TNA Impact
October 22nd, 2005

Back-to-back for the second week in a row! Can you tell I love this page? Can you also tell that I'd LOVE to hear from another guy who wants to write reviews? But I digress.

This week's TNA Impact is an important one, as Bound For Glory is scheduled to go down tommorrow night. What will happen in the final rush to arrange the event? Let's get to it.

- Match #1: Samoa Joe made his first Impact on Spike TV appearance, winning over Elix Skipper. I feel bad for Skipper, who obviously has a lot of talent with not much going for him since the break with Daniels. We need to fix that problem, TNA. Average match, with Samoa Joe winning with the Muscle Buster and his choke submission hold in about 2 1/2 minutes. One note: at one point, Skipper came off the ropes with a springboard moonsault, but it appeared to me that Samoa Joe was out of position, and barely even got touched. He still sold it, though. Simon Diamond didn't look happy with his protoge's performance.

- A Christopher Daniels package was shown. Good, I hope they push him through the roof. He deserves it.

- Match #2: America's Most Wanted won the NWA World Tag-Team Titles from the Naturals. The Naturals looked great early on, with a great Shooting Star Press to the outside from Chase Stevens that really got the crowd going. This caused Gail Kim to come down to 'support' her team. Soon, she was able to cause Andy Douglas to chase her and get nailed by one of the title belts, held by Chris Harris. Douglas busted open, limiting him in the match. The same was done (sans blood) later on to Stevens. In the end, though, despite the ref being down, the Naturals still had the upper hand, hitting the Natural Disaster on Harris. Kim tried to interfere with a Hurricanrana, but got Storm instead. The Naturals then attempted a Natural Disaster on Kim, but Jeff Jarrett broke it up with a low blow on Douglas. Storm then used a bottle to knock Stevens out and win the match, taking the tag-team titles. Planet Jarrett then beat on the Naturals some more, while celebrating.

- It was announced by Mike Tenay, after another Ultimate X promo, that Ultimate X would be coming to Spike TV. Probably for the 2-hour special, although I wish they wouldn't rush it out so quickly. It's a specialty match, people, not for tv consumption! (Then again, I'd love to see it for free; can't help myself, I'm a cheap SOB).

- Match #3: Bobby Roode won over Ron Killings. The main story of this match was on the outside. Kip James came down to settle things with his 'brother' (his words, not mine), and got in an argument with James. Konnan then rushed out and argued as well, eventually leading to a brawl between Kip & Konnan, with BG and security trying to break them up. No shoes were seen being thrown. In the ring, Killings still had the edge, but Team Canada made an appearance, keeping him busy while Scott D'Amore gave the 'deadly' hockey stick to Roode, who knocked out Killings by hitting him in the back. Strange way to knock a person out, but ok. Roode made the pin for the win.

- Shane Douglas interviewed Jeff Jarrett, Monty Brown, & Abyss in the back. Brown interrupted Jarrett's opening statements to let Jarrett know that he was hunting him. Jarrett told Brown to prove something to him tonight, since so many wanted the belt. He told Brown to play his cards right, and Brown responded that he has a Royal Flush, and that he's going all in sooner or later. I could make many jokes with that, but I'm a nice guy. Brown stormed off, as Jarrett told the same thing to Abyss, who grunted and left as well.

- Match #4: Jeff Jarrett, Monty Brown, & Abyss won over AJ Styles, Jeff Hardy, & Lance Hoyt. Nice little match with one glaring problem, which I'll talk about in the summary. All wrestlers got their chance to shine, with a sequence near the end of several finishers. Styles seemed to have Jarrett's number again, climbing the turnbuckle, but Christopher Daniels ran down and shoved AJ off. This allowed Jarrett to grab AJ and prepare for the Stroke, but Monty intervened, surprisingly Pouncing AJ right out of Jarrett's hands! Monty made the pin, winning the match for his team.

- During the match, btw, Cassidy Reilly came out and said that Raven will be at the PPV. Good, I'm tired of the "Raven gets thrown out everywhere he goes" bit.

- After the match, everything broke down, as Hoyt & Brown brawled into the crowd, Rhino showed up to attack Hardy, Sabu came down to take on Abyss, and, as Daniels & Jarrett beat on Styles, Kevin Nash walked out and came to the ring. Doing what, we don't know, because the night ended there.

Summary: Ok, pretty good show, although they jammed a bunch of PPV information into one hour of television time. Of course, that can't be helped. At least they have the 2-hour Thursday show coming up at the beginning of November to really get things going (and I tell you, I can't wait to see it!).

Two problems with Impact this week. They're somewhat minor, although they were enough for me to notice, so that that as you will. First off, I want to talk about the main event. Ok, so you had Brown and Hoyt going against each other. Makes sense, they have a PPV match. Same goes for Abyss and Hardy, even if more individuals are involved. But what I don't get is, why is AJ Styles going into a match against Jeff Jarrett? Why not Christopher Daniels, or even better, Kevin Nash?

I can't believe I just said Nash would be better than Styles, but that's the way things have been booked, so that's what I've got to stick with.

Now, this might actually have logical reasons behind it, as late-breaking news has Nash in the hospital this weekend. Maybe they were trying to cover his health issues and give the fans something really worth seeing. I have no problem with that, I just thought it was strange to have two guys going for the World Title who still haven't actually met in the ring. In fact, Nash hasn't wrestled a match since his 'return' four weeks ago. You would think a 6-man match would be the perfect way to test the waters, but I guess that didn't work.

My point with all this? Nash has been great in the business, but if he can't wrestle every week, get someone else to challenge Jarrett. You've got Raven, Brown, Styles, Killings, Abyss, Hardy, Daniels, I could probably keep going, but I'll stop there. There are plenty of younger guys willing to put on some great matches with Jarrett and others, so put those guys in the main event, and get the fans behind them. People hate Jarrett; they'll buy anyone going against him.

My other problem covers the entire show. Basically, after the Samoa Joe thrashing of Skipper, we had three very similar endings. The Naturals lost to AMW because of interference. Killings lost to Roode because of interference. Styles was beaten due to interference. There comes a time when you can do too much, and it really made the show feel like more of a downer than it should have been. I personally would have placed the Samoa Joe match somewhere in the middle of all of that, to try and get the crowd's enthusiasm again.

I just think that, going into a PPV, you don't have to go ALL gloom and doom. All the storylines now seem to focus on revenge issues. True, it makes you want to see the faces win even more at Bound For Glory, but it makes for a rough tv show, especially when they're still trying to get it going. But who knows? The nWo/Planet Jarrett idea might still fly. We shall soon see if the buyrate reflects new interest in the product.

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