*As the ordering screen fades away, we head to dark shot, worthy of any B grade horror movie. It shows a swaying lightbulb, flickering, barely showing enough light to illuminate the dark gray cell that it hangs over. The sound of someone banging a nightstick across bars can be heard, as well as the dripping from a leak in the ceiling. A thunderstorm is raging outside the cell. A man is sitting on the thin mattress inside the cell. We can’t quite see him clearly. The GCWA voiceover begins, with his usual bass tone.*

Voice: Sometimes, for the greater good, sacrifices must be made.

*The man looks up, still cloaked in darkness, the light not getting far enough out to see his face. We switch to an overhead angle, as guards can be seen coming to the cage door and opening it up. A priest joins them. The man stands up and walks forward on his own free will, moving with heavy steps. The guards move in around him, while the priest starts saying sermons about walking in the shadow of death. They head down the hallway.*

Voice: When a threat becomes too severe, when power is going out of control, when destruction and chaos reign, sometimes drastic steps must be taken.

*The other people in the cells shout their encouragement in familiar voices, even as the man is taken inside a small room, containing an old-fashioned electric chair. The priest does one more benediction, as the guards strap the man into the chair.*

Voice: Sometimes a match is not enough. Sometimes it’s takes a trip… to hell…

*The man in the electric chair looks up. The light clearly shows it to be Marcus Ka’Derrion, the GCWA World Heavyweight Champion. He grins.*

Marcus Ka’Derrion: Let’s do this…

*The camera shot suddenly explodes in an intense flash of white, as a heavy-duty rock theme begins to blast out of your speakers and into your living room. It’s time to begin Capital Punishment!!*

*The camera flies over the crowd, who are screaming wildly in the Alamo Dome in San Antonio, Texas! Many are wearing face-paint similar to The Lost Soul, while others have bought lots of GCWA merchandise. One young man is focused on, wearing a Crazy Chris mask as his father holds him into the air. We flash along the side, where many fans have written out home-made signs, reading everything from “Bifford > Easter Bunny” to “Punishment = Hell!” to “Why, Trixie, Why?” We leave the signs behind to head to the announce table, where Logan and Jones are ready to begin the show.*

Jones: Hello, everyone, and welcome to the biggest show of the night, GCWA Capital Punishment!! You’ve tuned into a great one, as we’ve got some of the hottest athletes in the world today going at it for pride and glory! I’m Edward Jones, and with me as always is the Yin to my Yang, Anthony “Lightning” Logan!

Logan: Let’s just stay away from conversations about your Yang, ok, Jonesy?

Jones: Yes, well, anyway, it’s going to be a great night tonight, as we have some tremendous matches lined up for you!

Logan: Yeah, man, the main event is going to be off the chain! I haven’t gotten to see a good Hell In A Cell match in years!

Jones: Marcus Ka’Derrion, our World Heavyweight Champion, is truly facing a tough test, as he takes on the #1 Contender, former World Champ Derek “Thriller” Mobley! That match on its own should be good enough to keep you here, but we’ve got some other great ones, as every title in the GCWA is on the line tonight!!

Logan: Well, except for the Danger Title, but I barely count that one, anyway.

Jones: It’s going to be an explosive night, filled with seven awesome matches, so we don’t have any more time to waste talking about it! It’s time for our opening match, so roll that video!

*We go into the video footage, which shows the announcers talking about the upcoming events of a Friday Night Inferno. Suddenly, Anthony Logan spots a man in the crowd, pointing out the former ICWF superstar, PIC! PIC is shown multiple times watching from his seat on the front row, enjoying a “#1 Contenders Three-Way” Match between Seth Eldritch, Robert Santana, and Mikey Willis. At one point, Eldritch is sent to the outside, which brings a laugh to PIC. Eldritch apparently takes offense, trying to get into PIC’s face, with security blocking the way. While this is going on, Santana hits the Sensei-Tion on Willis and wins the match, with Eldritch unable to get back in time. We see footage of PIC announcing to the world that he has signed a contract with the GCWA, calling out several men, including Eldritch. On the next Inferno, though, Eldritch, who blamed PIC for his loss, attacked him in the backstage area. The final footage is from last week, when Eldritch defeated a challenge from Willis, but then was jumped by PIC, leading to a brawl. The video finishes up, sending us back to ringside.*

Minos: Our first match of the evening is scheduled for one fall with a 15-minute time limit. It features two of the newest wrestlers to join the company, each of whom are looking to make a name for themselves at their first GCWA pay-per-view here tonight. Coming down the aisle, he is a young competitor with a burning need to show that he can be a star, standing 6’2” and weighing 230 lbs, from Brentwood, Tennessee, here is Seth Eldritch!

*”Be Aggressive” by Faith No More begins to play, leading the way for Eldritch to walk down the aisle. The crowd is certainly not on his side, booing every step, with Eldritch clearly returning the feeling. He gets up on the apron, then looks back, throwing out a rude gesture before stepping through the ropes.*

Jones: It’s been a quiet week for Eldritch, who had plenty to say in previous weeks about his new adversary.

Logan: I was starting to wonder if he was going to show up tonight, Jonesy. I mean, he had a month, right, before he had to decide whether to be a professional wrestler or to take over half of his Dad’s company, after his father passed away.

Jones: I’m sure that would be a tough decision for anyone, but especially for a wrestler. Do you put yourself through all this pain and torture to possibly break through and get to the big time, or do you take the spot your father left you and become a big shot overnight?

Minos: His opponent is a former two-time ICWF Intercontinental Heavyweight Champion, standing 6’2” and weighing 220 lbs, from Charleston, West Virginia, here is PIC!

*The audience cheers as “Hero” by Skillet hits the air. The curtains move aside, with PIC striding confidently onto the stage, pushing his hood out of the way to look at the excited fans chanting his name. PIC throws the hood back, then walks down the aisle, doing a few high fives as he makes his way towards the ring.*

Logan: Man, it’s great to have PIC here in the GCWA! He’s another legendary wrestler that we can promote to the crowds, y’know?

Jones: I heard the other day that PIC was working as a policeman just a few weeks before debuting in the company. I wonder what brought him back to wrestling?

Logan: Who knows? Maybe he missed the fans. No matter his reasons, I’m happy to have him. Of course, let’s see if he can win here tonight, against a very tough competitor in Eldritch.

*The Bell Rings.*

*Eldritch moves towards PIC almost as soon as the bell finishes, jawing away at him with insults. PIC walks towards his foe, and they meet near the center of the ring, still saying stuff back and forth that is too far away for the camera mics to pick up. You can get the gist of it, though, by the anger starting to show in both men’s faces. Eldritch suddenly rears back, slapping PIC across the face! PIC turns away from the blow, as Eldritch smirks behind him. It doesn’t take long for PIC to respond, as he turns back and tackles Eldritch, taking him to the ground and punching away at him! The fans are roaring as the PPV is getting off to a violent start, with the two men rolling around, each trying to get on top to do more damage on his adversary. Referee Trixie steps back, staying out of the way and letting them fight. She knows she has no chance of separating them.*

Jones: Not surprisingly, things have quickly boiled over in this one!

Logan: It’s amazing to think that these guys have only been here a month or two, yet have had the time to develop a heated feud. You’ve gotta love the wrestling business!

*PIC soon takes control, pulling Eldritch up off the mat and hitting him with a few forearms, stunning him. PIC then grabs Eldritch’s arm and sends him into the turnbuckle with an Irish whip, before following him in. Eldritch sees PIC coming and grabs at the ropes, pulling himself out of the way. He smiles, proud of himself for having the intelligence to dodge. Unfortunately, he doesn’t see that PIC didn’t hit; instead, he jumped up onto the second turnbuckle! As Eldritch turns around, PIC, looking at him over his shoulder, shoves off, taking flight with a spinning splash that takes Eldritch to the mat! Referee Trixie comes in to make the count… 1… 2.. and Eldritch kicks out. PIC immediately brings him back up, grabbing his head. With one smooth motion, PIC takes Eldritch back to the canvas with a neckbreaker, then tries another pin, only to get another 2 count.*

Jones: PIC is quickly taking control of this one.

Logan: There is a definite experience gap here, Jonesy. Eldritch has shown flashes of greatness, but he’s still on the beginning stretch of his career. PIC has been around for a while. He’s a lot more comfortable between those ropes.

Jones: Eldritch is on a severe learning curve right now. He needs to start getting some momentum back, or else this is going to be a short bout.

*With both arms, PIC pulls Eldritch off the canvas. Referee Trixie moves back, out of the way, as PIC lifts Eldritch into the air, bodyslamming him in front of the turnbuckle. PIC then goes up, earning some cheers from the fans as he goes, making his way to the top. Eldritch tries to sit up, but falls back down, groaning. PIC, with perfect balance, comes off the ‘buckle with a flip, going for a shooting star press! But Eldritch was just playing possum, as he raises up his legs, getting his knees into PIC’s guts!! PIC falls to the side, wrapping arms around his injured stomach, while Eldritch rolls over, getting up. After a few seconds, Eldritch manages to get over to PIC, dropping on top of him to make a pin. Referee Trixie is there… 1… 2.. and PIC easily kicks free of the attempt.*

Logan: Eldritch is a tricky SOB, isn’t he?

Jones: He lured PIC into thinking that he could get away with any high-risk move, and it nearly cost the man tonight.

Logan: Yeah, but Eldritch is going to need more than trickery to win this one.

*Eldritch is back on his feet now, moving to PIC’s legs. He grabs the right one, lifting it into the air and slamming it back to the canvas, causing PIC to shout out. He tries to get free, but Eldritch continues the abuse, stomping his foot onto PIC’s calf muscle multiple times, trying to ground the high-flyer. Eldritch then steps up over PIC and positions himself behind him, grabbing hold of PIC’s head and pulling back on it. PIC’s muscles are contorted, as his spine is being tweaked out of formation. Referee Trixie stays close, but PIC refuses to submit, using his arms to push off and release some of the tension. Eldritch, realizing he’s not getting anywhere, releases the hold and stands up, dusting himself off. He reaches down and drags PIC up, grinning that he’s in control again. He sends the wrestler into the ropes, then bends over, getting him with a back body drop. However, PIC twists in mid-air, then lands on his feet!! Eldritch spins, shocked, with his open mouth making a perfect target as PIC leaps up with a dropkick to the man’s face!! Eldritch falls backwards to the mat, while PIC takes a second to recover.*

Jones: It seems pretty tough to keep PIC on the ground, Anthony. The guy has an amazing sense of balance!

Logan: It probably helped him out in that police career of his. I can see him now, flipping over the cage fence and nailing the escaping thug with a forearm. They ought to make a TV show about that. Former pro wrestler becomes a cop. It could be huge!

Jones: Sure, Anthony. I’ll tell the networks for you.

*Eldritch gets himself up, still favoring his jaw. As he turns, PIC is there, getting him with a running headlock takeover that puts Eldritch back on the mat. PIC isn’t through, as he drops a couple of elbows onto the man, stunning him some more. PIC then grabs Eldritch’s arm and picks him up, getting him high enough so that PIC can set him into place for a Michinoku Driver!! Eldritch can’t get free, as PIC plants him perfectly into the canvas!! Trixie moves close for a count, but PIC has other ideas. He heads for the turnbuckle, pulling himself up with his arms and looking down at the fallen Eldritch. PIC signals to the crowd, gets a cheer in return, then comes off with the End Result!!! The rotation is incredible, as PIC uses his body as a missile, crushing Eldritch when he lands!! PIC grabs the legs and makes the cover, looking towards Trixie, who starts her count… 1… 2… 3!!!!*

Minos: Here is your winner, PIC!

Jones: And just like that, it’s over! Eldritch tried to fight back, but he just looked overmatched tonight against the veteran.

Logan: That experience difference can be a bitch, Jonesy. So PIC stays undefeated, a good start to his GCWA career!

Jones: As for Eldritch, well, he might be reconsidering that ‘generous’ offer from his father’s estate.

*PIC looks to be pleased with his first GCWA PPV victory, going outside the ring and talking with a few fans before heading back. Eldritch is still trying to recover. The scene switches to the back and focuses on a specific locker room door, D&D’s locker room door. There is a paper under the door with a lot of crossed out words and scribbles. Draco & Donovan Donovan & Draco Over and over again. The story is inside the locker room. Draco, along with his trusted companion, is getting ready for his upcoming match with Crimson. The door opens and Donovan enters with the Intercontinental Title over his shoulder.*

Shane Donovan: Hey, ready to squash Crimson tonight?

Draco: Yeah.

*Draco finishes tying up his black boots and gives Donovan a shifty glance. Donovan sees this and looks at Draco like he is crazy.*

Shane Donovan: Something in your eye?

Draco: Yeah, you could say that.

Shane Donovan: I would rather hear it from the horse’s mouth.

*Donovan steps closer to Draco. Draco stands up and the tension is so thick between the tag team that you can almost see it.*

Draco: I don’t care if we were great buddies beforehand. I am looking out for myself. A champion doesn’t want a big contender to advance.

Shane Donovan: Oh, so the Midas Complex comes out.

Draco: Call it watching out for number one.

*With that Draco and Robo-Betsy, who growls a bit at Donovan since their last encounter, leave the locker room. Donovan looks down at his title as the door shuts behind Draco.*

Shane Donovan: Guess I have to have one of those epiphanies about what I should do.

*The gears begin to turn in Donovan’s head. He suddenly smirks.*

Shane Donovan: Ooooooh, good idea. How can zambonis and cannons not be a good idea!?

*Donovan turns and heads out of the room, already deciding where he needs to go first. The picture fades back to ringside.*

Jones: Uh oh. What’s going through that devious mind of Donovan?

Logan: I don’t know, Jonesy. With Donovan, you never know. It looks like whatever he’s planning, he’s going to do it to prove himself to his tag-team partner, who suffered some amnesia this past week.

Jones: You have to wonder, though: which wrestler would it be better for Donovan to have in the Intercontinental Title match?

Logan: It doesn’t matter who he wants, Jonesy. It matters who wins. It’s time to decide the last #1 Contender!

*We cut away from the announcers to go to the video footage. The first shot is the face of Tommy Crimson, looking into the camera. It zooms out, showing the members of Organized Chaos standing around him. One by one, though, they fade away, leaving only Crimson’s dark face focused on the camera. The footage changes to clips from last month, showing Crimson giving Draco a wad of money to be on his team at Ultimate Survival. However, when the wad turned out to be much smaller than expected, tensions grew between the two men, leading into the PPV. Despite their differences, though, the two men survived over Team Stranger Danger, moving into the finals. We see the shot of Crimson telling Draco to join him in an assault in the finals, only to have Draco attack him, ending the partnership. Each blamed the other for their loss, brawling on the next Inferno.*

*The video then shifts to Draco making a challenge to Crimson in a match, with the President immediately agreeing to it, without consulting Crimson first. Draco, now allied with Shane Donovan, gave Crimson the news, with Donovan then taking Crimson out with a chair shot. A furious Crimson charged into the President’s office the next week, angry at how he had been treated, but when the President didn’t change anything, Crimson pointed to him, telling him to remember this moment. Later that night, Crimson took out Donovan and Draco with chair shots, joining the Roman Empire. Crimson’s wrath would continue the next week, as he helped cost Draco a match against Warrick Hill by spitting a blood-like substance into Donovan’s face, distracting Draco from his match. The problems have grown and grown between the two men, leading up to tonight’s #1 Contender battle. We return to ringside.*

Minos: The next match is scheduled for one fall. The winner of this match will go on later tonight to join three other powerful individuals vying for the GCWA Intercontinental Heavyweight Championship. Introducing first, he is a multi-time champion who has begun an alliance with another rival in his quest for gold, standing 5’11” and weighing 204 lbs, from Whitesboro, New York, here is “The Hellacious One” Draco!

*The fans aren’t quite warmed up yet to Draco, although he does get a wave of cheers when he walks out to “Indestructible” by Disturbed. It’s more about who he’s facing than how much they like him. Draco takes it all in, possibly with a new view of what stands before him, as he walks down the aisle.*

Jones: We nearly lost Draco this past week, as he was in a horrific car accident.

Logan: Yeah, the other driver fell asleep at the wheel and careened across several lanes in order to crash into Draco’s car headfirst. The guy’s lucky his airbags worked.

Jones: There was some concern that Crimson was going to get the win via forfeit tonight after Draco had to endure a hospital stay, but he’s managed to make it here tonight.

Logan: All that matters to me is that the robot goat is ok. Man, falling down a set of stairs nearly destroys him, but getting into a major car accident barely scratches the guy. He must have got a serious upgrade in armor!

Minos: Now entering the arena, he is a former OCW United States Heavyweight Champion and is now a full-fledged member of the Roman Empire, standing 6’4” and weighing 221 lbs, from Detroit, Michigan, here is “The Fury” Tommy Crimson!

*The crowd begins booing at the words “Roman Empire” and doesn’t let up, even as “Head Up” by the Deftones continues to play. Crimson comes out of the back with a scowl on his face, clearly in a bad mood. He heads towards the ring, smacking away any hands that try to reach out to him, and threatening one that makes a grab at him.*

Logan: Crimson didn’t exactly have a great week either, as it seemed a reporter was out to get him off of tonight’s card.

Jones: Allegations of steroid abuse are not a laughing matter. But Crimson’s managed to be cleared, so we are going to have our bout here tonight.

*The Bell Rings.*

*Referee Mark Bell signals to the men to begin, bringing Crimson towards the center of the ring. He taunts Draco, pointing to his head, wondering how scrambled it is in there. Draco responds by basically revealing he remembers Crimson, trash-talking him back. Crimson flips him off and comes forward, but Draco answers with a takedown, getting behind Crimson and paint-brushing the back of his head. Both men hop back up, with Crimson, even more furious, coming at Draco again. But this time Draco manages to get a hip toss, sending Crimson backwards onto the mat! Crimson’s up again, swinging wildly, but Draco is using his calm to his advantage, ducking the attempt and, behind Crimson, grabbing his head and going for a standing version of the Light’s Out!! But Crimson shoves himself free, then rolls out of the ring, catching his breath, while Draco waits for him.*

Jones: Looks like Draco’s game plan is to simply tick Crimson off!

Logan: Hey, remember, this match isn’t just about getting a victory. The winner here goes on for a chance to win the Intercontinental Championship! Draco probably remembers that Crimson got DQ’ed the last time these guys fought.

Jones: True, if Crimson loses control again, especially considering that it’s the same ref who DQ’ed him last time, Draco will get a free ride towards the gold.

*Crimson walks on the outside, regaining his composure. He kicks at the steel steps, releasing some anger, while referee Bell continues to count, threatening to end Crimson’s match early. Crimson doesn’t let that happen, though, as he rolls back into the ring, stopping the count. Draco comes forward to meet him, but Crimson delivers a surprising swinging uppercut that knocks Draco backwards. Crimson follows it up with a tackle, taking Draco to the mat and punching away at him! Referee Bell issues a warning about the closed fists, with Crimson saying something ‘unflattering’ back to him. But Crimson stops punching, instead pulling Draco up and getting him around the waist, taking the smaller wrestler over with a belly-to-back suplex! With Draco down, Crimson rolls on to make the cover, holding onto the legs… 1… 2.. but Draco easily kicks out, still having plenty of energy.*

Jones: I wonder just how much experience we have going at it in that ring. Both of these guys have been around for many, many years, but it’s hard to tell it when they’re fighting like this.

Logan: Well, they started at a young age, Jonesy, so they’re not exactly old men yet. Still, you have to wonder which one will have a greater level of stamina in this fight.

*Crimson drags Draco off the ground and continues the abuse, turning Draco around to put him into a full nelson, only to immediately use it as a full nelson slam, swinging his adversary around and to the mat! Crimson again makes the cover, with referee Bell in position… 1… 2… Draco kicks out again, annoying the long-haired wrestler. Crimson brings Draco up again, taunting him by saying that he’s going to beat both him AND his little buddy for the belt. Crimson then shoots Draco towards the corner, sending him crashing into the padding. The Roman Empire member follows, rushing at Draco, but Draco answers by raising both feet into the air, using the top rope for guidance as he smacks Crimson full in the mouth!! Crimson staggers back, but recovers and comes back in again, only to have Draco step out with the Momentum Shift!!! Crimson collapses to the ground, while Draco falls on top of him for the cover… 1… 2… and Crimson gets himself free before he’s pinned!*

Logan: Close fall, with Draco nearly putting this one away to get himself a title shot!

Jones: Crimson has a lot of energy, but sometimes overzealousness can hurt you as much as indifference. Draco was just waiting for him to make a mistake like that.

*Crimson is trying to recover, getting himself up off the mat and checking his jaw for any alignment issues. Meanwhile, Draco has moved back to the corner, going up onto the top. He comes off with a fist in the air, doing a flying punch to Crimson’s back! Crimson goes down from the impact, while Draco shakes out his fist, stung from the blow. He goes down to cover Crimson again, trying to put him away… 1… 2… but Crimson won’t stay down, despite the hits. Draco gets himself up, looking for something else to use. He goes to the ropes, waiting, as Crimson reaches his hands and knees. Draco then comes in, kicking at Crimson’s ribcage, but Crimson manages to block it, grabbing Draco’s leg, then catching his head as he goes off-balance, rolling the man up! Referee Bell’s still right there waiting… 1… 2… Draco barely escapes!*

Logan: Damn, we’re seeing a lot of pinfalls in this one!

Jones: As much as these guys want to dish out a lot of punishment, the quicker you get a pin, the more rested you’ll be for the match later on tonight.

Logan: Yeah, I’m sure the thought of the title match is on the minds of both of these guys.

*Both Crimson and Draco struggle upwards, with Crimson getting there first, kicking Draco in the stomach to bend him over, then picking him up for a powerslam! But Draco, on top, starts throwing punches, making Crimson fall backwards to the mat instead! Draco lands on top and reaches back to grab a leg… 1… 2… Crimson shoves him off of the pin attempt. Crimson sits up and starts to rise, so Draco comes in, grabbing him and taking him towards the corner, rushing for a tornado bulldog attempt! But as he spins around, Crimson throws him off, causing Draco to land across the top rope!! Draco groans, and even referee Bell winces from the hit. Crimson, though, is happy with it, grabbing Draco by the arm and yanking him down, back into the ring. Crimson then steps over the fallen Draco, grabbing his head to apply a camel clutch submission!*

Jones: Crimson’s going to try to wear Draco out!

Logan: I think he’s got a good lock on there, with Draco actually facing away from the ropes. It’s a hell of a lot harder to go backwards when you’re trying to escape something like this!

Jones: Draco’s going to need to… wait a second… why’s the Tron on? What is that?

Logan: Are we showing footage from the back? During a match? What the hell??

*Crimson, who is in the perfect position to see the screen, glances over in confusion a the footage, showing the Roman Empire locker room entrance. The doors open and Rick Mathis and Warrick Hill walk out, discussing their plans.*

Warrick Hill: Listen, Draco will never see it coming. We just have to get in place quickly, so that Crimson can get him in range…

*The two men turn the corner, heading for the ringside area, when suddenly… *


*A white blur comes from the upper corner of the screen and slams into the chest of Mathis. He falls down to the ground clutching his chest. Laying next to him was a black Roman Empire shirt…with a pool ball rolling out from inside it. Warrick looks up in shock, although we can’t see what he’s looking at.*

Voice: Hello, ladies! My partner down there wants a fair fight. Not sure why, but I think I should give him what he wants. He gets angry when I don’t.

*The camera turns around in the right direction. The voice was that of Shane Donovan, who is currently on top of a zamboni with a shirt cannon normally used to keep the crowd occupied during the commercial breaks. He drops another shirt with a ‘special’ prize inside of it and started to lurch the zamboni after the Roman Empire members!*

Warrick Hill: Shit!

*Warrick turns to run away, as the shirts start being fired at him. Mathis is practically crawling and gasping for breath, due to the impact. Hill’s coughing, too, but that could just be from one of those recreational sources, if you know what I mean. The zamboni continues off in pursuit.*

Shane Donovan: Don’t run! Plenty of free shirts for everyone!

*The shot goes back to ringside, where Tommy Crimson is angrily up on the turnbuckle. He’s shouting obscenities towards the screen, clearly pissed that Shane Donovan has interfered in his well-laid plans with the Roman Empire. So infuriated is Crimson, though, that he doesn’t realize that Draco has gotten up and is coming around underneath him! Draco grabs Crimson’s legs, surprising him, and takes him off the ‘buckle, sending him down to the ground with a variation of a powerbomb!! Crimson hits hard, as referee Bell slides into position to make the count… 1… Draco puts his feet up on the middle ‘buckles to give him some leverage… 2… Crimson struggles, but can’t do it… 3!!!!*

Minos: Here is your winner, moving on to the IC Title Match, Draco!!

Jones: Wow!! What a shocking end to this one!

Logan: Donovan provided a major distraction for his partner, allowing Draco to make it to the next match!

Jones: I don’t think Crimson can believe it!! Not surprisingly, Bell has run out of there to avoid his wrath, and so has Draco, but for different reasons…

*Crimson is standing in the ring, yanking on his hair and yelling. He’s almost ready to go postal, which explains the sudden GCWA Security presence at ringside. Meanwhile, Draco is walking up the aisle, apparently laughing so hard that he’s having trouble breathing. He turns to a fan (who isn’t particularly receptive) and points to the screen, still laughing hard. He walks up the ramp, trying to control himself as he disappears behind the curtain. The camera leaves the scene and switches to the back where we see Marcus Ka’Derrion arriving at the Alamo Dome. As he heads inside the dome, he is quickly intercepted by Cynthia Hall, who shoves a mic in front of him.*

Cynthia Hall: Marcus! What happened to you on Thursday?!

Marcus Ka’Derrion: Damn Cynthia, is that how you say hi to everyone?

Cynthia Hall: Sorry about that Marcus… It’s just that we lost you during the radio show and never heard from you. Are you OK? Is your mom OK?

*Marcus seems a bit bothered by this, but proceeds to answer her as he starts to push his way past her. *

Marcus Ka’Derrion: We’re fine, Cynthia.

*He heads inside, walking down a few halls before reaching his locker room. As he reaches his door he sees that a large red skull sticker has been placed over his name plate. Marcus rips it off and looks at it for a few seconds before tossing it aside and heading inside his locker room. We head back to ringside.*

Logan: Weird. What was the red skull about?

Jones: Hey, didn’t Marcus used to put silver skulls on people’s doorways, before he revealed that he was the son of the Punisher?

Logan: True. But why red? What does it mean?

Jones: Knowing this business, I’m sure we’ll find out sooner or later. For now, we’ve got our first title match to take care of! Get that digital working!

*The video footage once again begins to roll, this time showing Dangerous Dan winning again and again in his Television Title defenses. Santana is pictured next, winning the #1 Contendership, then surprising the world by landing the Sensei-Tion and ending the long-running reign of the champion. The shot focuses on Santana holding the title with happiness on his face. The Santana / Scott Caine match is shown, with Santana as the underdog, but Santana won out again, proving he deserved the belt. The shot changes to Santana coming into the Accelerator’s locker room to ask him for a match, with the President granting it, only not telling Santana who his opponent is going to be. Santana walks away, not sure what to think, as the video ends.*

Minos: The next match is scheduled for one fall, and will be fought for the GCWA Television Championship! First, coming down the aisle, he earned his first championship a few weeks ago and continues to improve himself, standing 6’3” and weighing 235 lbs, from Washington DC, here is the GCWA Television Champion, Robert “The Sensei” Santana!

*The fans stand and cheer for the newest champion on the roster, as Santana walks out of the back to “Sandstorm” by Darude. He stops on the ramp, showing off the Television Title, and then starts to walk down the aisle. He has a thoughtful look on his face.*

Jones: It’s hard to believe that Santana has been put into this match to defend his title, without even knowing who his opponent is!

Logan: I wonder if Ace even had anyone in mind before assigning this match. He was pretty distracted at the time.

Jones: The President always knows what he is doing.

Logan: Yeah, well, we’ll see who comes out. For all we know, Santana could be in for the biggest test of his young career tonight.

Minos: And now… his opponent….

*The fans look towards the entryway with curiousity, as does Santana, wondering what’s going to happen. Suddenly, “The Eye of the Tiger” by Survivor begins to play, and the fans start to roar… in laughter, at least. They watch as Peter “The Janitor” Vaughn steps through the entryway, bottle in hand, doing a weak pose on the stage!*

Minos: Standing 5’6” and weighing 173 lbs, from Dallas, Texas, here is Peter “The Janitor” Vaughn!!

*Vaughn tries to look intimidating, pointing towards Santana with his water bottle. He messes it up a little by slipping on his way down the ramp, then glancing back like something HAD to have been there for him to slip on. Santana is grinning from the surprise.*

Jones: Peter Vaughn??

Logan: Oh, man, I had almost forgotten about him! That’ll make this his second straight GCWA pay-per-view appearance!

Jones: So much for this match being a classic.

Logan: Hey now, Peter’s had a month to train this time, Jonesy. Cut him some slack, let’s see what he’s got!

*The Bell Rings.*

*Santana comes to the center of the ring, bowing to referee Mitchell in a show of respect. Vaughn, meanwhile, puts down his cleaning supplies and closes his eyes, as if praying, before turning towards his opponent. Santana waits patiently for Vaughn to come to him, waiting in a classic karate posture. Vaughn comes out dancing, moving his feet back and forth, acting like he’s Muhammad Ali. The crowd is loving it, as Vaughn moves back and forth, with his fists up in the air. Santana is struggling not to laugh.*

Logan: Float like a butterfly, sting like drain cleaner to the eyes!

Jones: This IS a pay-per-view match, right?

*Vaughn finishes moving, as he comes in, locking up with Santana. Santana quickly reacts by putting Vaughn into a headlock, holding him in place. Vaughn, fighting against it, pushes Santana off towards the ropes, then drops his body for an attempted shoulder block. It works about as well as you’d think, as Vaughn gets knocked back instead. Santana moves over to him, pulling the Janitor up. However, Vaughn reacts, grabbing Santana by the head and getting a jawbreaker!! Santana stumbles back, shocked, while Vaughn rubs his sore head and starts to get up. He sees Santana off-balance and runs forward, jumping over him for a sunset flip! Santana fights it off, though, regaining his balance. He swings a chop downwards, but Vaughn manages to scoot out from underneath, getting behind Santana and hitting him with punches to the back!*

Jones: Holy crap, Vaughn’s putting up a fight!

Logan: I told ya, Jonesy, he’s been in intense training over the last month! That’s why he hasn’t been in any matches!

Jones: Could we see an upset of herculean proportions tonight??

*Vaughn moves Santana into the corner, still punching away. He climbs up, posing for the crowd, who are cheering the underdog. Vaughn has a huge smile on his face, enjoying the attention. Actually, he’s enjoying it too much, as he’s not continuing his assault. When Vaughn finally does swing downwards to start a punch run, Santana isn’t there, ducking out from underneath. He grabs Vaughn’s arms, lifting the surprised man in the air, and chucks him across the ring with a modified Razor’s Edge!! Vaughn crashes in the mat in a heap, as Santana leans in the corner, the effort of performing such a big move requiring a little more recovery time. He watches as Vaughn admirably rolls himself over, trying to get himself back up. Unfortunately, that puts Vaughn in the perfect position, as Santana races in, getting the Sensei-Tion!!! Vaughn is out cold, with Santana making the cover… 1… 2… 3!!!*

Minos: Here is your winner, and STILL GCWA Television Champion, Robert “The Sensei” Santana!

Jones: Hopefully no one paid money to see an awesome TV Title match…

Logan: Yeah, I was hoping for more, but I guess Vaughn still has a few bugs to work out before he’s a true wrestler.

Jones: Man, for a ‘surprise’ wrestler, that sure was… disappointing…. Hey, that’s not Santana’s music, is it?

Logan: Well, he’s changed it a few times now, but… no, wait, I know that tune…

*In mid-celebration, Santana stops on the second turnbuckle, looking towards the back as “Peace Not Greed” by the Kottonmouth Kings is playing on the speakers. Santana waits, confused, as the fans turn towards the entryway. After a few seconds, a large man pushes his way through the curtain, looking around at the audience. Many in the crowd immediately recognize him despite it having been so long. The reaction is definitely mixed, as those who have hated him for years boo, while others cheer just for seeing him again. The man, though, is unfazed, as he starts down the ramp, sneering at Santana.*

Logan: My eyes aren’t deceiving me, right, Jonesy?

Jones: I don’t believe it!! It’s Dynamic Dynamite!!! The legend!!!

Logan: The former GCWA World Heavyweight Champion is here!! But why?

*Dynamic Dynamite steps through the ropes, as Santana comes back down from the ‘buckle, watching him carefully. Dynamite laughs at Santana’s confusion, then says something to referee Mitchell, who is apparently listening to something over his earpiece. Mitchell shrugs, then signals with his arms, even as Santana starts to protest.*

*The Bell Rings.*

Jones: You’re kidding me!! Dynamic Dynamite is going to wrestle Santana?!?!

Logan: Wait, is the title on the line? Because I think the TV Title was one of the few belts that Dynamite never held in the GCWA!

Jones: This is unprecedented!!

*Referee Mitchell shakes his head at what Santana is saying, then points to the back, telling Santana that he’s received his orders. Santana, thrown way off his game, turns around, only to have Dynamite boot him in the stomach! Dynamite then throws in a big elbow to the head, knocking Santana to the ground! Santana tries to recover, but Dynamite doesn’t give him a chance, using his foot to bang on Santana’s fingers on his left hand!! Santana rolls over, protectively bringing his fingers in, as Dynamite continues to stalk him.*

Logan: Dynamic Dynamite’s clearly not forgotten how to use the dirty tactics!

Jones: This man got pretty far with them, Anthony, winning titles all over the world, including the ICWF and the GCWA. He is one of only two men to have three reigns of the GCWA Intercontinental Heavyweight Title, as well as runs with the World Title, the Hardcore Title, and the Tag-Team Titles! Whenever GCWA Hall of Fame debates come up, he’s usually the first man mentioned as deserving to be put in!

Logan: Hell, maybe that’s why he’s back, to remind people of his eligibility!

*The larger Dynamic Dynamite pulls Santana up, dragging his face across the ropes on the way to the turnbuckle. Dynamite is older, but he appears to still be in pretty good shape. He gets Santana into the corner, driving him harder in with an elbow. He then backs off, using his fingers as aiming devices. He runs forward, kicking out, but Santana manages to dodge out of the way, with Dynamite slamming his leg over the ropes instead! Dynamite, in pain, has no defense as Santana lashes out, getting a legsweep on Dynamite’s positioning foot that causes the veteran to fall back inside the ring. He rolls to his stomach, pushing up with his hands, but Santana is above him with multiple double-chops, doing some damage while Dynamite’s on the canvas.*

Logan: I’ll give this to Santana, he’s not backing down! He’s facing a very tough foe, especially since he had no idea this was going to happen, but Santana’s not running for it. He’s taking the fight to him!

Jones: I’ve just been told, straight from the President, that the Television Title is INDEED on the line in this one!

Logan: Damn! Two defenses in one night! What did Santana do to piss Ace off?

*Dynamite pulls himself away, getting to the ropes. He pulls himself up, but Santana is not backing off, knowing the dangerous threat that has come after him. He’s not going to give Dynamite a chance to recover. Santana moves in, kicking away, with Dynamite trying to close up to protect himself. Santana lands a few more hits, then grabs at Dynamite’s arm, but Dynamite manages to reach up with his free hand, raking Santana’s eyes! The TV Champion stumbles back, with Dynamite straightening himself up. Santana tries a wild swing, but it misses, with Dynamite ducking under it. With Santana now facing away from him, Dynamite grabs him and lifts like an atomic drop. The only difference is that Dynamite doesn’t drop him forward. He throws Santana over his shoulder out of the ring!!! Dynamite, grinning, seems to be enjoying the heavy boos now coming his way from such a deceitful tactic, even as Santana lays on the outside, hurting.*

Logan: You never want to leave a ring that way, Jonesy. There’s very little to help you on the way down.

Jones: Santana may be in serious danger of losing the Television Title here tonight!

Logan: Dynamic Dynamite could have his number. We’ll just have to see what happens.

*Not wanting a count-out, Dynamic Dynamite steps over the ropes and heads to the outside, going after the downed Santana. He pulls the champion up and attempts to roll him back into the ring, but Santana fights, slamming a couple of elbow shots into Dynamite’s ribs. Having backed him off, Santana throws several punches, staggering the big man and moving him towards the fans. Santana is limping from the landing he took, but isn’t letting it stop him. He grabs Dynamite by the head and attempts to bang it into the guardrail, but Dynamite blocks it, and then knocks Santana away from him with one large sweep of his arm. Dynamite shakes his head to clear it before turning back, pushing his hair out of his face. He takes a swing, but Santana ducks it, then kicks out, only to have Dynamite catch his foot. But Santana immediately turns it into an enziguiri, and Dynamite falls backwards into the railing! Santana reaches for the apron, trying to pull himself back together.*

Logan: That was a beautiful maneuver from Santana!

Jones: The martial artist has learned so much since coming to the GCWA, but his feet are still his most deadly weapons!

*Santana has managed to rise to his feet, using the apron for support. He gets the ropes in one hand, pulling himself back into the ring, but Dynamite is back up, grabbing at him. Santana kicks him away, sending him staggering back. Santana then comes forward, jumping almost on one leg to crash into Dynamite, sending him over the railing and into the crowd!! Audience members quickly realize that they don’t want to be part of the show, as they scramble to get away from the two brawling men. Santana is up first, getting a headlock on Dynamite and hitting away at him. Dynamite, though, manages to shove them into a row of recently-vacated seats, sending both men sprawling on the ground. In the midst of the destruction, the bell can be heard, ringing away.*

Logan: What? Oh, no, don’t tell me they’ve been counted out?!

Jones: Well, they haven’t been in the ring for a while, Anthony. What did you expect? Referee Mitchell had no choice!

Logan: I know, but still, this one was getting good!

Jones: It still is, Anthony, because they haven’t stopped fighting!

*Dynamic Dynamite pulls Santana up, banging his head on the edge of a still-standing chair, as GCWA Security starts to come in, signaled by the bell to try and break things up. Meanwhile, Minos gets a mic to complete his job.*

Minos: The referee has ruled this match a Double Countout! This means that Robert Santana is STILL the GCWA Television Champion!

Logan: I hate to see matches end this way, but if it has to, it might as well be because they won’t stop fighting!

Jones: It was great to see Dynamic Dynamite in action again, I have to say! I wonder if this is a one-time appearance, or if we’re going to be seeing more of Dynamite in the future?

Logan: Who knows? Enjoy the moments while they last!

*Security continues to try to break up the two men, but they seem to be intent on finishing what they’ve started. The scene changes to the backstage area where The Big Bifford is sleeping in a big comfy chair in front of a roaring campfire. As he snores, he makes some frightened noises and then begins talking in his sleep, saying "My son... Easter Bunny has my son... Easter Bunny is a murderous rabbit... must stop him... must get back my son..." Bifford's eyes suddenly shoot open and he looks around to find that Ludwig the Seal, Martin Ka'Berryon and Little Benjamin Bifford are NOT around the campfire. He jumps to his feet and runs over to a door, pushing it open. Inside he finds all three of his friends. Martin Ka'Berryon is forcing a Marcus Ka'Derrion His Legacy t-shirt over Benjamin's head, Benjamin's face is painted to look like The Lost Soul's face paint, and Ludwig the Seal is just staring at Martin with angry eyes.*

The Big Bifford: Why is his face painted like that? The Lost Soul is my OPPONENT and ENEMY tonight...

*Suddenly the crowd cheers as TLS appears next to Bifford, looking in the door. Bifford turns and sees TLS and smiles.*

The Big Bifford: Hey Lost Soul, how's it going?

*The Lost Soul just looks around the room: a guy in a grape costume trying to force a kid to wear a t-shirt, a kid with TLS face paint, a baby seal staring ominously at the guy in the grape costume.. He shakes his head.*

The Lost Soul: This is some of the weirdest shit TLS has ever seen...

*Bifford walks over behind Martin and grabs something off a shelf. He walks back to TLS and hands him a little dixie cup full of toilet cleaning solution.*

The Big Bifford: I think this is the last of your soul.... You should probably drink it...

*TLS just looks at Bifford like he's nuts. Suddenly from outside the door, screaming is heard. The door swings open and Smokey the Bear runs in, swinging an axe at Bifford. Bifford ducks under it though and nails Smokey with a kick to the stomach. The man in the bear costume drops the axe and Bifford lifts him up and drops him with a spine buster. Benjamin claps and cheer with glee. TLS sees the bear and drops the dixie cup full of "soul" and hits a modified version of the Souled Out (somersault leg drop) on the bear. Bifford looks at TLS and nods with thanks for the help. Benjamin cheers even more now that TLS is involved.*

The Big Bifford: Thanks.. now, shouldn't you go get ready for our match?

*TLS nods at Bifford and begins to walk away. Another scream is heard from in the hallway and The Easter Bunny's face appears in the doorway as he runs into the room. TLS clotheslines the man in the giant bunny costume and just keeps walking out of the room.*

The Lost Soul: No... this IS the weirdest shit TLS has ever seen...

*The Lost Soul disappears, as Bifford quickly drops a leg drop on The Easter Bunny. He pulls the mask off of the rabbit and reveals it to be The Opera Ghost. He shakes his head.*

The Big Bifford: This wasn't the real Easter Bunny.. he's still out there somewhere... But I guess this'll end our Opera Ghost problem though... and I knew that Smokey would show up. He always shows up right before I get a title match... Martin, do me a favor and tie these two men together and put them in a broom closet. I've got some getting ready to do..

*Bifford pulls out a handful of Cocoa Puffs and throws them to Ludwig the Seal. The seal quickly eats the cereal and then both the seal and Benjamin follow Bifford out of the room. Martin looks down at the corpses of the Easter Bunny and Smokey the Bear and shakes his head in agreement with TLS that this is very weird indeed as he begins tying them up. With that, we head off to our first scheduled break of the evening.*

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