*We come back from the break to the labyrinth of corridors that make up the backstage area. Walking down the doorway lined corridor is the man who managed to defend his Intercontinental Heavyweight Title, Marcus Ka'Derrion. There is a confidence radiating through him as he stops to admire the golden title hung over his shoulder. The fatigue fades from his eyes as he looks in the reflection of his title, almost seeing the mirror image that were on all those posters glorifying a deceased legend.*

???: Hey, buddy.

*A voice calls out that snaps Marcus Ka'Derrion away from his thoughts. His eyes move from the title to a man walking down the hall. The man looked familiar, but Marcus couldn't place him. The man walked with the black hood of his sweatshirt up and casting a slight shadow over the top portion of his face, mostly distorting the view of his eyes.*

Marcus: Ok...? I am not in the mood for autographs for a grown man.

*The man's once blank face changes into a smirk for a moment as he gets closer. Marcus raises an eyebrow, but this is par for the course with his new life. A wrestler gets the oddest of the odd fans and to deal with it is something that the contracts make sure to include.*

???: Not here for an autograph, boy.

Marcus: Bo...[controlling sigh] Then wha--

*Marcus doesn't hide his irritation very well with this fan. He’s had a long night, winning over Tommy Crimson and still nearly getting badly injured afterwards. The man is old enough to accept the truth and Marcus has too much to do to hide it. The only problem with this is the man isn't looking for an autograph, the truth, or anything of the sort. He is looking for Marcus... actually Marcus' jaw. More specifically the son of Punisher's jaw. A leaping, diving, all his body weight punch, connects with the champion's jaw and drops him quickly, showing how the wear and tear of his match is already affecting him.*

???: Marcus Ka'Derrion, ‘"His Legacy" Marcus Ka'Derrion?

*Of course Marcus was already flat on his back trying his best not to let the darkness creep into his vision. The man quickly straddles the champion and gives him another punch. This time it's a right hook to the jaw. It looked like a low budget remake of Rocky IV the way Marcus' face quickly flung to the side spitting a bit of blood and a lot of sweat and saliva.*

???: You have some serious daddy issues there, boy. I am talking psychiatrist's wet dream issues.

*The unknown assailant's hood falls back and bright green eyes were shown completely fixated on what Marcus De'Kerrion stood for. They were not glancing at his title, the beast of a man that hit GCWA, or even Marcus De’Kerrion. This man saw the image of the Intercontinental Champion's father. The late Punisher. The attacker grabs Marcus by the hair and forced him to look into his eyes. The smirk has grown to a look of enjoyment. The blank slate of a face was gone and replaced by a look of enjoyment. The same look a man would get seeing his favorite team take home the championship.*

???: There was something you didn't realized you inherited along with your father's oh so great legacy. You want to know? Yeah, I bet you do. You not only inherited all those connections to trainers, past connections, and little illegal immigrant managers, but something a little more annoying than Burrito, Taco, or whatever the hell that Mexican midget's name was. You inherited something a bit more dangerous...

*The man throws Marcus' head down against the cold and unforgiving pavement. The sneak attack came out of nowhere, allowing the attacker's ferocity to keep Marcus from putting up a decent fight. Marcus looks into the man's green eyes that seem to switch from enjoyment to anger at each beat of his heart. The man's words are as cold as the pavement and twice as harsh.*

???: You got the privilege of inheriting your father's enemies with his shitty legacy. You were given the sins of his past. Congratulations, Daddy's Boy, you were just accepted to the major league. Your first challenge is one your father had troubles with.

*It was then Marcus' brain registers the face. The history of his father was deeply rooted in GWO and this is where the attacker's presence lies. A young upstart that took on his father and won. A feud never finished. Both members wanting the other to be bloodied, bruised, and broken. This man was substituting son for father.*

???: Oh that's right. It's me, kiddo, Uncy Draco. Get ready to wish you never followed an old broken man's wish.

*The attacker, now identified as Draco, brings a hard punch straight down onto Marcus' forehead. His eyes tries to fight, but they close, the pain bringing him to an unconscious state. Draco stands up and the smirk fades back to blank look. His job is done. His presence is known. He turned his back on the fallen man and walks away: a job well done. A security guard, on his way through the arena as part of his rounds, comes around the corner and immediately runs over, finding Marcus on the floor. He radios for help, as he head back to ringside.*

Jones: Our Intercontinental Champion is down!!

Logan: Jesus, that Draco guy really did a number on him! Of course, it helped that Marcus already had a tough competition earlier in the night, but man, that was violent! And it had something to do with Blake Ka’Derrion’s past in the GWO?

Jones: I’ll have to look into that, Anthony, as I’m not aware of a lot of the GWO history. But apparently Blake Ka’Derrion and Draco had a severe feud over there, and now Draco’s bringing it to the GCWA against Blake’s son!

Logan: I hope he knows what he’s getting into. Marcus Ka’Derrion has already handled several tough challenges coming his way. Draco may have bitten off more than he can chew!

Jones: We’ll have to see what happens with that Anthony. Right now, though, we’ve got our main event to get to!

Logan: Yes! I’ve been waiting all night for this!!

*The final video montage begins to play, showing first our GCWA World Heavyweight Champion, Derek “The Thriller” Mobley. He’s holding up his pride and joy, the championship that he has held since January. But dark clouds start to creep into the video, as Mobley’s recent betrayals from Warrick Hill and his mentor, Dean, are shown. The two men who used to be the closest confidantes of the champion walked away from him, instead joining up with the Roman Empire, led by Mobley’s adversary, Lurrr. We see clips of the Accelerator announcing the “#1 Contender Series”, with Lurrr defeating Scott Caine for his spot in the main event. This is followed by the debut of The Ice Man, where he defeated former top contender Jobe Severity for his chance. Finally, we had the return of Shane Donovan, who took down Crazy Chris with his trusty handcuffs to reach the finals. We see a specially arranged picture, with The Ice Man, Lurrr, and Donovan standing over top Derek Mobley, whose face shows the weariness of his recent life struggles. The picture fades away, as we go back to ringside.*

Minos: Ladies, gentlemen, and wrestling fanatics, it is now time for the main event of the evening! Tonight, four men enter into this ring, and only one will leave with the greatest prize in the GCWA, the Heavyweight Championship of the World!!

*Minos waits an appropriate time for the crowd to get out its excitement, then continues his introductions.*

Minos: Introducing first, the challengers. First, he won the first #1 Contenders match to reach this point. Coming to the ring with his ally, Rick Mathis, standing 6’5” and weighing 235 lbs, the leader of the Roman Empire, Lurrr!

*The crowd doesn’t wait for Lurrr to appear before lashing out, booing intensely. As “Cocky” by Kid Rock plays, Lurrr & Mathis walk out of the back. Lurrr’s got his confidence back, strutting down towards the ring while exchanging a few humorous words with his ally. Mathis laughs and pats Lurrr on the shoulder. They walk past Warrick Hill & Dean in the crowd, who are giving Lurrr a standing ovation. The Roman Empire members get together for a moment, talking, before Lurrr moves away to go into the ring.*

Jones: Lurrr was having some confidence issues this week, causing him to go as far as to go to conference by that baseball player with one arm. Abbott?

Logan: Yeah, that’s him. Jim Abbott. Of course, it seems like all Lurrr needed was some time with Mathis, as well as learning some new mixed martial arts moves.

Jones: We’ll have to see if the new training he received pays off here tonight.

Logan: I hope not. I don’t know if I could handle someone like Lurrr as my World Champion.

Minos: Our second contender only recently debuted in the GCWA, but has already made a considerable impression with our fans. Standing 6’4” and weighing 275 lbs, the former NLW World Heavyweight Champion, The Ice Man!

*As per usual, snow starts to fall from the ceiling at the man’s announcement, while “Cold As Ice” by M.O.P. plays. The Ice Man makes a grand appearance, complete with some new blue pyro going off on either side of the entryway. He heads towards the ring, flexing his large arms back and forth as he walks.*

Jones: I heard a report that The Ice Man was missing for some time this past week. There was a lot of fear that the guy who had been gunning for him had actually taken him out.

Logan: Yeah, it turned out to be his dead-beat father, right? Crazy.

Jones: Not as crazy as The Ice Man’s supposedly dead brother, Matt, making the save and rescuing him. Of course, does anyone have any proof that it was actually Matt?

Logan: Who knows? It’s been a weird week.

Minos: Next, our third contender, he once came inches away from earning the greatness now bestowed on our World Champion, and now is looking to claim what was denied him, standing 6’0” and weighing 236 lbs, from Norfolk, Virginia, he is “The Man Made Monster” Shane Donovan!

*Donovan walks out with complete confidence in his stride, despite the poor fan reaction for him. It’s never bothered Donovan before. He heads towards the ring, already sizing up his other competitors.*

Jones: I saw that Donovan was mentioned in the recent GCWA magazine, explaining why he’s called “The Man Made Monster”.

Logan: Yeah, I saw that, too. Of course, if the viewers want to know what that reason is, they have to go purchase the magazine! On sale now!

Jones: Nice sales pitch, Anthony. So what would you say Shane Donovan’s chances are here today?

Logan: It’s hard to say, Jonesy. On the one hand, Shane is extremely lacking in experience compared to the other three competitors. That will surely work against him here tonight. On the plus side, he’s younger and probably more agile than most. Bottom line: anyone in this match has a shot to walk out with the belt.

Jones: I’m just glad he’s not bringing the handcuffs.

Minos: Finally, it is time to introduce the champion…

*A wave of crowd support threatens to cover Minos up, but he raises his voice, talking over it.*

Minos: He has reigned over the GCWA for months now, always willing to take on whatever challenges lay before him. Standing 6’3” and weighing 235 lbs, from Providence, Rhode Island, he is the GCWA Heavyweight Champion of the World, Derek “The Thriller” Mobley!!

*The explosion of the crowd is deafening, showing who they’re fully behind in this contest. As “Shipping Up To Boston” by the Dropkick Murphys continues to play, Derek Mobley comes through the curtain, looking towards the crowd with pride in his eyes. He still has a bandage on his arm, but it looks tightly wrapped over. The champion stomps down the ramp and goes towards the ring, only pausing a second to glare over at Hill & Dean, who are surprisingly silent. They are just grinning, as if saying that they know what the future holds. Mobley rolls into the ring, taking his place in the final empty corner.*

Jones: We almost lost our World Champion this past week, as he intercepted a bullet that was meant for the Dallas Chief of Police!

Logan: I was watching that report on the news, and all I could think was: what the hell, man? You’re a hell of a lot more important than some elected police officer!!

Jones: Well, that’s just the kind of man Derek Mobley is, Anthony. And hey, he caught the guy later on! Too bad that guy’s in traction right now, badly beaten under ‘mysterious circumstances’.

Logan: Good, glad he’s out of the picture. Unfortunately for Mobley, it’s out of the frying pan and into the fire. Tomorrow morning, he might be remembering the gunman with fond memories of a better time.

*All four men look ready to go, with Lurrr already talking trash towards his ‘one-night’ tag partner, Donovan. Donovan returns the favor, with the two glaring at each other. However, it seems like the fighting cannot begin, because the massive Minos is still standing in the middle of the ring.*

Minos: And now… introducing our special referee…

*All four competitors look surprised at the announcement, then turn as one to look back at the stage, as “Tales of a Scorched Earth” by Smashing Pumpkins begins to play! Four of the toughest-looking GCWA security guards walk out, taking a place along the stage. They’re followed by the one-and-only Head of Security, Titan 3!! He is wearing, once again, his sleeveless referee shirt, as he leads his troops on the way to the ring.*

Jones: Oh my gosh! Titan 3 is the special referee for this one?? That changes everything!

Logan: Look at Shane Donovan’s face! He’s experiencing some painful déjà vu over there!!

*Indeed, Shane looks completely ticked off, remembering that Titan 3 was the surprise referee of his last PPV match at Warriors of the Ring. Lurrr doesn’t look happy with the arrangement, either, immediately turning and whispering with his confidante, Mathis. The Ice Man doesn’t move from his corner, either not caring or not wanting to show it. Mobley, though, has a smile on his face. Titan 3 comes into the ring, while the security guards move around the outside, taking a place at each corner. Minos, on his way out, hands the mic over to the Head of Security, who takes a second to look at each guy before bringing the mic up to his mouth.*

Titan 3: Listen up! I’ve been given authority by the President to take control of this match and make sure there are no fuck-ups! The best way for me to do that is to be here, live and in person, to keep everyone in line. So just so you know, I’m not… taking… SHIT… from any of you!! But if you want to give me an excuse to shove my boot up your ass, I won’t hestitate to tear you a new one! Ring the god-damn bell!!

*The Bell Rings.*

Jones: Wow! Titan 3 really does make this a completely different match!

Logan: Hell, I don’t think I’d want to be in there when Titan 3 is like this. The guy’s like a stick of dynamite with a short fuse! Anything could set him off lately! And he’s in charge of this one? Yep, it’s going to be violent!

*Lurrr walks forward, not afraid at all of Titan 3. He jaws at him, but this only lasts a second, as Derek Mobley comes rushing in, attacking him!! Mobley starts swinging wild punches, driving Lurrr backwards, as Lurrr tries to counter-attack. The two men fall to the ground, brawling, as Titan 3 looks on in amusement. On the other side, Donovan tries to use the distraction to his advantage, rushing at The Ice Man from the side. But The Ice Man reacts, grabbing Donovan on the way in and throwing him into the corner. The Ice Man starts slugging away, with the match quickly breaking down into a complete warzone!*

Logan: Why do I get the feeling that moves and submission holds will be in short supply with this one?

Jones: It’s looking like that early on, Anthony. There are a lot of bad feelings between these competitors, built up over the last few weeks. Even with Titan 3 in charge, I don’t think we’re going to have an organized match!

Logan: That’s fine by me! These kinds of matches are the most exciting, because you never know what’s coming next!

*:Mobley has Lurrr back up, putting him into one of the corners and punching away at him, keeping the man stunned. Mobley then looks off behind him, towards The Ice Man, who receives the silent cue and nods. The two men whip their opponents across the ring towards each other, no, Lurrr & Donovan both reverse, sending The Ice Man & Mobley instead! But the two faces change things up, locking arms as they run past each other, using each other to spin around and charge back. The Ice Man delivers a nasty-looking shoulder block to Donovan, sending him rolling backwards out of the ring, while Mobley spears Lurrr, crushing him to the mat! Lurrr drags himself away from the action, as Mobley and the Ice Man both stand up, turning and coming face-to-face for the first time! The crowd roars, loving it, while the two men move to the center of the ring, sizing each other up.*

Jones: Here we go, one of the confrontations we were looking forward to!

Logan: You can feel the anticipating reaching uncharted levels here in the GCWA Arena!

*The two stars stare each other down, neither giving an inch. The Ice Man moves first, letting loose a powerful punch that rocks Mobley’s head back. Mobley shakes off the shot, then walks forward, delivering a shot of his own! The Ice Man bends back from the hit, then looks back at Mobley with a smile. Mobley returns it, a savage look in his eyes, before the two men lock up, testing each other’s strength. The Ice Man starts to move Mobley backwards, towards one of the corners, when suddenly Donovan is back, coming in and chop-blocking The Ice Man at the base of the knee! The Ice Man falls over, throwing Mobley off-balance as well. This leaves him open from a attack from behind, as Lurrr is back, grabbing Mobley and yanking him over backwards with a backbreaker onto Lurrr’s knee, incapacitating the champion!*

Logan: Damn, so much for that confrontation!

Jones: In this match, you have to almost have to have eyes in the back of your head. An attack can come at you from any direction, at any moment!

Logan: Yep, the only way to win is to take advantage of the time when no one else is around to stop you!

*The Ice Man pulls himself back up, favoring his now-hurting knee, so Donovan and Lurrr come at him together, landing a couple of combined punches. They nod at each other and lock The Ice Man up, lifting the big man up with a suplex maneuver, only to then drop him across the top rope stomach-first! The Ice Man groans in pain, landing his feet on the apron, but Lurrr & Donovan are quick to kick out, knocking him down to the floor. Donovan smiles, a smug look, then turns, only to immediately get attacked by Lurrr! Lurrr drives the younger competitor backwards with a series of chops, then kicks him in the gut, before delivering a DDT! He goes for the first cover of the night, and reluctantly Titan 3 makes the count… 1… and Mobley is immediately in there to break it up, stomping away on Lurrr’s back!*

Jones: Mobley sure got in there quickly, Anthony.

Logan: It’s like I was saying, Jonesy. Unless everyone else is too hurt to be able to respond in time, a pinfall or a submission attempt won’t be successful! This is a match where you have to concentrate on knocking everyone else out!

*Mobley yanks Lurrr up to his feet, still intent on getting some revenge on the leader of the Roman Empire. He takes Lurrr down with a belly-to-belly suplex, tossing the man to the side. Mobley follows, grabbing Lurrr and placing him throat-first against the ropes, choking him! Donovan, recovering, sees the violence taking place, but seems to enjoy what’s happening to Lurrr. Instead of making a save, Donovan heads out of the ring, jumping off the apron onto a recovering Ice Man with a flying chop, knocking him back down. In the ring, Titan 3 begins his count, ordering Mobley to get Lurrr’s throat off the ropes. When Titan 3 reaches four without any reaction from the champ, the special referee grabs Mobley and shoves him backwards, getting in his face. Mobley almost seems surprised at the aggression being shown by Titan 3. He raises his hands in compliance, then goes back over, pulling Lurrr up… but Lurrr yanks on him instead reflexively, sending Mobley toppling out of the ring through the middle ropes!*

Jones: Nasty fall by the champion there! That could be all it takes to keep him out of action and get us a new champion!

Logan: Crap! Get up, Mobley! Don’t let Lurrr get away with it!

*Lurrr pulls himself up, taking a few seconds to make sure he’s breathing properly after the strangulation he just endured. Titan 3 looks annoyed, but is still watching for any problems from outside the ring. Lurrr steps out of the ring, going towards where Mobley landed. On the other side, Donovan is still in control, at least until he tries to slam The Ice Man’s forehead into the steel stairs. The Ice Man blocks it, showing his immense strength, keeping himself from moving forward. The crowd cheers as he elbows Donovan, then smashes his foe into the steps instead, causing Donovan to slump over and roll down the steps in pain. The Ice Man shakes off some cobwebs and looks around, sizing up where the competition is located. He grabs Donovan and launches him back into the ring, then follows. As Donovan tries to get up, The Ice Man grabs him and lifts him up, getting a modified powerbomb! The Ice Man makes the pin, with Titan 3 right there for the count… 1… 2… Donovan kicks free, avoiding the title change.*

Logan: Wow, we almost had a new champion! And Lurrr and Mobley are so distracted with each other, they almost missed it!

Jones: They need to stay focused on the big picture, Anthony. This isn’t an elimination match. The first man to get a pin or a submission walks out with the belt. You don’t have to have your back on the mat to lose this one!

*As The Ice Man pulls Donovan up, preparing for more high-powered maneuvers, Lurrr tosses the champion, Mobley, into the ring post, then looks into the ring where both Dean and Hill are pointing. Realizing the danger, Lurrr slides into the ring and runs forward, catching The Ice Man off-guard with a flying forearm! The Ice Man falls against the ropes, as Lurrr kips up off the ground and continues the attack. He slams his boot against The Ice Man’s big midsection, causing the man to get tangled up in the ropes! The Ice Man, suddenly realizing his predicament, struggles to get free, as Lurrr, with an evil grin, starts to come in for an unprotected Wake-Up Call! But Donovan suddenly is there, dropkicking Lurrr in his stationary leg and causing him to drop the ground with a yell! Lurrr, struggling to stand on his now-injured leg, is no match for Donovan, who grabs him by the head and delivers a spinning neckbreaker before making the pin, as The Ice Man looks on with no ability to stop it! Titan 3 is right there… 1… 2… and Derek Mobley dives in from the side, saving his title!*

Jones: Another close fall! It’s still anyone’s to win, Anthony!

Logan: Derek Mobley’s championship reign just flashed before his eyes, but so far, he’s still got a chance to retain despite the odds!

Jones: If he wants to keep his gold, he needs to get on the offensive, now!

*Donovan pulls himself up, trying to grab at Mobley before he can readjust. But Mobley’s already moving, snapping his knee up into Donovan’s jaw! The youngest competitor falls backwards, stunned, as Mobley takes a moment to pull himself together. He’s clearly hurting, as blood can be seen seeping out from his bandaged arm. On the other side of the ring, Titan 3 ordered his security to start working on The Ice Man, trying to free him from the ropes. In the meantime, Mobley pulls up Donovan, preparing him for a maneuver. Lurrr comes in from the side, staggering towards the champ to blind-side him, but Mobley reacts with almost-radar like clairvoyance, grabbing Lurrr as well! He drops, sending Donovan backwards to the mat to land on his head, while Lurrr goes face-first! Lurrr rolls away, stunned, as Mobley opts to grab at Donovan, going for the pin. Before he can get far, though, The Ice Man is there, having been freed! The large man stomps on the champ, then pulls him up, looking for the Ice Pick!! No, Mobley fights free, landing next to The Ice Man and running to the ropes. He comes back fast, as The Ice Man turns to meet him… and we have a double clothesline, laying both men out!!!*

Jones: I think the foundations of the GCWA Arena just shook!

Logan: That was a tremendous impact!! Everyone’s down! Who’s going to get back into it?

*Titan 3 watches for any sign of a pinfall attempt, but so far neither The Ice Man nor Mobley is moving. On the outside, Mathis has pulled Lurrr out of the ring and is working to rehabilitate him, giving him some water that Dean had tossed him. The Ice Man moves first, trying to pull himself up. He rolls over, putting his arm across Mobley’s chest… 1… 2… and Shane Donovan comes flying in, landing the Phoenix Stomp on both men!!!! Donovan drops to the side, holding his legs, as The Ice Man rolls off of Mobley, hurting from the double-impact. Donovan twists over, grabbing at The Ice Man for the cover… 1… 2… No! The Ice Man kicks out! Donovan, shocked, immediately turns and grabs Mobley for the cover instead… 1… 2… NO! Neither man stays down! Donovan, frustrated, sits up on his knees, pulling on his hair. Unfortunately, this leaves him completely vulnerable from a returning Lurrr, who flies over the ropes and clotheslines him, knocking him down! Lurrr grabs at the trunks, making the pin… 1…. 2… Donovan barely kicks free!*

Jones: How on earth is this one going to end??

Logan: I just hope it doesn’t end with someone needing an extended stay in a hospital! What a fight!!

*Lurrr struggles up, still limping badly from the dropkick he took earlier. Hopefully there is no torn cartilage in that knee now. He picks up Donovan, bodyslamming him on top of The Ice Man!! It nearly causes Lurrr to fall, but he’s not letting anything stop him now, as he moves to the turnbuckle. He climbs painfully up, then leaps off, scoring a flying elbow on top of Donovan, sending the impact into The Ice Man as well! Lurrr covers both men, trying to get a pin on one of them… 1…. 2…. And Mobley breaks it up, knocking Lurrr aside! He pulls Lurrr up, then takes a moment to stomp on Donovan, who was still laying in a pinning position on top of The Ice Man. Mobley turns back, as Lurrr tries to charge at him, no, Thriller!!!! Mobley got the Thriller on Lurrr!! The Champion goes for the pin, knowing that this is his best opportunity… 1…. 2…. And Dean and Hill grab Mobley’s legs from the outside, pulling him out of the ring!!!!*

Jones: Damnit!! No!

Logan: Of course they get involved, Jonesy! They wouldn’t just let Lurrr fight on his own!

*Hill and Dean are standing over Mobley, laughing at their former ally as he struggles to get up after falling to the ground the way he did. Mathis moves in as well, looking like they’re about to start a beat-down of the champion. But suddenly, Titan 3 is out of the ring, getting right in Dean’s face! Dean says something to Titan 3, apparently calling him a ‘sucka’. That’s all Titan 3 needs, as he suddenly starts brawling with the ICWF Hall of Famer!! Hill tries to grab at Titan 3 from behind, but the security force that Titan 3 trained is there, going after Hill and Mathis!!! We have an all-out war outside the ring, with Mathis throwing security off of him, while Hill goes at it with another guy. The focus, though, is on two legends going at it, in their own private war!*

Jones: Mark it on your calendars! Tonight was the night when Dean and Titan 3 went at it!!

Logan: Look at them go!! I can’t believe what I’m seeing!!

*While the brawl continues on the outside, Lurrr grabs at the ropes, dazed but trying to figure out what’s going on. He looks about ready to join in with his Roman Empire teammates, but Donovan is suddenly there, locking onto Lurrr from behind and trying to lift him off with a gutwrench suplex!! Lurrr clings to the ropes, preventing the maneuver, as he tries to get free. Donovan continues to try, straining his arms, working to break Lurrr’s death-grip free from the ropes. As he lifts, though, he’s suddenly given extra mass, as The Ice Man is there!!! The largest man in the match lifts up both Donovan and Lurrr from behind, putting them up on his shoulders and delivering a two-man Ice Pick!!!!! It’s an incredible impact that elicits a massive eruption from the fans. The Ice Man tiredly rolls over, putting an arm over both men… but there is no one there to count!*

Jones: It’s over! 1! 2! 3! 4! 5!

Logan: We need a ref, but Titan 3’s busy! The match can’t end without the count, man!

*Rushing from back, head referee Mark Bell races to the race faster than anyone probably would have thought possible. He slides into the ring, gasping for air, but he has enough left to start a count… 1… 2…. And both Lurrr and Donovan get their arms up, continuing the match! The Ice Man, holding his head in shock, struggles to get up, grabbing at Lurrr. He picks the veteran up, but Lurrr reacts, thumbing him in the eye! With The Ice Man blinded, Lurrr snaps forward, somehow managing to get the Wake Up Call to connect!!! The Ice Man drops backwards to the corner, slumping from the impact, which appeared to glance off due to Lurrr’s injured knee. It was still enough of an impact to knock the big man down, though, as Lurrr goes to grab him, to pull him out for a pinfall. But as Lurrr leans over, Donovan grabs him from behind, tossing Lurrr out of the ring!! Lurrr crashes down next to Mathis, who is currently preoccupied with two fresh security guards coming after him.*

Logan: I can sense it! We’re nearing the home stretch!

Jones: I hope so, because we’re about out of time! What a battle!

*Donovan drags the injured Ice Man up from the side and sets him, looking to take him out with the Vertebreaker! But the Ice Man fights free, knocking Donovan away and causing him to bump into referee Bell, knocking him down! The Ice Man moves forward, grabbing Donovan and once again lifting him into position for the Ice Pick!!!! Donovan, in trouble, pulls something from his pants: a bottle of Mace!! He sprays it into The Ice Man’s face, causing the big man to scream out in pain!! Donovan then twists himself downwards, over The Ice Man’s back, rolling him up!! Referee Bell, having missed the spray, moves towards them to make the count. Derek Mobley can be seen, having witnessed the Mace. He goes to reenter the ring, but he’s suddenly grabbed from behind by Warrick Hill, who puts him into a full nelson in order to hold him in place!! The ref makes the count… 1…. 2…. The Ice Man can’t kick out in time… 3!!!!*

Minos: Here is your winner, and the NEW GCWA World Heavyweight Champion, “The Man Made Monster” Shane Donovan!!!

*Warrick Hill, with a laugh, shoves Derek away from him, having at least accomplished part of what he wanted on the night. Mobley slumps on the apron, the shock and dismay all across his face, as the referee goes to get his World Title and hand it to Donovan, who is slumped in the corner from exhaustion.*

Jones: My god! Shane Donovan is our new World Champion!!

Logan: Only because of the involvement of Hill and Dean! Damn them!!

Jones: No matter what they did or Donovan himself did, it doesn’t matter! It’s legit! Donovan has ascended to the top of the mountain!

Logan: I still can’t believe it!

Jones: We’re out of time! Be sure to tune in next week for the ramifications of this night!

*Lurrr is seen back on his feet, looking pretty pissed off that Donovan now has the World Title. He angrily looks around at Mathis. Titan 3 is further down the way, his fight with Dean temporarily halted by his own security force breaking the two men apart. Otherwise, they would still be brawling. In the ring, The Ice Man is trying to wipe his eyes clean. They’re looking pretty burned from the Mace. Shane Donovan has the World Title and raises it over his head despite the boos, as he looks down with a Cheshire grin at Mobley, who is still in disbelief. We start to fade out, but go to the back instead, to the President’s office.*

The Accelerator: Wow. Shane Donovan. I wouldn’t believe it if I hadn’t seen it go down. Wild night, wouldn’t you say, man?

Voice: That’s nothing compared to what’s in store for them next month.

The Accelerator: Heh, damn right, my old friend. The boyos won’t know what hit them.

*The Accelerator laughs out loud, enjoying the atmosphere. The other person still cannot be seen. The picture fades to black, ending our long night.*

Incredible job, guys. Almost every match had me struggling to pick a winner, because the roleplays were that good. The main event was especially hard, as I flip-flopped a dozen times before making my final decision (and I'll probably change my mind again, but it's too late now, heh).

I just want to say again thanks to everyone who rp'ed for this pay-per-view, and definitely for the guys who sent in segments for the show. It was a great show to write, even if I did feel rushed all weekend to complete it! *lol*

Here's the card I've thrown together for next week. It's mainly made up of rookies and newcomers to the federation, and I'm deliberately keeping it a short card, since the real impact will be in the angles. Here ya go:

Terrell Jackson vs. Robert "The Sensei" Santana

Scott Caine vs. Mon-E

Mikey Willis vs. Dangerous Dan

The Accelerator's State Of The GCWA Address

Reactions from Derek Mobley, Shane Donovan, and more...

Roleplaying will be from Monday, April 13th until Thursday, April 16th, still 3 roleplays, 150-line limits (although wrestlers can make deals on the OOC Board to just roleplay twice, if need be, since it's a shortened window). Good luck!