*Before we return from a break, a specific commercial begins to play…*

At the beginning of 2009, a legend was reborn. The Global Championship Wrestling Association reopened its doors, starting a run of incredible wrestling and unbelievable stories. Now, six months later, it is time to celebrate! Next week, join the GCWA in remembering the greatest moments of the past six months, as we enter into the Half-Year Ace Awards! Don’t miss it!

*The screen, which had been filled with some of the great moments to occur in 2009, slowly fades out, taking us back to the ringside area.*

Jones: That’s right, next week is going to be a very special show!

Logan: Yeah… I mean, honestly, I’m a bigger man of having live matches every week, but we might as well have a good time looking into the past!

Jones: I can’t wait to see who all the award winners are!

Logan: Don’t get ahead of yourself, Jonesy. We’ve still got two title matches to go tonight!

*The introduction videos again begin to play, starting with Marcus Ka’Derrion’s winning of the World Title, and subsequently being forced to vacate the Intercontinental Championship. We see several men step forward, declaring themselves worthy of fighting for the belt. Crazy Chris. Tommy Crimson. Draco. Shane Donovan. The Big Bifford. The Lost Soul. We’re shown the Presidential announcement, telling the people that Crazy Chris and Shane Donovan would get the title shot due to both of them having previous promises in their contracts. Donovan managed to win out, using his handcuffs to win the belt. The footage covers the later confrontations between D & D and the Big Bifford & The Lost Soul, including the tag-team match between the two groups. We finish out with footage of the match earlier tonight, where Draco managed to get past Crimson to become the fourth member of this match. We go back to Minos, who is already inside the ring.*

Minos: The next match is scheduled for one fall to the finish, and will be for the GCWA Intercontinental Heavyweight Championship! Introducing first, the challengers. Making his way to the ring, he is a former ICWF World Heavyweight Champion, and has been on an amazing roll in recent weeks, standing 6’4” and weighing 235 lbs, from parts unknown, here is The Lost Soul!

*The audience ignites, cheering wildly as The Lost Soul is out on the ramp. The Friday the 13th theme is playing behind him while he walks down the aisle, his facial expression, as always, tough to decifer.*

Logan: We learned earlier tonight that The Lost Soul has actually held GCWA gold, as he revealed himself as the masked Stranger! That was pretty shocking, Jonesy, as I guess it means he still holds part of the Tag-Team Titles, even if he didn’t bring them with him to the ring.

Jones: Of course, that also means he’s wrestled a match earlier tonight, Anthony, which might put him in a disadvantage against the Big Bifford and Shane Donovan, both of whom are fresh.

Logan: Yeah, but that won’t stop TLS. This guy’s been dominating this month, and I see him finishing it out with a bang!

Minos: Next, he has held gold all over the world, including being the OWF World Heavyweight Champion, standing 5’11” and weighing 204 lbs, from Whitesboro, New York, here is “The Hellacious One” Draco!

*The crowd doesn’t quite cheer as much for Draco, although his fights with the Roman Empire have earned him some respect as of late. “Indestructible” by Disturbed plays through the speakers, and Draco walks out. There’s a sweaty sheen still on his face, but he is still smiling. He walks down the aisle, eyes locked on the ring.*

Logan: Considering that Draco was in a bad car accident this past week, it’s amazing that he’s even IN this match, much less that he somehow got past Tommy Crimson to get here!

Jones: The question remains, though: how much does Draco have left in the tank? It’s not like he’s facing pushovers in this one.

Logan: He’s certainly got his work cut out for him. But I wouldn’t rule him out completely. In a match like this, anything can happen.

Minos: Our third competitor has among his championship runs the OCW World Heavyweight Title and the GCWA X Division Title. He stands 6’4” and weighs in at 411 lbs, from Columbus, Ohio, here is The Big Bifford!

*The audience is proving that it’s going to have a hard time picking a favorite in this one, as they cheer as loud for Bifford as they did for The Lost Soul. With Martin Ka’Berryon following him out, the Big Bifford makes his appearance. He walks carefully down towards the ring, as if watching out for any more attacks from imaginary creatures.*

Jones: So the Big Bifford found out he had a son this week?

Logan: Yep.

Jones: But that son was being kept by the Big Bifford’s adversary, the Easter Bunny?

Logan: Yep.

Jones: And Bifford and Ka’Berryon had to chase down the Easter Bunny, including going into his underground lair and chasing him to a hotel, in order to get back the son, who is a TLS fan?

Logan: That about covers it.

Jones: I love the Big Bifford.

Logan: Yep.

Minos: Our final competitor has proven himself time and time again in the GCWA, including being one of only three men as of today who have held the GCWA World Heavyweight Title… standing 6’0” and weighing 236 lbs, from Norfolk, Virginia, here is the GCWA Intercontinental Heavyweight Champion, “The Man Made Monster” Shane Donovan!

*Donovan seems to get the most boos of the four as he walks out with the gold around his waist. “God In Extension” by Jack Daw jams through the speakers, filling the arena. A series of pyro goes off behind Donovan as he poses with the gold, a clear smile on his face. Despite the odds against him, he still looks confident.*

Logan: Donovan’s really been put in a tough position with this match. He’s got a real chance of not being involved in the final decision, and yet still losing his belt.

Jones: This is not the match a champion wants to defend his belt in, but it’s also a match that Donovan is very familiar with. After all, he won the World Title in this match, not by pinning the champion, but by pinning another competitor.

Logan: Well, maybe his experience will help him in this one to keep his eyes on all of his opponents.

*The Bell Rings.*

Jones: And here we go! Four very worthy competitors are going at it here tonight for the IC gold!

Logan: Hell yeah, Jonesy. I mean, each of them has a World Heavyweight Title reign, albeit in different organizations. They all have shown in recent weeks that they deserve to be there. Now they each have a 1-in-4 chance of walking out a champion here tonight!

*The four men each have taken up positions in different corners, looking at the other, as the tension builds in the dome. Donovan moves first, apparently heading towards Draco, with the two partners moving to lock up. However, both turn away from each other at the last second, with Draco rushing at TLS, while Donovan heads towards Bifford! The two faces, caught off-guard, return the assault nonetheless, and we quickly have two brawls going out of control on each side of the ring!! Draco drives back The Lost Soul with a hard chop to the chest, but TLS comes right back with one of his own, which causes Draco to bellow in pain. On the other side, Bifford has managed to get Donovan trapped in the corner, as he drives all of his weight via his shoulder into Donovan’s guts! Donovan struggles, trying to get free by going to the eyes, as the wild fighting continues.*

Jones: It looks like, at least for now, we’re back to the pairings of last week’s Inferno! It’s D & D vs. Biff & TLS!

Logan: Yeah, we’ll see how long that lasts, considering what’s on the line in this one.

*The Lost Soul, in control, pushes Draco into the ropes, then sends him to the other side. As Draco comes back, TLS drops his shoulder, catching Draco and flipping him up and over. Draco, though, manages to roll on impact, managing to kill any impact. He gets right back up, coming back at The Lost Soul as he turns around and getting a leaping facebuster! With TLS down, Draco turns towards his partner, who’s been unable to get free of the crushing embrace of The Big Bifford in the opposite corner. Draco runs forward, jumping up onto Bifford’s shoulders and applying a sleeper hold! Bifford staggers back, trying to get rid of the new weight on his back, but Draco’s holding tight. So Bifford tries a different strategy, throwing his head forward and causing Draco to flip over him to the mat! Bifford then moves over Draco and pats his stomach, threatening a massive squash! He drops butt-first… but Donovan grabs Draco’s legs and slides him out of the way, causing Bifford to crash down on his own! Both members of D & D then get up and get a double dropkick on the sitting Bifford, putting him on his back!!*

Logan: So far, teamwork seems to be on the side of D & D!

Jones: You’d expect that, since they’re the true tag-team in this match. I’m a little surprised, really, that Donovan was willing to save Draco there, though. I mean, it’s his belt on the line. Why save the competition?

Logan: The two men have a unique relationship, Jonesy. They’ll compete hard against each other, but they also seem to be willing to put themselves on the line to protect the other. Of course, one of them still has to get the pin tonight, as they can’t share the belt.

*The Lost Soul has pulled himself up, shaking his head clear. He turns back, but D & D are already heading towards him, getting a double clothesline! TLS hits the back of his head on the mat, stunning him, and Donovan’s quick to drop down for the pin, with referee Bell right there… 1… and Draco pulls Donovan off, stopping the pin! Donovan looks up, a little surprised, as Draco raises a finger, wiggling it back and forth. Donovan stands up, nodding his head and getting ready to lock up with his partner. They move around each other, but before they can go at it, Bifford is back, grabbing Draco from behind and throwing him overhead with a release German suplex! Donovan, shocked, turns towards Bifford, but then TLS grabs him from the floor, pulling Donovan down into a roll-up!! Refere Bell is right there… 1… 2… Donovan barely gets free! Both get back up, but Bifford’s now there, hammering Donovan with a huge fist to the back of his head, knocking him down. Bifford then turns, coming face-to-face with TLS, the two men staring each other down to the roars of the crowd!*

Logan: Here we go, this is what I’ve been waiting for! Bifford vs. The Lost Soul! Legends going at it!

Jones: They worked together last week, but they both made it clear that they weren’t going to be a unit in tonight’s match. It’s every man for himself!

*The Lost Soul makes the first move, connecting with a straight punch to Bifford’s jaw! Bifford returns the shot, and the two men start going at it with fury, bringing the audience right along with them! TLS takes control by ducking under a Bifford attack, then bringing his knee around into Bifford’s thigh, causing him to limp backwards, holding his leg. The Lost Soul then follows it up by coming forward, slamming a charging elbow into the center of Bifford’s head, causing him to topple backwards. TLS then starts to go for Bifford’s leg, but stops when he sees that Donovan is already getting back up. The veteran heads over to the champion, grabbing his arms and twisting him over into an abdominal stretch! Referee Bell moves in, checking, as the champion’s ribs are pushed out of alignment from the maneuver. Donovan won’t submit, though, and it doesn’t take long for help to arrive, as Draco works his way over, hitting TLS from behind to break up the hold.*

Logan: One of the hardest things to do in a match like this is to change your styles. Submission holds are usually some of your greatest weapons, but in a multi-person match, moves like that put you as much at risk as your victim.

Jones: Of course, the real story is that D & D keeps saving each other. Can they actually stay a team throughout this match?

*Donovan struggles back up, immediately heading over to the Big Bifford and stomping away on him, trying to keep him down in the corner. Meanwhile, Draco flips TLS over, sending him to the mat, and then heads for the turnbuckle. He climbs up relatively quickly, showing that there is definitely some fatigue there, but he makes it, as TLS starts getting himself up. But Draco’s already airborne, grabbing TLS’ head while going over him to land the Beginning Of The End!! Draco scrambles over to make the cover… 1… 2… and Donovan’s there to break it up!! Draco gets to his feet, shaking his head as he turns towards Donovan, but Donovan grabs his head and drops backwards, rolling his own partner up! 1… 2… Draco gets free! Both men leap back up, this time with Draco diving towards Donovan and grabbing his trunks to take him backwards to the mat! He holds on… 1… 2… Donovan kicks free! The two tag-team partners both get up again, raising their fists… then both turn, seeing that Bifford and TLS are back up, and rush away together towards TLS.*

Jones: I thought we were going to see them strike each other, Anthony, but we’re still waiting for that one.

Logan: They’re pretty damn competitive, I’ll grant you. Donovan wants to keep the belt, and I’m sure Draco would love to win it.

Jones: Actually, I remember Draco saying that he was just going to be the enforcer in this match, since he didn’t want to take the belt away from his tag-team partner.

Logan: And you believed that? HAH!

Jones: Well…

Logan: Things have changed, anyway, Jonesy, since Draco had a little bit of memory loss. They’re partners, but Draco clearly isn’t above going for the belt, and Donovan isn’t worried about trying something to make sure he keeps it.

* D & D work over TLS with a series of punches, keeping him in the corner, even as The Big Bifford starts working over towards them. Seeing him coming, Donovan grabs Draco’s arm and swings him, with Draco returning the swing and sending Donovan straight at Bifford. Donovan leaps up for a splash, but Bifford, with his remarkable strength, catches him in mid-air! Draco, seeing it, rushes in himself, adding his own weight to a leap, but Bifford catches him as well!! The fans roar, seeing Bifford holding up BOTH men in his massive arms!! However, The Lost Soul then comes out of the corner, coming at Bifford and getting a sharp kick into Bifford’s right leg, forcing him off-balance and, thus, falling forwards, crushing both Donovan and Draco into the mat!! Referee Bell takes it as a pin attempt, so he makes the count on BOTH downed men! 1… 2… and TLS stops it, kicking Bifford in the back! Bifford rolls away, as does Draco, holding his ribs. Donovan’s still down, though, so TLS seizes the opportunity, rolling onto the champion and holding his legs… 1… 2… Bifford barely dives over in time to break it up!*

Jones: Man, the IC Champion just got flattened in a Bifford / Draco sandwich!

Logan: Not much of a surprise that he’s not moving very quickly after that. Can he come back and defend his title, or are we destined to have a new champion?

*Donovan painfully rolls to his side, trying to get out of range, while Bifford and The Lost Soul pull themselves up. The Lost Soul swings first, scoring a punch that rocks Bifford. Bifford shakes it off, though, and swings his own, staggering TLS. The two men throw several punches at each other, each landing with devastating impact, but neither goes down. Suddenly, though, with both men off-balance, Draco comes back into the picture with a leaping split-legged dropkick, knocking them both down!! Draco dives over onto TLS, trying for the cover, even as Donovan crawls to the corner, nowhere near able to stop the fall… 1… 2… No, TLS kicks out. Draco sighs and fights to get up, aching all over from the furious pace of this match, as well as the pains from the last one. He drags TLS up and starts to take him towards the corner, preparing for the Hellicious!!! He hammers TLS a few times, getting him into position.*

Jones: Draco’s about to end this one!

Logan: Yeah, but it’s taking him too long to get into position! Bifford’s already coming back over!

*Indeed, as Draco tries to get into place for the final move of the Hellacious, Bifford is there, tripping him up! The big man swings into Draco’s spine, doing more damage, then, apparently, decides that he needs to go up, too! Bifford slowly works his way up next to Draco, as ringside attendants start backing away, wondering if the post can handle the weight of all three men. Bifford grabs Draco and TLS, apparently going for a double headbutt on the top, but the two men manage to reach out and grab each other, stopping the move! Draco and TLS then start working together, punching Bifford and causing him to nearly fall backwards, hanging on by one hand! Draco, smiling, turns back, but The Lost Soul hasn’t forgotten who put him on the ‘buckle in the first place, as he smashes Draco across the nose with a right hand! Draco bends backwards, dangling off the edge of the ‘buckle, as Bifford struggles to right himself. It doesn’t get any better, though, as Donovan works his way over, bodily ramming into Bifford’s back, causing him to move into the other two wrestlers!!*

Jones: Holy crap!! All four men are going up on the same turnbuckle!!

Logan: This is insane! I didn’t think something like this was possible!! What on earth is going to happen up there??

*Draco grabs at the ropes, readjusting himself as he gets himself upright. Donovan, meanwhile, is climbing up next to Bifford, with the ropes dangerously starting to buckle!! Still, Donovan hangs on, managing to turn Bifford around, while punching behind him, nailing TLS in the face and keeping him occupied by trying to right himself! Draco pulls himself up, and Donovan nods to him, pointing to Bifford. Draco seems to agree, as Donovan sets up Bifford for the Falling Star!! He leaps up, getting his feet on Bifford’s shoulders… and Bifford hangs on, arching himself to send Donovan flipping backwards on his own, falling upside-down to the canvas!!! Donovan takes a horrible fall and isn’t moving. Draco, angered by it, grabs at Bifford’s shoulders, smacking him in the back of the head, then getting his legs up and flipping off with the largest wrestler, landing the Hellacious!!! Unfortunately for Donovan, he’s in the landing strip, as both men crash down on top of him!!!!!*

Jones: Jesus!!! Donovan may be dead!!

Logan: I can’t believe that Draco was able to do that to the Big Bifford!!!! But it may have taken just as much out of Draco!!

Jones: And I think someone else has noticed that everyone else is down, Anthony!!

*Draco’s laying on the mat, stunned, as he tries to recover enough to attempt a pin on the Big Bifford. Bifford’s eyes are glazed over, with Martin Ka’Berryon urgently rooting him to get up. Donovan is flat on the mat, not moving, his eyes shut tight. The Lost Soul, though, is still on the turnbuckle, having righted himself. He looks down, surveying the scene for a second, then stands up, aiming. He takes off, flying high into the air with the Souled Out!!!! Donovan doesn’t even attempt to move, as The Lost Soul crashes down on top of him, perfectly aimed!! TLS rolls off for a second, agony sweeping through his body from the blow. Meanwhile, Draco has come to, slowly crawling his way over to the Big Bifford. The Lost Soul comes back, covering Donovan, while Draco sticks a weak arm over Bifford. Referee Bell dives between them to make the count… 1…. 2…. Bifford gets his arm on the ropes, but Donovan doesn’t move… 3!!!!!!!*

Minos: Here is your winner, and the NEW GCWA Intercontinental Heavyweight Champion, The Lost Soul!!!

Jones: He did it!! The Lost Soul did it!!!

Logan: The Lost Soul has dethroned Donovan and become the Intercontinental Champion!

Jones: Amazing!! This one’s going to go down as a record win for the veteran, even as others came so, SO close to winning!

*Draco is sitting up now, looking down at Bifford’s arm, which is still hanging on the ropes. He looks completely shocked, but then, Bifford’s body was sheltered from some of the impact of the Hellacious by landing on top of Donovan. Donovan is definitely not in good shape, with Draco moving, wordlessly, to check on him. Martin moves over to Bifford, helping him wake up, while The Lost Soul rolls out of the ring, where the IC Title is waiting for him. TLS takes it with pride, looking at it, as the fans start up a “TLS” chant that echoes though the building. He raises it up, then turns and heads towards the back, not spending any more time celebrating.*

Logan: I really thought Bifford or Draco had it at times, showing how tough the competition was for Shane Donovan. Too bad for the man, he’ll have to find another belt to go after in his quest to become the first Circuit Champion.

Jones: I’m just happy we had an unbelievable match with a great ending!

*The Lost Soul walks up the ramp and immediately heads through the curtains, even as the fans cheer louder for the face-painted man. We leave the ring behind, though, to head backstage, showing us, once again, at the Roman Empire locker room. Derek Mobley is pictured, laughing to himself, having watched the match on the monitor.*

Derek Mobley: Serves that bastard right.

*Mobley chuckles to himself, then takes a deep breath, focusing himself for a tough fight. He turns and leaves the room, heading towards ringside. We switch camera angles, heading over to where the World Champion’s locker room is. Marcus Ka’Derrion walks out, heading for his match. As he’s leaving, though, he sees that another red skull has been placed over his name plate. He angrily tears it off again and looks around, trying to figure out who might be playing games. Seeing no one nearby, Ka’Derrion turns and departs, putting it off until he can deal with the Roman Empire’s representative tonight. We head back to ringside.*

Logan: Our competitors are ready and are on their way!

Jones: People have called this one a potential match of the year, featuring two of the greatest stars in the wrestling business! Let’s see how we got to this point!

*We leave the announcers and go to the video, starting out with a shot of Derek Mobley holding the World Heavyweight Title, complete with fans chanting his name behind him. It’s a slow-motion shot, with Mobley wearing a confident smile. The shot seems to melt away, though, showing a different moment: that of Mobley seeing Shane Donovan pin Ice Man to win away the belt at Blood On The Battlefield, with Mobley kept from the action by his former partner, Warrick Hill. We see clips of Mobley’s descent, from his brutal attack on Dean to his betrayal of Scott Caine, shocking the world by joining the Roman Empire. Mobley is shown again in the same shot that’s been used repeatedly tonight, showing the Roman Empire standing next to each other. We then see clips from Ultimate Survival ’09, with Derek Mobley taking down the Big Bifford to reach the finals, then pinning Draco at the end to become the new #1 Contender, earning his spot in tonight’s match.*

*The video then changes to a lighter note, showing a slow-motion shot of Marcus Ka’Derrion walking down the aisle, eerily making it seem like a shadow is following him: the shadow of his father, the Punisher. Ka’Derrion, with the Intercontinental Title in hand, is shown beating several individuals, staying undefeated in the industry and having one of the greatest runs ever in the IC division. We go to shots from Ultimate Survival, where Ka’Derrion got his first World Title opportunity against Donovan. In several clips from the match, Ka’Derrion is shown landing moves that would make his dad proud, until finally, at the end, he puts away Donovan to become the new World Heavyweight Champion. The chants are heard, changing from “Punisher” to “Marcus”, showing that he has come into his own, no longer shadowed by the deceased.*

*As the music takes a more dramatic tone, we see shots of Marcus Ka’Derrion and Derek Mobley side by side, taken from Ka’Derrion’s actions at Darkness Falls, saving Mobley from a double-team beatdown. It seems like they might become a team, but Mobley destroys that, turning away from Marcus and joining the Empire. The battles between the two men are shown, from Mobley helping to cause Ka’Derrion’s first GCWA defeat to Lurrr, to Ka’Derrion ambushing Mobley after tricking him into coming to the parking lot to help save his Honda Civic. Last Friday’s ending is pictured, with Ka’Derrion coming down from the ceiling and taking out Lurrr, then brawling with Mobley inside the cage. The intensity between the two men shines through the screen, showing that the World Title is only part of their feud. Respect and integrity are also in the equation. The two men are shown, seemingly staring at the other, with the cell dropping down around them. We fade out, heading back to ringside.*

*Minos has moved to a position outside the ring, mainly due to the fact that the Cell has already been lowered into place, covering the ring. He brings the mic up to his mouth.*

Minos: It is time for the main event of the evening! The next match will decide the warrior who deserves to sit at the top of the mountain in the GCWA. It will be a battle of will, a battle of power, and a battle of endurance. And it will be fought inside the most despicable structure in professional wrestling! Laides and gentlemen, brace yourself for the unleashing of hell! Hell In A Cell!

*The crowd is energized like never before, anticipating one of the greatest matches in GCWA history. It takes Minos over 10 seconds before he can start again, with the crowd finally dying down.*

Minos: Introducing first, our special referee for the evening. He is a legendary wrestler with several World Title reigns in his career, and now is the President of the GCWA… the Accelerator!

*”Leave You Far Behind” by Lunatic Calm leads out the President of the company, with the fans cheering his appearance. Ace walks out with a dark mark on his face from the shots he took a week before, but he still seems like he’s doing alright, making his way to the ring. The referee shirt is sleeveless, giving room for his large arms to show.*

Logan: I have no love for the Roman Empire, but having Ace as the special referee has to be seen as a disadvantage for them, especially with Lurrr’s actions against the dude as of late.

Jones: Oh, c’mon, Anthony. The President has just leveled the playing field. By banning the Empire from any action in this match, it ensures that it’s a one-on-one contest.

Logan: But will he call it down the middle, Jonesy? I mean, if I went through what Ace did the last few weeks, I doubt that I could do it.

Jones: Well, you’re not the President, are you?

Minos: Coming down the aisle, he earned this opportunity by winning the Ultimate Survival tournament, and is a former GCWA World Heavyweight Champion, standing 6’3” and weighing 235 lbs, from Providence, Rhode Island, representing the Roman Empire, here is Derek “The Thriller” Mobley!

*The audience is quickly shouting disparaging remarks at the entryway, covering over parts of “Tear Away” by Drowning Pool. Derek Mobley shoves the curtains aside and walks out, his smile noticeably gone from his face. He looks pissed off, possibly due to the stipulations that were recently added to this match. Mobley makes his way down, making sure to test the cage before going into it.*

Jones: This is what Derek Mobley has been waiting for. It is his chance to regain the gold that he lost at Blood On The Battlefield.

Logan: From what I’ve heard, Mobley went into isolation this week, to train himself for the event. It must be strange for him, being in a match like this without guys like Dean or Eugene to spend time with before the match.

Jones: Well, both men are in the hospital, ironically with both suffering from gunshot wounds. Of course, Eugene’s were self-inflicted.

Logan: With them gone, and with the Roman Empire banned, Mobley will truly be on his own, especially considering the referee.

Minos: And now, his opponent… he is one of the stand-out superstars of the new GCWA, having earned multiple titles, including setting records as the Intercontinental Champion… now he is seeking his first major title defense here tonight… standing 6’1” and weighing 210 lbs, from Miami, Florida, here is the GCWA Heavyweight Champion of the World, Marcus Ka’Derrion!!

*The reaction is not surprising, but it is stunning, due to the force of the cheers sent out by the GCWA faithful. Ka’Derrion walks out, the World Title hanging off of his shoulder, as he surveys the roaring crowd. He starts down the ramp, intent on finding a way past the former champion.*

Jones: Marcus had a chance to get onto Cynthia Hall’s radio show this week, talking about this match. However, something strange occurred during the broadcast, with Marcus apparently being confronted by someone who threatened him. We don’t know the full details, but clearly it threw off the World Champion.

Logan: Well, whatever it was about, and whatever those weird red skulls represent, Marcus needs to get his head straight, because he’s in for a brutal war here tonight. His title reign is most definitely in jeopardy!

*The Bell Rings.*

*Marcus stays outside the cage for a minute, considering the steel structure, one that he’s never been in before. Mobley, meanwhile, has moved away from the Accelerator after a heated argument, resisting the urge to slug the President in that he would probably lose both his title opportunity and his job. Mobley slides out of the ring, in-between the ropes and the cage. Ka’Derrion, by this point, has dropped the World Title off at the timekeepers table and heads back, stopping only once, apparently distracted by something he saw in the crowd. After a second, Ka’Derrion stops searching for whatever it was he thought he saw and goes to the cage door. However, before he can grab it, Mobley rushes forward, ramming it into Ka’Derrion! The World Champion staggers back, as Mobley exits the cell to come after him, starting things outside the ring!*

Logan: The violence is already beginning!

Jones: We’re going to begin things on the floor outside the cell, where anything can happen!

Logan: I’m betting it’s all part of Mobley’s game plan, Jonesy. This way, he’s limiting the Accelerator’s involvement, at least early on.

*The fight carries on outside the cell, with the Accelerator impatiently watching from inside, not getting involved. Mobley drives Ka’Derrion into the side of the cell, sending him reeling to the side, falling to one knee. Ka’Derrion tries to clear his head, even as Mobley walks over to the side, shoving a fan over, then grabbing the chair she was sitting on. Ignoring her angry cries of protest, Mobley closes the steel chair and turns, lifting it over his head. Ka’Derrion, though, stops the swing by kicking Mobley in the gut, doubling him over and making him drop the chair. The champion then grabs Mobley’s head and drops him down, getting a DDT that glances off the fallen chair!! Mobley holds his head while kicking his feet on the ground, aching from the blow, while Ka’Derrion works his way up. He looks around, searching for another weapon to use. Surprisingly, he’s handed a can of some sort from a face-painted TLS fan. Ka’Derrion looks at the label, smiles, then turns, spraying Mobley in the face with white paint!! Mobley stumbles back, blinded, as Ka’Derrion goes after him.*

Jones: That one surprised the challenger!

Logan: Yeah, if Mobley thought Ka’Derrion wouldn’t be willing to use whatever’s in front of him, he’s been proven completely wrong! The World Champion has hardcore experience now, in a variety of matches. Taking him to the outside could prove to have been a big mistake!

Jones: Mobley wearing white face-paint. That’s just weird.

*Mobley wipes away at his eyes, trying to clear everything blocking his vision. Ka’Derrion, though, doesn’t let him get away, grabbing Mobley by the back of the head and taking him towards the entry of the cell. He rubs Mobley’s face across the steel on the way, causing him to yell out. Ka’Derrions gets to the cage door and starts to push Mobley in, then changes his mind, leaving him hanging on the doorway with one arm. Ka’Derrion then steps back and grabs the door, slamming it closed on Mobley’s shoulder!!! Mobley screams, the fingers on his other hand clutching the cell wall in agony! Ka’Derrion shoves the door back open, then hits Mobley from behind, getting him inside the steel. With both men in, the Accelerator makes a hand-signal to one of the attendants on the outside. The man nods and brings out a chain, locking the competitors inside the cell, with the fans both excited and dismayed by the action.*

Logan: We’re inside the cell, and ready for more violence!

Jones: But locking them in, doesn’t that ensure that neither man can take a plunge off the top of the cell??

Logan: I think Ace learned his lesson the last time that happened, Jonesy. After all, he was the one who took the plunge. His insurance will be a lot cheaper if he keeps these guys inside the cell.

*Marcus shoves Mobley into the cell wall once more, causing him to double over in pain. Mobley’s arm is hanging weakly to one side, clearly injured from the blow he took in the doorway. Ka’Derrion grabs him from behind and sends him sliding into the ring, then follows, intent on doing more damage. He grabs Mobley’s arm and bends it back, applying a cross-arm breaker!! Mobley lets out a loud “Noooo!” as the Accelerator mockingly leans down, asking if he wants to submit. Ace then takes a seat on the mat, relaxing as Mobley struggles for some sort of freedom from the hold. Mobley, though, doesn’t give up, struggling with his free arm to reach towards the ropes. He can’t reach it, but he doesn’t submit, either, as Ka’Derrion instead lets go of the hold, standing up. He starts stomping on the arm, making it even more useless to the challenger, as the referee steps back, doing nothing to prevent it.*

Logan: Ka’Derrion is shockingly dominating this one, Jonesy!

Jones: I was expecting more of a fight early on from Mobley, but right now, the World Champion is looking like he’s in complete control of this one.

Logan: Shocking, man. I didn’t expect this at all. Ka’Derrion’s the one who’s being ruthless, and Mobley’s the one in deep trouble!

*Ka’Derrion walks away from the injured Mobley, already focused on his next move. He slides out of the ring and reaches underneath, searching for something. He finds what he’s looking for, bringing out a ladder! The crowd is pumped as Ka’Derrion slides the weapon into the ring and comes in with it, picking it up in his arms. He heads towards Mobley, who is trying to get to his feet. As the champion gets close, Mobley manages to leap up, dropkicking the ladder back into Ka’Derrion’s chest!! Marcus falls backwards, with the ladder bouncing on top of him before falling away, as Mobley rolls away, trying to use the time to pull himself back together. He grabs at the ropes with his one good arm, trying to get up. It’s clear his other arm isn’t going to be much use for a while.*

Jones: I think we just saw some signs of life from the Roman Empire member!

Logan: Yeah, but he’s still in pretty bad shape. He’s the one-armed man at this point, Jonesy, shutting down a lot of his offensive abilities.

Jones: True, but how many maneuvers do you need, other than banging the guy’s head into the steel again and again?

Logan: I concede the point.

*Ka’Derrion is getting himself up, only stunned from the shot he took. But Mobley comes in, grabbing Ka’Derrion’s head with his good arm and, running, dropping Ka’Derrion face-first onto the ladder!! Ka’Derrion rolls away, in a lot of pain, as Mobley crawls over to him, getting his arm across him and demanding that the referee count. Ace sighs, but drops down, doing the job… 1….. 2….. and Ka’Derrion easily kicks out. Mobley angrily curses Ace, saying that it was a slow count, and Ace agrees with him, nodding his head. Ace shrugs and apparently says something about that he’ll “try to do better”, but it’s clear where his loyalties lie. Mobley, grimacing, goes back on the attack, dragging the ladder over and putting Ka’Derrion’s head in-between the sides. He runs to the ropes and comes back, intent on stomping heavily on the ladder, but Ka’Derrion grabs hold of it and slides it to the side, tripping Mobley up! Mobley sprawls to the side, nearly landing on Ka’Derrion’s legs, as the World Champion frees himself and gets up, getting Mobley into a Russian leg sweep, planting him on the mat! Ka’Derrion makes the cover, and Ace is right there… 1.. 2.. and Mobley barely kicks out in time!*

Logan: Damn, that was a fast count!!

Jones: Ok, Anthony, you may have a point. Ace may be showing just a tad bit of favoritism here.

Logan: Ya think?!?!

*Ka’Derrion gets himself up, following Mobley, who is rolling outside the ring in an attempt to get away. Of course, he runs right into the steel wall, keeping him from going anywhere. As Mobley turns, looking around for a place to mend, Ka’Derrion hops over the ropes, splashing downwards onto the challenger!! Both men go down, out of sight for a second, as the cameraman hurries over into position. The fans are loving every minute of this, as Ka’Derrion is getting up, while Mobley is still down, cradled over his aching shoulder. The possibility of dislocation has not been lost on the World Champion, who boots away at the injury. He then hauls Mobley up and puts him into the cell wall, raking his face back and forth across the rungs!! Mobley can’t get free, letting out short bursts of painful groans, as the white paint still left on his face begins to be replaced by the flowing blood of a cut on his forehead!*

Jones: Mobley has been opened up!

Logan: You can’t have a proper Hell In A Cell Match without blood being spilled, Jonesy!

*Ka’Derrion pulls Mobley along the cell wall, keeping on the attack. He gets to the corner of the cell and puts Derek into it, hanging him there. Ka’Derrion then moves to the side, grabbing a set of steel steps near the ring and lifting them up. He positions them on his shoulder, not an easy angle for the smaller wrestler, and runs forward, but Mobley comes forward, half-lunging/half-falling, getting Ka’Derrion’s legs and causing him to fall down on the steps!! Ka’Derrion rocks backwards, a hand coming up to his injured nose as he tumbles to the ground, while Mobley lays on his side, spent from the effort of even a routine maneuver. Both men are hurting badly, which apparently is being enjoyed by the referee. The Accelerator stands at the ropes, looking down, but doing nothing other than enjoying the carnage.*

Logan: This could be Derek Mobley’s only opportunity of getting back into this one, Jonesy. He’s got to pull himself back together, in some cases quite literally, and take the offensive!

Jones: I don’t know if he’s got anything left, Anthony, after the beating he’s taken. His arm’s all screwed up, he’s losing blood, and he’s still got to figure out a way to make the pin even with the current referee!

Logan: I bet Mobley’s really missing the other members of the Roman Empire right now.

*Ka’Derrion is getting up, dazed but moving, with Mobley using the wall like a crutch, hauling himself up with his good arm. Marcus moves towards him, but Mobley answers with an eye rake, sending him flailing backwards. Mobley then staggers towards him, pushing aside the pain. He grabs Ka’Derrion and tosses him into the cell wall, although he doesn’t get the full impact with only one good arm to do it with. Ka’Derrion staggers away, trying to recuperate, but Mobley follows behind him, keeping up the smashes into the steel. Mobley then steps around Ka’Derrion, wrapping his arm around the champion’s throat with a blatant choke hold from behind!! Ka’Derrion, gasping, tries to get free, but Mobley is a bulldog, not letting go, as he knows his only chance is to slow the champion down. Ka’Derrion drops to his knees, still unable to get free, as all the oxygen slowly leaves his lungs.*

Jones: We could see a shocking comeback right here, if Ka’Derrion can’t figure out a way to get free!

Logan: Mobley’s found possibly the only channel left to him in order to get back into this match! If he can knock Ka’Derrion out and get the pin, there’s nothing the Accelerator could do to stop it!

*Mobley leans over Ka’Derrion, keeping on the hold. For the first time, Mobley’s smile has come back on his face, an eerie sight along with the white spray paint and the dripping red blood. Ka’Derrion is down on his hands and knees now, with one arm extending underneath the ring. He fights to get free, but Mobley will not release him. However, Ka’Derrion’s struggles have proven fruitful, as he suddenly pulls out a kendo stick from under the ring! He swings it back over him, catching Mobley by surprise with a shot to the forehead!! Another shot frees the champion, but he adds in a third one for good measure, causing Mobley to sit back, stunned. Ka’Derrion crawls away, getting on the apron to get up. He turns, seeing Mobley struggling to rise. Ka’Derrion swings the kendo stick around like a master, spinning it around his body, then coming in, hammering Mobley upside the head!! Mobley’s down, as Ka’Derrion leans on the apron, taking in some air.*

Jones: Mobley didn’t see that one coming!

Logan: Yeah, he let Ka’Derrion get a little close to the ring there, and paid for it. I think that cut on his head has gotten even wider now.

*Mobley tries to pull himself up, but he uses the wrong arm, causing him to fall back in pain. Ka’Derrion, meanwhile, pulls himself over to his opponent, raising the kendo stick over his head and smashing it down onto Mobley’s unprotected torso! A couple more shots follow, increasing the damage, before Ka’Derrion tosses aside the weapon. He hauls Mobley up and sends him inside the ring, then follows, with the Accelerator raising his arms, as if to say “Finally!” He waits, as Ka’Derrion moves towards his opponent, bringing him up. Mobley responds with an attempted punch, glancing it off of Ka’Derrion’s jaw and sending him backwards. Mobley then grabs Ka’Derrion’s arm, sending him into the ropes. As he comes back, Mobley lowers his head, but Ka’Derrion responds by grabbing the weakened wrestler, stopping himself and lifting Mobley up before he can defend against it, dropping him with the Punisher!!!! The entire audience leaps to their feet after the move, as Ka’Derrion gets himself on top of Mobley for the pin, and the Accelerator gets into position… 1… 2… 3!!!!!*

Minos: Here is your winner, and STILL GCWA World Heavyweight Champion, Marcus Ka’Derrion!!

Jones: Wow!! That came out of nowhere!!

Logan: Yeah, I gotta admit, this wasn’t the match I was expecting, as Ka’Derrion really looked strong throughout. The guy proved to the world that his having the World Title is not a fluke. Really, after Mobley’s arm got injured in the opening minutes, he just had no luck getting anything going.

Jones: Plus the fact that the Roman Empire couldn’t be out here to help him cheat.

Logan: Yep, there’s that as well. It’s been an amazing night, and we’re heading out! Thanks for tuning in!! Remember, next week’s a special show celebrating our six-month anniversary! Don’t miss it!

*The Accelerator raises Ka’Derrion’s arm into the air, as the World Title is brought in to be given to him. Ka’Derrion has a pleased look on his face, getting back the belt, as the cell is slowly raised up, out of the way. Ka’Derrion goes to the turnbuckle, pulling himself up onto it, as he celebrates with the crowd. Ka’Derrion stops, though, when he again seems to spot something in the crowd. This time, the camera catches the man from the train, who is standing in the middle of the crowd, sarcastically applauding the victory. Ka’Derrion moves, as if to head outside the ring, but the man is suddenly gone, out of sight. Ka’Derrion shakes his head, even as the Accelerator comes over, once again congratulating him. Meanwhile, Mobley has rolled out of the ring, in a lot of pain. The leader of the Roman Empire, Lurrr, appears, checking on him and starting to help him towards the back. Lurrr takes a moment to glare back towards the ring, taking in both Ka’Derrion and the President. His furious eyes are the last thing we see as we fade to black.*

OOC: Thanks to all of you for contributing to this great PPV, and helping us wrap up six months as an active fed! I know some of you out there were taking bets that I wouldn't last a month, but hopefully, I've proven that we're at least mostly stable right now (if people in my family will stop visiting the hospital!). It wasn't an easy card to grade, with several close matches, ESPECIALLY the Intercontinental Heavyweight Title Match. Everyone involved there put out some great work, and I struggled hard in making my decision. Congrats to all of our champions, each and every one of you deserves where you are!

In case you missed the 'commercial' announcing it, next week's going to be an off-week for roleplaying, as we're going to have the Half Year Awards Show instead. The main reason for this is because I'm going to take my wife to see her folks for her birthday, so I'll be gone the majority of the week. Hopefully, I can get an awards show written in the next few days *lol*.

Again, great roleplaying, guys. Stay tuned in the next day or so for a special surprise due to all your hard work!