TNA Impact
October 29th, 2005

It was the Impact after Bound For Glory, where a new World Champion was crowned, one whom no one thought could be possible. So what will Rhino, Jeff Jarrett, and the rest of TNA have to say?

- We started with highlights from Bound For Glory, touting Rhino's surprise win of the NWA World Title. Good way to start for those who didn't get the show.

- Match #1: Abyss defeated Lance Hoyt with the Black Hole Slam in a 3-minute affair. Not a bad match, just wasn't long enough to mean anything, other than putting over Abyss and pushing Hoyt down a little. After the match, James Mitchell brought out the tacks, but Sabu (after a lights out) appeared in the ring with barbed-wired wrapped around a bloody arm. For some reason, Abyss seemed scared of the barbed wire (according to the announcers).

- Mike Tenay and Don West apologized for the Ultimate X Technical Malfunction at the PPV, and announced that the 3 men would face in another Ultimate X, for free, on the Thursday Prime Time Special.

- Jeff Jarrett (with Larry Zbyszko following him down but not saying a word) came to the announce table and showed Tenay that he had a rematch with Rhino for the NWA World Title at the Thursday show. Really, really rushed segment.

- RIGHT after this, we get a promo talking about the two matches for the Thursday special. Now, wait a second, didn't Jarrett JUST come from Zbyszko's office with the signed rematch? So how'd they get a promo done so fast? I'm willing to suspend disbelief, guys & gals, but that's a long way to go.

- Match #2: Christopher Daniels defeated Jerrelle Clark with the Angel's Wings. I was hoping for a missed 630, but oh well. It's probably smart to save that for the big matches. Clark barely did anything against Daniels, who regained some heat after his loss to Styles.

- Shane Douglas interviewed Raven about him not getting a title shot again. Cassidy Reilly got involved and said that he thought Rhino was right, that Raven had gone soft for "her". Raven slapped Reilly in response. No clue as to who the "she" is, although wouldn't it be cool if it was Francine? Odds are, though, it's one of the former WWE divas. Raven and Nidia? Scary.

- Match #3: AJ Styles & Sonjay Dutt defeated Alex Shelley & Roderick Strong. Styles got the win with a Styles Clash on Strong. This was a very nice match, given time (and a commercial break) to build. I was hoping for some reference from Tenay about Generation Next, but maybe that's copyrighted by RoH. I personally hope to see more matches like this in the future.

- In Larry Zbyszko's office, 3 Live Kru asked for another shot at Team Canada, which Zbyzsko granted for Genesis. Kip James came in as well and wanted to be the special guest referee, which Zbyszko wasn't sure about. Both BG James and Ron Killings seemed cool with it, but Konnan was angry as ever.

- They had a nice promo on the legacy of the NWA World Title, even mentioning guys like Ric Flair and Dusty Rhodes. The title looks a heck of a lot better now around Rhino's waist.

- Match #4: America's Most Wanted won a "Non-Title" Match over 3 Live Kru (James & Killings). During the match, Gail Kim interfered, with Konan chasing her to the back. Scott D'Amore then came down with his hockey stick, but was quickly followed by Kip James, who stole the stick and gave it to BG. BG prepared to smack Storm, but Harris took it away, leaving BG open to Storm's Superkick for the victory. After the match, more arguing between Kip and Konnan.

- Team 3D is seen arriving at the building. Not much of a crowd roar, really. You think they could have made it bigger than it was.

- Team 3D came down to the ring, and THERE'S the crowd, chanting for tables. Ok, but who would be put through them? There's no one around but Tenay & West... oh. Anyway, Brother Ray & Brother D-Von talked about their hit list, going after everyone who was at their funeral, including Public Enemy #1, Johnny Grunge! Oh, wait, that's not right. The Public Enemy, in this case, was America's Most Wanted. On Thursday, though, they're going after Team Canada. Honestly, the only memorable moment for me was with Brother D-Von saying at one point, "And The... er, Team 3-D, will...". I just thought that was funny (heck, if I'd said The Dudley Boyz for a decade, I'd probably hesistate too).

- Team Canada (Bobby Roode & Eric Young) came out with Scott D'Amore with Team 3-D still in the ring. D'Amore started to talk about the Thursday special, but Roode grabbed the mic from him and said there was no reason to wait. That's what I like to hear! There was a set-up, though, as the other members of Team Canada (Petey Williams & A-1) came from behind, allowing Team Canada's superior numbers to get the best of Team 3-D. 3 Live Kru made the save, causing a massive brawl. Team 3-D was preparing a 3-D for Scott D'Amore when America's Most Wanted, Gail Kim, & Jeff Jarrett all came in as well. With the heels in charge, Rhino came down the ramp and started going at it with Jarrett, as the show ended.

Summary: Ok, first off, I thought it was a decent show. Once again, I thought the one-hour time limit hurt it, as they tried to rush in a LOT of information about the Prime Time slot in only a short amount of time. That'll continue to happen, unfortunately, as Genocide is only a couple of weeks away, and you've got to set up all the matches.

I liked the matches that they put on, even though a couple of them were pretty short. The X Division Tag Match was well worth my time, and basically 'paid' for the entire hour. My only problem with this show was the 'main event'. First, it was almost the EXACT way things went down a few weeks ago, wasn't it? Ok, maybe not exact, but very similar, with 3LK brawling against Team Canada & Planet Jarrett, then Jarrett's opponent coming down at the last minute. It just didn't fire me up this time.

Second, what's wrong with a match here? I mean, yeah, we get that Team 3-D's back for revenge, and that Team Canada wants Team 3-D, and that 3LK wants Team Canada, and that Planet Jarrett is warring against all, but with so many wrestlers, how about a match? Of course, this is primarily caused by 'tapings'. Odds are many of these guys will be wrestling next week on Impact. And I guess it did its part to continue the feud. I guess, personally, I just wanted a little more Rhino, considering that he WON THE WORLD FREAKIN' TITLE!

Seeing the new champion, on your key program, for only, say, 5-10 seconds? Not cool.

So TNA gets some of its first 'bad' marks from me, although I still liked it better than Raw. But this past week? I'm giving the nod to Smackdown. The Fed Wars Rage On!

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