to the limo that picked him up from the airport. The guy’s already developing a reputation in the back.

*Conner doesn’t move down the ramp. The fans’ cheers are rapidly turning to boos, as Conner gets a mic he brought with him and lifts it to his lips.*

Kevin Conner: Are you kidding? Seriously, does anyone know who I am?! I am The Celtic Warrior Kevin Conner! I am the greatest professional wrestler to ever grace a wrestling ring and I walked in the back here at GCWA to this! The catering is garbage, my locker room, small, I'm not changing in front of these kids you call superstars, or stars of the future, I am the past, I am the future, and you can damn well bet I am the present! I am The Celtic Warrior, I am THE MEGA-SUPERSTAR, and I am better then GCWA, So I know I sold out this arena, but now I'm leaving the arena and you can take your crappy hotel accommodations, your crappy small smelly disgusting dirty locker rooms and want to be gourmet microwavable catering meals and shove it! Until you change, you wont be seeing the one TRUE star, because THAT'S JUST THE WAY I AM!

*The fans are booing heavily now as Conner drops the mic on the ground with a loud hiss of static. He flips off a couple of the fans as he starts to head backstage.*

Logan: You gotta be kidding me, this guy’s quitting already?

Jones: Apparently so, Anthony. The guy’s clearly got an attitude issue. Of course, you know how those GCWA contracts are. A fit like this is going to cost this guy a lot of money once Ace’s lawyers get involved.

Logan: Hey, I think it’s going to cost him more than that, Jonesy!

*The fans are still booing, but their attitude changes as Conner comes flying out of the back, tumbling down the ramp! He gets up to his knees, holding his arm, as the curtain moves to reveal Caid Austin! Austin comes down the ramp with a furious expression on his face, as Conner tries to beg off. But Austin won’t hear it, instead booting Conner in the face, then grabbing him and dragging the dressed-up wrestler to the ring!*

Jones: Whoa! I guess Caid Austin took exception to some of Conner’s comments, huh?

Logan: Yeah, that infamous temper of his is erupting again, and Conner’s the one who’s in trouble now!

*Conner gets roughly tossed into the ring under the bottom ropes, with Austin following him in. The ref moves to the side, listening to something in his earpiece. He then signals for the match to begin!*

*The Bell Rings.*

Jones: I think Ace just made an executive decision! He wants his money’s worth from this guy!

Logan: Yeah, looks like Conner is going to have to wrestle in his street duds.

*Austin pulls Conner up by the head, as Conner still seems to be badly favoring his right arm. Who knows what Austin hit it with behind the curtain. Whatever it was, it wasn’t illegal at the time. Conner tries to get away, but Austin doesn’t let him, instead lifting him up and delivering a thunderous t-bone suplex. Austin gets back to his feet, as his valet, Mercedes, makes her way down to the ring. She looks a little annoyed that Austin gave up a forfeit win in the match, but she’s still supporting her man. In the ring, Austin is on his feet, repeatedly kicking Conner in the ribs with the tip of his boot, sending him flopping in pain.*

Jones: Forget about winning this match, Conner needs to start thinking about some way to save himself!

Logan: Yeah, I don’t like the angle of his right arm. I think the ref might want to think about stopping this one.

Jones: After what Conner said about the GCWA? I don’t think the President will let him.

Logan: True. Ace always did take things personally.

*With Mercedes cheering him on, Austin brings the badly-wounded Conner back up. He gets him into a double-underhook, then drops him down with the Pain Tolerance, smashing Conner’s face into his knee! Conner is down, now bloody from the shot he just took, as Austin stands over him with a sick grin on his face. Mercedes starts yelling for Austin to finish it, so Austin nods and pulls Conner up one more time. He twists Conner into a reverse cobra clutch, the start of his finisher. Conner seems to start to struggle, but his arm is hurting him too much, as Austin spins into the Violent Outburst, knocking Conner out! He makes the pin, with Bell making the count… 1… 2… 3!!!*

Minos: Kevin Conner has been eliminated!

*The fans are cheering Caid Austin for once, if only because of what he did to a guy who was quitting before his first match. Conner is rolled out of the ring to the outside, as Austin waits for his next competitor. “Automatic” by American Pearl plays, bringing the fans to their feet as Scott Caine comes out of the back. Caine walks quickly down the aisle, ready to fight, as Austin waves him on.*

Jones: So Caine is next, which is a pretty bad draw for him, considering that many had him as a potential favorite in this one. Caine will now have to beat 5 men to make it to the #1 Contenders’ spot.

Logan: Well, I know he really wants to get revenge on Lurrr for that assault that took place last week on Inferno. He’s got to let that anger fuel him to continue on. Of course, Austin just got himself one victory, and he’s ready to get another!

Jones: I’m just glad Caine made it here tonight. I know he was having some difficulties with the local law enforcement in his area. I was afraid that they wouldn’t let him leave Los Angeles. I guess the GCWA lawyers worked something out for tonight, although I don’t really know what.

*Caine reaches the aisleway, with Mercedes standing in front of him, taunting the wrestler about his football dreams. Caine pushes past her and slides into the ring, but Austin is ready, stomping away on Caine’s back. Caine starts to get up, fighting against the shots, as Austin re-positions himself. He drops a knee onto Caine’s neck, sending him back to the mat each time Caine tries to get up. After a few more shots, Austin finally stops the ground punishment. Instead, he grabs hold of Caine and gets him up, before lifting him into the air with a stalling brainbuster! Austin immediately goes for the pin… 1… 2… Caine kicks out, keeping from losing his opportunity in record time.*

Logan: Austin’s definitely got the ‘high ground’ advantage. Every wrestler that comes after him will have to enter that ring in a vulnerable state. If Austin can keep capitalizing on that, he’s got a shot. A slim shot, but it’s still a shot.

Jones: He needs to concentrate on what’s in front of him first, Anthony. Caine’s still a long way from beaten. *Austin takes a moment to breathe, calming down a little, before bringing Caine back up. He whips Caine into the corner, rattling him against the pads, then comes in himself, leaping up for his double knee strike! But Caine moves out of the way, dodging the strike, causing Austin’s knees to hit nothing but turnbuckle!! Austin falls to the mat, grabbing at his legs as if they were on fire. Caine moves back into the ‘buckle, using it to catapult himself up with a springboard moonsault down straight onto Austin! The ref is close… 1… 2… Austin kicks out! Both men start to get up, with Caine sizing up his opponent. He leaps over Austin, rolling him up and getting the man’s shoulders planted on the mat! 1… 2… Austin barely gets free in time!*

Jones: Not surprisingly, we’re seeing a lot of quick pin attempts.

Logan: It makes sense, Jonesy. The quicker you pin your opponent, the more energy you save for later on in this one.

*Both wrestlers are back on their feet now, with Austin surprising Caine with a European uppercut that stuns him, causing Caine to lean back on the ropes. Austin latches onto Caine’s arm and sends him towards the ropes, then drops his head, looking for a backdrop. Caine, though, rolls over Austin’s back, landing behind him! Austin spins around, trying to get back in control with a clothesline, but Caine ducks under it, then leaps skyward, getting a spinning roundhouse kick that lays Austin out! Mercedes jumps up on the apron, upset, but Caine isn’t paying any attention to her. Instead, he makes the pin, yelling for the ref to keep his eye on the action. Mark Bell obliges, making the count…. 1… 2… Austin gets a shoulder up!*

Jones: Close one there! I hope the ref has been briefed about Mercedes’ penchant for interfering for her man.

Logan: I’m just glad Caine doesn’t seem that phased by her, although I gotta admit, she’s wearing some hot threads tonight. Too bad she’s not available, I’d love to see her after the show.

*Caine, by this point, has pulled Austin vertical, and has brought him to the corner. He starts to slam Austin’s head into the ‘buckle, but Austin blocks it, then elbows Caine, knocking him back. Austin then turns and charges out of the corner, hitting Caine with a clothesline that sends him doing almost a 360 to the mat!! Austin takes a second to wipe some sweat out of his eyes, then turns back to his opponent. He steps in, angrily dropping a couple of elbows onto Caine’s spine to weaken him further. Austin then signals that it’s time once again for the Violent Outburst!! He pulls Austin up, going for the reverse cobra clutch, but at the last second, Caine pulls him off-balance, dropping backwards into a different version of a roll-up! Austin’s legs struggle as he tries to get free… 1… 2…. 3!!!!!*

Minos: Caid Austin has been eliminated!!

Logan: Just like that, we have another man gone!

Jones: Nice move by Caine there to turn Austin’s finisher against him! Sometimes in a match like this, you don’t need your finisher to pull off a surprising victory.

*Austin looks enraged, as he slaps at the mat in frustration. Mercedes doesn’t look any happier on the outside. As Caine sits on his knees, taking a few precious seconds to get air in his lungs, Austin suddenly turns back to him, lashing out with a kick to the head! Caine crumbles to the mat, as Bell moves in, ordering Austin to leave the ring. Austin looks ready to k.o. the referee, too, but Mercedes is now in the ring, trying to contain her man. After a few tense seconds, Mercedes manages to direct Austin towards the ropes, sliding out of the ring. Austin still looks furious as the two depart, while Caine is still hurting inside the ropes.*

Logan: Damn, Caine’s in bad shape now!

Jones: Yep, and he’s got 4 more guys to go to get the #1 Contender shot. It’s not looking good for Scott Caine.

*”Final Countdown” by Europe starts to play, as newcomer Amazing Lee comes jogging out of the back. He looks excited by the fact that Caine is already down in the ring, so he hurries down the aisle. He jumps up onto the apron with one bound, showing his athleticism, then steps through the ropes. Lee moves over to Caine, opting for the quick approach, as he drops down onto Caine and grabs his legs, trying to pin Caine with no effort… 1…. 2…. Caine barely kicks out!*

Jones: Caine may be out of it, but he’s still got some fight left in him.

Logan: Keep thinking about Lurrr, kid! Get that fire going inside you!

*Looking a little surprised that he’s actually going to have to do some wrestling, Amazing Lee pulls Caine up, putting him in a bearhug. He wrenches away at Caine, using his large arms to do some damage. Caine struggles against the hold, trying to get his arms free, as he feels like he’s caught in a vise. Lee turns the bearhug into a slam to the mat, knocking the air from Caine, then makes the cover… 1… 2… Caine gets a foot on the nearby ropes, continuing the match. Lee looks pissed off, but he shrugs it off and gets Caine back up. He sends the weakened Caine into the ropes, preparing a large arm to clothesline him with when he returns. But Caine ducks under the attempt, then uses the ropes to spring himself into the air with a flying forearm!! Both wrestlers are now down, as the fans are cheering Caine on.*

Jones: Rookie mistake by Amazing Lee there, leaving himself wide open for that strike.

Logan: Now let’s see what Caine’s got left.

*Despite the strike, Amazing Lee is the first one back to his feet, blinking away the pain. He goes to grab Caine, but Caine kicks out. Lee catches the foot, realizing too late that this was a mistake, as Caine nails him with an enziguiri! Caine gets back upright, as Lee is on his hands and knees, stunned. Caine runs off the ropes and comes back with a tightly-aimed dropkick, scoring on Lee’s head!! Lee falls to the mat, barely conscious, as he lays on his back. Caine, seeing this, sucks up his energy and goes to the turnbuckle, climbing up. He looks almost off-balance due to fatigue, but he’s still able to get some altitude as he leaps off, landing the Sugar Caine!! With one arm, Caine makes the pin… 1… 2… 3!!!!*

Minos: Amazing Lee has been eliminated!!

Jones: That’s two for Caine! He’s looking like he’s hurting in there, but he’s still continuing his dream of getting that title shot!

*As Caine wearily gets up, “Youth Of The Nation” by P.O.D. starts to play. Mr. Excellent comes through the curtain, looking more ready than ever before as he makes his way quickly down the aisle. The fans are giving him a very good reception, happy that his family is once again whole.*

Logan: So Mr. Excellent draws #5, getting a later draw in this one. He looks pretty well-rested for a guy whose kid got abducted earlier this week.

Jones: I had that happen once, Anthony.

Logan: Really? I don’t recall hearing about that one.

Jones: Yes, the guy thought Johnny was his kid for some reason. He took him from my wife’s arms and nearly got away with it, although luckily police got involved and rescued my kid. To think, he thought my wife was unfaithful!

Logan: Er, yeah. Weird.

*Mr. Excellent steps through the ropes, as Caine gets to his feet, saving up some energy for the next fight. The two lock up, with Mr. Excellent easily pushing Caine backwards into the corner. The ref calls for the break, as Excellent steps back, only to deliver a shot across Caine’s chest. Caine staggers out of the corner, allowing Excellent to lock onto him and deliver his Russian legsweep, planting Caine on the canvas. Excellent then quickly drops onto Caine, grabbing his left leg to make the pin attempt… 1… 2… Caine somehow kicks out, continuing his run in the gauntlet.*

Jones: I don’t know what Caine could possibly have left in the tank at this point, Anthony.

Logan: He’s got a lot of heart, Edds, but sometimes heart only gets you so far in these kinds of matches.

*Mr. Excellent looks extremely confident as he pulls Caine up off the mat. But Caine suddenly grabs Excellent’s head and rolls him up, trying for another surprise pinfall! Referee Mark Bell, caught by surprise himself, dives in…. 1… 2… Excellent gets free. He rapidly shoves himself to his feet, angrily going after Caine, but Caine reverses him into a cradle! 1…. 2… Excellent kicks out, having barely dodged defeat twice. As Caine gets back up, Excellent jumps in, grabbing Caine’s head and landing a big DDT, ending Caine’s rally! With his opponent down, Excellent drops down next to him, putting Caine into a crossface submission hold! The ref, trying to stay on top of things, moves close, looking to see if Caine will either submit or pass out from the pain.*

Logan: Caine tried his best to steal a pin away, but now it looks like the technician is back in control.

Jones: Yes, Mr. Excellent certainly has the ability to apply many submission maneuvers almost perfectly, forcing his opponents into positions they were never meant to be put in.

*Caine is barely moving now, as Mr. Excellent continues to crank on the crossface. The ref moves in, checking Caine’s available arm. He lets go once, it drops. He lets go twice, it drops again. A third and final time, it drops, then comes back up! Caine pumps his fist, getting a last burst of adrenaline as he struggles to stand up, keeping Mr. Excellent from continuing with the hold. Caine gets to his feet, elbowing Excellent again and again in the ribs to get himself free. He then runs off to the ropes, rebounding and coming back… and Excellent catches him and throws him at an angle towards the nearby turnbuckle!! Caine goes over the ‘buckle, with his head looking like it might have hit the post. Excellent, shaking off the new marks showing up on his side, climbs up next to the unmoving Caine and sets him up, coming off the turnbuckle with a super belly-to-back suplex! Bell is right there as Excellent makes the cover, grabbing both legs… 1…. 2…. 3!!!!*

Minos: Scott Caine has been eliminated!!

Jones: Too bad. I thought Caine could win this one, but he just didn’t have enough left to get to the finish.

Logan: So now it becomes about what Mr. Excellent has saved up, as there are still two competitors to go!

*Mr. Excellent is back on feet, using the ropes for his own balance, as he watches Caine being helped from the ring. “Rock Star” by Kid Rock featuring Ludacris hits the loud speakers, as another newcomer, Ty Fierce, walks out of the back, wearing a muscle t-shirt. He stretches his arms back and forth, pumping himself up, then slowly walks down the aisle towards the ring.*

Logan: And then there’s this guy. Know anything about him, Jonesy?

Jones: Nope.

Logan: Me neither, other than I think he’s the tallest and largest man in this gauntlet match, which could mean that he can easily survive two men to earn that title shot. We’ll have to see what he brings to the table!

*Ty Fierce takes his time coming to the ring, a strange strategy since it’s giving Mr. Excellent some time to pull himself back together. Fierce climbs up the stairs and gets onto the apron, looking towards the fans and giving them a smug smile. He then steps himself through the ropes… and Mr. Excellent kicks the second rope, causing it to rack him!! Fierce tumbles to the ground, trying to protect his most valuable possessions, as the ref reprimands Excellent for his cheap shot. Excellent, never one to worry about what it takes to win, immediately goes on the attack, grabbing one of Fierce’s legs and stomping away on it, almost if trying to dislodge it from Fierce’s body!*

Jones: A lot of fire from Excellent here! He’s making sure that Ty’s size advantage is nullified right from the get-go!

Logan: That was pretty stupid way to enter the ring. I don’t blame Excellent for taking advantage of it. Fierce put himself into this position.

*Excellent continues to work on Fierce’s legs, planting an elbow into one of them, then the other. Fierce is yelling in pain, trying frantically to get away. It’s almost like he’s wondering what he’s got himself into by signing with the GCWA. Excellent applies a cross kneelock, working to hyperextend Fierce’s knee, causing more agony for the rookie wrestler. The ref moves around Fierce, looking for signs that he’s done, but Fierce isn’t giving up quite yet. He tries to pull himself free, looking for a release, and surprisingly Excellent gives it to him, letting go of the kneelock.*

Jones: That was strange. I think Excellent had Fierce in a bad way there.

Logan: He still does, Jonesy. It’s just that the kneelock isn’t Excellent’s preferred method of taking out a guy!

*As Fierce pulls himself away, possibly looking to leave the ring and get away from the pain, Mr. Excellent moves in, with a smile on his face. He quickly gets a hold of Fierce’s legs, looking to the crowd for support. They cheer, as Fierce desperately pleads for mercy, raising up both hands. He gets none from Mr. Excellent, who twists him around and applies the Execution, taking Fierce to a whole new level of agony!!! Fierce screams out, looking for any sanctuary from the pain he’s currently in. Referee Bell leans in, asking him if he wants to quit. It seems to remind Fierce of his options, as he immediately starts shaking his head yes, pounding on the mat! The ref calls for the bell, as Excellent continues the punishment for a few more seconds.*

Minos: Ty Fierce has been eliminated! Two wrestlers left!

Logan: Wow. Sucky performance by Ty Fierce in this one. Too bad, he has a great wrestling name, too.

Jones: I was definitely hoping for a little more from the guy, but that’s the way it goes sometimes. So that leaves us with two men. We’ve got Mr. Excellent, who’s already been in several matches to get to this point, and the man with the lucky draw, Crazy Chris!

*”Mental Health” by Zebrahead plays as the fans cheer on the final participant in the Gauntlet match, Crazy Chris! The masked man jogs out of the back, wasting no time as he runs down to the ring. Mr. Excellent sets himself, ready for Chris to come through the ropes, but Chris jumps up on the apron, then jumps again, springing himself over the ropes! Before Excellent can move, Chris crashes into him with a corkscrew splash, knocking Excellent onto the mat! Chris gets on top of Excellent, firing punch after punch, his determination to get this victory showing through like a lighthouse in a thunderstorm!*

Jones: And Crazy Chris is now in complete control of this one!

Logan: He’s several minutes fresher than Excellent is, Jonesy. That can make all the difference in a match like this. Hey, you think that anonymous mother’s here somewhere, checking out Chris’ assault?

Jones: We don’t even know if Chris is the father, Anthony. Dangerous Dan could easily be the one this lady’s looking for.

Logan: True. That’s a pretty strange way to announce “You’re a daddy”, isn’t it?

*With Excellent down in the ring, stunned, Crazy Chris goes to the turnbuckle, climbing up to the second one. He jumps off with a diving fist, dropping it onto Excellent’s forehead! Crazy Chris then makes the pin attempt, trying to secure the title shot for himself… 1… 2… Excellent kicks out! Chris is immediately back up, looking where to go for his next offensive attack. He goes off the ropes, coming back towards Excellent, who’s trying to stand. Chris goes into the air, possibly for a splash, but Excellent twists himself around, catching Chris and delivering a great-looking spinning powerslam!! Excellent lands on top, clutching at Chris’ legs… 1… 2… NO! Chris kicks out!*

Logan: Wow, that was close! Mr. Excellent took Chris completely by surprise with that one!

Jones: A few more moves like that and the stamina factor will be taken care of!

*Excellent, rubbing at an ache in his back, slowly gets up, with Chris coming up beside him. Excellent moves in, locking up Chris and lifting him for a piledriver! Chris fights, though, managing to twist to the right to reverse the attempt, with Excellent now in the air!! Excellent, though, immediately shifts his own weight, continuing the men spinning around, and now Excellent had Chris back up again. He sits down quickly before any other twists can occur, piledriving Chris’ head into the canvas!! Excellent takes a moment, breathing heavily, before he can get the strength to move over and make the cover… 1… 2… Chris kicks out at the last second!*

Logan: Man! If only Mr. Excellent could have gotten there a little faster!

Jones: Right now, I’m just impressed that Mr. Excellent has been able to take control of this one. The guy’s looking better than I’ve ever seen him! Honestly, who would have picked Excellent to be this close to winning the title shot?

Logan: He’s impressive tonight, that’s for sure. His kid needs to be kidnapped every week! …. What, Jonesy? Stop staring, I was just kidding! Honest!

*Mr. Excellent rises himself up, with Crazy Chris rolling aside, trying to get his equilibrium back. Excellent, though, senses opportunity, as he comes in, grabbing at Chris’ legs! Chris tries to fight, but Excellent twists into it too fast, as the Execution is once again applied!! Referee Bell approaches Chris, seeing how he’s doing and if he’s ready to give it up like Fierce did. Crazy Chris shakes his head no, trying to fight off the desperation that’s showing in his eyes. He pushes up with his arms, trying to shove Excellent off, but the man’s a bulldog, not letting go. Chris claws at the mat, gaining a little ground, struggling against the pain that’s threatening to overwhelm him. With one burst of strength, Chris throws himself forward, managing to get his fingers around the bottom rope!*

Jones: Whew! I thought we had another tap-out!

Logan: Someone tell Mr. Excellent that we didn’t!

*As Anthony mentioned, Mr. Excellent has moved away from Crazy Chris, celebrating as if he just got the victory and the title shot. The referee, checking on Chris’ condition, sees him raising his arms and heads towards him. The ref grabs Excellent’s arm, shoving it down, then lets Excellent know that Chris was able to reach the ropes. Excellent can’t believe it. He turns to head back towards Chris, but Chris is already up, having used the ropes. He steps forward, leaping up to get his legs around Excellent’s head, dropping him with a hurricanrana!! Excellent’s down, stunned, as Chris tries to pull himself up again, his legs obviously killing him right now. He goes to climb the turnbuckle, perhaps thinking about the Crazy Man’s Suicide, but it just hurts too much to climb, so he comes back down.*

Jones: We may have seen Crazy Chris’ last chance in this one go down the drain!

Logan: Yeah, how can he do that great reverse side kick when he can barely lift his legs? If he can’t manage his finisher, he’s got to find something else to use to put this one away!

*Chris hobbles over to Mr. Excellent, grabbing him as he gets up. Chris delivers a jawbreaker, cracking Excellent’s teeth together on top of his masked head, which sends Excellent stumbling back into the corner. Chris follows, punching away. He manages to get Excellent’s leg up onto the turnbuckle, then gets the other one, pulling himself up with him. The two get up high on the ‘buckle, with Chris looking for a super Frankensteiner. But Excellent starts fighting back, causing both men to teeter on top of the turnbuckle. They fight back and forth, with Excellent finally getting behind Chris and coming off the turnbuckle with a German suplex!! He bridges it when they hit, with both men’s shoulders on the mat! The ref makes the count, watching the shoulders closely… 1… 2… 3!!!!*

Jones: Oh my gosh, he did it, Mr. Excellent did it!

Logan: Did he, Jonesy? I thought Chris got his shoulder up. But did Excellent? I couldn’t see from here!

Jones: I don’t know, Anthony, I thought I saw his arm move. But one of them must have been pinned, or else the referee wouldn’t have finished the count!

*Both wrestlers get up, thinking that they’ve gotten the win. They both go to opposite turnbuckles, and as they start to pose, both notices the other guy doing the same thing. Confusion mounts, as the referee goes and talks to Minos, apparently explaining a decision. Minos nods, then comes forward for the official announcement.*

Minos: By official referee’s decision… via pinfall…. Your winner of the “#1 Contenders Gauntlet” Match is… Crazy Chris!

*The crowd cheers as Crazy Chris pumps his fist in the air, while Mr. Excellent goes over to the ref, upset at the decision. He waves his arm, showing that he thinks he got his shoulder off the mat, but the referee tells him that’s his decision and he’s sticking with it.*

Jones: So Crazy Chris takes a wild one! Man, I really thought… hey, do we have a replay of that?

Logan: Roll it, dudes in the truck!

*A quick replay runs, showing the final seconds of the match from a different angle. As the referee’s hand slowly comes down, you can see Crazy Chris clearly get his shoulder up. However, just before the ref’s hand hits three, Mr. Excellent’s shoulder rises as well!*

Logan: Damn.

Jones: It’s right there! Excellent got his shoulder up! We need to inform the referee!

Logan: It’s too late, Jonesy, once the ref makes his decision, the match is over. This one’s got to be passed on Ace’s office now. I think we just had our first major referee mistake!

Jones: That’s terrible, to lose like that! I hope the President does take a look at this one. I think Mr. Excellent got robbed!

*Mr. Excellent continues to argue with the referee as they both leave the ring. Crazy Chris is still celebrating with the fans at ringside, oblivious to the controversial ending to his match. As Chris moves down the aisle, we center back on Jones and Logan.*

Jones: I still can’t believe how that one ended! It’s been a while since we’ve had a referee blatantly miss something like that!

Logan: Well, he was on the wrong side, Jonesy. Mr. Excellent lifted his right shoulder, but the referee could only see that the left one was still down. I’m betting that something will be done in the future regarding this.

Jones: I guess we’ll find out. Right now, though, we’ve got some footage to show you from earlier today.

Logan: Show me? I’ve already seen it, man!

Jones: No, Anthony, I’m talking to the audience.

Logan: Oh. Right. Carry on.

*We cut away from Jones & Logan to go to the pre-taped segment. The screen shows us Marcus Ka’Derrion arriving at the arena. He looks focused and determined this time around as opposed to the last few weeks where he was a complete mess. On the corner we see the words “earlier today.”*

Jones: Well fans you will be happy to know that rookie sensation, Marcus Ka’Derrion showed up on time here today, so his match will go on as scheduled for once.

Logan: On time? I heard he was the first one here! Rumor has it he might have slept over here in the arena last night.

Jones: I really don’t think that’s true. What I hope will be true though, is us finding out who his father is. I hope he doesn’t try to trick us like he did at Inferno.

Logan: For the 500th time Jones, he didn’t trick us. He told us his father’s name!

Jones: I’m not arguing this point again with you!

Logan: Because you know you’ll lose.

*The camera switches to the back where we see The Accelerator walking down the hall carrying a black gym bag with him. He arrives at his destination, Marcus Ka’Derrion’s locker room. He knocks and after a few seconds Marcus opens the door, already dressed in his wrestling gear. *

Marcus Ka’Derrion: Hi Mr. President.

The Accelerator: Hello Marcus, glad to see you made it in. I have something for you.

Marcus Ka’Derrion: What is it?

The Accelerator: Something that I think you could use for when the time is right.

*The Accelerator hands Marcus the gym back. Marcus grabs it with a puzzled look on his face. He unzips it, looks at it and is about to take it out but before we can see the contents of it, The Accelerator grabs Marcus’ hand. *

The Accelerator: For when the time is right Marcus.

*Marcus nods and The Accelerator walks away after patting him on the shoulder. Marcus watches The Accelerator leave, appearing to understand what the President meant. He takes one more glimpse inside the bag and then zips it back up. The camera switches back to Jones and Logan.*

Jones: I wonder what Ace had in the bag for him.

Logan: Maybe it was some old promotional material of whoever his father is. Man, I wish the cameraman could have gotten a shot of that bag’s contents!

Jones: He can’t work miracles, Anthony. It’s amazing already how often he’s in the right place at the right time to get the shots for us. Heck, you’d almost think he knew where to be at any given time!

Logan: Nah, he’s just skilled, that’s all, Jonesy. So, are we ready for our next match?

*A quick review video runs, showing us some of the recent occurrences in the GCWA over the past month. The main part the video showcases is the war currently brewing between the House of Pain (Derek Mobley & Warrick Hill) & the Danger Boiz (Crazy Chris & Dangerous Dan) and Organized Chaos (Jobe Severity, Tommy Crimson, & Seizure), the Payne Killers (Jason & Lukas Payne), and Twiztid. Warrick Hill’s match-up with Crimson from last week’s Inferno is heavily featured, with Hill getting the win at the end thanks in part to Mobley’s Thriller on Crimson. This has led to this match between Hill and the leader of Organized Chaos, Severity. We cut back to the ring, where Minos is ready to speak.*

Minos: Our next match is scheduled for one fall and will be pitting two of the top wrestlers in the GCWA against each other in a match for the ages! First, he had a thrilling victory this past week over Tommy Crimson, a former ICWF North American & European Heavyweight Champion, standing 6’1” and weighing 220 lbs, representing the House of Pain, here is Warrick Hill!

*Warrick walks out of the back with a smile on his face, enjoying himself. As “Tom Sawyer” by Rush plays behind him, Warrick heads towards the ring, ready for action.*

Jones: We’re lucky Warrick is still here today to compete. It really does look like he’s gotten on the bad side of this Mr. Shapiro guy.

Logan: Luckily, Warrick has a legend backing him up. It was great to see Dean again, wasn’t it?

Jones: If you say so, Anthony. I’ve always preferred the Accelerator over Dean-o myself.

Logan: Suck-up.

Minos: And his opponent, a man who recently nearly won the GCWA World Heavyweight Title and is looking to get back to the promised land, he stands 6’4” and weighs 223 lbs, currently residing in Atlanta, Georgia, here is the leader of Organized Chaos, Jobe Severity!

*The chants turn to boos as “Day That Never Comes” by Metallica hits the loudspeakers. Severity walks through the curtain, making the sign of the cross towards all of the jeering fans hurtling obscenities his way. Alone, he makes his way towards his opponent, a pious smile on his face.*

Jones: I heard Severity’s suspected of burning down a church nearby his new residence.

Logan: I wouldn’t put it past him. This is a sick man we’re talking about here. I hope Warrick’s on guard, because Severity could come at him with anything today.

*The Bell Rings.*

*Hill and Severity begin to circle around each other, looking for an opening. They lock up, with Severity’s height allowing him to take control by applying a headlock. Hill tries to push Severity into the ropes, but Severity manages to drop to his knees, bringing Warrick down with him. He wrenches on Hill’s neck, as Warrick has to fight his way back up. They finally rise, with Warrick lifting Severity up into the air! But Severity shifts his weight, preventing the backdrop attempt. Severity then twists Warrick down, bumping Warrick’s head off of Severity’s knee! Hill staggers back, stunned, as Severity grabs him by the shoulders and falls backwards, causing Hill to go head-first into the mat! Hill lies there, trying to recover, as Severity sits up, taking a moment to bow his head in either prayer or thought. Either way, the fans aren’t happy.*

Logan: Severity has already taken control of this match, which is a little surprising, considering that Warrick is the veteran competitor.

Jones: It just shows how good a wrestler Severity already is. While his actions keep him from being a fan favorite, you still have to at least recognize that he has an innate skill inside the ropes that few other wrestlers possess.

*As Hill starts to rise up, Severity steps towards him, delivering a Mongolian chop to both shoulders! Hill drops to his knees, allowing Severity to come around him and apply a sleeper hold. He locks it in, apparently speaking to Hill as he does so. The referee, Thomas Mitchell, watches as Hill fights against the hold, trying to get some air into his lungs through his blocked windpipe. Mitchell keeps track of Hill’s location, but doesn’t seem to be asking him about submitting yet. Hill staggers around, struggling, as Severity tries to keep the hold in place. Severity doesn’t notice, though, where Warrick is taking him, as Hill suddenly shoves himself forward, ducking underneath the turnbuckle pad! Severity’s face crashes into the pad, stunning him and enabling Warrick to get free! Severity moves back for a second, as Hill catches his breath. He kicks out behind him, nailing Severity in the right knee and causing him to stumble away in pain. As Severity turns back, looking angry, Hill jumps up to the second turnbuckle and leaps off, getting a modified moonsault splash! Hill lands on top, as the ref dives in… 1… 2.. and Severity kicks free.*

Logan: There you go, Warrick, show him what a high-flyer can do!

Jones: Warrick certainly caught Severity by surprise there. But can he capitalize on it?

*Severity gets himself quickly to his feet, but he’s just as quickly cut down by a spinning heel kick from Hill. Warrick goes off the ropes and comes back, leaping high and dropping a leg across Severity’s throat! He makes the pin… 1… 2… Severity shoves his shoulder up, keeping the match going. Hill, looking a trifle bit disappointed that the leg drop didn’t work, brings Severity up, sending him into the corner. Warrick follows after, planning for a clothesline, but as he comes in, Severity pushes himself off and meets Warrick, grabbing him around the throat and throwing him backwards, sending him crashing to the mat! Severity jumps on top, making the pinfall cover, and as referee Mitchell goes down to make the count, Severity puts his feet on the ropes! 1… 2…. Warrick barely kicks out!*

Jones: I thought that was going to be it! Severity nearly stole this one!

Logan: That ref needs to open his eyes. Severity was right in front of him, cheating, and Mitchell didn’t see it!

*Both men get to their feet, with Severity in control. He grabs Hill from behind and lifts, landing a German suplex. Severity’s still got his arms locked, though, bringing Hill up again and getting in a second suplex, then a third! By the time the fourth one lands, Hill looks to be on dream street, a place he’s been known to frequent a lot using other means. Severity tries for another pin, holding onto both legs… 1… 2… Warrick raises his arm, stopping the count. Severity, now looking a touch annoyed, brings Hill up and locks on a half-nelson. He doesn’t bother to attempt grabbing under the other arm, though, as, instead, he hooks Warrick’s other leg, flips him upside-down, then drops with a half-nelson driver!! Severity once again makes the cover… 1… 2… NO! Warrick’s still moving!*

Logan: Close one there. That half-nelson driver looked like it could have put Warrick out of this one.

Jones: Severity is doing a great job in this match of controlling the pace. Warrick needs to start getting things going at a different rhythm if he wants to make a comeback.

*Jobe slowly brings Warrick up, once again talking to him as he does so. It’s for Warrick’s ears only, as the mic can’t pick up the discussion, although knowing Jobe, it’s religious in nature. He goes to throw Hill into the corner, but Hill reverses, sending Severity instead. Severity hits hard, back-first, and is immediately met by a charging Hill, who jumps up, slamming a knee into Jobe’s chest. Hill then comes off the ‘buckle with Severity’s head in his grasp, bringing him back down with a bulldog! Severity, hurt, moves away, trying to pull himself up, but Warrick has gotten a second wind, as he quickly climbs up the turnbuckle. As Severity stands and starts to come back, Warrick takes flight, nailing Jobe with a missile dropkick! Hill makes the quick cover, trying to keep Severity’s shoulders glued to the canvas… 1… 2… NO, Jobe manages to get free at the last second!*

Jones: Somehow I knew that this was going to be a good one!

Logan: I’m amazed that Warrick’s able to go this well after the war he was in last week against Tommy Crimson. I mean, I know he’s a tough guy and all, but you’d think he’d be still hurting from some of the shots he took in that one.

Jones: It makes you wonder what he took before the match to help him with that pain.

Logan: What, you thinking painkillers? That doesn’t sound like Warrick’s style. He’s into more medicinal pharmaceuticals.

Jones: Isn’t marijuana a pain killer, in a way?

Logan: Er…

*In the ring, Warrick brings Severity up, dragging him towards the corner. With Severity’s head in his grasp, Hill heads up the turnbuckle, spinning off of it with a tornado DDT!! Severity’s barely moving, as Hill tiredly rolls over to make the cover… 1… 2… Severity gets his arm up, preserving the match. Hill, not too bothered by it, moves off, preparing his elbow for the Joint! He waits, watching Severity climb up. Referee Mitchell, though, suddenly moves in front of Hill, blocking him as he hurries in his direction! Hill, confused, pushes the ref out of the way, but Mitchell just moves around him, heading behind Hill, where Seizure is suddenly up on the apron, threatening to come in!*

Logan: What the hell? That weird, cross-dressing freak is here!

Jones: Ok, for a second there, I thought Mitchell was saving Severity!

Logan: Well, something’s going on! Why else would he be out here?

Jones: He’s here to distract, Anthony, and he’s doing a good job of it!

*Hill backs away from the commotion, possibly more disgusted with the dress Seizure is wearing than with the man’s potential interference. He turns back around… and Severity nails Hill in the head with a small cross!!! Severity tosses the cross away, sending it sliding outside the ring, where Tommy Crimson is standing! Crimson takes the cross and hides it from the referee’s eyes, as Severity grabs the dazed Hill, who is now bleeding from a wound on his forehead. Severity does a quick sign of the cross, then drops Hill with the Blasphemy, adding to his injuries! Severity makes the cover, as Mitchell finally turns back to the action, looking surprised. He goes down to make the count… 1… 2… 3!!!!*

Minos: Here is your winner… Jobe Severity!!

*The fans are booing heavily at the decision, not seeing how the referee didn’t know about the interference. Referee Mitchell shrugs at the booing fans, then turns and leaves the ring, not looking back as Severity stands over the downed Hill and makes the sign of the cross. Then, without warning, Severity grabs Hill’s legs, putting him into the King James Version submission hold!! Severity yanks back on the legs, trying to do more damage, as Seizure and Crimson come into the ring. Seizure joins in, kicking at Warrick’s already-injured head and stomping on his out-stretched fingers, while Crimson stays back, holding the bloody cross. Severity, meanwhile, is shouting a bible scripture, as he tries to destroy Warrick’s legs.*

Jones: We need some help out here! Warrick Hill is being dismantled before our eyes!!

Logan: What a terrible ending to this one! Damnit, this isn’t right!

*Severity continues the pressure, as Seizure backs off, looking skyward as a large cross is lowered towards the ring! On the cross is a large “W”. It’s the cross that was especially made for Warrick by Severity! Seizure guides it down, a grin on his face. Crimson has moved to the side. He looks a little reluctant about this.*

Jones: Oh my god, are they going to crucify Hill??

Logan: Not while I’m around!

*A mic can be heard, bouncing on the ground, as Anthony Logan drops his headset and prepares to enter the ring. At the same time, cheers start to erupt, as Derek Mobley and the Danger Boiz come racing down the aisleway, sliding into the ring! Severity releases the hold and leaves, as do Crimson and Seizure, although Derek nearly gets a hold of Seizure, tearing his dress. The three members of Organized Chaos head up the aisle, departing, as Derek checks on his injured comrade and the Danger Boiz stand guard. Anthony Logan has entered the ring as well, calling for help from the medics, as Warrick isn’t moving. He’s wearing a very bloody mask. We head off, going to a PPV commercial break (basically selling the fans on anything GCWA!)*

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