WWE Survivor Series '07
November 18th, 2007

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411’s WWE Survivor Series Report 11.18.07
Posted by Larry Csonka on 11.18.2007

Batista retains the World Title with help from the returning Edge!

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-Styles and Tazz welcome us to the show, and we will kick things off with the ECW Title match.

Triple Threat ECW Championship Match: John Morrison vs. CM Punk © vs. THE MIZ

Morrison's entrance rules the world. They attack Punk to begin and slam him to a corner. They lay the boots to him, but then Punk kicks Miz's face off. Roll up by Punk on Morrison for 2. Catapult, but Punk gets a cross body to Miz for 2. Sweet kick to Morrison, tosses Miz to the floor and then tosses Morrison out as well. Punk then follows with a suicide dive! Punk tosses Morrison back in, goes for a springboard, but Miz stops him and they double team Punk, a double suplex connects and they rights by Miz as Morrison holds him. Miz now holds Punk, and as Morrison goes for a springboard kick Miz tosses Morrison to the floor, gets a back suplex on Punk and covers for 2. The Miz applies a camel clutch and HUMBLES Punk. Miz breaks and stops Morrison from coming into the match. Enziguri by Punk, and then Morrison flies in with a dropkick to Miz and sends him to the floor. Combo back breaker/neck breaker by Morrison to punk and he gets 2. Morrison works a million dollar dream, Punk fights back and kicks to Morrison land. Morrison tosses him and then Miz slams Punk to the floor. Morrison suplexes Miz back in and floats over and covers for 2. Miz comes back and hits the stroke and covers for 2. Corner clothesline by Miz and a cover for 2 again. To the corner, boots by Morrison and he gets the split legged cork screw moonsault for 2 as Punk saves his title. Punk sets Morrison up top, climbs and SUPER RANA and Miz catches Morrison and gets a powerbomb for 2! Sweet! Punk now gets a cover on Miz for 2. Punk gets a leg lariat to Miz, clotheslines and then the knee of doom! Bulldog connects for 2. Greetings from Chicago by Punk gets 2 on Miz. Morrison rolls up Punk for a close 2. Kicks by Punk, GTS try, Morrison grabs the ropes and to the apron. Miz then nails Morrison to the floor. GTS on Miz! 1…2…3.

Winner: CM Punk @ 7:55 via pin **¾

-Cole and JBL talk and are happy to be here. They discuss MVP turning on Matt Hardy on SD and we see footage of it.

-Anastacia is with MVP. She asks about what he did to Matt, and he says Matt will not be competing tonight because Matt can't walk without a crutch, like his whole career. Whether it was Jeff or himself, he was carried. MVP says he is the best, netter than anyone here tonight.

Torrie, Mickie, Michelle McCool, Kelly and Maria vs. Jillian, Victoria, Layla, Beth Phoenix and Melina

HAHAHA Melina SLIPPED off the apron when she tried to do her split. Tremendous. She then does it again as they all laugh at her. Victoria and McCool to begin. Hammerlock by Victoria, McCool gets a takedown and headlock. A tackle off the ropes and cover for 2.Off the ropes and a boot by McCool gets 2. Tag to Torrie, and a clothesline connects. Victoria then grabs her and gets the spinning side slam for 2. Victoria holds her and tags in Layla. Boots to Torrie, but Torrie with a suplex gets 2. Tag to Kelly and Layla tags out to Jillian. Jillian rubs her in her tits and then misses the cartwheel elbow and Kelly gets a roll up for 2. Tag to Maria, boots to Jillian and then a handspring kick, Beth in and gets a powerslam to Maria. Layla in now and slams her face to the mat, Melina in and kicks to Maria. Thumb to the eye by Melina, and then misses and Mickie tags in. She cleans house and a Thesz press to Melina. Eye poke by Melina, boots by Mickie and then a forearm to Victoria. Torrie and McCool take out Beth and Mickie kisses Melina, kicks her in the head and pins her.

Winner: Torrie, Mickie, Michelle Mcool, Kelly and Maria @ 4:50 via pin *

-Coach is with Regal backstage. Hornswoggle is there and is about to cry and they smirk.

-Earlier today we get comments from HBK and Orton. Orton smells excitement, and history will not be made. Tonight, he will beat HBK. He doesn't have the superkick and that was HBK's only chance. HBK then says for 6-months Orton made his life hell and his family suffered. Tonight, he'll take something from Orton, the title.

World Tag Team Championship Match: Lance Cade and Trevor Murdoch © vs. Cody Rhodes and Hardcore Holly

Cade and Cody to begin. A headlock by Cade, Cody escapes but takes a tackle. A hip toss by Cade, and they stand off. A drop kick by Cody, and a roll up for 2. A headlock by Cody, Cade escapes, off the ropes and Cade gets a side back breaker. Murdoch tags in to GIT HIM SUM~! Clubbing shots to Cody, Back suplex countered with chops by Cody. Holly tags in and lays the boots to Murdoch. A back elbow by Holly, and then chops. Murdoch pulls Holly to the corner, tags in Cade and he lays the boots to Holly. Irish whip and a boot by Holly, and then the nut kick connects. Holly clotheslines Cade to the floor and Cody tosses Murdoch to the floor. Holly to the floor, tosses Cade in and gets chops in the corner. Irish whip and Holly sidesteps into a cradle for 2. Murdoch tags in, atomic drop/yakuza combo connects and the champs are in control. Rights by Murdoch in the corner, tags in Cade and a slam and assisted leg drop by Cade and Murdoch gets 2. Murdoch tags back in and gets a snap mare and top wrist lock/chin lock by Murdoch. Holly fights to his feet, counters a suplex and gets one on Murdoch. Tag to Cade and he misses an elbow drop. A clothesline by Cade to Holly, tags in Murdoch and they miss the assisted leg drop. Cody gets the tag, cleans house on Murdoch. Takes down Cade, backdrop on Murdoch. Slams him to a corner, bulldog lands. Cody up top…missile dropkick lands for as Cade makes the save. All four in, Holly takes Cade to the floor, Murdoch gets the WEST TEXAS DESTROYER and gets the pin.

Winners: Lance Cade and Trevor Murdoch @ 7:25 via pin *¾

-BOBCORE is NOT pleased and then tells Cody it's ok.

-JR hypes the history of the Survivor Series and Styles and Tazz join in to discuss the elimination match. Cole and JBL join in and say Hardy will not be here tonight, and HHH's team will be down a man.

-Todd is with TEAM GAME~! Jeff says they think they are in a disadvantage, but they are motivated and will focus on MVP. Rey then says they are at home because he is an underdog. Kane says he is NEVER an underdog. They are all different and don't have to get along, HHH once called him a murder and had sex with a dummy. HHH says he is sorry and Jeff remembers HHH put him in the hospital. MY BAD says HHH. They have done bad things to each other, but can put it aside for one night to do something terrible to someone else.

Traditional Survivor Series Elimination Match: HHH, Jeff Hardy, Rey Mysterio and Kane vs. Umaga, Mr. Kennedy, MVP, Finlay and Big Daddy V

HHH's team is down one man as Matt cannot compete tonight. Kennedy and Rey to begin the match. Kennedy works the takedown, rides Rey who escapes and then gets an arm bar. Kennedy reverses, Rey kips up and grabs the ropes, flips out and Kennedy gets clubbing shots to the back. Off the ropes and a tackle by Kennedy for 1. An Irish whip, boots by Rey and then the head scissors and leg kicks by Rey. Off the ropes and Rey gets the code red for 2. Jeff tags in, Poetry in motion and Jeff takes control. To a corner, rights by Jeff, TOF countered and Kennedy gets a clothesline for 2. Tag to MVP and he lays the boots to Jeff. MVP fakes a limp and tags in V and he clubs away at Jeff. Head butts and off the ropes, and a forearm smash to Jeff. He walks on Jeff and then delivers chops. Jeff manages a tag to Kane and the monsters brawl! A huge belly to belly on Kane and that gets 2. Corner clothesline by Kane, he levels MVP and then gets a side slam. Kane up top and the top rope clothesline connects! GOOZLE on Finlay and a chokeslam connects. V gets a Samoan Drop (HE'S NOT EVEN SAMOAN) and the Abby elbow connects and Kane is gone!

HHH is in as we hit right about 6-minutes and HHH escapes a splash. Umaga in now and he and HHH brawl. Irish whip and a boot to Umaga. Belly to belly on HHH, and a head butt follows. Umaga up top…MISSES the head butt! Tag to Rey and rights to Umaga, but he takes Rey down and lays the boots to him. Umaga misses the sit down, basement dropkick and kicks by Rey. Springboard RANA, Umaga catches him and Rey fights, gets it and the 619 connects! Seated senton and Rey covers for 2! Springboard, into the coconut toss by Umaga! Samoan Spike and Rey is gone @ 9:13.

HHH and Jeff are left and they stand off with team Umaga. Jeff says he has this and Kennedy tags in, and that does NOT please Umaga. They brawl, boots by Kennedy and an Irish whip, Jeff counters into a clothesline. A dropkick and then the corner dropkick misses, and Kennedy covers for 2. MVP pushed Kennedy out of the way, which was nice. MVP tags in now and lays a beat down on Jeff. Chin lock applied by MVP, Jeff escaped to his feet and elbows out. Rights to MVP, off the ropes and MVP gets a flapjack and Kawada kick misses, TOF by Jeff! 1…2…3! MVP is gone @ 12:50.

Kennedy in to lays the boots to Jeff and covers for 2. Enziguri by Jeff, tag to HHH and he cleans house on Kennedy. Off the ropes, knee buster by HHH and the clothesline levels Kennedy. An Irish whip, corner clothesline and another whip, back elbow by Kennedy and then he runs into a spinebuster for 2 and V drops an elbow on Kennedy. HHH pulls the ropes down, V falls to the floor and HHH covers and pins Kennedy @ 14:25.

V pulls HHH to the floor and then Jeff dives onto V, but gets slammed into the post. V rolls him in and V slams HHH to the steps. V slams HHH into Jeff and then chops HHH. V misses the corner splash, double DDT on V! HHH pins V @ 15:25.

Finlay in and a clothesline to HHH. Seated senton by Finlay gets 2. Uppercuts by Finlay, he lays the boots to HHH and is in control. Finlay covers HHH for 2. Short-armed clothesline by Finlay and then knees to the back of HHH. Finlay to the 2nd rope and dives into a boot by HHH. Jeff tags in and works over Finlay. Corner splash by Jeff, rights and the corner dropkick connects. Jeff covers for 2. Mounted punches but Finlay tosses Jeff off and then the Irish whop, Jeff to the apron and Umaga MURDERS him with a kick! Jeff back in and Finlay lays the beat down on him, another clothesline gets 2. Irish whip, whisper in the wind by Jeff! Umaga tags in and grabs Jeff, reverse kick and a tag to HHH! Rights to Finlay, off the ropes and a boot and rights by HHH. Off the ropes and a high knee by HHH. SHADES OF HARLEY RACE~! Spinebuster by HHH. Umaga stops a pedigree try, head butts by Finlay, who then knocks Jeff of the apron. HHH escapes the Celtic Cross and gets the pedigree for the pin @ 21:20.

Umaga is the last man for his team, and is in to beat down HHH. Samoan Clambake MISSES. Tag to Jeff and a pedigree by HHH. SWANTON by Jeff~! 1…2…3

Winner: HHH and Jeff Hardy @ 22:05 via pin ***

-Hornswoggle paces backstage and Regal tells him to sit and rest his legs. Vince is here and excuses them as Hornswoggle hugs his leg. They need to have a talk. Vince says people wonder why he made the match. Was it for train wreck purposes, or because he is ashamed of Hornswoggle and doesn't like him. That isn't the case. Vince made the match because Hornswoggle's name is McMahon and as a McMahon he will rise to the occasion. Vince beat Time Warner and the Government and beat them. And then in Pakistan, but that's another story. They are fearless, warriors, omnipotence flowing through their veins and huge grapefruits! And they stick together. Hornswoggle is hyped!

-JBL and Cole are confused. Nothing new for Cole.

-Shane McMahon makes his way to the ring! He has the mic and says he is here to announce his father Vince McMahon! He now introduces his "little brother" Hornswoggle McMahon!

-Vince and Shane sit at ringside to watch the match.

-Runjin says this is a real match, and says they should come together so that Khali can understand the rules of the match. Runjin says he is a giant compared to Hornswoggle. The crowd is chanting for Shaq.

Hornswoggle vs. The Great Khali

The match begins and Shaq IS there! Vince warns him to stay put as the crowd chants even more. Vince on the mic and says he doesn't give a damn what they want and demands that the match starts. Hornswoggle throws his hat to Khali, gets fired up and leg kicks Khali. Off the ropes and dropkicks Runjin. Leg kicks to Khali again, and he screams at Hornswoggle, who runs away. GREEN MIST TO RUNJIN and a tackle off the apron. Hornswoggle beats his ass, Khali to the floor and Hornswoggle goes under the ring. Khali looks for him, and he has a SHACKALACKI~! Khali takes it away and throws it out. He hits Hornswoggle and Shane is concerned. TOUGH LOVE! FINLAY is out and we get a DQ.

Winner: Khali @ 3:17 via DQ (NR)

-Finlay beats down Khali with the SHACKALACKI and LOW BLOWS him! Finlay protects Hornswoggle and they leave together.

-JR and King hype HBK vs. Orton.

WWE Championship Match: Randy Orton © vs. Shawn Michaels

If Orton gets DQ'd he loses the title, if HBK uses the superkick he gets DQ'd and can never challenge Orton for the WWE Title again.

They lock up, headlocks by HBK and into a neck vice. He works Orton down, rolls him and gets a cover for 2. Snap mare, holds on and a cover for 2 by HBK. HBK works the vice, Orton battles out but HBK maintains the hold. Orton slams him to a corner, rights by Orton and he beats HBK down. He slaps him, HBK fakes a superkick and then tackles Orton and delivers rights. HBK gets the rear mount, both hooks in and works the rear naked choke. Nice MMA style work here. Orton works to his knees, then to his feet and HBK switches to a front face lock. HBK maintains control as they are setting a slow pace, possibly to go long. HBK with knees to the head, and Orton to the floor. HBK gets a basement dropkick and fakes a plancha and gets an Asai Monsault to the floor. Back into the ring, HBK up top, cross body, Orton rolls through and gets 2. HBK gets a trip and a sharp shooter on Orton! SHADES OF MONTREAL~! Right by Orton after the escape and a stunner off the ropes to HBK. Knee drop to the head by Orton, lays the boots to HBK and then the hangman's DDT in the ropes connects. 1…2…kick out by HBK. Orton gets the body scissors and choke. To their feet they go, chops by HBK and rights by Orton. Off the ropes and a flying forearm by HBK. KIP UP and atomic drop by HBK. Rights to Orton, but Orton gets a dropkick to counter the comeback and covers for 2. Orton misses a dropkick, a slam by HBK and up top he goes. ELBOW DROP connects! But he cannot tune up the band! He tunes it up any way…Orton up and HBK fake shim out and rolls him up for 2. Off the ropes and a crucifix blown and Orton falls on HBK for 2. HBK pulls out the crossface, didn't think they'd do that one and Orton fights…and gets a boot on the ropes. Orton escapes another try, gets a clothesline and gets a cover for 2. 3.0 back breaker by Orton, he stalks HBK…backs off for the concussion kick. HBK counters and gets the ankle lock! GIMMICK INFRINGEMENT~! He grapevines the leg and drops down, Orton fights…rolls and kicks out of the hold. Orton is bleeding in the mouth now, HBK now tries a figure four and is kicked to the corner. RKO countered and HBK wanted the superkick, hesitates and an RKO lands and gets the win.

Winner: Randy Orton @ 17:54 via pin ***½

-Orton is about to leaves, but comes back in and stands over HBK, who is still selling the RKO. He picks HBK up and stands him in the corner and yells at HBK to say he is the best. HBK then kicks his head off with the superkick. Sucks to be you Randy.

-Cole and JBK talk, but SAVE_US runs to stop that. 23-hours and 30-minutes. They then ignore that hype HIAC.

World Heavyweight Championship Hell in a Cell Match: Batista © vs. The Undertaker

Here we go. Lock up, off the ropes and a tackle by Batista. Hip toss stopped and a clothesline by Batista. They trade shots, rights by Batista and off the ropes and a goozle by Taker… Batista escapes and then gets clotheslined for 2. Boots by Taker, elbow drop and then slams Batista to a corner. Rights by Taker in the corner, head butts and snake eyes by Taker, big boot and a cover for 2. Taker rolls to the floor and gets a chair from under the ring. Batista spears Taker to stop that, grabs the chair and Taker boots it into his face. A clothesline by Taker and a cover for 2. Taker tried a triangle choke, Batista escapes and to the floor they go. Taker slams him off the steps, rights to Batista and then just beats him down against the cage. Boots by Taker, and grinds Batista's face off the cage. Knees to the head by Taker and Batista looks to be bleeding slightly. Leg drop on the apron by Taker, and Batista falls to the floor. Taker puts the chair against Batista's throat and slams it to the steps and that will hurt. Batista is bleeding from the mouth now and Taker slams the chair to the throat again. Back in the ring and Taker covers for 2. Taker works the arm now, to the corner and he goes for old school…leaps and Batista catches him and gets a spinebuster. Batista covers for 2. They trade rights, off the ropes and a clothesline by Batista and cover for 2. Shoulder blocks in the corner by Batista, Irish whip and a clothesline and then powerslam by Batista gets 2. Batista tosses Taker to the floor and then slams him to the steps. Taker slammed to the cage and then a clothesline by Batista follows. Taker reverses a whip and slams Batista to the steps, which separate. Taker lays the boots to Batista, picks him up and drives him head first into the cage. Batista is busted open and a chair shot by Taker follows. Back into the ring and Taker covers for 2. Taker goes for old school, up top and Batista knocks him down. Batista goes up top with Taker, and a superplex by Batista. Batista over to cover, Taker gets the triangle choke and locks it in. Batista rolls and gets the ropes, which really doesn't matter here, but they break. Batista to the floor, and Taker gets a weird pseudo suicide dive ass bump to Batista. Taker grabs the steps, charges Batista and it gets kicked into Taker and then Batista slams him to the post. Batista grabs the steps and crushes Taker repeatedly in the skull! Taker is busted open, in the ring, Batista bites him and then Taker gets the last ride out of the corner! He covers for 2. Goozle by Taker, chokeslam connects! 1…2…NO! Taker calls for the tombstone, has Batista up, counter and a spinebuster by Batista gets 2. Spinebuster again by Batista, and Batista to the floor and grabs a TABLE! He has it in the ring, sets it up and BATISTA BOMB through the table! 1…2…NO! Batista now grabs a part of the steps slides them in the ring. Grabs Taker, but Taker backdrops him on the steps! Taker covers for 2. Tombstone try…CONNECTS. 1…2…NO! Taker is PISSED. Tombstone on the STEPS by Taker! 1…2…and EDGE is here and pulls the ref out! He was dressed as a cameraman and KILLS Taker with a camera! He then grabs the steps, sets them and gets a chair. He lays Taker on the steps and gets a CONCHAIRTO~! Edge grabs Batista and puts him on Taker and the ref counts 1…2…3.

Winner: Batista @ 21:25 via pin ***

-After the match Edge lays out Taker with another chair shot.

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