WWE Vengeance '07
June 24th, 2007

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411’s WWE Vengeance Report 6.24.2007
Posted by Larry Csonka on 6.24.07

The night of champions gives us a surprise ECW Champion, a new Women’s Champion and no pudding!

Remember to send your thoughts on the show. Include the MATCH and TRASH of the night, and score the PPV from 1-10!


-Live from Houston Texas!

-JR and the King welcome us to Vengeance: Night of Champions!

-They introduce us to Mike Rotunda and Barry Windham, who are in attendance! CHAMPIONS!

WORLD TAG TEAM TITLE MATCH: Lance Cade and Trevor Murdoch © vs. The Hardy's (Matt and Jeff)

Matt and Cade to begin the match. Lock up, to the corner and the clean break by Cade. Lock up again, to the corner and another clean break. Cade offers a shake and Matt decks him! Off the ropes and a tackle by Matt. Cade backs off and Murdoch yells "BY THE RULES!" Headlock by Matt, off the ropes a leapfrog, and then Thesz press by Matt. Jeff tags in and double back elbows and elbow drops get 2. A wristlock and headlock by Cade. Tag to Murdoch and a neck breaker, kind of gets 2. Reverse kick by Jeff and a wristlock, tag to Matt and a 2nd rope ax handle. Tag back to Jeff, Poetry in Motion connects! Corner dropkick and Matt tosses Cade and the ring is cleared. Matt tagged in as Cade and Murdoch regroup. They try to leave and the Hardy's attack! Back in and Murdoch begs off and then SLAPS Matt. He runs and tags Cade. Chop block by Cade, working the knee that Matt had worked on Friday on Smackdown. Cade works the knee, tags and he drops the ax smash on it. Toe hold by Murdoch, elbow drop and a tag to Cade. Chop block again and Murdoch is back in. They keep at the knee of Matt, he fires back with rights and Murdoch knees him. Single leg crab by Murdoch now. Matt crawls and Murdoch pulls him back center. Murdoch's eye is jacked from a house show match. Murdoch sits down now and really cranks on it. Matt kicks away on him, and tags Jeff! Dropkick to Cade. Forearm and an atomic drop. Nizzie leg drop and a backdrop on Murdoch. Clothesline on Cade for 2. Boot by Jeff, and then the whisper in the wind gets 2! Gord buster by Jeff. Up top…Murdoch tries to stop him and knocks him off as Matt distracted the ref. Cade with the MUSO SLAM gets the win!

Winners: Cade and Murdoch @ 8:55 via pin **¾

-King Booker and his Queen prepare backstage. She tells him to be careful because there are 4 top contenders out there. King Booker says he is a former WCW, Tag, IC, US and World champion. Just last year he was the champion of champions and the King! They should all bow to him, and tonight he proves it on the night of champions.

-Cole and JBL join us now. They discuss the Late, great Eddie Guerrero. Back to No Way Out 2004, where Eddie beat Brock for the WWE Title.

-We see clips of DEAN MALENKO~!

WWE CRUISERWEIGHT TITLE MATCH: Chavo Guerrero © vs. Jimmy Wang Yang

They circle and a quick roll up by Yang for 1. Lock up and they jockey for position, headlock takeover by Yang. Roll up for 2. Guerrero nails Yang as he distracted the ref. A hard Irish whip follows. Yang slammed to the corner, but leg kicks by Yang. Off the ropes and a sweet dropkick by Yang. A suplex follows for 2. Hammerlock by Yang, Irish whip and a dropsault by yang. Guerrero tosses him to the floor. Baseball slide by Guerrero, he follows out and then back into the ring they go. Guerrero up op, Enziguri by Yang and Guerrero falls to the floor. Yang up top…HUGE cross body to the floor by the Wanger! Back into the ring for a cover of 2 by Yang. Irish whip, and Guerrero hip tosses Yang into the corner hard! Guerrero chokes him out over the ropes now. Neck breaker by Guerrero for 2. A slam by Guerrero, and into a surfboard. Yang fights to his feet, counters out and off the ropes now and a trip by Guerrero. Rolling splash and a whip to the corner. Yang hits hard and is down. Snap mare and a chinlock by Guerrero. Yang fights to his feet, elbows out and a back suplex by Yang. Both men down now. Atomic drop by Yang, Irish whip and a 2nd rope dropkick by Yang. Off the ropes and a spin kick by Yang! Up top…HIGH cross body gets 2. A boot by Guerrero, suplex, another and the 3rd is countered and a heel kick by Yang gets 2. Yang up top…MOONSAULT misses! Guerrero up and goes for the Gory Special….Yang rolls through and gets a CLOSE 2! Guerrero slams him to the corner, sets him up top. Guerrero up and Yang knocks him off. Yang up…and Crotched! Guerrero up top…FROG SPLASH and that is all.

Winner: Chavo Guerrero @ 9:17 via pin **

-JR discusses the death of Vince and the investigation. We see video, again. A great sign that reads VINCE IS NOT DEAD!

-We see Todd with Lashley backstage. He says Vince stripped him of the ECW title and then died. He wished he was here tonight, because he would love to see his face when he wins the title tonight.

-Tazz and Styles discuss who will be the new ECW Champion. We see highlights of TAZZ KILLING BITCHES~!

ECW TITLE MATCH: CM Punk vs. Chris Benoit Johnny Nitro

Benoit is not here due to personal issues. WE WANT BENOIT chants to begin the match. This will be hard for these guys. Leg kicks by Punk and a Mr. Perfect flip sell by Nitro. Nitro to the floor, tries to walk off the leg as the ref backs Punk off. Slap by Nitro, they run around the ring and Punk eventually gets a sling shot splash into the ring. A hard Irish whip and slaps by Punk. A whip and reversal, springboard kick by Nitro connects. Stiff forearms by Nitro now and a cover for 2. Cobra clutch variation by Nitro now. Punk battles out, elbows by Punk and a clothesline by Nitro and a cover for 2. 3-minutes in and the crowd is cold. A snap mare by Nitro and into a top wristlock. More Benoit chants. Boots by Nitro, STO back breaker and then a single arm DDT gets 2. Back to the choke/clutch by Nitro. Big boring chants now as Punk escapes, walk up Enziguri by Punk. Right exchanged by both now, forearms by Punk and a kick follows. Leg lariat by Punk and a cover for 2. Off the ropes and a back elbow by Punk. Nitro covers with the feet on the ropes for 2. Suplex try countered and a crazy slam by Punk gets 2.Go2Sleep try, countered and Punk sits down and covers for 2. Knees by Punk, Irish whip and a knee charge by Punk. Bulldog follows and Punk is on to the apron…springboard misses and a knee by Nitro. Rolling neck breaker while Punk hangs in the ropes and that is all!

Winner: and NEW ECW CHAMPION Johnny Nitro @ 8:15 via pin **

-We get clips of HBK beating Bret at WM 12.

-We see Foley preparing backstage. Orton is there and tells him to be careful. He says Umaga may have given him a concussion, which he knows all about. It would be a shame if it happened to Mick. Mick agrees and appreciates his concern. Mick says he was rattled and is clear enough to remember the way Orton looked when they last faced. Orton remembers that he won the match. He repeats it to the good ear. Tremendous.

-Steamboat is here!

WWE IC TITLE MATCH: Santino Marella © vs. Umaga

An Umaga charge misses, roll up try and nothing. Marella with a leap on the back and forearm shots. Slam back by Umaga. A head butt eats knees for Umaga. Sick kick by Umaga connects. Chops to the body by Umaga, NERVE HOLD OF DOOM~! Marella elbows out now, but Umaga puts him back down with the hold. Umaga holds on and slams him down. Kicks by Umaga, to the corner and rights by Umaga. The ref rings the bell because Umaga did not break at the 5-count.

Winner: Santino Marella @ 2:30 via DQ ½*

-Umaga is pissed and lands the Samoan Clam Bake! He pulls Marella center, he goes up top now and a BIG splash connects! Thanks for coming Santino. They start to chant for Umaga! Back in and he grabs Santino…SAMOAN SPIKE! They chant ONE MORE TIME! Santino is SO not over at all. Maria hits the ring now and checks on Santino.

-Cole and JBL discuss the GAB PPV. They discuss the Vince death as well. We see the crap with the investigator again.

-We now get discussion of Magnum TA, who is there in attendance! JBL mentioned he was cut down in his prime, so true.

-MVP talks shit to Magnum as he makes his entrance.


Lock up and to the corner they go. Clean break and MVP talks shit and calls him old and busted. Rights by Flair, chops and MVP bails to the floor. STRUT by Flair! Lock up, trip by Flair and a step over toehold. Knees to the back of the leg by Flair. MVP up, knee breaker by Flair countered and a suplex over the ropes by MVP. KAWADA kick by MVP levels Flair to the floor. MVP to the floor, slams Flair off the apron and then back into the ring for a cover of 2. Mounted elbows by MVP, and another cover for 2. Chinlock by MVP, Flair gets the ropes to break it. Boots by MVP, Flair is bleeding a bit and MVP unloads on him. Chops by Flair, crowd into it as always and an Irish whip and backdrop by MVP. Chinlock again by MVP, Flair to his feet and chops by Flair. Off the ropes and a press slam by MVP drops Flair. Running kick to the head of Flair and a cover for 2. Forearm shots by MVP, chinlock again and Flair to his feet, jawbreaker and escapes. Rights to MVP, chops and off the ropes…back suplex by Flair. WOOOO! Chops of doom by Flair, off the ropes and a back elbow. Backdrop by Flair, in the corner and mounted shots by Flair. MVP stuns him off the ropes. Kawada kick misses by MVP, chop block by Flair. Another! Figure four by Flair! MVP crawls and manages the ropes. Rights by Flair now, ref pulls him back and then MVP pokes Flair in the eyes. Playmaker by MVP and that is all.

Winner: MVP @ 8:40 via pin **

-Todd is with John Cena. Cena slaps him in the arm and asks how he is. Todd says his title is in trouble tonight. Edge is here now and says the odds are not looking good for him tonight. Edge says he watched Raw and saw all his jokes, and that Cena is a suspect in the death of Vince. Cena says Edge acted all sentimental and kissing ass. Cena says Edge is too soft to pull that kind of deal off. Edge says he is capable of things we couldn't comprehend. Cena got it, and leaves him with the investigator.

-We get clips of Garea and Martel. They are announced to the crowd.

-Deuce and Domino get on the mic and say that it stinks like has been's. Domino agrees. They bash Garea and Martel. They didn't know they were still alive! Apparently they got dusted off, and they are used to seeing them in black and white. They say they are real tag team champions.

WWE TAG TEAM TITLE MATCH: Deuce and Domino © w/Cherry vs. Sgt. Slaughter and Jimmy "Superfly" Snuka

Snuka looks bad. Domino and Snuka lock up and to the ropes they go. Off the ropes and a leap frog spot is blown. Chops by Snuka, head butt and more chops. Tag to Sarge. Boots by Sarge, off the ropes and a knee by Sarge. Another. Boots by Sarge, gut buster and a snap mare and a cover for 2. Shoulder blocks by Sarge, Irish whip and a backdrop on Domino and a cover for 2. Off the ropes and a boot by Domino, COBRA CLUTCH BY SARGE! Domino gets the ropes. Elbows by Sarge, off the ropes and a back elbow by Sarge. Slaughter Cannon! Clutch again! Deuce nails Sarge and they double-team him now. Tag to Deuce and rights to Sarge. Domino chokes him out and Deuce with rights. Domino in and a cover for 2. Tag back to Deuce and an elbow drop for 2. Rights by Deuce and the crowd is losing interest. Deuce up top now…he mocks Snuka and MISSES a splash! Sarge gets the tag and Snuka in with chops to Deuce. Head butts now, nails Domino. Off the ropes and a clothesline by Snuka and a cover for 2. Sarge tosses Domino to the floor and Snuka back breakers Deuce. Snuka up top, this cannot be good. Cross body, Deuce rolls through and gets the win!

Winner: Deuce and Domino @ 6:35 via pin (ASS)

-After the match they attack Snuka and Sarge but Garea and Martel charge the ring to make the save!

-We see Harley Race in attendance.

-Jell-o shots rule BTW.

-These guys need to have a great match here; the show really needs it.


Lock up and Batista takes Edge down. Slams him the corner and delivers rights. Shoulder blocks now, off the ropes and a tackle and cover for 2 by Batista. Wristlock and into a standing arm lock. Shoulder charges to the shoulder by Batista, and back to the arm lock. Batista transitions to a hammerlock and then stomps on the arm. Arm drag and Batista with good arm work thus far. He wraps the arm in the ropes now, and Edge battles back with rights. Off the ropes and a side slam by Batista and cover for 2. Off the ropes and Edge pulls it down and Batista crashes to the floor. Edge off the apron and Batista catches him and slams him to the apron. Edge manages to toss Batista to the steel post and he is down. Batista crawls in and Edge kicks him on the way in. Edge then tosses him shoulder first into the steel post again. Baseball slide by Edge and Batista is down. Rights by Edge now. Back in is Batista and into an arm bar by Edge. Batista arm drags out and then misses a charge and eats the post again! Edge wraps the arm around the post a few times, drop toehold by Edge and back to the arm hold. Batista fights to his feet, Samoan drop and Edge gets a crucifix hold and works the arm more. Batista tries to escape, to his feet and forearms connect and he escapes. Pops for Edge now as Batista gets the heel heat. Edge drops the arm over the top rope and then eats a clothesline by Batista. Both men are down now. Ref counts, they fight to their feet and a backdrop by Batista and the fans are back with him. Corner clothesline and an elbow by Edge…charges and eats a Bossman slam for 2. Bomb try by Batista, Edge counters and IMPAILER DDT~! 1…2…NO! Edge grabs the title belt and the ref takes it from him, roll up by Batista and a 2 count as the ref was slow getting back in. Roll up by Edge, tights for 2. Powerslam countered into the Edgucution! Both men down again, ref counts and they get to their feet, Edge looks for a spear…charges and Batista spears him! Rope shake! Batista bomb try…LOW BLOW by Edge and he is DQ'd.

Winner: Batista @ 12:50 via DQ

-Here comes Teddy Long, restart time! He says Edge is champ, and is ordered back to the ring. If he gets DQ'd again, he loses the title!

Edge is back in, attacks Batista and beats him down. 14:30 is the restart time. Edge sets for the spear, NAILS him! 1…2…NO! Edge gets a chair and then remembers and drops it. Batista rolls him up and gets 2. Boot, Batista bomb countered and Batista tosses Edge to the floor. He follows and Batista is tossed to the steps. Batista kicks Edge on a spear try. Batista bomb on the floor! Batista grabs Edge and tries to roll him back in, Edge is in and Batista is counted out!

Winner: Edge @ 16:50 via Countout **¾

-Batista is pissed and gives Edge another bomb in the ring.

-JR and King hype the ladies title match. They bring up Moolah as a big time ladies champion.

WWE WOMEN'S TITLE MATCH: Melina © vs. Candice Michelle

Melina calls for a test of strength, and then kicks the hell out of Candice. Off the ropes and Melina hits the corner hard. Candice with her wacky Japanese rope submission deal and then Melina kicks her back. Back in and Melina chokes her out. Covers for 2. Rights by Melina, head butt and then slams Candice to the corner. Charging knees by Melina in the corner. Head scissors in the ropes by Melina. Kicks by Melina now, roll up by Candice gets 2. Melina with boots to the back, and a bow and arrow by Melina. Candice rolls on top for a cover of 1. Melina charges and Candice pulls down the ropes and Melina falls to the floor. Stun gun by Candice. Back in and off the ropes and a powerslam by Candice and twirl into the elbow drop for 2. Whop and a face plant by Candice for 2. Melina fires back and gets a neck breaker for 2. Forearms by Melina, off the ropes and a spinkick by Candice, kind of, for the win!

Winner: and NEW CHAMPION Candice Michelle @ 4:25 via pin *

-They announce JBL as a former champion to address the crowd! He gives the announcer a card to read word for word. This is so great, it puts over JBL's greatness!

-We get a great video package for the main event.

WWE TITLE MATCH: John Cena © vs. Mick Foley vs. Randy Orton vs. Bobby Lashley vs. King Booker w/Queen Sharmell
No Count Out, No DQ, Win by Pin or Submission

Booker bails to the floor as the bell rings, he has a back spasm and Sharmell massages it. Lashley tosses Orton around, Cena with a face buster and then the Cactus clothesline to the floor. Lashley and Cena stare down, Booker tosses Cena and attacks Lashley. Off the ropes and a clothesline by Lashley. A slam and clothesline to the floor. All 4 men on the floor, and Lashley charges and gets an INSANE plancha onto all 4! Lashley and Booker back in and Shock treatment by Lashley and a cover for 2 as Cena makes the save. Cena and Lashley in again, they stare down star throwing punches. Spinebuster by Lashley and Cena rolls to the floor. Lashley follows and slams Cena to the steps. Lashley dismantles the ECW announce table and Orton attacks him. Foley over to clothesline Orton. Booker attacks Foley and they pair off and brawl. Rights by Foley and BITES Booker! Back rake by Foley and then Booker slams Foley into the steel steps knees first. 3.0 back breaker by Orton on Lashley. RKO try tossed off by Lashley and then Cena gets the FU ON LASHLEY through the announce table! Cena back in and Booker starts to work him over. Sidekick by Booker and a cover for 2. Knees by Booker, off the ropes and Cena hits the corner hard and falls. They exchange rights with the boo yeah punches. Boot and an ax kick by Booker and a cover for 2 as Orton makes the save. They argue and a shoulder block by Cena to Orton. One to Booker! PROTO BOMB by Cena! 5-knuckle shuffle try on Booker, off the ropes and an RKO BY ORTON! 1…2…Foley makes the save. Boots to Orton, pummels him in the corner and gets the running knee shot! Boots to Booker, boot and double arm DDT to Orton! SOCKO TIME~! SUPERKICK by booker to Foley! He falls to the floor and then he collides with Orton. Foley tosses Socko away and gets a chair! KILLS LASHLEY with it! Then Booker and then Cena! Orton tackles Foley and slams Foley face first into the chair. Orton stalks Foley…Concussion kick of Doom by Orton! Lashley back in and SPEARS Orton, but Booker tosses him. FU try on Booker and he escapes, stun gun by Cena. He grabs Foley, almost drops him and has to grab his hair and then gets the FU on Foley. 1…2…3!

Winner: John Cena @ 10:10 via pin ***

Remember to send your thoughts on the show. Include the MATCH and TRASH of the night, and score the PPV from 1-10!

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