TNA Impact
November 19th, 2005

Well, here we go again. Another wrestling show, another late report. This fully explains why I haven't bothered to try to get onto one of those larger column sites, like obssessedwithwrestling and 411wrestling: because I know that, right now, I just don't have the time. On Saturday, I was dead-tired after working all Friday night, then helping feed the homeless Thanksgiving dinner with my Scouts. Hey, if you have to be awake for nearly 24 hours, you're going to be feeling it, too. Plus, of course, I had to work Saturday night, so I went to sleep instead of watching TNA, getting some much-needed zzz's. Hence, I didn't post the results Sunday morning during my shift.

Today, I managed to squeeze in a viewing of the show, and although I know most people have already checked out other reviews and know what happened, I still feel obligated to throw out my own opinions. Why? Well, for one, I figure that if I can keep posting columns, maybe, someday, eventually, I'll have a few more people join on and become consistent, allowing this area to finally take off. Second, I want to keep my TV Reviews page current, so that, if I need to, I can go back and check them for information. Third, I just want to. That's how I roll (yep, I'm a Christian mark, how'd you guess?).

So, with that said, we've got the post-Genesis Impact to talk about, so let's get to it.

- Video clips recap what happened at Genesis. For more info, you can always check out my review (I love advertising for myself!).

- Match #1: Samoa Joe defeated Jerelle Clark with the Muscle Buster/Rear Naked Choke. Samoa Joe brought out the bloody towel he had with him at Genesis (with Christopher Daniels' blood on it). Clark got in a few shots, but it was mostly a Samoa Joe domination, only taking a couple of minutes.

- After the match, AJ Styles appeared on screen, talking to Samoa Joe about him having broken the unwritten code of the X Division. Styles threw out a challenge to Samoa Joe for an X Title Match at Turning Point. The champion choosing his challenger? Good for AJ, since it seems to take Zbyszko forever to make up his mind.

- While Mike Tenay was hyping two matches for Turning Point (Styles vs. Samoa Joe and Sabu vs. Abyss, Barbed Wire Madness), Jeff Jarrett (w/ Gail Kim) came out to the announce table and demanded from Tenay to know who the #1 Contender was. The Professor said that Zbyszko was in a meeting in his office, and, after a few mistakes, Jarrett said he would go there and find out. There were a lot of problems here, and I'll discuss them in the summary.

- Match #2: America's Most Wanted won a "Non-Title" Match over Sonny Siaki & Apolo. Decent match, with AMW cheating to win at the end. When Apolo went to dive out onto James Storm, Storm caught him with a beer bottle, knocking him out. With Siaki distracted by this, Chris Harris got some brass knuckles on and stunned him, before Storm came back in to allow them to nail the Death Sentence for the win.

- After the match, AMW prepared a table, spray-painting "3b" on it (I know the b was supposed to be a D, but the line was a little high, so I'm calling it b. So there!). They were going to put Siaki through the table with the Death Sentence, but Team 3-D made the save. Brother Ray got on the mic and said that AMW didn't know the first thing about putting people through tables (ummm, didn't they put Rhino through one not that long ago?). Brother Ray also said that they had just gotten through talking to Zbyszko (who was supposed to be busy on a conference call, but I guess he put that on hold for a second), and that it would be a Tables Match between AMW and Team 3-D at Turning Point. AMW didn't look happy. Team 3-D then heaved the spray-painted table over the ropes and up the ramp; it went a fair distance, and I'm sure the crowd nearby got a little nervous.

- Jarrett & Kim are seen waiting out front of Zbyszko's door (apparently Team 3-D can get in, but they can't). Shane Douglas is with them, with all waiting to find out Jarrett's next opponent. Jarrett even has Kim try to call Zbyszko on her cell phone, even though Zbyszko's already on the phone.

- A long video history covers the troubling times recently with 3 Live Kru and Kip James, leading to the events of the night before.

- We then go to a live shot of Shane Douglas (who said he was going to wait in front of Zbyszko's door until he got an answer *scratches head*) with 3 Live Kru. BG James says he has an announcement to make the next week, which was news to the Truth & Konnan. General dissention ruled, with James saying to trust him, and that the decision is in the best interests of 3LK. Killings and Konnan finally stormed off, with James looking frustrated. Now wait a second, didn't everything get resolved the night before, with Kip James & Konnan shaking hands? All of the sudden, it's blown up again. Strange.

- Match #3: Rhino defeated Abyss with the Gore, after Sabu distracted the monster with a barbed-wire steel chair. The two power-houses really let each other have it, with Father Mitchell involving himself whenever possible. At one point, Mitchell entered the ring, only to be caught by Rhino. Mitchell tried to escape, but appeared to hurt his ankle, falling down. This made him a perfect target for the Gore, but Abyss intercepted, allowing Mitchell to escape. Late in the match, Rhino set up a table, but eventually missed Abyss and went through it himself. But, thanks to Sabu's "lights out" distraction, Rhino got the Gore for the win. Sabu left afterwards, celebrating.

- In Zbyszko's office, Jarrett learns that his PPV opponent is none other than Rhino. Surprisingly, Jarrett brings up both Raven and Monty Brown, wanting to know why they're got getting the shot, saying "fair is fair". Jarrett also mentioned Christian Cage, saying that he would probably be pushed in front of Brown, too, insinuating that the newcomers were getting pushes that the loyal wrestlers weren't. Zbyszko seemed confused, saying that he thought Jarrett hated both Raven & Brown, but Jarrett wouldn't be swayed in his argument. Gail Kim also said that Zbyszko was on thin ice. Hate to tell you this, Gail, but you're a newcomer as well.

- Christian Cage came out in the main event slot and basically repeated his Genesis speech, saying that he didn't care who had problems with him in TNA, and that he was there to win the NWA World Title. Monty Brown then came out, giving his own speech about how the only way Cage was going to leapfrog him in the title hunt would be if Brown laid down, which he'll never do. He also mentioned Cage's poor fashion sense. Cage cut off Brown's "Pounce" catchphrase, talking instead about how Brown likes to pounce on men. This inspired a "Monty's Gay!" chant which I thought was quite funny. When Cage did the "Pounce" phrase to Brown, this started a brawl, with Cage getting the upper hand for a minute, but then falling to the Pounce! Brown stood over the fallen Cage (who was in a crucifixtion position for some reason) as the show ended.

Summary: Ok, first off, I think this show was better than last week's. I liked the matches, and especially the way that they gave them time to develop. Three matches in one hour really worked well, even if one of them was only 2 minutes long. I would have rather seen some more X Division action, but the Rhino/Abyss match definitely was worth watching, so I can forgive Spike TV for not giving me a dose of Styles, Daniels, or Williams for one week (but they better be back next week!).

My main problems with tonight's actions stemmed from lack of consistency. A lot of these surrounded Jeff Jarrett, who, in my opinion, was made to look pretty stupid in this one. Let's list a few things that I was annoyed about tonight:

1) Jarrett came out to Mike Tenay, rather than first going to Zbyszko's office, to demand to know who the #1 Contender was.

2) When Tenay said that Zbyszko was in a conference call in his office to decide the new champ, Jarrett said "Where is Zbyszko?" Not surprisingly, Tenay replied "I just told you!" and repeated himself.

3) When Jarrett FINALLY went to Zbyszko's office, he had to wait outside. But, as I stated, Brother Ray said that he & D'Von had just come from Zbyszko's office, having gotten the Tables match signed. So was Zbyszko being biased, talking to Team 3-D and not Jarrett?

4) Shane Douglas, when interviewing Jarrett outside Zbyszko's door, said he wasn't leaving until they found out who the #1 Contender was. A commercial break later, Douglas was interviewing 3LK. Douglas wasn't around when Zbyszko finally announced that Rhino was the challenger.

5) There was no mention of Brown having won a Contender's Match over Hardy at the PPV, not even from Brown. It was kind of odd, making me wonder if they're going to scale back Hardy again.

6) As I mentioned above, 3LK seemed to bond with Kip James at Genesis, but on Impact, they're fighting amongst themselves again, with Kip nowhere in sight. They also didn't show Konnan shaking hands with Kip at Genesis, clipping it so that only Kip's offer of a shake was shown.

That's just the six I can think of right now. I just believe that continuity errors like these should really be able to be avoided on a 1-hour television show. It isn't that big a deal, really, but when there are several problems in a row in such a short show, it gets under my skin. I wince whenever I see Jarrett come to the announce table. This could be just as easily done with a clip on the big screen, or just going straight to Jarrett waiting outside the door. Anything would have been better than the mess he had with Tenay.

All-in-all, it was an ok show, but I can't give it my full recommendation. I just can't help but hope for more in the future.

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