TNA Impact
October 15th, 2005

It is now the third week of the TNA revolution, and I still find myself waiting anxiously for Saturday night. I remember being part of the ECW wave, and I'm seeing a lot of similarities with TNA. My hope is that the federation can keep itself going and make a profit, so that it doesn't continue along the path of ECW to the end. Its first Spike TV-supported PPV, Bound For Glory '05, is only a little over a week away, so the next few shows will tell how it's going to go. Let's get to it.

- The show started with a recap of the beatdown on Team 3-D last week from America's Most Wanted, Gail Kim, and Jeff Jarrett. That blood still looks crazy, puddling under Brother Ray & Brother D-Von's heads. Yeouch.

- Match #1: Monty Brown won a "Handicap" Match over Mikey Batts & Jerelle Clark in under a minute, squashing both men. Brown took out Clark with the Pounce and Batts with the Alpha Bomb, before pinning both men. Ok, it makes him look strong, sure, but a 45-second match? I didn't see the point. After the 'match', Brown talked about the Serengeti, and how no one's getting in his way to the NWA World Title. Brown was then interrupted by Lance Hoyt (making his Spike TV-Impact debut), telling Brown not to forget about the 6'9" Texan he was facing at Bound For Glory. Hmmm, I didn't even know about that match. Thanks for telling me, Hoyt.

- In the back, Shane Douglas interviewed Larry Zbyszko, who was surrounded by security. Zbyszko talked about how the Naturals would defend the NWA World Titles against AMW next week. Raven then burst in and tried to get through the security to Zbyszko, calling the facts that Jarrett stole his title and that Nash 'stole' his title shot bulls$#%. I tend to agree. Zbyszko once again had Raven thrown out of the building. What about Raven? When does he get to do more than wrestle with security on this program?

- Video package for Jushin Thunder Liger and Samoa Joe, pushing their match at Bound For Glory. I'm tired of hearing that Samoa Joe is 'undefeated' in TNA, though. I mean, they even mentioned the best TNA match of the year thus far, between Joe, AJ Styles, & Christopher Daniels, and Styles won that one, so, therefore, Samoa Joe has LOST! Now, if you want to clarify it, he wasn't involved in the decision, but a loss is a loss any way you cut it. But I digress.

- Match #2: Matt Bentley (w/Traci) defeated David Young. Young, to me, looked a little heavier than I remember, but maybe that's just me. Bentley won with his cousin Shawn Michaels' maneuvers, getting the Flying Elbow Drop followed by his Super Kick (I forget the new name; it used to be called Sweet Shane Music). After the match, Bentley was attacked by Petey Williams, who gave him the Canadian Destroyer. Williams teased giving Traci the Destroyer as well (after kissing her), but Chris Sabin made the save. Good way to promote the Ultimate X match further.

- Two video packages played before and after the break, one for AJ Styles, the other for the Naturals. Go champs go.

- Father James Mitchell led a funeral for Team 3-D, with Jeff Jarrett, Gail Kim, AMW, Team Canada, and Abyss in attendance. They basically trashed Team 3-D for trying to take their spots in TNA, with "Cowboy" James Storm getting drunk during the funeral and actually urinating in the coffin (unnecessary, but still a little humorous). Father Mitchell invited them back after the PPV for Kevin Nash's funeral. Nice segment.

- Match #3: Rhino defeated Sabu in a hardcore-style match, thanks in part to the distraction of Abyss. This match was actually better than I expected, showing me that Sabu could still go in the ring. In the end, Sabu had climbed the turnbuckle, but Abyss came down, with Sabu kicking him away. Sabu then missed Rhino, who came back with the Gore for the victory. After the match, Abyss went after Rhino, taking him down, then bringing out the tacks bag, only to have Jeff Hardy intercept him. Hardy took out Abyss, Rhino took out Hardy, and then Sabu threw a chair straight into Rhino's face, which had to hurt. The four men started brawling in the center of the ring, with a ton of security there to break them up. I'm a lot more excited about Monster's Ball II now, so good job.

- A video package ran for Jarrett vs. Nash, with Tito Ortiz as the special ref. Nothing special, just something to remind you of what the main event of the PPV was, since nothing really happened tonight towards it (that'll be next week).

- Match #4: Christopher Daniels beat Shark Boy and Sonjay Dutt in the "15-Minute Gauntlet" Match, before running out of time against AJ Styles. The opening match was pretty short, with Shark Boy making a joke of it by running from Daniels for a good minute (I was laughing pretty hard, I admit). Daniels took out Shark Boy with the Angel's Wings, with 13 and a half minutes still on the clock. Almost 30 seconds ticked away, though, before Dutt came out for the majority of the time, getting in many good shots on the Fallen Angel before Daniels finally got the Angel's Wings again for the pin with only 3 minutes left. Daniels then got on the mic and called for the 3rd man, but Styles himself came out for the fight. Daniels controlled things at first, but Styles eventually came back, and at the end went for a spring off the ropes, but slipped and missed badly, even as Daniels rolled out of the ring as time ran out. Styles then said that he didn't need to get Daniels now, since he had him for 30 minutes at the PPV. Ok series, but the slip at the very end hurt it.

Summary: I really had no problems with this card, persay, but it didn't really get my blood pumping like some of the previous matches have. I personally was hoping for a lot more from the Daniels Match, and although Dutt did great, I feel like he should have been either the last one out, or have Daniels struggling against someone we thought he could beat as the third man, maybe, say, Chris Sabin? I don't know. It just felt a little flat at the end, with Styles coming out with only a few minutes left.

To keep up my recent comparisons, there was about 20 minutes of wrestling action on TNA this week, most of it with the Gauntlet Match. Doubling that to 2 hours means that TNA had 40 minutes of wrestling in comparison to 28 minutes from Raw and 39 minutes from Smackdown. Not a bad percentage there. Still, I hope next week's TNA gets a little bit better, so that the PPV's buyrate shows the increase that a television show should give it.

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