WWE Monday Night Raw
September 12th, 2005

The question is, will they be able to top last week's Masterlock Challenge Main Event?? I don't know if it's possible, but we'll soon see.

- Match #1: The Big Show won, via DQ, over Edge. TBS really dominated this one, throwing Edge around at will. The crowd wasn't really into the one-sided affair. Snitsky then ran down to the ring and stopped a Chokeslam. The double-team ensued, with Matt Hardy coming down to help out.

- Match #2: Eric Bischoff quickly announced a tag match, with Hardy & TBS vs. Edge & Snitsky. It just gets better! The match follows the normal pattern, as the faces are in control at the beginning, then Hardy becomes the face-in-peril. Edge also took out TBS on the outside with the briefcase. Hardy still fought back, getting a big top-rope legdrop on Snitsky, but he was distracted by Lita. Edge stopped the attempted Twist of Fate, but then got set up himself, only to have Lita do the saving with a low blow. The ref, meanwhile, is doing his nails in the corner. Nothing else explains how long his back is turned here. Edge Spears Hardy and gets the win, keeping Hardy looking like a jobber. After the match, Lita got the Twist of Fate on Hardy.

- Todd Grisham interviewed Shawn Michaels on the ramp. Shawn talked about how Masters had done what HBK normally does: he had taken things one step too far. He also said that Masters had his hands full tonight. Ric Flair then interrupted with some "woooos", before talking about beating Masters tonight and Carlito on Sunday.

- Match #3: Shelton Benjamin won, via DQ, over Kerwin White, when White decided to use his golf club on Benjamin's back. The club was broken, btw. It wasn't a bad match, but it didn't really get going. Of course, that was probably the point, to wet the fan's interest in a longer match between the two at Unforgiven. Of course, will something be done to keep Kerwin from grabbing the clubs again, or will it be another singles match? Just curious.

- Kurt Angle gave another vicious commentary towards John Cena. It was slightly ruined by all the "What" chants, taking away some of the intensity, but there's nothing to be done about that, and Angle is still a scary individual.

- In the ring, Torrie Wilson, Candice Michelle, & Victora called out Ashley, saying that they wanted her to come to the ring and celebrate the end of her "initiation". Ashley wanted to know how stupid they thought she was, but then agreed to come to the ring, along with the returning Women's Champion, Trish Stratus!! Stratus & Ashley charged the ring, taking out all three women. I've got to say, as much as I hate how the Women's Division is now, it's a HUGE bonus to have Trish back! Now if only a few more women wrestlers will be signed, we'll have something.

- Match #4: Ric Flair won, via DQ, over Chris Masters. A ton of DQ's today. Anyway, Masters dominated the majority of the match, but Flair came back at the end, using his usual dirty tactics, then got the Figure Four. Carlito then charged the ring and hit Flair with the IC Title, causing the DQ. Shawn Michaels tried to make the save, taking out Carlito with some Sweet Chin Music, but Masters attacked, throwing Michaels into the post, then getting the Master Lock and forcing HBK to pass out. The heels are having a good night tonight.

- Match #5: Cade & Murdoch defeated Tajiri & Eugene. Many comedy spots from Eugene early on, but they stopped when Cade pounded him some. In the end, Tajiri had momentum, putting Cade in the Tarantula (something I've missed seeing). But Murdoch came in illegally and caught Tajiri with a sit-down powerbomb, as Cade came off the top rope with an elbow drop for the victory. I now grudgingly admit that Murdoch's got some moves, although Cade is obviously the heart of the team. I hope, I really hope, they win the tag titles this Sunday, if only to rejuvenate the division.

- Edge & Lita bragged about beating down Hardy, and promise the same on Sunday in the Steel Cage.

- John Cena came into Bischoff's office and teased giving up, saying that he was too tired to go on. When Bischoff went to grab the belt, Cena gave a great speech, calling Bischoff a "stupid son of a bitch!" He said he never quits, because the Champ Is Here.

- Match #6: John Cena won, NOT BY DQ, over Kurt Angle & Tyson Tomko. Cena, as usual, struggled against the odds the whole match, then was able to dodge a Tomko boot (that hit Angle instead). Cena then FU'ed Tomko for the win. After the match, Angle attacked again, beating down Cena and getting the Angle Slam, followed by a vicious strike when he wrapped Cena's ankle around the post. Bischoff came down and talked down to Cena as Angle celebrated, ending the night.

Summary: You could really smell the build-up to the PPV on this one. Honestly, that's not normally a bad thing, but I got a little sick of the DQ's, which I bet you could tell. Also, the heels won in every match except the one that I think should have had him win, the main event. I was hoping that Cena would get the FU on Tomko, but then get blindsided by the Angle Slam, leading to Angle's victory and causing a lot more suspense going into Unforgiven. Still, Angle's beatdown after the match regained the heat.

I also sensed some of the concern coming out from WWE about TNA. It may just be me, but does anyone else see the Women's and Tag Divisions starting to make a comeback? Not to mention that the IC Title will finally be defended again, which is a very good thing. Maybe, just maybe, WWE is going to start raising their game now, since they're finally going to have some major competition. I hope so, because right now, if I had to choose between the 3 shows, I think I'd honestly watch Impact. Luckily, I have DVR, so I'm watching them all, baybee!

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