TNA Impact
November 12th, 2005

We're one day away from Genesis, which is being hyped as the biggest PPV of the year... much like Bound For Glory '05 was. Well, you can't fault them for wanting to push themselves higher. So will any other matches be added for tommorrow night? And will anyone get in any final shots to the competition? Let's get to it.

- We started with highlights of the Prime Time Special. No surprise there.

- Monty Brown came to the ring and talked about how he's glad that Jarrett won the NWA Title, and that he wants a title shot. James Mitchell & Abyss interrupted, with Mitchell saying that Brown complains as much as Raven. Zing! Mitchell then said that he was impressed with Brown, but that Abyss is more deserving of the shot. As the two came together, apparently to fight, Jeff Hardy came out as well, and didn't say a word, as both men attacked him, eventually throwing him down. Brown then brawled with Abyss, which allowed Hardy to recover and come off the top turnbuckle with a split-legged dropkick on both. Security broke up the brawl, as the crowd chanted "Let them fight". Interesting, yet where was Sabu? I mean, why's Abyss getting in Brown's face, if he's fighting someone else?

- Match #1: Samoa Joe defeated Austin Aries with the muscle buster/rear choke submission. Christopher Danielson was at the announce table, talking about himself being the self-appointed leader of his team in Elimination X. He even called it the Ministry at one point. Obviously problems are still brewing between Joe & Daniels, which I like. I want to see a singles match at the next PPV after Genesis, TNA. Make it happen.

- Shane Douglas announced that he had been asked to join Scott D'Amore and Larry Zbyszko in Zbyszko's office so that D'Amore could make an announcement. D'Amore thanked Zbyszko for the match against 3LK, then wanted a new idea added to the match, Hockey Sticks on Poles! Zbyszko balked at first, but when D'Amore mentioned the buyrate, Zbyszko gave in... as well as making Kip James the special referee for the match. D'Amore didn't look happy.

- Match #2: Kip James easily beat Lex Lovett with a finishing move I haven't seen before (sort of a Backbreaker into a slam). Even the crowd didn't know it was over until the count of 3, it was that quick. After the match, Team Canada came down, with hockey sticks, to get James (not the smartest of moves if he's going to be your ref the next night, but I guess they wanted to put him out). BG James & Ron Killings made the save, followed by a reluctant Konnan (and his shoe). Konnan refused to join Killings & the James boys in the ring.

- Match #3: Petey Williams won a "Finisher's Challenge" Match over AJ Styles. I was biased watching this match from the start, as I just don't like seeing matches on free tv that are going to be offered on PPV, ESPECIALLY when the PPV is tommorrow! It just annoys me. Anyway, D'Amore, as expected, interfered when Styles was going for the Styles Clash on Williams. Styles ducked D'Amore's attempt to hit him with the title, then went for the Styles Clash on D'Amore instead. But Petey got the belt and cold-cocked Styles, then got the Canadian Destroyer (coincidentally right as the ref looked up) for the victory.

- With Shane Douglas inbetween, and with security behind him, Zbyskzo met with Raven regarding their mutual dislike of each other. Zbyszko admitted that he couldn't fire Raven, but that he was going to put him through hell until Raven signed a release, announcing that Raven would face an opponent of Zbyszko's choosing at Genesis. A match involving Raven? What a wild idea! Raven threw down the release and went after Zbyszko, only to once again be carted out by security. I used to really like Zbyszko back in WCW, but he always seems so flat and 'rehearsed' now in his interview segments. Maybe it's just TNA.

- Match #4: Jeff Jarrett & America's Most Wanted defeated Chris Sabin, Jeff Hardy, & Lance Hoyt. The faces put up a good fight, with their high-flying antics (although Hardy nearly took a nasty spill when he just barely bounced off the ropes to jump out of the ring onto AMW). Sabin then dodged the guitar shot and DDT'ed Jarrett, nearly pinning him! The place nearly erupted at that one. Sabin went to the turnbuckle, but Gail Kim again interfered, causing Sabin to fall on the 'buckle. Jarrett got a Turnbuckle Stroke for the victory.

- After the match, the heels beat down the faces, with Hoyt being hand-cuffed to the ropes. Rhino ran in to make the save. As the heels retreated, Team 3-D appeared behind them, going at it with AMW as Rhino attacked Jarrett. Once again, we end on a brawl.

Summary: I don't know. I might give this one the lowest rating of all the Impacts I've seen on Spike TV so far, especially for one that's coming right before a PPV. It felt kind of chaotic, as they tried to talk about all of the Genesis bouts in a single hour.

I really think it's caused by the fact that we had the prime-time special just last week. It feels to me, and probably to many other TNA fans, that we just DID the PPV thing twice in the last few weeks. Bound For Glory was on October 23rd, the prime-time special was on November 3rd, and now we've got Genesis on November 13th. It just feels a little rushed right now to me, and I'm sure I'm not alone in this regard.

What really helped was a Genesis promo that ran at the end of the show, showcasing all the major bouts for me. But I wouldn't be surprised if the buyrate's a little lower than expected, because I think TNA's having the same problem as WWE did with their Homecoming/No Mercy shows: just not enough time. Sometimes less is better, guys. Don't overwhelm us too much, k?

With that said, I'm still looking forward to Genesis, if only for the Elimination X Match and the Williams/Styles bout. And maybe, a little, to see who the surprise signee is (Christian? Lesnar? Goldberg? Who knows?). But I'm not looking at this as such a big show, especially since the World Heavyweight & Tag-Team Titles aren't being defended. Hopefully, TNA will still put on a kick-ass production, and things will be well with the world.

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