WWE Tuesday Smackdown Special
November 29th, 2005

It was a special live edition of Smackdown, a single hour of wrestling fun. In fact, it was basically ALL wrestling, as only two matches took place. I'm still unclear why they needed to have this, since they're still having a Smackdown this Friday. But I don't feel like complaining... at least not yet.

Oh, come on, if you read my stuff, you know I ALWAYS find something to complain about. At least I'm honest about it. :)~

Let's get to it.

- Match #1: Booker T won the 2nd match of the 7-Match Series, going ahead 2-0. Sharmell introduced her husband, as usual, to begin the night, wearing her tiara. Benoit was strong in the beginning, almost dominating Booker T, who even tried to use the "roll-outside-then-be-the-first-back-in" routine to no success. Finally, Booker T started to come back, evening the match up. Momentum really shifted when Benoit missed a suicide dive to the outside. After a commercial break, Booker T was in the one in control, with Benoit struggling to come back with lots of chops. Seriously, I lost count quickly of how many hits Booker T took, but he HAD to have been hurting after the match. Benoit got 3 Release Belly-To-Back Suplexes for a close count, but Booker T came back with the Bookend for another close pin. However, Benoit caught Booker T with another German suplex, then started to climb, only to be distracted by Sharmell. This didn't faze Benoit, who went ahead, suplexed Booker T again, then got the Diving Headbutt for a near 2-count.

Then it gets scary. Both men fight to the outside on the apron, with Benoit trying to give Booker T a German Suplex to the outside. Booker T blocks it at first, then went Benoit tries again, he goes off on his own, slamming to the mat below! Booker T quickly went down and grabbed Benoit, even as Tazz described is as a "sickening thud". He covers Benoit, and I don't see him kick out, even as the ref claims that he did. Benoit does manage to reverse into a German Suplex in the ring, but for some reason stays down, even as Booker T recovers. Booker T quickly gets the Scissors Kick for the win, going up 2-0. I'm really hoping that Benoit is still the "selling god", because he actually had me nervous. No reports have come out on his health status, though, so maybe it was just good acting.

- Rey Mysterio, in the back, dedicates the match to Eddie Guerrero. I'm all for that, but I think this ought to be getting done by Chavo Guerrero (who has simply disappeared) rather than Rey Rey. I know Rey & Eddie were close, but family should come first. Just my opinion.

- Before the match, Rey Mysterio drives out to Eddie's music and in Eddie's low rider. The crowd seemed shocked by it more than into it, and it took them a little while to get into the "Eddie" chant. It just seemed too soon (a topic I'll cover in the summary).

- Match #2: The Big Show and Rey Mysterio went to a No-Contest. Your typical "monster-vs-cruiserweight" Match. The Big Show dominated at first, with Rey always trying to come back. One spot that ticked me off was the Big Show, on the outside, catching Mysterio off of the turnbuckle, then Powerbombing him on the low rider. It just seemed disrespectful to me. But there's much more to that one. First, though, the match. At one point, the ref got squashed, leading a grinning Big Show going to the outside to get a chair. But Mysterio stunned the Big Show, then chopped him down to size with the chair, hitting him multiple times to put him in position for the 619. Mysterio hit it, smacked the Big Show one more time with the chair, then climbed the turnbuckle and gave the Big Show the Frogsplash, to the roar of the crowd.

Shortly thereafter, Kane's music (and fire) hit, as the Big Show's Raw Tag Champ partner came out. Of course, the Big Show wasn't selling the impacts, either, and got up as well, with the two giving Rey a Double Chokeslam. As the two celebrated, the lights went out, as the gong sounded. When the lights returned, the Undertaker was standing behind them. In a funny spot, the Big Show tries to tell Kane that the Dead Man hadn't shown, while Kane KNEW who was behind him. Surprisingly, Kane walked away, leaving the Big Show to get nailed by the Undertaker. Kane then came BACK, and got taken out. I guess that was the only way to explain why they couldn't crush the Dead Man together? As the Undertaker rose up, though, he was surprisingly RKO'ed by Randy Orton! Orton then went to get a tire iron from Eddie's car, as the Undertaker rose up and came after him. Thanks to "Cowboy Bob" distracting the Dead Man, Randy got the iron shots, then, with the Undertaker laying over the back seat, started up the low rider and drove it through the back of the stage set! Randy ran for it, as the area exploded into flames, ending the night.

Summary: I guess, when you come down to it, I really only have one thing to say here.

This just made me sick.

It was WAY too soon to be using Eddie in a storyline. Heck, it's only been, what, two weeks? Only one episode removed from the Tribute show on Smackdown? And you have Rey dedicate the match to Eddie, have the Big Show (who was horribly broken up, remember, from Eddie's death) disrespect the low rider multiple times, and then have Randy Orton use a tire iron from the car, followed by wrecking it through the stage with the Undertaker in it?

Some may say it was a good shocking ending, because there's no way anyone knew it was coming.

I say it was disrespectful and struck hard at me, because I guess I'm still recovering from Eddie's death. And I only met the guy once, in a fan line. I can't even imagine how Eddie's friends and family took it.

Take it this way: what if WWE had done a paparozzi angle after the death of Princess Diana? How about if they did a terrorist angle after a bombing... oops, nevermind on that one. The basic point I'm making is that, to destroy Eddie's low rider like that, only a few weeks after his death, really felt like a low blow to me. The only thing they could have done to make this worse is by finding drugs in the car or something (god, I hope I'm not giving them ideas).

With only two matches, given a lot of time, I expected a lot more, I'm afraid. We had the injury "angle" with Benoit (hopefully he wasn't actually hurt), and the massive clusterf$%k with the main event. In a way, I don't even want to see Smackdown this Friday. I may just take the week off, possibly just like Chavo's doing, to show my respect to a great wrestler, rather than watch as his name is used to further a wrestling angle.

If anyone else wants to review this Friday's Smackdown, let me know. Maybe this'll be your big chance.

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