*Slowly, the Pay-Per-View ordering screen fades away, showing that your purchase was correctly read by the computers. You should be happy, sometimes mistakes are made. The screen goes to complete blackness. A single note is heard, followed by more, leading to a triumphant-sounding tune, as images begin to display on the screen. They are pictures from many years ago in the GCWA universe, covering wrestlers like Hawaiian Heat, Animal Thug, Darkstarr, and others. The voice used for the GCWA PPVs is heard, deep and gravelly as always.*

Voice: It has been ten years since the first pay-per-view of the Global Championship Wrestling Association. Ten years since Darkstarr defended the Cruiserweight Title in a sensational high-flying bout against Shorty. Ten years since Scott Hall won the Internet Title over Master P, Lothar, and the Violator. Ten years since Hawaiian Heat defended his European Title against Shawn Michaels and Phoenix retained the Intercontinental Title with the Phoenix Storm on LilPun. Ten years since “Stone Cold” Steve Austin became the first GCWA World Champion, taking down Animal Thug for the honor. The first Blood On The Battlefield pay-per-view has tremendous history attached to it, in so many ways.

*Shots continue to shine, showing some of the later stars in the federation. Blade and X-Dog teaming up together. Nightmare delivering a destructive blow to a rival. Titan 3 A-Bombing a poor sap through a table. The Punisher annihilating a jobber with the Pain Bomb.*

Voice: The second Blood on the Battlefield PPV was almost as historic, including Nightmare’s career ending after losing the Intercontinental Title match with X-Dog and Phenomena winning a historic Hell In A Cell Match over Josh Curtis. “The Real Deal” John Steel proved his namesake by winning the European Title from Animal Thug. Titan 3 managed to stay the World Heavyweight Champion, continuing his epic run at the top of the federation. It was another tremendous day for the fans, who celebrated each and every moment of the GCWA’s history.

*Now the footage turns to more modern fare, as video clips run for each of the four men in tonight’s main event: Lurrr, Shane Donovan, The Ice Man, and the current GCWA World Heavyweight Champion, Derek Mobley.*

Voice: Tonight, we reach the third part of the legacy. The third Blood On The Battlefield. Once again, bloodstains will be laid on the mat as foes confront their enemies with no quarter asked and none given. Gold will be placed in jeopardy, careers will be in danger of ending abruptly, and hearts and souls will be put on the line in pursuit of greatness. Four men, all from different lives, bring themselves to the squared circle, battling for the greatest prize in the GCWA. They fight for bragging rights, for monetary gains, and for the respect of their peers. It is time for more history to be made! It is time for Blood On The Battlefield III!!

*The fireworks explode on the stageway as we come into the GCWA arena for this historic event. The cameras pan across the sold-out crowd of screaming GCWA fanatics, each with their own hopes and dreams for how this night will turn out. Signs range from “Tag me, Danger, I want the belts!” to “GCWA Freezes Over!” We loop around to the announce table, where Edward Jones and Anthony Logan are dressed in their best for this PPV. Of course, this means that Jones is in a tailored suit, while Logan is dressed in his usual comfortable clothes.*

Jones: Welcome to Blood On The Battlefield III! It’s a pay-per-view a decade in the making, and it’s definitely going to be one of the biggest PPVs in the GCWA’s history!

Logan: Damn straight, Jonesy! We’ve got four title matches tonight! Four! It’s not beyond possibility that we could have all new champions by the end of the night!

Jones: That would definitely set a record, Anthony! And, let’s face it, the odds are against one of our champions, as Derek Mobley goes against three other men in an epic “Fatal Four-Way” Match!

Logan: Yeah, the tough part of that for Mobley is that he could avoid getting pinned, avoid submitting, avoid everything, and still lose if, say Lurrr pins Shane Donovan, or The Ice Man makes Lurrr tap out to the Frost Bite, or if…

Jones: Yes, I think we get it, Anthony.

Logan: I’m not done yet! What if Donovan puts the Clincher on The Ice Man? He gets the win, the title, and walks away, while Mobley has to watch his long reign end!

Jones: Are you through now?

Logan: Well, I could go into other scenarios, like what if Mobley hits the Thriller on Lurrr, but The Ice Man steals the pin?

Jones: Ok, ok, enough. We get it. Mobley’s got a hell of a battle ahead of him.

Logan: Yeah, but that’s not all we’ve got tonight on his historic PPV! For one thing, Marcus Ka’Derrion defends the Intercontinental Heavyweight Title against Tommy Crimson in a “Flaming Tables” Match!

Jones: Flaming, he he.

Logan: Huh? Well, anyways, I’d say Crimson has the advantage in this one, as he’s more used to using burning tables to his advantage. Marcus is going to have to step it up a notch to retain his title tonight.

Jones: We also have the Big Bifford defending his newly-won X Division Title against up-and-comer Scott Caine, in an “Xtreme Rules” Match!

Logan: Once again, I think the champion has a disadvantage, as Caine doesn’t have to follow any rules in this one. Anything goes, which means free reign for his manager. Of course, Bifford has the crafty Earl, who might be able to counter any advantage Caine has.

Jones: Finally, we’ve got the Danger Boiz putting the World Tag-Team Titles on the line against Harvey Danger, who apparently still hasn’t found a partner for tonight’s match-up.

Logan: He needs to track someone down, fast, as their match is one of the early ones!

Jones: Either that, or Danger is fighting on his own here tonight. Either way, it’s one more intriguing match for our card tonight! Before we get to that, though, we have an opening match to warm things up for our loyal GCWA fans here at the arena. Here’s what brought these two men here today.

*A video begins to run, showing us clips from previous Infernos. Mikey Willis is featured prominently at first, seeing him try to learn the craft to become a better wrestler. News clippings on shown with his face in the background, talking about the apparent murder of his mother. There did not seem to be any evidence on who could have done such a tragic thing. Soon, though, Andy Halerman came into the picture, with Halerman becoming the #1 suspect after he kidnapped Mikey’s best friend, Kenny, threatening to hang onto him if Mikey didn’t win his first match. Mikey managed a victory, albeit by forfeit, which helped to get Kenny returned to him. The grudge match between the two men was signed here tonight, pitting two younger wrestlers against each other. We go back to ringside, where Minos has climbed through the ropes and stands in the middle of the ring, an impressive sight as always.*

Minos: It is now time for the first match of Blood On The Battlefield III! Introducing first, he recently celebrated his first victory inside a GCWA ring, and now seeks his first pay-per-view victory. Standing 6’0” and weighing 215 lbs, from Racine, WI, he is Mikey Willis!

*Mikey gets a small reaction from the crowd, although it’s clear the audience is saving a lot of energy for later. Mikey is still pumped up, though, jogging to the ring as “No 5” by Hollywood Undead plays behind him.*

Jones: A lot of people seem tremendous potential in Mikey Willis, as he could have a real future in the business.

Logan: Yeah, well, tonight it’s not about business. It’s personal. After all, if Halerman was the man who killed his mother, I expect Willis to be on the warpath tonight.

Jones: Do you really think Halerman did that, Anthony? I mean, there’s no proof.

Logan: It really doesn’t matter if he did or didn’t, Jonesy. If Willis believes he did, then we’re in for a war.

Minos: And now, for his opponent. He recently debuted on GCWA television as the leader of the Suicide Gods, standing 5’11” and weighing 150 lbs, from parts unknown, he is Andy Halerman!

*Halerman shoves through the curtain and looks to the sky, with “Nocturnal” by Black Dahlia Murder playing through the speakers. Boos come his way, enough to show that the crowd isn’t a fan of the man. He walks towards the ring, with his two partners, Andrew and Aaron, coming out with him. The three men walk towards the ring, malevolent smiles on their faces.*

Jones: Halerman had been pushing for another “Boxes” match for this battle, but unfortunately, the President vetoed that.

Logan: Yeah, we had that last pay-per-view, and Ace hates being too repetitive. That’s a special match saved for a special time.

Jones: Of course, Halerman may be retaliating by having his two goons with him. This could turn out pretty bad for all involved.

*Halerman reaches the ring and pulls himself up onto the apron, still looking pleased at the destruction he’s going to bring down on Willis. Mikey, for his part, is carefully watching the two men at ringside, knowing that they will surely get involved. Or, then again, maybe he’s just trying to keep their attention on him, as we can just see someone jumping over the railing behind them! Kenny, only recently returned from having been kidnapped, comes at both men, smacking Andrew in the back of the head with a metal pipe!! Andrew collapses, as Aaron spins around, trying ineffectually to get his hands up in time. Kenny clocks him as well, knocking him out, as Halerman spins around, looking down in shock at what’s taken place behind him. Kenny, breathing hard from letting loose his anger, drops the pipe to the ground, still staring inside the ring, as the referee, Thomas Mitchell, moves to the side. It doesn’t matter what happened out there, just who’s in the ring, so he signals for the match to get underway!*

*The Bell Rings.*

Jones: Just when we think the Suicide Gods are in complete control, Mikey and Kenny flip everything upside-down!

Logan: Clearly, Mikey Willis had this planned out, knowing that Halerman was bringing back-up! A very intelligent move, as now Andrew & Aaron are in no condition to help their boss!

*Halerman is still more concerned with Kenny, hanging over the ropes and yelling at him. He is very displeased, as his gameplan for the match has been thrown in the trash. Willis comes up behind the man, just standing there, seething. Halerman’s eyes suddenly widen, as he starts to realize what he’s forgotten in his anger. He slowly turns around… and Willis starts rocking him with punches, releasing a lot of pent-up rage! The crowd actually gets excited by this, starting to get into the match, as Willis continues the punishment, grabbing Halerman by the head and snapping him over with a hip toss. Halerman lands in a sitting position, allowing Willis to come in, planting his boot into Halerman’s spine with a painful-looking kick. Halerman drops full-out on the ground, looking for any sanctuary, but Willis will not let up.*

Logan: I told you, man, Willis is here to kick some ass!

Jones: Yes, he certainly is! And can I say, it’s great to be on pay-per-view and not have the censors messing with our comments?

Logan: Fuck yeah, dude!!

*Willis yanks Halerman up to his feet, taking him over to the corner. He hangs onto Halerman’s hair while slamming his head into the top turnbuckle repeatedly, earning a count from the crowd. With Andy looking stunned, Willis puts him up on the turnbuckle, preparing for a high-risk maneuver. As he does so, though, Halerman rakes his eyes, blinding him! Willis steps away from the turnbuckle, trying to see through painful eyes, but Halerman uses his movement against him, leaping off the turnbuckle, flipping over Willis, grabbing his head, and dropping with a neckbreaker!! Both men stay down for a few seconds from the impact, then Halerman rolls over, making the cover… 1… 2… Willis kicks out.*

Jones: Surprising maneuver from Halerman, as that move couldn’t have been easy to pull off.

Logan: The guy’s got a little talent, although he looks like he has a long way to go before taking on the best in the GCWA. Still, this is a great test in my view, since he’s going to have to win without the outside interference.

Jones: So far, he’s not doing too badly.

*Halerman stands up, jawing some at Kenny, who is still watching at ringside. Kenny doesn’t look worried; he’s more fired up, slamming his hands on the apron to try and get Mikey to take control again. Next to him, Aaron starts to get up, but Kenny quickly turns and nails him again in the head, knocking him back down. In the ring, Halerman takes Willis up, delivering a Juvi driver near the turnbuckle to keep him down for a time. Halerman then heads for the turnbuckles, not wanting to waste any more time. He pulls himself up onto the turnbuckle and takes a moment to gloat to the fans, who aren’t having any of it. Halerman then leaps up in the air, going for The Kill!! As he spins, though, Willis rolls away, out of range, causing Halerman to land on his face!! Halerman kicks his legs in agony, twisting and turning on the mat, while Willis starts to pull himself up.*

Jones: I don’t know what Andy Halerman was thinking, going for his finisher so quickly! That’s a move that takes time to complete, and it was just too early to try it against Willis!

Logan: You’ve got to put your opponent through a lot more punishment before a high-risk move can lead to high rewards. While that shooting star press looked great, the landing was definitely less than desired!

*With Kenny cheering him on, Willis advances on Halerman, who is trying to get up and beg for mercy. Willis doesn’t even hesitate, kicking out and hitting Halerman in the jaw, knocking him back to the mat! Willis stomps on him a few more times, with tears of fury seemingly in his eyes. He reaches down and pulls the hated Halerman up, then spins him up and around, landing the Anarchy Slam! Halerman is down and hurting badly, as Willis goes to put him out of Willis’ misery. Mikey positions himself and comes in, flipping over with the standing shooting star press, crushing into the downed foe! Willis makes the pin almost reluctantly, as if wanting to do more punishment. Referee Mitchell steps in and starts to count… 1… 2… 3!!!*

Minos: Here is your winner, Mikey Willis!

Jones: Willis gets another victory!

Logan: I think this one will be a big one for him, Jonesy, as he really let loose on Halerman there! Heck, he might have broken the man’s jaw with that kick! I get the feeling we won’t be seeing Halerman for a while after this one!

*Willis gets his hand raised by referee Mitchell, but he still doesn’t look completely satisfied. He waves Kenny into the ring, while going to pick up the nearly-unconscious Halerman. Kenny obliges, making sure to bring his pipe with him as well. With Mikey holding onto Halerman’s arms, keeping him in place, Kenny gets to exact his own revenge, smashing Halerman across the head with the metal pipe!! Halerman is out cold, laying on the mat. Willis and Kenny nod to each other and both leave the ring, having finished their business with the Suicide Gods. Medics are out, checking on everyone, as we’ve got a war-zone in only the first match of the night! We cut away to let the medics do their thing. In the backstage area, Harvey Danger is leaning against the wall, sulking about something. A GCWA stage hand walks by and asks him ‘what’s up?’ casually and then keeps on walking. Harvey stops him though, grabbing him by his arm. *

Harvey Danger: What’s up? That bully Marcus Ka’Derrion taking my Danger title away that’s what’s up! Can you believe what he did? It was so uncalled for!

Stage Hand: Uh, I have to get going-

Harvey Danger: Right now he probably has my title in a corner somewhere, collecting dust… Probably has thrown a bunch of dirty clothes on top of it… his cat probably peed on it... He won't show it the love it deserves. The love that only I can give him…

Stage Hand: Mr. Danger, please let me go I…

Harvey Danger: It’s just not fair, he doesn’t care about the title like I-

*Harvey stops as he sees Marcus Ka’Derrion talking with another stage hand. He’s wearing a tank top and basketball shorts. What grabs Danger’s attention is what is around Marcus’ waist, not only the Intercontinental title but on top of that, the Danger Title! It looks newer too, as if it has been polished or something special done to it.. Harvey Danger gets teary-eyed but tries to get a hold of himself, and instead, starts to think of something. The stage hand continues to beg for him to let go but then Harvey’s face lights up, having come up with an idea. He lets the stage hand go and walks up to Marcus. *

Harvey Danger: Oh, hey there Marcus. Boy that title sure looks beautiful.

Marcus Ka’Derrion: Thanks, the Intercontinental title is a thing to behold.

Harvey Danger: Interco... what? No, I meant the Danger title.

Marcus Ka’Derrion: Oh right.

Harvey Danger: Listen, there is something I forgot to tell you about the Danger title.

Marcus Ka’Derrion: Oh yeah, what’s that?

Harvey Danger: It falls under 24/7 rules.

Marcus Ka’Derrion: 24/7? What do you mean?

Harvey Danger: This!

*Harvey Danger proceeds to pulls Marcus’ shorts down! Marcus loses his balance as he tries to pick them up and Danger quickly rolls him up. *

Harvey Danger: One-two-three!

*Harvey Danger then quickly rips the belt from Marcus’ waist and runs off with it, screaming loudly. Marcus sits up and looks around.*

Marcus Ka’Derrion: What the hell just happened?

*The stagehand gives Marcus a hand up, shaking his head as Harvey disappears in the distance. We cut back to the announce table, where Logan is laughing his ass off.*

Logan: Oh, man, that’s just, that’s too funny!!

Jones: So Harvey found a technicality to win back ‘his’ title, huh?

Logan: Hey, does that mean that Harvey Danger is the first man to beat Marcus Ka’Derrion?

Jones: Ummmmm…. no. That clearly doesn’t count as an official match. The guy counted his own pin, for pete’s sake, saying it as quickly as he could! Hell, I barely heard “2”!

Logan: Yeah, yeah, but it’s still funny as hell!

Jones: Alright, well, we’ve got a great one up next, as the… wait, why is the crowd suddenly getting riled up? Surely they don’t care that much about the Danger Title!

Logan: No, I think their problem is the guys coming through the audience to sit near the ring!

*The GCWA crowd begins to boo and react negatively as we spot the Roman Empire’s own, Dean and Warrick Hill making their way through the crowd, via a large security convoy. We spot two empty seats on the front row…Dean and Warrick Hill make their way towards these seats, reach them and make themselves comfortable. Fans behind Dean and Warrick can be seen trying to taunt them and yell at them as the security guards work to fend them off. Our attention turns to the ramp way as a small reaction is rendered towards GCWA’s own Cynthia Hall. She’s jogging down the ramp, microphone in hand. She quickly reaches Dean and Warrick…she waits for them to stand, but they won’t, so Cynthia is forced to kneel. She begins to conduct an impromptu interview.*

Cynthia Hall: Dean, Warrick…last time we saw the two of you, Warrick had said something about rushing things…now we see that the two of you have occupied front row seats to Blood on the Battlefield III! Can you let us in on what your plans are for this evening?

Warrick Hill: Well, first off…I’d like to thank Leon from Craigslist for these SWEET tickets…you da man, Leon!! Now, Cynthia...look at her, Dean, on her knee …just like a woman should be.

Dean: Damn right, sucka…look at those lips too…mmhmm.

Cynthia Hall: Excuse me, guys…how about a little professionalism!

Warrick Hill: You want professionalism? Well, you’re in the wrong profession, chickie baby. As for ‘rushing things’…it was out initial plan to wait until after tonight’s extravaganza before returning to a live broadcast. However, since Derek “The Filler”…get it, cause all he ever does is fill dead air time?

Dean: I get it, good one sucka!

Cynthia Hall: I don’t think it’s that funny…

Warrick Hill: Nobody asked you, butterface…back to my initial point, if you don’t mind…Derek took it upon himself to take something from me, he crossed a line you simply don’t cross. He laid his hands and his lips on my woman. I have to admit, that kind of hurt…was I ever gonna marry the chick…hell no…was I simply having a good time, absolutely…but, whenever you lose your favorite play toy, it’s gonna sting a little bit. So, I say…an eye for an eye…and, tonight, I’m going to do everything within my power to cost Derek his favorite toy…the GCWA World Heavyweight Title.

Cynthia Hall: Well, I don’t think President Accelerator or Head of Security, Titan 3 are going to be very happy to hear that!

Warrick Hill: Ace is so old, I doubt he hears much of anything these days, that lame ass rollercoaster broke down long ago. As for Titan 3…I’m not afraid of that bald headed bitch…we beat his ass back in the day and we’ll beat his ass again. Besides…I never said I’d actually get involved…if Lurrr can handle things himself, then there’s no need to lend a helping hand. After all, in a match such as this, a little mind f*cking goes a long way…know what I mean?

Cynthia Hall: I…

Warrick Hill: That’s enough…now, unless you’re gonna shine something for me, get off your knees and get the hell out of my face…

*Cynthia Hall rolls her eyes before returning to her feet and heading backstage…fans continue to boo Dean and Warrick as they ignore the boos and nestle in, ready for the rest of the action.*

Jones: More bad news for the World Champion, as the men who turned on him are here to give him something else to think about!

Logan: Yeah, it’s not like Derek Mobley needed the odds stacked even more against him!

Jones: Well, all we can do is move on with the action, as we’ve got plenty of matches to go!

*We go to a previously created video feed, showing us the story behind the next match-up. We’re shown Scott Caine, giving fans high-fives as he makes his way to the ring. The next shot is of Caine’s match with The Lost Soul, where Lurrr & Rick Mathis were at ringside. Caine shockingly got the victory, but then was attacked after the match by Lurrr, who threw him out of the ring. The two had a title match against each other the next week, with Lurrr surviving with his belt intact, leaving behind a very disgruntled Caine. We’re next shown the “Xscape” Match, with the Big Bifford shown getting through the doorway and getting the win over Caine, Excellent, & TLS. Caine’s anger towards Bifford’s win is clear on his face, as his new manager, Benji Sampson, talks to him. Next up we view Bifford’s title match against Lurrr, with Caine’s assault on Lurrr before the match also featured. Bifford is shown taking it to Lurrr, eventually winning with that surprise roll-up and becoming the X Division Champion! Lurrr & Mathis assault Bifford afterwards, with Caine diving in with a chair to make the save… only to then hit Bifford with the chair!! The impact is shown from multiple camera angles at multiple speeds, showing the ferocity of the strike. Caine’s face is shown, glaring down at Bifford, as the clip ends, taking us back to live television.*

Minos: The next match is scheduled for one fall and will be fought under “Xtreme” Rules! Introducing first, he has been called by many a future all-star in the business, coming to the ring with his manager, Benji Sampson, he stands 6’3” and weighs 227 lbs, from Los Angeles, California, he is Scott Caine!

*As “Automatic” by American Pearl begins to play, the crowd almost universally boos, showing their unhappiness at Caine’s changes over the past month. Caine comes out with his manager at his side, taking a moment to look around the audience, searching for something. He looks back at Sampson, who is carrying a bag apparently with multiple dangerous objects in it. Sampson’s struggling with its weight, so Caine reaches over and grabs it, before heading down to the ring.*

Jones: Caine really has gone from fan favorite to one of the least-liked wrestlers in the GCWA. It’s amazing what one attack on the Big Bifford will do to your credibility with our audience.

Logan: Well, at least it seems like Caine managed to avert disaster here tonight. That group of park rangers was planning to nuke Bifford! I’m glad Caine at least had enough respect left that he called in the police to deal with those nut-jobs.

Jones: Hopefully none of them escaped capture. I hope Bifford watches out for any loaded shoes heading his way!

Minos: His opponent is a veteran of the sport who has once again risen to the heights of his profession. Coming down the aisle with his manager, Earl the Popcorn Salesman, standing 6’4” and weighing 411 lbs, from Columbus, Ohio, he is the GCWA X Division Champion, the Big Bifford!

*The Big Bifford gets a warm welcome from the GCWA fans, as “Gangsta’s Paradise” by Coolio plays behind him. Earl and Bifford are talking as they make their way out, with Bifford apparently annoyed that Earl didn’t bring any weapons with him. Earl argues with his wrestler, moving down the aisle.*

Jones: From what I’ve heard, the Big Bifford continues to spend time in jails around the world. We’re pretty lucky that his woman, Martha, was able to get him out of that Cuban cell and back in time for this match.

Logan: Yeah, Caine almost got to leave here with a forfeit victory. Of course, since this is “Xtreme Rules” and everything goes, I hope Loser-rr is far away from here. We don’t need any other involvement, just these two guys beating each other’s brains out!

*The Bell Rings.*

*As soon as the bell rings, Caine charges forward with a small sledgehammer that he pulled out of the bag! He runs at the Big Bifford, but Bifford immediately drops his shoulder, tossing Caine over him and sending the smaller wrestler out of the ring!! Caine crashes to the outside, disappearing from sight, as the Big Bifford looks around in surprise, almost disbelieving what he managed to do. Earl, excited, is yelling for Bifford to go after him, shaking Bifford out of his shocked state. He moves through the ropes, getting onto the apron and looking down at Caine, who is already struggling to get up. With a smile, Bifford jumps off the apron, amazingly getting some air and dropping a double-axehandle on Caine’s back!! Caine collapses from the 400+ pounds that just crashed into his vertebrae, as Bifford waves for referee Mark Bell to come outside. Bell slides out, as Bifford tries kicking Caine over and putting a foot on his chest… 1… Caine easily raises an arm before the 2 count can even land.*

Jones: A weak pin there by the champion, but he’s still very much in control of this one, thanks to Caine’s enthusiasm getting the best of him.

Logan: Hey, you know how hard it is for the Big Bifford to get back to his feet? I assume he didn’t think that pin was going to work anyway, so he just kept himself upright for it. It’s still very early in this match, after all.

*The Big Bifford hauls Caine to his feet, keeping him outside the ring. He whips Caine hard into the guardrail, causing it to tilt for a second, then comes over himself, running straight into Caine and getting the whole rail along that side of the ring to fall to the floor! Bifford stands back up, looking around for something to use. His eyes focus on a fan in the audience, who appears to be wearing a “Tommy Crimson” t-shirt. The fan’s eyes go wide, realizing that Bifford is watching her, and tries to turn and get out of there. But Bifford latches onto her from behind, managing to tear the t-shirt off of her as she flees! Fortunately for censors, she’s wearing more clothes on underneath, but it still gets a cheer from the crowd. Bifford turns back to Caine, wrapping the remains of the t-shirt around his throat and pulling back, choking Caine out!*

Logan: Good to see the fans getting involved, man.

Jones: It didn’t look like she had much choice in the matter, Anthony.

Logan: Hey, it’s all part of the GCWA Experience! Enjoy the ride!

*Caine is weakening, as he tries desperately to pull the fabric away from his neck. As the Big Bifford continues to tighten his grip, though, Benji Sampson runs over towards them, holding something in his hands. Before Bifford can do anything to block him, Sampson tosses it, smashing a water balloon in Bifford’s face!! Bifford looks surprised for a second, then releases his grip, grabbing at his face in pain. It’s clear that whatever that liquid was, it wasn’t water. Sampson moves aside, laughing, but his laughter ends as Earl runs over, tackling him!! The two managers start to fight it out manager-style, while Caine tosses the torn t-shirt away from him, taking a second to get in some deep breaths. He gets up and heads towards the Big Bifford, who has moved deeper into the crowd, trying to grab someone else’s shirt to wipe his face off. Caine comes up from behind, jumping up and grabbing Bifford’s head and taking him down to the concrete with a bulldog!! Caine tries a cover, as referee Bell pushes his way through the crowd to make the count… 1… 2… Bifford kicks free.*

Logan: Damn that Sampson! What was in that balloon?

Jones: Who knows, Anthony, but it’s definitely turned the tide in this one, giving Caine a chance to get back into it.

Logan: Well, at least Sampson’s paying for his involvement. Earl may not be a huge man, but compared to Sampson, Earl looks like the Ice Man!

*The camera briefly shows Sampson begging off, sliding away from Earl, who is still angry about his interference. Earl comes in to get a few more shots, as we cut back to the real match, out with the fans. Caine drags Bifford towards another railing, fighting off a few hardcore Bifford fans as he goes. The security is trying to keep them away, but it’s never easy to block everyone. Caine shoves Bifford against the railing, sending him bending over it and flopping to the ground in the aisleway. Caine follows, jumping over. He looks around for his bag, but it’s too far away, back in the ring, so Caine does the next best thing: he pulls off the belt he had around his waist! As Bifford tries to get up, Caine comes in, snapping the belt across Bifford’s back! Bifford winces in pain from the shot, even as Caine lands another, and another. Bifford’s shirt is not enough to shield Bifford from the blows, with one of the shots tearing part of the fabric. Caine then gets closer, wrapping the strap around Bifford’s throat to return the favor from earlier.*

Logan: Caine is looking blood-thirsty in there!

Jones: He sees this as his only way to get Lurrr’s attention, Anthony, and get that revenge he seems to want so badly.

Logan: Yeah, yeah, yeah, I keep hearing about that. Caine needs to learn to let go. Seriously, concentrate on winning the title! That should be enough!

*Back near the ring, Earl the Popcorn Salesman has continued his assault on the ruthless manager of Scott Caine. The fans can be heard, trying to tell him what’s going on, as they’re paying more attention to the big screen than he is. Earl turns and looks back, seeing that his man, the Big Bifford, is in a lot of trouble. Earl, concerned, starts to move around to come to his aid, already thinking about what he can do to distract Caine and give Bifford a breather. Suddenly, though, Earl is screaming, before collapsing to the ground!! Behind him, holding a mini-tazer, is a bloody-and-bruised Sampson!! Sampson lays back down, holding his head, having incapacitated Bifford’s main support!*

Logan: Jesus! Earl takes one for the team!

Jones: What voltage was that?? Did he have that powered up or something? Earl’s in a bad way!

Logan: I don’t think Sampson’s much better, Jonesy. The managers might have taken each other out of this one!

*Caine, not knowing what’s been going on back near the ring, continues to assault Bifford. He releases the choke hold with the belt, then goes and gets a light stand, picking it up and bringing it over. He swings it down at Bifford, but Bifford dodges forward, having the lights crash down behind him. Bifford continues forward, tripping Caine up and taking both men to the mat! Both men are down, although Caine seems to be getting himself up first. Bifford struggles up as well, with a fan tossing him something as he does so. Caine moves back in, looking more annoyed than hurt, but that all changes as Bifford turns and smashes him across the face with… was that a turkey leg? Ok, then. Bifford sends meat flying everywhere from the strike, causing Caine to drop to one knee, stunned. Bifford pushes himself up and boots Caine in the chest, knocking him down, then takes a moment to recover, as well as to eat a few bits left on the leg.*

Jones: Wow! We are seeing all kinds of weapons today!

Logan: Food fight!!

*With Caine crawling away while pulling himself up, Bifford follows, tossing the now-clean turkey leg behind him. He grabs Caine from behind, turning him around and bodyslamming the cruiserweight on the aisle floor! Bifford drops to his knees, making the cover, as referee Bell, who has been watching all of the action from a distance, moves in to make the count… 1… 2… Caine kicks out. Bifford, now looking a little ticked off himself, waves to the crowd for more weapons. Someone passes him a lethal-looking metal pipe. Bifford considers it, shakes his head, and throws it aside. Another person passes over a stop sign, but once again Bifford’s not satisfied. Suddenly, from the side, another weapon gets passed from fan to fan, heading over to the action. Bifford’s eyes light up as he sees it coming his way. He grabs the item and lifts it into the air for everyone to see.*

Jones: What on earth is that? A bat? A chair?

Logan: No, Jonesy, I believe that’s a submarine sandwich! The food fight continues!

Jones: My god. You don’t suppose that’s the 5-year old one from Martha Stewart’s basement, do you?

Logan: Nothing could make a more lethal weapon, Edds!

*Bifford moves towards Caine, who is now on his hands and knees, trying to recover. Bifford rears back, but then seems to reconsider, looking again at the fossilized sandwich. He can’t decide what he wants to do. Finally, he closes his eyes and brings it up again, planning to smash it across Caine’s back! But Caine has recovered enough to see what’s coming, as he darts to the right, dodging the strike. He knocks the sandwich away, hitting Bifford with several forearm shots to stagger him. The two move backwards towards the ramp leading up to the stage, with Caine reaching to the side and pulling off a sign along the guardrails, smashing it across Bifford’s skull! Bifford falls after two such shots, landing butt-first on the ramp, with Caine adding another shot for good measure before trying another pin… 1… 2… the Big Bifford kicks free!*

Jones: Caine’s got to capitalize now, while the Big Bifford is down on the ground. That’s the best time to beat on a person his size!

Logan: The dude’s got a real shot here of gaining his first gold, man. Bifford’s in deep trouble!

*Caine struggles to bring Bifford up, but manages to get the large man on his feet. Bifford tries a weak swing, but Caine manages to duck under it, getting behind Bifford and dropkicking him to send the champion falling off the ramp to the floor! Caine looks around at the crowd, who are pumped up despite of who’s in charge of the match. He moves up the ramp onto the stage, looking down at the fallen Bifford below. Caine raises his arms, letting it be known that he’s going for the Sugar Caine off the ramp!! The crowd hypes up in intensity, as Caine steps back, planning for a running start for his finisher! But as he does so, a steel chair smashes into his back, causing Caine to stumble forward and fall off the stage out of control, flipping over and going through a table that was positioned near Bifford!! As Caine lies inbetween the debris, in agony, the camera focuses on the entry ramp, where Dangerous Dan is standing!!! Dan throws down the chair and walks away, having done his damage, as the crowd goes wild!*

Logan: Dangerous Dan gets some revenge for Caine’s cheating win last week!

Jones: He just made a major impact on this match, as Caine was that close to ending things! Can Caine recover, or has the Big Bifford just gotten the break he needs?

*The Big Bifford slowly rolls over onto his large stomach, rocking himself to get his weight off the ground. He pulls himself to his feet, looking over at the downed Caine with no comprehension of how he got there. Bifford doesn’t seem to care much, though, as he limps over to Caine and pulls him out of the debris, setting him up for the Biff End!! As Bifford starts to lift Caine up, though, Sampson suddenly reappears, jumping up on Bifford’s back and wrapping his arms around the champion’s throat!! Sampson struggles, yanking on Bifford, who looks around in confusion at the small man clinging to his back. Unfortunately for Sampson, he’s not enough of an issue for Bifford, as the X Division Champion lifts Caine up anyway, despite Sampson’s extra weight, then jumps up, delivering the Biff End on the concrete!!!! Caine is unconscious, his legs spasming in a bad way. Sampson, who was dislodged by the impact, starts to get up, only to see Bifford staring at him. Sampson immediately turns to run out of range, only to run straight into the ramp edge!! With Sampson down on his own accord, Bifford turns back and makes the cover, with referee Bell right there… 1… 2… 3!!!!*

Minos: Here is your winner, and STILL GCWA X Division Champion, The Big Bifford!!

*The Big Bifford raises himself up, holding his side but clearly happy to have defended his title. Caine is still not moving. An attendant brings over the X Division Title, with referee Bell taking it and handing it over to Bifford. The fans are cheering as Bifford raises it in the air, then looks around, apparently noticing for the first time that Earl isn’t around. He starts to walk back towards the ring, trying to figure out where his friend is. Sampson, meanwhile, has recovered enough to crawl over to Caine, checking on his young wrestler.*

Jones: That was a great victory for the Big Bifford, once again showing what a great wrestler he is! Despite the odds against him, he pulled out the win!

Logan: Unfortunately, Scott Caine got himself another excuse, as Dangerous Dan’s attack really changed the momentum of this match. I’m hearing more whining in my future!

Jones: Well, that’s what happens when there are no rules, Anthony.

*Bifford reaches the ringside area, where medics have already been checking on Earl. Fortunately, the popcorn man is already sitting up, showing that he’s ok despite the shock he took. Bifford starts to talk with Earl, apparently wondering why he was laying down during Bifford’s title match, as we fade away to the backstage area. We’re in the President’s office, now well-known to the fans of the GCWA. The Accelerator is waiting impatiently, moving back and forth in the office, when suddenly the door opens. A big man walks through: the GCWA Head of Security, Titan 3.*

Titan 3: Ok, Ace, I’m here. What the hell’s the problem? We’re in the middle of a pay-per-view, you know, and I’ve already got my hands full watching out for park ranger terrorists, lunatic fans of Lurrr, and the Ice Man’s crazy father, among so many other threats. I had to kick that asshole Makorpal out of the building. He resisted, by the way, in case anyone asks.

The Accelerator: Whatever, T3, I’m not worried about… wait, Makorpal tried to get back in?

Titan 3: Wild, huh?

The Accelerator: Oh well, never mind. I needed to talk to you about the main event. With Dean and Warrick sitting near the ring, and Rick Mathis planning to be at Lurrr’s side, there’s a good chance that the Roman Empire’s going to make a move tonight to screw up my main event. You know how many pissed-off customers will be calling in if that happens?

Titan 3: I can’t stand those blowhards any more than you, Ace, but what business is it of mine?

The Accelerator: Hey, you’ve been wanting to release some of that aggression. Tonight is your chance. I want security involved in the main event. Keep the ‘riff-raff’ from getting too involved. I’ll leave it up to you to decide how best to do that, man.

*The Accelerator’s phone rings, distracting him. He nods to Titan 3, then goes to answer it, dealing with another crisis. You wouldn’t believe the things that come up while working on a major pay-per-view! Titan 3 turns and leaves the room, but not before saying something under his breath, too low for the President to hear.*

Titan 3: My call, huh? Good. The less restrictions the better.

*Titan 3 leaves the room, already thinking ahead at what he can do. The Accelerator finishes his phone call and hangs up, looking after the Head of Security as if wondering if he’s made a mistake. He shakes it off and goes back to work, as we fade out for our first break of the night. It’s a commercial for the “Warriors of the Ring III” and “Darkness Falls” DVDs! Pick them up today!*

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