WWE No Way Out '08
February 17th, 2008

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411’s WWE No Way Out Report 2.17.08
Posted by Larry Csonka on 02.17.2008

The Undertaker wins his way to WrestleMania, the Big Show returned and brawled with Floyd Mayweather, Flair survived to fight another day, Orton retains his title and HHH wins the final chamber to earn his shot at WrestleMania!

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-Live from the Thomas and Mack Center in Las Vegas!

-JR and the King welcome us to the show.

-We get a video package for Chavo Guerrero vs. CM Punk. During he video they left Tazz and Joey's audio on and they were discussing notes for the match. PRODUCTION~!

ECW TITLE MATCH: Chavo Guerrero © vs. CM Punk

Guerrero's sporting some new white tights and boots this evening. Off the ropes, back elbow by Punk. He then gets a tilt a whirl back breaker and cover for 2. Guerrero kicks Punk to the floor after Punk went to the apron and then allows the ref to count. Punk back in the ring, an uppercut and cover for 1. Guerrero lays the boots to the ribs of Punk. Punk back with leg kicks, but Guerrero gets a slam and senton back splash for 2. Nice back suplex by Guerrero, and now into a body scissors. Punk to his feet, and then a catapult and Guerrero hits the corner. Spin kick by Punk, off the ropes and a backdrop to Guerrero. A boot by Guerrero, charges but a snap slam by Punk gets 2. Punk goes for the GTS, but Guerrero counters with a RANA. He then gets a tornado DDT and covers for a close 2. Guerrero measures Punk, but then eats an Enziguri and Punk covers for 2. Punk mocks Guerrero's shimmy and then goes for the three Amigo's, which the crowd does NOT like. Guerrero stops the third, but Punk gets the bulldog and a cover for 2. Punk tries a GTS, Guerrero holds the ropes, escapes to the apron but eats a kick to the face and falls to the floor. Punk to the floor, tries to push Guerrero back in and does. Punk back in as well and covers for 2. Punk sets Guerrero up top, follows and Guerrero fights and tosses him off. Punk crotches Guerrero, follows up by going up top again and Guerrero holds on and Punk crashes and burns off of the super RANA try! Guerrero with the frog splash and that is all.

Winner: Chavo Guerrero @ 7:25 via pin
Rating: **¼

-We get video of the Edge vs. Rey feud. Mike Adamle is with Rey now. They discuss what happened Friday night, and Rey says Edge only cares about Edge. What he did to Vicky was an accident, and he will not apologize. They now discuss his injury. Rey says nothing worse can happen, so he will go out there and win. Floyd Mayweather is here to talk to Rey. Mayweather wishes him luck and they leave together.

-JR hypes text voting for the Raw Chamber match.

-Chris Jericho prepares backstage.

SMACKDOWN ELIMINATION CHAMBER (Winner goes to WrestleMania to face the World Champion): Batista vs. The Undertaker vs. Finlay vs. MVP vs. Khali vs. Big Daddy V

Batista and Taker will begin the match. Here we go. Lock up and knees by Taker. They exchange rights, slugfest! Knees by Batista, rights and then shoulder blocks in the corner. Taker fires back and drops Batista, he then tosses him over the ropes to the steel flooring. Taker grinds Batista's face off of the chains. Batista fires back and gets a boot to the head. Back in the ring and a clothesline by Batista gets a cover for 1. Rights by Taker, boots in the corner and then chokes him out. Back elbows in the corner by Taker, and then boots to the legs of Batista. Batista now fires back with rights, off the ropes and a elbow by Batista and a cover for 2. They do the double boot spot and the third man entering is Big Daddy V. Head butts and chops by V, a clothesline to Batista and then to Taker. A slam to Taker and then chops to Batista. Off the ropes and a Samoan Drop (HE NOT SAMOAN) to Taker. V stands on Taker's chest, and that has to suck. Chops and a slam to Batista. More chops, a head butt to Taker and he falls through the door of the cage to the floor. He is favoring his arm as he fell awkwardly. V squashes him against the cage and then goes to work on Batista. Corner splash to Batista. Batista fights back with a spinebuster on V! He then clotheslines V over the top to the steel flooring. Taker then DDT's V on the steel floor and Batista pins V! Big Daddy V is gone. Batista covers Taker for 2.

#4 in is Khali. Head butts to both men and then the JUDO CHOP. JUDO CHOP to Batista! You Can't Wrestle chants for Khali. Taker fights back on Khali, rights and a goozle! Khali escapes and gets the tree slam! 1…2…NO! Rights to Batista now, off the ropes and a clothesline to Batista and a cover for 2. Khali lays the boots to Taker, and then the Vice Grip on Batista! Batista escapes and SPEARS Khali! Taker boots Batista and they boots Runjan through the cage and levels him. GOGOPLATA ON KHALI~! Khali taps! Taker and Batista battle now, Taker gets a cover for 2. Taker drags Batista across the steel flooring, and #5 in is Finlay! Big boot by Taker, an Irish whip and Taker misses a boot in the corner. Finlay takes over and tosses Batista to the floor. CELTIC CROSS on Taker! 1…2…NO! Batista and Finlay brawl, and Batista catapults Finlay to the cage. Taker beats down Finlay, Batista back in and Taker gets the boot and a clothesline to take him down. Finlay in and covers Batista for 2. Elbow drops by Finlay on Batista, tosses Taker to the floor and follows him out. Finlay kicks away ay Taker and talks shit to MVP. He covers Taker for 2. Finlay slams Taker off of the pods and breaks one. Batista slams Finlay to the steel post and you heard that one. Damn. Batista sets Finlay up top, MUSCLE BUSTER connects. Batista covers for 2.

Taker back in and now MVP is in the match. Taker goes after him and MVP holds his pod closed. Taker breaks in and beats him down! Batista tosses taker to the corner, shoulder blocks connect and then a corner clothesline. Taker gets a bog boot on the second try and then MVP in with the shining wizard to Batista, Kawada Kick to Taker and a cover for 2. MVP has his chain and chokes out Finlay! A cover on him for 2. Rights to Taker now and a cover for 2. MVP works him over with the chain, kicks Finlay in the face and then one for Batista. Taker is busted open and NOT happy! He calls on MVP and keep taking the punishment. Crowd wild for Taker here as MVP unloads on him. MVP up to the top of a pod, nails Taker as he chases him. Rights by MVP, but Taker GOOZLES HIM! HE TOSSES HIM OFF OF THE POD! Finlay covers MVP and he is gone! Taker is up top and leaps…but MISSES the top rope elbow. Hornswoggle pokes his head out and gives Finlay the SHACKALACKI! He nails both men, Batista is pissed, bomb try but Finlay nails him with the SHACKALACKI! Taker then chokeslams Finlay on the STEEL and he is gone!

We're down to Taker vs. Batista. Batista is busted open from the numerous SHACKALACKI shots. They brawl center ring now, BOO and YEAH for the punches and they like Taker. Batista bomb try, GETS IT! 1…2…NO! Mounted punches in the corner by Batista, but Taker snatches him up and gets the LAST RIDE! Taker covers 1…2…NO! Mounted rights by Taker, ground and pound and both men to their feet. Cutthroat sign by Taker, tombstone try, countered and Batista tosses him over the top rope. Batista grinds the face of Taker off of the cage, picks him up and spears tosses him into the cage. Batista tries it again, countered back into the ring as they flip over the ropes and into a tombstone! 1…2…3!

Taker rises after the match and points to the WrestleMania logo.

Winner: The Undertaker @ 29:34 via pin
Rating: ***¾

-Edge and the Rmy look on from backstage and discuss that he will be facing Taker at WM. He tells the Rmy that they need to step up tonight. Teddy is here and says with Vicky not here, he is in charge. Before they make any plans, he is banning the Rmy from the ring. Good luck Edge. HOLLA!

-We see video of Ashley and Maria at the Playboy Mansion.

-Kennedy promises to single handedly end Flair's career.

CAREER MATCH: Ric Flair vs. Mr. Kennedy

Lock up and a side headlock by Kennedy. Kennedy tosses him down and mocks the strut. Chops by Flair, Kennedy down and Flair struts. Lock up again, side headlock, off the ropes and a tackle by Kennedy. A hip toss by Flair, WOOOOOO! A boot by Kennedy, rights follow and as the ref separates them chops by Flair. An Irish whip but Kennedy with the basement dropkick to the knee. Kennedy lays the boots to the injured knee of Flair, and then locks in the half crab. Flair gets the ropes, but Kennedy then slams the knee off of the apron. Kennedy then slams the knee off of the steel post and then locks in the FIGURE FOUR on the ring post! Shades of Bret Hart there. Kennedy talks shit to Flair now and slaps the taste out of his mouth. Kennedy covers for 2. Kennedy now locks in the figure four on Flair, Flair tries to reverse it and escapes. Chops by Flair, Kennedy snatches Flair up, Kamikaze roll gets 2. He tries it again, Flair escapes and chop blocks the knee of Kennedy. Chops, another chop block and Flair tries the figure four, roll up and Flair gets his tights pulled down, Kennedy gets the ropes and the ref sees it. Shin buster by Flair, figure four try, roll up by Kennedy gets 2. Trip by Flair, figure four by Flair in the center of the ring! Kennedy taps!

Winner: Ric Flair @ 7:18 via submission
Rating: **¼

-Flair on the mic and announces himself the winner, limo riding, jet flying, kiss stealing, wheeling dealing, never going to retire Ric Flair!

-Vince checks on Finlay, who is getting medical attention. He discusses his match with Hornswoggle tomorrow night on Raw. Vince promises pain for Hornswoggle.

-JBL prepares backstage.

WORLD TITLE MATCH: Edge © vs. Rey Mysterio

Rey is sporting the Aztec Warrior gear. Floyd Mayweather and his crew are in attendance. Leg kicks by Rey, tilt a whirl head scissors and Rey is in pain. Kicks to Edge, corner mounted punches and he has to use his left arm. He counters Edge but eats a boot. Rey to the floor to catch a time out, Edge with a baseball slide dropkick and then tosses Rey into the steel steps. Edge mocks Rey's injury, goes back to the floor and tosses Rey back in. Kicks to Rey in the corner, and Edge makes the ref ask Rey if he wants to quit. Edge works the arm now, sets Rey up top and hammers away at the arm. Tree of woe now, and Edge misses a dropkick and slides into the post as Rey sits up. Moonsault by Rey gets 2. A boot by Rey, and then a tornado DDT connects. He covers for 2. Off the ropes and a sunset flip by Rey, counter and a trip into the ropes. 619 by Rey! Rey keeps saying, "SHIT, SHIT" and holding the arm. A boot to Edge, springboards off the ropes, SPEAR by Edge and that is all.

Winner: Edge @ 5:30 via pin
Rating: *½

-Rey gets rolled out of the ring and gets immediate medical attention.

-THE BIG SHOW IS BACK! He is looking slender for a giant. Show with the mic and says guess who's back! He missed this place. He can't think of any better way to come back than to say he WILL be a champion again. It doesn't matter is it is Raw, SD or Hardcore ECW. People make statements and promises, he has already been a champion of all of the shows and it is only a matter of time before it happens again. He is here to let us know he has lost 100 lbs, he is faster, meaner, and ready to be back in the WWE. He drops to the floor and grabs Rey, who had the audacity to be hurt on the floor. He chokes him out in front of Mayweather and tosses Rey into the ring. Mayweather is being held back by his people, but gets in the ring and Show drops Rey. Show removes his jacket and Mayweather's people hold him back. They stand off and they talk smack. Show shoves him and they hold Mayweather back. Show gets onto a knee and Mayweather starts to kick his ass and then runs! Show lays chase and SHANE MCMAHON is out there to put a stop to this. Show's mouth and nose are bloodied. Show and Shane leave together as Show says this is his ring and Mayweather shouldn't have come into it. Huge heat on Show.

-Jeff Hardy prepares backstage.

-Mike Adamle is in the crowd discussing the Orton vs. Cena match.

-We get a video package for Cena vs. Orton.

WWE TITLE MATCH: Randy Orton © vs. John Cena

They circle, lock up and a small package by Cena gets 2. Lock up again, go behind and a cover by Cena. Crowd is the usual guys cheer the opponent and the chicks and kids cheer Cena. Clubbing shots by Orton, rights follow and Orton is in control. Irish whip, countered and a bulldog by Cena and cover for 2. A back elbow by Cena, elbow drop and a cover for 2. Off the ropes and a boot from Orton and then a right drops Cena. Orton poses, and Cena rolls him up for 2. Orton back with a clothesline and he gets a cover for 2. Orton with boots to Cena, rights and Cena is caught in the ropes. A forearm by Orton takes Cena down. Cena stuns Orton off the ropes, up top and the fameasser connects from the top and he covers for 2. Orton back with an elbow, rights and Cena is down. Orton chokes out Cena, and then the clubbing shots. FU try by Cena, but he escapes and gets an uppercut and then works the Orton stomp. He works around and then gets the injured arm, clubbing shots to the pec and a cover for 2. Orton misses a knee drop, Irish whip by Cena and he misses a charge. Side headlock by Orton, into a sleeper and then pulls Cena to the mat with the side headlock. Cena fights to his feet, but Orton works him back to the mat. Cena tries to power out, does, gets a shoulder block off the ropes and then the PROTO BOMB! Cena points to the WM sign, you can't see me…five knuckle shuffle and FU try, countered and Orton to the floor and Cena chases. They brawl to the floor, battle on the ramp and the ref continues to count. They both rush in before the count of 10. Cena smiles now, and they start kicking the shit out of each other. Off the ropes, counter and the 3.0 neck breaker by Cena. Orton is holding his knee a bit, and then covers for 2. Orton sets Cena up top, rights by Orton and then he goes up with Cena. Cena manages to toss him off, but MISSES the fameasser this time. Orton stalks Cena now, Cena to his feet and RKO countered and Cena gets the STFU! Orton fights for his life, he looks for the ropes and gets them. Orton to the floor and he is holding his knee. He tells the ref to count him out. SMART. Cena to the floor and say no way because he knows he is not hurt. Orton then gets an RKO on the floor! Orton rolls back in and the ref counts. Cena shows signs of life…and makes it back in. Cena is PISSED and Orton slaps the ref and gets the DQ.

Cena begs the ref not to DQ Orton, and then plants him Orton with the FU. He applies the STFU and the ref has left, leaving Orton to be stretched. Cena finally releases him stares at the WM sign and then rolls out of the ring.

Winner: John Cena @ 15:56 via DQ
Rating: **¾

-HHH and HBK talk. HBK says they usually shill merchandize and make jokes. But it isn't right. They both know what is at stake, and they both promise to go through each other to win. HBK says that they are on the same page.

RAW ELIMINATION CHAMBER (Winner goes to WrestleMania to face the WWE Champion): HHH vs. HBK vs. JBL vs. Umaga vs. Jeff Hardy vs. Chris Jericho

Jericho and HBK will begin the match. Lock up and a side headlock by Jericho. Back elbows by HBK, off the ropes and a shoulder block to Jericho. Chops by HBK, Jericho answers back and then an Irish whip and HBK gets a roll up for 2, they do the roll up counter sequence, Jericho then with a northern lights suplex, they bridge spot and HBK with a backslide for 2. Jericho then kills him with a clothesline. STAY DOWN! Side backbreaker by Jericho, slaps to HBK and then rights. Chops by HBK, Jericho with chops, off the ropes and the flying forearm by BK. Kip up, atomic drop, clothesline, slam and HBK goes up top. Elbow drop EATS KNEES. A bulldog by Jericho, Lionsault almost eats knees, but he lands on his feet and looks for the Walls. HBK counters, looks for a sharp shooter, but Jericho rolls him up for 2. Elbow drop by Jericho and a cover for 2. Uppercuts and rights by Jericho, chops by HBK and then off the ropes and they collide mid-ring as they both tried cross bodies. The third man in is Umaga! Umaga enters and starts killing bitches with clotheslines. He tosses Jericho to the floor, rights to HBK and then clotheslines both Jericho and HBK. HBK's nose is busted open and Umaga gets a DOUBLE SAMOAN DROP. Sweet. A kick by Umaga sends HBK to the floor. Diving head butt by Umaga to Jericho connects. Umaga to the floor, he beats down HBK and yells at the ref. Jericho fights back with kicks, but Umaga levels him with a right. Umaga then banzai drops onto HBK on the steel flooring. Umaga back in the ring, chops by Jericho and Umaga chops him down. Umaga to the 2nd rope and MISSES a splash. HBK p top and gets the top rope elbow drop! Jericho goes for the walls, gets them! HBK then joins in with the cross face and they work over Umaga with the double submission.

The fourth man in is JBL. He breaks that up and goes right after Jericho. HBK is bloodied up rather badly. JBL focuses on Jericho as Umaga smashes HBK into the cage and steel floor. Back in the ring Jericho covers JBL for 2. Umaga grinds HBK's face off of the chains as JBL tosses Jericho over the top rope. Umaga and BK back in the ring and an Irish whip and HBK lands in the corner and Umaga kicks him into the air and HBK lands back on the floor. The fifth man will be HHH. He attacks Umaga and starts laying the rights to him. Rights to JBL, face buster on him. One for Umaga. He tosses Umaga into JBL and then gets a spine buster on Jericho and then Umaga! DDT to JBL and a cover for 2. Umaga misses a charge and HHH then tosses him into a pod! Jericho gets a bulldog on HHH and then misses a lionsault. Pedigree try stopped by the clothesline from hell. Code breaker by Jericho and he pins JBL. JBL is gone. Everyone is down and JBL returns with chairs! He kills Jericho with a shot, then HBK, stares down with Umaga and backs off. Nope, he nails him too! Jericho is bleeding as well now and HBK is pouring blood. As everyone lays around, the clock runs down and Jeff is in. He attacks Umaga, reverse kick and then the corner dropkick to HBK. Gourd buster to Jericho, rights to HHH and then the poetry in motion to Umaga with an assist from Jericho. HHH is back up and he and HBK work over Jeff. Whisper in the wind by Jeff! Umaga with a stiff kick to Jeff, Catatonic to Jericho and then he places HHH into the tree of woe. HBK gets whipped into HHH and does the flip to the floor. Umaga with a diving head butt to HHH. Umaga goes for the Samoan clambake to Jericho, gets it and they go THROUGH the pod! That looked like it sucked. Umaga has Jericho, but eats a super kick, code breaker and pedigree. Jeff all the way up on the pod and gets the swanton to Umaga! Jericho covers Umaga. SUPERKICK to Jericho, and Jeff covers him and Jericho is gone! Jeff, HBK and HHH left. Twist of Fate to HBK, HHH tosses Jeff to the floor and then pedigrees HBK! 1…2…3!

We are down to HHH and Jeff now. They brawl, boot by Jeff and he charges HHH but gets tossed to the floor. They fight and Jeff tosses HHH to the cage, and then DDT's him on the floor! Jeff unloads on HHH and then slams him to he cage repeatedly. HHH is busted open and Jeff is just an animal as he beats him down. Jeff on the top rope, leaps at HHH, eats a boot and HHH goes for the pedigree, but Jeff backdrops him back into the ring. MISSES a swanton! PEDIGREE by HHH! 1…2…NO! HHH now gets a chair, lays it down and goes for another pedigree, LOW BLOW by Jeff! Goes for the TOF but HHH tosses him onto the chair! Pedigree on the chair! 1…2…3.,

Winner: HHH @ 24:00 via pin
Rating: ****

-HHH poses and points to the WM sign as the show ends.

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