WWE No Way Out '07
February 18th, 2007

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411’s WWE No Way Out Report 2.18.07
Posted by Larry Csonka on 02.18.2007

A new champion, DQ finishes, bunnies on boobs and dissention in the ranks!

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WWE No Way Out 2007~!

-JBL and Cole welcome us to the show, Hugo and Carlos are here and JBL stops Cole from the introduction because he is sick of Bilingual TV and schools in America! Man, three minutes in and the man is on fire already! Cole seems to have a scratchy throat tonight, no joke there; I think he is sick, which may not bode well for him tonight.

Chris Benoit © & The Hardy Boys vs. MNM & MVP

Matt and Mercury to begin. Lock up and to the corner they go. Rights by Mercury, then Matt back with some and a knee by Mercury. Rams Matt to the corner, elbows to the head now. Irish whip and Mercury eats a boot as he charges in. 2nd rope elbow by Matt, tag to Jeff. Dropkick to Mercury and a cover for 1. Matt tags back in and Mercury slams him down. Tag to Nitro, hip toss by Matt. Wristlock and shots to the arm by Matt. Nitro takes him to his corner, tag to MVP and rights and lefts to Matt. Misses an elbow drop, tag to Benoit and chops to MVP. Knees now, rake of the eyes by MVP and rights to Benoit. Snap mare and kick by MVP gets 2. Benoit back with a PIMP SLAP on MVP and he tags out, but MNM doesn't want to tag in. MVP has to stay in, Benoit with a back elbow and then a snap suplex and cover for 2 by Benoit. Jeff tags in and rights to MVP. To the corner and boots to MVP by Jeff. Rake of the eyes and Nitro tags in and beats down Jeff. Reverse kick by Jeff and a leg drop to the nads. He and Nitro bitch slap each other and stand off. Nitro bails, Jeff chases and Mercury grabs him and slams him to the barrier. Rolls him in and Nitro covers for 2. Neck vice by Nitro, snap mare into a headlock follows. Jeff elbows out, boot by Mercury and he tags in now. Ax smash to the face of Jeff and an elbow drop to Jeff and cover for 2. Neck vice by Mercury, Jeff to his feet and Mercury rams him to the corner. MVP in and lays the boots to Jeff. The ref backs him off and MNM beat down Jeff. Suplex and a cover for 2 by MVP. Tag to Nitro, Irish whip and Jeff hits sternum first. Nitro sets him up top now, follows up and Jeff with elbows…whisper in the wind by Jeff! Tries for a tag and Matt is in. Rights to Nitro and off the ropes, elbow to Nitro. Mercury in and Matt with a clothesline/bulldog/clothesline combo on MNM. Side effect gets 2 on Nitro. Benoit rushes in to take out Mercury, but MVP sneaks in and gets a back suplex on Matt. MVP in now and a snap mare into a neck crank on Matt. Matt battles out, but MVP with a gut wrench suplex on Matt. Dancing elbow drop by MVP gets 2 as Benoit makes the save. Mercury tags in now, rights to Matt. Thumb to the eye now. Off the ropes and a clothesline by Mercury, cover for 2. Slam to the corner and a tag to Nitro. Rights to Matt, a neck breaker follows and a cover for 2. Front face lock by Nitro applied, Matt battle out and gets a clothesline to Nitro. Tag to Mercury and he nails Jeff, Suplex by Matt and Benoit is in! Clotheslines and backdrops for all by Benoit. Slam on MVP, suplex to Mercury onto MVP! DOUBLE GERMAN ON MNM~! EVERYONE is in now! Faces clear the ring, poetry in motion connects. Twist of fate by Matt. Senton to Mercury! Head butt by Benoit! Cover 1…2…MVP makes the save. MVP to the floor, Jeff tries to sunset flip bomb on Nitro, but Nitro levels Jeff. MVP tries to nail Benoit with the US Title, CROSSFACE! Nitro stops that. Jeff takes MVP out. Mercury levels Benoit. Snap shot try o Benoit…Matt stops it, but actually misses Nitro. Crossface on Mercury after some miscommunication and he taps.

Winners: Benoit and The Hardy's @ 14:25 via pin

-We see Krystal with Vicky Guerrero. Vicky feels great, and she has done some soul searching. She says what they talked about a few weeks ago is almost here. She will talk about it this Friday and she thanks Krystal.

-Little Bastard argues with Finlay. He is scared of Boogeyman and Boogeyman-Cito. Bastard says little people are scary! Finlay says to stay here and he'll be back. He then says he needs a hug! HAHAHA! He picks him up and THROWS him in a trashcan! He says maybe he'll feel safer in there. BOOGEYMAN CITO IS IN THERE! He leaps out and runs away.

WWE Cruiserweight Title Cruiserweight Open Match - Gregory Helms © vs. Daivari vs. Chavo Guerrero vs. Shannon Moore vs. Funaki vs. Jimmy Yang vs. Scotty 2 Hotty vs. Jamie Noble

Order done by drawing earlier today. Gauntlet rules, one on one, once you pin or submit you are gone, and when we get down to the final two, the last one to get a pin or submission is the winner.

Scotty is #1, Daivari is #2. Daivari with kicks to Scotty. Irish whip and Scotty hits hard. Cover for 2. Slam by Daivari, elbow drop and a cover for 2. Rights by Daivari, but Scotty fights back. Off the ropes and Daivari misses a charge, bulldog by Scotty. W…O…R…M! CHOP connects! 1…2…3! SCOTTY WINS @ 2:00.

#3 is Helms. They battle, exchange rights and Helms in control. Helms chokes out Scotty, Catapult in the ropes to Scotty. Cover by Helms gets 2. Butterfly lock by Helms, knees to Scotty as well. Scotty up and rams Helms to the corner, rights to Helms and a knee to Scotty. Backdrop Suplex by Scotty. Worm set up, stun gun and a crazy knee to the face buster and Helms wins @ 3:47.

Funaki is #4, Helms lays the boots to him now. Irish whip and Funaki up top, cross body, Helms rolls through with the tights and pins him @ 4:20.

Moore is #5. He pulls Helms to the floor, rams him to the apron and a head scissors follows. Back in and Moore covers for 2. Swinging Uranage into a back breaker for 2 by Helms. To the corner, rights by Moore and a roll up gets 2. Boot by Moore, blockbuster by Moore gets 2. Moore up top…Helms over and nails him. Up top…DOUBLE UNDERHOOK SUPERPLEX by Helms. Knee buster again and that's all @ 6:13.

Yang is #6. Chops to Helms, off the ropes and a back elbow and standing moonsault gets 2 for Yang. Rights in the corner by Yang, leg sweep and a roll up for 2 by Yang. Russian leg sweep and an octopus type stretch by Yang. Roll up for 2 by Yang. Boring chants now. Yang misses a moonsault, right by Helms levels him. Yang with a RANA and roll up and he pins Helms @ 8:06. Nightmare on Helms street to Yang.

Noble is #7 and gets a cover for 2. Helms is pissed at ringside. Clothesline by Noble and a cover for 2. Neck breaker follows and a cover for 2. Slam and a leg drop by Noble, now the million-dollar dream applied. Yang battles out, chops by Yang, but misses a charge and hits the post. Roll up by Noble for 2. Sleeper by Noble, jawbreaker by Yang. Noble misses a boot and crotches himself. Atomic drop and clotheslines by Yang gets 2. Noble counters a suplex, running knee strike by Noble gets 2. Noble sets Yang up top…rights and chops to Yang. Noble up top as well…suplex try, countered and tossed off. Moonsault connects and Yang wins @ 11:50.

CHAVO is here as they were about to name Yang the winner, he looks "well". Boots by Chavo, uppercuts follow. Suplex by Chavo now. Kicks to Yang. Uppercuts again, boots to Yang in the corner and a face wash. Off the ropes and a spin kick by Yang. Rights by Yang, off the ropes and Chavo tossed to the floor. Yang up top…HUGE dive onto Chavo! Back into the ring, Yang up top…and they dropkick each other, sort of. Three Amigos by Chavo. Chavo up top…Yang up and kicks him. Rights by Yang, he follows…RANA connects! 1…2…NO! Yang up top…Chavo crotches him. Chavo up top…Yang with elbows and knocks Chavo off the top. YANG TIME misses. Chavo up now…FROG SPLASH connects! 1…2…3.

Winner and NEW CRUISERWEIGHT CHAMPION Chavo Guerrero @ 15:56 via pin

-Krystal is here with Cena. Cena is not concerned. He says he and HBK aren't friends, he isn't HHH. They are the tag team champions, but it isn't hunky dory. They got the titles by accident. He will stare down an animal and a dead man…and that concerns him. Tonight is history, main event of WM staring down, it is tense. Will someone turn on someone? He has no idea. Tonight he will fight as hard with HBK as he does against him at WM.

Finlay & Little Bastard vs. The Boogeyman & Boogeyman Cito

Boogeyman and Finlay circle, boot by Finlay and a wristlock applied. Reversal by Boogeyman and a take down. Boots by Boogeyman, Irish whip and rights by Boogeyman. Trips Finlay and pulls him to the floor. Slams him to the barrier and rolls him back in. Finlay misses an elbow, and a shot to the throat by Boogeyman. Big boot by Boogeyman. Slams Finlay to the corner, off the ropes and a powerslam by Boogeyman. Boogeyman Cito in and a but splash to Finlay. Another to Finlay. Boogeyman Cito gets worms, Little Bastard reaches out from under the ring and he is in! He puts his hat on Finlay and drops the coat! Finlay KICKS Boogeyman Cito's head off! Finlay has him, roll up by Boogeyman Cito gets 2. Clothesline from the knees by Finlay. Elbow drop by Finlay, but splash by Finlay. FINALY WORKS A SMALL ARM BAR! A short arm scissors if you will. Finlay tosses him to the floor and Little Bastard pulls him under the ring. Finlay looks for him and Boogeyman comes out and gets beat down. Back in the ring now, clubbing shots by Finlay and a charge by Boogeyman. Clotheslines follow. Atomic drop and another. Throat shots by Boogeyman. Catapult on Finlay. Irish whip and Boogeyman in control. Corner splash connects. Clothesline by Boogeyman. Boogeyman Cito up top…Rocket Launcher and Little Bastard makes the save with the SHACKALAKCI. Boogeyman goes after Little Bastard…he has worms and chases him to the floor and through the crowd. SHACKALACKI SHOT to Boogeyman Cito and that is all.

Winners: Finlay and Little Bastard @ 6:54 via pin

-Cole's voice is quickly going away.

-Krystal is with HBK. He says he can't trust Cena. He only has that with HHH. But he gave Cena his word that he will watch his back and he will do that no matter what. Nothing will happen to Cena between now and WM.

-We get a video package for King Booker vs. Kane.

King Booker w/Queen Sharmell vs. Kane

They circle to begin. Big rights by Kane to kick it off, elbows now. More rights follow. Kane pulls the hair and boots to King Booker. Side kick by King Booker, rights now and chops. Kane tosses him to the corner, beats him down now. King Booker laid on the apron, elbows by Kane. Rights now. Back into the ring, off the ropes and a back elbow by Kane. Elbows by Kane and a big boot. Eye poke by King Booker, rights follow. Irish whip and an elbow by King Booker. Side slam by Kane into a back breaker. Kane lays the boots to the back of King Booker. Goozle by Kane, knee by King Booker and then a big boot, again, by Kane. A clothesline takes King Booker to the floor. Kane follows, rights to King Booker. Kick to Kane and then King Booker slams him into the steel steps. Again and King Booker lays the boots to Kane on the floor. Missile dropkick by King Booker and a cover for 2. King Booker works what looks almost like a kimura on Kane. Kane battles to his feet, arm drag to King Booker. Clotheslines by Kane. Rights follow, off the ropes and a big boot, again, to King Booker. Kane up top…clothesline is stopped by a leaping sidekick from King Booker. Sidekick by King Booker gets 2. Rights by King Booker. Kane battles back with rights though, misses and a leaping forearm shot by King Booker. Cover for 2. Rights by King Booker as Kane tries to cover up. Chops by King Booker and rights now in the corner. King Booker picks up Kane, suplex try…countered by Kane. Leaping kick by King Booker and a cover for 2. Kane sits up and they exchange shots. Kane in control, off the ropes and a goozle! Kick by King Booker, another and off the ropes, ax kick misses, and a clothesline by Kane turns King Booker inside out. Both men are down and the ref counts. King Booker works to his feet, Kane sits up and rights to King Booker. Slam to the corner by Kane. Mounted punches now. Irish whip and a corner clothesline by Kane. Another. Side slam by Kane. Kane up top…clothesline connects! Sharmell distracts the ref, Kane sees her and scares her. Ax kick by King Booker, goozle now! Choke slam on King Booker. 1…2…3.

Winner: Kane @ 12:41 via pin

-Cole is really struggling, he must be sick because he is almost shot and has a lot of time to go.

-Krystal is with Batista. He says it is WM main event vs. WM main event, SD vs. Raw. SD will beat down Raw. She wants to know how he and Taker can work together, and we see Taker chokeslamming Batista from Raw. Batista isn't intimidated by Taker, or anyone.

WWE Tag Team Titles Match - Brian Kendrick & Paul London © vs. Deuce & Domino w/Cherry

London and Domino to begin. They shove each other and lock up. To the corner, and they break. London pie faces Domino, they slap each other and off the ropes, counters and a dropkick by London. Double team on Domino, arm bar by Kendrick. Arm drag and into the arm bar. Tag to London, top rope stomp to the arm by London. Tosses Deuce and double dropkick to Domino and they clear the ring. Deuce and Domino push each other, back in and a drop toehold by London. They double team London, and Deuce covers for 2. Short-armed clothesline by Deuce gets 2. Domino is busted in the mouth the hard way. London battles and Deuce slams him to the corner. Domino in, and Deuce slams London to his knees. Domino slaps London and then beats him down. A slam and surfboard by Domino now. London to his feet, but a butterfly suplex by Domino gets 2 as Kendrick makes the save. Tag to Deuce, London battles back with rights, off the ropes and Deuce grabs him and SLAMS him into the corner and London lands on his head, ouch. Deuce lays the boots to London, tag to Domino and a knee to the back of the head to London. Tag back to Deuce, off the ropes and a double backdrop by D&D gets 2. Rear chinlock by Deuce. Deuce stops a tag as London fought out. London escapes a tilt a whirl and battles for a tag. Domino misses a shot and London does something sloppy and dives for a tag. Kendrick in now and a dropkick to Domino. Wacky backslide to Deuce for 2. Kicks now by Kendrick, off the ropes and eats a clothesline. Boots by Deuce, Kendrick up top and Domino nails him. D&D MISS a doomsday device and Kendrick rolls up Deuce for the win.

Winners: London and Kendrick @ 8:20 via pin

-We get a Lashley video package, same stuff from the ECW shows they have been showing.

-Krystal is with Kennedy. He says his thoughts on Lashley are like his thought son people in LA, wanna be's! How many people came here to be rich and famous? You walked the walk and talked the talk, but you all got SQUAT! You had a dream, I had a dream. I am standing here and you are there, paying to see me. Lashley tonight, he thinks he can win but I already beat him. When I win and stand there the ECW champion…Lashley arrives. They stare down and Lashley says he has halitosis. Ok. Lashley lays him out.

ECW Title Match - Bobby Lashley © vs. Mr. Ken Kennedy

Ken attacks him during the entrance and they brawl. They stay up there for a minute, and do about nothing, finally to the ring and here we go. Boots by Lashley, Irish whip and then a toss by Lashley. Ken tries to run and gets to the floor. Elbows by Lashley as he goes to the floor. Ken fights back, Lashley with elbows and back into the ring we go. Kicks by Ken, rights now and off the ropes, and a big backdrop by Lashley. Shoulder block by Lashley. Slam by Lashley, Irish whip and Ken sidesteps him but eats a clothesline. Lashley tries a suplex, stalling one at that and nails it. Cover for 2. Knees by Ken, forearms now and a slam to the corner by Ken. Boots and knees to the back on Lashley. Clothesline by Lashley. Back breaker…eye rake by Ken and a dropkick to the knee of Lashley. Running boot by Ken and a cover for 2. Inverted figure four by Ken. Lashley works to escape, but Ken keeps the hold on. Lashley escapes, but Ken keeps working the leg. Leg lock now and rights to the knee of Lashley. Lashley escapes and Ken with mounted rights. Lays the leg on the ropes and drop downs ala Flair onto the leg. Ken covers for 2. Ken stomps on the knee of Lashley, continuing the assault. Single leg crab by Ken applied. Lashley gets the ropes finally. Ken lays the boots to him, but Lashley back with rights. Crowd pretty much hates this by the way. Lashley tries a slam, too weak and Ken takes him down and covers for 2. Ken grabs Lashley, to the corner and Lashley battles back with rights but Ken lays the boots to the knee. He wraps the knee around the ropes and then gets a running dropkick to the knee, cover for 2. Eye rake by Ken, and then knees to the head. Ken slams Lashley to the corner, boots to Lashley and then rights. Ken beats him down in the corner and works the 5 count. Lashley back with rights, but Ken chokes him with the boot. Lashley battles out again, Belly to belly try, but kicks to the legs by Ken. STIFF DDT by Ken gets 2. Lashley tries for a rear choke, but Ken escapes. Grabs the leg as we get boring chants now, single leg crab again by Ken. Lashley rolls through and Ken gets the front rolling senton. Up top now…KENTON BOMB eats knees. Belly to belly by Lashley. Both men down, ref counts, they get to their feet and Lashley with rights. Boo's and yay's on the punches. Exploder by Lashley, backdrop on Ken gets a cover for 2. Torture rack by Lashley, Ken punches him but Lashley gets the drop down back breaker, doesn't sell the leg and covers for 2. Rights by Lashley, off the ropes and a neck breaker by Ken gets 2. Ken goes to get up and falls into the ref…FOR THE BUMP! Powerslam countered by Ken, he goes to the floor and gets a chair. KILLS Lashley with it, boot by Lashley now and he has the chair. Misses Ken and then nails him and the ref calls for the DQ. BOO FN URNS.

Winner: Ken Kennedy @ 16:29 via DQ

-Lashley chases Ken up the ramp and beats down Ken with the chair. Like 10 chair shots as Ken is on the floor as officials try to break it up.

-Cole's voice is about as gone as it can be without it being completely gone.

-They hype Rey returning to Smackdown this Friday.

-We get the trailer for "The Condemned" starring Steve Austin.

-Cole is with Vinnie Jones, co-star with Austin in the movie (and Juggernaught in the last X-Men Movie). He says HE is the star of the movie, not Austin. Just like in real life, he kicked Austin's ass. Oh yeah, they are setting something up here.

-The Miz comes to the ring to host the Diva Talent Invitational.

Miz says to forget about all of the other talent shows, because this is the real deal. HOO RAH.

ECW's Extreme Expose is first. They are just like the Nitro girls. They are hot, can't dance together and the worst one of them all is the one they created this for to get her over (Kelly), ala Kim Page.

Next is Jigglin Hall. It's her big break apparently; she will wow all the music executives and us. She will sing a Jigglin original. She "warms up." She is so horribly bad it is funny.

Mix stops her and calls her a female William Hung. Jigglin rants about the other chicks and says the Expose couldn't even be backup dancers. She rants on the divas and says the other girls are talentless bitches. Here come the other chicks, Candace, Ariel and Maria. Candace spears her and we have a big old orgy catfight. Officials come out to break it up. Now Ashley comes out to the ring. Pryo hits and she drops her Playboy cover down again. She takes her top off and has Playboy bunnies painted on her breasts. Miz declares her the winner. The bitches argue in the ring.

-We get a video package to hype the main event.

-Cole is really bad off now as his voice is constantly cracking.

Shawn Michaels & John Cena vs. The Undertaker & Batista

Batista and Cena to kick things off. Lock up and to the ropes, shoulder block takes Cena down. Rights by Batista, shoulder rams in the corner to Cena and then more rights by Batista. Irish whip, boot by Cena and right to Batista. Rolling front slam by Batista. Jack knife on Cena for 2. In the corner and an Irish whip, Cena moves and Batista hits the post. To the corner and a tag to HBK. Chops to Batista, Irish whip and a reversal…HBK caught in the corner, kick by Batista and a clothesline to HBK. Another levels HBK and a cover for 2. Tag to Taker now, Rights to HBK, arm bar and shoulder rams by Taker. Leg drop to the arm and a wristlock again. Taker to the corner, climbs…Old school connects. Boots by Taker, rights to HBK now. Head butts by Taker. Irish whip and a back elbow by HBK. Chops to Taker, corner mounted shots by HBK. Taker tosses him off, HBK back with shots and tossed off again. Big boot to HBK and a cover for 2. Tag back to Batista. They work the arm of HBK in the corner, rights by HBK but Batista works the arm. Chops by HBK, but a slam by Batista and then misses an elbow drop and a tag to Cena. Rights to Batista, off the ropes and a back elbow to Cena. Cole has stopped commentating right now, his voice is gone and it is all JBL on commentary. Tag to Taker, big rights to Cena. Slams him to the corner, running knee by Taker and a cover follows for 2. Taker goes for old school on Cena…Cena fights with rights, goes up top as well and tries a suplex. Taker fights and head butts Cena to the mat. Cena back over, rights to Taker…SUPERPLEX by Cena. Both men down as Taker sits up now. Rights by Cena, and he eats a clothesline by Taker. Elbow drop misses, HBK back in and chops to Taker. Flying forearm, kip up by HBK. GOOZLE by Taker! Boot by HBK, off the ropes and a press slam by Taker on HBK TO THE FLOOR! Batista grabs HBK and drops him face first to the steel steps. Taker to the floor now and rights to HBK. Back into the ring now, Taker covers for 2 as Cena makes the save. Taker and Batista double-team HBK. Snap mare and running boot by Batista, cover gets 2. Batista slams HBK to the corner, back elbows and rights. Tags Taker, HBK tries to fight but Taker levels him with a big right. Irish whip and a running boot MISSES by Taker and he crotches himself. Taker grabs HBK, they exchange shots and HBK has some fire. Chops to Taker, Irish whip and a side slam by Taker, and a cover for 2. Tag to Batista, clothesline to HBK and another. A third and a cover for 2. Neck vice with the body scissors by Batista now. HBK to his feet, rights to Batista now. Chops now. Off the ropes and a DDT counters the spinebuster. HBK with the tag and Cena is everywhere. Rolling neck breaker on Batista. Up top…FAMEASSER off the top to Batista! Taker in now and a shoulder block to Taker. Clothesline takes Taker to the floor. PROTO BOMB on Batista! Boo birds are out for Cena. 5-knuckle shuffle by Cena connects. FU is stopped by a Taker big boot. HBK in and drops Taker to the floor. HBK dives onto Taker, but he slams HBK to the steel post. Batista gets a slam on Cena. Batista bomb try, HBK in and chop blocks Batista. Cena takes Batista to the corner, tag to HBK and he works over Batista with rights. Kicks to Batista now, and Batista is down. Knees now by HBK, and then Cena lays the boots to Batista. Clothesline by HBK. Stomp by HBK, tag to Cena. Elbow drop by Cena gets 2. To the corner and an Irish whip, Cena eats a boot on the charge and then levels Batista with a clothesline and covers for 2. HBK tags in and chops to Batista. Enziguri by HBK. Cover for 2. Front facelock by HBK, Batista battles to move him to the corner for a tag. Batista tosses HBK off, but HBK snags his leg and tags in Cena. Rights by Batista, who is busted open on the bridge of the nose. Cena with a sleeper, now to the front facelock. Backdrop by Batista, he is in the wrong corner and HBK with a right. Drop toehold by Cena…STFU is on. Batista fights and Taker makes the save. Slam by Cena on Batista, tag to HBK, and up top he goes…ELBOW DROP CONNECTS! HBK tuned up the Christian Rock band, misses and Batista with the Black Hole Slam. Tags to Cena and Taker. Taker is on taking everyone down. Irish whip and a snake eyes on HBK. Big boot! Cena in and off the ropes, big shoulder block by Taker. Corner clotheslines to HBK and Cena! DOUBLE GOOZLE! Batista in and a spinebuster on HBK. Chokeslam on Cena. Cutthroat by Taker, SPINEBUSTER BY BATISTA ON TAKER! "Payback is a bitch!" he says and drops to the floor. HBK up, superkick to Taker, FU by Cena and that is all.

Winners: HBK and Cena @ 22:08 via pin

-Batista stares down Taker, and then grabs his belt and enters the ring. He looks down at Taker and leaves.

-Taker slowly sits up and is not a happy man.

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