WWE Friday Night Smackdown
October 14th, 2005

Alright, let's get the excuses out of the way first. Unfortunately, I was unable to watch my Friday Night Smackdown before I came to work at midnight that night. And, of course, I didn't watch it immediately when I got home around 8:30am, because, well, sleep is a little more important. I watched it this past afternoon, then watched the TNA Impact, thus bringing me here tonight at work to type a few reviews.

Now, it's true, I could have checked out someone else's results while I was here at work Friday night/Saturday morning, then posted a review. But, as I've said before, I hate spoilers, and to read the results before watching the show would ruin the show for me, coloring my thoughts on the matter. Besides, I'm a fan first, and I'd rather watch a show than read about it any day of the week.

With that out of the way, for those few of you that were annoyed that no Smackdown results were posted? This one's for you. Let's get to it.

- The show started with a brief review of what happened at No Mercy '05, in the form of a promo. Gotta entice more buyrate!

- Randy & Cowboy Bob Orton came out to celebrate their 'toasting' of the Undertaker at the PPV. Randy bragged about being the first one to do that to the Dead Man, and having killed the Legend. Ummm, Randy, do you not have access to the WWF library? Circa 1990s? Anyhow, Randy tried to declare himself the new #1 Contender, but was interrupted by Eddie Guerrero, who, after sitting casually on the turnbuckle ropes, said that he wanted one more crack at Batista. The Champ then came out as well, getting the vote from the fans for a #1 Contenders Match between Orton and Guerrero that night.

- They did my pet peeve again (grumble). Orlando Jordan gave a brief "WWE.com Exclusive" interview (on WWE TV!), saying that if he tapped out to the Crossface tonight, he would quit the sport. At least that gives the match something new.

- Match #1: Chris Benoit retained the US Title, beating Orlando Jordan with the Sharpshooter. They actually made this an entertaining match, which was a huge surprise to my low expectations. Jordan fought off the Crossface in multiple ways, and even took control of the match for a while, before Benoit was able to turn a blocked-Crossface attempt into the Sharpshooter for the win. So Benoit keeps the belt, Jordan keeps his career, and both men gained from the match. That's the way it ought to be.

- In the back, Teddy Long & Palmer Cannon discussed Chris Benoit being the 'fightingest' US champ ever (debatable, but he's definitely the best in a long while), when they were interrupted by a furious Sharmell. She wanted to know why Booker T didn't get the title shot instead of OJ. Long compromised, setting up a Four-Way #1 Contenders Match between Booker, Christian, JBL, & Rey Mysterio. Sharmell still didn't seem happy as we went to commercial.

- Match #2: The LoD '05 & the Mexicools (Super Crazy & Psicosis) defeated M-N-M, Paul Birchall, & William Regal in an 8-Man Tag. A great moment in this match was when Melina went up and showed her 'assets' to Psicosis, distracting him. Christy Hemme, seeing what was happening, did the same thing on the other side to (I believe) Joey Mercury, stopping the match in its tracks. Finally, Psychosis & Mercury bumped into each other, and the fight started again. It was hilarious! At the end, when Regal & Birchall broke up the Doomsday Device on Mercury, Animal tagged in Super Crazy, who got a Moonsault on Mercury for the victory. I know I say this every week, but poor M-N-M. They can't buy a win.

- After the match, as the Mexicools celebrated, two unknown wrestlers (the Tolands) entered the ring and attacked, taking Super Crazy with a Death Sentence-like maneuver. New tag-teams! The champs wrestling! Rivalries! I'm in heaven!

- Stacey Keibler appeared on Christian's Peep Show to discuss the Star's reporting that she was in a tryst with Jennifer Aniston. Keibler basically denied it, but was interrupted by Jillian Hall, who wanted to represent Keibler and use her personal life to push her career. Keibler answered by asking what that thing on Hall's face was (Thank You!). Hall then swung at Stacey, who blocked it, started to strike with her right hand (which would have hit the mole), froze, then swung with her left hand instead. Smart, very smart.

- Match #3: Booker T won the "Four-Way #1 Contenders" Match, beating Christian, JBL, & Rey Mysterio. It was a pretty exciting match, with lots of back & forth between everyone, including JBL & Christian going at it. In the end, Booker T & Mysterio were the two left in the ring, with Booker T set up for the 619. But as Mysterio ran off the ropes, Sharmell tripped him, allowing Booker T (who didn't know about the interference) to get the Scissors Kick for the win. This means that Booker T will face Benoit for the US belt next week.

- In the back, Chris Benoit interrupted Booker & Sharmell's celebration, telling Booker that Sharmell better not interfere in their match like she did with Mysterio. Booker tells him off, then wants to know from Sharmell what he meant, with Sharmell saying that it didn't matter. What, do you mean that Booker T won't see a replay or anything? Does he not read the reviews or the results? Ok, it's something petty to complain about, but when you're on a tv show, how can you expect to keep a secret?

- Mr. Ken Kennedy did his mic work, and nothing else, because, according to him, everyone was afraid of him in the back. So Kennedy, not wanting to deprive the audience of seeing him, did his intro. That was thoughtful of him.

- Match #4: Bobby Lashley took out Nunzio w/ Big Vito. Squash match of the night, as Nunzio is rewarded for his time as Cruiserweight Champ by getting thrown to the wolves on Smackdown. Lashley took out Vito with a clothesline early on, then got Nunzio back in the ring and eventually delivered the Dominator for the victory. He keeps looking stronger and stronger, I'll give him that.

- Palmer Cannon introduced Teddy Long to the Boogeyman, covering up the earlier attempt to bring him to Smackdown (before the Boogeyman hyperextended both legs) by saying that it was going to be a show on the Network, and that something happened during the production of that show to make the guy, well, nuts. The Boogeyman (missing both pairs of front teeth, btw) did his scary routine, causing Long to say that he might have some potential. The Boogeyman vs. the Undertaker! 40 vs. 40!

- Match #5: Eddie Guerrero won, via DQ, over Randy Orton. It was unclear if this was actually a "#1 Contenders" Match or not, although Batista certainly made it sound like it was. Near the end of the match, Guerrero came back on Orton and got his Triple Suplex combination. Guerrero then went to the turnbuckle, where he was intercepted by Cowboy Bob. Guerrero first kicked him away, but then made the cardinal sin of not finishing him, instead going back to the climb. Cowboy Bob made him pay by pushing Guerrero off the turnbuckle, leading to the DQ.

- The Ortons beat down on Guerrero after the match, with Batista coming out to save his "new amigo". Teddy Long then came out and announced that, since Batista & Guerrero were on the same page, he would set up a tag match for the next week, pitting Batista & Guerrero against the Ortons. I call an Undertaker appearance!

Summary: Honestly, I hope Raw was taking some notes, because THIS was about what I want in a wrestling program. There were very few points that I didn't really enjoy, and every match seemed important in their own ways. Only one of the five matches felt like a dud, and Lashley even made that one at least slightly worthwhile (even if it WAS only 2 minutes).

In a comparison, there were around 38-39 minutes of wrestling action on SD, while Raw only had around, I believe, 28 minutes. Is 10 minutes really that big of a difference? In my opinion? Yep. Really, though, it was more then that. On Raw, only 2 of the 4 matches felt important, compared to 4 of the 5 on SD. OJ really gave his all in a short amount of time to make himself look like he could actually come back from the 20-second beatdowns; we had two #1 Contender Matches; and we had 5 tag-teams (counting the Tolands) in action. I'm actually looking forward to next week's Smackdown. And that's a very good thing.

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