WWE Survivor Series '06
November 26th, 2006

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411’s WWE Survivor Series Report 11.26.06
Posted by Larry Csonka on 11.26.2006

We have a new World Champion…a new World Champion who is a cheater!

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-Cole and JBL welcome us to the show for once, and say Smackdown is headlining Survivor Series. JR and King now welcome us and we see Hugo and Carlos! No ECW announcers.

Ric Flair (captain), Dusty Rhodes, Sgt. Slaughter & Ron Simmons w/Arn Anderson vs. Kenny (captain), Johnny, Nicky & Mikey w/Mitch

Ron and Mikey to begin. Ron lays him out with a shoulder block and Mikey begs off. Ron then tosses him down and calls him on. Eye poke by Mikey, rights follow and off the ropes, powerslam by Ron. He cleans house on the Squad but then gets tripped. He chases after the Squad and Arn tosses Mitch to the post and Ron was counted out @ 1:56. DAMN. Mitch is being tossed for getting involved and Ron gives him a spine buster before going. Ron drags him away and Arn is tossed. BULLSHIT! I wanted a Double A spine buster. Sarge and Nicky in now. He salutes Sarge, boots by Sarge and a slam by Sarge. Another. A 3rd. Tag to Dusty ELBOWS! Wristlock by Dusty, and more elbows. Tag to Flair now. Chops by Flair. Tag back to Sarge and a clothesline to Nicky. COBRA CLUTCH! Johnny in with a kick as Dusty tried to save Sarge and Sarge is gone @ 6:27. Dusty and Flair left now, elbow drop to Nicky and he is gone @ 6:55. Mikey in now and he lays the boots to Dusty. Dusty gets slammed to a corner and fights off the Squad with elbows, but Johnny attacks and tags in Kenny. Dusty begins to feel it and dances. Elbows by Dusty and the flip-flop and fly! He misses an elbow and Kenny rolls him up for the pin and Dusty is gone @ 8:31. Tag to Mikey and he delivers rights to Flair. Boots now, chops by Flair. Atomic drop by Flair, roll up with the ropes and Mikey is gone @ 9:20. Kenny in and a big backdrop on Kenny. Elbow drops to Flair, and off the ropes and a roll up by Flair for 3! Kenny is gone @ 9:45. Johnny in and a knee breaker and chop block. Figure four by Flair! Johnny taps!

Winner: Ric Flair (SOLE SURVIVOR) @ 10:35 via submission

-The Squad returns to beat down Flair. The have the hold reversed and Kenny gets the top rope leg drop on Flair and leave him laying.

-Cole and JBL talk and say Philly has held all of the big 4 PPV's.

-We get a Chavo vs. Benoit video package.

WWE US TITLE MATCH: Chavo Guerrero w/Vicky vs. Chris Benoit ©

Benoit attacks at the bell with boots. A slam and elbow drop. Side back breaker and a cover for 1. Rights by Chavo, but Benoit slams him to the corner. Uppercuts and knees in the corner by Benoit. Head butts now and then chops. Snap suplex by Benoit and a cover for 2. A slam and cover for 2 by Benoit. Chavo slams him to the corner, uppercuts by Chavo. Benoit battles back and more chops to Chavo. Off the ropes and a back elbow by Benoit for 2. Knees by Benoit, chops and Chavo battles back and lays forearms to Benoit. He clubs him down and lays the boots to Benoit. Off the ropes and Benoit tries a cross-face, Vicky grabs a leg for Chavo and helps him get the ropes. Knees by Benoit, high back suplex by Benoit gets 2. Benoit slammed to the steel post and Chavo kicks him in the throat and chokes him out. Angled back suplex by Chavo gets 2. Rear choke now on Benoit. He switches to the arm now, trying to take out the cross-face from play. Benoit to his feet, picks up Chavo and slams him down. Off the ropes and a dropkick by Chavo gets 2. Boots by Chavo, uppercuts now. Chavo misses a right, German by Benoit, another and the third connects! Cutthroat and Benoit up top…Vicky over and grabs a leg, he kicks her away, up top…and Benoit MISSES! Boots by Chavo, JBL says cheating doesn't count unless you get caught, like banging rats on the road. He said that. Chavo up top now after a suplex…FROG SPLASH connects! 1…2…NO! Chavo and Vicky are pissed! Double leg take down by Benoit, sharp shooter try, stopped and Chavo kicks Benoit off into Vicky, she falls and Chavo gets a roll up for 2. Cross-face applied and Chavo taps!

Winner: Chris Benoit @ 8:30 via submission

-Todd is with Edge and Lita. She will retire after this match. She says the fans are idiots and she is proud to beat Mickie tonight and retire as the greatest women's champ ever. Edge says Mickie will drop faster than McNabb. He says Lita cares about the respect of her peers, and when DX tossed a salami in her face that was the last straw. He says tonight he will take out the Hardyz like old days, and then the ECW reject. They will then beat down DX 5 on 2, and maybe Lita will get her some. Nah, too easy. Hehe…Cryme Tyme is seen stealing shit from Lita's locker room, and they tell Todd that he saw nothing.

WWE WOMEN'S TITLE MATCH: Lita © vs. Mickie James

Mickie slaps Lita and we're off. Boots by Mickie and then slams to the corner. Mickie chokes out Lita on the ropes, and then knees to Lita. Lita slams Mickie to a corner, monkey flip by Lita and rights to Mickie. Rights by Lita, boots to Mickie now. Slams her to the corner again and Mickie fights back with rights, but Lita tosses her down. Lita tosses Mickie down, but Mickie fights back and gets some forearms. Irish whip, head scissors try but Lita tosses off Mickie. She slams her to the mat repeatedly, and celebrates. Clubbing shots to the back by Lita, ad then chokes Mickie on the ropes. Knee drop by Lita, knees now and Mickie with rights, off the ropes and a Russian leg sweep by Lita for 2. She's a crack whore chants for Lita, tremendous. Roll up for 2 by Lita. Rights by Mickie, but a snap suplex by Lita for 2. Sleeper by Lita, and she climbs on Mickie's back. To the mat and Lita with the body scissors applied now and rolls the hold. Mickie gets the ropes and Lita breaks. Lita up top…MISSES a cross body! Mickie to her feet, goes up top…Lita up and grabs her and down with a back suplex. Herpies chant now. Rights by Lita, then by Mickie. Mickie fires away, off the ropes and a clothesline by Mickie and a cover for 2. Kicks by Mickie, and then a spinkick and a cover for 2. Fisherman's suplex by Mickie gets 2. Primal DDT try, countered by Lita. Head scissors try by Mickie is countered. Lita up top…MOONSAULT connects! 1…2…NO! Lita is pissed. Rights by Lita, DDT countered by Mickie. Roll up by Mickie gets 2. Roll up by Lita gets 2. Slam countered and Mickie gets a roll up, countered and Lita gets 2. Boot and PRIMAL DDT by Mickie! 1…2…3!

Winner: and NEW WWE WOMEN'S CHAMPION Mickie James @ 8:23 via pin

-Mickie celebrates and Lita asks for Lillian and the mic. She talks to Lillian and she says, "Let's hear it for the greatest women's champion of all time, Lita." Lita then yells at the crowd, and asks why they are being so mean to her. She is disgusted and she can't think of a better crowd to leave in front of.

-Cryme Tyme is here with all of her stuff! She is pissed even more now and asks why they are here. JTG says they were in the back and found a box full of her stuff. Since it is her last night, they will have a tribute sale! A HO SALE! They are taking cash and sell her shit to people! EVERYTHING MUST GO! They find "Monistat" and she says she bought it for a friend! They sell that too! They see JBL, Mr. Money Bags! JBL says he is the only one in America with no Lita panties and smells them and buys them! He only has a big bill and then take it. They find a dildo next, a vibrating one at that. They sell it for $25! They then say the only thing they have left is her BIG BOX. Lita throws another fit and they sell that for $20. Tremendous.

-JBL throws a fit as Cole says he had a talk with Batista earlier today. We go to that as Cole states Batista had to give up the title in this arena. Batista doesn't answer. That is the deal, he asks questions, Batista looks on and doesn't answer. He is in the zone. We see footage of Batista getting beat down last Friday on Smackdown. Batista promises to leave World Champion.

DX (Co-Captains) CM Punk, & The Hardy Boyz vs. Rated RKO (Co-Captains), Johnny Nitro, Mike Knox & Gregory Helms

HHH eyes up Kelly, and asks her to flash. Knox gets pissed and eats a superkick. 1…2…3. Knox is gone @ 0:45. HBK asks HHH who he just pinned, and then says, "So we're doing good then?" BURIED~! Nitro in and HBK gets a shoulder block. Some quick reversals and HBK goes and hugs Melina and freaks her out. Back in and chops by HBK. Tag to Jeff, off the ropes and a boot to Nitro. Clothesline follows and a tag to Matt. Off the ropes and a double elbow and fist drop gets 2. Helms tags in and slams Matt off the 2nd rope, Edge tags in and lays the boots to Matt. He mocks Matt, tags in Helms and a suplex on Matt. Tag to Orton, he lays the boots to Matt. Nitro tags in, more boots to Matt. Matt gets a side effect and rolls for a tag. Punk in and kicks to Nitro. Running elbow and knees to Nitro to loud Punk chants. Running knee of death in the corner. Bulldog and the Uranage is countered, Matt stuns Nitro and a Uranage on Nitro. Anaconda vice and Nitro taps @ 5:00. Edge in now and an Irish whip, boot by Punk and corner mount punches by Punk, but Orton nails him to break it up. Tag to Orton, dropkick to Punk gets 2. Helms in now, kicks to Punk and into the rolling facelock and knees. Punk battles out, but Helms gets a knee jam on him. Tag to Orton and he lays the boots to Punk. Rights by Orton, Punk fights back and crowd is way into it. RKO by Orton. Both men are down, Orton covers and HBL breaks up the pin attempt. Edge in…SPEAR on Punk MISSES! Punk crawls…Edge crawls…Helms and HHH in now. HHH cleans house and gets the high knee to Helms. One to Orton. Knee buster to Helms, Pedigree stopped by Edge. Jeff and HBK gets a dual plancha to team RKO. Spinebuster on Helms. Matt tags in and gets the twist of fate on Helms. Swanton by Jeff! 1…2…3, Helms is gone @ 9:30.

It is 5 on 2 now, with Edge and Orton left. They stand off, Edge and Orton have their belts and go to walk away. They Hardyz chase and drag them back. HHH, HBK and Punk attack as they are rolled back in. Superkick to Edge. HBK covers for 2 and Edge is gone @ 10:38. It is 5 on 1, Orton is left and has just realized it and is freaked. Orton runs into the crowd and the Hardyz and Punk give chase. They toss him back in and he eats a superkick. Pedigree and that is all.

Winners: Team DX (ALL SURVIVE) @ 11:37 via pin

-Team DX all celebrate after the match.

-Cole and JBL hype the World title match for later.

-We get a video for Taker vs. Kennedy.

-Krystal tries to interview Kennedy. MVP is here, and makes fun of Kennedy for having Vaseline on his face. MVP says he just beat Kane, and he will eliminate him later. He knows Kennedy will win his match as well. If things go wrong, he has his back. Kennedy walks away.

-Kennedy walks to the ring and starts to take the turnbuckle covers off, and then does his intro.

FIRST BLOOD MATCH: The Undertaker vs. Mr. Kennedy

Kennedy tries to stay away to start. Kennedy gets some shots to Taker, no sell and rights by Taker. He tosses Kennedy over the top to the floor. Taker slams him to the announce table, and again. Rights by Taker and then more slamming off the table. Kennedy slammed over the table and then the steps and he favors his knee. More rights by Taker. Head butts by Taker and then a slam to the floor by Taker. Big boot by Taker. Kennedy reverses a whip and sends Taker to the steps. Rights by Kennedy and then slams Taker to the announce table. Kennedy off the apron, Taker catches him and slams Kennedy back first into the post. Slams Kennedy off the table again. Rights to the back by Taker, and then the ribs. Back into the ring we go. Taker sets Kennedy up top, rights follow. Taker up now…TOP ROPE SUPERPLEX by Taker! More rights to the ribs and kidneys. LOW BLOW by Kennedy. Kennedy off the ropes and eats a big boot. Kennedy slammed to the exposed corner. More rib shots by Taker. LOW BLOW again by Kennedy. Kennedy rolls to the floor and tries to recoup. Kennedy is bleeding from the mouth, and MVP is here to give him a towel. He wipes it up and helps Kennedy up. Internal bleeding, psychology, I like. Taker sees MVP and Kennedy as they walk away and he they tosses Kennedy back in as payback. Taker back to work and lights up Kennedy with rights. Rights by Taker in the corner. Kennedy stuns Taker off the exposed steel and then slams him to it again. Rights by Kennedy, MVP in the ring and fights with the ref over a chair and kills Taker with it, and by his look that was an accident. Taker is busted open and he sees MVP. Kennedy attacks and the ref sees the blood and the match is over.

Winner: Mr. Kennedy @ 9:30 via First Blood

-Kennedy continues the assault after the match and the ref has to pull him off. Kennedy attacks again and lays the boots to Taker. Kennedy gets his mic and announces himself the winner, Taker goozles him and goes to work on Kennedy. Taker gets a chair and FUCKING KILLS Kennedy. Sweet Jesus that was brutal. Kennedy is busted open and Taker lays him out on the announce table. He then tosses him back in and gets the tombstone, which looked nasty as well. Taker then takes off the gloves and beats on Kennedy more.

-We see King Booker and Queen Sharmell in the back. She says when he wins, Batista will never get another shot again. He beat Batista with in inches of his life on Friday, and as the scroll reads, this will be the bitter end for Batista. The King of the Ring, Champion of Champions and still the Heavyweight Champion…of the world.

-A referee steals Finlay's SHACKALACKI before the match.

-Test's abs have failed the wellness policy, as they have been released by the company, looking at his physique tonight.

John Cena (Captain), Kane, Lashley, Sabu & RVD vs. Big Show (Captain), Test, MVP, Finlay & Umaga

Cena and Umaga start things off. Umaga fights off RVD and Sabu and Cena clotheslines Umaga to the floor. Finlay in and Cena with elbows. Tag to RVD and a slam, spinning leg drop and Umaga nails RIVD and Cena with a monitor from the announce table. Cena is laid out and Umaga is DQ'd @ 1:00 we'll say. Finlay works over RVD now. Test and Finlay take turns beating him down, and then Finlay lays the boots to RVD. Elbow drops and a tag to MVP. Knees by MVP, and a cover for 2. RVD fights back, and a roll up for 2. Spinkick to MVP and RVD looks for a tag. Rights by RVD, reverse kick connects and Test in and eats a kick. One for Finlay and then a basement dropkick to Show. Test pulls out RVD and then gets slammed to the corner. Cena is back up and Kane comes in and chokeslams MVP. RVD up top…FROG SPLASH connects and MVP is gone, via pin @ 5:28. BIG BOOT by Test and RVD is gone @ 5:40. Sabu slides in and gets a roll up for 2 on Test. Test tosses him to the floor Lashley spears the ever-living shit out of Test. Sabu with a tornado DDT on Test and that s all for him @ 6:20. Big Show in, catches Sabu, chokeslam and Sabu is done @ 6:36. Kane is in now and he and Show face off. They goozle each other…CLASH OF THE TITANS~! LITTLE BASTARD IS IN and then runs, SHACKALACKI shot by Finlay! Chokeslam and Kane is done. Cena is in and eats a powerslam by Show. Tag to Finlay and he starts to whoop Cena's ass. Stiff clothesline by Finlay. He nails Lashley and he and Show beat on Cena. Finlay eats a boot and Cena tags Lashley! Clotheslines to Finlay. Back elbow and then clubbing shots. EXPLODER on Final and that gets 2 as Show makes the save. Lashley and Cena double-team Show, but he clothesline both men. LITTLE BASTARD IS IN! SPEAR by Lashley, Cena catches Little Bastard by Show saves him. Apparently Finlay was pinned off the Exploder. Lashley and Cena beat down Show and Lashley covers for 2. Rights by Lashley, trips Show and tags Cena. Boos for Cena, double DDT on Show and a cover for 2. Cena tries a suplex, no go, Lashley in and they both try…and get it. 5-knuckle shuffle time. Cena calls for the FU…GOOZLE by Show, but Lashley spears Show…FU BY CENA! 1…2…3.

Winner: John Cena and Lashley (SURVIVORS) @ 12:41 via pin

-Cena and Lashley celebrate after the match.

-We get a video package for the Extreme Elimination Chamber.

-We get a video package for the World Title match.

-Thaddeus Long comes out to the ring. He says we all know that Batista signed the declaration. He is doesn't defeat the King, this will be his last shot at him. Long then says if the King is counted out or DQ'ed, then there will be a new champion.

WORLD TITLE MATCH: Batista vs. King Booker © w/Sharmell

Batista charges the isle and attacks as the King and Queen make their entrance. HOW DARE HE TREAT ROYALTY THAT WAY! Big rights by Batista and then tackles King Booker and lays more rights on him. Into the ring and off the ropes, and a back elbow by Batista. Cover for 2. Chops by King Booker, Batista fights back with elbows. Suplex by Batista, Batista bomb try and King Booker rolls to the floor. The Queen begs King Booker not to get counted out, and he reenters the ring and tries to stun Batista off the rope, but eats a shoulder block. Back in and a slam by Batista gets 2. Clothesline by Batista. Another and a cover for 2. Batista chokes King Booker over the ropes, off the ropes now and a hot shot by King Booker. King Booker lays the boots to Batista. Catapult under the ropes by King Booker, as he targets the throat. Superkick by King Booker, and a cover for 2. Chops by King Booker now. Batista fires back with rights, eye poke by King Booker and back on the offensive he goes. More chops by King Booker, Irish whip and a reversal and mix up apparently, but Batista gets a side slam for 2. Jackhammer by Batista gets 2. Knees by King Booker, off the ropes and Batista gets a Bossman slam for 2. On the apron they battle, exchanging rights and Batista knocks King Booker into the ring. Queen Sharmell grabs Batista and then King Booker kicks him off the apron and into the security wall. The Queen distracts the ref as King Booker slams Batista to the steps. Back into the ring and King Booker covers with the ropes for 2. King Booker lays the boots to Batista, but Batista fires back with rights. Off the ropes and a leaping kick by King Booker, and a cover off of that for 2. Chinlock by King Booker applied. Batista battles out, gets to his feet and escapes. Forearms and boots by Batista. Boot by King Booker, but Batista gets a belly to belly on King Booker. Rights by Batista, and then a clothesline. Off the ropes and another clothesline. Irish whip and a corner clothesline now. Boot by Batista and King Booker falls to the floor. He follows and slams King Booker into the steps. Batista up top? Flying shoulder tackle gets 2. King Booker fights back, ROYAL BOOKEND! 1…2…NO! Off the ropes, boot by Batista…BATISTA BOMB! 1…2…NO! King Booker got a hand on the ropes. Sharmell gives King Booker the title, Batista grabs her for the bomb…but tosses her away, King Booker misses with the title and NAILS King Booker! Cover 1…2…3. CHEATER!

Winner: AND NEW WORLD CHAMPION Batista @ 15:00 via pin

-Batista celebrates his victory and makes out with the belt.

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