*We return from the commercial break to the backstage area, or more specifically the medical office. The medics are apparently checking on the ribs of Arryk Rage, getting them securely taped. Scott Caine walks into the rope, looking over his tag-team partner for the night.*

Scott Caine: You ok, Arryk?

*Arryk looks up at his younger partner, smiling as if the ribs were nothing to be concerned about.*

Arryk Rage: You don’t have to worry about me, Scott. I will give you everything I have as long as it means I get the X Division Title away from Lurrr.

Scott Caine: You mean when WE get it away from him.

Arryk Rage: That’s what I said. Now let’s get out of here and talk some strategy.

*Scott nods and gives Arryk a hand getting off the table. Despite his brave words, Arryk looks like he’s in a lot of pain. The two men walk out, with the medic shaking his head. He doesn’t want to clear Arryk to wrestle, but he’s got no choice. We head back to ringside.*

Logan: Ok, could we not find a replacement for Arryk tonight? He’s risking a lot going against someone like Lurrr and Hill, who will focus all their attacks on where he’s bandaged up.

Jones: Well, the President is pretty specific that when someone is contracted for a match, they compete in that match. Maybe Caine should have been watching out for his partner closer before the Roman Empire assaulted him.

Logan: Well, I guess we’ll see what Arryk has left later on tonight. For now, we’ve got a different title to decide!

*We head to the video, which starts off by showing us the logo for Blood On The Battlefield III. We see the beginning of the match between the Danger Boiz, currently the World Tag-Team Champs, and Harvey Danger, who appeared to have not been able to find a tag-team partner. However, the masked man known as the Stranger made his first appearance, joining with Danger and helping him get the victory, crowning new tag-team champions. Various video clips are shown over the next two months of Stranger Danger teaming up against challengers, with the Danger Boiz always being nearby wanting their rematch. The saga of the Stranger is also gone over, from the change in personality to the revealing that Marie Danger, Harvey’s Mom, was behind hiring him in the first place. We also go over Titan 3 temporarily wearing the mask for a few weeks, before quitting due to the foul tongue of Marie. The Danger Boiz were granted their rematch, causing Marie to have to pay for the original Stranger once again. The video fades out, taking us back to ringside.*

Minos: The next match is for one fall and will be for the GCWA World Tag-Team Championship! Introducing first, the challengers, they are former GCWA World Tag Champs, and now seek to reclaim the belts that they lost, weighing in at a combined 448 lbs, from Smithville, Tennessee, here are Crazy Chris & Dangerous Dan, the Danger Boiz!

*The fans start cheering loudly for the young tag-team, roaring as first Dangerous Dan, then Crazy Chris appear out of the back. “Hell Yeah!” by Zebrahead is playing behind them as they bounce and weave their way down to the ring.*

Logan: The Danger Boiz got a lucrative offer this week from their former employer, the owner of Middle Tennessee State Wrestling.

Jones: Yes, but I don’t know why they even considered it for a minute, Anthony.

Logan: Well, to be fair, there was the loyalty factor. Mr. Harrison got them their start. Plus he was offering them a heck of a raise!

Jones: Yes, but let’s compare: we’ve got Middle Tennessee, and we’ve got GLOBAL! End of discussion!

Logan: Ummm, Jonesy, we’ve been in Texas for 6 months and haven’t even left the state yet.

Jones: Well, yeah, but we’ve gone to all parts of Texas, haven’t we? No sticking to the middle of it for us!

Minos: And now, their opponents, they have become one of the most mysterious and puzzling tag-teams in GCWA history, coming down the aisle, here are the GCWA World Tag-Team Champions, Harvey Danger, the Stranger, Stranger Danger!!

*The crowd gives a good cheer for the champs, as they walk out to “No Rain” by Blind Melon. Or at least Harvey walks out. He poses, then realizes that he’s alone, and quickly turns and goes back through the curtain. After a few confusing seconds, the Stranger appears, shaking his masked head. Harvey’s right behind him, pushing him forward. They go towards the ring.*

Logan: What a long, strange trip it’s been.

Jones: As far as we can tell, Harvey Danger has had at least two partners dressed as the Stranger. One was revealed earlier this month, as Titan 3 quit wearing the mask and got back to business as the Head of Security. Somehow, Marie Danger convinced the ‘original’ masked man to come back and be Harvey’s partner tonight.

Logan: Is this even legal? I’m starting to wonder if these guys should be stripped of the belts. I mean, they’re switching out tag champions, after all!

Jones: That’s a matter for the President, Anthony, not us.

*The Bell Rings.*

*Dangerous Dan and Crazy Chris turn to each other, doing a quick version of Rock, Paper, Scissors. Dangerous Dan wins out, so he steps into the ring, with Crazy Chris shaking his head about always picking paper. On the other side, the Stranger isn’t budging from his post. He’s not exactly pleased to be there. Harvey raises his arms, shrugging, then steps into the ring. He turns to the referee, Thomas Mitchell, asking him about Trixie, but Mitchell shakes his head, telling Harvey to concentrate on the match. That’s a good idea, as Dangerous Dan is suddenly behind him, grabbing Danger’s legs and rolling him up! Danger flails about, managing to get free after only a 1 count. Both men get back up, with Dangerous Dan immediately taking Harvey towards the ropes, whipping him towards the other side. Danger comes back, trying to protect himself, but Dan already has momentum, having hit the ropes himself, as he leaps high to get a flying cross splash, taking Danger to the mat! He grabs the legs… 1… 2… Harvey scrambles free, then tries to crawl away, with Dan hanging onto his legs.*

Jones: The Danger Boiz aren’t playing around here tonight!

Logan: Do you blame them? They’ve been wanting this opportunity to get their belts back for months! That kind of anticipation doesn’t just go away; it grows!

Jones: That plus the fact that Stranger Danger isn’t exactly on the best of terms could really give the Danger Boiz the advantage!

*With Harvey unable to get away, he gets dragged backwards, over to where Dan tags in his brother. Crazy Chris springs over the ropes, flipping around and landing with a senton splash onto Danger’s chest!! Danger, coughing, is still down as Chris tries to make the cover… 1… 2… Danger again barely escapes, keeping his arm up. Meanwhile, the Stranger continues to watch in silence not getting involved. However, he soon has a visitor, as his leg gets tugged on, nearly pulling him off the apron! The Stranger turns… to find Marie Danger, yelling at him!! She’s pointing towards the ring, wanting the Stranger to get more involved. As the two ‘argue’ (without the Stranger saying much), Chris tags back in Dangerous Dan, holding up Harvey. Dan comes up on the turnbuckle, then jumps off, scoring a flying knee shot! Danger topples to his back, holding his face. He rolls himself over and reaches out, as if thinking he might be close to the corner, but Dan shoves him back over for a pin attempt.. 1… 2… Danger escapes again!*

Jones: Harvey is already desperately needing a tag, from all the abuse he’s taking!

Logan: Will the Stranger be there for the tag, though? He’s looking pretty ticked off at Marie’s nagging of him…

*Marie has her head on the apron now, staring at her son and yelling obscenities towards the Danger Boiz, calling them hoodlums. Dangerous Dan ignores her, continuing the assault. He tags Crazy Chris back in and takes Harvey over with a neck flip, putting Harvey in a sitting position on the mat. Crazy Chris then runs to the ropes to build momentum, but before he can come back towards his opponent, Marie Danger reaches through the ropes, tripping him!! Crazy Chris stumbles, but doesn’t go down, turning back towards Marie, who is already turned away, acting innocent. Luckily for Stranger Danger, referee Mitchell missed the blatant attempt to affect the match. Crazy Chris shakes his head, not wanting to hit an old woman, and turns back to the action, grabbing for Danger. But Harvey dodges, rolling past Crazy Chris and getting to his corner, where he desperately tags in the Stranger!!*

Logan: Hot tag! Well, sort of…

Jones: The Stranger doesn’t look pleased, but he’s coming in to defend his tag-team title, despite his feelings.

*The Stranger steps through the ropes, even as Marie comes over to check on Harvey. Harvey, naturally, seems surprised to see his mother there. In the ring, Crazy Chris charges at the Stranger, but the man catches him in mid-air, landing a rock bottom maneuver!! Crazy Chris flops on the mat, while Dangerous Dan leaps over the ropes and comes to his brother’s aid, only to have the Stranger meet him with a series of punches, driving the former TV Champion backwards. The Stranger grabs Dan by the head, sending him flipping over the ropes and to the outside, then turns back to Crazy Chris, who’s trying to get up. The Stranger steps around Chris, getting behind him and locking on a million dollar dream sleeper, wrenching Crazy Chris backwards! Referee Mitchell stays in the background, asking the all-important question: do you give up?*

Jones: The Stranger is close to putting this match away on his own!

Logan: Whoever he is, he’s a fierce fighter! It’s like he knew exactly what Crazy Chris and Dangerous Dan were going to do!

Jones: I guess he’s got a lot of experience, huh?

*Crazy Chris refuses to give up, as he starts trying to reach the ropes. The only problem is, the Stranger has a few inches on the man, keeping Crazy Chris from getting anywhere. Chris’ arm starts to lower from its effort, as he’s weakening in the grasp of the sleeper. Fortunately for him, his brother has recovered from his fall to the outside. Dangerous Dan comes back in, smashing the Stranger in the back of the head to break up the hold! Referee Mitchell tries to get Dan out of the ring, but it’s not an easy prospect, as Dangerous Dan is now intent on driving the Stranger backwards with a series of punches. The Stranger responds with a shot of his own, then goes to again throw Dan out of the ring, sending him towards the ropes. However, Dan manages to skin the cat, coming back in through the middle gap. The Stranger turns, trying to cut Dan off, but Dan snaps off a well-aimed dropkick to the Stranger’s leg, causing him to bend over. Crazy Chris then comes back over, joining his brother in a double-team.*

Jones: The Danger Boiz are working over the Stranger, but where is Harvey Danger?

Logan: I believe his mother’s distracting him.

*Marie is complaining about various things, talking about her bad heart and her dearly departed husband, as Harvey nods, then looks towards the ring, then nods again. He wants to get into the ring, but Marie’s in rant mode, keeping him from going lest he call down her wrath. In the ring, Dan and Chris land a few more combined punches to the Stranger, staggering him. They grab the man and team up to whip him towards the other side of the ring, coincidentally when Harvey’s telling his mom to give him a second. Harvey is in perfect position, as the Stranger hits next to him, causing Harvey’s arm to hit the Stranger’s back! The Stranger continues moving off, rebounding into the Danger Boiz, who score a double side kick to plant him on the canvas. Chris, as the legal man, drops for the pin, but Mitchell waves it off, having seen the tag. Meanwhile, Harvey comes rushing in, running up to Dangerous Dan and clotheslining him over the ropes!! Harvey then kicks at Crazy Chris before he can get up, showing some initiative… even as his mother shouts instructions on what he SHOULD be doing.*

Logan: That tag may have been just luck, but that might be enough for Stranger Danger here, as Dangerous Dan is temporarily out of the equation!

Jones: Crazy Chris needs to fight these guys off by himself for at least long enough for his brother to recover from that landing, if they want the belts!

*Referee Mitchell has clearly lost complete control of this one, as he just sits back and watches the three men left in the ring. Crazy Chris struggles to avoid the kicks of Harvey, who steps in and grabs Crazy Chris’ head instead, getting him with a facebuster instead. Harvey then makes the cover, with Mitchell heading over for the count… 1… 2… Crazy Chris kicks free, staying alive. Harvey looks surprised, having expected that to be it. Meanwhile, Marie is again shouting what he should do to that, uh, well, better not to say what she’s calling the Danger Boiz here. Harvey waves her off, wanting just to do his job. He grabs Crazy Chris, but Chris answers with a jumping Pele kick!! Danger staggers back, dazed from the hit, as Crazy Chris takes a second to get his breath back. He looks towards Danger, sizing him up for a big maneuver. He comes in, no, the Stranger grabs his foot! Crazy Chris fights to free himself, but he’s too late, as Harvey comes back in, grabbing Crazy Chris by the head and dropping with the Danger DDT!!!! Harvey makes the cover, while the Stranger pulls himself up, keeping Dangerous Dan from rushing back in… 1… 2… 3!!!!!*

Minos: Here are your winners, and STILL GCWA World Tag-Team Champions, Stranger Danger!!

Jones: The champs retain!

Logan: Wow, that’s not the way I saw it going down at all! Somehow, these guys still worked together well enough to get the victory over some tough competitors!

Jones: Does this mean that they’re reunited?

*Dangerous Dan comes into the ring, helping his brother, Chris, get up. Neither looks very happy with the way things ended, but sometimes that’s the way things go. In the ring, the referee has brought in the two tag-team titles, handing them to the wrestlers. Harvey and the Stranger get their arms raised. Suddenly, though, there’s a problem, as Marie Danger has come into the ring! She comes over to the Stranger, pulling the Tag-Team Title off of him!! Marie then hands it to a confused Harvey, telling the ref to keep his hand raised, before turning back to the Stranger and motioning for him to leave!*

Logan: What is going on?

Jones: I think Marie wants the spotlight all for her son, Anthony!

*The Stranger and Marie argue, with Marie poking the Stranger in the chest, yelling at him loud enough for the cameras to pick up.*

Marie Danger: If it wasn’t for me, you’d still be running around attacking guys in the back! I gave you this chance to get back into wrestling, and I paid you well, so unless you want me to tear that fucking mask off your fucking face, get the fuck away from here and let my dear son Harvey celebrate! God knows he rarely has the chance to do so!

*Maries pushes at the Stranger one more time, with the Stranger raising his arms in acquiescence. He steps back, with Marie turning to her son, grabbing his arm and pointing to him, basically ordering the fans to cheer for him. There is a small cheer, but the fans are obviously confused as to what they should do. Meanwhile, the Stranger has moved to a neutral corner, where he appears to be fiddling with his mask.*

Jones: So Harvey Danger gets all the credit? He seemed to be taking a lot of abuse early on, until the Stranger saved him.

Logan: Yeah, but he can argue that he DID land his finisher and get the pin… hey, wait a second… the Stranger… he’s unmasking!!

*All eyes are on the corner, as the Stranger removes his mask for the first time out in the open. Neither Harvey nor Marie notice at first, nor do they clue into the fact that the sudden surge in cheering has nothing to do with them. Instead, it has to do with the man who is climbing the turnbuckle…. The Lost Soul!!!!! TLS waits as Harvey turns towards the Tron, apparently looking for his face. Instead, he sees TLS, up on the apron, causing his smile to quickly disappear. Harvey turns back to the turnbuckle, but The Lost Soul is already in the air, landing a flying clothesline!!!*

Jones: The Lost Soul… he’s the original Stranger!!!

Logan: I knew it!!!

*Harvey is down, with both Tag-Team Titles laying across him. He has a strangely peaceful look on his face, as he mumbles something about Trixie. Marie, angry, brings her purse around, swinging it at The Lost Soul, but TLS blocks it, then locks her into his grasp!! Marie’s face goes pale, as she realizes that she’s in trouble.*

Jones: Marie’s about to go for a ride!!!

Logan: Whoa, TLS, you don’t need to do that, man!!

*The fans disagree, chanting for The Lost Soul to “Kick Her Ass! Kick Her Ass!” But The Lost Soul apparently changes his mind, shoving Marie backwards to the canvas, landing her next to her downed son. The Lost Soul then calls through the ropes, with Minos, responding, giving him the mic.*

The Lost Soul: You and your son can have the belts. I’m done with you.

*The Lost Soul then throws down the mic and turns, leaving the ring, even as Marie stands up, shouting some more ‘interesting’ comments at him, before checking on her son, who is trying to recover.*

Jones: The Lost Soul just gave up the mantle of the Stranger, apparently for the second time!

Logan: Wait, so Harvey Danger is now the sole tag-team champion? Or will this decision stick? I mean, TLS just defended the belts, didn’t he?

Jones: I don’t know, Anthony. I think this is going to take a Presidential decision!

*The Lost Soul heads towards the back, probably already thinking about the next match he’s involved in tonight. Meanwhile, Marie continues to check on her poor son. Of course, as soon as Harvey opens his eyes, Marie gives him a slap on the chest, wanting to know where he was when Marie was being threatened by that thug. We leave ringside and go to the backstage area, where we find Draco, who had earned the right to compete in the Intercontinental Title match just moments ago, was resting with a bottle of cold water against his head. He was leaning on a stage equipment box with Robo-Betsy by his side.*

Robo-Betsy: Marrrr.

Draco: Yeah, that was pretty damn funny, wasn’t it

*Draco chuckles a bit and brings his hand up quickly catching an Icy-Hot pack. Shane Donovan comes into the picture and leans against the wall a few feet away. The pack goes on the back of Draco’s neck with a smirk.*

Draco: Thanks.

Shane Donovan: Not a problem.

Robo-Betsy: Marrrr.

Draco: Hey, he is on our side, remember?

*Draco extends a hand to Shane Donovan. Shane accepts and even pats Robo-Betsy on the head.*

Shane Donovan: Just make sure to leave the tin can back here. We got plans.

Draco: That we do. That we do.

*The tag team starts to walk back to their locker room. A bit of last minute preparation before the two have to clash in a fatal four way for Shane Donovan’s title. We head back to ringside.*

Jones: It looks like Donovan and Draco…

Logan: Draco & Donovan…

Jones: … it looks like D & D are on the same page now, which means that The Big Bifford and The Lost Soul might have to beat two men in order to get the Intercontinental Championship.

Logan: That’s wild, man. I can’t wait to see it! But then again, I can, because of what’s next!

*The intro video begins to roll, starting out with Lurrr standing with his comrades in the Roman Empire. Lurrr is smirking as he displays the GCWA X Division Title out in front of him. The screen seems to shake, then rips apart, showing one of Scott Caine’s assaults on Lurrr with a steel chair. As a rock theme plays, the battles between the two men are shown, with Lurrr winning over Caine at one point, thanks in part to interference. The Roman Empire is shown again and again getting the better of Caine, leading to Caine calling out a challenge to them in the ring. But when Lurrr & Mathis answered the challenge, “Twiztid” Arryk Rage made his re-debut, joining Caine in beating down Lurrr. The fights between Lurrr & the Empire and the two new partners are pictured, including the Empire ambushing Rage on the last Inferno before the PPV. Lurrr’s comments from this week are also heard, with him saying that this would be Caine’s last opportunity to fight for the X Division Title. The video fades out to blackness.*

Minos: The next match will be fought under tag-team rules, and will be for the GCWA X Division Championship! Introducing first, they recently allied themselves together to fight against the threat of the Roman Empire, weighing a combined 439 lbs, here are Scott Caine and “Twiztid” Arryk Rage!

*As “Know Your Enemy” by Green Day comes on, the fans give a small welcome for Scott Caine and Arryk Rage. Caine looks energized at the chance to win tonight over the Roman Empire. Rage, though, is nursing taped-up ribs, clearly still feeling the effects of the beating he took on the previous Friday Night Inferno. Benji Sampson, Caine’s manager, makes sure that Rage makes it down the ramp, as they head for the ring.*

Logan: Caine had an exciting week, as he went and paid a visit to Italy and met up with some rabid Roman Empire fans. Rage, though, was rarely seen.

Jones: Well, he was probably recuperating, Anthony. He did take a lot of abuse last week before Caine could make the save.

Logan: Yeah, the way he looks, Rage might be more of a liability than an asset in this one. Caine needs to work hard to make sure that he finally gets that win that has been eluding him.

Minos: And now, their opponents… they are part of one of the most hated stables in history, and have a lot of experience in this venue… weighing in at a combined 455 lbs, here are Warrick Hill and the GCWA X Division Champion, Lurrr… the Roman Empire!

*Lurrr comes out first to a massive wave of boos, with his music, “Cocky” by Kid Rock, playing behind him. Warrick follows him out, waving his hand in front of his face as if trying to get rid of a smoke cloud that ‘might’ have been there seconds before. Rick Mathis comes out with them, coughing slightly from what he had to go through. Lurrr waves them on, and they head as a unit towards the ring.*

Jones: There were rumors this week that Lurrr resorted to unsavory methods in order to ensure that he has an opportunity to be a father for his new child.

Logan: I heard the girl’s law firm had a fire of some sort. Just how well connected are these Empire guys?

Jones: Let’s just say I’m going to do everything in my power not to piss them off.

*The Bell Rings.*

Logan: Alright, time to see what Lurrr’s got! His belt is on the line, but it is definitely possible that he won’t even figure into the decision for it!

Jones: That would be a shocker, but it could happen, especially with how Warrick looks. I could see him getting pinned, but I can also see him wrestling on instinct and forgetting that a pin by him would give him the X Division Title, instead of Lurrr.

Logan: I almost hope something like that happens, as it would cause a great deal of trouble in the Empire.

*Caine walks forward, pointing towards Lurrr. It’s clear who he wants to fight first. Lurrr, handing off the X Division Title to Mathis for safe-keeping, seems willing to oblige, stepping through the ropes. He starts moving to his right, telling Caine that if he wants a piece of him, to come and get it. Caine starts moving in towards Lurrr… and Hill runs in from the side, tackling Caine! Hill starts punching away on the man, while Lurrr cockily struts back to his corner. Referee Trixie, confused, confronts him, but Lurrr quickly makes his point, saying that Caine only assumed he was the one starting the match. Meanwhile, Hill has gotten Caine over to the corner, using the distraction to get in an illegal choke, still with that same grin on his face. Hill’s feeling no pain, but Caine certainly is.*

Jones: The Roman Empire always has a few new tricks up its sleeve!

Logan: An Empire has sleeves?

Jones: Stop being so literal, Anthony.

Logan: Sorry, can’t help it sometimes. It’s very early here, but Caine needs to start trying to find a way to get to his side of the ring.

*Hill pulls Caine out of the corner, taking him towards Lurrr, who is smirking as he reaches out to be tagged in. Caine, though, suddenly straightens up, launching a surprised Hill straight into Lurrr! The leader of the Roman Empire falls from the apron, stunned, as Caine follows up by grabbing onto Hill’s back and dropping with a backstabber!! Hill falls to the side, hurting, as Caine scrambles for the pin… 1… 2… and Hill manages to kick out. On the outside, Lurrr looks a little bit shocked, realizing how easily that could have been his title. Caine brings Hill up, anger welling up inside him. He runs with Warrick’s head like a football, dropping him with a running bulldog! Warrick is hurt, as Caine pulls himself up, grabbing Hill’s arm and dragging the lightweight to his own corner, where Arryk Rage is anxiously waiting. Caine tags in the former “Twiztid”, earning a minor reaction from the crowd, both for positive and negative reasons.*

Logan: Rage has been wanting to get his hands on the X Division Title longer than the GCWA has even been open this run, Jonesy!

Jones: I remember when he first managed to steal it, keeping it for himself while Titan 3 tried to track him down. Crazy times.

Logan: Well, now Rage has a chance to legally get the gold around his waist. Let’s see what he does with it.

*Hill tries to beg off, but he can’t get away, as Caine makes sure to hang onto his ankle. Rage uses the opportunity to drop a couple of knees onto Hill’s torso, doing some more damage. Arryk pulls Warrick up by his hair, not listening to any of the warnings that Trixie is sending his way. He takes Hill to the corner and bangs his head into the pads, making sure to hit all three pads on the way down. The last shot thrusts Hill straight into the canvas, where he lays, stunned, while Arryk starts an ascent up the ‘buckle. He gets to the top, as Lurrr comes in, trying to make the save. Referee Trixie gets in his way, keeping him from interfering. But Lurrr’s true goal is quickly revealed as Rick Mathis jumps up from the side, pushing Rage off of the turnbuckle and to the outside!!! Rage takes a horrible crash into the guardrail, strangely causing him to stand straight up, then fall backwards to the ground! Caine rushes over to check on his partner, while Mathis works on acting inconspicuous.*

Logan: Ok, I’m starting an official petition. I want Rick Mathis banned from ringside, damnit!

Jones: He’s really proven to be a major asset ever since Lurrr managed to win his ‘services’ in a bet. I wonder what things would have been like if Mathis had won instead.

Logan: That bet led to the creation of the Empire, Jonesy. That was the turning point.

*Hill pulls himself up, taking the chance given to him to hustle across the ring. He tags in Lurrr, who jogs over, sliding through the ropes. Caine steps up to meet him, but Lurrr gets referee Trixie to step in, since Caine isn’t the legal man. Trixie reluctantly tells Caine to back off, while Lurrr pulls up the wounded Rage and throws him bodily into the steel steps! Rage doubles over from the impact, with Lurrr grabbing him by the head to bounce him off the steps once more. Lurrr then ‘innocently’ helps Arryk back into the ring and follows. He kicks Arryk in the head once more, then covers him, impatiently waving for Trixie to come over to make the count. Trixie slides into place… 1… 2… and Caine is there, breaking up the pin attempt!*

Logan: Caine wasn’t going to just sit back and let that pinfall take place. Not when this is his last opportunity at Lurrr’s X Division Title!

Jones: He can only make the save so many times, though, before Lurrr will finally get what he’s going for. Arryk needs to find a way to save himself.

*Lurrr lifts Arryk up to a sitting position, then gets behind him, applying a chinlock. He’s positioned himself so that both men are looking towards Caine, with Lurrr taunting him while hanging onto the grip. Rage coughs, spitting up some blood, which could mean some internal bleeding is involved after that plunge he took off the top. Rage feebly tries to get free, with Trixie checking on him, obviously thinking about stopping the match. This seems to bug Lurrr, though, as he suddenly drags Rage backwards, away from the ref and towards the Roman Empire corner. Lurrr reaches out, tagging in Hill, who quickly takes the free kicks offered to him by Lurrr holding Rage’s head. With Rage down, Hill throws in a jumping splash, then makes the cover, looking towards Caine while doing so… 1… 2… and Rage manages to get out at the last instant, raising his arm. Hill goes back on the attack, as Caine watches, helplessly, from his side of the squared circle.*

Jones: I don’t like the look of that blood on Rage’s lips, Anthony. There could be some serious damage there.

Logan: There comes a time where a wrestler has to acknowledge that he’s injured and that he needs to forfeit the match. But Arryk knows how much this match means to Caine, and he’s good at handling torturous pain. I don’t see him quitting.

Jones: Yes, but how much can Trixie take, watching this?

*Trixie certainly looks tense, not knowing what she should do. This is a true test of her referee abilities. Hill brings the wounded Rage back to their corner, where Hill tags Lurrr back in. The leader of the Roman Empire waits as Hill hauls back on Arryk’s arms, opening up his side. Lurrr lands a few good punches, causing Rage to writhe in agony. Lurrr then points to the blood, apparently trying to convince Trixie to shut down the match, and, thus, save his X Division Title. Trixie doesn’t buy it, telling Lurrr to leave the referee’ing to her, so Lurrr shrugs and knees Rage in the gut, causing him to lean over and spit some more blood onto the canvas. Lurrr appears to be having a blast, as he tags his partner back in. This time, Lurrr holds the arms, as he tells Hill to go to the ropes. Hill smiles and nods, rushing to the ropes and coming back with a leaping clothesline… that hits Lurrr when Rage manages to escape!!! Lurrr goes down, as Hill, an apologetic look, gets up. Hill then realizes that Rage has gotten away from him, spinning around, but it’s too late, as Rage desperately lunges to tag in Caine!!!*

Logan: Hot tag!! Here come the fireworks, just in time for Independence Day!!

Jones: Caine’s face says it all, Anthony! The Empire is in a hell of a lot of trouble!!

*Caine storms in, rushing at Hill, who tries a quick clothesline, only to have Caine duck underneath it. Caine then hits the ropes and flies back, spearing Hill hard to the canvas!! It’s a serious shot that bends Hill in half, with Caine immediately getting back to his feet and letting out a primal yell. It’s answered by the rabid fans, who want to see Caine pull this one off. Hill tries to get up, but Caine’s right there behind him, grabbing his head and taking the Roman Empire member down with a diamond cutter!! Hill isn’t moving after the impact, so Caine quickly rolls him over, attempting to make the pinfall… 1… 2… and Lurrr breaks it up, stomping away on his rival!*

Jones: Caine almost got it, but Rage is too hurt to keep Lurrr occupied!

Logan: Now it’s two-on-one! C’mon, Trixie, do your job and get Lurrr out of there! He’s not legal!

*With Trixie shouting insistent warnings, Lurrr grabs Hill’s arm and slides him closer to his corner, then steps out long enough to tag himself in. Lurrr then pulls Caine up, yelling in his face about how he’ll never be good enough to be the X Division Champion. Lurrr then throws Caine into the ropes, attempting to nail him with a double axe-swing as he comes back. But Caine ducks under it, rebounds, then comes back with a Lou Thesz press, driving Lurrr to the ground! Caine goes wild, swinging punch after punch, as the crowd roars in approval!! Lurrr covers up, but Caine still gets in some good shots, at least until Hill returns to the picture, dragging Caine off of his ‘boss’. He goes to throw Caine in the other direction, but Caine reverses it, sending Hill into the ropes… and then over, as Rage managed to pull down the top rope, sending Hill on a one-way trip to the outside!! The crowd is on its feet, as Caine turns back to Lurrr, who is trying to get himself back up.*

Logan: Hill’s down, man! Don’t waste this chance! Take Lurrr out! Claim that belt you’ve always wanted!!

Jones: My god, Caine has a real shot here at finally defeating the Empire!

Logan: Everyone’s behind you, Caine! Do it!!

*Lurrr staggers to his feet, unknowingly moving into perfect position for Caine, who grabs him from behind and gets him into a victory roll! Trixie is right there… 1… 2… Lurrr barely manages to kick out! Both men get back up, with Lurrr trying to land the first punch, only to have Caine block it, then dish out multiple shots of his own, driving the champion back. Caine then tries to lock onto the man, but Lurrr reaches up, going for the eyes! Caine, blinded, steps away for a second, as Lurrr recovers. He goes towards Caine, but suddenly Caine reacts, leaping upwards with a blind Pele kick, somehow landing it perfectly into Lurrr’s face!!! The champ topples like a chopped-down cherry tree, collapsing to the ground, as Caine moves towards the corner. He climbs up, clearly thinking about a flight into the air followed by the Sugar Caine!! He reaches the top, with Lurrr still not able to get out of range, then starts to jump… and Arryk Rage reaches out, tagging Caine on the foot!!!*

Logan: Wait, what? Why did Arryk do that?? Caine was about to fly!!

Jones: Uh oh, Anthony. I think the lure of that X Division Title has gotten to Rage again!

Logan: You mean he tagged himself in, so that Caine wouldn’t get the title? That’s terrible, man! They’re a team!

Jones: Tell that to Arryk Rage.

*Caine, in shock, comes down from the turnbuckle, even as Rage manages to pull himself through the ropes. Caine wants an explanation, but before he can get it, he’s down, with Hill hauling him out under the ropes by his feet! Caine and Hill start to go at it on the outside, while Rage, not paying any attention to it, goes towards the man who holds ‘his’ belt. Lurrr is starting to roll, trying to get up, so Rage gives him a helping hand, lifting him up, only to take him right back down with a fameasser!! Lurrr lays on the ground, holding his head, as Rage heads for the ropes, painfully pulling his way up. Rage almost falls twice, but manages to get to the height he wants, planning something big. He leaps off, trying for a maneuver that looks very similar to the Sugar Caine, but Lurrr, having had time to recover, manages to get out of the way!! On the outside, Caine has the advantage on Hill, giving him a suplex on the outside. He gets up, only to see Lurrr flying towards Rage and landing the Wake Up Call!!!! Caine goes to come back in, only to have Mathis grab him by the legs, illegally keeping him from entering!! Lurrr, meanwhile, is making the cover… 1… 2… 3!!!!!*

Minos: Here are your winners, Warrick Hill and STILL the GCWA X Division Champion, Lurrr!

*The crowd is booing their heads off in anger, as Lurrr slides to the outside, even as Caine, freed from Mathis, tries to grab him. Lurrr shrugs at him, showing him that he was actually about ‘this’ close, but that his chances are over. Mathis comes over to join him, along with the shaky Hill, and the Roman Empire turns to depart, leaving behind a completely shell-shocked Caine.*

Logan: This is terrible. Caine had this one. He finally had the revenge he was seeking. Then Rage screwed it all up!

Jones: He made a bad decision, Anthony, but it still almost paid off. If Mathis hadn’t gotten involved, stopping Caine from breaking up the pin…

Logan: It doesn’t matter anymore, Jonesy, because if this ruling stands, Caine will never get another shot at Lurrr. It’s…. over…

*Caine has dropped to his knees in the ring, trying to figure out how it all went wrong, even as Trixie gets the medics to come down to check on Rage’s condition. Arryk is already trying to sit up, but Trixie’s not going to let him just walk out with possible internal bleeding. The Roman Empire, meanwhile, is already heading through the curtains, with Mathis joking about hanging onto a wildcat to do his part. Lurrr has the X Division Title firmly in hand, once again leaving with it in his possession. We leave them to head backstage, where we see a pleased Derek Mobley, clapping his hands in front of a monitor. His clapping is echoed by someone else, causing him to turn around quickly. The President of the GCWA is standing there behind him, applauding mockingly.*

The Accelerator: So it looks like the Roman Empire is 1 and 1 tonight, huh? Poor Crimson couldn’t manage to get around the stipulations I laid out for him, but Lurrr found a way to retain that title. Good for him, but there will be other challengers.

Derek Mobley: And what can I do for you, “Mr. President”?

The Accelerator: Oh, there’s nothing you can do, Mobley. Nothing at all.

*Ace pulls out an envelope and tosses it over to Mobley, with the wrestler’s reflexes allowing him to catch it. He looks at it, then back up at Ace.*

Derek Mobley: What’s this? Your retirement announcement?

The Accelerator: Nope. That’s the new contract for tonight’s match. I thought you’d like a copy of it.

Derek Mobley: New contract? What does that mean?

The Accelerator: Oh, nothing really, just a few changes. First off, the Roman Empire is banned from any interference in the main event. If I so much as see one of them at ringside, that guy’s fired. If I hear later that one of them was caught on video trying to interfere, they’re fired. If I happen to THINK of one of them doing something wrong, I’ll fire them. Got it?

*Mobley glowers, but remains silent. The Accelerator, not really expecting a response, continues.*

The Accelerator: One other thing. You may remember that I made an announcement stating that your match would have a special guest referee. Well, I thought I’d let you know who it was.

*Suddenly, Ace reaches up and pulls off the shirt he was wearing. Underneath is the black and white stripes of the referee outfit! Mobley’s mouth opens as he realizes what this must mean.*

The Accelerator: That’s right, boyo. Yours truly is the referee. I’d wish you good luck, but hell, you’re the Thriller, right? What need do you have of luck?

*The Accelerator turns and walks out of the room, even as Mobley, furious, reaches down and rips the envelope that Ace had given him to shreds. He leaves the wreckage on the floor as he goes for the Roman Empire dressing room, to wait for the rest of the group to get there and talk strategy. We fade out to one final break.*

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