WWE One Night Stand '07
June 3rd, 2007

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411’s WWE One Night Stand Report 6.03.07
Posted by Larry Csonka on 06.03.2007

Cena slays the beast, again, and the third time is the charm for Lashley!

Remember to send your thoughts on the show. Include the MATCH and TRASH of the night, and score the PPV from 1-10!

WWE One Night Stand III (2007)

-JR, King, Styles, Tazz, JBL and Cole welcome us to the show.

-We get a video package for Randy Orton, Concussion Expert.

Stretcher Match: Rob Van Dam vs. Randy Orton

You have to roll the stretcher past the finish line.

They talk trash to begin, do the tough guy poke and RVD levels Orton. Forearms by RVD, Irish whip and a spin kick by RVD. RVD stalks Orton, more forearms and mounted corner shots follow. Orton shoves him off and RVD gets a monkey flip. Kicks by RVD and lays Orton on the apron, and then follows with a sling shot leg drop. Irish whip and RVD gets another high kick to Orton. Off the ropes now, reversal and a kick again by RVD. Spinning leg drop and rights by RVD. Dropkick to Orton, rights and Orton finally with a forearm to the head of RVD. RVD looks glassy eyed a bit, Orton up and the RKO countered by a kick. RVD up top…and slips off because he is CONCUSSED~! Orton to the floor and works over RVD. Uppercuts by Orton, and back into the ring they go. Dropkick by Orton and then the stomp. Orton stomps on his head repeatedly. Knee drop by Orton follows and Orton rolls him to a stretcher. RVD fights and holds the ropes. Orton pulls him back in and more knee drops. The ref checks on RVD and Orton back to work. High back breaker into the neck breaker by Orton. Orton rolls RVD onto the stretcher and it falls over. RVD fights back with a right, and then slams Orton to the post. RVD grabs the stretcher, puts Orton onto it and RVD to the apron…spinning leg drop by RVD connects and the stretcher falls over. Back into the ring and RVD gets a slingshot leg drop. Off the ropes with clotheslines and he looks to be feeling better. Off the ropes and the rolling thunder is countered into a snap powerslam. Orton drags him to the ropes, tries to suplex him to the floor. RVD fights and dropkicks Orton to the floor. RVD puts him on the stretcher, which has seen better days. RVD in the ring and gets a SUICIDE SENTON AND ORTON MOVED. RVD ate part of the stretcher, and a lot of floor. Orton gets another stretcher, picks up RVD and lays him on it. He begins to wheel him back, RVD fights and Orton beats him down. Kicks by RVD and Orton is on the stretcher and RVD wheels him past and wins!

Winner: RVD @ 14:45

-Orton attacks after the match and beats RVD down. He's upset. Orton on the apron and kicks RVD's head into the post and RVD flies into the crowd. Orton picks him up and drapes him over the barrier…and SPIKE DDT'S him on the floor. THUMP. EMT's are out to tend to RVD. Orton poses.

-Vince and Shane talk backstage. Vince says he is looking forward to the match tonight. This will end it. This will be his last stand at One Night Stand. But…he needs to share something. He cannot properly say that, a premonition if you will, something bas may happen. Vince says not about the match, more like a cancer eating away at him. Shane says Umaga and he will be there, and all will be well. Shane leaves and Vince stays and looks on.

-There is a NASCAR there and they hype the show that Cena is a part of.

Tables Match: CM Punk & The Sandman & Tommy Dreamer vs. The New Breed (Elijah Burke & Marcus Cor Von & Matt Striker)

Dreamer and Cor Von to begin. Lock up and elbows by Cor Von. Shoulder block and then misses an elbow drop. They counter each other and then Cor Von works him over and gets a butterfly suplex. He lays the boots to him, tags in Burke and he works over Dreamer with punches. Snap mare and a knee drop. Irish whip and Burke misses a corner splash, bulldog by Dreamer. Tag to Sandman. Flapjack…OHHHH YEAH~ Knees by Burke and a tag to Striker. Slam by Sandman, tag to Punk and knees to Striker, bulldog and Striker was planted. Tag back to Dreamer, and they get a Demolition Demolisher. GET THE TABLES? Gimmick Infringement! Cor Von attacks dreamer and Punk with a suicide dive to Cor Von! Punk looks hurt but springs in onto Burke. Sandman with the cane and chases Striker. He nails him as they all go to the floor. They get tables to the delight of the fans. Cor Von and Burke move the table and save Striker. The New Breed take control, back into the ring and Burke works over Punk. Whip and a slam by Cor Von. Sweet elbow by Burke and he and Cor Von celebrate. Striker slides a table into the ring and they set it in the corner. They beat down Punk, Sandman grabs Striker and pulls him out. Dreamer and Sandman clear house and they have Striker. HEINEKEN-RANNA countered and he is tossed to the floor. Spinebuster by Dreamer. Cor Von in, ALPHA BOMB~! Table set up now by Cor Von and he has Punk. Lays him on it, rights by Cor Von, up top now and caned by Sandman! Striker pulls him out and Dreamer PILERDRIVES Burke! Punk and Striker up top…Burke on the table…SUPERPLEX and that is all!

Winners: CM Punk & The Sandman & Tommy Dreamer @ 7:35 via Table

-The New Breed is in shambles.

-Edge prepares backstage as Orton walks in. Orton says this is a special night as his 2 former partners collide for the title, in a cage. He likes that. Orton says what happens, happens, because in one month he ended the careers of HBK and RVD. If you beat Batista and if I get traded, you're no legend, but you're a champion. You're next…partner. Good luck. Edge says if you make it, you'll end up just like Batista will tonight.

-JR says RVD has another concussion and has been taken to a LOCAL MEDICAL FACILITY~!

World Tag Team Titles Ladder Match: Jeff & Matt Hardy © vs. The World's Greatest Tag Team (Charlie Haas & Shelton Benjamin)

They all brawl to begin. Pair off and Matt and Shelton go at it in the corner, clothesline by Matt and a bulldog. They double-team Haas now, double suplex on Haas. Off the ropes and a back elbow and dual elbow/rights to Shelton. Double clothesline by Haas, and he and Shelton to the floor. They grabs some hardware and so do the Hardy's. All 4 back in and stand off. Dropkicks by the Hardy's into the ladders! They set the ladders in the corners, and whip Haas into one. Sandwich with a ladder and they slam Shelton into it and then POETRY IN MOTION~! They pile ladders on Shelton, Jeff sets up a ladder and climbs. Haas pulls him off and TWGTT takes control. Haas climbs and Matt gets the electric chair on him. Matt grabs a ladder, sets it up and he and Jeff climb. Shelton tosses a ladder into them and they fall. TWGTT start to beat them down, clothesline by Shelton and Haas sets a ladder, and wedge style in the corner. They slam Matt into it. A ladder in the other corner, slam by Shelton and Haas and Shelton do the Rock and Roll front roll, sloppily into the ladder. Haas slams Matt to a ladder and them Jeff. Haas climbs, Shelton as well and Matt tosses Shelton and Jeff pulls down Haas. Haas slams Jeff to a ladder, and then they beat down Matt. Shelton dropkicks a ladder into the face of Matt. Haas grabs a ladder and it's Hardy Piñata! They slam Jeff to a ladder, set for the see saw spot. They hold the Hardy's and they fight out and toss Shelton onto the ladder! The same for Haas! They clothesline Shelton to the floor and fall with him. Haas in the ring as the Hardy's get more ladders, including the Jeff Hardy special! Haas eats a ladder shot, like really eats it. They lay the ladder across the apron and barrier, and slam Haas onto it. Matt has Shelton, suplex try countered and Shelton suplexes him into the ring. Shelton gets backdropped over the top and lands on the set up ladder, which buckled but did not break. Matt lays Shelton on the ladder, Jeff up top…Hass nails him and a SICK TOP ROPE GERMAN by Haas and Jeff landed badly. Side effect by Matt. Mat has another ladder, he climbs and TWGTT stops him and tosses Matt off. H eland sin the ladder on the mat and Hass sets up ladders on the floor. One standing, one between it and the ring. He lays Matt in it and Shelton gets the XPLODER on Jeff. Ladder in the ring, Shelton up top as Hass holds the ladder and Matt…SEATED SENTON DROP onto Matt! Haas backing and has a ladder set up. He climbs and Jeff up as well. They trade shots, he has Haas and SUPLEXES Haas off of the ladder! Jeff sets up the ladder, climbs… Shelton goes to slingshot in, SLIPS and ends up still kicking the ladder and knocking Jeff down. Shelton nails Jeff repeatedly with the ladder. Shelton climbs now, Matt back in and tosses him off and he gets crotched. Neck breaker by Matt, he gets another and sets it up as well. Matt climbs now, Shelton back to climb as well. Jeff and Haas over to climb as well. They brawl and Matt and Jeff down, but then toss off Haas and Shelton, who falls to the floor and eats a ladder again! Senton on Haas! Mat climbs and gets the belts. Shelton may in fact, be dead.

Winners: The Hardy's @ 17:25

-Khali speaks Khali to us. RING OF THE KING~! The translator ruins it and says Khali can pin Cena anywhere. And when Khali becomes champion, he goes back to India, where he is revered and is respected. Khali says he will break Cena.

-Lumberjacks are Benoit, Val Venis~!!!!!!!, Santino, Balls Mahoney, Stevie Richards~!!!!!!!!!, The Miz, Thorn, Chris Masters, Johnny Nitro, Chavo Guerrero, Kenny Dykstra and Carlito.

Lumberjack Match: Kane vs. Mark Henry

Um, clubberin and plundah time. Kane to the floor, everyone is scared and back in he goes. Rights by Kane, boot and Henry to the floor. They try to beat on him and he tosses them off. Back in, stand off and a lock up. To the corner, rights by Henry and then by Kane. Uppercuts by Kane, Henry to the floor and Kane follows. They brawl, and Henry slams Kane to the apron. He slams Kane to the post and then the Lumberjacks attack and roll Kane back in. Clubbing shots by Henry. Kane fights back, but Henry with a powerslam and cover for 2. Head butts by Kane, off the ropes and Henry with a clothesline. Bear hug by Henry. He works over Kane, goozle by Kane and he escapes. Kane pulls Henry to the floor, Lumberjacks over, Kane up top…and dives onto all of them. Henry back in and the Heel lumberjacks toss him back in. They brawl with rights, off the ropes and a clothesline by Kane. Another but he favors his back. Kane up top again…clothesline to Henry. Goozle, chokeslam! Dykstra and Chavo in and Kane chokeslams Dykstra. Henry gets another bear hug, Kane starts to fade but he battles back. Now he fades again, the ref checks him and calls for the bell.

Winner: Mark Henry @ 9:10 via Ref Stoppage

-Hass and Shelton get checked on and so do the Hardy's. They argue and say that was no wrestling match, this wouldn't be allowed in the NCAA's and this is no way to make a living. They start to brawl backstage with ice packs and have to be separated. Tremendous.

-Styles and Tazz discuss Lashley vs. Vince.

ECW World Heavyweight Championship Street Fight Match: Vince McMahon © w/Shane and Umaga vs. Bobby Lashley

Lashley doves to the floor to get Umaga, and TOTALLY MISSES and is laying there hurt. Smoot move there Franklin. Shane attacks and tosses him into the ring. Rights and lefts to Lashley and he levels Shane. Press slam on Shane to the floor onto Umaga. Lashley stalks Vince and attacks him. He beats him down, tosses Shane and brawls with Umaga. Umaga misses and nails the corner post. Shane has a chair, Lashley nails him and then goes to slam Vince, but Umaga stops that. Neck breaker by Shane to Lashley onto the chair. Umaga and Shane toss Lashley to Vince and he clotheslines Lashley. Umaga chokes out Lashley and Vince helps. Boot by Vince as Shane and Umaga stay in there and continue to help. To the floor they toss him. Vince chokes out Lashley, and then gets the bell hammer and chokes out Lashley with it. More choking and back into the ring they go. Shane and Umaga double team Lashley, Samoan drop and Vince covers for 2. Vince now "spears" Lashley and covers for 2. More choking, Shane grabs Lashley and forearm shots connect. A kick by Umaga, Shane and Vince hold Lashley and Umaga splashes Vince as Lashley pulled him into it. Lashley comes back and tosses Umaga. Belly to belly to Shane over the top to the floor. He gets a chair and KILLS VINCE with it. Lashley with shots to the back with the chair. Damn, like 8 shots. Lashley looks mad, grabs Vince and gets the powerslam. 1…2…UMAGA saves Vince! Lashley tosses him to the steps and gets another chair. Umaga kicks him now and Shane tells Umaga to splash Lashley. He does from the apron. Umaga dismantles the announce table, the ECW one actually, grabs Lashley and lays him on it. Shane up top…SUPER ELBOW DROP OF DOOM from the world's richest backyard wrestler! Umaga rolls Lashley back into the ring, Vince covers for 2. Umaga back in and pounds away on Lashley. Throat shot by Umaga, pounds down on Lashley, sets for and gets the Samoan Clam Bake! Shane grabs the trashcan and prepares for GIMMICK INFRINGEMENT 2007~! Aka the Van Terminator. Lashley moves and Umaga eats the trashcan. SPEAR on Shane! SPEAR on Vince! 1…2…3.

Winner: and NEW ECW CHAMPION Bobby Lashley @ 12:27 via pin

-After the match Lashley spears Vince again.

-Santino hits on Maria. They discuss the pudding match with Todd. Todd asks for insight about the match. She all of the sudden does the smart deal again discussing the temporal variants of pudding. Candace is here now and she says that she will beat Melina. Before she goes out there, she wants a kiss and Maria kisses her as Santino giggles like a schoolgirl. He loves America. Ron Simmons is here…DAMN~!

Non-Title Pudding Match: Candice Michelle vs. Melina ©

Melina has goggles, smart move. They get into the pudding and we have a "match." This is pin or submission apparently. Shit, it is chicks in pudding. What do you want from me. They roll to the floor, and throw pudding. They toss some into the fans by accident. Michelle covers for 2. Melina slaps her, they kick, and I do not care. Back in the pool and the live crowd is about silent. Wow, they work wrestling holds in the pudding. DDT by Michelle in the pudding. Wow. Michelle tries to drown Melina and she taps.

Winner: Candice Michelle @ 3:00 via pudding tap

-Maria is out and interviews Michelle. Melina tosses pudding on her, she dives in and we now have a three-way…pudding fight. They pull the ref in and it is like a scene out of Stripes without John Candy.

-Back to Cole and JBL. We get hype for Edge vs. Batista.

World Heavyweight Championship Steel Cage Match: Edge © vs. Batista

Edge runs for the door and Batista grabs him and tosses him back in. Edge tries to climb and Batista grabs his leg, pulls him down and rights by Batista. Shoulder rams in the corner by Batista, and then the back elbow. Edge climbs again, Batista grabs his leg and drags him back in, they brawl up top and Batista clubs away at Edge and back to the mat they go. Batista works a camel clutch to HUMBLE Edge. Off the ropes, shoulder block by Batista gets 2. Clothesline by Batista gets 2. Rights by Edge, he climbs again and Batista pulls him down. Clothesline in the back of the head and a cover for 2. Suplex by Batista and a cover for 2. Batista climbs now and Edge is over and gets kicked away. Edge dropkicks the legs and Batista falls, and they waits, and then bounces off the ropes and hits the cage. Spear by Edge as Batista was caught between the ropes and cage. Edge slams Batista off the cage, off the ropes and a baseball slide to Batista and covers for 2. Edge kicks away at the gut of Batista. Edge goes for the door, starts to escape and Batista grabs a leg and drags Edge back into the ring. Kicks by Edge to Batista. Edge does some work on the turnbuckle and rips the pad off. Batista blocks a shot, boots to Edge and Edge with the Edge-U-Cu-Tion on Batista. Edge climbs, Batista grabs him and they fight up top. SUPERPLEX by Batista. Batista covers for 2. Batista climbs again, Edge I sup and grabs Batista. They brawl up top again, Edge slammed off of the cage and Batista is alone up top. Batista dives off the top and EATS a dropkick from Edge. Edge sets for the spear, Batista as well and they collide center ring. BOTH men are down. They get to their feet and Batista spears Edge into the cage. Rights by Batista, off the ropes and a clothesline by Batista. Boot by Edge, off the ropes and a Bossman slam by Batista gets 2. Batista grabs Edge, Irish whip and a back elbow by Edge. Edge misses a dropkick and Batista catapults Edge into the cage, roll up for 2. Irish whip and clothesline by Batista. Tosses Edge into the cage. Batista sets…Edge sidesteps and Batista hits the exposed turnbuckle. SPEAR by Edge gets 2! Both men battle to their feet, Edge climbs the ropes and tries to escape. Batista follows and pulls Edge off into a spinebuster for 2. Batista goes for the demon bomb, Edge grabs the cage and kicks Batista and over the top of the cage. Batista follows and grabs Edge and slowly pulls him back in. They brawl up top and Edge gets the triple-decker pecker wrecker on Batista! (2 low blows and Batista falls onto the top rope crotching himself.) Edge climbs up again, all the way up top and Batista crawls for the door. Edge over the top and Edge drops down as Batista had two hands on the floor.

Winner: Edge @ 15:30 via Escape

-Batista chases Edge after the match because he is angry.

WWE Championship Falls Count Anywhere Match: John Cena © vs. The Great Khali

Cena circles him, and starts with leg kicks? Yup, Cena works leg kicks! MMA CENA~! That last about 5-seconds and Khali starts to beat him down. Back elbows by Khali, Head butts by Khali now. Khali lays the boots to Cena, Irish whip and Cena hits hard and falls. Rights by Khali, Cena down. Khali steps on the back of Cena's head, Khali grabs him and gets a big boot as Cena comes off the ropes. Khali lays the boots to Cena again, Cena fires up but eats a spin kick by Khali. Slam by Khali and then misses a leg drop. Cena gets the front flip neck breaker and goes up top. Khali up and CHOPS Cena and he falls all the way to the floor. John Cena gonna die! Khali goes out and covers for 2. Rights by Cena again, charges and eats a boot and also hits the stairs. Khali cleans off the tables now, and slams Cena into a monitor. Table for one. Khali grabs Cena, and Cena blocks the chop and gets tossed over the railing. Khali follows and they brawl. Cena tossed into a tech area and he then kills Khali with a monitor. Khali still up and Cena tries the FU, but Khali stops that. Clubbing shots by Khali, he boots at Cena and they fight near the stage and the giant cranes that are part of the set. Khali mocks the crowd and then misses a charge and Cena uses a boom camera to lay out Khali! Cena covers for 2. Cena grabs Khali, FU try, has him up and Khali then escapes. Khali slams Cena onto one of the cranes. They are both on the crane, Khali mocks him again and Cena rakes the eyes, FU OFF OF THE CRANE to the gimmicked concrete! Cena covers 1…2…3!

Winner: John Cena @ 10:34 via pin

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