*We return from the quick break to the announcers’ table, where Jones & Logan are ready for more action.*

Jones: It’s already been an incredible night, with one championship changing hands already! Is that an omen for our other two champions in competition tonight?

Logan: Hey, I can’t say I’ll be crying if Lurrr loses the gold, Jonesy!

Jones: Our next match is heavily anticipated…

*Without warning, the announcers are interrupted as “Eye of the Tiger” by Survivor begins to play. The crowd reacts with cheers, knowing who’s coming out next.*

Jones: What on earth? What’s he doing here?

Logan: He’s probably working, Jonesy. After all, he IS the Janitor!

*The music continues to play as Peter “The Janitor” Vaughn steps out onto the ramp, mop in hand! The fans continue to cheer, while he makes his way towards the ring. He appears to be all business, although he does stop for a second to ask a fan to pick up a popcorn box that was dropped. It makes you wonder, does Vaughn have to clean these arenas after every taping? But back to business, as Vaughn slides into the ring.*

Jones: Correct me if I’m wrong, but I don’t think Peter Vaughn was booked in a match tonight.

Logan: Nope, not that I’m aware of.

Jones: So why’s he out here now? I mean, yes, we have a loose time schedule in comparison to a Friday night show, but still…

Logan: Well, apparently he’s going to let us know, Edds, because the Janitor has a mic!

Jones: Oh, dear.

*The New Orleans crowd starts up a quick “Janitor” chant, causing Vaughn to have to wait before talking. He looks pretty pleased at the reaction, however.*

Peter Vaughn: Thank you for that. It’s great to be here in such a fabulous city as New Orleans!

*The cheap pop works, getting the crowd cheering loudly again. Vaughn has a silly grin on his face as he waits again for a little more quiet.*

Jones: He’s really milking this for all he can…

Logan: Quiet, Jonesy, I want to hear what he has to say!

Peter Vaughn: I’m out here for one simple reason. A mistake was made.

*The crowd isn’t quite sure what to make of that statement. Vaughn, though, knows exactly where he’s heading.*

Peter Vaughn: Y’see, someone upstairs seems to have forgotten to book somebody for this here pay-per-view.

*Vaughn taps the mic on his chest, causing a little bit of feedback. It’s clear, though, who he’s talking about.*

Peter Vaughn: I made my debut at Ultimate Survival. I wrestled for championships at Capital Punishment and Crescendo. I went all out in a Fatal Fourway match at Heat Wave. I have been at four pay-per-view events in a row! And now, they want the streak to end?

*Boos can be heard coming from the crowd. Vaughn shakes his head, upset.*

Peter Vaughn: I’m a mainstream superstar now! Heck, I even heard a guy in the NBA, Brian Cardinal, he wants to be like me! He’s going around calling himself the Janitor!

*A picture appears on the big screen of Minnesota Timberwolves player Brian Cardinal. The crowd doesn’t exactly seem pleased, but then, this is the home of the Hornets.*

Peter Vaughn: Which, y’know, I’m happy to be emulated, but he’d better be careful. It takes years of experience to be a good janitor.

*The picture changes, showing Cardinal’s head superimposed on another guy’s, making it look like Cardinal is cleaning out a toilet. The crowd clearly enjoys this one.*

Peter Vaughn: So “The Man” wants to hold me down and stop my fame from growing? No way. No way, damnit! I’m proud of my streak! I’m proud to be considered a wrestler with those great guys in the back! And I want a match, right now!

*A loud cheer goes up from the audience, who definitely don’t mind another bout being on the show.*

Peter Vaughn: So, I know there are wrestlers backstage who aren’t in a match tonight. This is your chance. Who’s got the testicular fortitude to see if you can beat the Janitor??

Jones: The Janitor is making a challenge to the back!!

Logan: But who’s going to answer it??

*The Janitor is looking towards the back, even as a strange high-pitched rock tune begins. The lights focus on the entryway, as a person shoves the curtain aside and steps out.*

Jones: It’s… it’s…

Logan: A midget?

*The midget wrestler moves to the center of the stage, doing a Hoganesque flex. His music is getting hard to hear, due to all the laughing in the arena. For his part, Vaughn is leaning over the ropes, a confident smile on his face.*

Logan: Wait, so Vaughn is going to wrestle.. this guy?

Jones: Well, Vaughn’s been wanting a PPV victory, Anthony. I guess he figured it’d be more of an even match!

Logan: Ok, this is officially silly.

Jones: Yep, but this is what… wait a second, why did the music change?

Logan: Huh? Strange… and neither the midget nor Vaughn seem to know what’s going on, either…

*The midget can be seen, looking around in confusion, as his music fades out, to be replaced by “Youth of the Nation” by P.O.D.! The fans are already on their feet, their eyes locked on the entryway. A shot of Vaughn is shown, his mouth wide open in disbelief. Back at the entrance, the curtain swings aside, with a much taller man walking out.*

Logan: Holy crap!!

Jones: It’s… it’s Mr. Excellent!!!! Mr. Excellent is back!!!!

Logan: We haven’t seen him since the beginning of the summer!!!

*The crowd roars as Mr. Excellent walks out, stopping for a second to take it all in. His eyes slowly move down towards the midget, who is looking up at him fearfully. Excellent gives a bob of his head to the right, signaling the small wrestler, who immediately takes off, running backstage! Vaughn is still in shock as Mr. Excellent walks forward, bringing up his own mic.*

Mr. Excellent: I hear you’re wanting a match on this show. Just so happens, so do I!

*Mr. Excellent drops the mic and walks towards the ring, even as the crowd explodes once again. Inside the ring, Vaughn is shaking his head rapidly from side to side, raising his hands palms towards Mr. Excellent.*

Logan: Oh, man, this one just got exciting!!

Jones: I guess we’ve got ourselves a bonus match!!!

*Minos is seen, getting up and preparing himself to speak, even as referee Trixie appears, hurrying to the ring. Vaughn still looks shell-shocked.*

Minos: This next match has JUST been scheduled by the President for one fall. Introducing first, he has worked behind the scenes for some time, and has gained notoriety in the spotlight, standing 5’6” and weighing 173 lbs, from Dallas, Texas, here is Peter “The Janitor” Vaughn!

*The audience gives a good round of applause for Vaughn, who barely acknowledges it. He’s still staring over at Mr. Excellent, even rubbing at his eyes a little bit to check his vision.*

Jones: Vaughn decided that he wanted a match tonight. Well, he’s gotten his wish!

Logan: Be careful what you wish for, indeed! Still, Vaughn needs to remember that this match isn’t already decided just by the change of opponent. He needs to pull himself together, fast!

Minos: And now, his opponent, making his return to the GCWA after a long absence, he was thought of as one of the three break-out stars of the new revolution, standing 6’3” and weighing 255 lbs, from Chicago, Illinois, here is Mr. Excellent!

*Mr. Excellent gives a nod to the fans as they cheer, excited to see him back in action. He moves forward, all business, waiting for the match to officially begin.*

Jones: I still can’t believe Mr. Excellent’s here tonight!

Logan: I remember several people thought that he would eventually be able to make his way to some gold. Maybe that’s what brought him back: the quest for a championship!

Jones: Well, whatever the reason, we’re going to get to see the technician back in action here tonight!

*The Bell Rings.*

*Mr. Excellent is already in the center of the ring, waiting patiently for his opponent to muster up some courage. The fans, sensing the Janitor’s reluctance, starts up a chant of his name, trying to inspire him. The camera swings around to show Vaughn, head down in the corner, as if thinking. A look of determination appears, and he starts to grab the ropes, moving his feet back and forth. Suddenly, he spins and charges forward with a yell, racing straight at Mr. Excellent! The wrestler, though, doesn’t hesitate, stepping to his left and managing to trip Vaughn up, sending him onto his face! Vaughn hops back up, but Excellent’s already wading in, chopping away at Vaughn and driving him back into the corner. Excellent then grabs Vaughn by the arm and bodily brings him back out with a toss, flipping Vaughn over to his back!*

Logan: Good to see Vaughn built up some courage, but so far, Mr. Excellent’s in charge!

Jones: He’s certainly in a better state of mind than the Janitor. While we have several high-flying wrestlers in the GCWA, Mr. Excellent brings a different element, since he’s very methodical inside the ropes.

Logan: Yeah, and he’s already going towards proving that right now by not letting Vaughn get back to his feet!

*Before Vaughn can find a way to escape, Mr. Excellent is on him, grabbing his head in an inverted facelock. He twists Vaughn around, putting him into a Stretch Plum submission hold!! Vaughn is screaming, as he is feeling a ton of pain from being stretched. Referee Trixie hovers around, watching. She almost seems to be expecting a tap out. However, when she asks, Vaughn surprisingly shakes his head no, not wanting to give up. He continues to struggle, trying to find a way out. Fortunately for him, Mr. Excellent gives it to him, releasing the hold and standing up. Vaughn flops onto his stomach, gasping for air. Mr. Excellent seems to be enjoying himself. He reaches down and pulls Vaughn up, getting the Janitor to his feet. Mr. Excellent then sets Vaughn up and lifts him into the air, going for a vertical suplex! However, Vaughn manages to shift his weight at the last second, managing to land behind him!! Excellent spins back, surprised, as Vaughn moves away, heading towards the ropes.*

Jones: I must admit, I’m seeing more of a fight from Vaughn than I was expecting!

Logan: You can see in his eyes that Vaughn badly wants a pay-per-view victory, Jonesy. He’s been dreaming of that moment all his life.

Jones: Then he’s got to earn it, Anthony, as does Mr. Excellent.

*Mr. Excellent moves off in pursuit of the Janitor, coming up behind the tired wrestler. He grabs Vaughn, trying to lock him into another submission, but Vaughn manages to squirm free, turning and swinging desperately with a forearm shot that drives Excellent back! Vaughn follows it up with a couple more shots, earning some cheers from the crowd, then runs backwards, going off the ropes and returning with an attempted splash! But Mr. Excellent shows his strength, managing to catch the smaller wrestler in mid-air!! He holds onto Vaughn for a second, thinking things over, as Vaughn struggles to free himself. There’s nowhere to go, though, as Mr. Excellent lifts and spikes Vaughn into the canvas, leaving him laid out!! Referee Trixie moves in, looking to give the count, but Mr. Excellent doesn’t make a move towards the pin attempt. Instead, he moves around Vaughn, grabbing his legs and dragging him back towards the center of the ring!*

Logan: Uh oh. This isn’t a good sign for Vaughn!

Jones: I’ll say! Mr. Excellent’s got him perfectly positioned for his finisher… and here it comes!

Logan: The Execution lives again in the GCWA!!!

*Vaughn tries to fight, arching his back, but he’s quickly losing ground. Mr. Excellent fights, pushing and straining, and finally Vaughn is over on his stomach, with Mr. Excellent wrapping his legs up for the Execution!! The crowd is roaring, while the camera focuses on a confident Mr. Excellent, who has the hold locked in as good as ever. Vaughn’s clawing at the mat, looking for some way to get away from the agony, but no clear route exists to freedom. Referee Trixie leans down towards him, almost pityingly, asking him the all-important question. After a few more seconds, Vaughn can’t take anymore, as he starts nodding his head while tapping the mat. The referee signals for the bell, then moves to Mr. Excellent, ordering the break.*

Minos: Here is your winner, Mr. Excellent!!

Jones: A great return for Mr. Excellent, as he gets himself a pay-per-view victory!!

Logan: Nobody saw this coming, Jonesy, but you can bet a lot of the guys in the back took notice! There’s another threat now in the GCWA!

Jones: Poor Peter Vaughn. He tried hard, but he had a lot going against him this time.

Logan: Well, there’s always next months’ PPV!

*Referee Trixie raises Mr. Excellent’s hand in triumph, even as Peter Vaughn is shown, crawling away towards the ropes. He almost looks like he’s crying. Mr. Excellent, taking no notice, celebrates his successful return to the GCWA, climbing up the turnbuckle. The scene changes to the back where, in President Ace's office, Arachne sits at the president's desk. The door swings open and Ace walks in, an icepack against the side of his head. The President's eyes bulge as he sees Arachne sitting in his desk and a horse (with a horn glued to its head to make it look like a unicorn) standing in front of the desk.*

Arachne: I'm not here because I'm upset with you for booking me in that match earlier... and I'm not here because I'm upset that I lost that match...

*Ace just stares at the weird man sitting in his desk.*

Arachne: Listen, Ace, I'm here to kidnap you. I've travelled through time this entire week to do so...

The Accelerator: You’ve got to be kidding me.

Arachne: But obviously that isn't going to happen tonight. SO I demand that I get to use my money in the bank briefcase tonight so that I can challenge the winner of Draco versus Lurrr!

The Accelerator: Yep, you are kidding me. Because there’s no way in hell that’s going to happen.

Arachne: Very well.. then you leave me no choice but to kidnap you.

*Arachne jumps up and runs at Ace with handcuffs. Ace, though, is a veteran and moves out of the way. Arachne slams into the side of the office door and grabs his head in pain.*

Arachne: Okay, so you might have won this round, Ace... but this is just the beginning of an amazing feud between the two of us that will last forever and will never be outdone! This is the beginning of a rivalry that will run so deep that it will rock the foundation of GCWA. This is the beginning of a war that will destroy the earth! I will not rest until I am the President of GCWA and you are a nobody because you're retarded and have a retarded friend.

*With that sentence, The Lost Soul shows up at the door, having come to work out the last steps of restoring himself to active competition in the GCWA.*

Arachne: Yeah, him.

*Arachne points at TLS, who looks at the president, trying to evaluate the situation. With tremendous speed, Arachne runs over to his "unicorn" and jumps on it. The unicorn immediately "grows wings" (Arachne pulls out fake wings and begins flapping them dramatically) and the horse walks out of the office. As they pass by TLS, Arachne is sure to hit him with one of the cardboard wings. Of course, they have no effect. TLS watches him go, then turns and enters into the office, shutting the door behind him.*

The Lost Soul: Are you ready to talk?

*The Accelerator sighs, holding the icepack tighter against his head, as the picture goes back to ringside.*

Logan: That Arachne must have gotten dropped as a baby. Repeatedly.

Jones: Maybe it’s just a cultural thing.

Logan: Jonesy, you just insulted thousands of Japanese fans. Congrats!

Jones: No, I didn’t mean… oh, damnit, let’s just keep going! We’ve got another match…

*The crowd is quietly anticipating the next match when suddenly “No More Sorrow” By Metallica begins to play. The crowd jumps to their feet and cheer loudly as the man they have been waiting for over a month to return looks to finally be coming back. As the song hits the heavy drum beats pyro explodes in the entrance making some of the fans jump back. As the smoke clears, the cheers are the loudest as Marcus Ka’Derrion is standing there, looking around at the crowd. He walks down the ramp shaking hands with as many fans as possible and eventually reaches the ring, sliding under the bottom rope. Minos hands him a mic and then Marcus waits for the crowd to settle down.*

Jones: The former two time World Champion and Intercontinental Champion is finally back in the GCWA and he looks good Logan!

Logan: Well I have never looked at him the way you do Jones, but I am glad he’s back!

*The crowd finally settles down and Marcus takes a moment now to applaud himself at the fans, showing how much he appreciates their support. *

Marcus Ka'Derrion: Thank you, thank you, and a thousand times thank you GCWA fans! Thank you for your letters, your cards, your messages on my blog, my Facebook page, and every other possible outlet you guys used to show me your support. I can definitely say that without your encouragement, I wouldn’t be back, in this ring right now…

*The crowd cheers again.*

Marcus Ka'Derrion: I wouldn’t be back, in this ring, right now, ready to compete!!!

*More cheers from the crowd.*

Jones: What!? He’s ready to compete already!? Those are some big news! I thought he wasn’t going to be cleared to wrestle for another month or so!

Logan: The fans have amazing healing powers I guess.

*Crowd settles down again.*

Marcus Ka'Derrion: and ready… for… VENGEANCE!!

Logan: Here we go Jones. We get to find out who Marcus is going after! My money is on Lurrr.

Jones: It’s hard to argue that point. He was the man that took him out in the first place.

*The crowd sensing what Logan and Jones are as well, settle down to see who Marcus is going after first.*

Marcus Ka'Derrion: But the question in everyone’s mind is, just who am I getting vengeance on right? Lurrr? Well he seems the obvious choice… But I have not forgotten about Draco… Shane Donovan… Derek “The Thriller” Mobley… or even the mighty Arachne.

*The crowd reacts after every name, booing or cheering every name, though they are confused as to why Arachne’s name was thrown in there.*

Marcus Ka'Derrion: Just who am I coming after? Well, let me trail off here for a bit… I'm going to let you all in a little secret... Next month, the GCWA will have its annual Rumble PPV... a big time rumble... The Righteous Rumble!

* The crowd gives a slight cheer, gaining in intensity.*

Jones: That is correct, our next pay per view is the Righteous Rumble. Wonder where Marcus is going with this?

Logan: Where do you think genius?!

Marcus Ka'Derrion: 20 wrestlers will battle it out in this very ring for a shot at glory... Well I'm here to tell you that one name has officially been entered into that rumble… Any guesses who’s?

*A “Marcus! Marcus!” chant gets started. Marcus smiles as he walks over to one of corners of the ring closest to the big screen. He climbs unto the second turnbuckle and then looks towards the entrance, but as if looking at the wrestlers in the back.*

Marcus Ka'Derrion: The fans tell no lies… I have thrown my name in the hat for the Righteous Rumble! But I am not looking for a shot at glory… I am looking for a shot at Vengeance! So to answer everyone’s question… Who am I coming after!? EVERYONE!!!!!

* “No More Sorrow” By Linkin Park blasts out again and the crowd cheers one last time for the returning Ka’Derrion. Marcus hands the mic back to Minos and then slides out of the ring. He goes around, shaking hands with the fans, even Logan and Jones and then makes his way to the back.*

Logan: Not only is Ka’Derrion back, but he’s also announced himself the first participant in the Righteous Rumble!! And you can bet, over the next few weeks, the rest of the roster will be trying hard to follow in his footsteps!

Jones: Yep, the build for the Rumble has already begun, and it’s sure to be an unbelievable event! You can never predict who will last to the end and get the victory!!

Logan: Let’s not get too far ahead of ourselves, though, Jonesy. We’ve still got two more great matches tonight!

Jones: Oh, yeah! Let’s…

Logan: … what, Jonesy? What’s the problem?

Jones: Sorry… guess I was expecting another interruption. But we’re good, so let’s get to it!

Minos: The next match is scheduled for one fall, and will be for the GCWA Tag-Team Championships of the World!!

*The wild reaction from the crowd shows that many of them have come to Adrenaline Rush with this match in mind. It’s almost guaranteed to be intense.*

Minos: The rules for this match are clear. Three tag-teams will compete for the gold, in a “Texas Tornado” style contest. There are no tags. There is no waiting in the corners. There is only mayhem!

*This explanation is greeted by another cheer from the GCWA fans.*

Minos: First, coming down towards the ring, they ruled the ICWF, holding the World Tag-Team Hardcore Titles three times. Tonight, they seek their first GCWA championship together. Weighing a combined 455 lbs, here are Warrick Hill and Derek “The Thriller” Mobley, the House of Pain!

*”Miseria Cantare” by AFI hits the speakers, joined by a good reaction from the fans at ringside. Derek Mobley walks out first, confident, followed by Warrick Hill, who gives a lop-sided grin to the camera. The two men immediately start down the aisle, ready to fight.*

Jones: Warrick made a purchase this past week, apparently buying up some real estate.

Logan: Dude, I still don’t get it. You find out there’s a cemetery on site, and you buy it anyway? You know how much of a pain it is to get those bodies dug up and moved?

Jones: I don’t think he planned on moving them, Anthony. He seemed to like the fact that gravestones were there, although I don’t think Derek was nearly as pleased, especially when the ghostly appearances started.

Logan: Who ya gonna call?

Minos: Next, they have held the GCWA World Tag-Team Championships before, and are looking to head back on top of the mountain here tonight, weighing a combined 448 lbs, from Smithville, Tennessee, here are Dangerous Dan and the GCWA Television Champion, Crazy Chris, the Danger Boiz!

*Another cheer comes up from the crowd, even as “Hell Yeah!” by Zebrahead plays. After a few seconds, the Danger Boiz both emerge at the same time through the curtains, pumped up from the cheers. Crazy Chris has the Television Title on his shoulder. He pats Dan on his arm, and the two exchange a high five before heading down towards the ring. With no fear, they both slide in and stand up, coming nose-to-nose with the House of Pain. The two groups start to talk animatedly, even as the referee, Thomas Mitchell, takes the Television Title over to the side.*

Jones: Dangerous Dan and Crazy Chris are brothers, which means they’ve shared a lot of items over the years. One of those happens to be a girl, Kassy, who is now pregnant.

Logan: Rookie mistake by these guys. You always wear protection, always!!

Jones: The big question now is, which one is the father?

Logan: Either way, a win tonight could be a great way to start a kid’s college fund.

Minos: Our third and final team is represented tonight by two of its members, with a third set in his own competition for later tonight. Weighing a combined 451 lbs, here are the GCWA Tag-Team Champions of the World, Harvey Danger and Shane Donovan, D & D!

*Some boos are heard, but also some cheers, as the champions come out to “The Game” by Disturbed. Donovan steps out first, proudly holding up the championship belt. Right behind him is Harvey, who looks suspiciously at the curtain, making sure it doesn’t trip him up on his way through. Danger then turns and sees Donovan posing with the belt, and quickly moves in with his own, lifting it up beside Donovan for a photo op. Unfortunately, Donovan has already brought it down as he heads towards the ring, so Danger hurries to catch up.*

Jones: Danger and Donovan had completely different ways to cope with the stress of a title defense. Donovan went on an apparently involuntary trip with a girl holding a gun, while Danger went and collected money for veterans… and then apparently took it home with him.

Logan: Crass move on Harvey’s part, but I’ll just go with the hope that maybe he mailed off the money to people who truly deserve it once he got home.

Jones: Yep. As for Donovan, he’s not really talking about what happened to him, leaving the details somewhat mysterious.

Logan: As long as he’s here to fight, what do I care? Let’s get this match going!

*The Bell Rings.*

*All the belts are placed at the timekeeper’s table, including Harvey Danger’s “awesome” belt. Inside the ring, all three teams are standing, looking around at each other, as the tension builds. Donovan jokingly shouts a couple of insults over towards Mobley, although he makes sure he’s standing further back than Harvey is. Dangerous Dan and Crazy Chris are both clenching their fists, ready to fight the first team to make a move towards them. Mobley is glaring towards Donovan, while Hill is looking towards the Danger Boiz. After a few seconds, Warrick gives Derek a nudge, pointing towards the Danger Boiz, and Mobley agrees. The two head straight towards Dan & Chris, who move to meet them in kind… and then both teams suddenly turn and charge, with the Danger Boiz attacking Harvey, while the House of Pain goes after Donovan!!!*

Jones: Uh oh, the champs are getting double-teamed!

Logan: Way back when, the Danger Boiz and the House of Pain had an alliance. I think that alliance is reforming temporarily here tonight!

Jones: Well, it makes sense, because, after all, you take out the champs first, then your odds get a hell of a lot better towards getting the victory!

*Harvey tries to fight back, but the numbers are too much, as Crazy Chris & Dangerous Dan take him down with a double legsweep, followed by in-sync elbow drops. On the other side, Derek & Warrick hammer on Donovan in the corner with their boots, then bring him out, lifting Donovan into the air with a double-team brainbuster!! A stunned Donovan rolls out of the ring, trying to get clear. Meanwhile, Harvey gets up, hurting, only to have the Danger Boiz run at him and clothesline him out of the ring! The Danger Boiz, smiling, turn back to see the House of Pain waiting there. Dangerous Dan gives Mobley a nod of respect, which Derek quickly returns. However, Warrick doesn’t seem to appreciate the ‘warm and fuzzy’ feelings, as he suddenly comes across, striking Dan in the side of the head! Derek, shocked, looks over at Warrick, who shrugs, a second before Crazy Chris crashes into him with a tackle! The two fall on the mat, fighting it out, while a recovering Dan comes back in towards Derek, matching up with him!*

Jones: So much for the alliance!

Logan: Warrick never did care for the Danger Boiz. And, after all, this IS about the World Tag-Team Titles, not about friendship!

Jones: True, but I thought they would work together a little bit longer. Oh well, let the brawl begin!

*Dan and Derek move to one side, with Dan taking control with a series of shots. Crazy Chris is now at the other corner, working over Warrick. The two brothers take a moment to look over at each other, then each move to whip their opponents towards each other. At the same time, though, both Derek and Warrick reverse the whip, shooting Dan & Chris across instead! But the brothers react perfectly, locking arms along the way and spinning around each other before running back, scoring mirror image leaping forearm shots!! The House of Pain slumps backwards, with Dan taking advantage by grabbing Derek and coming out of the corner with a running bulldog! With Derek down, Crazy Chris does the same, dropping Warrick down on top of his partner! The House of Pain members roll away, as Chris & Dan raise their arms to the cheers of the crowd. Unfortunately, they miss what’s coming behind them, as Shane Donovan springs back into the match, flying in with a double clothesline from behind!!*

Jones: Just when the Danger Boiz were on top, the champs return!

Logan: That’s what makes this match wild, Jonesy. It’s not going to be easy to get a pin or submission with so many bodies allowed to run around in there!

Jones: Yep, especially since this match isn’t “Falls Count Anywhere”, meaning that the pin has to be in the ring!

*Referee Mitchell is standing nearby, watching the chaos and trying to stay uninvolved unless he’s needed. Meanwhile, Donovan pulls up Crazy Chris, even as Harvey Danger reenters the ring. Donovan waves him over, with the duo double-teaming Chris with a sensational clothesline/sweep combo that slams Chris to the mat! Harvey then goes off the ropes and comes back with a legdrop, followed closely by Shane, who does a senton splash! Donovan then makes the cover, trying to keep the masked man down… 1… 2.. and Dangerous Dan and Derek Mobley are both in there to break it up! Danger immediately goes for Dan, the two “dangerous” wrestlers going at it, while Donovan and Mobley fight as well, exchanging blows. Meanwhile, Warrick, having recovered, senses a steal and dives in, trying for his own cover on Crazy Chris while everyone else is distracted… 1… 2… and Crazy Chris kicks out!*

Logan: Warrick nearly got away with the belts, but Chris still has a lot left in him.

Jones: The guy’s been Television Champion for over a month now, proving that it takes a lot to put Crazy Chris down and out.

Logan: Looks like tag-team formations are out the window, as we’ve got three separate fights going on!

*Dangerous Dan and Harvey Danger have gone outside the ring now, still fighting it out, with Harvey getting in some good shots on the younger wrestler. Inside the ring, Warrick has Crazy Chris in a corner, working him over. Chris, though, blocks a punch and reverses things, getting in his own hits on Hill. The third pairing, Donovan and Mobley are fighting on the other side, with Donovan bringing Mobley out of the corner and setting him up for a DDT. But Derek blocks it, lifting Donovan up instead and throwing him backwards into the corner! Donovan hits hard, but immediately starts getting back up, only to have Mobley step in and grab him, pulling him out of the corner and lifting him into the air vertically, before taking him down with a screwdriver!!! Donovan flops on the mat, knocked senseless. Mobley, seizing the opportunity, drops down for the pin, grabbing the legs… 1… 2… and Crazy Chris comes running over, kicking Mobley to break up the pin! Derek rolls away from Chris’ stomps, while Donovan gets to his stomach, working to recover.*

Jones: An amazing move by Mobley there nearly put this one in the win column!

Logan: Yeah, Mobley’s got a pretty good advantage in this one, being the only guy who’s not really a cruiserweight.

Jones: I don’t know if I’d call that an advantage, considering how fast some of these guys are. But if it’s power you’re wanting, Mobley’s the best bet right now!

*On the outside, Danger has Dangerous Dan in a sleeper hold, apparently trying to make sure that Dan can’t get involved for the rest of the bout. In the ring, Crazy Chris pulls Mobley up, with Donovan stepping alongside him, forming a strange partnership. The two grab Mobley’s arms and whip him across the ring, sending him flying towards where Warrick is getting up. Warrick, seeing him coming, chooses to save himself, quickly sliding himself instinctively through the ropes. With no cushion, Mobley crashes hard into the ‘buckle, falling forward to the mat! Donovan, brushing off his hands, starts to walk towards him, unfortunately not registering Crazy Chris for a moment. He pays for it, as Chris jumps over and grabs Donovan’s head, dropping him with a facebuster! Chris then gets back up, as Warrick again tries to react in his favor, springboarding off the ropes towards the masked man! But Chris spins, seeing him, and gets a flip dropkick, knocking Warrick out of the air!!*

Logan: Crazy Chris is showing that talent that has made him the top young star in the GCWA!

Jones: I know people had the Danger Boiz as unlikely competitors in this one, but they’re proving that they really could go all the way!

Logan: No one should be doubting them, Jonesy. I mean, they’ve held the belts before, after all!

*Crazy Chris is back on his feet, as Derek Mobley tries to come in, only to get leg-swept to the ground. Chris then twists around and grabs Warrick, picking him up in the air for an attempt at the Crazy Bitch! But suddenly Donovan’s there, grabbing Warrick’s outstretched legs and pulling him back down, saving him! Chris, off-balance, turns around towards Donovan, who kicks Chris in the stomach, then grabs his head, trying to set him for the vertebreaker!! He twists Chris around, but then loses him, as Mobley is there, yanking Chris away and tossing him to the side! Donovan turns and launches a kick, but Mobley ducks under it, dodging away. Then, out of nowhere, Warrick’s back in, grabbing Donovan from behind! Mobley hurries in as well, kicking Donovan in the stomach. Mobley then wraps up Donovan and lifts him into a powerbomb, with Warrick helping out, throwing him to the mat!! Mobley makes the pin, as Warrick goes to distract Crazy Chris from the save… 1… 2… Donovan kicks out!*

Jones: That close to new champions!

Logan: It’s looking more and more clear that teamwork is becoming a factor. No one can doubt that the House of Pain are on the same path, as are the brothers in the Danger Boiz. But Donovan and Danger just haven’t found that unity yet.

Jones: Well, it’s somewhat relative. I mean, Donovan & Danger have won together in the past, defeating the Malvados. But I’ll agree that they aren’t quite in sync like these other teams are.

Logan: It takes years to be a strong team, and that’s when there’s respect between you. I think Danger respects Donovan. I’m just not so sure it’s a two-way street.

*Warrick and Crazy Chris are still going at it in the corner, while Mobley pulls a hurting Donovan back to his feet. He hammers Donovan with a couple of shots, driving back. Whatever Mobley has in mind, though, it’s cut short, as, suddenly, Harvey Danger rejoins the fray! Harvey slides into the ring and comes up from behind, nailing Mobley with two clenched fists. Danger takes Mobley into the corner, landing several pops on him, trying to keep him locked in. Warrick, meanwhile, not realizing that his partner’s in trouble, pulls Crazy Chris up and snaps him over with a suplex, keeping the attack on him. On the other side, a recovering Donovan commands Danger to pick Mobley up onto the ‘buckle. Danger gladly does so, getting Mobley up there, with Donovan climbing up beside him to help out. They prepare for a double superplex, but suddenly, Warrick is there, running over and attacking on his own, hammering both men! He gets up beside Donovan, while Crazy Chris, recovering, comes over as well, grabbing hold of Danger in the same belly-to-back suplex lock. To complete the tower, Dangerous Dan reappears, stumbling into the ring and coming over to the pile, getting ahold of both Warrick & Chris! He lifts, as the tower of doom crashes down all over!!!!*

Logan: Holy crap!!

Jones: The whole ring just shook from that impact, and the crowd is going insane!!

Logan: I don’t know who’s in good shape after that, but I can tell you that Derek Mobley definitely took the worst of it!!

*A chant is going through the crowd, one that resembles “Holy Snikes” but is ‘slightly’ different. In the ring, everyone is down, with referee Thomas Mitchell looking on with shock at the destruction. Slowly, Dangerous Dan grabs the ropes, pulling himself up. He rubs his head, dazed from some of the shots he’s taken, but he’s still the only man on his feet. He moves through the rubble, heading straight for the top of the tower, Mobley. Dan drops an elbow, then makes the cover, with the referee moving in… 1… 2… and Danger barely dives over in time, breaking it up!! Dan pushes off the ground, getting himself up, meeting up with Harvey, who kicks Dan in the ribs, then drops him with a fameasser!! Exhausted, Danger leans himself on top of Dan… 1… 2… No, Crazy Chris is there for the save! As both men get up, Chris launches into a cartwheel kick, knocking Danger to the mat! Chris dives in for the cover… 1… 2… and Warrick is there, barely making the save!!*

Jones: Man, no one can put this one away!

Logan: The fans are biting on every cover now, wondering when someone’s going to steal it, but so far, no one’s managed to do it.

Jones: Everyone in that ring is starting to look very, very tired!

*Warrick pulls at Crazy Chris, trying to get him up. Both men are unsteady, which works perfectly for a recovering Shane Donovan, who runs in and clotheslines both men, sending them out of the ring!!! Donovan, breathing hard, turns around and goes over to Dangerous Dan, who is trying to get back up. He steps over him, applying the Clincher!!! Dangerous Dan struggles to get free, trying to drag himself towards the ropes, as referee Mitchell stays close to the action. Harvey Danger gets up, leaning on his legs, watching. He turns around, looking for any threats. Unfortunately, he turns too late, as Mobley comes in with a leap, grabbing Danger by the throat and lifting him up, then dropping with the Thriller!!! The place is going nuts, as Mobley falls onto Danger, making the cover. Donovan is concentrating on the Clincher, keeping it locked on Dan, who is refusing to submit. Referee Mitchell, though, has a different perspective, running over to the pin! Donovan, seeing it, looks back, then works to disentangle himself fast enough… 1… 2… Donovan can’t make it… 3!!!!!!!*

Minos: Here are your winners, and the NEW GCWA Tag-Team Champions of the World, Derek Mobley & Warrick Hill, the House of Pain!!

Jones: Incredible!! Just as it looked like D & D had it wrapped up, Derek Mobley stepped in and took out Danger with the Thriller!!

Logan: Donovan thought he could Dangerous Dan to quickly tap to the Clincher, but Dan fought too hard, refusing to quit! Meanwhile, as we can see in the replay, Warrick was able to keep Crazy Chris from getting through the ropes, making sure his partner got the victory for them!

Jones: It’s a monumental night for the House of Pain, as they’ve retrieved the belts that they’ve pursued for quite some time!

Logan: What a match!

*The House of Pain embraces, happy about their victory. Warrick, though, is quick to break the hug, immediately trying to look uber-manly again. Derek just laughs and goes to the corner, raising up the title, with the Danger Boiz coming up behind Warrick! Hill turns around, sensing them, expecting trouble, but Dangerous Dan, though a little unhappy, reaches out his hand! Warrick tentatively returns the gesture, giving Dan a handshake. Crazy Chris, having retrieved his Television Title, does the same, then the two leave, letting the House of Pain celebrate. On the outside, you can see Donovan walking down the aisle, looking upset. He’s not giving much help to Harvey, who is staggering behind him, not sure where he’s at after the impact he took. As they depart, we switch to a shot of the back, where Draco is sitting. He quietly turns off the television, breathing deeply, then turns and leaves the room, staying focused. On the other side, we see Lurrr walking out, along with Rick Mathis. The World Title is absent, but then, it’s probably already in position above the ring. We fade out to one more quick break before the main event.*

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