*As we return from the break, we find ourselves in the backstage area, where Martin Ka'Berryon is standing alone, looking quite worried. He looks at the camera and begins to speak…*

Martin Ka’Berryon: Right here, today, in Denver, I was supposed to stand in The Big Bifford's corner as he fought in a match on this fabulous GCWA pay-per-view... However due to various problems, Bifford does not have a match. I was told the same thing as you - that Bifford has food poisoning. However, that is just not true. I'm standing here today as Bifford's representative in GCWA... Both his son, and his illustrious seal Ludwig are with him elsewhere. Bifford has decided to begin a new career.

*After the shock wears off, the people in the arena boo loudly as Martin speaks, not appreciating what he is saying.*

Martin Ka’Berryon: Don't get me wrong - Bifford will still wrestle here in GCWA!

*The crowd cheers.*

Martin Ka’Berryon: But he will also begin a new career... as a shrimp fisherman.

*The crowd cheers even louder, appreciating the weirdness of this announcement.*

Martin Ka’Berryon: So look out Lurrr! Beware Lost Soul! Be very afraid Tommy Crimson! Even Ka'Derrion, Draco and Dangerous Dan are not safe! BECAUSE - WHATCHA GONNNA DO WHEN THE MEANEST SHRIMP FISHERMAN OF THE SEA GOES WILD ON YOU!?

*The crowd goes wild at the weirdness, cheering. Ka'Berryon walks off camera and the scene changes to the arena, where the man in the giant grape costume emerges from behind the curtain and walks into the main aisle, carrying little ziplock bags full of shrimp cocktail. He begins throwing the ziplock bags to the crowd who cheer loudly. Martin makes his way up to the ring, throwing shrimp the whole way. Once he arrives at the ring, he hoists himself over the top rope (since the grape costume will not fit in between the ropes) and falls into the ring. After rolling around a bit, he gets to his feet and is handed a microphone.*

Martin Ka’Berryon: AND NOW - I introduce to you..... the BIGGEST, the MEANEST, the FATTEST and the STRANGEST Shrimp Fisherman to ever exist..... THE KICKER OUTERER of the THRILLER!: The BIG BIFFORD!

*The screen flashes to a moment of static and then to the image of The Big Bifford on a giant fishing boat. Ludwig the Seal (quite bigger than when he was last seen) and Bifford's son are hard at work behind Bifford, pulling on ropes and doing other various manual labor.*

Jones: Oh god.. Bifford's definitely got child-labor onto this pay per view... Someone better tell Ace so he can get the lawyers looking into this as well...

The Big Bifford: Here I stand, my beloved fans, shrimping! I've found the true secret to success: shrimp! Once I have enough shrimp to finish my master plan, it will all be clear to you! But don't worry! I'll continue wrestling for all of you! And I'll send delicious shrimp to each and every one of you! Now enjoy the rest of the show!

*Bifford quickly peels and pops a raw shrimp into his mouth and smiles as the scene fades out... Back in the arena, Martin has somehow managed to get himself out of the ring and is throwing more ziplock bags of shrimp cocktail to the fans.*

Jones: Well... perhaps the food poisoning thing wasn't true, but it sure seems like Bifford is going to get food poisoning if he keeps eating the raw shrimp.

Logan: It's fresh from the sea! He'll be fine!

Jones: The fans here in Denver do seem to appreciate the shrimp in the bags.... Maybe Bifford has a winning gimmick here.

Logan: Only time will tell, I suppose...

Jones: I guess that now is as good a time as any to get on with the wrestling, right?

Logan: Yeah, it looks like they’re making good progress on getting the cage lowered into place. It’s time for the match that many have expected to be our show-stealer, although it isn’t going to be easy to top our opening match! These guys have a shot, though! Roll the clip!

*The screen goes black for a second, then starts rolling. We see a shot of Lurrr, at the head of the Roman Empire, proudly displaying the X Division Title. The next shot shows The Lost Soul, shortly after winning the Intercontinental Title at Capital Punishment. The clips of matches begin to run, showing Lurrr putting the X Division Title up against “PIC” Steve Wilson. The competitive match is interrupted, first by “Friday The 13th” playing during an attempted Wilson maneuver, then by The Lost Soul himself, distracting Lurrr and allowing Wilson to get the win, taking away the title. Lurrr and The Lost Soul are shown wrestling the next week, with the IC Title on the line. Wilson, as the special referee, lets them get away with a lot, but still gets involved when needed. Late in the match, The Lost Soul is seen missing a move and hitting Wilson instead, knocking him down. This allowed Rick Mathis to get involved, and Lurrr to take the victory, becoming the IC Champion, with Wilson making the count. The three wrestlers are pictured, each seemingly looking upwards. An ominous shot of the steel cage is shown, followed by a fade to black. We return to the ring.*

Minos: The next match is a unique match rarely seen in the wrestling world. It will be an “Xscape” Match for both the GCWA Intercontinental and X Division Titles! The rules are simple: the first man to avoid capture and escape the confines of the cage will become champion of whichever belt he so chooses. The second man out will then retrieve the gold that is left in competition. The third man will receive no rewards.

*The crowd is already energized for this one, wanting to see who makes it out with the gold. Minos waits for the cheering to die down before continuing, speaking through the cage walls that surround him.*

Minos: Coming down the aisle first, he is a former GCWA Intercontinental Heavyweight Champion, among many other title reigns in his long career, standing 6’4” and weighing 235 lbs, from parts unknown, here is The Lost Soul!

*The Lost Soul walks out, with “The Friday the 13th” theme playing behind him. The crowd cheers for the man, who is still one of the most popular men on the roster. He heads to the steel cage, inspecting it before heading inside.*

Jones: The Lost Soul was once again in the thick of things this past week, apparently there when several men were killed in some sort of drug war.

Logan: The Lost Soul’s a great guy, Jonesy, but sometimes I really do worry for his safety. Isn’t the wrestling business dangerous enough? Why is he always diving into these situations?

Jones: Because he’s good at it, Anthony. They haven’t managed to take him out yet.

Minos: Next up, he is one of the most experienced competitors in the GCWA, and is the leader of the Roman Empire, standing 6’5” and weighing 235 lbs, here is the GCWA Intercontinental Heavyweight Champion, Lurrr!

*With “Cocky” by Kid Rock playing, Lurrr comes out of the back, looking annoyed that he’s doing it alone. The crowd jeers him as always, with Lurrr returning the feelings with a threatened slap to one of the people on the front row. The person jumps back, scared, and Lurrr, his mood improved, struts towards the cage.*

Logan: Lurrr had himself a party this past week, doing a lot of drinking and gambling in Sin City.

Jones: He seemed to have a good time, but really, what’s the thrill in beer pong? I don’t understand it.

Logan: Jonesy, that’s another in a long line of quotes from you that I’m not surprised to hear. The big news, though, happened earlier tonight, where apparently Lurrr’s lawyers managed to force the Accelerator to grant him a World Heavyweight Title shot at Heat Wave!

Jones: Some may say that Lurrr is not the most deserving, but then, he HAS held gold most of his time in the GCWA. I hate to admit it, but there are far worse candidates.

Logan: Yeah, yeah, I get it, but I still don’t have to like it!

Minos: Finally, he made his debut last month for the GCWA and has shown himself to be a force to be reckoned with, standing 6’2” and weighing 220 lbs, here is the undisputed, undefeated GCWA X Division Champion, Steve Wilson!

*The boos turn to cheers as the crowd turns to the entryway. “Hero” by Skillet plays, bringing out Wilson, who has the X Division Title proudly displayed on his shoulder. He raises it up, then starts down the aisle, prepared to fight for the belt.*

Jones: Wilson had a pretty quiet week, but I hear he may have had to go undercover somewhere.

Logan: I get why that’s the rumor, Jonesy, but can Wilson really manage to go undercover now that he’s a wrestler?

Jones: Unfortunately, he can, Anthony, because GCWA still hasn’t quite hit nation-wide yet.

Logan: Well, at least we’re ruling Colorado tonight, right? We’re getting there!

*The Lost Soul turns, looking out of the ring towards the approaching Wilson. As soon as TLS turns his back, Lurrr is there, ramming the man forward into the cage!! Lurrr then spins TLS around and hammers him with something he pulled from his pocket!! The Lost Soul falls to a knee, stunned, while Lurrr moves to the cage door, shutting it. He grabs the chain, spinning it across the door, then uses the weapon he had, a Master Lock, quickly snapping it shut on the chain! Wilson, seeing what’s happening, hurries over to the entrance, but he’s too late. He grabs at the door, yanking on it, but it doesn’t budge. Lurrr, inside, flips Wilson off, earning a few more boos, then turns back, going back after TLS. He blocks an attempted punch and starts hammering The Lost Soul instead, before taking the face-painted man back to the side of the cage, dragging him across it face-first!*

Logan: Is this one officially started??

Jones: I don’t think so, at least not until Wilson is inside the cage! But with him locked out, Lurrr now has The Lost Soul all to himself!

Logan: He’s definitely got a game plan, even without Mathis by his side!

*Wilson, frustrated, starts to climb up the side of the cage, making progress on his way up. Before he can get too high, though, Lurrr turns and whips The Lost Soul in his direction, sending TLS running into the cage! The impact shakes Wilson loose, causing him to fall back to the outside mats! Lurrr, laughing, goes back to The Lost Soul, enjoying himself. He takes TLS to the center of the ring and sets him up, pointing to the crowd in a mocking gesture before going for a powerbomb! But The Lost Soul blocks it, then lifts up, sending Lurrr over top of him! Before Lurrr can recover from the landing, TLS comes in, punching away! The Lost Soul keeps up the abuse, taking Lurrr towards the corner of the cage, while Wilson, seeing his opportunity, once again starts to climb from the outside.*

Jones: Wilson has been an outsider looking in early here, but maybe this time he can manage to get involved!

Logan: He’d better hope The Lost Soul doesn’t see his approach, or else he might knock him down, too.

Jones: Do you think that TLS really wants that, though? I mean, all three men need to be in the ring before this one’s even official!

*In the corner, The Lost Soul is using the cage to his advantage, putting Lurrr’s arm through it and wrenching on it! Lurrr tries to get free, his arm killing him from the abuse. He reaches out with his free hand, grabbing at The Lost Soul’s face, scratching at it. The Lost Soul releases the hold, stumbling back, as Lurrr frees his arm, shaking it out. Lurrr comes in, punching TLS with his uninjured hand. He does so again, but a third attempt is blocked, as The Lost Soul comes back with his own firepower! As the two men go at it, Wilson climbs up to the top of the cage, looking down. Wilson seems to be aiming with his hands, then makes his decision, leaping into the air!!! Both Lurrr and The Lost Soul, seeing the movement, turn that direction, their mouths dropping at the sight of the plummeting Wilson!! He crashes into both men, taking them to the ground, as the crowd roars with excitement!*

Logan: Oh, man, what a gutsy move!! Wilson just risked life and limb there to nail both guys!!

Jones: And now the match is on!!

*The Bell Rings.*

*The crowd starts up a “PIC” chant, respecting the legacy of the man who just took their breath away. Wilson is back up, grabbing hold of Lurrr. He takes the IC Champion towards the cage, holding him by the head. Wilson uses the cage for himself, running up part of it in order to twist back with an acid drop, planting Lurrr’s head on the mat! Wilson lets out a yell, and then turns towards the other wrestler involved in the match. The Lost Soul pulls himself up, a portion of his face paint already starting to fade away. He looks over at Wilson, who walks towards him. The two wrestlers come face-to-face, seemingly sizing each other up, as the crowd waits in anticipation to see what’s going to happen. Suddenly, Wilson raises his hand… then drops it into a handshake position! The Lost Soul returns the handshake, with the two men smiling at each other, nodding! They both then turn to the man trying to get back to his feet.*

Jones: What’s going on here?

Logan: Wait… Wilson and the Lost Soul… are they working together in this one?

Jones: Suddenly the odds just got a lot worse for the leader of the Roman Empire!

*Lurrr is back on his feet, looking at the two men approaching him. He realizes quickly that something’s not right, but he’s no coward. He curses both men and comes in, swinging. But Wilson blocks his punch, and TLS scores a shot of his own. The two men start punching away, with Lurrr bouncing from man to man, taking every hit! Wilson & TLS then step in, locking Lurrr up, lifting him into the air, then throwing him backwards into the cage wall!! Lurrr takes the hit and drops to his knees, stunned. The Lost Soul isn’t done, as he talks to Wilson for a second. The two men then charge forward, both kicking Lurrr in the chest and putting him on the mat! The crowd is cheering wildly now, loving the sight of the Roman Empire leader getting double-teamed. Wilson and The Lost Soul seem to be enjoying it as well.*

Jones: Lurrr is in some serious trouble, isn’t he?

Logan: Yep, and too damn freakin’ bad for him! I just wonder, was this the plan all along for these two? Have they been setting this up? Or did they make a deal before the show to team up, since the first two out both get titles?

Jones: When they planned it doesn’t matter as much as that they’re actually doing it! But don’t count Lurrr out yet! The guy always has something else up his sleeve.

*Although both men could easily attempt an escape at this point, neither seems interested in leaving just yet. They’re enjoying the circumstances. The Lost Soul reaches down, pulling Lurrr up. Wilson steps in to help with the two men grabbing Lurrr’s arms. They whip him towards the cage wall, with Lurrr swinging himself around to take it back-first. Although the hit has to hurt, Lurrr uses it, running back off the cage and diving forward, clotheslining both men!! All three are down, with Lurrr crawling away, in a lot of pain. He grabs at the side of the cage and pulls himself up, inch by inch, while The Lost Soul and Wilson start to get up as well. Lurrr doesn’t let them, though, as he comes in, knocking TLS back down with a shot to the head. Lurrr turns his attention to Wilson then, grabbing him and bodily launching the X Division Champion headfirst into the cage!! The impact is huge, with Wilson collapsing to the ground, semi-conscious. A close-up shot shows his face, as well as the cut on his head, which is starting to bleed down his nose.*

Logan: Man, Lurrr’s fighting back against the odds! I gotta say, I’m actually impressed for once!

Jones: Lurrr’s got an opportunity to show the world he can win without Mathis at his side. If he comes out the winner here, despite the odds, it’ll be a tremendous note on his career as he heads towards the World Title!

Logan: I’ll say! And I have the feeling that this one just went back to a one-on-one contest, as Wilson is bleeding like a stuck PIC!

*Wilson’s still down, laying on the canvas, while Lurrr goes back to The Lost Soul, picking him up. He takes The Lost Soul over to the cage wall and attempts to bang him against it, but TLS grabs the wall and blocks it. The Lost Soul then elbows Lurrr back, getting him off of him. He turns, punching Lurrr a few times to stun him, then follows it up with a quick DDT, banging Lurrr’s skull into the hard mat! The Lost Soul sits up, rolling his neck as if to relieve pressure there. He looks over at Wilson, then goes back to the attack, picking Lurrr up and whipping him towards the metal corner, no, Lurrr reverses it. The Lost Soul runs in, but jumps up, grabbing hold of the cage wall like a cat! He looks up, as if to start climbing out, but Lurrr rushes over behind him, jumping up as well and grabbing TLS around the waist, yanking him off the cage and dropping back with a devastating belly-to-back suplex off the cage!!! The crowd roars at that one, both in excitement and dismay.*

Logan: What a move!! Lurrr may have just found his opportunity to win, if he can recover enough!

Jones: Both The Lost Soul and Wilson are still down! This could be it!

*Lurrr slowly raises himself up, staggering on a hurting leg. He looks at both men, then smiles and heads to the cage wall, limping as he goes. It doesn’t bother him enough to stop him, as the climb begins up the side! The fans are starting to scream, trying to wake up either man, but Lurrr is already almost to the top. Suddenly, though, Wilson staggers to his feet, wiping blood out of his eyes. He sees Lurrr and moves over to where he is, quickly dragging himself up the cage and grabbing Lurrr’s ankle! The Roman Empire leader kicks away, trying to dislodge Wilson so that he can get out, but now The Lost Soul is climbing as well, joining them at the top. Wilson and The Lost Soul punch away on Lurrr, getting the upper hand. They then both move around Lurrr, grabbing him in a double suplex!! The fans are on their feet as Lurrr tries to hang on, but there’s nothing he can do, as the two wrestlers drop backwards, taking him with them all the way to the ground below!!!*

Logan: Damn!! Are any of them going to be able to get up from that???

Jones: Lurrr’s got to be in a bad way, Anthony!! He crashed and burned from the highest height!!

Logan: It’s anyone’s to win now!

*The first man to sit up is The Lost Soul, as he pulls himself to his feet. He’s shaky, but he’s still in better shape than the other two. Wilson rolls to his stomach, with TLS coming over to give him a hand. Wilson gets up, and immediately point to TLS, telling him to start heading out. The Lost Soul takes a moment to boot Lurrr in the back, causing him to shudder, then heads for the cage wall, climbing up!! Meanwhile, Wilson waits, leaning on the cage wall, the blood forming a crimson mask on his face. He thinks about climbing himself, but Lurrr starts to rise up, catching Wilson’s attention. The Lost Soul is halfway up and climbing, making some good progress. Lurrr struggles up, looking for TLS, but Wilson is there, punching him and keeping him from heading that direction. The Lost Soul reaches the top, starting to go over, as Wilson sends Lurrr towards the cage, no, Lurrr puts the brakes on and spins… Wake Up Call!!!! Wilson is down and out, as Lurrr falls against the cage wall, spent.*

Logan: Out of nowhere, Lurrr KO’s Wilson!!

Jones: Wilson decided to watch The Lost Soul’s back, and seriously paid for it!! But The Lost Soul is already over the cage edge and is on his way down! I don’t think Lurrr can beat him!

Logan: Wait a second, why’s Lurrr going to the… oh, damn, that’s his lock!! He has the key!!

*Lurrr grabs the chain holding the cage door closed, unlocking it with his own key. The Lost Soul, not seeing what’s happening, is halfway down the cage, about to let go to get to the ground. Lurrr, meanwhile, has the door open and steps out, leaving the bloodied Wilson behind on the mat inside the cage. The Lost Soul lets go as Lurrr comes down the steps, and from this angle, it’s impossible to tell who hits first. The bell begins to ring, signaling that the match is over, although Minos is waiting for an official verdict before he announces anything.*

Jones: Lurrr did it! He got out first! What a schemer!

Logan: What are you talking about, Jonesy? The Lost Soul dropped first, which means he gets first pick of the belts!

Jones: What? No, from what I saw, Lurrr was out first.

Logan: Was he on the ground first, though?

Jones: Man, it was really too close to call, and apparently the refs are having the same trouble!

*Referees Rockwell and Trixie are already debating with each other, although they seem to have differing opinions. Lurrr heads over to the table, reaching out to grab the X Division Title that he’s wanted back. However, The Lost Soul is there as well, grabbing the belt at the same time. The two rivals glare at each other, then Lurrr drops the belt… and punches The Lost Soul in the face!! The two men begin to brawl outside the cage, leaving the belts behind, as the fans roar in approval!! Security soon comes running down, led by Titan 3, as they work to break up the two men.*

Jones: So what’s the decision? Who actually got out first? I mean, both guys get belts, but apparently they both want the same belt! Who get the X Division Title?

Logan: Someone’s got to make a decision, Jonesy!

*Titan 3 can be seen, talking with both refs, both of whom are pointing out different things to the Head of Security. Meanwhile, the rest of the security staff has formed a wall between The Lost Soul and Lurrr, keeping them apart. Titan 3 walks between the wall, grabbing the two titles, which had been knocked to the ground in the melee. He studies them, then turns towards Lurrr. He grins. Lurrr, seeing the smile, immediately starts cursing, but Titan 3 ignores him, turning away and tossing the X Division Title to The Lost Soul!!! The crowd roars in response, even as Titan 3 throws the Intercontinental Title to Lurrr, telling him to enjoy it. Lurrr, pissed, grabs the belt and starts trying to swing at the security guards, but they manage to dodge and hold onto his arms, trying to get him to calm down. Titan 3 is loving every minute of it, laughing to himself.*

Jones: Hold on, Titan 3’s awarding the belts? Is that even legal?

Logan: I guess he’s making the decision for the refs, Jonesy!

Jones: Is this payback for the contract stuff earlier? I mean, Titan 3 was pretty pissed that Ace wasn’t firing Lurrr!

Logan: I don’t know, Jonesy. This one’s going to require some explaining from the guys up top! Right now, though, it looks like Lurrr has retained the Intercontinental Heavyweight Title, but The Lost Soul gets the X Division Title! Both are in better shape than Steve Wilson, who is getting some medical attention right now!

*The cage has been raised up, allowing the medics to get in and check on the bloody former champion. Lurrr has the Intercontinental Title and is walking away, already threatening to talk to his lawyers once again, with Titan 3 telling him to bring it on. Meanwhile, The Lost Soul has slipped back into the caged ring, checking on Wilson’s status while holding the X Division Title tightly across his shoulder. The action takes a break from the ring to show us a feed from the backstage area. The newly crowned World Tag Team Champions, D&D along with Robo-Betsy, are standing in front of a locker room door. Yup, you guessed it. It wasn’t their locker room. In fact, it belonged to Marcus Ka’Derrion. Shane Donovan is about ready to knock on the door when his partner, Draco, grabs his arm.*

Draco: Woah, woah…woooooah.

Shane Donovan: Knocking is polite.

Robo-Betsy: Marrrr.

Draco: Don’t take his side. Shane you tend to lack tact and aren’t very subtle.

*Shane simply shrugs his shoulders and backs away from the door. He does his best gentleman impression and shows Draco the door. Draco tips his non existent hat and if you look carefully you can see the beady Furby eyes of Robo-Betsy roll.*

Draco: Knock, knock!

*Draco made sure to shout as he opened the door. Shane slapped his forehead with a sigh. At least he was going to actually knock.*

Draco: Marcus, it’s Uncy Draco.

*Obviously, Marcus Ka’Derrion is preparing for his match and is less than pleased to see Draco standing there with his robotic pet and tag partner…they aren’t the same person/thing.*

Marcus Ka’Derrion: You guys? I don’t have time for this...

*Marcus goes to shut the door again, but Draco manages to get an arm between it, keeping it from closing. Marcus sighs, opening the door again, but before he can say anymore, Draco’s arm springs out, slapping him across the face!! Shane’s hand covers his mouth to stop from laughing, as Marcus readjusts himself from the hit. Marcus glares at Draco, then comes forward, attempting to knock loose a couple of teeth, but Shane quickly steps in front, trying to stem any bloodshed. He looks back at Draco, shaking his head.*

Shane Donovan: Real subtle, all-star.

*Marcus shoves Shane back, not liking him any better than Draco. He looks from man to man, ready to take on both if he has to. Draco, though, just wanted his full attention.*

Draco: Whose son are you!?

*Marcus looks at Draco, his expression going from anger to confusion.*

Marcus Ka’Derrion: You know the damn answer to that question, it’s the reason you came to the GCWA!

Draco: Punisher! A great wrestler. A man I loved to beat the shit out of. And you just tarnished his legacy by losing to that pile of wasted genetic material, Crimson!

*The anger is back in Marcus’ eyes, as he starts to defend what happened. Draco doesn’t give him the opportunity, as Shane watches from behind, with a finger in the air.*

Draco: You were cheated. Yeah, yeah. I don’t care. Your father and I hated each other. Yeah, given the chance we would have killed one another, but we also respected one another. This isn’t for you, this is for him.

Marcus Ka’Derrion: What are you talking about?

Draco: I’m talking about D&D…

Shane Donovan: The Tag Team Champions!

Draco: --yeah, thanks Shane…are going to watch your back tonight. You may not want it, but you got it. We will take care of all the shenanigans behind the curtain. You do your thing in the ring.

*Draco, Shane, and Robo-Betsy walk away, with Marcus standing there not saying a word. Marcus didn’t ask for their help, and he doesn’t want their help. Yet it seems like whether he wants it or not, he’s got the help of two guys that want his head on the chopping block. The picture goes back to ringside.*

Jones: So Marcus has more allies on his side, if you can call them that.

Logan: Y’know, those guys talk big, Jonesy, but you know it’s all about the gold. They want to see Marcus win the title back, just so that they can try to take it away from him.

Jones: I’m sure that’s what Donovan is thinking, considering he originally lost the belt to Ka’Derrion a while ago. But Draco? He’s always harder to figure out.

Logan: We’ll have to see what D & D have in mind, because that match? It’s right around the corner! Roll it!

Minos: It is now time for the main event of the evening! This match is a rematch for the GCWA World Heavyweight Championship, and will be decided in a “Ladder” Match!!

*The audience is energized at the thought of what’s going down in the main event. A “Marcus” chant immediately begins filtering through the crowd.*

Minos: Introducing first, the challenger… he is the former World Heavyweight Champion, looking to reclaim the property ‘stolen’ from him here tonight… standing 6’1” and weighing 210 lbs, from Miami, Florida, here is Marcus Ka’Derrion!

*The fans leave no doubt in anyone’s mind about who they are going to be rooting for. They cheer loud and hard for Ka’Derrion, who walks out to “No More Sorrow” by Linkin Park. He has a determined look on his face. Before coming to the ring, though, Ka’Derrion moves to the stage, where a series of ladders have been set up. Ka’Derrion chooses one, folding it up and carrying it down to ringside.*

Logan: Ka’Derrion has been dreaming about this moment ever since the three count finished, Jonesy. This is his chance to rectify a wrong in his mind.

Jones: It still resonates as one of the most shocking moments in GCWA history, Anthony. Still, you have to face the fact that, if it happened once, it can happen again. Ka’Derrion needs to be at the best of his game here tonight.

Minos: His opponent reached what he calls the peak of his career this past month… he is here representing the Roman Empire, standing 6’4” and weighing 221 lbs, from Detroit, Michigan, here is the GCWA Heavyweight Champion of the World, Tommy “The Fury” Crimson!!

*Tommy Crimson comes through the curtains, letting out a yell towards the crowd that’s booing him. The trash begins to fly in his direction, with Crimson taking it all in, expecting it. He does not have the World Title with him, as it’s already hanging above the ring, ready for someone to go get it. Crimson starts down the aisle, removing his coat. Underneath his wrestling gear can be seen the flame retardant jacket that he has used in the past.*

Logan: Crimson has taken a lot of heat when he became the champion the way he did. Hell, everyone from that match has been affected. Look at Thomas Mitchell! The guy didn’t even get a match assigned to him tonight!

Jones: I’m betting that was a purposeful decision from the President. Glad to see Mark Bell back in there for our main event, that’s for sure, although there’s not much for him to do other than decide who gets the win.

Logan: This is really Crimson’s opportunity to prove to the world that he’s World Title material. You can tell by his expression that he’s here to make a statement to the GCWA universe.

Jones: I tell you, if he beats Ka’Derrion again, a lot of people will be eating their words!

*The Bell Rings.*

*Crimson takes his time, walking around the ring, looking in at Ka’Derrion, who still has the ladder in his hands. Crimson seems reluctant to enter while his opponent is carrying a weapon. Ka’Derrion gestures to begin, raising the ladder up, but Crimson’s still not coming in, pointing at the ladder. Marcus looks at the ladder, as if to say “this ladder?”, then lifts it over his head and chunks it out of the ring towards Crimson!! The World Champion sees it coming and dodges, ducking to the side as the ladder crashes down to earth!! Crimson, distracted, takes a moment too long to recover from the dodge, as Ka’Derrion follows up by running forward and jumping over the ropes with a suicide plancha, landing perfectly on Crimson outside the ring!! The crowd goes wild as Ka’Derrion gets back on his feet, continuing his attack, as the match kicks into high gear!*

Logan: Ka’Derrion knew what he was doing when he grabbed that ladder. That’s the first move in the chess game to victory!

Jones: If that’s true, this is going to be the most violent chess game the world has ever seen!

*Ka’Derrion brings Crimson up, bodyslamming him on the outside floor. Crimson winces in pain, while Ka’Derrion moves away, picking the ladder back up. He places it horizontally, propping it between the apron and the guardrail. Ka’Derrion then heads back to Crimson, grabbing him by the arm. He whips Crimson towards the ladder, no, Crimson reverses and Ka’Derrion gets clotheslined into the metal!! Marcus lands on his back, stunned, as Crimson staggers away, looking underneath the ring. He reaches in, pulling out a chair from the darkness. As Marcus begins to get up, Tommy comes in, swinging from the hip and catching Marcus in the chest!! Ka’Derrion falls back against the propped-up ladder, hanging there. Crimson, seeing his opportunity, pushes Ka’Derrion up, laying him on the ladder. Crimson then climbs up onto the apron, taking a few steps back. He runs forward, flipping himself over to land back-first onto Ka’Derrion, knocking both men through the ladder to the floor!!! The crowd cheers on instinct, enjoying the destructive pace set at the beginning of this match!*

Logan: Crimson sacrifices his own body on that one! Why do I think these guys aren’t going to be walking away from this match?

Jones: Crimson has laid it all out for this bout, Anthony! He needs this win more than any before, and he’s going to do anything he can to ensure he gets it!

Logan: There’s no doubt that Crimson has more hardcore experience than Ka’Derrion, although Marcus has been in a number of extreme matches. In other words, who knows what else we’re going to see in this one!

*Both men are already showing the strain of the match, considering how early it is. Crimson is on his feet first, picking Ka’Derrion off the turf and tossing him bodily into the guardrail head-first!! Ka’Derrion slumps to the ground, while Crimson, his left leg hurting him, turns back and limps over to the ladder. He picks it up and slides it into the ring, then goes in as well, apparently deciding that this is the time to make his move. Referee Bell moves away, watching, while Crimson sets up the ladder underneath the belt. However, Crimson looks out before moving, noticing that Ka’Derrion is already getting up. Crimson curses under his breath, and then leaves the ladder where it is. He comes to the ropes, preparing to jump out, but Ka’Derrion reacts first, grabbing Crimson’s legs and taking him down, before dragging him out of the ring! Crimson tries to recover, but Marcus lands a couple of right hands, then positions himself with Crimson, getting a vertical suplex and dropping Crimson to the pads!!*

Logan: Damn! I know people look at this and say, hey, it’s padded, they’re fine, but trust me, that’s not a cushy landing!

Jones: Nope, the only people who like to see moves like that are chiropractors, because they know it’s going to pump up their bottom line in the future!

*Both men start to get up, with Ka’Derrion feeling the impact almost as much as Crimson had. He’s still moving a little quicker at the moment, though, as he reaches down and grabs the chair where Crimson dropped it. He turns, smashing the chair down across Crimson’s back, knocking him to the ground! With the champion temporarily shut down, Ka’Derrion heads into the ring, painfully moving towards the ladder! The fans start cheering, wondering if Ka’Derrion can do it. The former champion climbs up the ladder, moving pretty quick considering what he’s going through in this one. He reaches near the top and stretches, grabbing at the title… and Crimson is in, shoving the ladder over!! Ka’Derrion lets go and falls, landing with his stomach across the ropes!! He rebounds back into the ring, in a lot of pain, as Crimson staggers to the side, holding the ropes for balance.*

Logan: That was an ugly fall from Ka’Derrion, although it could have been a lot worse had he not hit the ropes first!

Jones: These ladders matches are high on the list of most dangerous matches, as almost anything can and will happen!

Logan: Yeah…. and I definitely think the activity near the north-side entry ramp qualifies!

Jones: Huh?

*The cameras switch over to the main entrance, where two men can be seen, walking out onto the stage. It’s the X Division Champion, The Lost Soul, and Steve Wilson! The two men move further onto the stage, but stop there, each watching the action from where they are standing. The crowd is cheering their appearance, but really has no idea why they’re out there. Wilson’s head is heavily bandaged, but he’s still moving, with The Lost Soul staying near him. They both stand, watching the action in the ring. *

Jones: Ok, so why are they out here?

Logan: Well, Jonesy, if I had to speculate, I’d say they’re here to make sure that the rest of the Roman Empire doesn’t get involved! Either that, or they’re here to simply watch a great match!

Jones: But what about the other…. Oh….

*The camera angle switches to the other side, where the GCWA World Tag-Team Champions, D & D, have come out on the alternate ramp! They stay on the ramp as well, not approaching the ring to interfere. Instead, Donovan pulls up a chair, as does Draco, with the two men taking a seat and pointing towards the ring, possibly placing bets between themselves!*

Jones: So we’ve got both entrances covered now, although they aren’t exactly Marcus’ biggest fans, are they?

Logan: All that matters to me is that they’re apparently not planning on getting involved. I want to see a clean finish in this one, and we’re on the way towards that!

*In the ring, Crimson is completely oblivious to what’s going on outside. He’s more intent on continuing the assault on Ka’Derrion, taking him down with a running bulldog onto the partially-folded ladder!! Marcus grabs at his face, shaking from the damage. Crimson rolls to his side, out of the ring. He reaches underneath the ring, not finding what he’s looking for at first. After a short search, though, Crimson finds it, pulling out a massive ladder!! It looks to be almost twice the size of the first one. Crimson slides it into the ring, but he’s not done yet, as he reaches back under, this time hauling out a table! Crimson sets it up next to the ring, a goal clearly in mind. He turns and jumps up onto the apron, then seems to remember something, snapping his fingers. Crimson looks back and pulls a lighter from his pocket, dropping it on the table… which bursts into flames!!*

Logan: The flaming tables live again!!

Jones: Oh, hell, what is he planning to do with that??

Logan: What do you think?? Ka’Derrion better watch out, or he’s going to be barbequed!

*Crimson comes back into the ring, the burning table silhouetting him from behind. He looks like he’s coming up from the depths of hell. Ka’Derrion struggles to get up, but the World Champion is already there, banging his knee into Ka’Derrion’s head again to stagger him. He then points to the fire, earning more anxious screams from the crowd. He grabs Ka’Derrion and runs forward, planning to throw him out onto the table!! But as he does so, Ka’Derrion reverses it partially, with both men struggling for a second before they BOTH topple over the ropes!! Thankfully, each manages to grab the top rope, causing them to dangle over the flames! Crimson tries to kick out at Ka’Derrion, who responds with the same kicks. Neither can dislodge the other, so Ka’Derrion suddenly pulls himself up, skinning the cat to get back into the ring! Crimson pulls the same move, causing the two men to stand up next to each other inside the ring, having missed a bad burn. Ka’Derrion turns and gets in a punch, driving Crimson back towards the corner, as the fight continues!*

Logan: That was a close one! If Ka’Derrion hadn’t been able to stop things, I really think Crimson would have retained right then and there!

Jones: I think Crimson is taking Lurrr’s words to heart. He doesn’t want to just win here, he wants to put Ka’Derrion on the shelf, to prove himself to the Roman Empire!

Logan: Does he really need to prove anything, though? I mean, he’s the World Champion!

Jones: To himself he does, Anthony. And he’s doing a good job of doing it here tonight! But he still needs to turn things around if he wants to keep the belt now!

* Ka’Derrion has positioned the small ladder against one of the corners, as Crimson tries to get himself back to his feet. Marcus comes in, though, landing a side kick that knocks Crimson back to the ground. Ka’Derrion follows that up by grabbing Crimson’s legs, teasing the crowd with the possibility of his father’s submission hold, the Pain Killer! The crowd cheers, but Marcus has other plans, as he drops backwards, giving Crimson a slingshot into the set-up ladder!! Crimson hangs there on the ladder, badly stunned, with Ka’Derrion fighting to get back to his feet. We get a couple of quick camera shots from outside, where Donovan & Draco appear to be mockingly applauding, while The Lost Soul & Wilson, having gotten themselves chairs as well, are talking over what Ka’Derrion needs to do next.*

Logan: The further into this match we get, the more important the conditioning of these athletes comes into play.

Jones: Marcus has the youth edge, which might keep him moving faster longer. But Crimson knows when to use his energy and when to conserve it.

Logan: Yeah, he’s conserving it great right now, just by laying on that ladder!

*Ka’Derrion comes over to Crimson, who is struggling to get up. Referee Bell hovers in the background, continuing his duty even though his powers are pretty limited in a match like this. Crimson climbs up on the angled ladder, finally realizing where he is. He starts to turn, but Ka’Derrion is there, grabbing the ladder and shoving it, causing it to fall backwards and land on top of Crimson!! The World Champion is down, under the ladder, as Ka’Derrion staggers off towards the larger ladder. He lifts it and sets it up, positioning it underneath the gold, then starts to climb! The crowd is getting excited as Ka’Derrion goes up higher, getting closer and closer to the gold. However, Crimson’s back up, having shoved the smaller ladder off of him. He gets up and, seeing Marcus, uses a burst of adrenaline to fling himself up the ladder, managing to gain enough ground to meet Marcus at the top!*

Logan: They’re both within reach of the title!

Jones: If one of them can get rid of the other, this one’s over!

*Ka’Derrion reaches up, not realizing how close Crimson is, but the World Champion blocks him by swinging a shot through the ladder into his gut, bending him over. Crimson climbs up further, getting on the same level as Marcus, landing a couple more punches that leave Ka’Derrion hanging by one hand, causing gasps from the crowd below. Ka’Derrion rights himself, though, then swings himself, hitting Crimson in the jaw and nearly unseating him from the ladder! Both men keep punching away in sequence, first one, then the other, but neither is letting go. They’re both hanging on tenaciously, refusing to let their opportunity at the belt get away from them. Finally, both men rear back at the same time, letting loose a combined punch that rocks both of them. It also rocks the ladder, causing it to shift, back and forth, and finally start to topple, taking both men for a ride! Crimson and Ka’Derrion fly out of the ring, flipping over, with both crashing through the still-burning table on the outside!!!!*

Crowd: Holy shit!! Holy shit!! Holy shit!!

Logan: I echo the crowd, man. Holy shit!

Jones: My god, neither one may be able to continue in this one, Anthony!! The match might have to end right there!!

Logan: Damn, I hope not! We need a win here, from one of these guys!

Jones: I don’t know how we can keep going! Hell, even the referee’s down! I think the ladder nailed him!

*Draco & Donovan are shown, speechless. Wilson looks stunned as well. The Lost Soul, well, you can never really tell what he’s thinking. Outside the ring, attendants run around, putting out the fires, while staying out of the action. Inside the ring, referee Bell is laying on the ground, the larger ladder laying over him. He’s not moving. On the outside, Crimson is struggling to get up, having been protected thanks to his flame retardant suit. Ka’Derrion wasn’t so lucky, as he’s holding his arm, which appears to have been singed. Crimson claws at the apron, trying to get up, to continue the match.*

Jones: That move is going to be in the highlight reel from now on, Anthony!

Logan: Works for me! That was brutal! Looks like Crimson’s in better shape. He needs to get moving, though, if he wants to…

Jones: Wait a second, Anthony. Over at the other entryway, someone just came out! Wait, is that… yes, that’s referee Thomas Mitchell!!

Logan: What? What’s that turd doing out here? He’s the one who cost Marcus the belt in the first place!

Jones: I think he wants to replace Bell in the match! After all, the ref is down!

*The crowd is already booing as Mitchell comes down the ramp, walking in-between Draco and Donovan on his way to the ring. He doesn’t get far, though, as Draco suddenly reaches out, grabbing Mitchell by the collar! Mitchell looks back, trying to pull free. He tells Draco that he’s interfering in official business, since he’s supposed to replace Bell if he gets hurt. Draco nods, as if agreeing with him, while Donovan comes over. Draco then reaches down, grabbing Mitchell’s back pants and giving him a wedgie!! Mitchell howls, shocked at the sudden pain, as Donovan gets into the spirit of things, kicking Mitchell in the ass! Mitchell falls forward, with Draco and Donovan going to work on him, as the crowd cheers!*

Jones: They’re taking out Mitchell!

Logan: Good! We don’t need a damn ref in this one anyway! Better to avoid any more controversy!

*Back to the ringside area, Crimson is on his feet now. He comes over to the injured Ka’Derrion, kicking at his back. Ka’Derrion rolls away, trying to avoid the shots, but Crimson follows, doing more damage. Ka’Derrion is really cradling his left arm, as it’s hurting him severely. Crimson gets in a few more shots, then moves off to the side. He pulls the padding on the floor away, revealing the concrete underneath. Crimson then steps gingerly over to Ka’Derrion, grabbing the challenger and pulling him over. He positions him above the concrete, signaling to the crowd that the end is near. Crimson then grabs Ka’Derrion’s head for the Fury!! But before Crimson can drop, Ka’Derrion pushes forward, throwing Crimson off-balance and carrying both men backwards into the nearby turnbuckle post!! Crimson’s head bangs off the post, ringing his chimes, while Ka’Derrion pulls himself up. With Crimson staggering forward, dazed, Ka’Derrion follows, grabbing Crimson and lifting him up, landing the Punisher on the concrete!!!!!!*

Logan: Jesus!! Crimson just left the mortal plane!!

Jones: He’s not going to get up from that one! Holy shit!

*With Crimson down and out, Ka’Derrion painfully gets himself up, still holding his burned arm close to him. He crawls into the ring, getting himself up and stepping over the still-unconscious referee Bell. Ka’Derrion rights the ladder, which thankfully only needed to be put back up. Marcus then starts to climb, each step more painful than the last, but the fans are cheering hard for him, trying to give him that extra boost. Crimson moves his legs, but he can’t get up, badly stunned from the impact he took. Ka’Derrion gets to the top of the ladder, starting to reach out with his left hand before realizing how that’s a bad idea. He clings to the ladder for a second, then reaches out with his right hand, stretching out… and grabbing the World Title!! With a grunt, Ka’Derrion pulls the belt off its holder, and the bell begins to ring, even as he slides agonizingly down the ladder!!*

Minos: Here is your winner, and the NEW GCWA Heavyweight Champion of the World, Marcus Ka’Derrion!!!

*The crowd is going wild, as Ka’Derrion pulls the belt close to him. Crimson’s struggling to raise up on the outside, as if still trying to get back to make the save, but it’s too late. The Lost Soul and Steve Wilson make their way down to ringside, coming in to congratulate Ka’Derrion on his victory. D & D, meanwhile, are staying where they were, happy with the ending, but knowing that Marcus would never accept their congratulations.*

Jones: Marcus Ka’Derrion has reclaimed the World Heavyweight Title!!

Logan: That was an amazing match, Jonesy! A few times there, Crimson came damn close to putting Ka’Derrion away, but the young man just wouldn’t stop!

Jones: Yeah, Crimson shouldn’t be ashamed. He made this one a match for the ages, no doubt! But in the end, only one person could win, and tonight, that person was Marcus Ka’Derrion!

*Crimson finally is getting up, although he’s still dazed from the Punisher maneuver. In the ring, Ka’Derrion is being helped up by The Lost Soul, who raises Ka’Derrion’s right arm in the air, pointing to the winner, which gets more cheers from the crowd. Of course, there are boos, too, mainly because Lurrr has come out of the main entryway! The Intercontinental Champion walks down the aisle, moving towards where his ally, Crimson, is standing, hurting. He checks on Crimson, asking if he’s alright, with Crimson nodding his head. Lurrr says ok, then steps back… and lands the Wake Up Call!!!! Crimson falls to the back, unconscious, as Lurrr steps away from him, already heading to the ring!*

Logan: What the hell??? What was that for??

Jones: Lurrr just laid out the former World Champion, taking advantage of his hurting state!! I don’t understand, what does this mean?

*Lurrr steps up onto the apron and comes into the ring, with Ka’Derrion watching him closely. The Lost Soul and Wilson have moved next to Ka’Derrion, forming a wall of protection in case Lurrr decides to try anything. Draco and Donovan are also watching from their position, prepared to run in if necessary. But Lurrr’s not there to fight with any of them. He looks at Ka’Derrion, then looks at the World Title sitting on his shoulder. Lurrr looks back at Ka’Derrion, grins, and nods to the belt, before giving the hand signal that the belt will soon be his. Lurrr tells him to enjoy himself tonight, because it gets worse tomorrow, then walks away, leaving the ring.*

Logan: So Lurrr attacks Crimson, but not Ka’Derrion?

Jones: I think he was just there to get his point across, Anthony! After all, the match is now set for Heat Wave! It’s going to be the leader of the Roman Empire, Lurrr, vs. the new 2-time World Heavyweight Champion, Marcus Ka’Derrion!! What a match that’s going to be!!

Logan: We’re already looking ahead, after finishing a great night of action! We’ll see you all next week on Inferno!! Good night!

*Ka’Derrion, still holding the World Title, looks out at the departing Lurrr, who is not looking back. The Roman Empire leader has a big smile on his face, as if his destiny is about to be fulfilled. The picture slowly fades out.*

So there we go, another PPV in the books!! I tried to go all out on the matches (to make up for there being only four, heh), so hopefully you enjoyed the card. If you didn't, well, the hate mail box is always open *lol*.

Now, for this Friday, I realized just a few minutes before posting this that I didn't bother to ask anyone if they wanted matches or not. I guess I'll just go by instinct and choose a few matches to work with the after-effects of the PPV. Here are the matches I am assigning:

- The Big Bifford vs. Seth Eldritch

- "The Cowboy From Hell" Ace Aldridge vs. Draco

- Jobe Severity vs. Robert "The Sensei" Santana

- Scott Caine(c) vs. Dangerous Dan, GCWA Television Title Match

- Official Contract Signing, Lurrr vs. Marcus Ka'Derrion at Heat Wave

Roleplaying will be from Sunday, July 26th until Thursday, July 30th, still 3 roleplays, 150-line limits (although wrestlers can make deals on the OOC Board to just roleplay twice, if need be, since it's a shortened window). Good luck!