WWE Unforgiven '07
September 16th, 2007

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411’s WWE Unforgiven Report 9.16.2007
Posted by Larry Csonka on 9.16.07

The Undertaker returns, Cena snaps and Batista takes home the World Title!

Remember to send your thoughts on the show. Include the MATCH and TRASH of the night, and score the PPV from 1-10!


-They open up with an awesome Undertaker returns video package, which well, would mean a lot if this wasn't the 15th resurrection of the Undertaker.

-Joey Styles gets to welcome us to the show, that's new. He introduces Tazz and that is because the ECW Title match is up first.

-We get a video package for Punk winning the ECW Title.

-Burke doesn't get an entrance, he's just in the ring. JOBBER.

ECW TITLE MATCH: CM Punk © vs. Elijah Burke

Burke goes for the legs to begin, lock up and to the ropes they go. To the corner now, and the ref breaks them up. Burke shoots for the legs, gets the back of Punk and gets a reverse bear hug. Punk to his feet, Punk trips the legs and gets the back of Burke, and then rolls into a cross arm breaker and Burke gets the ropes. A very MMA start to the match. Lock up and to the ropes, back elbows to Punk and then rights land. Elbows to the back of the head by Burke, an Irish whip and Burke misses, kicks by Punk and a body shot, and Russian leg sweep for 2. A clothesline by Punk, and then chops. Leg kicks by Punk, a snap mare and kick by Punk. Side back breaker by Punk gets 2. Rights by Punk, Irish whip, reversal and Burke with boots and slams Punk to the mat after catching him in the ropes. Burke lays the boots to Punk, and then covers for 2. Snap mare and kicks by Burke. Surfboard variation applied, Punk to his feet and a mule kick by Punk. Running knee of doom and a bulldog by Punk. Springboard clothesline connects for 2. Burke to the floor, Punk follows and Burke tosses him from the apron to the floor. Burke slams Punk back first to the apron and he is back in the ring to stop the count. Back to the floor and Burke rolls Punk into the ring and covers for 2. Clubbing shots by Burke to the back, off the ropes and a forearm to the back. Cover for 2. Burke works for a Boston Crab and gets it. Punk fights and makes the ropes. Burke gets a German suplex, another and Punk blocks a 3rd but Burke gets the STO and covers for 2. Burke works a reverse Texas Cloverleaf, and Punk rolls through but Burke just beats him down. Kicks by Burke, Punk works to his feet and gets an enziguri. Boots by Burke and then levels Punk with an uppercut for 2. More boots by Burke, slaps to Punk, but Punk rolls him up for the anticlimactic win.

Winner: CM Punk @ 12:00 via pin **

-Burke is not happy about the loss.

-JBL and Cole hype the WWE Tag Team Title match.

WWE TAG TEAM TITLE MATCH: Matt Hardy and MVP © vs. Deuce and Domino w/Cherry

Matt and MVP argue and Matt will begin. MVP then tags in and it will be he and Domino to begin. Lock up and MVP takes him down, and an arm drag. MVP talks smack, go behind by MVP and a slam on Domino. Tag to Matt. Deuce tags in as well, lock up and an arm drag and slam by Matt, boot and a neck breaker connects. He says he is one upon MVP now. Tag to MVP, rights to Deuce and then forearms. Deuce retaliates, Irish whip by MVP and a clothesline and bulldog. MVP Mocks the 2nd rope Matt OOOOOHHHHH deal and Matt and Domino tag in. Rights by Matt, a boot and slam connect. Matt to the 2nd rope, OHHHHHHHHHHHHH and an elbow smash connects. HAHAHA, Matt does the BALLIN elbow and MVP gets pissed, and Deuce comes in and sneak attacks Matt. Deuce in off the tag and a snap mare and knee strike to Matt gets 2. Chinlock by Deuce, he then misses a charge and Matt gets a roll up for 2. Deuce gets a clubbing shot to Matt and tags in Domino, who slams Matt and gets a leg drop for 2. Tag to Deuce, snaps Matt off the top rope and a cover for 2. Rights by Matt, off the ropes and Cherry trips him but he still gets the side effect on Deuce. Tag to Domino, he nails MVP and then knee strikes to Matt and a cover for 2. Chinlock by Domino and MVP is pissed, drops to the floor and thinks about leaving. Matt crawls for a tag, Domino stops him and tags in Deuce. MVP IS leaving, Deuce and Domino get a stacked suplex for 2. MVP runs back to the ring and crowd hot for Matt. Bulldog and clothesline to Deuce and Domino! He crawls…but Deuce stops him. Mat manages a tag now, Deuce levels Matt and MVP is in. Rights and a clothesline to Deuce. Backdrop to Deuce, knee buster to Domino. He cleans house, Matt tags in and Ballin Elbow connects. Matt tosses MVP into Domino and gets the TOF on Deuce. 1…2…3.

Winners: MVP and Matt Hardy @ 9:20 via pin *¾

-Matt celebrates with all of the titles to mock MVP. He drops MVP's belts on him as MVP is pissed.

-We get clips of Rey talking on WWE Mobile, he is in pain and is not 100% right now. He will be at Unforgiven. Khali is awesome and when he gets the vice grip, it is over as shown what he did to Batista on Smackdown. Rey says you cannot break the vice grip, you have to stay out of it. Rey says people think he doesn't have a chance, but they said the same thing when he won the title the first time. But he shocked the world and will do it again at Unforgiven.


Carlito starts with rights, off the ropes and a back elbow by HHH sends Carlito to the floor. Carlito looks for toys, but HHH pulls him back into the ring. Slams Carlito to the corner, shoulder blocks connect and then off the ropes and a backdrops to Carlito. Carlito to the floor, looks for toys and gets a trashcan of fun. HHH tosses he and the can into the ring, and then HHH clotheslines him to the floor. HHH to the floor, rights by Carlito and then lefts. He has a chair and misses HHH. HHH slams him to he barrier, and then to the ring apron back first. Back into the ring now and elbows to the back by HHH connect. A side back breaker by HHH, off the ropes and an abdominal stretch by HHH. HHH uses the ropes for leverage and then pulls the hair of Carlito. Oh that wacky HHH. He finally gets caught and lets Carlito go. Carlito runs to the floor and grabs a TV monitor, HHH out and slams Carlito onto the ECW announce table. Carlito has the ring bell and absolutely kills HHH with it. A chair shot by Carlito now, has another chair but then opts to choke HHH with a cable. Back into the ring and more choking by Carlito. Carlito chokes HHH over the ropes now and then finally breaks. Carlito has an apple now, because he needs mid match snack. HHH gets a right and Carlito spits apple everywhere. Can shot by Carlito, another and repeated shots now by Carlito. He covers HHH for 2. HHH to the floor, gets another can and tosses it into the ring. He lays it down and grabs HHH, gets a back suplex and covers for 2. Carlito back to the floor now, gets another can and wedges it in the corner. He grabs HHH, Irish whip and a clothesline by HHH. Rights by HHH, boot by Carlito and off the ropes, reversal and a high knee by HHH. Off the ropes, reversal and a knee buster by HHH gets 2. Rights by HHH and the ref backs him off. Carlito has powder…HEEL POWDER OF DOOM to the eyes of HHH. Carlito gets another chair, in the ring and HHH gets a spinebuster because it is a miracle, HE CAN SEE! HHH has the chair, the ref takes it and Carlito gets the trashcan but HHH LOW BLOWS Carlito. PEDIGREE. 1…2…3.

Winner: HHH @ 10:40 via pin **

-HHH gets water and rinses out his eyes and then celebrates.

-Batista says he will leave Unforgiven the three time World Champion.

-We get a video package for Candice Michelle © vs. Beth Phoenix.

WWE WOMEN'S TITLE MATCH: Candice Michelle © vs. Beth Phoenix

Lock up and Beth tosses Michelle down. Lock up again, headlock by Michelle, runs up the ropes and gets tossed onto her ass. Go behind by Michelle, back elbows by Beth and then the standing straight-arm toss. Beth misses a clothesline, kicks by Michelle and rights follow. Michelle up top and gets an arm drag. Head scissors try gets met with a back breaker by Beth. Beth lays the boots to Michelle and then slams her to the corner. Irish whip and Michelle drops to the mat, Beth slams her face first to the mat and then beats on her back. Hair slam by Beth and a cover for 2. Chicken wing hold and then tosses Michelle down. Beth covers for 2. Rear chinlock by Beth, now into a surfboard, Michelle to her feet and reverses out but gets slammed to the corner. Clubbing shots by Beth, Michelle gets a body scissors, head scissors and kicks to Beth. Off the ropes and a back elbow by Beth, covers for nothing as Michelle had a foot on the ropes. Beth with the overhead back breaker, Michelle fights and escapes. Neck breaker by Michelle and both are down. Beth to her feet, Michelle as well and rights to Beth. A dropkick and clothesline follow. Irish whip, Michelle gets a hair slam and charges, but Beth catches her and slams her to the corner. Candice's extensions are being ripped out, which creates a great visual. Beth sets her up top, forearm shots follow and Beth gets a press slam on Michelle. Beth covers for 2. Beth picks up Michelle, but she gets a crucifix and the pin out of nowhere.

Winner: Candice Michelle @ 7:18 via pin *½

-Grisham is with Khali and Rajah Jabroni. Khali says he heard what Rey and Batista said, and he laughs. He crushed Rey's head and has already beaten Batista. Rajah has a cantaloupe, and puts a Rey mask on it. Khali crushes it. That rules. They have a watermelon now, and this will represent Batista's head. CRUSH. KHALI SIN DA BAH~!

WORLD TITLE MATCH: The Great Khali © vs. Batista vs. Rey Mysterio

Batista and Rey attack Khali to start. Khali tosses Rey to the floor and then clotheslines Batista. In the corner and boots by Khali to Batista. Back elbows by Khali to Batista. Batista fires back, shoulder blocks to Khali and a right. Rey in and Batista whips Rey to Khali. Kicks by Rey, rights by Batista. Rey sneaks a roll upon Batista for 2. Batista is appalled. Rey with a head scissors and then wheel barrel suplex on Batista for 2. Springboard by Rey onto Batista, but then Khali lays him out with a boot. Khali looks for the vice on Batista, Batista blocks, boots to Khali but Khali gets the chop on Batista. VICE on Batista! Rey had a chair and nails Khali. Rights by Khali to Rey, the chair did not phase Khali. Khali to the floor after Batista. He tosses Batista onto the ECW announce table, and then goes back in. Khali stalks Rey, Rey runs from him and Khali grabs him and slams him to the corner and then lays the boots to him. Khali chokes out Rey in the corner, and then gets a clothesline. Vulcan Neck Pinch by Khali! Rey fires back, off the ropes and eats a boot. VICE on Rey! Batista in and nails Khali. Off the ropes and a shoulder block and Khali is trapped in the ropes. Rights by Batista, he grabs Rey, Bomb try, Rey fights and slings Batista to the ropes. 619! One for Khali! DROP OF THE DIME to Kali! Batista BOMBS Rey onto Khali! Batista throws Rey down, spinebuster on Khali! 1…2…3!

Winner: and NEW CHAMPION Batista @ 8:10 via pin **½

-Rey claps on the ramp for Batista.

-We get clips of the McMahon bastard son angle.

-Batista and HHH meet backstage and share some water, and then hug! HHH says it is one thing to win the title, but another to keep it.

WORLD TAG TEAM TITLE MATCH: The Redneck Whirling Dervish (Cade and Murdoch) © vs. Paul London and Brian Kendrick

Cade and Kendrick to begin, and they break. BY THE RULES! Arm bar by Kendrick, reversal and Kendrick rolls out, side headlock, off the ropes and a hip toss by Cade. Lock up and a headlock by Cade, Kendrick fights, escapes and off the ropes and a sweet dropkick to Cade and then Murdoch. Cade levels him with a clothesline, tag to Murdoch and clubbing shots to the back of Kendrick. Roll up by Kendrick gets 2. Arm drag by Kendrick, tag to London and an elbow to the arm. Kendrick tags in and does the same. Kicks by Kendrick, tag to London and a double stomp to the arm. Wrist lock by London, off the ropes and sent to the apron, in with a kick and cover for 2. Kendrick in with a sunset flip for 2. Off the ropes and a clothesline by Murdoch, tag to Cade and shots to the back of Kendrick. Kendrick gets a head scissors and London in and they double dropkick Murdoch. Cade and Murdoch to the floor, and then London and Kendrick get stereo suicide dives to the Dervish. Back in and Kendrick up top…MISSES a cross body to Cade, Murdoch in and tosses Kendrick to the floor. The ref counts on Kendrick, he makes it in and Murdoch covers for 2. Forearm shots by Murdoch, tag to Cade and a shoulder block connects and a cover for 2. Double team leg drop by the Dervish gets 2. Off the ropes, boot by Kendrick and he tries for a tag, but Cade levels London. Kendrick set up top, Cade up as well…and Cade gets a powerslam off the top for 2 as London makes the save. Tag to Murdoch, elbow drop to Kendrick for 2. He gets a neck vice now, Kendrick fights and gets a leg lariat. Crawls for the tag, boot to Cade but Cade stops the tag. Murdoch tagged in, up top…eats the boots of Kendrick on the way down. They crawl for tags…Cade in and Kendrick dives for the tag to London, London in and dropkicks to all. Atomic drop, RANA to Cade! Boots to Cade, DOUBLE STOMP to Cade! 1…2…NO! Cade gets a boot to London, Cade to the 2nd rope and MISSES an elbow drop. Standing Shooting Star Press by London gets 2. Tag to Kendrick, up top and a cross body to Cade gets 2. Murdoch tags in, Atomic drop/yakuza combo by the Dervish gets 2! Murdoch sets to charge, misses and London is in. He didn't tag in and a sit out spinebuster by Cade, London and Cade to the floor and Murdoch gets the pin.

Winners: The Redneck Whirling Dervish @ 12:00 via pin **¼

-We get a video package for Cena vs. Orton.

-Cena's dad is here at ringside.

WWE TITLE MATCH: John Cena © vs. Randy Orton

They lock eyes and Cena is pissed. They charge each other and BRAWL~! Cena takes Orton to the mat and lays the rights to him. Orton tries to escape, off the ropes and a clothesline by Cena. Cena stalks Orton, more rights and to the corner they go and Cena unloads on Orton. Slams him to the corner, an Irish whip and Orton hits hard and drops. To the floor and Cena levels Orton again. Cena chokes out Orton, back into the ring they go and Cena tries the STFU and Orton escapes. Rights by Cena and Orton to the floor. Cena follows and back into the ring we go. Orton catches Cena with an uppercut as he enters the ring. Orton pulls Cena through the ropes and gets the hanging DDT. He covers for 2. Rights by Orton, and Cena tackles Orton and they brawl. Irish whip and Cena misses, sleeper by Orton. Cena tries a back suplex, but Orton rolls into a headlock takedown. Cena fights, looks for the ropes and gets to his feet. Cena slips out and rights to Orton. Lots of shots by Cena and is rocked. Clothesline by Cena. Cena pummels Orton in the corner and the ref pulls him away. And then the ref DQ's him.

Winner: Randy Orton @ 7:33 via DQ *

-After the match Orton stuns Cena off the ropes. Orton attacks Daddy Cena again! Orton goes for the concussion kick by Cena makes the save. STFU on Orton on the floor! CENA'S DAD KICKS THE SHIT OUT OF ORTON! Cena stands over Orton as refs come to check on Orton.

-Backstage Coach yells at Daddy Cena. He says he know why he came here tonight, and he knew that Cena couldn't beat Orton. Coach says Cena got intentionally DQ'd and Orton deserves a rematch and there will be no DQ, count outs or pins. It will be last man standing. Cena is here and grabs Coach. He shows the dog tags and says this is all about family. If you mess with his dad you mess with him. The Cena's hug and go for a root beer float.

-Smoke stars to fill the arena and GONG. Lightning hits the set and part falls down. More lightning sets Undertaker signs on fire and the Undertaker is in fact, alive. That's good for him.

The Undertaker vs. Mark Henry

They stand off mid-ring and talk of times gone by. Rights by Taker to begin. He works over Henry with body shots in the corner, head butts follow and a corner splash caught and Henry slams him to he corner. Taker has hella sunburn. A boot and shoulder block by Taker. More rights, and Henry is down. Taker lays the boots to Henry, arm wringer and Taker to the corner. Rights to Henry, boots to the arm and back to the arm wringer. To the corner, Old School stopped by Henry, Taker set up top and rights by Henry. Henry climbs up to the 2nd rope, rights to Taker and Taker fights back and Henry to the mat. Henry climbs back up, head butts by Henry that don't even connect and then gets a suplerplex to Taker. I think Henry broke his ass, he certainly is walking like he did. Rights by Henry in the corner, Taker reverses and unloads with shots. A clothesline by Henry stops that. He lays the boots to taker, off the ropes and Taker no sells a boot, and kind of clotheslines Henry to the floor. Taker follows and slams Henry to a chair. Rights by Taker, he rocks Henry and then takes apart the ECW Announce table. Henry fights back and gets a low blow to Taker. Henry slams Taker back first to the apron repeatedly. Back into the ring and a clothesline by Henry. He covers for 2. World's Strongest Splash gets 2. Another splash gets 2. He goes for a 3rd one and misses this time. They exchange rights, to the corner and more shots by Taker. Off the ropes and a flatliner try by Taker, but Henry falls on him I guess and hell, I don't know. Henry talks shit to the ref, and chokes out Taker now. Sloppy slam by Henry, splash again by Henry. Taker sits up, goozle and to the corner, Taker with shots unloads on Henry. Corner splash by Taker. Another. Arm wringer, Taker to the ropes, old school connects this time. Taker looks for the chokeslam, goozle and gets it. 1…2…no. Why? Taker sets, boot to Henry and Last Ride try… Henry out and rights to Taker. Off the ropes, big boot by Taker. Taker off the ropes and a bear hug by Henry. Taker goozles him but Henry slams him to the corner. Rights by Henry, he climbs the corner for mounted punches, Taker grabs him, last ride connects and drops Henry right on one of his shoulders, and that is all.

Winner: The Undertaker @ 11:58 via pin ¼*

-Taker poses and that is that.

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