The Rock's Signature Finishing Moves

The People's Elbow - It was one of the weakest-looking signature moves in history, right up there with the Leg Drop and the WORM, but the fans still exploded every time. With the opponent down in the middle of the ring, The Rock would strike his pose, usually pulling off one of his elbow pads to signify the start of the maneuver. The Rock would then criss-cross the ring, hitting both sides of the ring ropes, before stopping next to the downed wrestler and planting an elbow drop right into the foe's ribs. This could definitely lead to a pinfall victory, depending on if The Rock Bottom came before it.

The Rock Bottom - This move has been used by many wrestlers, including Booker T's Bookend, among others. That just shows how famous it is. Within the blink of an eye, the Rock could apply this hold. He would grab the surprised/stunned wrestler with one arm around his upper body, then lift, picking him up and almost immediately slamming him back to the mat, with the Rock's weight landing on top. This could be followed by either a People's Elbow or a pinfall attempt, which usually succeeded.