WWE Friday Night Smackdown
October 28th, 2005

The war has begun between the Raw and the Smackdown superstars, with Rey Mysterio & JBL making their presence known last Monday. So are the Raw stars interested in some payback? Plus, who will be coming out of the eight-man, four-team, Tag-Team Championship Match with the belts? So many possibilities there. Let's get to it.

- We start immediately with The Peep Show, with Christian almost immediately being interrupted by Rey Mysterio. Mysterio talks about wanting more of Edge at Taboo Tuesday. It almost seemed like the crowd had turned a little on Mysterio due to his assault on Lita (not to mention working with JBL). Or maybe it's just because he's a San Diego boy in San Francisco. Rivals! Christian tries to talk again, but Matt Hardy comes out, saying he Will Not Die! Hardcore Holly also enters, saying that he'd give a Hardcore Beating to Masters & Edge (instead of a 'little beating' by Mysterio and a 'medium' beating by Hardy). JBL rounds it out by pushing himself as the one to pick. Christian complains about it being his show, but Teddy Long interrupts, driving Christian crazy. Long quickly puts together a Five-Man Free-For-All Match, starting right after the break. Nice one, Teddy.

- Match #1: Rey Mysterio won a "Free-For-All" Match over JBL, Matt Hardy, Hardcore Holly, and Christian. Great match, it really kicked off the show. It featured a five-man suplex pyramid, which are always fun to see, and had a ton of furious action at the end. The sequence was Christian tasting the 619, JBL missed Rey but gave Holly the Clothesline From Hell, Rey tasted the Last Call from JBL, JBL couldn't escape Hardy's Twist of Fate, Hardy got caught by Christian's Unprettier, then Rey missed a flip off the ropes, but still was able to get Christian with a Hurricanrana roll-up for the victory. Very nice.

- Booker T & Sharmell go to see Teddy Long in his office. They walk through the door, then, 5 minutes later (after commercials), they're shown next to Teddy. It must be a huge office; that, or Teddy was having the office searched for Juniors. Long shows Booker T & Sharmell a well-constructed promo from Booker T's win of the US Title over Chris Benoit, thanks to Sharmell's low blow. A distraught Booker T announces that he's going to the ring to give Benoit a rematch, as well as to make Sharmell apologize.

- We had a brief cruiserweight appearance again, as "Rowdy" Roddy Piper shook the hands of Paul London, Brian Kendrick, and Funaki before continuing. He then ran into "Cowboy Bob" Orton, leading to a small confrontation which later included Randy as well. Piper got in a nice dig, talking about how he wasn't sure people came from monkeys, since the Ortons seem to be going in reverse order. He even looked at Randy and said "The next generation will go around on all fours".

- Yet another backstage skit showed one of the new Juniors, Shortsleeve Sampson, acting as a police office and telling Simon Dean (and his glider) that he couldn't drive that around the walking area. Dean used his superior wit to get in several short jokes, even as two other Juniors put a line on Dean's vehicle. When Dean drove off, the line (held by two guys) threw him off into garbage cans. Somewhat funny segment, if not worth much.

- Match #2: Short Sleeve Sampson beat Pitbull Patterson in the first-ever Juniors Match. Quite frankly, I wasn't that impressed. It reminded me of an old "legend" of WWE: Doink. Patterson brought a bucket of confetti out and threw it past Sampson onto the audience. Sampson responded with a bucket actually with water in it, which slightly splashed Tazz. The two then wrestled a little, and they did pull off a few moves, but it was still mostly comedy, with Sampson drop-kicking referee Nick Patrick in the lower regions (trying to hit Patterson, who was between his legs). I would have DQ'ed them there, or especially after Sampson used Patrick as a springboard to splash Patterson and get the pin. Oh well.

- After the match, Simon Dean came out for some revenge, but he got 'double-teamed' by the Juniors, who took him down, beat on him, then double-dropkicked him before leaving. Sigh. Yeah, no reason to push the Cruiserweights, but let's go with the Juniors! I just don't understand.....

- Booker T & Sharmell came out to the ring, with Booker T calling out Chris Benoit for the apology. Booker T said that he didn't know (because he never watches Smackdown) and that he would give Benoit a rematch, which Benoit accepted. After some back-and-forth talk between Booker T & Sharmell, Sharmell finally apologized... for helping her husband win, for helping him get gold, and for marrying someone who has no respect for her. She slapped Booker T, then left the ring. However, she turned around on the walkway and apologized to Benoit "for this!" Benoit turned, as Booker T hit him with the title, proving it was all a swerve. Cool. Booker T beat down the bloody Benoit, leaving him laying.

- They showed a commercial for the Jake "The Snake" Roberts DVD. It looks interesting, at the very least.

- BTW, earlier in the show, they also showed a cool promo for the Undertaker, finishing with three black screens saying "The Undertaker / Dead / ?" A gong rang during the question mark. Ok, so I'm still an Undertaker mark, but that was still cool.

- Match #3: M-N-M won the WWE Smackdown Tag-Team Titles in the "Fatal Fourway" Match over the LoD '05 (former champs), William Regal & Paul Birchall, and Psychosis & Super Crazy of the Mexicools. I was pulling for the Mexicools in this one, but I can handle M-N-N as the champs as well. The match featured some pretty good action between the duos, with Heidenreich & Animal having Birchall set up for the Doomsday Device at the end, only to have the Tolands appear again and take down Heidenreich, then brawl with Animal. Meanwhile, Joey Mercury alertly tagged Birchall, with him & Nitro getting the Snapshot on Heidenreich for the victory. I always love seeing a title change on live tv, and it really does help the tag division, so I'm all for it.

- Vito & Nunzio talked to Teddy Long about a tag title shot. Long replied that neither man could beat Bobby Lashley, then put the two in a "Handicap" Match against Lashley next week. Boy, that's kind of harsh towards the rookie, isn't it, Long? I mean, Lashley hasn't been around for much, and he's put in a Handicap Match against two men who want to hurt him? Bummer.

- Long then tried to leave the room, only to be scared again by the Boogeyman, who gave another scary rant. Ok, so the man's good at destroying clocks with his head. I'd like to see how he wrestles now.

- Eddie Guerrero and Batista talk in the back about Eddie having won the WWE World Title in this arena. Batista surprised Eddie with a lime-green lowrider to go out to the ring with. Awww, such friends.

- Match #4: "Rowdy" Roddy Piper, Eddie Guerrero, & Batista defeated Ken Kennedy, "Cowboy Bob" and Randy Orton. Ok, I don't want to crack on Piper too much, because I actually think he's lost some weight. But, by going shirtless, he was frying out my tv. Honestly, he was so SO much brighter than everyone in the ring, it was kind of scary. Anyway, after some back-and-forth action by the younger guys, Piper became the face-in-peril, being denied the tag. "Cowboy Bob" was so excited about the way the match was going, he went up and slugged both Batista & Eddie, who both no-sold it. They both charged the ring, leading to a donnybrook where Kennedy & Randy tasted the Spinebusters, followed by a Frog Splash on Kennedy. This left Cowboy Bob alone in the ring, as Piper knocked him out with the quickest sleeper hold I've ever seen. I mean, he was unconscious in about 5 seconds! Piper, Eddie, & Batista celebrated their win afterwards.

Summary: I might be over-using this word in this column, but I thought it was a really 'nice' show. Booker T's turn was well-written, as I suspected he would turn as the segment began, but thought they were going another way when Sharmell slapped him. In that case, their plan worked, because I felt energized by Booker T's attack. The opening match, the tag-team title bout, and the main event all showed why Smackdown is still the WWE show to come to for wrestling. Other than the Juniors, which I'm expecting to last for maybe two-three more weeks, it was a very good show, way above what Raw offered. We'll see what TNA does tommorrow night, but it won't be easy for them to beat Smackdown this week.

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