WWE No Mercy '08
October 5th, 2008

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411’s WWE No Way Out Report 10.05.08
Posted by Larry Csonka on 10.05.2008

Two excellent main events highlight No Mercy as HHH barely retains his WWE title over Jeff Hardy, Chris Jericho survives a war with HBK to keep his World Title! Elsewhere the Big Show destroys the Undertaker, Rey keeps his mask, Beth Phoenix retains the Women’s Title, Matt Hardy retains the ECW title and much more!

WWE No Mercy 10.05.08

-Todd Grisham and Jerry Lawler welcome us to the show. Lawler is subbing for Striker tonight.

ECW Title Match: Matt Hardy © vs. Mark Henry w/Tony Atlas

A lock up, to the corner they go and a clean break by Henry. Matt tries a side headlock, tosses off and then a shoulder block by Henry. Clubbing right hands by Henry take Matt to the ground. To the corner now, knee strikes by Henry and as the ref talks to him, he charges backing and misses. Matt tries to work the legs of Henry, but eats a clothesline for his troubles. Head butts by Henry follow, he tries a snake eyes by Matt slides off, chop blocks now and then kicks to the leg of Henry. Henry kills him again with a clothesline, but Henry is now hobbled. Matt manages another chop block, knee drop to the knee by Matt and then pulls a Flair, laying the leg on the bottom rope and cannon balling onto it. To the floor they go, Henry tosses Matt down and tries to roll into the ring but Matt is able to slam the leg off of the apron. Back into the ring they go, Matt tries a figure four but gets kicked off. Big boot by Henry, and he then crawls for a cover and gets 2. To the corner and Henry goes for the Yoko drop, and gets it! Henry covers again for 2. Henry works a neck crank now, clubbing rights follow and then back to the crank. Matt escapes, off the ropes and leaps into the bear hug. Matt rolls over and tries a sunset flip, can't get it but moves as Henry drops down. Rights by matt, boots, corner clothesline follows, boot to the face of Henry, elbows off of the 2nd rope and the side effect connects! 1…2…NO! TOF countered as Henry tosses Matt away, off the rope and the world's strongest splash connects! He can't cover right away due to the knee, but then manages a cover for 2. TOF countered again, Henry tries the slam, countered, twist of fate! 1…2…3!

Winner: Matt Hardy @ 8:00 via pin
Much better than I expected.

-JR and Tazz now take over and they hype Jeff vs. HHH for later tonight.

-Eve is with HHH and Jeff Hardy. HHH is texting for the poll, which is who will win between these two. HHH says the only thing Jeff will win is the text poll. HHH says he rooting for him. Jeff says to worry about him, because he's right here. HHH says to calm down and that he doesn't mean any disrespect. Jeff has all of the gifts there are to have, and he wants to see Jeff bring it together on one night. He's no good Samaritan, he just wants to be the best Jeff Hardy. Jeff appreciates that.

WWE Women's Title Match: Beth Phoenix © w/Santino vs. Candice Michelle

Basement dropkick to begin by Michelle, another and a cover for 2. To the corner, drop toehold by Michelle and then a roll up for 1. Enziguri by Michelle, leg kicks and forearms follow. Corner splash follows, tries a sunset flip but Beth slams her to the corner. Beth kicks at the shoulder of Michelle, but Michelle back with jabs and leg kicks. Beth slams Michelle shoulder first to the corner, a snap mare and a cover for 2. Beth works an arm bar now, Michelle tires to counter, to her feet and then pulled right back down. Beth continues to torture the arm, Michelle escapes and delivers forearms to Beth. A jawbreaker and then a clothesline follows. Spin kick by Michelle and a cover for 2. Beth comes back with the single arm DDT, and then goes up top. Michelle hits the ropes and crotches Beth. A dropkick to Beth and Michelle covers for 2 as Santino pulls Beth to the floor. A basement dropkick by Michelle to Santino, Beth kills her with a clothesline, rolls her in and Santino trips up Beth, Michelle rolls her up for 2. Beth counters the candy wrapper, implant buster and that is all.

Winner: Beth Phoenix @ 4:30 via pin
Ok for the time given, but they really needed more time. Not horrible, but nothing you couldn't have seen on TV.

-We get a video package for the Flair DVD.

-Kane says it all ends tonight, and Rey understands the truth when he loses his mask. Without Rey, we will all see the false mask of courage that Rey hides behind. The charade will end, and it will all be destroyed. Kane will rip off his mask, and Rey as well as the fans will see what they really are, monsters.

Rey's Mask is on the Line: Kane vs. Rey Mysterio

Rey tries to use his speed to begin, leg kicks and then a springboard dropkick to Kane. Kane to the floor, back in and delivers a big boot to Rey. To the floor they go, Rey back in and a dropkick and kicks to Kane. Kane tosses him to the apron, springboard dropkick by Rey, but Kane gets a clothesline as Rey tries the 619. Kicks to the head by Kane, Rey tries a RANA, caught but he fights and gets it, sending both men to the floor. Rey with a plancha, caught and he then gets a sleeper on the floor. Kane tosses him over the barricade. Kane breaks the count, back out and slams Rey to the post. Back in and a big slam by Kane. Kane with kicks to Rey and then locks in the chinlock. He releases it, off the ropes and a kick to the face by Kane gets 2. Side slam by Kane, bends Rey over his knee but Rey with rights to escape. Kicks by Kane, off the ropes and a boot by Rey. Rey then counters a side slam into an inverted DDT! Kane now sets Rey on the top rope, works for the mask, elbows by Rey and then a moonsault barely connects. Both men are down, to their feet and rights by Rey. Basement dropkick to the knees, drop of the dime and Rey covers for 2. Kane comes back with the side slam and covers for 2. Kane looks for the chokeslam, goozle, Rey escapes and gets a springboard into a bulldog. Rey tweaked his knee there, springboard splash to Kane and a cover for 2. Rey up top, flies in and eats a right to the face. Kane covers for 2. To the corner, Kane misses the boot and hangs himself up. 619 to the knees by Rey. Baseball slide dropkick and Kane to the floor. Rey up top…and FLIES INTO A CHAIR SHOT BY KANE! That's a DQ, and that had to suck.

Winner: Rey Mysterio @ 11:00 via DQ
It was all right, and seemed to be going somewhere until the shitty DQ. They forced themselves into this by announcing a mask stipulation 6-days before the PPV.

-Rey says he can't feel his leg as referees check on him.

-MVP walks backstage and is on the phone. He complains about not being on the card, and goes to Vickie's office. Big Show answers, says Vickie is here and Show then says MVP actually wants to bother her on her first night back. MVP says his career is suffering, and if MVP keeps bothering him, he will focus on him. Show goes to attend to Vickie.

-King and Cole hype Cyber Sunday.

-MVP now comes to the ring. He wants everyone's attention, he has an important statement to make. He says you don't sit LeBron James, Peyton Manning or MVP. It would defy explanation. He says this is the last time this happens. The entire WWE revolves around him, but as he tries to continue, Randy Orton and his Tattoos make their way to the ring. Orton introduces himself and then says he is what MVP claims to be. He says maybe there is a reason that this happens to MVP each month. MVP says he didn't recognize him without his sling and MRI results. He then says he is the playmaker, but it is hard to be that when no one gives him the ball. Orton says he would drop the ball if it was given to him. MVP says he is not on Raw, so there are no repercussions if he knocks him out, and everyone on Raw would love him for doing that. This brings out Manu, DiBiase and Rhodes. They tell MVP not to let Orton offend them. He is just doing what he does. Rhodes talks over the boring chants, and says that Orton is that guy that graduated high school, didn't get into college and hung out in his hometown trying to be cool. All Orton has is his reputation. Manu then says the only reason he got to attack Punk was because they did the damage, and Orton picked up the scraps. Orton says once they accomplish half of what he did, he may take them seriously. He bails, and MVP says Orton is the WWE's so-called valuable commodity, and he may wrestle again in 2012. MVP says he likes what they just did, and DiBiase stops him, and says his father was NOT one of the greatest stars on WWE history, which means he is NOT in their class. MVP claims to make more money than all of them, and DiBiase reminds him that his dad is the Million Dollar Man, and he has never worried about money. The dismiss MVP and say they will see him on the next PPV that he is not a part of. MVP claims he will remember this conversation. This now brings out Punk and Kofi. Punk say she has an idea, they talk and tries to work MVP to their side. They rush the ring and Punk and Kofi stop short, and allow MVP to get his ass beat. They then join the battle and clear the ring.

World Heavyweight Title #1 Contender's Match: JBL vs. Batista

Lock up, to the corner, they trade and a clothesline by Batista gets 2. To the corner, elbows by Batista and JBL is down. JBL back with a big boot, but then Batista gets a SPEAR! JBL rolls to the floor to slow it down, and Batista follows. He slams JBL to the apron, slides him back in and then JBL connects with two big boots and sends Batista to the floor. JBL follows, delivers rights and as they come back in, JBL gets a cover for 2. A neck breaker for JBL, and now works the chinlock. Batista to his feet, gets a belly to back suplex and both men are down. To their feet, rights by JBL and then by Batista. Off the ropes, they blow a reversal and a clothesline by Batista. Corner clothesline by Batista, shoulder blocks follow, an Irish whip and then the power slam by Batista. He sets for the spear again, but eats a kick. But Batista back with a spinebuster, I guess he's ok. Batista bomb connects. 1…2…3. Looks like there is no Government Bail-Out for JBL tonight.

Winner: Batista @ 5:00 via pin
Well, on one hand I guess it was good that it was short, but if they were going to make it that short they should have just had Batista destroy JBL, I mean run through him like a work truck turkey sandwich that has sat in the sun all day.

-JBL has the mic and says it has been a bad week. He thought he would win and become world champion again. He has to be honest, because that's why we love him. He admits that his heart wasn't in it tonight. After the drama with wall street, this is the most traumatic week of his life. He is the happiest and most blessed man in life, and thanks Congress for the bail out plan, so that people like him can keep all of their money. People lie him make the world go around, and he employs people like us. He thanks Obama and McCain. From the JBL family to all of us, "I love you, thank you." Now as he gets in his limo, don't think he will forget this backwoods city and the people. God Bless America, and God Bless Me! This brings out Cryme Tyme, well they are backstage. They have his limo backstage with them. They will take it out on the town with some divas. They load up the limo, SARGE IS THERE! Sarge is down with the chicks. JBL does NOT approve!

-We see the video of Show beating down Taker at Unforgiven.

The Big Show vs. The Undertaker

They come out striking to begin. Off the ropes and a right and then a clothesline by Show sends Taker to the floor. Back to the apron, rights, head butts and then a stun gun off the ropes by Taker. Show gets a running knee strike, to the floor and body shots by Show follow. He slams Taker to the barricade, picks him up but Taker escapes and slams Show to the steel post. Taker gets Show set on the apron, rights by Taker and then a big boot to the head of Show. Taker to the apron, leg drop to Show. Back in the ring and Taker with a corner clothesline. Another one connects, whipped to the other corner, reversal, boot by Taker and as he comes off the ropes Show about decapitates him with a clothesline. Rights by Show in the corner, a big slam and elbow drop follows. Show covers for 2. Russian leg sweep by Show, that gets 2. Clubbing shots by Show, Taker battles back with rights, off the ropes, counter and a dragon sleeper by Taker Show escapes, slams Taker to the corner and now climbs the ropes. Vader splash misses! Big rights by Taker, to the corner and more rights follow. A whip by Taker, reversal and Taker gets a big boot and then the lariat. A leg drop by Taker gets 2. Taker gets the arm, looks for old school but Show goozles him…CHOKESLAM! 1…2…NO! Show sets for the KTFO shot, Taker ducks it, goozle, Show then goozles him! Taker counters a chokeslam into a DDT and covers for 2. A bit sloppy there. To the corner and body shots by Taker, eh unloads on Show and then scares away the ref. Show takes off the turnbuckle pad, slams Taker head first into it and then gets the KTFO punch. KTFO punch again! Show grabs Taker and then punches Taker in the back of the head as he is face down and the match is stopped.

Winner: The Big Show @ 11:00 via referee stoppage
This was a really smartly worked big man vs. big man match. Show needed the win and also got to return to dominating form here. With Taker rarely losing on PPV, let alone being dominated to do so this was pretty cool. Of course the follow up will be key.

-Taker struggles to get to his feet after the match, he looks like he just took an ass whooping from Anderson Silva.

-After a video package, Taker staggers to the back. Maybe he will have amnesia and we will have "Lost in Cleveland" skits for him.

-Jeff Hardy won the text poll with 72%.

WWE Title Match: HHH © vs. Jeff Hardy

They shake as a sign of good sportsmanship, but then HHH attacks Hardy from behind. Tremendous. HHH works the wristlock, Hardy flips out and gets a side headlock takedown. HHH in the ropes and they separate. Off the ropes and a shoulder block by HHH, a hip toss follows but then Hardy gets a side headlock takedown. HHH works it back to the feet, off the ropes and a tackle by Hardy. Back to the side headlock goes Hardy. HHH escapes, head scissors by Hardy and then a clothesline takes HHH to the floor. Hardy to the apron, gets a diving clothesline and both men are down on the floor. Hardy slides HH back in, slingshot leg drop gets 2. Once again Hardy back to the side headlock, working the ground game but HHH gets to his feet again. Off the ropes, they collide. Hardy to the apron, HHH pulls Hardy through the ropes and tries a pedigree, but Hardy backdrops him to the floor. Off the ropes and HHH sidesteps Hardy, who then completely MISSES the senton to the floor. That had to suck. HHH tosses Hardy back into the ring and gets a cover for 2. HHH drops elbows to the back, taking advantage of the earlier Hardy miss to the floor, he then covers for 2. Hardy fires back with rights, off the ropes and a face buster by HHH gets a cover for 2. Knee drop out of the corner by HHH, he then covers for 2. HHH works the shoulder blocks in the corner, a whip and Hardy with a boot to HHH. Hardy charges HHH, but end sup in the abdominal stretch.

We're 10-minutes in now as Hardy works to escape the hold, and HHH works the ropes for some extra leverage. He gets caught and has to break the hold. Shame, shame, everyone knows your name! HHH now applies the sleeper hold, but Hardy escapes, off the ropes and the wrap up lariat connects. Both men are down and working to get to their feet, dropkick by Hardy and then the leg drop to the balls gets a cover for 2. Basement dropkick by Hardy gets another cover for 2. Hardy whips HHH to the corner, and he takes the Race bump to the floor. BIG SENTON DIVE to the floor by Hardy connects! The referee works the count as both men are on the floor. Back in, 2nd rope clothesline by Hardy gets 2. TOF countered and HHH kills Hardy with a clothesline and covers for 2. To the corner, a whip by HHH and after a reversal HHH comes off of the 2nd rope, eats a boot, gourd buster by Hardy! 1…2…NO! To the corner, whisper in the wind looked to have been completely fuckered up there. Jeff landed badly. They say HHH countered as he covers for 2. Off the ropes, spinebuster by HHH. Kick, wham, pedigree countered and Hardy catapults HHH to the post! Whisper in the wind! 1…2…NO! HHH rolls to the corner, and Hardy with the corner dropkick to the back of HHH. Hardy up top…SWANTON MISSES~! Kick, wham, pedigree countered again, TWIST OF FATE! Hardy up top…SWANTON! Jeff slowly lays over HHH, 1…2…HHH counters into a crucifix roll up, 1…2…3!

Winner: HHH @ 17:00 via pin
HHH played a great subtle heel here, and as you would expect a great mix of Flair and Race. This was his best singles performance, likely since the last time he faced Hardy. A fantastic match that doesn't hurt Hardy in the loss, and it is also something that they can play off of as he continues his journey. Fantastic stuff.
RATING: ****

-After the match Jeff and the H's shake.

-Arn Anderson offers HHH congrats backstage, and says Jeff almost had him. HHH then runs into Kozlov, who wants to go dancing, drink some Vodka and discuss a possible title match. They stare down.

World Heavyweight Title Ladder Match: Chris Jericho © vs. Shawn Michaels

They stare down, look up at the title and shit is about to get real! Lock up to begin, they trade some holds and then a shoulder block by HBK. He almost gets a superkick, Jericho avoids it and to the corner they go. Chops by HBK, to the other corner and HBK misses a charge and eats the steel post. To the mat, bridge spot and then rights by Jericho. Jericho clotheslines HBK to the floor, and then as HBK is on the apron gets a springboard shoulder block! Jericho slams HBK to the apron, they brawl, HBK climbs a ladder on the floor and then dives onto Jericho. Jericho is able to reverse a whip and slam HBK to the steel post, HBK hit shoulder first on the left arm, which is still taped. Jericho grabs a ladder, charges HBK but HBK dropkicks the knees of Jericho. Walls of Jericho now on the floor as HBK wanted the ladder, Jericho lays the boots to him now and then tries to pull a ladder into the ring, but HBK see saws it into Jericho's face. HBK back in, has a ladder and sets it up. He begins to climb, Jericho is bleeding from the lip and is up to stop HBK. Jericho tries a powerbomb, countered into the sunset flip but Jericho then catapults HBK, who lands on the ladder. Jericho tosses over the ladder, and HBK stun guns off of the top rope. Jericho grabs the ladder and slams it to the gut on HBK. He then slams it onto the back of HBK, slides to the floor and grabs another, smaller ladder. He sets it up in the corner, delivers forearms to HBK, tries to send him to the ladder but gets tossed into it himself. Jericho leg was trapped in the ladder and HBK slams the ladder down. HBK then slams the nee of Jericho into the ladder. HBK lays a ladder on the bottom ropes in the corner, and then does the Flair shin buster, but uses that ladder. NOW…WE GO TO SCHOOL! WOOOOOOOOO! Figure Four leg lock by HBK. Jericho is able to use the ladder in the corner, and slam it into HBK's face as he escaped. Jericho grabs the ladder, lays it down and slams HBK face first onto it.

We are 10-minutes in now, Jericho places HBK inside the ladder and slams it ON THE HEAD of HBK! Jericho now climbs the ladder, he almost has the belt but HBK stops him. Jericho kicks him in the face, lays the ladder in the corner, facing into the ring and then goes after HBK. He grabs HBK, charges the ladder but HBK counters and tosses Jericho into the ladder! Jericho falls to the floor, HBK grabs the ladder and tosses it onto Jericho who was still on the floor! NEW ladder time, HBK sets it up on the floor and then slams another ladder onto Jericho numerous times. Time to dismantle the announce table! HBK clears off the Smackdown table, lays Jericho on it, and climbs the ladder! Jericho is up, climbs behind HBK…BELLY TO BACK SUPLEX THROUGH THE ANNOUNCE TABLE! That sucked for both guys. Both guys work to get back into the ring, HBK has a ladder and sets it in the corner, goes up top and Jericho dropkicks the ladder into HBK, who ends up crotched on top. Jericho up top, grabs HBK, HBK fights and then shoves Jericho off! ELBOW DROP onto the ladder that was on top of Jericho! HBK is up, tunes up the Christian Rock Band as both arms are now hurting…LADDER SHOT FOR YOU HBK! Jericho lays the ladder on top of HBK, off the ropes and LIONSAULT to HBK! Jericho has a bigger ladder, pins HBK under it and starts to climb. HBK fights and topples the ladder over and Jericho FALLS ALL THE WAY TO THE FLOOR! Jesus, Jericho is holding his leg as he landed badly.

We're 20-minutes in now, HBK now sets up the ladder, he starts to climb and Jericho crawls back in and pushes the ladder over, HBK crotched himself on the ropes and is just hanging there. Jericho looks to climb as HBK is down, HBK is over to the ladder and they fight on top of the ladder. They trade shots, HBK slams Jericho off of the ladder, Jericho is stuck tree of woe style and Lance Cade is out. He stops HBK, but eats a superkick. Jericho is up, climbs again and they fight again on top, they pull at the belt and each have a side! They keep pulling, Jericho with all of his weight, Jericho pulls HBK in, head butts him and Jericho falls with the title!

Winner: Chris Jericho @ 23:00
I thought this was n awesome main event, carried by two guys that have been doing some excellent work as of late. They worked hard, kept the crowd and the repeat spots were kept to a minimum. The suplex spot on the floor and CRAZY/STUPID bump Jericho took to the floor were very memorable. This was just more goodness from these two, who had to deliver since a lot of the early stuff on the PPV didn't.
RATING: ****¼

*End Scene…

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