*The PPV ordering screen fades away, letting you know that your purchase went through. It’s time for some wrestling! Before anything else gets started, though, a shot comes up from a backstage area of the Pepsi Center in Denver, Colorado. Several people in suits can be seen, moving back and forth, each reading some papers in the files they are carrying. The camera looks around the large room, eventually settling on the President of the GCWA, the Accelerator! A cheer goes up from the Denver fans, who are watching this live, just like you. The Accelerator, dressed in a nicely cut suit of his own, is discussing something with one of the other men.*

The Accelerator: So you’re telling me, what, he’s got something?

Lawyer: I’m saying that, if this did go to court as a contract case, that you might find yourself liable. If they got the right judge, you could face substantial financial repercussions.

The Accelerator: Damnit. Why do I even pay you guys to put together these contracts if you’re going to leave loopholes like this??

Lawyer: Actually, we didn’t design this contract. It was one of your standard ones you had at the re-opening.

The Accelerator: Right, right. Pass the buck to the old lawyers. So what should we do?

Lawyer: Let us keep looking, see what we can find. Right now, though, it’s not looking good.

*The Accelerator balls up the piece of paper in his hand, already thinking of what options he has open to him. He moves off to the side, talking with another person, as the picture slowly fades out.*

*The picture returns shortly, showing what looks like a heart beat monitor found in almost every hospital in the free world. It is beeping away at a steady rate. The voice of the narrator begins to speak.*

Voice: People live their lives sticking to the status quo. They hope for their days to pass as uneventful as possible. Change is not expected, nor is it sought out.

*The heartbeat continues, flashing across the screen in jagged lines, continuing its steady pace.*

Voice: But, sometimes, in life, change… is inevitable…

*For a second, the face of Tommy Crimson appears on the monitor, apparently laughing away. The heartbeat begins to speed up.*

Voice: Sometimes a cycle is begun, wherein chaos takes over. Changes will come in rapid succession, unseating everything that has become commonplace. Sometimes, the circle does not hold.

*Various shots begin to appear on the monitor. We see Harvey Danger laid out by his former partner, leaving him the sole holder of the Tag-Team Titles. We see Dangerous Dan and Robert Santana trading the Television Title back and forth. We see Lurrr raising up the X Division Title, which fades into Steve Wilson holding the belt the same way. The Lost Soul appears, carrying the Intercontinental Title, but he is soon replaced by Lurrr. All the while, the heartbeat continues to go faster and higher on the charts.*

Voice: These events can be handled in one of two ways. Either the system itself cannot handle it, and it falls apart, or the wave continues to build… to a final Crescendo…

*The monitor displays the final moments of the Tommy Crimson/Marcus Ka’Derrion match, with referee Thomas Mitchell counting away while Crimson hangs onto the tights. The announcers are heard, horrified at what just happened. Crimson stands in the ring, holding up the World Title, while Ka’Derrion’s image is shown to the side, not taking his eyes off the man. The heartbeat soars upwards in its final arc, seemingly going completely off the monitor. It explodes the system in a shower of sparks, leading into a heavy rock theme and the logo for the PPV!!*

*The camera begins flying down, as if on a zip line, showing us the screaming fans stuffed inside the sold-out Pepsi Center in Denver, Colorado! Amazingly, the place seems packed to the rafters, showing that the popularity of the GCWA is building even outside of Texas. One camera shot focuses on a couple of young boys with their fathers in the front row, each holding up a sign. One has an image of Tommy Crimson on fire, with Ka’Derrion holding a fire extinguisher (but not using it). The other has a simple message: “Marcus Is My Hero!” The cameras circle around the arena, showing another group of fans who apparently are supporting the Roman Empire. They are wearing the Empire’s gear and are raising signs proclaiming Tommy Crimson the future of wrestling. After a few more shots, the cameras swing around, taking us to Jones and Logan at the announce booth.*

Jones: Hello, everyone, and welcome to GCWA Crescendo 2009!! I am Edward Jones, here with my broadcast partner, Anthony “Lightning” Logan, and do we have a show for you!

Logan: Oh, yeah, Jonesy, it’s an amazing one! Every title in the GCWA is going to be on the line tonight!! We could seriously have 5 title changes!

Jones: Yes, and nothing could be bigger than our main event, pitting the new World Champion, Tommy Crimson of the Roman Empire, against the former champion, Marcus Ka’Derrion, in a “Ladder” Match!

Logan: I can’t wait for that one, man! Marcus finally gets his shot to reclaim his gold, and this time no referees are going to be able to make a difference! The winner is simply the guy who can climb the ladder to the gold first!

Jones: Also tonight, we’ve got a historic “Xscape” Match featuring not one, but TWO titles on the line, as the Intercontinental Champion, Lurrr, the X Division Champion, Steve Wilson, and a former champion, The Lost Soul, go at it to decide who walks out with which belt!

Logan: I am hoping heavily that Lurrr finds himself without gold by the time this night is over! Wouldn’t that be just tremendous?

Jones: Indeed. We’ve also got a blockbuster Four Way Match for the Television Title, and the GCWA World Tag-Team Titles will be on the line, with the President, the Accelerator, in action! Could this night be any bigger?

Logan: Who knows, Jonesy? Of course, I gotta admit, I’m curious about what’s going down in the back. Rumor has it Ace has a major legal issue on his hands, but I still don’t know what it’s about.

Jones: I’m sure we’ll find out sooner or later, Anthony. Probably tonight, knowing how things work around here. With that being said, we’ve got a video from about an hour or so ago, taped in the Roman Empire dressing room. It has a major impact on one of our matches here tonight.

*We switch to a shot of the locker room of the most hated group in the GCWA. Tommy Crimson is there, shining up the World Title, while Lurrr and Rick Mathis are talking about Lurrr’s upcoming match in the corner.*

Lurrr: So you know the plan, right? This is going to be great night for the Empire.

Rick Mathis: Man, there are no worries. The Lost Soul is about to be embarrassed and Steve Wilson? This might be your easier match ever.

Lurrr: You just keep your eyes open. I know you’ve got a target on your back.

Rick Mathis: Yeah, but I don’t give a fuck. If The Lost Soul wants to meet me somewhere in the arena, we’ll settle things there. I’m all for a big fight to soften the little shrimp up for you. So where’s the beer?

Tommy Crimson: It’s over there. I can’t drink tonight because then Ace might test me and get me to forfeit. He wants to get the belt back on Marcus, so that I don’t destroy the GCWA. Tough shit for him.

Rick Mathis: Well, that doesn’t stop me from drinking.

*Mathis swings the cooler open and grabs a couple of beers. He offers one to Lurrr, who, not giving a shit about what Ace thinks, takes it. Mathis pops his open and takes a few drinks, while Lurrr turns to Crimson.*

Lurrr: Tonight’s your night, Tommy. Enjoy it. Put Ka’Derrion on a one-way trip to the hospital so that he doesn’t bother the Empire again.

Tommy Crimson: It will be done, Lurrr. I swear it.

Rick Mathis: I made the shot… you have to… drink….

Lurrr: What’d you say, Rick?

*Lurrr turns to Mathis, who has a dazed expression on his face. With no more warning, Mathis falls forward, breaking the bottle of beer as he hits!! Lurrr rushes over to him, with Crimson right behind him. Mathis is out cold as they roll him over. Lurrr looks down at the beer that he’s yet to drink, realizing for the first time that there is a face painted on the bottle. It’s the design of The Lost Soul. Lurrr flings the bottle against the wall, pissed. He tells Crimson to go get the medic, as the picture fades out.*

Jones: At last report, Mathis is doing fine, although apparently there was something in the beer that has left him pretty inebriated.

Logan: And I’m sure that’s the plan that The Lost Soul had all along. He said he wanted to make sure Mathis didn’t interfere later tonight in their match. Of course, I thought he was going to try to injure Mathis, but I guess that was all part of his mind games.

Jones: I wonder how he was able to get into their locker room and switch stuff out? Think The Lost Soul has connections on the GCWA staff?

Logan: I wouldn’t be surprised if he did. The guy’s got fans everywhere. So Mathis is out, but luckily, the two guys in matches didn’t touch the beer, so they’re still good to go.

Jones: Well, we’ve got some great matches to get to, and I think it’s time we got started!

Logan: Ooooo, can I do it?

Jones: Sure, Anthony, by all means…

Logan: Roll the clips!

*The video clips begin to run, showing Dangerous Dan in the midst of his record-setting first reign as GCWA Television Champion. We see his match against Robert Santana, a hotly-contested affair with Santana managing to get the Sensei-Tion for the victory and the title. Clips of Santana wrestling against Scott Caine are next shown, with Santana retaining the belt in another close match. Caine’s reaction to the loss, as well as his loss at the PPV, are documented. The next clips are of Dangerous Dan/Santana II, this time with Dan winning at the end, winning back the belt. Dan and Santana’s respect for each other are shown, as is Caine’s hatred of them, with Caine wearing a Crazy Chris mask down to the ring for his match against Dan. Caine was later disqualified when his manager interfered, keeping Dan the champion. The events after that match are focused on, with Caine knocking out Dan with the Television Title, Santana making the save, and Ace Aldridge entering the fray to stop Caine from stealing the belt. The four men are shown in different poses, each taking their own approach to tonight’s match. The video wraps up, sending us back to ringside, with Minos already in the ring.*

Minos: The next match is scheduled as a Fatal Fourway Elimination Match for the GCWA Television Title! The last man standing will be named the champion, earning the position of the hardest-working man in the federation. Introducing first, he is wrestling in his first PPV match and his first title match in the GCWA, standing 6’5” and weighing 254 lbs, from El Paso, Texas, here is “The Cowboy From Hell” Ace Aldridge!

*Aldridge walks out to “Cowboys From Hell” by Pantera, but his reaction is not as large as it has been in the previous weeks. This is mostly due to Aldridge not competing in Texas, his home turf. Nonetheless, a few cheers are there as the third-generation wrestler walks down to the ring.*

Logan: Aldridge is the unknown factor in this match. He’s said to have a lot of talent, but it was still a surprise for him to be placed into a title bout so soon.

Jones: The President has always been keen on testing talent early, Anthony. This is Aldridge’s big chance to make a great first impression. He needs to prove that he belongs in that ring with the rest of the contenders.

Minos: Now entering the arena, he is a long-time competitor in the GCWA, standing 6’3” and weighing 227 lbs, from Los Angeles, California, here is Scott Caine!

*The boos are heavy for Caine as he comes out to “Automatic” by American Pearl. Caine is alone as he walks down the aisle, ignoring the catcalls and threats coming his way from the riled-up fans.*

Logan: Hey, where is Sampson? I thought for sure Caine’s manager was going to be part of the action here tonight.

Jones: Strange. I wonder what happened to him. Caine doesn’t seem particularly worried about him not being around, though.

Logan: Yeah. Really, there’s something in that guy’s eyes… I don’t know, it creeps me out a little.

Minos: Our third competitor has worn the gold before, being a former GCWA Television Champion… he stands 6’3” and weighs in at 235 lbs, from Washington DC, here is Robert “The Sensei” Santana!

*The fans return to cheering, as they’re always happy to root for Santana. The martial artist comes out to “Sandstorm” by Darude, clearly prepared to fight. He bows to the crowd before making his approach to the squared circle.*

Jones: Santana was said to have been on another life-or-death quest this past week, this time hiking through freezing temperatures and treacherous mountains of ice.

Logan: The dude is a risk-taker. I can admire that about him, although I bet his wife and kid aren’t as happy about it.

Jones: True, you’d think a father would spend more time with his children.

Logan: Yep. Someone like you, right, Jonesy?

Jones: Hey, I see my kids as often as I can!

Logan: Your kids… he he he…

Minos: And now, introducing our final combatant… he is a multi-time champion in the GCWA, building on his already-respected career… standing 5’11” and weighing 220 lbs, from Smithville, Tennessee, with his new manager, Sinister Shae, here is the GCWA Television Champion, Dangerous Dan!

*”Kill The Headlights” by Rev Theory begins to play, taking the atmosphere in the Pepsi Center to new heights. The crowd cheers loudly as Dangerous Dan steps out, the Television Title in his hands. Sinister Shae, the cop that Dan hired as his manager this week, joins him out on the stage. Dan, pumped up by the reaction, raises the belt in the air, then steps down the ramp, already staring at his three opponents in the ring.*

Logan: It was great to hear that Dangerous Dan’s mother was rescued by the police after being kidnapped this week.

Jones: Satisfactory conclusions are always hoped for, Anthony. Of course, Dan’s brother, Crazy Chris, is still in bad shape. Y’know, there have been a lot of accusations that Dan might have had something to do with his brother’s injury.

Logan: Yeah, well, they’re mostly coming from people like Caine, who want to discredit the champion. Let me state publicly once and for all that there is no evidence that Dan had anything to do with his brother’s injuries. In fact, aren’t the guys who got arrested in the kidnapping suspected of the attack?

Jones: I believe so, Anthony, although that’s not going to stop speculation from growing.

Logan: Ain’t that the truth. Someone told me earlier this week that they believed that Michael Jackson faked his own death.

Jones: It makes a good conspiracy story, doesn’t it?

*The Bell Rings.*

*With the start of the match, referee Trixie shows the Television Title to all four competitors, then hands off the belt. As soon as she’s out of the way, Dangerous Dan is charging forward, leaping into the air and surprising Caine with a splash! Dan follows that up by flinging a series of punches, with Caine trying to block as many as he can. Caine comes back with a tackle, bringing both wrestlers to the ground. They keep fighting, oblivious to the other opponents. Aldridge seems a little taken aback by the ferocious start between the two men. Unfortunately for Aldridge, this leaves him wide open, as Santana comes in, chopping away on the young wrestler! Santana follows that up with a whip to the other side, sending Aldridge crashing into the ‘buckle, while Caine and Dan, still brawling, roll out of the ring!*

Logan: Man, the intensity level between Caine and Dan is incredible!

Jones: There is a lot of hatred between those two. Caine basically admitted this week that he is jealous of Dangerous Dan’s success in the GCWA, while Caine has yet to hold a title.

Logan: Caine also mocked Dan, calling him a murderer. That’s enough to drive anyone over the edge.

Jones: Of course, they both need to remember that they’re not the only guys in the match. Focusing on one opponent will leave you open to a sneak-attack from someone else.

*On the outside, Caine has gotten control, sending Dan back-first into the guardrail. The fans rally around Dan, even as Caine comes back, apparently trying to clothesline Dan into the crowd! But Dan ducks the maneuver, with Caine, off-balance, having to grab the rail for support. Dan uses his moment, kicking Caine’s legs out from under him and causing him to do a ‘chin-up’ on the steel rail! Caine slumps to the ground, with Dan continuing to pursue him. Sinister Shae can be seen in the background, cheering on his guy, as Dan continues the assault. In the ring, Santana is dominating Aldridge, currently holding the man in a hammerlock, with Aldridge, on his knees, struggling to get free. Santana works over the arm, while Trixie watches for any submission. Aldridge, though, won’t give up, so Santana releases the hold, planning to try something else to put the rookie away.*

Logan: Santana’s looking pretty strong against Aldridge, keeping the large wrestler on the mat.

Jones: Santana’s proven himself to be a very intelligent wrestler. He has his own issues with Dangerous Dan and Caine, but since they’re busy wearing each other out, he’s working on getting rid of the other potential threat in the match.

Logan: Yeah, Aldridge hasn’t exactly shined so far in this one, has he? Still, in a match like this, anyone can turn things around at any time.

*Aldridge starts getting up, clearly favoring his right arm, which was in the submission hold for a good amount of time. He turns, trying to figure out why the attacks stopped. It turns out that the reason they did was because Santana was waiting for him to get up. Santana comes in, grabbing Aldridge by the head. Before the Cowboy From Hell can react, Santana drops with a diamond cutter!! Aldridge is down, with Santana moving on top of him to make the cover… 1… 2… but Aldridge kicks out at the last second, staying in the match. Santana goes back to work, while the cameras switch to Dangerous Dan and Caine, who has gotten the upper hand back thanks to a painful-looking low blow on the TV Champion. Caine follows that up by banging Dan’s head off of the steel steps repeatedly, shooting threats to Dan as he does so. He rolls his foe back into the ring and follows, looking at getting rid of the champ early. However, as Caine enters the ring, Santana, who saw him coming, steps forward, getting a sidekick that knocks Caine back over the ropes and out of the ring!!!*

Jones: I told you, Anthony! Caine was too focused on Dan!

Logan: Santana took full advantage of that, taking the most hated man in the match out of action! What a kick!

Jones: Now what, though? Dangerous Dan and Santana have shown respect to each other, but will that even matter with the gold on the line?

*Dangerous Dan pulls himself up, looking back at Santana, who is waiting for him. Santana nods to Dan, then steps back into a defensive pose, clearly calling Dan on! The TV Champion gives a small smile and starts to come forward, with the crowd chanting for their favorite (a split vote) in the background. Before the two lock up, though, Aldridge comes back into the fight, getting Santana from behind with a double axehandle! With Santana stunned, Aldridge sets the man up, picking Santana up onto his shoulder for an attempt at the Astro Slam!!! As Aldridge gets Santana on his shoulder, however, Dangerous Dan steps in, sweeping Aldridge’s legs out of him and causing him to fall, with Santana landing on top!! Santana rolls away and gets back to his feet. Aldridge, meanwhile, gets to his hands and knees, dazed from the weight that just landed on him. Seeing opportunity, Santana comes forward, nailing Aldridge with the Sensei-Tion!!!! Aldridge falls to his back, even as Dan hops past Santana and drops down on the rookie… 1… 2… 3!!!!!*

Minos: Ace Aldridge has been eliminated! Three men left!

Jones: The night ends early for the Cowboy From Hell!

Logan: Yep, it’s clear that the man still has a lot to learn, although it DID take a double-team to get him out of this match.

Jones: We’re down to three competitors, each with a golden opportunity here tonight!

*Sinister Shae talks to the crowd, enjoying the atmosphere, especially since his guy just got a pin. As Aldridge leaves the ring, Dangerous Dan and Santana turn their attention back to each other. They both set for battle, sizing up the other man. They lock up, with Dan getting the first move with a headlock. Santana immediately shoves Dan off, sending him to the ropes. Dan races back, ducking under a Santana sidekick and rebounding off the other side. He jumps into the air for an attempted flying forearm, but Santana flattens out, letting Dan fly over him. Dan turns the landing into a roll, avoiding any serious damage. He gets back up and comes back over to Santana, who is waiting for him with a chop to the chest! Dan takes it, wincing, then answers with a punch. The two exchange a few shots, chops and punches, neither backing away! Both men stagger from the last hits, feeling the impacts on their bodies. As they continue to attack each other, though, Caine reappears, climbing onto the apron and jumping into the air towards them! He lands a double clothesline, flooring both competitors!! Caine then tries a pin on Santana… 1… 2… Santana kicks free!*

Logan: Man, I was getting into the Dan / Santana fight that I almost forgot about Caine!

Jones: It’s easy to overlook Caine as a contender, seeing as how he’s the only one left without a title to his name. But Caine has proven he is always a threat to steal the upset, especially since he is no longer concerned with simply following the rules.

Logan: We’ll see if that works here tonight. Personally, I would have let Dan and Santana keep fighting, while resting on the outside. Endurance is key in a match like this, but so is taking the advantages given to you.

*Caine pulls Santana up, immediately tossing him over the ropes, as he’s intent on getting back to Dangerous Dan. As Caine goes to get Dan, though, Santana hangs onto the ropes, skinning the cat!! He comes back up, into the ring behind Caine. Meanwhile, though, Dan fights off Caine’s attempt to grab hold of him, shoving him away. Dan then darts forward, going for a clothesline, which Caine ducks. This sends Dan heading towards Santana, with Santana immediately reacting with a sharp kick to Dan’s skull!! The Television Champion falls to the side, even as Santana, shocked, looks down at him. The hesitation costs him dearly. Caine races in, jumping up and getting his legs around Santana’s head to take him down with a hurricanrana! Caine gets back to his feet, immediately going back to Dangerous Dan by dropping a leg across his throat before trying a pin… 1… 2… Dangerous Dan grabs the ropes nearby, saving himself! Trixie calls off the pin, as Caine argues with her about the call.*

Logan: I wasn’t sure that Dangerous Dan was going to be able to get out of that one!

Jones: We were almost guaranteed a new champion here tonight. It’s amazing how evenly matched these three guys seem to be. Any of them could easily walk out of here the winner!

Logan: Yeah, I was expecting Caine to take a lot of double-teams now that Aldridge is out. But after that kick he delivered to Dan, I think all bets are off!

*Caine goes back over to Santana, stomping on him, trying to keep him on the canvas. He then turns back to the champion, who is starting to recover. Caine walks over to him, grabbing at Dan’s hair, using it to haul him up, completely ignoring Trixie’s complaints. He takes Dan over to the corner, smashing Dan’s head into the top turnbuckle to stun him. A second shot lands as well, but Caine seems dissatisfied with the impact. He lets Dan slump to the side, holding his head, while Caine starts working on removing the pad!! He pulls off the top pad, unleashing the steel holder underneath, but now Trixie steps in, angrily threatening a disqualification!! Caine tells her to calm down, trying to work things out. Meanwhile, though, Santana comes in from behind, grabbing Caine and rolling him up! Trixie drops… 1… 2… Caine barely escapes!*

Jones: Caine’s decision to try to do an illegal act almost cost him the match!

Logan: That’s where he needs someone like Sampson, right? To distract the referee?

Jones: Well, Caine’s going solo tonight, so he’ll have to make do.

*Santana is back up now, kneeing Caine in the face with a quick motion that sends Caine falling into the corner, luckily missing out on hitting the top ‘buckle. With Caine in a seated position, Santana comes in, grabbing the ropes and using them to propel himself up and come back down with two boots right to Caine’s chest!! Caine shudders from the blow, with Santana righting himself and grabbing Caine’s legs to pull him out of the corner. Caine tries to hang onto the ropes, even as Santana tugs on him. Meanwhile, the TV Champion, Dangerous Dan, has grabbed at the ropes, getting himself up. He sees the situation, takes a moment to consider, then comes in, grabbing Santana’s head and taking him down with a spinning neckbreaker!! Santana was caught completely unawares, not seeing the assault coming. With Santana down, Dan hauls himself up, rubbing his side. Caine tries to get up, using the corner to help, but Dan sees him coming, grabbing Caine and suplexing him over… landing him on top of Santana!! The two wrestlers both roll away in pain, while the champion rises up, to the cheers of the crowd!*

Logan: The champion is taking over! Dangerous Dan is once again proving why he’s the man in charge of the division!

Jones: Several people have been wondering, Anthony, if it’s time that Dan relinquish that position. Is he ready to graduate to the upper levels, and maybe take a go at the World Title?

Logan: Well, according to his record, he’s definitely eligible for that. Right now, though, his concentration needs to be securing another title defense for his record.

*Santana is the first one to start getting up, but Dangerous Dan is waiting for him, getting Santana down with a roll-up! Trixie’s right there as expected… 1… 2… Santana manages to kick free, continuing the match. Both men get up, locking onto each other. Caine, meanwhile, sees another chance and runs in, trying for another surprise attack. But Dan & Santana aren’t fooled this time, catching Caine and flipping him over with a double hip toss!! Caine lands back-first, hurting, even as Dan turns to Santana again. But Santana reacts first, chopping Dan in the throat to stun him! The champion staggers back, with Santana moving back, then coming in with an attempted Sensei-Tion!! Dan dodges him, though, stepping out of range. Dan then comes back, grabbing the off-balance Santana and taking him down with the Danger Zone!! As Dan gets up to make the pin on the downed man, Caine’s suddenly there, catching Dan with a Backstabber!! Dan drops to the mat and rolls out of the ring, while Caine painfully hustles over to the turnbuckle, climbing up and, wasting no time, leaping off with the Sugar Caine onto Santana!!! Caine makes the cover… 1… 2… 3!!!!*

Minos: Robert Santana has been eliminated! Two men left!

Jones: Caine gets rid of Santana! We’re down to the challenger and the champion!

Logan: Caine sure waited until the perfect moment there to take him out, letting Dangerous Dan do the main damage before capitalizing on it!

Jones: We’re coming down to the wire! Who’s leaving with the belt?

*Caine does not waste any time celebrating. He leaves Trixie to get rid of Santana, while he steps out onto the apron. On the outside, Dangerous Dan is pulling himself up. Caine takes two steps along the apron, building some momentum, then jumps off with a Topé con Hilo!! He flattens Dan on the outside, while Trixie watches the action from the ring, starting a slow 10 count on the two men. Caine gets himself up, pulling Dan up with him. He’s once again using the hair of the champion. Caine pulls Dan along, scratching his face along the apron, then finally rolls him into the ring. Caine follows, getting onto the apron. After a moment of catching his breath, Caine grabs the top rope and springboards himself up, going for a stomp onto Dan’s ribs! But Dan reaches out, grabbing the bottom rope and quickly pulling himself out of the way, onto the apron! Caine, surprised, turns towards Dan, who is already getting up. Caine reaches out, but Dan gets the first grip, dropping off the apron and clotheslining Caine off the top rope!! Caine falls back into the ring, as the audience screams louder for their favorite.*

Logan: These guys have really taken it to each other, throughout this whole match. It’s amazing that, after all that abuse, they’re the last ones still in the hunt.

Jones: I don’t think this one can go much longer. These guys are pulling off every surprise move they can find, but eventually someone’s going to get that move that ends things.

Logan: Can you believe that this is the opening match?? My god, what a way to begin things!!

*With Caine slowly getting up, Dangerous Dan heads to the top rope, climbing up. He waits for Caine to reach his feet, then jumps off, landing a corkscrew splash that takes the challenger down!! Dan lands on top, hanging onto Caine’s leg as Trixie goes to make the count… 1… 2… Caine fights free at the last moment! Dangerous Dan rolls over and gets himself up, with the crowd getting more and more pumped up for him. Dan seems to feel it, as he moves to the ropes, waving his arm for Caine to get up! The crowd is on its feet, expecting the Danger Zone!! Dan comes in, locking onto Caine, but before he can lift him up, Caine twists free, grabbing Dan’s head instead and spinning him down with an inverted DDT!! Caine falls, exhausted, onto Dan, while grabbing a handful of tights! He hangs on as Trixie, not seeing it, starts her count… 1… 2… NO! Dan kicks out!! Caine can’t believe it, a look of extreme shock on his face, even as Trixie makes sure that everyone sees she only has two fingers raised.*

Logan: My god, that was so close!! Caine nearly had it!!

Jones: It doesn’t get any closer than that, Anthony! But Dangerous Dan is still in it!

Logan: Caine can’t let this get to him. He has to keep the pressure on the champion… wait, where is he going?

Jones: Oh, hell, I don’t like the looks of this, Anthony!

*Shouting a line of expletives towards the fans, Caine has rolled out of the ring. He heads over to the timekeeper’s area, ordering the man out of his seat. Caine then takes the chair and folds it closed, furious! Sinister Shae, surprised, comes Caine’s way, but Caine shoves him aside, sending the man stumbling to his knees. Caine bypasses him, sliding into the ring with the weapon, prepared to shut Dan’s lights out! However, as he stands up, referee Trixie is there, right in his face!! Trixie shows her guts, ordering Caine to back off and drop the weapon. She signals like she is going to DQ him right there, with Caine telling her to stop. He tosses the chair to the side, sending it sliding into one of the empty corners, then raises his arms to Trixie, who says something else to him before walking away to retrieve the weapon and get it out of the ring. During this time, Dan pulled himself together. The champion comes in, catching Caine on the side of the head with a punch! Dan then kicks Caine in the gut and latches onto him, setting him for the Danger Zone one more time!! No, Caine blocks it, lifting Dan up instead…. and dropping him backwards with a reverse snake eyes onto the exposed turnbuckle!!!!*

Jones: Oh my god!!

Logan: Dangerous Dan has to be knocked senseless after that!! Jesus, what a move!!

Jones: And Trixie missed it completely, because she was dealing with the chair!! Did Caine plan that all along??

*Sinister Shae is on the outside, holding his head in horror at what just happened. Trixie reenters the ring, having gotten rid of the weapon. All she sees is that Dangerous Dan is on the mat, not moving. Caine, meanwhile, has stepped out onto the apron. He staggers to the nearest turnbuckle, the one with the exposed ‘buckle. He climbs up, trying to maintain his balance. The crowd, meanwhile, is losing its mind, booing the man with everything they’ve got. Caine lifts himself up, looking down at his long-time rival. He jumps off, landing the Sugar Caine to the back of the unconscious man’s head!!! Caine then slowly rolls Dan over, putting his arms across him and even grabbing at his legs for more leverage, even though it’s doubtful any of that is necessary. Trixie, sensing that something happened but not knowing what, has no choice but to drop and make the count… 1… 2… 3!!!!!!*

Minos: Here is your winner, and the NEW GCWA Television Champion…. Scott Caine!!

Logan: I can’t believe it!! Caine has finally done it!

Jones: Even without his manager, Caine pulled off a massive deceit, allowing him to steal away the Television Title!

Logan: Man, I thought Dangerous Dan was going to put him away, too! Shocking!

*Trixie dubiously hands over the Television Title to Caine, who takes it with a large smile on his face. He rolls out of the ring, heading to the back to celebrate, as Dangerous Dan is checked on by Sinister Shae. Dan slowly comes around, dazed, with a visible red mark across the top of his forehead from the impact he took. Shae talks to Trixie, telling her what happened, but it’s too late for a reversal. Caine, halfway up the aisle, looks back at the ring, an evil grin still on his face. The image shifts, taking us to the backstage area. The Accelerator is still working with the lawyers, studying the file in front of him. Behind him is Titan 3, leaning against a file cabinet and in a pretty bad humor.*

Titan 3: You know this is bullshit, don’t you?

*The Accelerator sighs and turns to look at Titan 3, who has his arms crossed.*

The Accelerator: Ok, spill it, T3. What’s wrong now?

Titan 3: What’s wrong? How about all of this? Working with lawyers to settle this? I’ve got your solution right here. We kick the man out on his ass, make sure he never works here again, and pay the damn litigation fees to make sure it sticks! Fuck, it’s pretty damn simple, Ace!

*There’s a faint knock on the door of the office. Neither the Accelerator nor Titan 3 turn towards it.*

The Accelerator: You think it’s that easy? You think I would just throw money away like that? This is business, T3, and has nothing to do with security. Not everything can be won by knocking someone unconscious, you know. Let me handle it. It’s none of your concern.

*The knock intensifies. Neither man reacts still, as Titan 3 leans in towards the President.*

Titan 3: Didn’t you used to have balls? Get rid of the little son of a bitch!

The Accelerator: I didn’t get to where I am today by putting my company at risk, and by the way, you aren’t a VP, are you? So why don’t you get back to crowd control and get out of my face??

*Titan 3 growls deep in his throat, but he thinks better of attacking his boss. Instead, Titan 3 spins and goes to the door, snapping it open. On the other side, with his hand raised to knock again, is Harvey Danger. Harvey smiles at T3, then, noticing his expression, quickly steps aside as he storms out. Harvey looks back in towards Ace.*

Harvey Danger: Hi, Ace! It’s time for our match! Oh, you’re wrestling in your suit? Uh, I like it! It’s very trendy! Do I get a matching one, since we’re a team?

*The Accelerator looks over at Harvey, as if noticing him for the first time. He runs a hand through what’s left of his hairline.*

The Accelerator: Harvey… the match… right… y’see, I’m pretty busy tonight with everything that’s going on…

Harvey Danger: Busy? Can I help?

The Accelerator: No, Harvey, but I appreciate the offer. Still, wrestling right now… that isn’t going to work…

*Harvey’s smile drops away, as he realizes what Ace is saying.*

Harvey Danger: But, sir, my match, it’s next! And my mother said…

The Accelerator: Your mother… don’t get me started there… look, Harvey, you’ll have a partner. Don’t worry, I’ve got it all arranged. Now you better get out there so that they can keep this PPV going, ok?

*The Accelerator turns, going back to work, ignoring Harvey as he stands behind him. Harvey thinks for a second, trying to think of what his mother would say at a time like this. Unable to come up with anything that he could say to the President, Harvey turns and leaves. The picture goes back to ringside.*

Logan: Crap, Ace just ditched Harvey!

Jones: But then, who’s going to be Harvey’s partner here tonight? And, really, how many times does that make it that a partner has left him?

Logan: I’m starting to lose count. Well, I guess we’ll find out soon enough, as it’s about time to get into the next match! Roll it!

*The video starts up with a shot of Harvey Danger, smiling, as he holds the GCWA World Tag-Team Titles next to the Stranger. The shot is not random, as it clearly shows Marie Danger, Harvey’s mother, in the background, smiling. We see some clips from last months’ PPV, where the Stranger helped Harvey retain the belts, then was forced out of the way by Marie, who wanted her son to have all the glory. The Stranger unmasked as The Lost Soul, dropped the mask, and took out Harvey, breaking up their strange partnership. The next clips show us Harvey searching for a new partner, with very little success. He tries to get his old friend, Draco, to join him, as well as Shane Donovan, only to learn that the duo were challenging him for the belts at Crescendo. Marie is then shown working the deal with the Accelerator to get him into Harvey’s corner, only to have that fall apart. We go back to the ring.*

Minos: The next match is scheduled for one fall and will be for the GCWA World Tag-Team Championships! Introducing first, the challengers… they have recently united as a powerful tag-team, and are seeking their first gold as a team tonight, after much success in the singles ranks… weighing a combined 240 lbs, here are Shane Donovan & Draco, D & D!

*The two men come out to “The Game” by Disturbed, earning both a few cheers and a few boos. The crowd still hasn’t decided on their new attitudes. Donovan and Draco both switch places, each trying to get more of the limelight, before they move as a unit down towards the ring.*

Jones: These guys took two very different routes to get here today. Donovan almost got killed by both kids and mobsters, while Draco spent some time reliving the past.

Logan: Yeah. I never went to kid parties myself. There was always some spoiled brat there who didn’t like wrestling, would insult you like crazy, and you weren’t allowed to put him in traction. Annoying.

Jones: Tonight will be Donovan’s third run at a title, having previously held the World Title and the Intercontinental Title. He’s said he’s intent on becoming the first GCWA Circuit Champion of the new era.

Logan: Well, he’s got to get past the champions, I mean, champion, first.

Minos: Their opponents for tonight… coming down first… he has held the belts with numerous partners, and has managed an impressive 3 month span as one of the champions… standing 6’0” and weighing 215 lbs, from New York City, New York, here is one-half of the GCWA Tag-Team Champions of the World, Harvey Danger!

*The crowd gives a warm welcome for Harvey, who comes out to “No Rain” by Blind Melon. Danger is holding both tag-team belts, and has a noticeably worried look on his face. He puts it aside, though, taking time to show off both belts (and nearly dropping them) before approaching the ring.*

Logan: The speculation all week long was that Marie used her ‘interest’ in Ace to get her son a partner in this match. However, it all seems to have backfired tonight.

Jones: Hey, now, the President said that he would find a replacement, and I trust in him. Harvey won’t be fighting alone.

Logan: God help us if another guy in a Stranger mask walks out here.

Jones: Amen.

Minos: And now… introducing his partner for the evening….

*”Eye of the Tiger” by Survivor starts playing, and the fans jump to their feet. Many have anticipated this development, lifting their signs above their hands, showing the sign of the Janitor.*

Minos: From Dallas, Texas… standing 5’6” and weighing 173 lbs… here is Peter “The Janitor” Vaughn!!

*As the music plays, Vaughn appears in the entryway, doing a mini-flex for the fans. He is smiling on his way down the aisle, although the smile falters when he sees what is waiting for him. Draco & Donovan have moved to their corner. At first, it appears that they’re discussing strategy, but it soon becomes apparent that they’re fighting not to break into hysterical laughter. On the other side, Harvey has his head down in the corner, and isn’t moving.*

Logan: Yes! The Janitor is back!!

Jones: Not this guy again!

Logan: What’s wrong, Jonesy? This guy’s becoming an all-star! This is his third straight pay-per-view!

Jones: Sigh.

*The Bell Rings.*

Logan: Looks like this match is on, as referee Adrian Rockwell is signaling for the action to begin!

Jones: Poor Harvey. The odds are certainly against him now.

*Draco has already moved forward, happy to start the match. Donovan takes a position in the corner, still laughing to himself. Harvey finally turns to Peter, who points to himself, wanting to start the match and prove himself. He comes through the ropes, no, he gets tangled and falls back, bouncing off the apron to the floor! Vaughn gets up, telling Harvey not to worry, that he’s ok. Harvey, depressed, turns and goes towards the center of the ring. Draco is waiting for him, and Danger starts to talk to him. He raises his arms, pointing them towards where the Janitor is starting to get up. He’s apparently trying to work out a deal. Draco, though, just shrugs his shoulders to Danger. He sympathizes, but there’s nothing he can do. Harvey pleads with him, but Draco doesn’t change his tune. He waves for Harvey to lock up with him, ready to begin.*

Jones: Harvey tried to find some of that friendship he used to have with Draco to give him an out here, but it appears to have not worked.

Logan: Hey, why would Draco and Donovan give up such a major advantage that they didn’t even cause? It’s not about friendship, it’s about business, and Draco wants to have his first gold in the GCWA.

*With no other choice other than to tag in Vaughn, Danger reluctantly comes in, locking up with Draco. The two move back and forth, until Draco is able to push Danger back to a neutral corner. The ref calls for the break, and Draco does so, stepping back with his hands raised up. Harvey, smiling at his ‘friend’, steps forward out of the corner. Draco smiles back, then kicks Harvey in the stomach! Harvey bends over in pain, with Draco grabbing him by the head and flipping him over to a sitting position, getting behind him to apply a chinlock, complete with a knee in the champion’s back! Danger, suddenly in a bad position, fights to get free, as Draco tightens his grip. Rockwell is nearby, but doesn’t seem to be expecting a submission this early. Vaughn, though, isn’t so sure. The Janitor suddenly runs in, manging to get through the ropes this time. He gives Draco a weak shot to the back with his foot, causing Draco to release the hold due to surprise. Vaughn then quickly runs back to the corner, with Draco looking towards him with disbelief!*

Logan: Hey, score one for the Janitor!

Jones: It wasn’t much, but it shows that the man is actually serious about trying to help Harvey get the win here!

Logan: Y’know, now that I look at it, this tag-team might actually work… you’ve got Vaughn as the new kid with potential, and you’ve got the experienced Danger to show him the ropes.

Jones: Well, I guess anything is possible, although I’m skeptical.

*With an annoyed look towards Vaughn, Draco pulls Danger up off the mat, dragging him towards his corner. Draco tags in Donovan, who confidently steps in, having no issue with slugging Danger across the face while his arms are held. Harvey drops to a knee, shaking his stunned head, while Donovan takes a moment to think things through. He brings Danger up and takes him to the corner, banging Danger’s head into the turnbuckle once to position him. With Danger leaning on the pad, Donovan walks away, apparently talking to Vaughn and telling him that he might want to take a walk. Donovan then turns and runs back, jumping with his knees extended! He plans to nail Harvey in the back, but Danger manages to twist out of the way, causing Donovan to crash into the pads instead!! Donovan falls back, holding his knees in agony. Danger wastes no time, diving forward and covering Donovan, grabbing his legs! Rockwell is right there… 1… 2.. and Donovan kicks free!*

Logan: Wow, for a second there, I thought we had a stunning ending!

Jones: That’s gotta be Harvey’s best chance in this one. D & D is pretty overconfident after seeing Harvey’s partner. This can lead to mistakes, which can lead to opportunities for the man!

Logan: Harvey needs a couple more breaks like that, and he can continue his remarkable PPV run!

*Danger doesn’t let Donovan recover, as he lands several dropping axehandles to his back, keeping him from getting up. For the first time, Draco looks a little bit concerned, watching from his corner but making no moves to intervene just yet. Harvey runs off the ropes and comes back, jumping up and dropping his weight onto Donovan’s back, knocking him down once more. Danger then pulls Donovan to his feet and hits him with a forearm, sending him staggering back to the ropes while Danger himself runs to the right. Danger rebounds and comes back, catching Donovan on his return and taking him down by the head straight to the floor!! Donovan shudders and rolls over, putting him perfectly in place for Danger to try another cover… 1… and Rockwell stops counting, pointing out to Danger that Donovan’s feet are in the ropes. Danger shakes his head and pulls Donovan up. He whips Donovan into the corner, then follows. He starts to climb up Donovan… but Vaughn reaches over, tagging himself in! Danger, in shock, steps back off, as Vaughn carefully comes through the ropes!*

Jones: I guess Vaughn wanted to get in his own shots, Anthony!

Logan: Man, I don’t think Harvey is happy about that at all. Still, at least this will give him a breather, which might just be what he needs to continue in this one.

Jones: Well, let’s see what Vaughn’s bringing to the table!

*With Danger reluctantly going to the apron, Vaughn, smiling, comes in with a big right hand… slapping Donovan across the face! Donovan, startled, looks the other way for a second, then turns back slowly, not believing that he just got slapped by a guy. But now Vaughn comes in swinging his hand the other way, giving Donovan a slap across the other cheek! Donovan looks back again, bewilderment turning to anger, as a bouncing Vaughn jumps up and down, with the crowd cheering him. Donovan lifts himself out of the corner, with Vaughn spotting him coming. Quickly, Vaughn makes a move. It’s in the opposite direction, as he runs away, sliding under the ropes! Donovan gives chase, with the two men running around the ringside area!! Vaughn races around, showing some good speed for a janitor. He slides back into the ring and goes back out another side, leading Donovan on a pretty good chase.*

Logan: What are we playing here, tag?

Jones: Maybe Vaughn’s strategy is to wear out Donovan and give him an easier time of winning.

Logan: Somehow I’m betting Donovan has more endurance than the Janitor.

*Vaughn jumps back into the ring, turning back as Donovan comes back in. Vaughn stomps on Donovan’s fingers, causing a yell, then turns to run again. But Donovan’s other hand is still fine, and he reaches out, tripping up the Janitor. Vaughn sprawls forward, with Donovan quickly jumping on top of him, dishing out a violent beating with his fists! Rockwell shouts a warning, then pushes at Donovan, warning him about using his closed fist. Donovan doesn’t seem to care that much, though, annoyed that he was being embarrassed by the kid. He reaches down and pulls Vaughn to his feet, returning the slap that was given to him. Vaughn rocks back, stunned, and Donovan uses the moment to throw Vaughn back into the D & D corner, where Draco is happily waiting to tag back in. Donovan does so, then joins Draco in a series of team kicks, driving Vaughn into a sitting position in the corner!*

Logan: Looks like Vaughn’s run is over. Now that they have a hold of him, I have trouble seeing the D & D members allowing Vaughn to tag out again.

Jones: Nope. They have the person they want in there, bringing them closer and closer to the belts that they have sought.

*Donovan moves through the ropes to the apron, while Draco lifts the small Janitor up. He picks Vaughn up onto his shoulders in a fireman’s carry, taking a moment to look Danger’s way. Draco then spins Vaughn around, positioning Vaughn’s head on his chest and then dropping with the Inner Rage!!! Vaughn can’t breathe, clutching at his damaged windpipe while twisting in agony on the canvas. Draco steps in, falling on top of Vaughn to make the cover, with Rockwell willing to make the count… 1… 2… and Harvey is in, making the save! Draco looks up at Danger, who just wants to save his titles. Donovan, meanwhile, comes back into the ring, diving towards Danger and tackling him! Things are quickly breaking down, as Donovan pulls Danger up, while Draco goes back after Vaughn.*

Jones: Rockwell needs to take charge of this one and get the illegal participants out of there!

Logan: That’s in his job description, but I gotta say, Rockwell’s in no hurry to follow through. The guy loves a good brawl, after all, being a former wrestler himself!

*Donovan positions Harvey into one corner, punching at him, while Draco takes Vaughn to the other. They each turn to each other and nod, then grab their respective opponents and shoot them across the ring at each other! But it backfires, as Harvey reacts, jumping clean over a ducking Vaughn and continuing running, crashing into Draco with a spear!! Vaughn, meanwhile, basically rolls himself into Donovan’s legs, taking the Man Made Monster to the mat! Donovan rolls out of the ring, trying to recover. Harvey, meanwhile, is back up, as he comes over to Vaughn, signaling to him. He grabs Vaughn’s arm and whips him in the other direction, with Vaughn then returning the favor, helping Danger build up enough momentum to send him flying towards Draco with a splash in the corner, landing all his body weight on Draco’s frame!! Draco slumps forward from the impact, and Harvey gives him an extra push to help him fall to the mat. Danger then points, and Vaughn obediently comes in, making the cover while Danger watches Donovan! Rockwell goes ahead and counts… 1… 2… Draco kicks out!*

Jones: The fight continues! Draco took some hits, but he’s still got stamina to call on.

Logan: Yeah, but I think the story right now is that Harvey and the Janitor are actually getting in a lot of offense!

Jones: Can they keep it up, though, and retain the belts?

*Harvey moves to pull Draco up, nearly colliding with Vaughn, who accidentally moved into the way. Danger pushes him off, then goes to grab Draco for an unknown maneuver. It’s unknown because Vaughn stops him, shaking his head. Vaughn points to the ropes, then comes up behind Draco, grabbing his arms and holding him in place! Danger, nodding that he understands, runs towards the ropes. He rebounds, no, Donovan pulls down the top rope, and Harvey goes tumbling out of the ring!! Vaughn, in shock, pushes Draco off and starts to move towards Donovan. But Draco, recovering, grabs Vaughn from behind and turns him, snapping off the Momentum Shift!!! Vaughn crashes to his back, even as Donovan, seeing the opportunity, jumps up on the ropes and spring-boards into the air, landing the Phoenix Stomp on the downed Vaughn!!! Donovan rolls to the side, even as Draco comes in, making the cover… 1… 2… Danger tries to get in, but Donovan holds him back… 3!!!!!*

Minos: Here are your winners, and NEW GCWA Tag-Team Champions of the World, D & D!

Jones: Just like that, it’s over!

Logan: We have new tag-team champions! Danger tried to fight despite the odds, but they finally caught up to him, as Vaughn just didn’t have what it takes to survive!

Jones: Donovan’s now two titles away from the circuit! Draco has his first gold! And Danger, well, he’s got to deal with disappointment here tonight!

*The fans aren’t exactly thrilled with the ending, and neither is Harvey. He is slumped now, on his knees, knowing that he’s lost his belts. Meanwhile, Donovan & Draco celebrate, as they both get a tag-team belt to hold on their shoulders. Donovan, happy, starts to leave the ring, but Draco shakes his head. He turns back towards Danger, who, sensing the look, glances up. Draco nods to him, a surprising gesture, then lifts the belt and turns to follow Donovan out. Danger, seeing the look, takes it in, beginning to smile again. Vaughn, meanwhile, is still unconscious, if anyone cares. The picture leaves the ringside area, going backstage, where we once again see the Accelerator. This time, though, he’s looking towards the camera, addressing it with a solemn expression.*

The Accelerator: Hey, guys and gals, this is your old friend, the Accelerator. I’ve got a special announcement to make, and now seems like a good a time as any. Earlier this week, the GCWA offices received news of a potential lawsuit in the making. It dealt with a wrestler’s contract, and the stipulations that, according to the lawyers, had not fully been fulfilled.

*The audience is quiet, waiting to hear the next part, as the Accelerator takes a deep breath, steeling himself.*

The Accelerator: I’ve been working in the back non-stop here tonight, trying to find a solution to the problem that would not result in costly court fees and a potentially large settlement. After all, how I am supposed to keep you fans entertained with great matches and awesome superstars if I can’t afford to pay them?

*The Accelerator pauses, closing his eyes and sighing. He’s obviously not enjoying the announcement he’s got to make.*

The Accelerator: The long and short of it is, the only way my ‘lawyers’ can find to avoid any risks is to give the man what he wants. So, that being said, tonight, we have a great match between Tommy Crimson and Marcus Ka’Derrion for the World Heavyweight Title. Well, the winner of that match? He’s already got an opponent lined up. Whoever wins will be fighting at Heat Wave, the biggest PPV of the year in a one-on-one match… against… against…

*The President can barely bring himself to say it.*

The Accelerator: …Lurrr.

*The crowd immediately begins to boo, letting it be heard in the Pepsi Center. The Accelerator lowers his head, shaking his head, as the picture slowly fades out to a quick commercial break, advertising many of the items now currently available at the GCWA store.*

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