TNA Impact
October 8th, 2005

Spike TV showcased its second TNA Impact this Saturday night, with the hope that ratings will show at least a slight improvement from the much-applauded 0.8 from last week. Personally, I believe that as long as Spike is patient, they'll see TNA continue to grow into a strong power for the company. And as long as they keep putting on quality shows, a ratings increase is almost certain. With that, let's get to it.

- The show started with a short bit from Team 3-D, who talked about using America's Most Wanted to get themselves the belts they've never had, the NWA World Tag Titles.

- Raven was seen in the back, being subdued and carted out of the building. My question? Considering that (I believe) both shows were taped on the same night, was this just a continuation of him getting thrown out for attacking security guards on the first show? Just an interesting observation. Anyhow, I definitely feel bad for Raven, who did a great job as World Champion over the last few months, and yet not only has been denied a rematch for the belt (given to returning "veteran" Kevin Nash), but hasn't even gotten to talk (other than expletives) on an Impact episode yet. Bummer.

- Match #1: The 3 Live Kru defeated Team Canada. Not a bad opening match, although Konnan was a little slower than I remember him. I also don't remember shoes being a 'lethal weapon', especially when they hit you in the chest, but oh well. Kip James came out and watched the match, suddenly reviving the months-long saga of the James 'brothers'. In the end, Killings got his spectacular scissors kick on Eric Young for the victory. Seriously, that kick makes Booker T look bad. After the match, Team Canada (including D'Amore) attacked 3 Live Kru, with Kip James running in and protecting BG James. Konnan & Kip had words afterwards, with BG trying to get between them.

- A video package is shown of the Ultimate X match, and how it works. Thattaboy, TNA, show off your best stuff.

- Match #2: Christopher Daniels won a "Triple Threat" Match over Matt Bentley and Austin Aries. Aries actually had a strong cheering section, of which I am devoutly thankful. Aries deserves it. I just hope other RoH stars are watching how Aries is being treated in TNA, while guys like CM Punk languish (and get injured) in OVW instead of coming up to WWE. Anyhow, great match despite the time alloted, with some high-paced action. Not to mention we got to see Traci. Never a bad thing. Near the end, Petey Williams came out and confronted Traci, but then Chris Sabin appeared out of nowhere and attacked Williams. Bentley then came from the ring with a huge Plancha, taking out all! Aries looked to follow up with another high-risk move, but Daniels caught him on the turnbuckle and delivered the Angel's Wings for the victory. This is what TNA should be about.

- A video package showcases Abyss. I still don't know about Larry Zbyszko comparing Abyss to Andre the Giant. It just bugs me a little, since I consider Andre in a class of his own. Still, a good spot.

- Match #3: Abyss defeated Sonny Siaki. The only problem with the video packages is that it basically tells you who's going to win the match. Siaki got in some shots, but Abyss kept shaking them off, then (with the fans chanting for it) Abyss got the Black Hole Slam for the victory. Can it be too much longer before Abyss either a) turns face on Father Mitchell or b) wins the World Title? The fans are calling for it, and so am I. Well, at least the title part.

- A video package runs for Samoa Joe. Good package, but he doesn't wrestle, and they don't even mention Justin Thunder Liger. Hmph.

- Mike Tenay & Larry Zbyszko, in the ring, announce the non-surprise that Tito Ortiz (a mixed martial-arts fighter) is the special referee of the Jeff Jarrett/Kevin Nash World Title match at Bound For Glory. Ortiz gets the mic, which is a mistake, although he obviously tries to do well. Jarrett comes out and gets in Ortiz's face, then Kevin Nash ambles out, with Jarrett running up to brawl with him. They come back to the ring, with Ortiz subduing Nash with a choke, then throwing Jarrett back as well. Security breaks up the fight. BTW, the crowd only really popped for the Ortiz choke, which can't be a good sign for the match.

- Shane Douglas interviews Christopher Daniels, who talks about AJ Styles stealing away his X Division Title. Daniels challenges Styles to bring 3 friends to face him next week, and he'll beat them in 15 minutes. Styles then shows up and agrees, saying he knows just which friends to call on. Sounds like a great series for next week, which will really promote Daniels as a star.

- Match #4: Team 3-D won, via DQ, over America's Most Wanted. This was a pretty good tag match, although the time limit (as always) kept it from really getting going. TNA really needs to get 2 hours, but as I said early on, patience is required. Anyhow, after the usual face-in-peril time by Brother Ray, Brother D-Von cleaned house, with both men setting up for the 3-D. However, Gail Kim suddenly appeared (with little crowd reaction, probably due to what she was wearing) and low-blowed Ray in front of the ref, leading to the DQ. As D-Von went to attack Kim, Jeff Jarrett ran out and ko'ed D-Von with the belt, followed by a strike to Brother Ray. AMW landed two Death Sentences, and Team 3-D was left in pools of blood (literally). The heels celebrated as the night ended.

Summary: I definitely enjoyed this show, although, once again, it was over too quickly for me. That's why I'll probably pull out my Turning Point video and go watch Triple xXx vs. AMW again. Tonight's show, though, was definitely worth watching. If you missed it, be sure to check out the replay on Monday night. It's up to you, wrestling fans, to keep this show on the air! Think of it as your generation's ECW.

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