*As we come back, we see the #1 Contender, Draco, as he’s making his way through the hallways. He’s looking intent on making an impact tonight. Suddenly, he trips and stumbles forward, nearly falling. He gathers himself and turns to see what he tripped on. To his surprise, it is someone’s foot, and as he looks up, he gets an amused look on his face.*

Draco: Well, well, well. Look who finally decided to come out from under the rock he was hiding.

Marcus Ka’Derrion steps up to Draco, ignoring his words, but instead, giving Draco a few of his own.

Marcus Ka'Derrion: Careful Draco. Don’t want be stumbling right before your big match.

Draco is about to retort but Marcus cuts him off.

Marcus Ka'Derrion: Or… during it. I’ll see you later.

*Marcus walks away leaving Draco with a puzzled look on his face, but only briefly as he brushes it off and heads for the ring. We go back to ringside.*

Logan: Interesting. I wonder what Marcus meant by that?

Jones: I hope that doesn’t mean Ka’Derrion’s going to get involved in the main event!

Logan: Nah, I don’t think he’d do that… would he?

Jones: I guess we’ll just have to see. Because it’s time to get started!

Minos: It is time for the main event of the evening. Two men have fought continuously for their right to declare themselves at the top of the GCWA hierarchy. Today, one of them makes the ultimate statement to their right in that position!

*The crowd, which was starting to look tired from so much great action, reenergizes, pumping up for what’s sure to be a monumental main event.*

Minos: This match will be a “Tables, Ladders, and Chairs” Match, with the prize hanging in the balance: the GCWA Heavyweight Championship of the World!

*The crowd roars at the sight of the championship being lowered from the ceiling, dropping into view. It looks like it’s pretty high up there, making it a true challenge for anyone to try and retrieve it.*

Minos: First, introducing the #1 Contender. He has gathered in numerous championships in the GCWA, and now makes his first attempt at becoming the World Heavyweight Champ. Standing 5’11” and weighing 204 lbs, from Whiteboro, New York, here is the GCWA Intercontinental Heavyweight Champion, Draco!

*The fans are cheering for Draco as he makes his way out to “Indestructible” by Disturbed. He looks behind him for a second, making sure he wasn’t followed, then continues on, smirking as he walks down the aisle. Donovan and Danger, who haven’t gone far, meet him in the aisleway, with Danger both apologizing and blaming the referee. Donovan is shaking his head, but Draco almost doesn’t seem to notice, walking right past the two of them, who fall in line behind him.*

Jones: Draco’s life was apparently threatened this week, although he hasn’t gone into great detail on what happened.

Logan: I also heard his brother took a turn for the worse at the hospital. Hopefully, Draco’s able to fully concentrate tonight, in the biggest match of his wrestling career!

Minos: His opponent has been a force in the GCWA since its return at the beginning of 2009… standing 6’5” and weighing 235 lbs, with his ally in the Roman Empire, Rick Mathis, here is the GCWA Heavyweight Champion of the World… Lurrr!*

*The boos are thunderous in the New Orleans Arena, showing how far-spread the hatred of the Roman Empire is. Lurrr & Mathis walk out as a unit, with Lurrr striking a pose, flexing his muscles. Pyro, as befitting the champion, goes off behind him, with Lurrr loving every minute of it. As “Cocky” by Kid Rock continues to play, the duo walks towards the ring.*

Logan: Reports were sketchy, but seemed to point towards sightings of Lurrr being picked up by some form of law enforcement during the week.

Jones: I heard that Lurrr might have been pressured to testify against his ‘business associate’, Mr. Lombardo.

Logan: That’s just a rumor, Jonesy.

Jones: No, I heard it from a good source…

Logan: Jonesy, do you really want Lurrr’s death on your hands?? Thugs watch these pay-per-views too, y’know?? Damn!

Jones: Huh? Oh… yeah, you’re right, that source must have been on drugs or something…

*The Bell Rings.*

Logan: Here we go, for the biggest belt in the land!!

Jones: I’m actually a little surprised that the Accelerator didn’t ban any other wrestlers from ringside, Anthony. I mean, this match has no rules, right?

Logan: Well, apparently Ace decided to that the forces were relatively even, and hey, this could make the match more entertaining, couldn’t it?

*The title is hanging over head, making Head Referee Mark Bell’s job pretty easy. He’s just going to step back and let things go where they will. Draco and Lurrr walk towards the center of the ring, with Lurrr apparently extremely confident in his abilities. He leans down towards Draco, as if trying to mock the size advantage. Draco doesn’t budge, content to sit there and smile. Lurrr steps back, still in a good mood. He decides to raise one of his arms in the air, trying to get Draco to agree to a test of strength! Of course, Lurrr’s got the arm pretty high in the air. Draco doesn’t even go for it, keeping the same expression on his face. Lurrr, starting to look annoyed, steps away, as if to talk to Mathis, then suddenly turns back, lashing out with a punch… that Draco blocks, then comes back with his own, firing shot after shot at the World Champion, to the roar of the crowd!!*

Jones: The rage is coming out!

Logan: That’s a point for Draco in the psychological war, as he managed to get Lurrr to make the first rash decision!

Jones: It’s the first move in a very long chess match, though, Anthony. We’ll see how much of an effect it has on the whole bout.

*In the ropes, Draco whips Lurrr across to the other side, no, reversal, Draco goes for the ride instead. Lurrr waits for Draco to come back, then spins into a sidekick, but Draco’s able to avoid it by sliding underneath! Draco hops back to his feet, meeting Lurrr as the champion spins around. Draco is immediately up on Lurrr’s shoulders, taking him down with a hurricanrana!! Lurrr rolls on the mat, then goes to the outside, dazed. He takes a couple of steps, with Draco repositioning himself to run forward. But Draco puts on the brakes before leaping out of the ring, as Rick Mathis steps into the way! Mathis, on the outside, raises both hands, daring Draco to try it. This, though, brings Harvey Danger running around the side, charging at Mathis… who raises the big boot to knock Danger to his back!! Harvey’s down, but the distraction works, as Donovan comes from around the post, leaping off the apron and crashing into Mathis’ back to take him down!!*

Logan: Not surprisingly, the fighting has spread!

Jones: You have to wonder, though, after the tag-team match earlier, how much energy do Donovan & Danger have left to match against Mathis??

Logan: Well, clearly Danger’s still a little loopy from that Thriller, as he ran into that boot like a pro.

*On the outside, Mathis is trying to get back up, with Donovan pounding on his back. Lurrr, though, comes in and pulls Donovan off, throwing him hard into the nearby railing. Lurrr then stomps away on Donovan, keeping him down. Mathis struggles to get up, with Danger rising near him, looking dazed. Lurrr sees it and goes over to Danger, punching away at him, while Mathis hauls himself up, grabbing onto Donovan. Meanwhile, the crowd has started to cheer, grabbing Mathis’ attention. He looks around, then, after a double take, reaches over and grabs Lurrr, surprising him. He points towards the ring, where Draco has already set up a ladder and is climbing up!!! Lurrr, spurred into action, dives through the ropes, with Mathis making sure that Danger can’t contain him. Draco is reaching up, nearly with the title in his grasp, but Lurrr hurries up after him, hitting Draco in the side and keeping him from winning the match!*

Logan: Man, would that have been a shocker!! The distraction by the rest of D & D very nearly decided this bout!

Jones: Yep, no matter what the rest of the wrestlers do, the only ones who can get the belt are Draco or Lurrr, which means that you have to keep your eyes on them!

Logan: Was this planned by D & D? If it was, it was a masterful plan!

*On the ladder, Lurrr climbs up closer to Draco, punching away at him to keep him from reaching out. Lurrr then grabs Draco around the middle and drops back with a German suplex off the ladder!!! Draco hits hard, as does Lurrr, earning some cheers from the crowd! On the outside, Mathis is working on containing the rest of D & D, bodily picking up Harvey and bodyslamming him on top of Donovan, who had been trying to get up! Lurrr, meanwhile, slides out of the ring and goes underneath, picking out a chair for his own personal use! He comes into the ring and sets up the chair to the side. He goes back to Draco, who is trying to get up. But Lurrr’s too quick, picking up Draco in a fireman’s carry, then dropping him facefirst into the opened chair with an FU!! The crowd gasps, as Draco collapses to the side from the impact.*

Jones: Ouch!! Draco just got spiked like a football!

Logan: Man, Lurrr may have just stopped this one right there!! That is, if he wanted to end it, but I don’t think that’s in his plans!

*Mathis is applauding on the outside, while Lurrr gets back up, taking a mock bow towards the booing audience. He moves over to the chair, picking it up and folding it. He then puts it onto Draco’s exposed arm, closing it around his wrist. It’s the arm that’s already taped up from earlier injuries. Lurrr then runs back to the ropes and returns, running right across the chair!! Draco’s legs thump into the mat, showing his pain, as he manages to extract his wounded arm from the chair. Lurrr’s smiling now, as he grabs the chair and pulls it up, hefting it like a weapon. He stands back, cockily leaning on the very ladder that he could be using to win, waiting for Draco to recover. As the #1 Contender gets up, Lurrr rears back, ready to come in. He charges with the steel, with Draco spotting him coming and dropping, swinging and clipping Lurrr’s legs! With his momentum taken out, Lurrr falls forward, landing on top of the very chair he was going to use!!*

Logan: Someone call Lurrr a plastic surgeon, because his nose just got rearranged!

Jones: Nice move by Draco, using Lurrr’s own maneuver against him! That could get him back into this one!

*Draco is slowly getting back up, his hand obviously hurting him. Lurrr is struggling to his feet as well, trying to readjust. The World Champion stumbles to the ropes, then turns, only to have Draco come in with the chair, jamming it edgewise into his stomach!! Lurrr bends over, gasping, then tries to straighten up to defend himself. Surprisingly, Draco then flips him the chair, with Lurrr instinctively catching it! Before Lurrr’s brain can tell him what a mistake that is, Draco comes in, snapping off the Momentum Shift into the chair!!! Lurrr falls backwards from the impact, dropping through the ropes and rolling to the floor!! Draco falls to his knees, breathing heavily, as the crowd cheers, trying to get him moving. Draco, listening to them, turns and heads for the ladder, starting to climb. However, Mathis is already coming into the ring!! The big man storms over to Draco, reaching up and grabbing Draco around the throat!!*

Logan: Damnit, Mathis!!

Jones: He’s just doing his job, Anthony, making sure that Draco can’t just walk away with the belt!

Logan: Yeah, but still… damnit!

*Draco tries to free himself, but to no avail, as Mathis lifts him off the ladder and gives him a chokeslam into the canvas!! Mathis then kicks away at Draco, ignoring the violent boos of the crowd. Meanwhile, Lurrr can be seen, getting up outside the ring. He reaches under the ring and pulls out a table, sliding it under the ropes! Lurrr slides in, a little blood dripping from a cut on his face. He waves to Mathis, who comes over to help him set up the table. They put it up to the side, with Lurrr going back to stomp away on Draco angrily. Mathis comes in as well, helping Lurrr lift the man up. They position him, with Mathis pulling Draco up onto his shoulders for a powerbomb through the table!! Lurrr cheers him on, not realizing that Donovan is in the ring, charging forward and spearing him!!! Lurrr and Donovan go toppling down, while Danger appears, running in and kicking Mathis repeatedly in the back of the knees! Mathis doesn’t go down, but it’s enough to distract him, as Draco is able to turn the powerbomb into a hurricanrana into the table!!!*

Logan: Mathis gets a taste of wood!!

Jones: D & D saved the day there, as the Roman Empire looked to be about to put this one away!!

Logan: Hopefully, Draco will remember Danger saving his butt, the next time he thinks about letting Donovan joke around with him!

*Mathis is down in a debris table, even as Danger tries to give Draco a hand up. On the other side, Donovan pulls Lurrr up, reaching into his pocket. He pulls out what look like a pair of handcuffs!!! Donovan clips one end on the ropes, then reaches for Lurrr’s wrist. However, Lurrr suddenly strikes out, catching Donovan under the chin, stunning him. Lurrr, clearly remembering the handcuffs, reaches out and clips Donovan’s arm to them instead, locking it into place!! Donovan, stunned, tries to swing with his free hand, but Lurrr ducks it, then lifts, tossing Donovan over the ropes, where he hangs from his handcuffed arm!!! On the other side, Draco’s up, already coming over to Lurrr. He grabs at the World Champion, spinning him around, but Lurrr immediately goes to the eyes, raking them!! Draco stumbles back, with Lurrr then stepping up and swinging, hitting the Wake Up Call!!!!!*

Jones: The Wake Up Call lands!!!! Draco’s out!!!

Logan: That could do it!! All Lurrr has to do is start climbing now!!

Jones: Except there’s one guy in his way, Anthony!

*Lurrr pulls himself to his feet, obviously having taken some lumps in this one. He smirks at the downed Draco, and then starts to go towards the ladder, before stopping in his tracks. Standing between him and the win is Harvey Danger!! Danger looks a little nervous, not to mention tired, but he stays where he is, refusing to let Lurrr go! The World Champion looks exasperated, shaking his head. He then runs forward, swinging at Danger, who backpedals, hiding behind the ladder! Lurrr, confused, goes around one side, but Danger hurries to the other, staying ahead of him! Lurrr angrily puts a foot on the ladder, as if to start climbing, but Danger shakes the ladder, causing Lurrr to hurriedly step back off. It’s a stalemate, with frustration building on Lurrr’s face.*

Logan: Danger’s playing ring around the ladder!

Jones: Well, it’s working, at least as a delaying tactic, as Lurrr can’t climb up with him there, but can’t catch him, either!

Logan: Yeah, and it looks like Draco’s starting to recover!

*Draco’s grabbing at the ropes, though he’s still clearly out of it. Danger sees him moving and smiles, unaware that Lurrr’s decided on another tactic. The World Champion reaches down and grabs the ladder from the bottom, up-ending it and causing it to fall onto Danger, knocking him down!! Lurrr then comes in, grabbing hold of Harvey before he can get away, pummeling him with a couple of shots before tossing Danger over the top rope towards a set-up table!! Danger hangs onto the ropes, though, skinning the cat, and starts to come back in! However, Lurrr saw it and was ready, catching Danger on the way in on his shoulder, then tossing him back out, with Harvey falling too fast to right himself! Danger crashes to the outside, through the table, putting him out of action!! Lurrr, smiling, wipes away at his face, then turns, picking up the ladder where it had fallen.*

Jones: We’re running out of extra wrestlers!

Logan: Yeah, both Harvey and Mathis have gone through tables, while Donovan’s still handcuffed to the ropes!

Jones: Lurrr’s making a move for the belt! Has Draco recovered enough to stop him?

*Lurrr starts up the ladder, climbing over each rung, on his way up. Draco, meanwhile, has barely been able to get to his feet, hanging onto the ropes for balance. The Wake Up Call knocked him for a loop, but he seems to be drawing onto resources deep within his soul, possibly letting another part of him take control. Draco stumbles forward, throwing his body into the side of the ladder and tipping it, causing Lurrr to fall to the side, crashing into the ropes and rebounding back into the ring!! Everyone is down, as the crowd starts up a “GCWA” chant, loving every minute of this main event! Draco is the first man to start getting up, still looking dazed. He stumbles over to the downed ladder, pulling it up, but chooses to take it over near the corner instead. He then starts to climb, to the cheers of the audience.*

Logan: You aren’t going to reach the belt from there, Draco! How bad did that kick mess you up??

Jones: I don’t think he’s planning on going for the belt, Anthony. He’s got other intentions in mind!

*Lurrr is still on the ground, holding his side, while Draco is up on the top of the turnbuckle, with his hands on the ladder. He braces himself, then leaps, coming over the top of the ladder with a flying leg drop straight onto Lurrr’s chest!!! The crowd loves it, cheering like crazy, as Draco rolls in pain from the landing. Lurrr’s still down, not moving. Draco struggles to recover, clearly hurting badly. Nearby, Mathis is still down, not able to recover from the table shot. Danger is still down as well, while Donovan is trying to get up. His arm might have been overextended from the jolt he took. Inside the ring, Draco is up, staggering towards the ladder. He grabs it and pulls it over, trying to get it underneath the hanging belt. It takes time, but Draco manages it, then starts his climb!*

Logan: This is it! If Draco can get up that ladder, we have a new World Champion!

Jones: He’s got to climb faster, though, because Lurrr’s already starting to recover!

*Draco is going up, rung by rung, as he gets closer and closer to the gold. Lurrr, though, is back on his feet, holding his ribs but still moving. He gets up and climbs as well, on the opposite side. The two meet at the top, with the fans cheering wildly. The two men start swinging, pummeling each other, each trying for one last triumph. Lurrr manages to block Draco’s attempt at using his hurt arm, then starts shooting in shot after shot, with Draco desperately hanging on by his fingertips. Lurrr, sensing an opening, gets up further on the ladder and reaches up, but Draco comes back, swinging through the ladder gap with a low blow!!! Lurrr slides a couple of rungs, gasping from the shot, even as Draco repositions, then jumps up coming over the ladder and taking Lurrr down with a variation of the Hellacious!!!!! Lurrr is down, as the crowd is now roaring!!!*

Jones: The Hellacious lands!!! The Hellacious!!

Logan: My god, that was devastating!!!

*The audience is going crazy, trying to will Draco up to his feet. The battered #1 Contender manages it, still cradling his hurting arm. He reaches for the rungs and goes up, using the last of his adrenaline to climb up quickly. On the mat, Lurrr struggles to sit up, but he’s definitely out of it, only running on instinct. On the outside, Donovan is cheering, even as he’s working on the handcuffs with his free, uninjured hand, using the key he, of course, had. Draco makes it to the top, slowly reaching out, the fans getting louder with every inch closer he gets. Lurrr sits up, but can’t get to the ladder in time, as Draco snatches the belt out of the air, falling back to the ground!! The bell begins to ring, signifying the end of the contest!*

Minos: Here is your winner, and the NEW GCWA Heavyweight Champion of the World, Draco!!!

Logan: Incredible!! The Summer of Lurrr is over!!

Jones: We have a new Heavyweight Champion!!

Logan: What a stunning ending to Adrenaline Rush!!! It was turn after turn, with both guys having some great chances to win, but in the end, it was a Hellacious off the ladder that decided it!!

Jones: Talk about a wild night for Draco, as he loses the Tag-Team Titles, but gains the biggest belt in the land!

Logan: We’re out of time, folks, so we’ll head on out! Don’t forget to tune in next week on Inferno, when we’ll continue the march towards the Righteous Rumble!!

*Draco and Donovan are celebrating together, even as some confetti (most likely paid for by money for veterans) falls from the ceiling. Danger, for his part, is still down, a happy smile on his face due to whatever he’s dreaming about. On the outside, Lurrr and Mathis have already moved, with Mathis still hurting. Lurrr’s dazed, but still knows what happened. He looks furious in the chain of events. Donovan holds up Draco’s arm, fortunately grabbing the uninjured one, helping him celebrate this momentous achievement. We fade out on a shot of Draco, with the gold in the air.*

Woohooo!! The PPV is up, and it's done! I am definitely pleased, considering I felt so lousy yesterday, I didn't think I was going to make it. Thank goodness I got to work early on this. That sixth sense of mine said to start writing early last week, and it paid off *lol*.

Hopefully, everyone enjoyed this show. I had to make some VERY tough decisions on winners, as most of the matches were very close scoring-wise. It didn't help that none of you really 'screwed up'. It shows how many great rp'ers we have here in the GCWA that decisions are so hard to make. And now I have to decide one winner out of a group of rp'ers for the Rumble? God help me.

Anyhow, here's the card I've put together for next week:

- Derrick North vs. Aaron Styles

- Mr. Excellent vs. Bruiser Kelley

- Marcus Ka'Derrion vs. Arachne

- Warrick Hill vs. Robert Santana

- Lurrr vs. Harvey Danger

- Crazy Chris(c) vs. Scott Caine, GCWA Television Title Match (final match between the two)

- Draco celebration (if he desires)

Roleplaying will be from Sunday, October 11th until Thursday, October 15th, still 3 roleplays, 150-line limits (although wrestlers can make deals on the OOC Board to just roleplay twice, if need be, since it's a shortened window). Expect some dark matches, as I'm freakin' tired *l*. Good luck!