WWE Friday Night Smackdown
November 4th, 2005

It's been a massive week of professional wrestling. Raw improved a little from the dud of the week before, Taboo Tuesday was a surprise hit, the Prime-Time Impact rocked fans' minds. So can Smackdown continue the trend and get the crowd going? Let's get to it.

- Since we're in L.A., M-N-M are shown arriving outside, complete with paparazi and a red carpet. Josh Mathews did the introduction, and boy did he sound hoarse. Teddy Long came out to join in some pictures with M-N-M, then told them that they'd be defending the belts against Eddie Guerrero & Batista. Ouch. Bad news.

- Match #1: Rey Mysterio & Matt Hardy defeated JBL & Christian. Hardcore Holly was the special referee, I guess because he was the least vote-getter of the 5. It was actually a pretty entertaining match, and even if Christian is leaving, he didn't skimp out on his wrestling. In the end, though, he caused the demise of his team, as he hit Holly from behind. Hardy later threw Christian into Holly, who gave him the Alabama Slamma. This was followed by the 619 and the Twist of Fate, even as JBL & Jillian Hall simply walked away, not even bothering to try and save Christian from being pinned. So long, Christian. Hope to see you soon.

- Josh Mathews, sounding a little better, talked to Teddy Long in the back, who was waiting for Eric Bischoff. Gasp!

- Sharmell introduced Booker T to the ring, and they basically rehashed his entire heel turn. Entertaining, I guess, if you weren't watching, but since I've seen them all, I was just biding time for Benoit. I wasn't disappointed, as Teddy Long came out and announced that Booker T would be defending against Benoit next. I like you much better than Zbyszko, Long, I've gotta say.

- Match #2: Benoit won, via Countout, over the US Champ, Booker T. This one was just getting going when Benoit almost got Booker T in the Crippler Crossface. Booker T reached the ropes, then rolled out of the ring when the hold was released, walking down the aisle with Sharmell and getting counted out. I understand that they don't want to give this match away for free and all, but that was still a downer to me. I hate countout wins. They've been over-done.

- Match #3: "Rowdy" Roddy Piper won, via DQ, over "Cowboy Bob" Orton. Welcome back to 1986. Or thereabouts. All I can say about this match is at least it was better than the Juniors (whom I just can't get a taste for, I'm afraid). When Piper seemed to have the win with the Sleeper Hold, Randy Orton ran in and beat down Piper, eventually giving him the RKO after taunting him. No Undertaker sightings as of yet.

- There was another sinister Undertaker montage video. I tell you, I can't get enough of these. They raise the hairs on the back of your neck, and you can't help but think, Thank God I'm not Randy Orton.

- Match #4: Bobby Lashley won a "Handicap" Match over Big Vito & Nunzio. Pretty standard fare; the heels got in some shots, but Lashley eventually took both out, kicking Vito to the outside while holding Nunzio up for the Dominator. Is the FBI feud finished? Because I'd like to see Lashley move on to bigger and better things.

- Eric Bischoff arrives backstage surrounded by his own security. As they head for the ring, they're met by the Boogeyman, who was drooling all over the place as he laughed. Creepy or gross? You decide.

- Bischoff confronted Teddy Long (who has been showing up a LOT tonight) in the ring, talking about how the two brands need to work on stopping the Invasions and instead settle it like men. Which means, of course, a 10-Man Survivor Series Match! Ok, I'm down with that, although Smackdown BETTER win! Long proposes another match for Survivor Series: Long vs. Bischoff. Ummmm, ok, I'm not down with that, but whatever, it'll be short. After Bischoff agrees, Long tells Bischoff to take his security and get out of his arena, before performing mocking karate and fighting styles that were actually pretty humorous.

- Match #5: Ken Kennedy defeated Scotty Too Hotty. Pretty ordinary match, although Kennedy did shed some blood, from a small cut on his head. When Scotty went for the Bulldog, Kennedy avoided it, then immediately got Scotty on the ropes and landed the Kenton Bomb (I think I'm the only one calling it that right now) for the win. Not a bad match, just not much there.

- Match #6: M-N-M retained the Tag-Team Titles, beating Eddie Guerrero & Batista. In the end, Guerrero was going for the Frog Splash on Mercury, but Melina came into the ring to try and protect him. Guerrero had no problem with this, as he landed the Frog Splash on Melina (to a few boos from the audience, I might add). Melina, though, had given some brass knuckles to Mercury, who cleaned Eddie's clock with a straight uppercut, then rolled him up for the win. I was actually happy with the ending, to tell the truth, as it finally made M-N-M look strong enough to stand against the big boys. The tag division is looking healthier and healthier.

Summary: Ok, in comparison to Raw, I liked Smackdown better. But in comparison to the two "super-shows", they fell a little behind. Not much surprise there, as they weren't going for the PPV feel, not like the other two shows. There were some good matches, some good interview spots, and no Juniors, so I was pretty happy with the result. I just hope that Benoit/Booker T wasn't hurt by the countout. I REALLY hope that they don't do the "No CountOut Rule so Booker T gets himself DQ'ed" finish next week. It's been played out, WWE, leave it alone.

Still, when you look at where the titles were last year, and where they are now, you have to admit that almost every one (US, Tag, World) is stronger than it was. If only the Cruiserweight Title could get a revamp as well.

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