*We come back from our break to the backstage area. Cynthia Hall has apparently gotten over her frustration with Warrick Hill and Dean and has found another target. She currently is standing with the GCWA World Tag-Team Champions, the Danger Boiz!.*

Cynthia: I am here with the Danger Boiz who are set to defend their World Tag Team Titles tonight against Harvey Danger and a partner of his choosing. First off I want to ask you Dan if you are focused going into tonight after what went down with Scott Caine last week?

Dangerous Dan: Well Cynthia, I am focused on my match tonight. There will be a side to Dangerous Dan that no one has ever seen before. After Scott cheating last week, I have been furious all week. I got rid of some earlier by costing Caine his title shot. But I still have plenty left. My opponents tonight will feel my wrath.

Cynthia: And Chris, going into this match you do not know who Harvey's partner is. Are you the least bit worried about whom it could be?

Crazy Chris: Honestly Cynthia, we don't really care who it is. You see here lately we have been getting cheated out of our matches. This is the second week in a row, where the Danger Boiz have been screwed over. We aren't going to take any more of this. Tonight there will be broken bones. There will be blood. There will be payback.

Dangerous Dan: You see tonight marks the beginning where the Danger Boiz take matters into their own hands. We are going to stop being cheated. We are back to being disrespected by everyone. The Danger Boiz will get what we want. And we know that the fans want hardcore, and blood. So tonight Scott, Harvey, and whoever your partner may be, there is going to be a war that will be unleashed. Fear the Danger Boiz, for Hell hath no fury, like brothers scorned!

Cynthia Hall: Nice, guys. This is Cynthia Hall, reporting once again in the trenches of the GCWA!

*We leave the backstage area behind, as we go to where Jones and Logan are seated, waiting for the next match.*

Logan: The Danger Boiz are definitely fired up! I hope Harvey found himself a partner, or else he’s in serious trouble here tonight.

Jones: Dan certainly seems to have no remorse from interfering in Caine’s match earlier tonight.

Logan: And why should he? Caine cheated him, so he cheated Caine. Of course, in the wrestling world, that cycle will keep going around and around. It wouldn’t surprise me to see Caine come out here in retaliation.

Jones: You would think so, but I’ve already heard that Caine was seen leaving the arena in a fury, with Benji Sampson on his heels. Who knows where he’s going to be?

Logan: Ahhh. Well, then, I guess it’s safe to go to the next match and see what Harvey has to offer!

*We shoot to another video clip, this one slightly different than the rest. It starts with some humorous music, showing the entrance of Harvey Danger into the GCWA. Various shots are shown, including Danger’s hit-and-run, Danger getting called on live television by his mother, and Danger’s locker room/janitorial closet. We get to a specific scene where Danger knocks on the locker room of the Danger Boiz, wanting to introduce himself and possibly become another ‘Danger Boy’, since he already had the name. The door gets shut in his face. Danger’s other attempts at contact get similar results. In retaliation, Danger is shown wearing his created ‘Danger’ Title, earning the annoyance of the President. The Accelerator makes a ruling, giving Danger the #1 Contenders spot he seeked, only in a different spot than he expected: the tag-team division, against the Danger Boiz. We see the Danger Boiz in action, landing several of their high-flying moves while continuing to be an undefeated team. We then see Harvey, handing out flyers, searching the world, and even hanging out at his mother’s, seemingly having no success at finding anyone to team up with him. The video ends, as we go back to the ring.*

Minos: The match is scheduled for one fall and will be for the GCWA Tag-Team Championships of the World! Introducing first, the challenger, having been given this opportunity by the President, standing 6’0” and weighing 215 lbs, from New York City, New York, here is Harvey Danger!

*”No Rain” by Blind Melon plays as the crowd starts to move around, anticipating Danger’s arrival. Either that, or they’re thinking about a bathroom break. It IS a long show, after all! Harvey Danger pushes through the curtains with flair, shoving them to either side of him. He stands there, posing, looking like a powerful wrestler, with the Danger Title prominently displayed around his waist. Then the curtains come back, closing over him again. After a second, Danger shoves them aside again, then walks forward, giving a little bounce on the ramp and pointing to any Harvey Danger fans he sees.*

Jones: It was possibly the biggest question going into the pay-per-view. Who did Harvey Danger find to be his partner tonight?

Logan: More importantly, DID he find a partner? Or are we going to see a handicap match here tonight?

Minos: His opponents are currently undefeated in the tag-team ranks, taking down any challengers in their way. Weighing a combined 448 lbs, from Smithville, Tennessee, they are Crazy Chris & Dangerous Dan, the Danger Boiz!

*The crowd cheers loudly as “Hell Yeah!” by Zebrahead blasts on the speakers. The Danger Boiz come out side-by-side, holding their tag-team titles proudly above their heads. While neither looks extremely excited, they do look focused and ready for action. They move down the ramp, stopping only once to talk to a person along the aisleway: their mother, who came to see them in action.*

Jones: I would like to add my personal condolences to the family of the Danger Boiz for the loss of their father earlier this week.

Logan: Oh, yeah, man, that was terrible. It’s hard to see a guy die so quickly like that. But then, that’s how it always ends, right?

Jones: Not for me! I’m going to live forever!

Logan: Yeah. Right.

*The Danger Boiz slide into the ring, handing the titles over to the referee, who happens to be Trixie. She smiles at both boys, saying something to them, then moves to put the belts away. In the meantime, Harvey Danger is talking with Minos with a smile still on his face. Minos clears his throat and moves back to the center of the ring.*

Minos: I have been asked to make this special announcement before the match begins. I would like to introduce… Harvey Danger’s partner…

*The lights move back to the entryway, along with every eye in the building. The Danger Boiz both look surprised, as they search for who will be joining Danger in tonight’s activity. Harvey goes to that side of the ring, watching himself. After a few seconds, though, it’s clear that no one is coming out. Harvey’s smile slowly fades away, as he shakes his head.*

Jones: What was that about? Did Harvey’s partner no-show?

Logan: You’re assuming Harvey had someone waiting back there. It looks more to me that Harvey was hoping that if he had Minos make the announcement, maybe someone would come out!

Jones: Oh, man. Poor Harvey.

*Harvey keeps watching the back, hoping for a last-second reprieve, but no one has come out. Minos has already turned and left the ring, not wanting to waste any more of his time. Referee Trixie comes over and talks with Harvey, elicting a small smile from him that fools nobody. Trixie then signals to the guys at ringside.*

*The Bell Rings.*

Jones: Looks like we’ve got a Handicap match!

Logan: Too bad, that gives Harvey Danger very little chance of walking out of here with his gold intact.

Jones: Well, at least he did manage to get back the Danger Title.

*Harvey moves back into his corner, waiting to see who’s coming for him. The two brothers discuss things, putting together their game plan, then Dangerous Dan moves out to start things off. Danger and Dangerous lock up, with Harvey immediately moving it into a headlock, smiling brightly at the great strategic maneuver. This lasts only a second before Dan shoves Harvey into the ropes, then sends him off in the other direction. As Harvey returns, Dan drops his shoulder for a flip, only to have Harvey roll over top of him and land on his feet behind him. Dan turns, swinging an elbow, but Harvey ducks that as well, then grabs the off-balance co-champion and rolls him up, with Trixie managing to be close to the action… 1… 2… no, Dan kicks free! He gets back up, annoyed, and comes at Harvey, but the challenger immediately manages to get behind Dan and get his arms, taking him down for another pin attempt… 1… 2… Dan gets free again!*

Jones: Harvey’s trying anything he can to walk away with the belts on his own!

Logan: He’s doing it smartly, Edds. A quick pin is about the only chance he has, since he doesn’t have anyone who can watch his back!

Jones: Crazy Chris looks a little bit worried over there, pacing the apron. He has to be ready to rush in and save his brother if needed. So far, he’s been willing to give his brother the benefit of the doubt.

*Both men are back up, with Harvey keeping Dangerous Dan in the corner, trying to keep him isolated. He lands a few chops on Dan, then grabs his head, bringing him out of the corner for a bulldog. Dan shoves him off, though, keeping the move from landing. Harvey quickly turns around, but Dan immediately dropkicks him, knocking Harvey to his back. Harvey struggles back up, but there’s nowhere for him to go, as Dan moves in, grabbing Harvey’s head with his leg and landing a fameasser variation! Dan makes the cover, grabbing for the legs… 1… 2… Harvey kicks out. Dan pulls both men back up, then looks to the corner, where Crazy Chris would be pulling his hair out if it wasn’t hidden behind his mask. Dan moves over there, tagging Chris into action.*

Jones: And here’s where the disadvantage really starts to get to poor old Harvey.

Logan: Yeah, because when Dan gets tired, he brings in Chris and takes a breather. Harvey’s got to stay in there and take it all, and try to hope for a lucky break.

*With Dan holding Harvey Danger’s arms, Crazy Chris goes up top onto the turnbuckle. He jumps off, smashing his fists into Harvey’s unprotected skull, knocking him to the mat. Chris throws in a spinning elbow drop, then makes another cover, as Dan moves to the apron. Trixie is right there again… 1… 2… and Harvey continues to kick out, not willing to relinquish his dream. Crazy Chris gets up, his expression unreadable behind the mask. He pulls Harvey upwards, opting to again tag his brother, keeping up the quick tags. Dangerous Dan steps in and joins Chris in grabbing Harvey, lifting him up with a double-suplex variation, then changing it to drop the challenger face-first to the mat instead! Danger is in a lot of pain from that impact. Dan once again makes the cover, waving Trixie over… 1… 2… and once again Harvey kicks out.*

Logan: You’ve got to admire Harvey’s determination in this one. He’s taking a lot of abuse in there.

Jones: But what’s the point? How’s he going to manage pulling this off against a tag-team like the Danger Boiz?

Logan: Anything’s possible, Jonesy, you should know that by now.

*Dangerous Dan has Harvey up once again, tagging in his partner. Crazy Chris tells Dan to hold onto Harvey again, then goes to springboard off the ropes towards him. But Harvey reacts, stomping on Dan’s foot to enable him to get free, then falls forward, hitting the ropes! Chris can’t control himself as he flips off the moved ropes, landing hard in the ring! Dan, recovering, runs forward, but Harvey is able to toss him out of the ring! Danger then dives in, desperately trying to get the pin by hanging onto both legs… 1…. 2… Crazy Chris barely kicks out! Harvey, grabbing his hair in frantic motions, looks at Trixie with dismay. He gets up, grabbing Crazy Chris and quickly double-underhooks him, dropping him to the ground with a double-hook DDT! With Chris down, Harvey quickly makes the pin again, this time arching Chris’ back so far back with the pin that his legs are high in the air. Trixie makes the count… 1… 2… and Dan is back in, making the save!*

Logan: What did I tell you, Jonesy?? Harvey nearly pulled it off!

Jones: I stand corrected, but now the odds are back against him.

*Dan kicks away at the downed Harvey, realizing how close he came to ‘stealing’ away the belts. A still-dazed Crazy Chris joins in, with the two brothers working together once more. They both watch as Harvey struggles to get up, then make eye contact with each other, not needing to speak to know what they want to do. Harvey gets up, standing, while both Danger Boiz run in opposite directions, then come back towards him. Harvey has no defense as Chris comes in high with a flying forearm, while Dan goes low, taking out his legs!! Harvey collapses to the ground, in a heap, as Chris pulls himself up and looks towards the turnbuckle, thinking that this could be their chance. Dangerous Dan gives him his encouragement, moving back out of the way.*

Jones: I think Crazy Chris is thinking of the Crazy Man’s Suicide!

Logan: Oh, if he hits that, this one is definitely over. If he doesn’t, then Dangerous Dan will probably just hit the Danger Zone and end things that way. Harvey needs… wait a second, what’s with the music?

*”Every Breath You Take” by the Police begins to play, earning the attention of everyone, including the Danger Boiz. From the back, shoving through the curtain, a masked man walks out, cloaked in a trenchcoat and a fedora. He throws it off, then comes towards the ring, as the crowd lets out a small cheer at the surprise appearance.*

Jones: Who the heck is that? I don’t recognize him at all!

Logan: Whoever he is, I’m betting that he’s decided to take that open offer to be a tag-team partner for Harvey!

*The man rolls into the ring, with Dangerous Dan moving towards him, questioning him about why he’s out there. The masked man answers with a punch to the gut, followed by a take-down with a footsweep! Crazy Chris immediately moves himself back off the turnbuckle and starts to come to his partner’s aid, only to get tripped up from Harvey, who reaches out from the ground with a weak hand. Chris regains his balance, but it’s too late, as the masked man comes forward, striking Chris with a sharp hand in the throat, stunning him! The man methodically attacks, chopping and kicking away, taking the man apart!*

Jones: Look at the newcomer go! He’s striking with deadly precision!

Logan: Man, he moves kind of slow, though, doesn’t he?

Jones: I doubt Harvey cares, Anthony. This is giving him a chance to get back into this one!

*Trixie has completely lost control of the match, as she looks lost, unsure what she should do to get it back in line. She moves aside, letting the fight continue. Dangerous Dan is back up now, coming up from behind and hitting the masked man in the side with a strike. The masked man immediately bends over, showing a lot of pain, as Dan continues the assault, protecting his brother. Meanwhile, Harvey Danger has pulled himself up. He struggles up behind Dan, taking him down with a backbreaker! Meanwhile, the masked man leans on the ropes, trying to regain his breath. Crazy Chris is back up, using the ropes for momentum. He charges forward, clotheslining the masked man, but both go toppling over the ropes, with the masked man hanging on! They fall to the apron, then the floor.*

Jones: A bad fall from the other two makes this one-on-one! This is Harvey’s chance!

Logan: It’s also Dangerous Dan’s chance to snatch victory out of the jaws of defeat!

*Danger tries a quick pinfall attempt on Dangerous Dan, but it’s not enough, as Dan kicks free. Harvey, looking upset, pulls both men up, then locks Dan up for the Danger DDT! No, Dangerous Dan fights free, instead booting Harvey in the stomach to bend him over. He goes for the double-underhook, the start of the Danger Zone! But Harvey lifts up, sending Dan flipping over top of him to the mat below! Dangerous Dan struggles back to his feet, as Harvey comes in, again trying to lock him up for his finisher! Dan shoves him off again, then comes at him, jumping up… and Harvey catches him, rolling him backwards into a pinning position!! Harvey desperately hangs on to whatever he can, keeping Dan in place, as Trixie makes the count… 1… 2… 3!!!!!*

Minos: Here is your winner, and NEW GCWA World Tag-Team Champion, Harvey Danger!!! And… his partner…

*Harvey starts leaping around the ring, completely enthusiastic about his victory. Dangerous Dan pounds on the mat in frustration, knowing that the titles were just taken away from he and his brother, with their mom watching in the audience. The masked man, clearly hurting, rolls back into the ring, holding his side. Harvey comes over, giving the man a huge hug, causing him to push Harvey backwards in pain. Harvey quickly apologizes, leaning over his new ‘best friend’, as Trixie brings in the titles towards them.*

Jones: So we have new GCWA World Tag-Team Champions! Our first belt change of the night! Will it inspire others??

Logan: I still want to know who the masked guy is! Does he even have a name? Does anyone recognize him? And is he actually a member of the GCWA roster? I mean, that would be kind of important, wouldn’t it?

*As the Danger Boiz depart, Harvey is still celebrating with the masked man, who has quietly taken his tag-team title and put it on his shoulder. He slowly rolls out of the ring, then leans on the apron, before starting to head for the back. Harvey goes to the turnbuckle, climbing up with pride, when from the crowd two masked figures jump the guard rail and slide under the bottom rope.*

Jones: Who are those two!?

Logan: No idea, but Harvey better turn around quickly!

*Harvey stands up on the corner turnbuckle to celebrate, completely ignoring the plea from the crowd to turn around. Harvey raises up both the tag-team title and the Danger Title high in the air, thinking that the response from the crowd is all for him. The masked wrestlers quickly move in behind him, jumping on the second turnbuckle, hooking him and delivering a double belly to back super-plex! Harvey’s new partner is on the outside and hasn’t noticed the attack on his partner. The two masked wrestlers quickly pick Harvey up, hook him and deliver a double rock bottom! Just then the masked man notices the attack and quickly grabs a chair and slides inside the ring. The masked wrestlers see him and quickly make an exit. He checks on his partner as both masked wrestlers head back up the ramp, pointing and presumably, laughing at the champions. *

Jones: I don’t know who those two luchadores are, but they just took out Harvey Danger in his moment of triumph!

Logan: If they are a new tag team here in the GCWA, then they are already looking to go after the champs.

Jones: If that is the case, then the tag division is starting to heat up Logan.

Logan: It was already heating up, now it’s on fire!

*Harvey’s masked partner looks off at the retreating tag-team, while kneeling next to Harvey, who is looking up into the lights with a dazed expression on his face. He points upwards, as if pointing to the stars, then passes out. The scene cuts to backstage, where Shane Donovan, one of the challengers for the GCWA World Championship tonight, is sitting on a chair, leaning back with his feet propped up on a table. A huge smile is on Shane's face as he continues to lean back.*

Shane Donovan: Hello GCWA, your future World Champion Shane Donovan here. I just thought I'd take the time here tonight to address something that I know a lot of you are wondering.

*Shane reaches into his pocket, pulling out a pair of steel handcuffs.*

Shane Donovan: These are the same handcuffs I used to bash Crazy Chris in the head. The same handcuffs that I used to make Lurrr get friendly with the ringside security barricade. There is something these things are not though.

*Shane quickly tosses the handcuffs to the side. The sound of the metal clanging against the nearby wall can be heard.*

Shane Donovan: They are *not* going to be involved in my match tonight. My opponents can rest easy knowing that I'm officially taking them seriously, no more games with silly toys like that.

*Shane sits up, taking his feet off of the desk and leaning forward.*

Shane Donovan: Tonight GCWA, tonight you finally get the champion you so desperately deserve. I hope you're looking forward to it as much as I am.

*Shane continues to look into the camera as he fades away. We head to another shot of the backstage area, where we see a few GCWA members gathered around a small man. He apparently is telling them something and when he finishes they all burst out laughing. As they clear out, you can see that the person in the middle is none other than Paco “The Drinking Time Bomb” Perez. What grabs your attention is the wrestling mask he is carrying around his neck. A few of the wrestlers and staff leave while a few young wrestlers stick around to get an autograph or a picture. Some point to the mask and that seems to liven up Paco who begins to tell them a story. The camera cuts back to Jones and Logan.*

Logan: Hey-hey! It’s Paco!!!

Jones: Paco is here again this week, super.

Logan: What? You are not happy to see your former partner in crime?

Jones: Oh yeah, of course. Right… Just wondering what he is doing here, that’s all.

Logan: Just hanging out man, who wouldn’t want to be here for tonight’s great pay per view?

Jones: Yup, I guess you’re right.

Logan: Man, what is with you!

Jones: I just don’t like the drunken bastard OK? There I said it!

Logan: What? How can you say that! Everyone loves Paco!

Jones: Yeah well not me, can we move on?

Logan: Fine, fine. We’ve got another sensational match to do, anyway!

Jones: *mumbles under breath* I bet I do a better job on it than Paco would, too….

*We start up another video montage, this one focused on the Intercontinental Title division. We see Marcus Ka’Derrion, battling his way through the “Buried Alive” Match, managing to win out over Twiztid but suffering the battle scars to prove he had been in a war. The following week, Marcus is shown giving his interview from the hospital, talking about getting released. He’s interrupted by Tommy Crimson, Super Creep, & sEizure, the members of Organized Chaos. We get a segway shot, showing us Crimson’s declaration of leadership over Organized Chaos, and their plan of taking respect by destroying Caid Austin, severely burning him. Crimson assaults Ka’Derrion at the hospital, laying him out. We switch to the next week, with Ka’Derrion made his return to the GCWA Arena, attacking Crimson after his match with Andy Halerman and sending Crimson through a burning table with a Pain-Bomb! The announcement by the Accelerator makes this a “Flaming Tables” Match, setting up one of these men to face a bad night tonight.*

Minos: The next match is the “Flaming Tables” Match for the GCWA Intercontinental Heavyweight Championship!!! The path to victory is clearly known: take a table, set it on fire, and put your opponent through it! The winner walks away with the title in their grasp. The loser goes to the hospital with scars that will last a lifetime.

*The crowd still had plenty of energy, letting out a roar at the thought of the violence still to come in this one.*

Minos: Introducing first, the challenger. He is the self-professed leader of Organized Chaos, promising a new age of domination in the GCWA. He stands 6’4” and weighs 224 lbs, from Detroit, Michigan, he is “The Fury” Tommy Crimson!

*With the chorus of boos leading the way, Tommy Crimson pushes through the curtain and enters the arena to “Head Up” by the Deftones. He is wearing his usual wrestling gear, with his protective flame suit peeking out from underneath his shirt. He heads for the ring, eyeing some of the tables that have been set up around the area.*

Jones: Crimson recently made a big purchase, buying what he believed to be the Punisher’s old home!

Logan: Well, unless that was a summer house or something, I don’t think it was actually the Punisher’s place. I’ve been to that house. It’s nothing like that one.

Jones: Those salespeople will do anything to sell a house, won’t they?

Minos: His opponent is running a streak of unprecedented proportions in the GCWA. Since his first match at Warriors of the Ring III, he still has not been beaten, continuing to build a legacy separate from his father’s. Standing 6’1” and weighing 210 lbs, he is the undisputed, undefeated, Intercontinental Heavyweight Champion, “His Legacy” Marcus Ka’Derrion!

*The fans erupt, watching the curtains with great anticipation at seeing one of the all-around favorites in the GCWA today. Ka’Derrion walks out of the back, wearing one of the newly-minted Punisher: Legend t-shirts. He stands on the ramp, staring at the cheering crowds with a glad expression on his face. He takes off the t-shirt, throwing it to a happy fan nearby, then walks down the ramp, prepared for action. His face shows the anger he feels towards Tommy Crimson going into this one, especially after Crimson’s actions with fake items supposedly from Marcus’ past.*

Jones: Wait, Marcus is going into this battle without a shirt on? Does he realize what he’s risking??

Logan: Like a t-shirt would really protect him that much. Either way, Crimson’s not going to hesitate about launching Marcus through a burning table.

Jones: Hey, if Crimson lights himself on fire, then goes through Ka’Derrion into an already-burning table, would that be a Flaming Ball INTO Hell?

Logan: I guess we’ll see if it happens, Jonesy. It’s gonna be great!

*The Bell Rings.*

*Ka’Derrion doesn’t waste any words. When the bell rings, he moves forward, meeting Crimson in the middle of the ring. The two start firing punches at each other, showing the animosity that has built up after only a few weeks! Marcus takes control, stunning Crimson with a couple of strong lefts and rights, moving the veteran backwards. Ka’Derrion continues the assault by locking up with Crimson, delivering a snap suplex with precision. He rolls on top of Crimson, striking with a few more punches, as referee Adrian Rockwell watches on with a happy smile on his face.*

Logan: I remember when Ka’Derrion first entered the GCWA. He seemed like a guy who didn’t know his left fist from his right fist. I wondered if he would ever amount to anything. Now look at him! He’s going into this match against a long-time veteran in Tommy Crimson, in a match that could be considered a specialty of Crimson, and he’s not backing down!

Jones: There’s no doubt that Marcus Ka’Derrion has come a long way during his GCWA career. Of course, one false move tonight, and that career could come crashing down in a pile of flaming embers.

*Ka’Derrion pulls Crimson up, taking a moment to look him in the face while hanging onto his hair. With an evil grin, Ka’Derrion brings Crimson towards the ropes, tossing him over to the outside! Ka’Derrion turns away, planning to find himself a good weapon to use. However, he misses the fact that Crimson is still hanging onto the ropes, skinning the cat and coming back into the ring! Marcus sees Rockwell’s expression and realizes something’s up, so instead of turning, he leaps into the air, going for a blind Pele kick! But Crimson is able to duck underneath it, as the IC Champ falls to the ground, vulnerable. Crimson comes in from behind, smashing his knees into Marcus’ back, doing some damage. Tommy doesn’t stop there, grinding Marcus’ face into the canvas, back and forth, leaving a large red mark on his forehead.*

Jones: It’s easy to forget that Tommy Crimson is a very athletic wrestler. You can try to pigeon-hole him in as a brawler or a high-flyer, but he has a large range of abilities at his disposal.

Logan: That move was impressive, I’ll give him that. I don’t think Marcus knew he could do something like that. Sometimes, to win a match, you just have to bring the unexpected.

Jones: But isn’t Marcus trained in expecting the unexpected?

Logan: Hey, sometimes even expecting it isn’t enough.

*Crimson, done smashing Marcus’ face into the canvas, pulls him up and lifts him over with a side suplex, adding to the impact by sitting down with him. The fans are not happy, either because Crimson’s in charge or because not many weapons have been used as of yet. Crimson is intent on changing that, as he rolls out of the ring and reaches under the apron, fishing around. He finds what he’s looking for, lifting it up. It’s a barbed wire 2x4! Crimson smiles, but he’s not done yet, grabbing one of the lighters stationed around the ring and lighting it up, setting the 2x4 on fire!! Crimson enters the ring, as referee Rockwell, a little bit surprised, steps out of the way. Ka’Derrion is already getting to his feet, rubbing the red welt on his forehead. He turns… and Crimson nails him!!!!*

Jones: Holy shit!!! A flaming barbed wire 2x4 to the head!!!!

Logan: Ka’Derrion’s cut open!! What a strike! We could see this one over much earlier than anyone expected!!!

Jones: Yes, but still living up to the violence expectations!!

*Ka’Derrion has fallen to the ground, holding his head in agony. Blood is running down from a deep cut on the side of his face, traveling down past his right eye. Crimson, ecstatic about the damage he has done, grabs Marcus by the hair to bring him up. He brings the burning 2x4 around, trying to press it against Marcus’ head!! The IC Champ fights, grabbing the weapon, despite the barbed wire, keeping it away from him. Crimson pushes it as hard as he can, wanting to see more of Ka’Derrion’s blood outside of his body. Ka’Derrion kicks out desperately behind, and connects, scoring a low blow!! Crimson gasps, dropping the 2x4 to the side as he feels his lower ‘friend’ constrict inside of him from the hit. Ka’Derrion turns around to the bent-over Crimson, quickly grabbing his arms and giving him a double underhook downwards into the still-burning barbed wire 2x4!!!*

Jones: My god!!! What the hell are these guys doing to each other??

Logan: It’s a pay-per-view called “Blood On The Battlefield, Jonesy. These guys are just making sure to live up to the advertising!!

*Crimson is rolling on the mat, with his own version of the ‘crimson’ mask becoming a reality. Marcus Ka’Derrion stands up, a little wobbly from the loss of blood. He really had a gusher, causing blood to drip all the way down the front of his body. Marcus wipes his eyes clear, then raises up the 2x4, considering his target. Marcus then studies the fire burning on the edge of the 2x4. With a grin that would have scared his own father, Ka’Derrion throws the weapon to the side… on top of a table that is set up there! The table, soaked in whatever chemicals they used, immediately is engulfed in flames, earning a massive cheer from the audience at hand. Ka’Derrion goes and pulls up Crimson, hammering him into the turnbuckle a few times to get the blood flowing that much more. He then drags Crimson towards the ropes and prepares him, setting it up for the Pain Bomb!! He picks up Crimson, getting him set to send him to the outside through the table!! Crimson manages to shake free, though, landing behind Ka’Derrion. He grabs the champ’s head, taking him down with a neckbreaker, saving himself from the flames!*

Logan: It was almost over right there for Crimson!

Jones: If he went through that table, we would have had another successful title defense for Marcus! But the match continues!

Logan: I don’t know for how much longer, though. Both of these guys are still losing blood! I mean, I’m no doctor, but I’m pretty sure you need that stuff to stay inside of you to keep moving!

*Crimson, by now showing exhaustion from the strikes he’s taken, kicks at Marcus, driving him out of the ring with his boot. He follows, with the two on the outside on the opposite area from the still-burning table. There are other tables here, though, ready to go up at the addition of a spark. Crimson smashes a knee into Ka’Derrion’s face, keeping him down and out, then goes underneath the ring again, having been prepared for this match. He pulls out a small tool that spins in his hand. It’s a metal pizza cutter! Marcus is trying to get up, as Crimson gets behind him, slashing Ka’Derrion across the back with the cutter!! More blood is spilt, with Marcus pulling himself away from the weapon. He goes for the only cover he can find, crawling underneath the ring! Crimson, looking sinister with the bloody weapon in his hand, reaches down, grabbing at Ka’Derrion’s leg. He drags the wrestler back out… and Ka’Derrion blasts Crimson back with a fire extinguisher!!*

Logan: What an ironic weapon to use during a “Flaming Tables” Match!

Jones: I don’t think so, Anthony. After all, in a match like this, we need as many fire extinguishers ready as possible!

Logan: True. I wonder if The Ice Man’s snow blowers can be used in case of an emergency?

*Crimson reels back, taking another blast from Ka’Derrion’s extinguisher. Marcus is using it as recovery time, as his energy reserves are wearing out fast. He lifts up the extinguisher, throwing it so that it bangs off of Crimson’s head, knocking him down! The extinguisher rolls away, its load spent, as the barely-recognizable Ka’Derrion moves himself over, grabbing a lighter and setting off another burning table! The IC Champ staggers over to Crimson, bringing him up. It looks like he’s more intent on just putting Crimson through the table instead of trying for a big move, but even that fails, as Crimson reverses the move, managing to lift Ka’Derrion up and throw him towards the table!! At the last second, Ka’Derrion snatches onto the ring ropes, pulling himself inside the ring instead of falling backwards into the table. He gets a little ‘sun-burned’ but that’s about it. Referee Rockwell claps slightly from inside the ring, enjoying the fact that he has to do so little in this match other than enjoy the violence. He gets all the best assignments. Crimson slides into the ring from another side, avoiding the flames. He climbs up on the turnbuckle, coming from Ka’Derrion’s blind side with a flying High Rise, smashing Marcus into the mat!*

Jones: That was a huge impact! Ka’Derrion might be out cold after that strike!

Logan: He might be pinnable, but that doesn’t matter in a match like this. Crimson has to get him up and toss him to the outside, or else this one doesn’t end!

*Crimson seems to be tired of playing. He clears his eyes of some blood and sweat, then reaches into a special pocket in his ring attire. He brings out a packet of matches. With two smooth motions, Crimson throws lit matches out of the ring, lighting up the other two sides and causing the ring to be surrounded by fire!! There’s really no other way out now other than leaping over the flames. Even Rockwell seems taken aback, suddenly questioning why he’s put himself in this position. The fans, though, are loving it. Crimson brings the dazed Ka’Derrion back up, taunting the crowd by pointing to different tables, as if asking them where to put their hero. Tommy leans Marcus over one side, causing Ka’Derrion to start to struggle, feeling the heat on his face. Ka’Derrion tries to kick out again, but this time Crimson’s staying out of range, not allowing himself to be hit again. He locks Ka’Derrion up and delivers a belly-to-back suplex, laying the champ out once more.*

Jones: It’s going to happen, I can feel it! Someone’s getting burned!

Logan: Well, no duh, Jonesy! That’s the whole point of the match!

Jones: Oh. Right. I got carried away in the moment.

Logan: It’s a good moment to get carried away with. Which man is going down?

*Crimson is back on his feet now, looking around at the flames surrounding them. It’s almost like he’s hypnotized by the orange-red glow. He reaches down, dragging the badly-hurting Ka’Derrion to his feet. He grabs Marcus by the hair, then shows his strength, lifting the IC Champ up in a bodyslam position! He heads to one side, sending Ka’Derrion over, but Ka’Derrion grabs the ropes in a last-ditch effort to save himself! Crimson tries to shove him out, but Marcus has too good a grip, pushing back and managing to fall back into the ring! Crimson turns and charges him, with Ka’Derrion dropping a shoulder, trying to catapult Crimson out on another side! Crimson stops in time, grabbing Ka’Derrion by the head for the Fury!!! No, Marcus shoves him off, sending him Crimson away, but the veteran immediately returns, flying high in the air with the Buzz Kill kick!!! But Ka’Derrion ducks under it, catching Crimson in mid-air, he twists him around into position in one quick spin, and… PAIN-BOMB THROUGH THE BURNING TABLE ON THE OUTSIDE!!!! The bell sounds, as Crimson has left the ring!!!*

Minos: Here is your winner, and STILL GCWA Intercontinental Heavyweight Champion, “His Legacy” Marcus Ka’Derrion!!

*Marcus drops to his knees in the ring, his tank running on empty, as attendants quickly appear to start dousing the flames, as well as making sure Tommy Crimson isn’t on fire.*

Jones: What a reversal there at the end!! Marcus Ka’Derrion was dead to rights there, but he somehow pulled off a maneuver that even his father would have hesitated to try!

Logan: That was incredible!! Tommy Crimson had no defense to that one! Ka’Derrion’s still undefeated!

Jones: Oh, hell, what are they doing down here now??

*As Marcus struggles to get up, accepting the IC Title from referee Rockwell, two men slide under the ropes, showing themselves to be Super Creep and sEizure!! They assault the already-wounded champion, knocking Rockwell out of the way as they punch away at Ka’Derrion! The champ has no defense other than to try covering up, even as, on the outside, a singed Tommy Crimson gets up and comes back painfully into the ring, his protective jacket having saved him from most of the burns. His hair looks a little blacker, though, that’s for sure. Crimson is holding his side, still in pretty bad pain from the landing he had, but he’s still able to bark out some orders to his troops, who look ready to carry them out.*

Logan: The match is over! There’s no need for this!

Jones: Organized Chaos is trying to send a message, but damnit, this isn’t right!

*Ka’Derrion rallies for a moment, getting the fans’ hopes up as he smacks sEizure in the jaw with a fist, then kicks out at Super Creep. But his fight is short-lived, as Super Creep shakes the kick off and clotheslines Marcus from behind as he turned towards Crimson. sEizure, rubbing his sore jaw, rolls out of the ring (almost lifting up too much of his dress) and gets a table from underneath the ring. It’s the plastic table that Crimson got supposedly from the “Punisher” house. sEizure slides it in to Super Creep, who starts positioning it, as Crimson looks on while hanging onto the ropes for support. Referee Rockwell looks angry, as he is telling the men to get out of the ring. In response, sEizure smacks Rockwell across the face, sending him reeling! sEizure laughs then turns back to business, pulling the badly-bloodied Ka’Derrion up to place him on the table. Super Creep has moved over to help Crimson, positioning him on the turnbuckle.*

Jones: Someone’s got to stop this!

*As sEizure positions Ka’Derrion on the table, readying him for a Flaming Ball From Hell, referee Rockwell pulls himself up and angrily spits to the side. The referee, a former GCWA champion, has had enough! He comes forward, grabbing sEizure from behind and hammering him with several hits to the back!! The crowd comes alive as Rockwell picks sEizure up, delivering the Stone Cutter!!!! sEizure rolls out of the ring in pain, while Rockwell pulls himself up, grabbing at Ka’Derrion to pull the table over, keeping Crimson from delivering his finisher. Rockwell lifts himself back up…. and Super Creep grabs him, chokeslamming the referee on the side of the table!!!!! Rockwell is now destroyed from the blow, as Crimson lowers himself from the turnbuckle, happy at the destruction. The plastic table now has a major dent in it. The two men turn and head out, with Super Creep giving Crimson a helping hand, as security charges in, coming too late to try and protect one of their own.*

Logan: We need medics, fast! Rockwell just got chokeslammed on a sharp angle! He may have internal injuries!!

Jones: Why’d he do it? Why would Adrian Rockwell of all people fight against those kinds of odds for Marcus Ka’Derrion??

Logan: I don’t know, Jonesy, but he paid the price!

*The medics come down, checking on both Rockwell and Ka’Derrion. The IC Champ pushes them away, wanting to walk out under his own power. He has the title back in his possession, even while he looks over the ropes towards the departing Crimson & Super Creep, who stopped to retrieve the dazed sEizure. Rockwell doesn’t look very good, as they’re getting out the back stretcher for precautionary sake. We head backstage, minutes before the Main Event to find Cynthia Hall standing next to the GCWA World Heavyweight Champion, Derek Mobley. Mobley is dressed out and has the GCWA Title fastened, securely, around his waist. His arm is bandaged up and looks to be in good condition…the crowd goes wild seeing the champ on the titantron.*

Cynthia Hall: Ladies and Gentlemen, standing with me, minutes away from the biggest match of his GCWA Career is GCWA World Heavyweight Champion, Derek Mobley. Derek, first things first, how’s the arm?

Derek Mobley: Don’t worry about the arm, Cynthia…it won’t hold me back from doing what I do best.

Cynthia Hall: Okay…Dean and Warrick have purchased front row tickets for tonight’s event and have hinted that they might get involved during the main event…your thoughts?

Derek Mobley: It doesn’t surprise me, Cynthia…nothing surprises me anymore. To be honest, I don’t think this story would have been fitting if something ELSE hadn’t come up at the last second…one last obstacle to clear on my way to victory.

Cynthia Hall: Judging by that last sentence, I’m guessing you’re pretty confident in your chances of retaining tonight?

Derek Mobley: I’m always confident in my ability, Cynthia…you don’t reach the level I’m at without having confidence in yourself. I realize I’m going to be competing against three other men who are phenomenal athletes and who are determined to walk out with my GCWA World Title. I know it’s going to be tough…I know it’s all been tough leading up to this point…the way I see it, if I go out there and take care of business, then this nightmare…all the mental anguish, it begins to subside… You see, Dean and Warrick think that I need them in order to be successful…they think that, without them, I’m going to fall off and become ordinary. That’s why they have the mental edge on me, Cynthia…however, if I win tonight and I prove that I can still be the best without Warrick and without Dean, then they’ve got nothing on me and I can finally move on to another chapter in my life…a chapter without Judas and Brutus, respectively.

Cynthia Hall: And…what if you lose?

Derek Mobley: I don’t…I…I won’t lose, Cynthia…I can’t lose.

*Derek looks down at the title around his waist…he pats the front of the belt, looks at Cynthia and smiles…he then walks off. We fade to our final break of the evening, talking about the upcoming events for the GCWA.*

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