WWE Summerslam '06
August 20th, 2006

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411’s WWE Summerslam Report 8.20.06
Posted by Larry Csonka on 08.20.2006

Summersham…just Summersham.

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411's WWE Summerslam Report 8.20.06

Michael Cole and JBL welcome us to Summerslam 2006. JR and King are here as well and introduce Styles and Tazz for ECW. What, no Carlos and Hugo? I am insulted on behalf of my Latino brothers.

We get two video packages for Rey vs. Chavo to try and get Eddie as much screen time as possible.

Rey Mysterio vs. Chavo Guerrero

They brawl to start. Off the ropes and a back elbow by Rey. Take down and boots to Rey. Forearms by Chavo, rights by Rey and off the ropes…springboard by Rey, and they an arm drag and Chavo to the floor. Baseball slide by Rey. A slingshot cross body by Rey misses as he hits the floor hard. Plancha by Chavo. Back into the ring and boots by Chavo. Face wash by Chavo. Chavo talks shit and lays the boots to Rey more. Uppercuts and then slams Rey to the corner. Rey battles back, kicks and a snap mare by Rey. Kicks to Chavo again. Irish whip and a counter and Rey tries a RANA but Chavo tosses him into a turnbuckle. Chavo in control now, he yells at Rey and boots away on Rey. Eddie chants now and rights by Chavo. Rey almost loses his mask and he goes to the floor. Back into the ring and more kicks by Chavo. Irish whip by Chavo countered and then Chavo rams Rey to the corner repeatedly. Chavo up top…pulls Rey up top as well…powerbomb try, Rey fights and a face buster by Rey I guess, and they are both down. The ref counts as they fight to their feet. Basement dropkick by Rey. Off the ropes and a springboard cross body by Rey for 2. Uppercuts by Chavo and then a clothesline. Off the ropes, trip by Rey and STIFF kicks by Rey gets 2. Whip, elbows by Rey. Rey up top… Chavo over and grabs Rey… Chavo up top as well, knocked off and Rey with a RANA! 619! Rey sets…spring board misses, and Rey RANA'S Chavo to the floor. The ref counts now, they brawl now and here is Vickie. She argues with Chavo and then pulls him back and slaps him. Plancha by Rey. They brawl and go back into the ring. Vickie argues with Rey, Chavo suplexes Rey in, 3 amigos by Chavo but the 3rd is blocked, RANA by Rey. 3 amigos by Rey to heat from the crowd. Rey goes up top…Vickie yells at him and kind of knocks him off and she falls to the floor. Chavo grabs Rey, brain buster. Chavo up top…frog splash to Rey. 1…2…3.

Winner: Chavo Guerrero @ 11:04 via pin

Queen Sharmell and King Booker are backstage. Smackdown has become a much better place since he has become King. He will vanquish Batista tonight and they will be the most powerful couple in Sports Entertainment. Edge is here with Lita. King Booker calls him a rouge. He says they are the most powerful couple in Sports Entertainment. Edge says he can beat Cena, while Booker can't beat Batista. Edge makes fun of the Red Sox. Booker makes a "small bet." When he wins, Edge will come to Smackdown, bow and kiss Booker's feet. Edge says when he wins and Booker loses, Booker will be his servant for the night. Booker tells Sharmell not to worry, as they will only chant long live…KING BOOKA!

ECW Title Match: Extreme Rules: The Big Show © vs. Sabu

Smash mouth by Sabu to start things. Arabian face buster for 2. Show trips Sabu going for a triple jump and Show destroys a chair with Sabu's head. Chops by Show. Head butts by Show. Slam by Show. Bear hug by Show. Sabu bites Show, escapes and rights to Show. Springboard, Show catches him and gets a huge fall away slam. Sabu to the floor, Show grabs him but Sabu stuns him off the ropes and gets a chair, smash mouth. Another chair…smash mouth. Sabu to the top rope…Van Daminator. Sabu covers for 1. Sabu gets a table now. Puts it into the ring and puts it in the corner. GOOZLE by Show. Escape and a top rope bulldog for Sabu. Sabu charges off the chair…bulldog through the table! Sabu up top…Show has him on the shoulders…falls back and Sabu id down. Show climbs the ropes…VADER SPLASH! Show grabs the steps and tosses them into the ring. Both parts in fact. STRENGTH! Show grabs a table and tosses it in as well. Sabu is holding his shoulder as he climbs back in. Show with some construction here. He puts the table on top of the stairs. Sabu blows a spot, fixes the table, and then gets Show through it with a DDT. Ok. Sabu gets a table and sets it up. Charges, and chokeslammed through the table for the 3.

Winner: The Big Show @ 8:36 via pin

JR and King mock Sabu and hype the Diva Search finals, which already happened.

Backstage the Divas welcome Layla. They mock her. She is happy to be there. Trish mocks her and says she just can't win a contest and be a diva. Trish puts over Torrie and Jillian. Trish gets to Ashley…stops and then puts over her broken hand. They were kidding. Her initiation is to be taken into the shower and to get wet with the other chicks. They slap her ass. Wow.

I just got a text message from 411's JP who is live at Summerslam and has informed me that Carlito defeated Rob Conway in a dark match. Thanks JP.

Legend vs. Legend Killer: Hulk Hogan vs. Randy Orton

They circle a while as Hulk plays the crowd. Lock up and Hulk shoves him away. Pose. Brother. Lock up and a headlock by Orton. Off the ropes and a shoulder block to Orton. Lock up again and a headlock by Orton again. Hulk fights, escapes and gets a toss on Orton. Boots and rights by Orton now. Clubbing shots to the back now. Uppercuts by Orton and Hulk is down. Lays the boots to him and then clubbing shots. Orton talks smack, picks up Hulk and rams him to the corner, but Hulk stops it and elbows Orton. Rams him to the corner. Rights by Hulk. Corner mounted punches. Bites Orton. Eye poke by Hulk. Rights to Orton. Off the ropes…clothesline by Hulk. Face rake by Hulk as he talks smack, rights to Orton. Rights by Hulk and Orton is down. Back rake by Hulk. Another. Mounted punches by Hulk. Off the ropes and Orton to the floor, trips Hulk and works the leg. He pounds away on the knee now and Hulk is hurt…more. Orton drops all is weight onto the knee repeatedly. Orton lays the boots to Hulk. Chop block by Orton. Orton up top now…cross body misses. Rights by Hulk. Off the ropes and a big boot misses, dropkick by Orton. Orton stalks Hulk…waits forever…RKO connects. 1…2…3…but the ref sees Hulk's foot on the ropes, so this match MUST continue! Orton is pissed. Hulk fires up. No sell, no sell, no sell, fire up…YOU! Rights to Orton, off the ropes…big boot. Plays to the crowd. Leg drop. 1…2…3. Whatcha Gonna Do, When Creative Control Limps Wild on You?

Winner: Hulk Hogan @ 11:00 via pin

Hogan celebrates.

Highlights of the Summerslam Press-24/7 Conference party deal.

Foley is in the back and Melina gives him a hug. HE has known Flair along time and he has never seen Flair look like he did Tuesday night. She agrees and understands. She says maybe the match is a bad idea, for both of them. She is a manager of champions and it will look bad for her. Foley is insulted. He will be ready and make Flair Quit, because Flair is a piece of crap. Melina is happy she motivated him.

Foley is in "Cactus gear" and has the trashcan of fun.

"I QUIT" Match: Ric Flair vs. Mick Foley

Foley attacks right away and beats Ric down and gets the running knee to the corner. Running smash with the trashcan now! SOCK is out! Socko claw! He asks him if he quits, and if he doesn't it will get worse. Foley says he will suffer now. Barbed wire time! Wraps it around Socko…TESTICULAR CLAW by Ric! Rights and lefts by Ric, kick to the nuts! Rights by Flair, he gets Socko and the wire! BARBED WIRE SOCKO CHOPS BY FLAIR! Foley to the floor now and Ric follows. Foley whipped HARD to the steps. Ric follows and rights by Foley. Foley goes for a barbed wire board! SLAMS IT INTO FLAIR'S FACE! Flair is bleeding and Foley is on the attack. The crowd chants for fire! Lots of blood bon Ric now and Foley SLAMS the wire board into him again! ELBOW DROP WITH THE BOARD by Foley! Foley asks him to quit again, Ric says to kiss his ass! Foley beats him down and then gets the thumbtacks! Rights by Foley, grabs Ric and SLAMS HIM INTO THE TACKS! Sweet Jesus. Foley tells him to quit, he doesn't and Foley says he will suffer! Foley gets barby now! Foley grates it on Ric's face! MULE KICK by Ric! He slams Foley to the steel post, bloody Flair river dance! He has barby now…kills Foley with it! Again! 3rd time! He is destroying Foley's shoulder and left arm. Rights by Ric now. Ric has the mic and tells him to quit or he will kill him! LOW BLOW by Ric! Ric has barby…off the ropes and NAILS Foley who does the Nestea Plunge! The ref calls for help and we get trainers and Melina down to the ring. The trainer says the match is over and they ring the bell.

Flair says this is not a lay down on your ass match! Get back in here Foley! Ric grabs him and tosses him back into the ring and Foley rolls through the tacks. Ric uses barby and then gets the mic and says he will rip he eyes out! He continues to rake his eyes with barby! Ric asks him if he has had enough. Back to work with barby! Melina throws a towel in and asks Flair to stop!

Foley is a bloody mess and Flair says SHE doesn't quit for him! Ric has barby, rolls through the tacks and goes to hit Melina and Foley quits!

Winner: Ric Flair@ 13:30 via Foley Quitting

Melina checks on Foley and tries to help him up. Foley is a complete bloody mess and sells the beating in amazing fashion.

Shane, Vince and Armando are backstage. They say Foley is a loser, but UUUUUMAGA is a winner. They want to know if they can count on Umaga tonight. Armando says they can count on him.

World Title Match: King Booker © vs. Batista

Lock up and Batista tosses KB aside. Lock up again, to the corner and KB slaps Batista. Batista shoves him on his ass. Lock up, boot by KB and a headlock. Off the ropes and a shoulder block does nothing. Sidekick blocked and a powerslam by Batista gets 2. KB to the floor and he and Sharmell consider leaving, but Batista tosses him back into the ring. Sidekick and chops by KB. Missed kick by KB, spinebuster by Batista. Rope shake, Batista bomb tried and KB rolls to the apron. Stuns Batista off the ropes. Irish whip by KB and a stun gun to Batista. Boots by KB, grabs Batista and a snap mare and headlock applied by KB. Boring chants now. Batista tries to fight out of it, gets to his feet and elbows out. Knees by KB and then chops. Irish whip and a belly to belly by Batista gets 2. Kicks by KB, KB to the floor and then KILLS Batista with the scepter! Rolls Batista back in and covers for 2. Seated top wristlock by KB now. Clubbing shots by KB, back to the headlock again. Batista fights to his feet, escapes but eats a sidekick. Off the ropes and Batista moves and KB crotches himself on a kick try. Batista crotches him again. Clothesline. Another. Whip and a sideslam by Batista gets 2. KB to the floor and Batista follows. KB pulls Batista into the steel steps. Back into the ring and KB up top…missile dropkick and that gets 2. Royal Bookend by KB gets 2. Boot to Batista, off the ropes, misses the scissors kick and a jackhammer by Batista gets 2. Goldberg chants now, haha. Shoulders in the corner by Batista. Corner clothesline and misses another allowing KB to get a neckbreaker for 2. Full nelson slam by Batista. Thumbs down. Batista bomb try…Sharmell is in and jumps on Batista and we get a DQ!

After the match a heel kick by KB on Batista. Batista gets a spinebuster now and Batista bomb is MESS UP and he almost drops KB on his head. Gets him up and then Batista almost blows out his knee when he does get it.

Winner: Batista @ 10:30 via DQ

We get a Jeff Hardy video package, debuts tomorrow night.

We see DX talking to someone backstage. They tell the person that Umaga was the greatest monster. They leave and wonder if it worked. We hear destroying of things and I say so. I guess Kane to torture us.

HHH does his mic shtick.

DX vs. Vince and Shane McMahon

Vince and Shane come out, but then stop, here comes the Spirit Squad.

DX just kicks their ass like usual. Finishers and all. They are so buried.

Vince and Shane stall again. They send Kennedy, Regal, Finlay to the ring.

They attack DX and we have a brawl. DX clears the ring after a minute or so. Thanks for coming Smackdown, you're buried as well.

Here comes Big Show. He along with the Smackdown guys beat down DX. Wow, the Smackdown guys are actually getting offense, granted it is 3 on 1 on HHH. Cobra clutch slam by Show on HBK. Leg drop as well. Show goes to the floor and helps the beat down on HHH. HHH is smashed into the corner. They clear an announce table and Show chokeslams HHH through the table.

Vince and Shane call them off and walk to the ring. Vince and Shane thank them for their work and get into the ring. Vince starts off and slams HBK to the corner. Slam on HBK. Shane in the match now. Dances, dances, dances and gets jabs to HBK. Vince in, drags HBK around and chokes HBK. Tag to Shane again. Double elbows on HBK. Elbow drops by Shane. Shane goes to the floor and kicks HHH for the hell of it. Reverse neckbreaker by Shane. Three times and Vince is impressed. Tag to Vince. Double suplex on HBK. Double elbow drop on HBK. HHH is stirring but Shane gets a baseball slide and HHH flies into JR's lap. THE MAN NEEDS SOME HELP FOR GOD SAKE ™! Vince and Shane do the old Demolition demolisher finisher. Vince and Shane mock Bret Hart and do the Hart Attack clothesline. Now they go for the doomsday device? Dear god…I am so sad right now. Shane covers for 2. HBK fires up and has Shane on the ropes. Wild rights, Vince in and nails HBK in the back. Double clothesline by HBK. HHH is slowly making his way to the ring apron. BK crawls…HHH is there…TAG to HHH! He fires up and is taking Vince and Shane out. High knee to Shane. Neck breaker. Rights to Vince. Knee buster to Shane. Clothesline to Vince. One to Shane. Off the ropes and a spinebuster by HHH. Slam on Vince. HBK up top…elbow drop on Vince. HBK does the Cactus clothesline to Shane and they fall to the floor. HBK appears to have hurt himself there, shoulder I'd say. Here comes UUUUUUUMAGA. STIFF kick to HBK. He grabs HHH…SAMOAN SPIKE! Kane is here! He and Umaga brawl up the ramp and backstage. Vince is up and crawls to HHH, covers 1…2…NO. Vince punches the ref and Shane is back in. He sets up HHH in the corner and gets a trashcan so he can rip off RVD. Gimmick infringement everywhere! Shane goes up top as HHH is in the corner…leaps…SUPERKICK by HBK catches him! They will be using the Shelton/HBK spot until time ends. Vince eats a trashcan and superkick. Pedigree. HHH pins him to keep it in the family.

Winner: DX @ 19:21 via pin

After the match when DX celebrates and poses, HBK doesn't raise his right arm, obviously he is hurt. I would guess a shoulder separation. I could be wrong.

A video hype package runs for Edge vs. Cena.

WWE Title Match: Edge © w/Lita vs. John Cena
The Title can change hands on a DQ.

Cena charges him, lock up and they break. Lock up, to the corner again and rights by Cena. More rights and boots. Off the ropes and a back elbow by Cena gets 2. Irish whip and a reversal and Edge almost hits the ref. Belly to belly by Cena for 2. Irish whip and Cena misses and eats the steel post. Cena on the floor as the ref counts, Cena backing at 8. Edge all over him with boots. Forearms by Edge, clubbing shots to the back. Elbows to the back of the head by Edge. Dropkick by Edge. Edge mocks Cena and then knocks him to the floor, and he hits the security wall. The ref counts and Cena back in at 9. Elbow drops by Edge and a cover for 2. Cena tries to fight back, rights to Edge. Off the ropes but Edge connects with a leg lariat for 2. Rights by Edge and Cena is down. Forearms to Cena, then rights. Cena back with rights and is getting booed in his hometown. Fisherman's suplex and a cover for 2. Off the ropes and Edge tosses Cena over the top and to the floor. Cena back in, off the ropes and misses a cross body. Clothesline by Edge and a cover for 2. Rear neck vice by Edge. Cena fights out and battles to his feet. Escapes and rights by Cena. Off the ropes and a boot by Cena. Off the ropes…YAKUZA by Edge and he gets 2. Edge goes up top…Cena crotches him and goes up as well. Rights to Edge…superplex try, countered and Edge shoves him off. Flying clothesline by Edge and a cover for 2. Crowd finally getting behind Cena. Camel clutch by Edge…BREAK HIS BACK AND HUMBLE HIM~! Cena fights and gets to his feet…and slams Edge down. Both get to their feet, flipping face buster by Cena. Lita gets a chair now, and gives it to Edge…he throws it back out and clotheslines by Cena. PROTO BOMB. 5-knuckle shuffle on Edge. Salute. FU try…escape…IMPAILER! 1…2…NO! Edge goes back up top…Cena up and up top with Edge…FU try, escape…victory roll by Cena for 2! Irish whip and a boot by Edge. 2nd rope leap, cross body and roll through. Cena stands up, Edge to his shoulders and the FU is countered and Edge runs into Lita knocking her to the floor. Double clothesline and BOTH men are down. Edge-u-cution by Edge gets 2. Edge sets for the spear…drop toehold counter…STFU! Edge fights…Lita has the title and Edge begs her not to do it and finally makes the ropes. Lita gives Edge brass knux. Misses Cena…Lita in and Jumps on top! Tossed off and Edge NAILS Cena! JESUS CHRIST ™ JR! No DQ for Lita coming in when the same happened in the SD Title match? Edge covers and gets the win!

Winner: Edge @ 15:45 via pin

Lita and Edge celebrate as Cena tries to recover in the ring.

(Thanks to Larry Csonka and 411mania.com for usage of this review)