WWE Friday Night Smackdown
November 18th, 2005

Once again, we had an emotionally-racking show. I've got to say, this one actually took me by surprise at some points. Not because of the action, and not because of the clips. No, it took me by surprise because it was just as rough to watch at parts as Raw. I thought I had come to terms with Eddie Guerrero's death, having exorcised some of the emotion through working on Eddie's bio (which I plan to have finished in the next few days). But tonight's show, well, it brought it all back, and I have to say, part ot me still can't believe he's gone.

Still, with one more opportunity to see the memories, it was good to remember Eddie Guerrero. Was the show as good as Raw? Did the matches measure up? Did WWE do everything right? Who cares? It was a tribute show, a tribute to a great man. So, once again, don't expect any serious criticism of the wrestlers who opted to keep the show going, in honor of their friend.

Let's get to it.

- The show started with Batista driving out Eddie's low rider and Eddie's music, to the cheers of the fans. Batista was an emotional wreck (as seen also on Raw), entering the ring to talk, once again, about his good friend. Batista wanted the world to remember 2 things: that Eddie loved his family, and that Eddie loved this business. He ended by saying he'll miss Eddie, sending an "I love you, man" out to Latino Heat. Batista left his Smackdown World Title laying on the low rider in tribute before leaving.

- An Eddie tribute video played, with a good song from 3 Doors Down in the background. I assume that, with only a day's notice, they couldn't get this song for Raw, but Smackdown was long enough to get permission. Michael Cole & Tazz thanked 3 Doors Down later in the show for helping them with the tribute.

- The first "Eddie" clip, like many of the rest tonight, was taken from Eddie's DVD, talking about Eddie's dad, Gory Guerrero, and Eddie's wrestling family.

(Note: Almost every wrestler who walked by the low rider tonight gave it a pat, showing their respect. Very classy, WWE.)

- Match #1: Matt Hardy defeated Carlito with the Twist of Fate. Pretty good match, with the fans firmly behind Hardy (especially since Carlito wore his own t-shirt out, instead of a Guerrero shirt). At one point, Carlito climbed the turnbuckle and mocked Hardy's leg drop, but then got caught on the way down with a boot that left him senseless. Hardy later reversed a DDT into the Twist of Fate for the win, then gave Eddie props, pointing upwards.

- Vince McMahon talked in a segment about Eddie's wonderful spirit, getting choked up at one point.

- The 2nd "Eddie" clip talked about Eddie nearly losing his wife, Vickie, with the two being separated for a long period of time before coming back together and renewing their vows. It hurts, really, to see Eddie's family, and know what they must be going through.

- Match #2: LoD '05 defeated Lance Cade & Trevor Murdoch. Not a bad match, with Heidenreich getting double-teamed by Cade & Murdoch through a good portion of it. When Heidenreich finally made the tag, Animal cleaned house, with the two men getting the Doomsday Device on Cade for the victory. Animal then leaned on the ropes, looking as if in prayer. Heidenreich looked pretty sad behind the make-up as well, and even Cade (although he was supposed to be a heel) had pointed to the ceiling during his entrance, letting all know that he, too, was feeling Eddie's loss.

- Booker T, with Sharmell, talked about wrestling with Eddie for many years. He mentioned a fight that they had in a locker room for some reason, then talks about how the Guerrero family can come to him and Sharmell if they need anything.

- The third "Eddie" clip showcased the "Cheat To Win" montage from Los Guerreros (Eddie & Chavo), the same as seen on Raw.

- A struggling Big Show talked about how his only comfort was that Eddie was with God. This was probably the most heart-wrenching of any interview tonight, and weighed up there with Benoit & Mysterio from Raw.

- An "Eddie" clip talked about Eddie & Chavo growing up together and wrestling during intermission as kids. You can see the love that the two had for each other.

- Match #3: Chavo Guerrero defeated John Bradshaw Layfield. It was an emotional sight, seeing Guerrero come out and get the huge cheers from the crowd. JBL, with Jillian Hall, also looked pretty emotional, but he shook it off when he entered the ring, even managing to look somewhat cocky at times. Near the end, Chavo started to pull out some classic Eddie bits, grabbing two chairs and throwing one into the ring. When the ref went for the first chair, Chavo slid in with the 2nd, then threw it to JBL and fell down, causing the ref to question whether JBL had used it. He grabbed the chair from JBL, allowing Chavo to then get a low blow on JBL from behind, continuing the cheating ways. As a final tribute, Chavo got the Three Amigos on JBL, followed by the Frog Splash, winning the match. As the fans cheered afterwards, Chavo shook his head, as if to say "Not for me", then pointed upwards to his uncle, saying goodbye.

- The next "Eddie" clip showcased Wrestlemania XX, with Eddie beating Kurt Angle to stay the Smackdown Champ, then later embracing his friend, Chris Benoit, after he won the Raw Title.

- John Bradshaw Layfield talked about his feud with Eddie, and how he had to be escorted by guards when he was in El Paso. JBL talked about how some didn't believe he was worthy of main-eventing (I admit I was one of them at the time), but Eddie went to bat for him, giving him his shot. JBL got emotional for a moment, discussing a picture that's still hanging in his office of the two men, then sucked it back up, showing that Texan grit. He said that the world was a better place thanks to Eddie.

- Match #4: Juventud Guerrera won the Cruiserweight Battle Royal. Strange to see Juvy with the gold, when I know he lost the belt to Nunzio in Italy earlier this week. The other participants were Paul London, Brian Kendrick, Nunzio, Psycosis, Super Crazy, Funaki, Scotty 2 Hotty, & Kid Kash representing SD, while Gregory Helms & Tajiri represented Raw. Not surprisingly, the Smackdown stars started ganging up on the Raw stars at the beginning, with Helms trying to shove Tajiri towards them, only to get kicked in the head by Tajiri, who then tried to ally with SD. No dice; they attacked both men. Tajiri got in a flurry later on, though, fighting off many guys in what seemed like a Jackie Chan montage, until Kendrick stopped him.

Other great moments in the match included Funaki & Tajiri teaming together, only to have Funaki turn on Tajiri and eliminate him; Scotty 2 Hotty slipping in an Eddie Shimmy during his WORM on both Nunzio & Helms; and London eliminating Helms, then giving the "Hurricane" pose to him. The final 3 were Nunzio, London, & Guerrera, with Nunzio trying to form a partnership with London against the champ. But Nunzio broke the deal when he tried to sucker-punch London, which led to him trying for the same deal with Guerrera, with no luck. Nunzio still almost eliminated both guys, but they managed to grab him from the apron and threw him out, leaving just London & Guerrera, who fought hard on the apron, then reentered the ring, with Guerrera getting a Hurricanrana while hanging onto the ropes to eliminate London and get the win.

1) Kendrick eliminated by Guerrera
2) Super Crazy eliminated by Nunzio
3) Tajiri was eliminated by Funaki
4) Funaki was eliminated by Helms
5) Kash eliminated by Scotty 2 Hotty
6) Psychosis & Scotty Too Hotty eliminated by Nunzio
7) Nunzio eliminated by London & Guerrera
8) London eliminated by Guerrera

- An "Eddie" clip talked about his Mamacita days with Chyna. Funny to hear Eddie actually say that he never thought he'd be entertaining as anything but a wrestler. He went a lot further than that.

- They recapped Eddie's last match, against Ken Kennedy last week on Smackdown, showing Eddie's cheating to win without showing Kennedy plaster him with the chair afterwards. Man, that Eddie/Kennedy feud would have been sweet, too.

- Shane McMahon talked about how the Guerreros were a great wrestling family, and how the best of them was Eddie.

- Match #5: Chris Benoit defeated Triple H with a roll-up out of the Crippler Crossface. These two had a great match, considering how both were feeling the loss of Eddie. They went back-and-forth at the end, until Benoit managed to reverse out of the Pedigree into the Crossface. When Triple H tried to escape, Benoit first rolled with him, then rolled him over, getting the quick 3. After the match, Benoit and Triple H shook hands and embraced, then Triple H left, as Dean Malenko came down to the ring, with the two Radicalz comforting each other on the loss of Eddie. A truly emotional moment.

Summary: Once again, not much here to summarize. It was another great tribute show, helping all of us fans deal with the loss of Eddie. Soon, we'll have to get 'back to work', figuring out what's to become of the Survivor Series. For now, we mourn for Eddie. God speed.

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