WWE Vengeance '06
June 25th, 2006

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411’s WWE Vengeance Tremendous Tirades Throwback Report 6.25.2006
Posted by Larry Csonka on 6.24.07

When RVD was champ, Carlito, Nitro and Shelton mattered, Cade and Murdoch were lumberacks and Fake Kane...well, he sucked.

As usual, a great video package opens the show.


JR and King welcome us to Vengeance, LIVE from Charlotte, North Carolina! Carlos and Hugo are at the Spanish Announce position as usual, and here we go.

Kurt Angle vs. Randy Orton

Kurt goes after Orton, but he gets the ropes. They circle, Kurt chases and Orton into the ropes again. Double leg take down by Kurt, hammerlock now, into a double chicken wing, turns Orton and gets 2. Lock up and a single leg by Kurt, Ankle lock but Orton is in the ropes. They battle on the apron, Kurt tries the German, Orton holds on…Kurt hangs back pulling on Orton, but Orton escapes. To the floor they go, GERMAN by Kurt on the floor. Kurt rolls back in, Orton on the apron and Kurt suplexes him in. He rides him, slaps the back of his head and then goes for the arm but Orton gets the ropes. They circle, eye poke by Orton and then a dropkick on Kurt. Kurt tossed to the floor and Orton follows. Uppercuts by Orton, then slams Kurt off the apron. Orton slams Kurt to the security wall and then rolls him back into the ring. Rights by Orton now, and then a knee drop by Orton for 2. Rear choke by Orton, Kurt picks him up and gets a modified Samoan drop. Uppercuts to Orton now, off the ropes and a back elbow by Orton for 2. Chin lock by Orton rides Kurt to the mat. Orton uses the ropes a bit here, but Kurt to his feet. Elbows out, off the ropes and a knee by Orton. High knee drop by Orton, gets 2. Chin lock again by Orton. Kurt battles to his feet again and arm drags Orton. Clothesline by Orton, and Kurt is down. Orton up top now…Kurt is up, runs up top, Orton slips and Kurt gets a release belly to belly! Both men are down as the ref counts. Belly to belly again. Another and Kurt is hyped. Angle slam countered into the cool Orton back breaker for 2. RKO countered and Orton tries to undo the turnbuckle pad. GERMAN by Kurt. Another…a 3rd! 4th! 5th! 6th! 7th! And the 8th! Orton rolls to the floor, and Kurt follows. He tosses Orton back into the ring, cover for 2. Ankle lock try, Orton kicks him off. Turnbuckle pad is off now, and ANGLE SLAM! STRAPS DOWN! ANKLE LOCK! Orton fights…but Kurt pulls him back center. Orton rolls and Kurt hit the exposed turnbuckle. RKO and that is all.

Winner: Randy Orton @ 12:55 via pin

Orton celebrates after the match, selling the ankle lock.

We see Vince on the phone backstage. Vengeance is his. He says the Spirit Squad is pissed, and a kid in a wheelchair is here. Vince acts all nice to the kid, and pulls him close since he has a dX shirt on. Vince thinks he is a fake and wants to know where the gay dancers are. He thinks the kid is here to pull one over on him and tells him to shut up. Vince promises him a ride, and shoves him down the hall and we hear crashing noises. Vince laughs and someone else knocks. Coach is here and he found the penis pump. Vince tells him about the kid, and Coach tells him he set it up, because the kid is a friend and he is Vince's hero. Vince gets a great look on his face as the segment ends.

Armando on the mic, he intros himself and everyone sings along. Before Umaga destroys the special little boy, he has a rumor to address. Eugene apparently got some back up, Armando says to bring all his imaginary friends he wants. Bring Superman, Spiderman and Aqua Man. Hell, bring Wonder Woman, because no one can stop the Samoan Bulldozer…Umaga!

Eugene is out and his special friend is Hacksaw. Doink is here too. There is one more, and it is Kamala.

Umaga w/Armando Alejandro Estrada vs. Eugene

USA chants now, poor Kamala. Eugene attacks Umaga, but Umaga kills him with a clothesline. Kicks to Eugene now and a chop. Rights and lefts by Eugene, but Umaga with a thrust to the throat. Kicks by Umaga now as the freak squad tries to rally Eugene. Running ass ram of doom by Umaga. Armando gives Umaga the sign, ASIATIC SPIKE and that is all.

Winner: Umaga @ 1:42 via pin

After the match Umaga beats down Hacksaw, then Doink SPIKE to Doink. Kamala is in now. Armando holds him back? Umaga is afraid of Kamala?

Todd Grisham is with Foley. Foley says not to ruin his cheap pop. Foley reads some of Flair's book. Foley says this is a fiction book. He reads the stuff Flair wrote on Foley, all the stuntman stuff. Foley says tonight, this stuntman will wipe the ring with Flair with wrestling…WOOOO!

JR and King talk about Foley saying he will tank the match, and say he may be confused.

2 Out of 3 Falls Match: Ric Flair vs. Mick Foley

Flair's family is ringside. LOUD Foley sucks chants. Lock up and some counters to begin, and Foley into the ropes. Lock up and a wristlock by Foley. Reversal by Flair and Foley gets the ropes. Hammerlock by Flair and a takedown. Foley crawls and gets the ropes. Right by Foley, more rights by Foley in the corner. Foley struts, and then gets the running knee to Flair in the corner. Double arm DDT to Flair. Foley teases socko, and socko is dressed like FLAIR! TESTICULAR CLAW by Flair! Chops to Foley. Rights and Foley is down. Flair up top…double ax smash by Flair! Flair grabs his knee though and Foley attacks the knee. He ties it up in the ropes and wrenches it. Elbow drop to the knee as Flair yells FUCK! Figure four try, roll up by Flair and he wins fall 1 @ 4:15.

Small package by Flair gets 2. Foley tosses Flair to the floor and then slams him to the security wall. Flair gets as Irish whip and Foley eats the steps. Chops by Flair. Back into the ring we go and more chops. Foley falls through the ropes and tries to escape through the crowd. Flair follows and gets back dropped on the floor. Back into the ring we go and Foley gets a trashcan of fun! He has it, Flair scoops up the legs and gets the figure four on Foley! Foley grabs the trashcan and nails Flair, and is disqualified @ 7:09.

Winner: Ric Flair @ 7:09 via pin and DQ (2-0)

Foley nails Flair again after the match and then gets the barbed wire bat! He KILLS Flair with it! Flair is bleeding big time and Foley rakes the bat over his forehead. Elbow drop with the bat by Foley. He then nails Flair again! Flair is bleeding an ungodly amount as referees and agents get Foley to leave. Flair is helped from ringside.

Maria is backstage with Carlito. She says he spits in the face of people that don't want to be cool. She discusses a cool paradox, and confuses Carlito. He says he will win the IC Title tonight, and nothing will be cooler than that. Torrie walks in with a bikini on, and asks him to run baby oil on her. She had him hold her puppies while Maria rubs on the oil. Carlito narrates this for us. That is cool. "Work as a unit ladies!" His music hits and he says he needs more time!

Intercontinental Title Match: Shelton Benjamin © vs. Carlito vs. Johnny Nitro w/Melina

Carlito tosses Nitro at the bell as Benjamin rolls him up for 2. Roll up by Carlito for 2. Rights by Benjamin, another roll up by Carlito for 2. Side headlock takedown by Carlito, Benjamin to his feet as Nitro watches on. In now and gets back dropped. Rights by Benjamin, off the ropes Nitro springs in, ducks and Benjamin gets a yakuza on Carlito. Nitro in control now, rights to Benjamin. Benjamin fights back and takes down Nitro. Carlito clotheslines Benjamin to the floor. Catapult to Nitro and he goes to the floor. Carlito with a slingshot plancha, holds up and then Nitro trips him up and then rams him to the ring post. Benjamin and Nitro brawl, slam on the floor by Benjamin. He goes after Melina, but Nitro goes back on the attack. Carlito gets a CRAZY DOUBLE SRPINGBOARD SENTON TO THE FLOOR ONTO BOTH MEN! THERE IS LIFE IN THESE MEN! Carlito and Nitro back into the ring now and Carlito covers for 2. Kicks by Carlito, off the ropes and a tilt a whirl Russian leg sweet by Nitro, Petey Williams style and he gets 2. Off the ropes and a springboard back flip by Carlito and then a RANA on Nitro. He chokes out Nitro, off the ropes and Benjamin gets a flapjack on Carlito for 2. Benjamin and Nitro battle and Nitro dumped to the floor. Rights by Benjamin, suplex on Carlito and a count of 2 for Benjamin. Rights again by Benjamin, Samoan drop by Benjamin. Covers and Nitro is back to break that up. Irish whip by Nitro, tries a RANA but gets dropped onto the turnbuckle. Benjamin covers for 2 as Melina puts Nitro's foot on the ropes. Victory roll by Carlito on Benjamin for 2. Rights by Carlito, and then whips Nitro into Benjamin. Monkey flip to Benjamin into a dropkick by Carlito. Carlito covers for 2 as Nitro stops it. Nitro sets Carlito on the top rope…Nitro up… Benjamin shakes the ropes and Nitro crotches himself. Tree of woe on Nitro now, and Benjamin leaps up top…GERMAN BY NITRO on Shelton and Carlito eats a superplex tower of doom style! Nitro covers Carlito for 2. Carlito tossed to the floor and Benjamin and Nitro brawl. Forearms by Nitro, Carlito clotheslines him and then Benjamin. Lefts to all for Carlito. Small package by Carlito for 2. They double-team Carlito, and he gets the springboard double back elbow for 2 on Nitro. Nitro has Carlito…but Carlito dumps him. Enziguri by Benjamin on Carlito. Cover for2 by Benjamin. LUNG BLOWER by Carlito! Nitro pulls out Carlito, covers Benjamin and wins!

Winner: and NEW IC CHAMPION Johnny Nitro @ 12:20 via pin

Backstage with the Spirit Squad. They will destroy dX. Vince is here and asks if they are proud of themselves. He asks if they got over what they had done to them on Monday. No one makes a fool out of VINCE! Vince says dX is a disease, like bird flu. The SS is the cure, because they will snuff out dX! Vince sees a bathroom, and also sees the penis enlarger. He reads the box and takes it in the bathroom with him as he takes off his jacket and tie. We hear an explosion and Vince is covered in green spray paint. THAT DAMN dX!

We get an RVD vs. Edge video package.

Edge on the mic, when he was on the plane, and he realized the WWE Title being in ECW is worse than the Stanley Cup being in NC. Canadians won the cup for NC, and this Canadian will take back his WWE Title. And then he and Lita will have a live sex celebration. Just like everyone in NC has, except they aren't brother and sister.

WWE Title Match: Rob Van Dam © vs. Edge

Lock up and a takedown by Edge. They stand off and Edge mocks RVD. Lock up again, Edge pushes RVD to the corner and Edge with a right to RVD. Irish whip and a reversal. Monkey flip by RVD, Edge lands onto his feet, but RVD with a roll up for 2. Lock up and to the corner they go. Duck under and forearms by RVD. Counters, Edge misses a cross body and RVD with a standing moonsault for 2. Step over kick by RVD, rolling thunder try by Edge retreats to the floor. Baseball slide dropkick by RVD and Edge hits the security wall. Moonsault off the wall by RVD on the floor, picks Edge up and rolls him back into the ring. Lita grabs RVD, he kicks her off and Edge gets a sunset flip powerbomb to RVD onto the floor! Edge rolls RVD in and covers for 2. Forearms by Edge in the corner, he then mocks RVD some more, Irish whip by Edge and RVD hits the corner hard. Rights by RVD, but Edge rakes the eyes. Forearm by Edge and then a surfboard on RVD. RVD battles out and kicks Edge in the head. Forearms by RVD, off the ropes and Edge to the apron. RVD charges and gets a CROSS BODY on Edge and they fall to the floor! RVD lays Edge on the wall, to the apron and MISSES the corkscrew leg drop as Edge moved! Back into the ring they go and Edge covers for 2. Edge tosses RVD hard to the floor. Edge follows and POWERBOMBS RVD onto the security wall! Edge rolls him back in and covers for 2. Boots by Edge now and we get replays of the powerbomb. Side back breaker by Edge and he hangs RVD over his knee. RVD fights, kicks to Edge and he escapes. Rights by Edge, but RVD answers back. Off the ropes and a forearm by RVD. Off the ropes, big boot by Edge. Edge picks up RVD and rams him to the corner. Irish whip by Edge, boot by RVD and a tornado DDT, stopped and a kick by RVD. Another and Edge is down. Springboard kick by RVD. Both men fight to their feet, and a clothesline by RVD. Backdrop to Edge. GERMAN by RVD with a bridge gets 2. Kick by RVD, off the ropes, rolling thunder but a powerslam by Edge gets 2! RVD up top…kick to Edge. RVD up top again…rolling off the top and into a rolling thunder to the back of Edge! Split legged moonsault by RVD gets a CLOSE 2! Off the ropes and a counter and RVD dropkicks the ref as Edge ducks. Edge lays out RVD and asks Lita for the belt. She tosses it to Edge…VAN DAMINATOR with the belt by RVD! Edge is busted open the hard way. RVD up top…Lita crotches him! Edge goes and gets a SICK SPIKE DDT on RVD in the corner! The ref is stirring…1…2…NO! Edge sets for the spear and Lita has a chair and holds it in the corner…SPEAR MISSES AND EATS THE CHAIR! RVD up top…FIVE STAR FROG SPLASH! 1…2…3!

Winner: RVD @ 17:57 via pin

RVD celebrates with both titles after the match.

We see the ECW locker room chanting for ECW and RVD. Paul is there and says it is one down, and one to go. He says they are here to take out Cena. Paul says in the interest of fairness says there will be lumberjacks, as well as RAW lumberjacks. Paul says it doesn't matter if they like it, because it will happen. They are here to support Sabu and watch Cena go down. More ECW chanting.

JR and King insult Heyman and hype Smackdown's Great American Bash.

Kane vs. FAKE~! Kane

Kane attacks FAKE~! Kane to begin. He lays him out, and FAKE~! Kane sits up. Thrusts o FAKE~! Kane, and then FAKE~! Kane sent to the floor and he lands on his feet. FAKE~! Kane pulls Kane to the floor and clothesline shim. Rights by FAKE~! Kane, and he rolls Kane back in. GOOZLE by FAKE~! Kane and he chokes Kane, and then scares the ref. Rights by Kane, off the ropes and a shoulder block by Kane. He rips at the mask and FAKE~! Kane rolls for the ropes. Side slam by FAKE~! Kane, and then mounts Kane and punches away on him. Boot to Kane, and then he chokes him. More choking by FAKE~! Kane. Suplex by FAKE~! Kane, off the ropes and a chop by FAKE~! Kane. FAKE~! Kane with a fishhook on Kane now. They trade rights to boring chants. Powerslam by FAKE~! Kane for 2. More rights by FAKE~! Kane, and then he fishhooks Kane again. Chin lock by FAKE~! Kane, Kane tries to escape and does. Back elbow by FAKE~! Kane…GOOZLE! DOUBLE GOOZLE! Eye poke by Kane and then rights. JR says this is an ugly match. DDT by Kane. Powerslam by Kane, and then rights in the corner to FAKE~! Kane. Corner clothesline by Kane. Another. Side slam on FAKE~! Kane as they chant to take the mask off. GOOZLE by Kane misses, off the ropes and a big boot by FAKE~! Kane. FAKE~! Kane goes to the top…Kane nails him and goes up top as well…SCARY superplex there. GOOZLE by Kane…escape and a big boot by Kane. Kane goes up top… FAKE~! Kane sits up and GOOZLES Kane as he comes down! Chokeslam by FAKE~! Kane and that is all.

Winner: FAKE~! Kane @ 7:14 via pin

We get a video package of Cena vs. ECW.

Balls, Stevie, Sandman, Roadkill, Dreamer, Snow, Guido and Credible are ECW Lumberjacks.

Val, Striker, Snitsky, Viscera, Cade, Murdoch, Hass and Conway are Raw Lumberjacks.

Extreme Lumberjack Match: Sabu vs. John Cena

JR calls Cena Moses as he walks through all the lumberjacks. Sabu attacks right away and tosses him to the floor. Cena fights his way back in and gets a boot and fisherman's suplex to Sabu for 2. He tosses Sabu to the floor and they toss him back in. Rights by Cena, off the ropes and a clothesline by Cena for 2. Cena tossed to the floor. ECW MUGGING. Back in and a boot by Sabu. Cena tossed again and Sandman canes the FUCK out of Cena! Back in, TRIPLE JUMP MOONSAULT by Sabu for 2. Camel clutch variant by Sabu, Cena fights out and has Sabu on his back…rams him into a corner. LOW BLOW by Sabu. TRIPLE JUMP LEGDROP by Sabu gets 2 on Cena. Sabu to the 2nd rope…ARABIAN FACE BUSTER on Cena! 1…2…NO! Sabu with the chair…sets it up…AIR SABU misses as Cena ducks out. Cena to his feet and gets a boot and suplex to Sabu. 5-knuckle shuffle by Cena as the lumberjacks brawl. Cena betas on the ECW guys as Dreamer and Credible set up a table. SMASHMOUTH by Sabu. ANOTHER and Snow and Dreamer lay Cena on the table. Sandman helps as Sabu sets for the kill…The Raw guys make the save and Cena nails Sabu with a kendo stick as he charged him. NASTY CHAIR SHOT by Cena. Cena grabs Sabu…FU try…FUON SABU THROUGH THE TABLE ON THE FLOOR! Viscera and Snitsky toss Sabu back in and Cena gets the STFU, the Raw lumberjacks hold off the ECW guys and Sabu taps.

Winner: John Cena @ 6:49 via pin

Cena and the Raw guys stand tall in the ring as ECW gets ran off.

JR and King put over Cena.

Cena walks in the back and sees RVD. They stand off and RVD says "at ease." RVD says Cena walked into their house, and that took balls. RVD admires that, and he knows he feels slighted. RVD says he is holding Cena's spinner, but it is RVD's belt. He suggests tomorrow on Raw, Cena gets a title match for his belt back. Cena says he didn't beg for it, RVD took everything away from him, that belt is his life. If RVD wants to give him a shot, he'll take it. They shake and wish each other luck.

We get a dX vs. Spirit Squad video package.

HHH does his suck it speech, and HBK gets the crowd to say suck it.

HHH and HBK do the rock, paper, scissors to see who will start. HBK won.

Handicap Match: D-Generation X (HHH and HBK) vs. The Spirit Squad (Kenny, Nicky, Mitch, Johnny and Mikey

Mitch and HBK will begin. Lock up and a headlock by HBK. Hammerlock now and off the ropes, counter by HBK and chops to Mitch. Mitch tosses HBK to a corner and boots away at him. Mitch chokes him out and the SS celebrates. HBK grabs him and chops away on him again. He pulls his straps down and chops Mitch more. Knee by Mitch and HBK has to fight out of the SS corner. He does and tosses Mitch to the dX corner. They beat down Mitch and then start to clear the ring of the SS. Johnny took a stiff right hand and is bleeding badly from the nose. They conference on the floor and Johnny tags in. He puts on a karate kid head ban! He displays his skills and HBK tags HHH. Johnny shows more moves and poses. CRANE~! Clothesline by HHH. Rights to Johnny now, and then a suplex by HHH. Flair like knee drop by HHH. Rights by HHH in the corner, eye poke by Johnny and then rights to HHH. Irish whip by Johnny, reversal and Johnny hits the corner hard. HBK crotches Johnny on the steel post and then slams his knee off the steel post. HHH pants Johnny. Boot by Johnny, tag to Mikey and he is tossed to the floor. HBK crotches him on the wall and dX double-teams him as the SS bitches at the ref. Mikey back in and begs off of HHH. Off the ropes and a kick by Nicky and they take HHH to the floor and ram him to the steel steps. They roll him back in and beat down HHH in the corner. Tag to Kenny now. Boots to HHH, Irish whip and an elbow by Kenny. Neck breaker by HHH and a tag to Mikey and HBK. Flying forearm by HBK. Kip up. Atomic drop. He battles the whole SS and clears the ring. Slam on Mikey…up top…ELBOW on Mikey. HBK tunes it up…but HHH and the whole SS are in the ring. Johnny with a sweet spin kick on HBK. Nicky tags in and covers for 2. Off the ropes…boot by HBK and he needs a tag. Johnny in and HBK levels him with a right. HBK gets tripped up, pulled to the floor and KILLED by a chair shot. He gets tossed into the ring and goes for a tag but HHH is on the floor Mikey with the trampoline bulldog on HBK. 1…2…NO! HHH throws the trampoline now. Spinning back elbow by Kenny for 2. Tag to Nicky and a double whip to HBK. Corner splash by Nicky and a cover for 2. Tag to Mikey and then he distracts the ref so they can beat down HBK. Mikey yells at HBK and then covers for 2. Tag to Kenny, off the ropes and a flapjack to HBK gets 2. Half nelson/neck vice by Kenny on HBK. HBK battles out, off the ropes and they clothesline each other. SS distracts the ref and Nicky takes down HBK. Nicky in the ring now and tags Mikey. He tosses Nicky to the corner and they miss HBK and he goes over the top to the floor. Johnny tagged in and they stop HBK from making the tag. Off the ropes and HBK manages a double DDT! HBK crawls…tag to Kenny and HHH! HHH cleans house on SS. High knee to Nicky. AA Spine buster to Kenny. One for Mitch. Off the ropes and a knee drop to Kenny…boot…pedigree try…but it is stopped. DX clears the ring and HBK falls to the floor. They hold HBK, and Mikey off the tramp takes out the SS as HBK moved. Is left in the ring with dX. Superkick to Nicky, PEDIGREE to Kenny and that is all.

Winners: dX @ 17:54 via pin

Mitch in now and he eats a super kick. Johnny in…pedigree. Superkick to Mikey. HHH whispers to HBK, and they look over the carnage now. They start to clear the ring and I think Mitch is left. HHH drops his trunks and Mitch joins the HHH kiss my ass club. DX celebrates as Vince walks out onto the ramp. He watches on and smiles. He says congratulations and he'll see them tomorrow night.

Show ends.

The 411: This was about the definition of mediocre. The show as a whole is a huge disappointment, as it looked great on paper, but just didn't deliver. As my round table predictions indicated, I had a feeling it would be this way. In the end this was just another brand only PPV, with nothing memorable happening. I really wanted this PPV to succeed, I wanted it to be good because the last thing I like to do is take my time to recap a shitty or mediocre show, but that's what I got. I guess I will go 5 of 10, thumbs right in the middle and I really can't recommend a replay. Final Score: 5.0 [ Not So Good ]

(Thanks to Larry Csonka and 411mania.com for usage of this review)